Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
October 2022
Melissa Audier
Brynna L. Sibilla
Mary Capitena-Bento
Jacqueline Carson
Deidre Davis
Denise E. Carpenter, ACSW
Joseph Dowick
Susan Eldredge
Barbara Feldmar
Helen J. Rubel, ACSW
Jennifer Bates Wheeler, LCSW
Katherine A. Heeg
Kim M. Fiore
Susan Kirshner
Liz Luciano
Mary E. Katz
Celena Matsen
Theresa Medley
Michael Lee Mardres
Heather Mitchell
Devon Norton
Peter Bernick
Roberta Potsic
Terry Richter
Robin J. Topol, LCSW
Stephanie Rosen
Sharon Bradley, MPA
Sherry M. Henderson, DCSW
Tina Po, MSW
Amelia Walker
William R. Wing
Bahiyyah Williams
Kayla Zebrowski
September 2022
A.Heather E. Halperin, LCSW,MSW
Abbey Faith Fuhrer
Leah Abel
Ellen Abrams
Vanessa Acevedo
Sylvie Acoulon
Adalberto Rivera-Vega
Pamela Adamaitis
Melissa Adams
Shawna Adkins
Sylvia Adler
Susan Adler
Adrianne Miller
Adrienne Londeree
Agnes Wohl, ACSW
Benjamin Aguilar
Cindy Ahmad
AJ Deloney, IV
Linda Akkari
Leslie Akula
Alan Strong, LMSW,ACSW
Timothy Albro
Mandy Aleshinloye
Judith Alexander
Alexandra Newman Forsythe
Alice G. Morris
Alicia Bartel
Alicia J. George
Alisha Thomas
Frances Alkire
Allison Barton, LCSW
Allison Greenwald, LCSW
Allyson Maree Campbell, LCSW
Alma Lawrence
Alyssa K. Campbell
Amanda Hardwick, MSW
Amanda Jo White
Ana Amaré
Amber Nicole Haney
Amy Bradley, LSWAIC
Amy E. Cafaro
Amy E. Horgan
Amy E. Weber, LCSW
Amy Foster
Amy G. Sadeghi, LMSW
Amy Kathryn Bucciere, LCSW
Amy Lukes, LICSW
Amy N. French
amy phillips
Judith Andai
Penelope Andersen
Howard Anderson
Andrea Lynn Holwager
Andrew Bruce Erickson
Andrew Joseph Eppich, LCSW
Andrew Maxwell Lamden
Diane Andujar
Angela C. Cook, LCSW
Angela Hope Melzer, OTR
Angela Lacy McClintock, LICSW
Angela Marie Stevens, MSW
Kristin Angell
Angelo D'Esposito, BA
Paula Angelone
Anita Convertino
Anita Rozas, ACSW, LCSW-C
Diana Anklow-Bass
Ann H. Dart, ACSW, LCSW, QSW
Ann Haas, ACSW
Ann M. Fernandes
Ann M. Sissler, LSW
Ann Nielsen
Ann-Marie Loose
Anna Detlefsen
Anna Gerrity, MSW
Anna Lee Hoodem
Anna Murphy
Anne D. Emmett, LCSW
Anne Dannis Lowe
Anne L. Colderwood
Anne L. Kracmer
Anne-Marie Cox
Annie Nuite
April Lee Ellis
April V. Moran
Luisa Arch
Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA
Arlene Messner-Peters
Esther Armijo
Harvey Aronson
Laura Arrue
Mary Artery
Ashley Ann Belden, LSW, MSW, LCDC III
Juliet Askenase
Judith Atchley
Stacey Aust
Ellen Austin
B. Jill Balagur-Conn, ACSW
Olga Babikova
Guerdy Baguidy
Bonnie Bain
Kimberly Baker-Abrams
James Banks
Janice Banta
Barbara B. Howe, AM
Barbara Herochik, ACSW
Barbara J. Luby
Barbara Kenneady
Barbara L. Cristy, ACSW
Barbara T. Adamich
Kaitlin Barbati
Jennifer Barbieri
Helene Barnett
Jocelyn Barrett
