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Educating Social Workers For Child Welfare Practice: The Status Of Using Title IV-E Funding To Support BSW & MSW Education

Social Work Policy Institute

Sep 01, 2012

This brief describes the current status of using Title IV-E funding in social work education, addressing its value to promote professional social work practice in public child welfare and describing the policy implementation challenges.

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Supervision: The Safety Net For Front-Line Child Welfare Practice

Social Work Policy Institute

Feb 03, 2011

This report highlights the complex and crucial role of supervisors in child welfare. The Social Work Policy Institute (SWPI) hosted Supervision: The Safety Net for Front-Line Child Welfare Practice, in conjunction with the NASW Center for Workforce Studies & Social Work Practice and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI), with Casey Family Programs (CFP) as a contributing partner held a 2010 meeting.

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High Caseloads: How Do they Impact Delivery Of Health And Human Services

Social Work Policy Institute

Jan 02, 2010

The NASW Social Work Policy Institute reviewed research related to caseloads, especially in child welfare agencies, and found that high caseloads can negatively impact both worker retention and service delivery outcomes. In addition, worker turnover is costly to agencies in terms of training and recruitment costs as well as the added stress on workers who remain.

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Children's Law Center

Children's Law Center fights so every child in Washington, DC, can grow up with a loving family, good health and a quality education.

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