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March is National Professional Social Work Month.
Tweet, Text, and Post Short Messages and Videos Online
Social Work Month 2011 LogoMarch is National Professional Social Work Month. This year’s theme, Social Workers Change Futures, promotes the role of social workers as positive change agents.  NASW’s Social Work Month Toolkit outlines many ways you can celebrate and increase public awareness of the profession. Network online…join or organize a “meet up” or “tweet-up”…blog about your work and the profession...add the 2011 Social Work Month logo to your Facebook page and emails. There are 640,000 professional social workers in the United States. Connect with your colleagues during Social Work Month and promote the work we do to the public. Access the toolkit and download your copy of the 2011 Social Work Month logo here.

Social Work Month 2011Order Your Social Work Month Merchandise Now
The online NASW Merchandise Store offers a variety of Social Work Month-themed merchandise. Hang a Social Work Month poster or calendar in your office or classroom. Pass out buttons and magnets to colleagues, staff, and students. Work out or run errands in a “Social Workers Change Futures” t-shirt. Click here to start shopping. Merchandise with past Social Work Month themes is also available.
Space Available for NASW’s Social Work Research Delegation Trips to Cuba
Space is still available for NASW’s upcoming research trips to Cuba to examine Cuban child protection and youth services (February 2011) and social services for the aging (March 2011). Delegation membership is limited to NASW members currently working as social work professionals. These trips are unique opportunities for NASW members to conduct professional research in Cuba. Join the research delegation that most meets your professional development goals:
  • Child Protection and Youth Services in Cuba—February 13-18, 2011
  • Social Services for the Aging in Cuba—March 13-18, 2011
  For more information, visit and enter “Cuba” under “Search by Program.”

Free Online Course on Aging
Understanding Aging: The Social Worker’s Role
Earn 2.0 Free CE Credits
Take the course today at

New Standards Address Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults
caregiver standardsNASW is pleased to announce the release of the NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults, designed to enhance social work practice with family caregivers of older adults and to help the public understand the role of professional social work in supporting family caregivers. The standards were developed as part of Professional Partners Supporting Family Caregivers, an initiative done in partnership with the AARP Foundation, the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA), the Family Caregiver Alliance, and the National Association of Social Workers, and made possible by funding from the John A. Hartford Foundation. The November 2010 release of the standards coincided with National Family Caregivers Month and the launch of AoA’s Year of the Caregiver. Click here to read the standards.
New Practice Perspectives Identify Ways to Recruit and Retain Child Welfare Staff and Suggest Core Services for Abused Immigrant Women
Supporting the Child Welfare Workforce to Reduce Child Maltreatment
Ninety percent of states reported challenges in both the recruitment and retention of child welfare workers. Learn what social work administrators can do to recruit and retain qualified, committed, and culturally competent staff.

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking: Double Jeopardy for Immigrant Women in the United States
Why do immigrant women not seek relief from their abusers?  Understand the obstacles these women face and what services you can provide to help them get relief.

Enhance and Promote Culturally Competent Practice in HIV/AIDS Work

The NASW HIV/AIDS Spectrum Project will be holding a Training of Trainers (TOT) in April 2011. Successful applicants must have advanced skills and knowledge in HIV/AIDS prevention, assessment, and care and treatment. Selected applicants will participate in a three-day TOT in Washington, DC, expenses to be covered through a contract with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration/Center for Mental Health Services (SAMHSA/CMHS). Once trained, participants will be required to continue the education cycle by providing workshops and outreach in their own communities. Applications must be in by February 17, 2011.  To apply, click here and follow the instructions. To learn more about the HIV/AIDS Spectrum: Mental Health Training and Education of Social Workers Project, click here.
Earn More than 25 CE Credits at

Spanish Version of NASW WebEd HIV/AIDS Course

Comprendiendo el VIH/SIDA: El Rol del Trabajador Social
(Understanding HIV/AIDS: The Social Worker’s Role)

Take the English or Spanish version at

NASW’s online education center, NASW WebEd, is free and currently offers you the opportunity to earn more than 25 CE credits at your convenience. Courses cover such timely practice topics as aging, end-of-life care, cancer, cancer caregiving, cancer medication adherence, HIV/AIDS, cultural competence and health disparities in end-of-life care, genetics, ethics, and malpractice risk. Start taking courses today.

Upcoming Lunchtime Webinars

Lunchtime SeriesClient Violence and Social Worker Safety (1.0 Free CE Credit)—February 17, 2011
Increase your awareness of client violence toward social workers and your risk for encountering violence. You will learn about the risk and
Social Work Finder
Job of the Month

Child and Youth Military Family Life Counselor

Employer: U.S. Government


For more social work employment opportunities, go to
protective factors for such violence and strategies to prevent client violence in office and field settings. Learn more about this webinar and register here. NASW members only.