Shannon Barrows
Barry Ira Ginsberg, LCSW
Karen Bartholomew
Ina Bates
Phil Baughman
Elyce Baumwoll
Jane Bausch
Virginia Bautista
Bayan Al Sulaihat, LMSW
Deborah Beach
Erica Beattie
Laura Beaudry
Peter Beck
David Bedrin
Margaret Bedrosian
Brianna Belcher
John Bell
T. Diane Bell
Jennifer Bell
Lizabeth Bell
Cynthia Bellows
Ohonmi belo-osagie
Benjamin C. Welch, LICSW,LADC
Janet Bennett-Jacobs
Kimberly Benson
Harold Benus
Sandra Berenbaum
Benina Berger Gould
R. Joy Bergins
Catherine Bergman
Amy Berk
Heidi Berke
Sharon Berman
Lois Bernard
Mara Bernard
Devoria Berry
Bethanie Sherwood
Bethann A. Albert
Bette G. Pounds
Beverly A. Knighten, LCSW, ACSW
Billie M. Olsen
Caitlin Billings
Priscilla Bird
Kyle Birdwell
Susan Birne-Stone
Jenny Bishop
Randall Bizer
Tammy Blackard Cook
Jamie Blair
Lindsy Blake
Blake Hamilton , LCSW
Rita Bleier
Edna Blevins
Shannan Blizzard
Diana Blood
Nancy Blumberg
Erica Blustein
Mary Bobis
Natasha Boissier
Tatiana Bolotina-Rozman
Jamie Bond
Sherry Bonder
Adam Boomer
Paul Boston
Theresa Boutross
Margaret Boyer
Martha Bragin
Tina Bramson
Brandylyn Sue Bristow
Brenda C. Kriegel, LICSW, LCSW, ACSW
Brenna Nichole Hayes
Maura Brennan
Sandra Brennan
Marilyn Brennan
Brian G. Kaufman
Brianna Brooke Cheever
Alison briars
Richard Brice
Nicholas Bridgett
Wendy Briggs
Alison Brigham
Robert Brill
Eleanor Brilliant
Melissa Brinton
Brittany A Morlock
Miriam Brodersen
Brooke A. Evans
Dennis Brooks
Lafayette Brown
Lisa Brown
Ronald Brown
Sally Brown
Julie Brown
Sarah Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Christine Brown
Valerie Brown
Courtney Brown
Tina Brown
Mary Brown Lewis
Susan Browne
Cindy Browning
Sarah Brownlee
Beth Brubacher
Ellen Bruce
Lenore Bruce
Sherrolyn Bruner
John Buchbinder
Kellie Buck
Mary Buckley
Trudy Buckman
Kimberly Burdick
Terri Buresh
Beverly Burgwin
Barbara Burka
Susan Burkhardt
Evelyn Busby
Anne Byrd-Garofalo
C. Colleen Roney, LCSW
John Cadalso
Ariel Cahn-Flores
Marva Caldwell
Anne Caldwell
Thresa Caldwell
Cali Jeanine Hunn
Ellen Calkins
Christine Call
Suzannah Callaghan
Mary Caminiti
Dallas Campbell
Elana Campbell
David Campbell
Maria Cancelada
Hwi-Ja Canda
Beth Canouse Midura
Janice Carbon
Cari Dyne Epperson
Carissa Swanstrom Ortman
Carla B. Monteiro
Carol A. Shack-Lappin, LCSW
Carol D. Wood, ACSW
Carol F. Mccardell, ACSW
Carol J. Merrihew, MSW,LCSW-R
Carol M. Harshman, LCSW,ACSW,MVF-CSW
Carol Victoria Perez, ASW, PPS
Carole G. Goldstein, ACSW
Carole Landis, MSS LCSW QCSW
Carolina M. Nudo
Carolyn K. Lonner, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Carolyn L. Baum, PhD, LCSW
Carolyn Carpenter
James Carter
Linda Carzoli
Quaker Case
Casey N. Roberts
Cassandra L. Bynum, ACSW
