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Social workers can influence elections (and therefore legislation, government, and policy) if we vote. Therefore, we must all participate in efforts to mobilize social workers and others to vote for candidates endorsed by NASW PACE.

Volunteer with Your Chapter

Contact your chapter and arrange to call NASW members in your community asking them to vote for the candidate endorsed by NASW PACE.

Volunteer with a PACE-Endorsed Candidate
What to Do
  • Contact the volunteer coordinator at the campaign office.
  • Go with NASW members or friends to make it more fun.
  • Wear NASW pins or t-shirts to make a visual impact.
  • Introduce yourself to the volunteer coordinator and other volunteers as a social worker and NASW member.
  • Accomplish the tasks you are given.
  • Volunteer again to reinforce that social workers help to elect candidates.
What to Expect

Campaign staff are busy, but they should briefly train you or give you instructions to get started. You may be asked to do any number of tasks. If you have a strong preference, let the volunteer coordinator know what you would like to do: call voters, stuff envelopes, answer phones, knock on doors, and so on.

When to Go

Go as early in campaign season and as often as possible. If you only go once, the campaign can still use your help. The closer to the election, the more volunteers the campaign will need.

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