Delivering Services to Minors: Ethical and Risk-Management (2.0 Free CE Credits)—March 8, 2011
Presented by Frederic G. Reamer, PhD
Understand ethical, malpractice, and risk-management issues encountered in the delivery of services to minors and their families. Learn how to protect clients and prevent professional malpractice and liability. Learn more about this webinar and register here. NASW members only.
Upcoming Specialty Practice Sections Webinars

Specialty Practice SectionsA Dimension of Forensic Social Work: What Social Workers Need to Know About the Court System (1.0 Free CE Credit)—February 11, 2011
As America has become a more litigious society, social workers need to be more knowledgeable about the various court systems (e.g., juvenile court, mental health court, family court, and drug court). This webinar will broaden social workers’ knowledge of the court system and forensic social work. Learn more about this webinar and register here. NASW SPS members only.

Professional Ethics and Social Networking (1.0 Free CE Credit)—March 30, 2011
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the top social media Web sites that have altered electronic communications and social interactions. Inevitably, these communication techniques also have affected professional social work practice and can be brimming with ethical traps. Find out what you can do in your personal and professional lives to maintain high standards of ethical practice. Learn more about this webinar and register here. NASW SPS members only.

Free Risk Management Hotline for All NASW Members
A risk management hotline is available to all NASW members, as well as professional liability insurance policyholders. The hotline specializes in risk management information to help members avoid licensing board complaints and malpractice lawsuits. Call 800.897.0033 for more information.
You’re Exposed to Many Potential Malpractice Lawsuits. Protect Yourself and Your Ability to Practice Social Work
As a social worker, you’re exposed to many potential malpractice lawsuits. Even a groundless claim can jeopardize your reputation and ability to practice. NASW Assurance Services’ professional liability insurance allows you to tailor flexible coverage options to meet your specific needs. This program insures thousands of social workers worldwide. It’s perfect for independent contractors, private practitioners, exclusively employed individuals, partnerships, corporations, schools, students, and more. Apply now with no risk. For additional information, call 800.421.6694 or visit NASW Assurance Services today.
Risk Management Workshops: Reduce Your Exposure to a Social Work Malpractice Suit (3.0 CE Credits)
The ASI Education Center offers risk management workshops, sponsored by NASW Assurance Services and co-sponsored by NASW Chapters and other hosts. Workshop presenters are social workers, who are also former board members, trained in the latest malpractice risk management techniques. Protect yourself and your ability to practice social work by participating in a local risk management workshop (3.0 CE credits).
Learn Strategies to Avoid Ethical Violations and Manage Risk
nasw webed

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Free Ethics Consultations
If you are facing an ethical dilemma on the job, call the NASW Office of Ethics and Professional Review (OEPR) at 800.638.8799 ext. 231 or 202.336.8231 to set up a free consultation. NASW’s OEPR provides free ethics consultations for current NASW members. Hours: Tuesdays: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm; Thursdays: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Free Legal Issue Consultations

As an NASW member, you can schedule consultations on social-work-related legal matters with the legal staff based on availability. For more information and to set up a consultation, call 800.638.8799 ext. 290 or 202.408.8600 ext. 290.
At Stake: Social Workers’ Ability to Investigate Reports of Child Abuse Through Joint Interviews with Law Enforcement
Schools often have been used as a safe and convenient location to investigate child abuse reports; however, recent legal challenges to this approach have questioned a social worker’s right to interview a potential child abuse victim at school without first obtaining a search warrant or parental consent. In 2011 the United States Supreme Court will address this issue in Camreta v. Greene. NASW Legal Defense Fund’s latest Legal Issue of the Month article, Social Workers and Child Protection Investigations, reviews the key issues in Camreta and NASW’s involvement. Access the Legal Issue here. You will need your NASW username and password.
NASW Law Note: The Juvenile Justice System
NASW Legal Defense Fund
The second release in a series of Law Notes, this title provides an introduction to the resources available for social workers and their counsel in preventing juvenile delinquency and advocating for the developmentally appropriate treatment of children who are involved with the juvenile justice system. Click here to learn more and order.

Arizona Shooting is Sobering Reminder of Safety Issues

The January 8 shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona, has ignited debate about safety issues for elected officials and their staffs. NASW member Gabe Zimmerman, 30, a much respected member of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ staff, was killed in the shooting. NASW mourns the loss of life in this senseless tragedy and continues its efforts to pass the Social Work Reinvestment Act, which addresses social worker safety. Learn more here. 
Sign the Petition to Stop Child Abuse Deaths
No child should be abused. No child should be neglected. No child should die from these acts. Sign the national petition to end child abuse deaths. It only takes a moment to help save a child’s life. Learn more about efforts to protect children here.