Cassie Manger
Cindy Cassiere
Lupe Castaneda
Kristina Castillo
Catherine R. Grund, ACSW
Catherine Tatevosyan, LCSW
Cathy L. Mendelson, LCSW, ACSW
Bobbie Caviness
Ceaton Charen Falgiano, LCSW-R
Cecelia Illing, LCSW
Susan Cedrone
Janet Centola
Cerin Michi Takeuchi Venegas
Judith Chamberlin
AMY Chandler
Charity H. Hochberg
Alexander Chatfield
Cherish Bee McCallum, LMSW
Donna Cherry
Cheryl Elizabeth Carrasco, LCSW
Cheryl N. Prince
Susan Cheshire
Sonia Chessin
Karen Chimento
June Chin
Elizabeth Chodelka
Christi Granstaff, MSW
Christie Iyabo Obe, MSW
Christina Carol Wolfe, MSW
Christina Marie Martinez, MSW
Christine M. Derouin
Christine T. Harris, MSW, LCSW
Christopher Baranovic, LSW
Christopher P. Holly
Christopher S. McLaughlin
Christy M. Wooton, MSW, LCSW-C
Sharon Chrostowski
Kimberly Chu
Marisa Ciani
Joseph Ciccone
Charles Cicerale
Cindy Mason-Jones
Cindy Penka-Shack, MSW
Cindy Pond
Cindy Shealy
Clark Beckley, MSW, LCSW
Sarah Clarke (Ben-Shahar)
Elise Classen
Clay M. King, ACSW
Clayton D. Peet
Michael Clontz
Kerri Coburn
Denise Coelho
Catherine Cofer
Anne Cogger
Susan Cohen
Katharine Cohn
Toni Colbert
Lisa Cole
Felicia Comfort
Vivian Cone
Connie Marie Sprimont
Erin Connolly-Igoe
Darin Conway
Sharon Cook
Kerstin Cooley
Michelle Coon
Hope Cooper
Cynthia Coraccio
Carolyn Cordasco
Melissa Coren
Catherine Cornell
Natalia Corporan Crespo
Dia Costello
Pamela Cotton
Courtney Caudill, BASW
Courtney Frances Remillard, LMSW
Emiley Cox
Stephanie Coyle
Debra Crabtree
Scott Crandell
Carol Crane
Victoria Cranford
Christine Crean
Richard Cresta
Scott Crisp
Cristina Henson
Sharlene Croteau
Katherine Crouch
Jennifer Crouch Clark
Kimberly Crowder
Mary Cuevas
William Cummings
Paul Curtis
Cynthia Blake
Cynthia D. Cohen, ACSW
Cynthia Holloway, MSW EdD
Cynthia J. Brown
D Gail Haemmerle
Dana J. Oshiro
Daniel J. Scanlan
Daniel M. Musholt
Daniel W. Ingroff, LCSW,DCSW
Anita Daniels
Danna J. Lee
Daphne E. Donahue
Darla B. Wexstten, ACSW
Peggy David
David D. Wheelock
David E. Matthews, ACSW
David L. Trautmann, LCSW
David Lovely
David McGinness, LCSW
David P. Bird, ACSW
David S. Wilde
David Wayne Ray
Jill Davidson
Erin davies
Davina Morris
Valerie Davis
Anna Davis
Dawn E. Ducote, LCSW
Veronica De Alba
Daisy de Jesus
Susan Deakyne
Debbie L. Rosenfeld
Gloria Debeljuk
Deborah J. Brinkley
Georgette Deborde
Debra Ayer
Debra Burrell, ACSW
Debra M. Brancato
Debra Stern, LCSW, LMFT
Kathryn (Kit) Decker
Deirdre A. Manning
Patricia DeJesus
John Dempsey
Hitomi Demura-Devore
Denise C. Gajewsky, ACSW LISW
Denise L. Edwards, LCSW / LISW
Amber Denman
Shannon Dennis
Derek Swift
Destiny F. Pistone
Carol Di Censo
Ronny Diamond
Charles Diamond
Judith Diamond
Beth Diamond
