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Four Sanctioned in Ethics Cases

The Executive Committee revoked the violators' memberships in NASW.

The NASW Board of Directors' Executive Committee in January sanctioned four social workers found to have violated the association's Code of Ethics.

Roy S. Adonay of Guam was found to be in violation of two sections of the code. The Executive Committee found that Adonay took unfair advantage of his professional relationship with a client in a nursing home when he assumed the role of representative payee and durable power of attorney for the client. The nursing home staff reported that the benefits deposited were not made available for the client's use.

Adonay did not respond to attempts by the Department of Health and Social Services to participate in a discovery process.

Adonay violated Code of Ethics sections 1.06(b)(c) Conflicts of Interest and 4.04 Dishonesty, Fraud and Deception. Because Adonay failed to comply with the National Ethics Committee recommendations for corrective action, the Executive Committee authorized the publication of his name in the "Sanctions in Force" list for five years and revoked his NASW membership.

Robert Howell of Idaho was found in violation of code section 6.04 Social and Political Action. Documentation from the District Court for the District of Idaho showed that Howell possessed and viewed sexually explicit images of minor children engaging in sexual behavior on his job site computer in Boise, Idaho. Howell was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

The Executive Committee reviewed the complaint submitted by the Idaho Chapter and approved the revocation of Howell's NASW membership and credentials and authorized the one-time publication of his name in the "Sanctions in Force" list.

The Executive Committee reviewed a complaint submitted by the Connecticut Chapter and found Fenton Henrickson in violation of three sections of the Code of Ethics. Henrickson engaged in a physical relationship with a client, who later resided in his home. He also bought gifts and paid for trips for the client.

Henrickson violated code sections 1.06(c) Conflicts of Interest, 1.09(a)(c) Sexual Relationships, and 1.10 Physical Contact. The Executive Committee revoked his membership and credentials and authorized the publication of his name in the "Sanctions in Force" list for 10 years.

Robert White of Oregon violated six sections of the code. He was charged with 81 felony counts involving billing federal health care programs for services that he did not render. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and has agreed to pay the full restitution of $169,620.59. He agreed to permanently surrender his clinical social work license.

Finding that White violated code section 1.01 Commitment to Clients, 1.06(b) Conflicts of Interest, 1.13(a) Payment for Services, 3.05 Billing, 4.04 Dishonesty, Fraud and Deception, and 5.01 Integrity of the Profession, the Executive Committee permanently revoked White's NASW membership and credentials and authorized the publication of his name in the "Sanctions in Force" list for 10 years.

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