Sign the petition here

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) Becomes Longest-Serving Female Senator in History
Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.)First elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, social worker Barbara Mikulski successfully ran for Senate in 1986, becoming the first democratic woman Senator elected in her own right.
Change Policy, Empower Your Community

Why Social Workers Should Run for Office
Social workers are trained communicators with concrete ideas about how to empower communities. Social workers understand social problems and know human relations. The commitment to improving quality of life brings a vital perspective to public decision-making.

Serve on your school board. Run for your city or county office. Serve on your state legislature.

Click here to learn more about why social workers should run for office and to get in contact with other social workers who have run for office.

On January 5, 2011, Sen. Mikulski started her fifth term in the Senate, becoming the longest-serving female senator in history. As a social worker in her community of Baltimore, Sen. Mikulski helped at-risk children and educated seniors about the Medicare program. Her experiences as a social worker provided valuable lessons that she draws on as a United States Senator. Click here to read the The Washington Post’s article on Sen. Mikulski’s making history as the longest-serving female senator.


New Study on LGBT Youth Acceptance by NASW Member Dr. Caitlin Ryan Receiving National Media Coverage

Dr. Caitlin RyanDr. Caitlin Ryan, director of the San Francisco-based Family Acceptance Project, has released a study that found that accepting behaviors by parents and caregivers—such as welcoming their children’s openly LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) friends or supporting their gender expression—protect their LGBT children against depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and suicide attempts in early adulthood. In addition, LGBT youth with highly accepting families have significantly higher levels of self-esteem, social support, and better overall health in young adulthood. Dr. Ryan’s work has received a tremendous amount of media coverage from major media outlets including TIME magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, Business Week, and The Salt Lake Tribune. Click here to learn more.

Occupational Profiles Introduce Students and Newcomers to Specialty Areas, Provide Salary Information

The NASW Center for Workforce Studies & Social Work Practice has released the first profiles in its Occupational Profiles series—Social Workers in Hospice and Palliative Care and Social Workers in Schools (Kindergarten through 12th Grade). Profiles describe the social work role in, as well as benefits and challenges of, different specialty areas. Profiles include salary information based on results from the NASW 2009 Compensation and Benefits Study. Refer students, newcomers, and colleagues interested in these specialty areas to the occupational profiles.

The Essential Resource for the Profession is Now Available in Paperback
The Essential Resource for the Profession is Now Available in PaperbackThe NASW Press and Oxford University Press are excited to announce the critically acclaimed 20th edition of The Encyclopedia of Social Work is now available in paperback. With over 400 articles, this four-volume reference set covers all aspects of social work. Read the introduction here. To order a copy, click here.
Prepare for Client Encounters that can Undermine Your Professional Confidence
Upsetting and stressful encounters with clients can undermine your professional confidence and color your entire work experience. In their article “Stressful Encounters with Social Work Clients: A Descriptive Account Based on Critical Incidents,” authors Riki Savaya, Fiona Gardner, and Dorit Stange make recommendations for training that can better prepare social workers for the difficult situations they may encounter and supervision that can help them deal with such situations more effectively. Read this article in Social Work (January 2011, Vol. 56, No. 1) by clicking here. You will need your NASW username and password to access the article.
Both current and past issues of the NASW NEWS are available online 24/7. All you need to access these issues is your NASW username and password.

Wear Your Social Worker Pin with Pride During Social Work Month   

Celebrate your education and experience, and help tell the Social Work story. Your support of the National Social Work Public Education Campaign helps NASW educate the media, policymakers, employers, students, and the public about the importance of the social work profession. Contribute to the campaign today and receive a complimentary professional social worker pin. To learn more about the Social Work Public Education Campaign and how you can get involved, click here.


You Can Help Make Scholarships Available to Social Work Students

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NASW Member Services is now open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST. You can reach us at 800.742.4089 or We look forward to hearing from you.
Social workers change the lives of millions of people every day. Your contribution to the NASW Foundation can make a difference, too. Each year, the NASW Foundation supports educational and charitable projects that serve:
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  • The profession by supporting and honoring past, current, and future social workers; and
  • The public by educating community leaders, decision makers, and the public about social work issues and services to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.
The Foundation is funded entirely through grants and donations. Your gift will help bring social work resources to the public, scholarships to future social workers, research and training to current social workers, and recognition to social work leaders. Visit NASW Foundation online and consider making your gift today. Click here to donate.
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Stay current on resources in your practice area. NASW members receive a 30% discount on the following Dorland Health Directories: Case Management Resource Guide, The National Directory of Adult & Senior Services, The National Directory of Children, Youth & Families Services, and The National Directory of Mental Health & Addiction Services. Make your search for essential resources effortless by using these “go to” sources. For more information and member discount codes, click here.

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