Phyllis Dicker
Laura Dickinson
Rebecca Dickinson
Sharon Dickson
Dimitra J. Gianas
Carol Dobos
Roxanne Dodds
Donilee R. Alexander-Goldsmith
Donna Faye Wilson, LBSW
Donna J. Bevan-Lee, PhD ACSW DCSW
Kevin Donohue
Donyen P. Kofa, MSW
Dorene G. Martin, ACSW
Joan Doris
Dorneda Williams
Dorota Parys
David Dorsey
Douglas C. Bugbee
Douglass M. Ruth, LCSW
Mary Dove
Draga Beckner
Melanie Drewencki
Aiste Drukteinyte
Kristina Drumm
Allen Du Mont
Alyce Duckworth
Cornelius Dufallo
Claudette Duff
Sharin Duffy
George Duncan
Dustin Miller, ACSW
Bethany Dwinnell
E. Theirl Jarman, Executive Director
Diana Eckhaus
Edward B. French
Ruth Edwards
James Egen
Dana Ehrhart
Eileen J. Dordek, LCSW
Lynne Eisenbrand
Elaine L. Martin, ACSW
Eleanor Carrie Ingalls Mackenzie, MSW
Pearl Elias
Elinor E. Kotchen
Elisa Jacob
Elisa Walts
Elisabeth O. Shorstein, ACHP-SW
Eliza McLaughlin, McLaughlin
Elizabeth A. Fredrickson, LCSW
Elizabeth A. Mulvaney, LCSW-PA
Elizabeth B. Haiman
Elizabeth Belton
Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D., LCSW
Elizabeth Christina Drewello
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth J. Lytton
Elizabeth J. Strong, LCSW
Ellen Handler-Singleton
Ellen J. Safier, ACSW
Ellen Lear
Ellen M. Craine, ACSW
Ellen S. Wolfson
Judith Elliott
Wanda Ellis
Colleen Ellis
Molly Ellson
Elyse Gail Garlick, ACSW PhD
Faith Emerson
Emily C. Boone, ACSW, DCSW
Emily E. Rosenblum, ACSW
Emily Louise Rice
Emily Wickman, LCSW
Brenda Emmons
Amber Engelbrecht
Joseph Eramo
Jennifer Erbe-Leggett
Eric Christopher Morris
Linda Erickson
Erika Bowen, BSW
Erika Lee King, LCSW
Erin McLaughlin
Jacob Erlich
Lisa Erwin
Eugenia Schendl Rozenberg, LCSWL-R
Julie Eveleigh
Evelia Marie Vasquez
Mark Everds
Evon L. Bergey, QCSW LCSW
Nicole Falgoust
Maureen Fallon-Cyr
Fanny Correa
Anan Fareed
Fabia Faria
Amy Farr
Fatima Kerr
Stephen Fay
Fay M. Cadwallader, ACSW
Joanne Feigin
Sandra Ferguson
Gladys Fernandez
Patricia Fernandez
Lynda Fichtner
Jill Field
Judy Fields
Mearlene Filkins
Freda Fink
Sarah Finke
Fionna M. Davis, LCSW
Susan First
Paul Fiszman
Christine Fitzgerald-Petrat
Robin Flaum
Christine Flood
Sarah Ford
Gabriel Fosu
Judith Fox
Francis H. LaClair, LCSW
Daniel Francom
Mindy Frank
Mande Franzel
Hope Freed
Anna Freedman
Jaye Friedman-Levy
Denyse Fritz-Joefield
Martha Frost
Susan Fule
Joseph Futschik
Gabriella Mancini, MSW
Yolanda Gabrielle
Gayle Gagliardo
Elizabeth Gaines
M. Galin
Sandra Gallagher
Ruchama Gamiel
Christina Ganon
Garland Middleton 8757 W Cornell Ave, LSW
Luke Garvey
Theresa Garvin
Richard Gates
Erik Gatlin
Helen Gavin
Gayle Gonzalez-Johnson, LCSW,ACSW
Patricia Gazza
Kelly Gehlhaar
Kathryn Geiger
Audrey George-Owens
Gerard B. Niewenhous, ACSW
