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NASW Center for Workforce Studies

The NASW Center for Workforce Studies is established to conduct studies of the current social work labor force in order to determine trends in employment, training needs, barriers to quality service delivery, and to advance the role of the profession in multiple systems of care. The Center will also collect information from other data sources about social work employment, and serve as a unique clearinghouse and dissemination point for the profession. Data about the professional social work labor force are important for several audiences: educators, policy makers at all levels of government, and public and private work force planners. In addition, the Center will design training programs to advance the knowledge and skill of social workers in areas of emerging practice, and build NASW's role in the "science to service" arena by communicating the emerging knowledge of evidence-based practices to social workers.

NASW has received funding support for the establishment of the Center from The Atlantic Philanthropies and the John A. Hartford Foundations. As the Center is established, NASW is conducting a benchmark national study of licensed social workers in partnership with the Center for Workforce Studies, University at Albany , School of Public Health . The study is designed to provide comprehensive data and analysis on the characteristics of the current professional social work labor force, as well as information on services provided and client populations served by social workers. Other funding partners for the national study of licensed social workers include the Annie E. Casey Foundation whose interest is in services to families, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation whose interest in the health and behavioral health frontline workforce.

NASW has conducted three previous studies among members of the Association through a Practice Research Network project, funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. In addition, a special study of social workers practicing in child welfare settings was recently completed. Data from these projects as well as the new national study will be used in establishing a clearinghouse and dissemination center for information about professional social workers and the nature of their practice.

For workforce studies questions, please contact:

The NASW Center for Workforce Studies
750 First Street NE Ste 700
Washington, DC 20002


Workforce Studies

The National Study of Licensed Social Workers Preliminary Report
(pdf format)

Preliminary Key Findings of The National Study of Licensed Social Workers
(flash format)

Overview of The National Study of Licensed Social Workers
(flash format)

Child Welfare Report

Practice Research Network III

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