social work month 2013

Social Work Month 2013 Proclamation Template

"Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy"

WHEREAS, the Social Work profession creates pathways to full participation in society;

WHEREAS, the primary mission of Social Work is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable.

WHEREAS, for over 100 years Social Workers have helped America’s leaders weave the nation’s social safety net;

WHEREAS, every day Social Workers address the emotional, psychological, economic, and/or physical needs of millions of people;

WHEREAS, Social Workers help clients use their strengths, resilience, and self-advocacy to navigate life challenges;

WHEREAS, Social Workers help people function better in their environments, improve their relationships with others, and solve personal and family problems through a wide range of psychosocial services;

WHEREAS, Social Workers assist individuals and families in every stage of life, from all communities; 

WHEREAS, Social Workers advocate for fairness and access to resources that benefit the most people;

WHEREAS, Social Work is currently one of the fastest growing professions in the United States;

WHEREAS, Social Workers are employed in many different organizations and industries, including private and public agencies, hospices and hospitals, schools and universities, businesses and foundations, military branches and veterans centers, as well as national and local public elected offices;

WHEREAS, Social Workers celebrate the courage, strength, and determination of the human spirit, and work to empower others to hope, dream and believe in their own potential;

NOW THEREFORE, in recognition that our nation would be less successful without the contributions of America's 650,000 social workers, I _________________, proclaim the month of March 2013 as Professional Social Work Month and call upon all citizens to join with the National Association of Social Workers and ___[your organization]___ in celebration and support of the Social Work profession.
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