Gerard Wichrowski
Barbara Giannelli-O'Brien
James Gilan
Christine Gilchrist
Sheryl Gill
Denise Gill
Gillian Nassau
Ethel Gilloon
Jean Gilman
Ginna Vogt
Giovanna (Jenny) Rovetto-Dean, LCSW-R
Giovanna S. Hunt, MSW, LGSW
Michael Gitter
Aparecida Glavin
Kari Glenn
Robin Goldberg
Margaret Goldberg
Margaret Goldkopf-Woodtke
Pamela Goldsteen
Paula Goldstein
Lynn Gonzales
Trudy Gonzales
Lisa Goodman
Janet Gorfain
Rosamond Goudeau
Mary Graham
Ashley Graham
Elizabeth Graham
Cynthia Grass Black
Melodee Graybill
Gilbert Greene
Mary Greene
Sheryl Greenwald
David Gregory
Gregory L. Potts, LCSW
David Gretick
Caroline Grinere
Mary Grissom Crook
Patricia Grodd
Eleanor Gross
Jonathan Grossman
Trusa Grosso
Mary Grover
Robert Grubbs
Brandie Gruber
Linda Grunbaum
Vera Grunow Smith
Eileen Gutstein
Gwyn Lipari
Pat Haber
Martha Habert
Josephine Hadlock-King
Alison Hafner
Irene Hajisava
Leandria Hall
Timothy Hallinan
Linda Halperin
Kim Halpern
Brenda Hamady
Darlene Hammel
Kelly Hammond
Sarah Hanchett
William Hanel
Tiffany Hanff
Hannah A. Hawkins-Esther, LCSW
Hanno W. Kirk, PhD, LICSW
Susan Hansen
Melissa Hanson
Kimberly Hardner
Rosalie Harman
Stephanie Harness-Gambill
Carolina Harris
Howard Harris
Bryant Harris
Shana Harris
Rufus Harris
Dianna Hart
Katherine Hartley
Barbara Hartwell
Kathleen Harvey
Naomi Harwin
Mary Haskins
Haslyna Andrea Watson, MSW,LSW
Linda Hattaway
Kathleen Hayes
Hedy R. Cardozo, LMSW, CSW
Heidi Jane Leicht Naumowicz
Emily Heim
Holly Hein
Helen E. Rigsby
Ursula Henrichs
Henry McKinnon, JD, LICSW
Melissa Hensley
Randell Hess
Marcia Hesselgrave
Jessica Heuschele
Jessica Hiatt
LaNita Hicks
Hilary M. Heilberg, Sr, MWS, M.Ed
Lois Hilbert
Hilda Ann Williamson
Paula Hill-Goates
Hillary Presper, AM
Beverly Hoffman
Danita Holladay
Clay Holland
Jane Holmes
Mark Homan
Ruth Hooper
Nancy Hornby
Susan Horowitz
Martha Hosang
Carol Hostetter
Hilary Houldsworth
Heather House
Bryan Houston
Regina Howard
Eleanor Huber
Dorinda Hughes
Johnetta Hume
jennifer hutchinson
Allison Hutner
Daniel Hutt
Elena Huttenlocher
Hyon K. Chong
Florence Ikechukwu
Iliana Monarrez, MSW Candidate
Amy Inabinette
Jack Ingersoll
Iris E. Ysern-Zarranz
Kathe Irvine
Susan Isaac
Elisabeth Isaksen
Cierra Ivey
J. Alex Sanger
Jackie A. Williams, ACSW
Kathleen Jackson
Mary Jackson
Jacquelyn E. Knoblock
Jakob Tuchman
Theresa James
James H. Zeckhauser, ACSW
James J. Cosenza
James Miller, ACSW
James S. Niederland
Lise Jameson
Jami Binder, MSW, LCSW
Jamie Miller Craig
Janel M. Weiner, LICSW
Janet Hoy, LISW-S
Janetta Fae McCormick, LCSW
Janette L. Jordan, Jordan
Janis Wheeler Fink
John Jantzen
Jason E Dodd, LSWAIC
Jason P. Zelus, LCSW MSW
Jean Louise Fagerstrom, L.G.S.W.
