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Social Work Speaks - 10th Edition NASW Policy Statements

NASW Press

Mar 13, 2015

The 10th edition of Social Work Speaks is a comprehensive and unabridged collection of policies adopted and revised by the NASW Delegate Assembly in 2014. The Delegate Assembly, NASW's key policy-making body, meets every three years. The policy statements set the parameters for NASW's positions and actions on a broad range of public policy and professional issues.

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The Children's Bureau: Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, and Policies

NASW Press

Oct 01, 2013

This publication delineates legacies and highlights the ways that the Children's Bureau has influenced modern-day child welfare practices, and charts future agendas and innovations that may guide more effective practice, programming, and policies.

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Social Workers and Child Abuse Reporting: A Review of State Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Law Note | NASW Press

Jan 28, 2013

This law note discusses the legal issues social workers confront when dealing with situations of child abuse and neglect. Part of a series of Law Notes written with the support of the NASW Legal Defense Fund.

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How To Screen Adoptive and Foster Parents: A Workbook for Professionals and Students

James L. Dickerson, Mardi Allen, and Daniel Pollack | NASW Press

Mar 21, 2002

Screening potential adoptive and foster parents is an extremely difficult task, yet many social workers who screen applicants and supervise placements have no written guide to aid in their decision making or to measure competency of technique. This publication is a comprehensive guide for social workers to draw on when making decisions for foster care/adoption placement. 

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Children & Schools Journal

NASW Press

Children & Schools journal publishes professional materials relevant to social work services for children. The journal publishes articles on innovations in practice, interdisciplinary efforts, research, program evaluation, policy, and planning.

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