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Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research
750 1st St NE Ste 700
Washington, DC 20002-8011
[Web Site]

The Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research was founded in 1993 by five national professional organizations that represent the social work practice and education communities, to fulfill recommendations from a 1991 report adopted by National Institute of Mental Health’s advisory council, which highlighted the need to strengthen social work research resources. In 2000, those five organizations were joined by a sixth. A freestanding, not-for-profit organization, IASWR serves the research needs of the entire social work profession. Sponsoring organizations are represented on the Board of Directors of IASWR and contribute annually to its financial support.

IASWR promotes social work research conducted under the auspices of other academic and professional organizations. IASWR does not conduct or fund social work research directly, except in surveys on behalf of the profession, which relate
to fulfilling Institute goals.

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