Jean M. Ware, ACSW
Jeanette L. Hoover, C-SSWS
Jeffrey N. Blaine, ACSW
Jenn Ribeiro
Jenna LaBombard, LCSW
Jennifer A. Ufko, LCSW-R, ACSW
Jennifer Beck-Justus, BSW, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Briggs, MSW, LSW
Jennifer Harr
Jennifer L. Browning
Jennifer L. Soule, PhD, ACSW
Jennifer M. Croce
Jennifer McHugh
Jennifer P. Ballinger
Jennifer S. Nanez, LMSW
Jess Glasser
Jesse J. LaMorte, LCSW
Jesse Wayland Adams, II, BSW
Jessica Rebecca Massler
Wanda Jewell
Jill M. Araki, ACSW
Joan F. Shireman, ACSW
Joan R. Lingard
Joanna Patcha
JoAnne Elizabeth Coles, BA
Joanne H. Twombly
Jody Weiner Davis, LCSW,ACSW,DCSW
Joel S. Shapiro, ACSW
Joelle Tahindro
John Brady Lawson
John D. Collins, C-ASWCM,DCSW
John J. Shalanski, PhD, ACSW
John V. Smith, Jr., LCSW
Edith Johns
Sarah Johnson
Gary Johnson
Renee Johnson
Cheryl Johnson
Gianna Johnston
Wendy Jolles
Jon McNamara
Jonathan A. Schneider, LISW, MSW
Jamie Jones
Lori Jones
Toni Jones
Cheryl Jones-Dix
Joni Clausing-Branham
Jordana R. Ash
Joseph D. McCarty, LCSW
Joseph William Dwyer, M.A.
Josephine G. Schiff, MSW, LCSW, LCSW
Joshua Cunha, BSW
Joy S. Ernst, PhD
Miguel Juarez
Judith A. Krause, LMSW
Judith A. Utevsky, LCSW
Judith M. Kelley
Judith R Patt Smoker
Judy Laverne Beckwith
Judyth Gulden, MS, MPH
Geralyn Juettner
Julia Paxton, BSW
Julia S. Neuder, LSW
Julie A. Timke
Julie A. Weckel, LMSW, ACSW
Julie Allison Sorrell, LSW
Julie C. Daul
Julie H. Gold, LCSW
Julie Huntington
Julie Jeter, LMSW LCDC
Juliet Johnson, LICSW,ACHP-SW
Justin William Benson
Kali Fagnant
Alicia Kaplan
Laura Kaplan
Kara Radecki, ASW, MSW
Barbara Karavites
Karen A. Asiyanbi
Karen A. Venezia
Karen D. Corrigan, ACSW
Karen K. Barsell, MSW
Karen Levine
Karen T. Oberg
Karla Maureen Hanks
Karla Thut
Karon May Greenwell, LCSW, ACSW, CADC
Liza Karsten
Laura Kase Woods
Katherine A. Erwin, MSW candidate
Katherine L. Templado
Katherine Pennypacker
Kathleen A. Kosche, ACSW
Kathleen Ann Smotherman
Kathleen Neff, NACSW
Kathryn Leigh Revtyak
Kathryn Nash, LCSW
Kathryn Sidereas, LCSW
Kathy A. Fratrick, LCSW
Katrina I. Gould
Katrina Molnar, MSW Student
Marlene Kaufman
Lisa Kaye
Kathryn Keane
Barbara Keezell
Keith A. Kuboyama, LCSW,ACSW
Jodee Keller
Lakelyn Keller
Kellie Fugere
Kate Kelly
Sandy Kelly
Katherine Kelly
Kelly C. Laurie
Kelly Christine Lindenbaum
Kelly Jean Dearing, MSW, LCSW
Kelly Tejada
Alisa Kelly-Martina
Ken McNutt
Janet Kendall
Marcia Kennedy
Nancy Kennehan
Kent Weishaus
Keren Holt
Keri Joe Hanson, MSW, LSW
Kerri McKinney Caro, LMSW
Kerstin Margit O'Connor
Emma Kessler
Carolyn Ketchel
Roberta Ketchum
Kevin David Clark
Kevin R. Tengesdal
Christopher Kido
Pamela Killen
Kim Robin Parker
Jill Kimball
Kimberle Jeanne Ykema
Kimberly Norwood
Elaine Kindle
Kirin Basuta, MSW
Patricia Kissinger
Stacy Klickstein
Doris Klinkhamer
Susan Kloch
Holly Knipp
Louis Koch
Paul Koehler
Sandra Kopels
Diane Koram
Charles Kramer
