Social Workers Form Alliance with Union

NASW Joins Forces with Powerful 1199/SEIU in New York

NEW YORKThe National Association of Social Workers (NASW) two New York chapters will join forces with the most powerful non-governmental organization in New York State. The organizations will share legislative goals and address the common interests of each organization. NASW membership in New York is 23,000 and membership of 1199/SEIU is more than 300,000.

Social workers, like other health professionals such as doctors and psychologists, will now have a more powerful voice in addressing issues such as healthcare. This is the first time that any NASW chapter has entered into such an alliance with a union. It will be called NASW NY1199/SEIU Social Work Alliance. Only selected activities, especially lobbying, will be carried out in the name of the Alliance and the selection of those activities will be determined by a joint steering committee.

The Alliance will give credibility, as well as provide expertise, in addressing non-health related issues familiar to social work, such as child welfare and social policy. Social workers are the nations largest provider of mental health and therapy services. Social workers are also the main providers of mental health care in rural and poverty areas in the United States. NASW has a membership of 155,000 with chapters in every state. In New York, social workers are providers of mental health and social welfare support in both private and public institutions.

"NASW is hopeful that this collaboration will lead to success in fighting for common issues of both organizations such as social justice, healthcare and welfare reform," says NASW Executive Director, Josephine Nieves, "Together NASW and 1199/SEIU will be able to make a real difference in the lives of real people. That is what these organizations are all about."

Press Conference will be held at 1199/SEIU Headquarters, 310 West 43rd St., New York, NY, October 3, 2000 at 11:00 AM.
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