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Making The Shift To Evidence-Based Practice

State-level stakeholders have the greatest likelihood of shifting practitioners and agencies towards effective practices that reflect lessons learned through research.  This section provides both the tools for building a state research to practice team and a decision process for selecting and implementing evidence-based practices. These tools and processes are critical components for shifting programs and practitioners to evidence-based practices.  

1. Building a State Research to Practice Team

The state Research to Practice Team brings together state stakeholders who can advance EBP policy and practice initiatives.  The following outline links to materials designed to assist in the development of a successful state Research to Practice (R2P) team.  Supporting materials include a community needs assessment, tools for assessing team and community readiness, member profile and achartction planning forms and an outline and powerpoint presentation for conducting the initial, face-to-face R2P team meeting. 

2. Selecting and Implementing an EBP

Finding the right EBP for your needs involves consideration of a variety of factors.

The following decision diagram was created to assist in this process. At each step of the process, links to checklists can assist in stimulating thought, identifying elements for further consideration, and identifying areas that require greater development.


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