Steven Kramer
Madelyn Krassner
Jonathan Kratz
Kim Krier
Cathryn Kriss
Kristen Hullinger, MSW, LCSW
Kristiann N. SantaMaria
Kristin Rubbelke
Kristina French
Kristina M MIner, LCSW, LAC
Kristine J. Famiglietti-Toic
Stephanie Krotick
Patricia Kruglak
Valerie Kumalo
Kelli Kuzniar-Bonevento
La Vang
LaBarbra L. Jones
Jody Lafleur
Anne LaGow
Louisa Laird
Andrea Lamb
Jeanine Lamb
Greta Lambert
Kari Lamer
Megan Lammers
Teresa Lanahan
Sarah Lancaster
Kristen Landau
Kelly Landefeld
Christine Landis
Julie Landry
Monique Lang
Marie Lanier
Lanita Sanders-Winding, LCSW
Julia Larin
Renya Larson
Wanda Laster Coles
Kenneth Lau
Laura Annette Cradit
Laura Dillaber, Student
Laura M. Mutrie
Laura Phillips
Laura Vroman
Lauren A. Ippoliti
Lauren Baildon, LCSW
Lauren Loyal Fofanova, LCSW
Laurie A. Deer
Laurie berson, MSSW student
Denise Lavallee
Julene Lavelli
LaVonne Kay Tjoelker, MSW, LCSW
Kathleen Lawrence
Mary Lawrence
Judy Lazarus
Heather Leach
Leah Taylor Vensil, MSW, MBA, LSW
LeAnna A. Fowlds, LMSW
Ellen Ledley
Julie Lee
Beverly Lefkowitz
Julie LeGoullon
Leigh A. Cronin
Jaclyn Leit
Amy Lemke
Michelle Lepak
Jenina Lepard
Rachel Lerner
Leslie B. Sklar, ACSW
Linda Levine
Sherry Levitus
Jay Levy
Scherry Levy
Kate Levy
Lhia Casazza, LCSW
Liane Etsuko Taylan
Charles Liggio
Donna Limberg-Weyand
Robert Limoncelli
Linda B. Greco, LCSW
Linda D. Eaton
Linda D. Miller, LISW, ACSW
Linda K. Miller
Amy Lindahl
Shavona Lindsay
Lindsay Buchanan, MSW, LISW-S
Lindsay L. Neth, ACHP-SW
Carolee Lindsey
Beverly Lipson
Lisa D. Gore
Lisa Foley
Lisa L. Colegrove, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Lisa L. Rolle
Lisa M. Bellecci-St Romain
Lisa Marie Riley, LSW
Lisa McCarron
Lisa Robin Whitmore
Lisa S. Palais
Judith Lischetti
Laurel Lisovskis
Lizabeth J. Schroeder, LCSW
Karen Locke
Krista Long
Kim Lorber
Lorena Avitea, LCSW
Leonora Lorenzo
Lori Ann Cook
Lori B. Miller-Freitas
Linda Loritz-Derusha
Lorna M. Secondi, LCSW
Lou Anne King Jensen, LMSW
Louis L Vermillion
James Lounsbury
Tessa Love
Douglas Lovell
Cathy Lowder
Lucy Pecorella
Abigail Lufkin
Helina Lukens
Kristine Lupi
Kendrick Lutz
Kimberly Lux
Kirsten Lyman-Brandt
Pamela Lynch
Lynn C. Stanley
Lynn Charles, LMSW-AP, LCSW
Lynn Davis Clark, ACSW,N
Lynn W. Spector, ACSW
Lynne E. Smith, MDiv
Lynne H. Klein, LCSW,ACSW
Lynne M. Di Padua
Lynn Macarin-Mara
Lynn MacCuish
Austin Macenczak
Sharon Mackel
Amy MacNeill Rickey
Janet Madri-Flores
Ellen Magarelli
Kathleen Mahar
James Mahon
Mahria Anne Morris, MSS, LSW, HSV
Nancy Maier
Meredith Maislen
Helayne Malamood
Diane Mallach
Amanda Mallory
Kerrick Malone
Carolyn Maloney
JoAnne Mandel
Havi Mandell
Marcia Mankoff
Neile Manning
Sarah Mantica
Mara L. Bentman, DCSW, C-SSWS, BCD
Julia Maraskine
Kathleen Marble
Billie Marchik
Allison Marcilla
Margaret Brice, MSW,LCSW
Margaret Catherine Evers
Margaret D. McLaughlin
Margaret E. Rosso, BSW
Margaret Holding, M.S., M.A.
