Transcript for Frederic Reamer's Message to 2020 Graduates

I'm Frederic Reamer, professor in the School of Social Work at Rhode Island College. And I want to acknowledge this very important rite of passage in your lives and careers. 

I'm so sorry you won't be able to gather in person to recognize what you've achieved in the more traditional way. I trust you know how much all social work faculty celebrate your accomplishments.

Now, clearly, you are entering this chapter of your professional lives in an extraordinarily challenging environment. Rarely in the history of our noble profession, has the world needed your knowledge, your skills, and your values more than it does now. What all of us are experiencing gives real meaning to the importance of social works unique aims, and that's to recognize and address the complex intersections between individual well-being and the structural and environmental forces that orbit around each and every one of us.

I hope you're feeling well prepared for what's ahead, and I hope you're pleased with your education and could take a step back and reflect on how you and your knowledge have grown since the very first day of class at the start of your social work education.

So, best wishes as you move forward and help people and communities cope and heal.

Frederic Reamer

Prof. Frederic Reamer

Frederic Reamer is a professor of social work at Rhode Island College. He is one of the nation's leading experts on social work ethics.

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