Professional Review

NASW promotes the quality and effectiveness of social work practice. Professional Review is a
collaborative process between Chapters and the national office to provide a peer review of alleged unethical conduct of its members. The process is designed to correct and improve the practice of individual social workers as needed. The actions of the process are intended to be constructive and educative rather than punitive. Only in cases of serious misconduct may penalties be imposed.  For information on how to file a complaint and for a copy of the procedures go to:

  • How To Properly File A Request For Professional Review (RPR)
  • Effective Monday, March 27, 2017, there will be a temporary moratorium on the review of professional review cases. The National Office will accept complaints and date them upon receipt. For administrative reasons, all time frames for additional steps in the professional review process will be postponed through the end of May, 2017. The national office will notify Complainants and Respondents of the moratorium, in writing, upon receipt of requests for professional review.

    Many states have licensure laws that provide an avenue for filing a complaint of unprofessional conduct. You may consider filing a complaint with the social work licensing board in your state during the professional review moratorium.

    Questions regarding current open cases can be addressed to Shana Swain, Professional Review Associate, Office of Ethics and Professional Review, Ext. 221.

    We appreciate your cooperation during this brief interim period and look forward to beginning case reviews again in May.

  • Membership and Self-Reporting

Approved Procedures

Automatic Revocation of Membership
Automatic revocation of membership will be implemented based on action taken by a state licensing board to revoke a member’s license or as a result of a felony conviction of a crime in a publicly reported forum. The action taken will be as follows:

This will not require a review by the National Ethics Committee or NASW Board of Directors’ Executive Committee. Membership Services will facilitate the revocation of membership.
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