Board Meeting Minutes:
June 19, 2018

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC

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Kathryn Wehrmann, President
Mit Joyner, Vice President
Heather Bradley-Geary, Secretary
Marc Andrews
Amy Cappiccie
Jeanne Cook
Amy DiMauro
Cornelia Gordon-Hempe
Martha Guerrero
Anthony Hill
Sonya Hunte
Guadalupe Lara
Sandy Runkle
Dan Shea
Abriana Terrell
Larry Watson
Marianne Yoshioka*

Patrick Johnson, Treasurer
Paula Madrigal
Rufus Lynch
Jennifer Peck

Angelo McClain, Chief Executive Officer
Cheryl Bradley
Anne Camper
Michael Evans
Sue Jashinsky
Dina Kastner
Heidi McIntosh
Uloma Nwauche
Doreta Richards
Danielle Spears
Raffaele Vitelli
Gail Waller
Kathleen Waugh
Rita Webb
Lisa Yagoda

Danielle Smith, Representative, Council of Chapter Executives
Karen Bullock, Chair, National Committee on Racial & Ethnic Diversity

* Participated via phone

Summary of Actions/Minutes

Call to Order

The NASW Board of Directors’ meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 by President Kathryn Wehrmann.

Review and Approval of Agenda

The general and consent agendas were approved as presented.  


To approve the agenda as presented.

Comment: Approval of the consent agenda included minutes of the April 2018 NASW Board meeting.  The Board Implementation Steering Committee (BISC) Report was received.

President's Report

President Kathryn Wehrmann reported on her participation in NASW Assurance Services, Inc, (ASI) board meetings and being pleased with the collaborative relationship between both entities (NASW and ASI).  She spoke also of the Innovation and Resource Development Task Force, the formation of which was discussed by the board in April. The purpose of the task force is to develop a set of strategic opportunities to strengthen the Association financially.  The charge for the task force was approved.


To approve the Innovation and Resource Development Task Force charge as presented.

CEO’S Report

Chief Executive Officer Angelo McClain mentioned highlights of his written report, a major focus being the planning efforts for the NASW National Conference and the CE Tracker, an online system that will provide real time information on members’ accumulated continuing education credits for social work license requirements.  The CE Tracker is being orchestrated through collaboration with the Association of Social Work Boards and is anticipated to be a revenue-generator.  It is hoped that the product launch will be in the very near future. Other highlights of the CEO’s report included:  implementation of the Modernization and Revitalization Plan; and advocacy efforts on health care, immigration reform, Social Work Reinvestment Act, Social Work Safety Act, and prison reform.

In keeping with NASW’s primary focus of “pursuing excellence in social work” and long-term strategies for revenue enhancements, one of our initiatives is to strengthen NASW’s reputation as a trusted workforce advisor, strategic collaborator and custom service provider for other social work organizations, schools of social work, national nonprofit organizations and employers of social workers.  To that end, the Board received the draft Affiliate Organization Proposal, which will position NASW as a vendor delivering customized services to organizations. A final proposal will be submitted to the Board in September 2018.   

Treasurer's Report

In the absence of Treasurer Patrick Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Kathleen Waugh, presented the unaudited financial report for the period ending April 30, 2018.  The Board took the following vote to receive the financial report:


To receive the financial report for the period ending April 30, 2018.

Comment:  For the fiscal year to date through April 30, 2018, Total Assets were $14.0 million, a $1.0 million increase from the previous year, and Net Assets were $-1.3 million, an increase of $1.8 million from the previous year.  While there was an operating deficiency of $2.5 million, there was a net excess of total revenue over expense of $1.1 million

Membership and Revenue Strategies

To strengthen the Association’ financial position, a proposal was presented to the Board, which proposed the possibility of a dues increase of five percent in FY 2019-20.  The proposal outlined the value of membership, lessons learned from the dues increases implemented in 2006 and 2015 and promotional options that would be considered prior to the implementation of the increase.  It was noted that in 2015, NASW raised member dues for the first time in nearly ten years.  The dues were increased by 18 percent and preceded by enhanced communications as to why the increase was necessary.  

Subsequent to the discussion, the Board voted as follows:


To approve the recommended revenue strategy (i.e., to authorize the Chief Executive Officer to increase member dues in FY 2019-20 if, in his discretion, this is justified by factors including those outlined in the Membership and Revenue Strategies report as presented to the Board in June 2018).

Regional Representatives' Report

Marc Andrews, Representative for Region XII, reported on behalf of the Regional Representatives. The survey instrument that was launched as a pilot to collect information from chapters within regions was disseminated through Survey Monkey.  A total of 63 responses were received, of which 21 were incomplete. The report harnessed rich information but required a great amount of time for organizing, categorizing and analyzing.
The board received a compilation of the survey responses categorized according to the Delegate Assembly program priorities. The survey was designed to help identify commonalities among chapters and spotlight areas that need to be given priority attention.  Though the process of consolidating the information is labor-intensive, Regional Representatives decided to keep the process going.


To adjourn the NASW Board of Directors’ meeting to convene the Annual Meeting of Association Members.


