On Any Given Day, Social Workers Help

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We know social workers serve their clients and their communities on any given day.
We know we are a profession dedicated to communities, families and individuals. 
We know that we need to tell more people, with pride, about the good work we do.
The National Social Work Public Education Campaign has created tools for social workers to use to educate people about the breadth and depth of the profession.  We have created advertising, public relations and marketing materials that tell people about the profession.  Now, we have a video that will show people that, on any given day, social workers help in so many ways.
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This 5-minute video features three dynamic social workers: 
Sue Matorin Sue Matorin is a New York City clinical social worker at New York Presbyterian Hospital. 
Jennifer Perez Jennifer Perez is a medical social worker who specializes in working with trauma patients and their families at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. 
William Bell William Bell is the president and CEO of Casey Family Programs in Seattle who works to enact change in the nation’s foster care system. 
These professionals highlight three distinct areas of social work practice and give viewers a snapshot of the important work social workers do.
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Goals of video
  • Educate the public about what social workers do
  • Demonstrate the depth and breadth of the profession
  • Provide another tool for social workers to reach out to the public
Where can I see On Any Given Day?

…On PBS. NASW has secured sponsorship placement on public broadcasting stations across the country through Spotlight On programming.

…On the Internet. On Any Given Day is on and on, as well as popular video Web sites such as

…At NASW chapter conferences and other events. The NASW Chapters have copies of the video to show at meetings and events.

…Anywhere people need education about the important work that social workers do.

How can I use this video?

On Any Given Day is an excellent tool to educate people about the breadth and depth of the social work profession.

Who could benefit from seeing On Any Given Day?

  • Social workers
  • Employers
  • Administration in your organization
  • Public relations in your organization
  • Potential employees of your organization
  • Students of all ages
  • Schools of Social Work
  • Allied organizations
  • Community and religious leaders
  • Media outlets and journalists
  • Anyone who needs to know more about social work

Where would be good places to show On Any Given Day?

  • NASW and other social work conferences
  • Social work staff meetings
  • Grand rounds
  • Staff orientations
  • Career days
  • Career and recruiting fairs
  • Community and religious meetings
  • School of Social Work events
  • Presentations about social work
  • Editorial boards with newspapers
  • Health fairs
How can I get a copy of this video?

This video is available for purchase by clicking here.

For more information about this video, please email