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Thank you for your interest in celebrating Social Work Month 2011 with us. This outreach toolkit is designed to help social workers across the country choose an activity that increases public awareness of the social work profession in March.  Each section of the Social Work Month 2011 toolkit is dedicated to one of 10 core action areas, and includes links to resources and examples to help you plan and implement your chosen activity.  We hope you find the information useful, and encourage you to email socialworkmonth@naswdc.org if you have questions or suggestions.

Social Work Month Toolkit
interview Get Interviewed - Introduce yourself to the people who write about or report on the issues you care about in your town.  Post insightful comments on their blogs, email them good resources or follow them on Twitter. More info+
recruitment Recruit a Student - Research shows that people who are involved in community volunteer work early in life are more likely to know social workers and to be interested in social work as a career. More info+
endorsements Secure Endorsements - Include public recognition from influential non-social workers in your events and promotions. More info+
event Host/Attend an Event - Groups of social workers from across the country are now organizing to “meet-up” and “tweet-up” during the day on March 15 and on March 31 to garner public awareness and support.
Check your chapter website for these and other events. More info+
honor Honor Colleagues - Annual awards programs recognize exemplary members, supportive policymakers, media allies, and inspiring public citizens.  Take time this year to nominate social workers and other community champions you admire. More info+
social networking Network Online - Throughout March, we’re encouraging thousands of social workers to tweet, text and post short messages and videos online that help explain what they do. More info+
publish Publish an Article - This Social Work Month, consider writing an op-ed, a letter to the editor, a guest column or a blog post to address an issue of concern for you. More info+
promote Promote Yourself - Marketing social work services is an essential function of both a successful business and an effective non-profit organization. More info+
donation Fund National Advertising - Donations made to the NASW Foundation help place national print, online and broadcast ads about social work.  Funding local and national advertising campaigns helps tell the social work story.  More info+
partnership Find a Community Partner - Explore new areas of partnership that may increase knowledge about and support for the social work profession in your community.  More info+

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