What is ANSWER?

ANSWERThe Action Network for Social Work Education and Research (ANSWER) is a coalition of the following organizations: Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD), Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education (GADE), National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work (NADD), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) and Social Work Policy Institute.

ANSWER Steering Committee Members


The ANSWER coalition's mission is to increase advocacy with the legislative and executive branch on behalf of social work education, training, and research. This goal is accomplished through collaboration among social work education, research, and practice organizations, social work education programs, and other interested groups.

What is the purpose of social work research?

Social work research benefits consumers, practitioners, policy-makers, educators, and the general public through the examination of societal issues such as: health care, substance abuse, and community violence; family issues, including child welfare and aging; well-being and resiliency; and the strengths and needs of underserved populations. By exploring the social, behavioral, and environmental connections to health and mental health issues, social work research identifies strategies and solutions that enhance individual, family and community well being. By conducting research in schools, communities, health care facilities, and human service agencies, social work researchers are able to examine the inter-relationships among individuals, families, neighborhoods, and social institutions. Social work research provides empirical support for best practice approaches to improve service delivery and public policies.

What is the purpose of social work training?

Social workers receive training through undergraduate and graduate education at programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) along with class work, social work students complete intensive internships in organizations where they apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world work. Additionally, social workers are regulated in all states. Licensed social workers are required to update their skills and knowledge through continuing education requirements.

How All Social Workers Can Advocate for ANSWER Legislation

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In 1995 CSWE, NADD, BPD, GADE, and NASW created the ANSWER coalition to provide specific resources to strengthen advocacy efforts related to the emerging priorities around the enhancement of the social work research infrastructure, as well as a number of specific efforts related to social work education and training. IASWR joined in 1996 and SSWR became a member in 1999. The current priorities of the ANSWER coalition include:
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