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Ethics 8 Series

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The Ethics 8 Series offers 8 useful tips related to prevailing topics in social work practice. These tip sheets serve as a starting point in uncovering ethical considerations in a given topic area, and direct users to additional resources related to the topic area.

8 Social Media and Technology Tips for Social Workers

8 Considerations When Terminating the Social Worker–Client Relationship

8 Considerations for Working with Couples

8 Considerations for Addressing Social Worker Impairment

8 Considerations for Working with People Affected by HIV/AIDS

Ethical Standard of the Month

The Office of Ethics and Professional Review profiles an ethical standard of the month every other month. This is an opportunity to examine specific standards from the NASW Code of Ethics, and related resources that promote the understanding and appropriate application of the Code.

Ethical Decision Making Framework – DECISIONS Approach

By Dawn Hobdy, MSW

  • Determine the facts.
  • Ethical considerations? If so, what ethical standards apply?
  • Consider the impact of values. Determine the personal and moral values involved.
  • Impact of Self (Consider how the combination of professional knowledge and values and aspects of one’s personality, belief systems and life experiences are impacting the decision)
  • Stakeholders, who are they?
  • Incorporate professional literature review.
  • Other considerations: standards of practice, agency policies, regulatory and/or legal considerations, consultation.
  • Narration of your decision: be prepared to articulate your decision. Do some critical thinking and be confident.
  • Secure and support your decision thorough excellent documentation and evaluation of the outcome of the decision.

Literature in Ethics

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Licensing and the NASW Code of Ethics
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