To resume the NASW Board of Directors’ meeting.


Board Implementation Steering Committee (BISC) Report
BISC Co-Chair Heather Bradley-Geary reported on the progress of Phase II of the Modernization Implementation Plan as follows:  The national website was launched in September 2017 and sets the stage for the transition of chapter websites to a single platform (iMIS Rise) to be hosted on NASW national office servers.  Development of chapter sites will occur throughout 2018 and into 2019. The National Office and all 55 chapters have transitioned to a common Association email domain, InReach was selected as the vendor for the Association’s Learning Management System and implementation has begun with the goal of completion by late 2018.  Progress has continued on the establishment of consolidated banking and cash management.  Wells Fargo was selected as the primary consolidated bank account for chapters, and alternate banks for cash deposits were selected in areas without a Wells Fargo. Chapters have begun to make deposits in Wells Fargo. The consolidation of Accounts Receivable will begin after the centralization of banking and cash management is completed.  The Branding Team conducted an audit of all NASW products/services offered through the chapters; recommendations for a core set of member benefits were developed and disseminated to chapters. A revised NASW Communications Protocol will be disseminated to chapters.

Program Plan

Mit Joyner, Chair of the Program Committee and Vice President, reported that the FY 2017-18 Program Progress Report received by the Board in April was updated to reflect progress made to date across program areas and close out the fiscal year.  

The proposed FY 2018-19 Program Plan was presented in conjunction with the finalized version of the FY 2018-21 Strategic Plan, which was developed with input from across the Association (volunteers and staff at the chapter and national levels). The Strategic Plan is aligned with the Program Plan’s major goals that are linked to the approved 2018-2021 Delegate Assembly priorities of: Core Values First, NASW Relationships, Embrace Change, Empowerment Through Knowledge, and Advocacy in Action.  Both plans were approved as follows:


To approve the FY 2018-19 Program Plan and the FY 2018-21 Strategic Plan.

Equity Committees' Report

National Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues (NCLGBTI)
Marc Andrews, committee member, referenced the written report provided to the Board.  He also reported that: The committee has had staff presentations from three organizational units; Communications, Ethics and Legal Defense. The committee has requested that the Association utilize its expertise in areas where it’s appropriate to seek its input.  The committee recommended that language specified in its charge under “Specific Responsibilities #5” be changed as follows: To identify ways to eliminate structural sexual and gender minority stigma within social work practices and policies and make recommendations to appropriate organizational units for action. This statement addresses more accurately the sexual and gender diversity goals of the NCLGBTI.  The revised charge will be presented to the Board for approval.

National Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity (NCORED)
Committee Chair, Dr. Karen Bullock, reported that the committee has had three meetings to carry out its mission and its focus has been dissemination of the NASW Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice.  The committee is concerned about the change in a section title in the revised Code of Ethics from “Cultural Competence and Social Diversity” to “Cultural Awareness and Social Diversity,” the implications of the change, and the Code revision process.  The Board requested that the process be examined

National Committee on Women’s Issues (NCOWI)
Committee Chair, Dr. Amy Cappiccie, reported that the committee has focused on the research component of the national online survey Social Workers’ Perception of Workforce Challenges, dissemination of information, and legislation affecting women.  The committee conducted a workshop at the NASW 2018 National Conference entitled Adolescent Girls in Foster Care in response to the increasing and specialized needs of females in the foster care system.

PACE Board of Trustees Report

Dina Kastner, Senior Field Organizer and staff to the Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Board of Trustees, presented the PACE Board’s revised Endorsement Guidelines for the 2018 Election Cycle. The guidelines stipulate that endorsement of a candidate must be based on multiple factors including the candidate’s support for NASW’s public policy positions as determined by his/her voting record, issue materials and interviews.


To approve the Endorsement Guidelines for the 2018 Election Cycle as presented by the PACE Board of Trustees.

National Office Committee Structure

Competence Certification Commission (CCC)
Dr. Cornelia Gordon-Hempe, member of the Competence Certification Commission (CCC) reported that the CCC was established many decades ago to oversee the Association’s credentialing program.  Its therefore important that the CCC’s charge be updated so that its programmatic direction is in line with the Association’s modernization strategies and efforts.  Additionally, requirements for candidates selected to serve on the CCC should include experience with credentialing programs.  It was suggested that promotional efforts for the credentials include targeted marketing of the ACSW in areas where there is no multi-tiered licensing.

Awards Committee Update

Committee Chair, Guadalupe Lara, presented the committee’s recommendation to establish a new category of award, the National Emerging Social Work Leader Award.  The award would recognize social workers who are in the beginning stage of their careers and who have been outstanding in their accomplishments.  The Board stipulated that criteria for the award should include a degree from an accredited social work program, thereby allowing social workers at the baccalaureate as well as the master’s level to be eligible for the award.  Subsequently, the board voted as follows:


To approve the award committee’s recommendation.


To move into executive session.


To come out of executive session.


To adjourn the meeting of the NASW Board of Directors at approximately 5:24 p.m. ET.