Margaret L. Hardy, LCSW-C
Margaret Sicari, ACSW
Margarita Ingeborg Arentsen, LCSW
Margarita S. Burpee
Marguerite Wilson, LCSW
Maria Dye
Maria Fuenzalida
Maria M. Maldonado-Gutierrez
Maria P. Panduro-Morales
Marian VanLandingham Moseley, MSS, LCSW, MPH, CPH
Maribeth Lichty, ACSW
Marie Caterini Choppin, LCSW-C, LICSW
Marilee B. Snyder, LCSW,DCSW
Marilyn Baron
Marilyn G. Gabriel
Marisa Marinelli
Marisa E. Garcia-Rodriguez
Marissa Anna Carpenter, L.C.S.W.
Marjorie Lewitt
Mark A. Thoma, EdD, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Mark B. Knightly, ACSW,LCSW,DCSW,CSW-G
Mark J. Brenner, ACSW
Deborah Marks
Marla P. Meyer
Marlene L. Canada
Marnie S. Honeycutt, QCSW, LCSW
Diane Martell
Martha E. Austin-White, LCSW
Martha L. Meadows, LCSW
Lydia Martin
Krista Martincic
Erika Martinez
Mary E. Dodson
Mary Ellen Lourey
Mary F. Linker, MPH, MSW, LCSW
Mary Grace Knobel, ACSW
Mary Jane Fox, MSW, LCSW
Mary T. Boyle
Lacey Mashinter
Stanley Masinter
Mason Kelly, LCSW
Jane Mathis
Matthew D. Dach, MSW
Carolyn Maue
Anthony May
Parvaneh (Pari) Mazhar
Minda McCabe
Mary McCarthy
Crystal McComas
Susan McCracken
Erin McCullough
Elizabeth McDonnell
Melany McElfresh
Rachelle McGarry
Lorna Mckenzie-Pollock
Janet McLane-Li
Julia McLaughlin
Mary McMahon
Ida McNiel-Isaacs
Paul McNulty
Marilyn Mcqueen
Ruth McRoy
Avis McSwain
Ronald Meekins
Megan C. Ciamillo
Megan Kale-Cheever, MSW, LSW
Megan Marie Black
Megumi Osaku Britt
Anita Mehra
Joyce Meiklejohn
Melanie Plourde, LCSW
Lena Melendez
Karen Melikian
Melissa Jayne Calice
Robert Mello
Melody Story
Kecia Melvin
Meredith McIntosh
Meredith Strauss
Stacey Merel
Merri Lea Shaw, ACSW
Katherine Meserve
Rita Messing
Patricia Meyer
Mia S. Elwood
Michael A. Harris, ACSW
Michael Beck
Michael Gianotti, LMSW-IPR,ACSW
Michael H. Tokunaga
Michael May, BSW, MSW 2011
Michael P. Schwartz
Michael Padilla
Michal Elias-Bachrach
Marjorie Michalski
Michelle Ault
Michelle Bratton
Michelle C. Jacobson, ACSW, DCSW
Michelle Marx Gardiner
Mikael Ferm, LMSW
Mikayla Lynn Jacob
Margaret Miles
Carrie-Ann Miller
Susan Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Anne-Marie Miller
Wendy Miller
Cora Mills
Daniel Millstein
Laura Minier
Miriam Blackmon
Miriam Sharon. Halprin
Cheryl Miron
Miroslav Nerad, Jr.
Julie Misiano
Jennifer Mitgang
Mitzi Mitzi Day
Kelley Moffett
Jacqueline Mok
Molly Jean Tapani
Molly M. Alvord
Colleen Moloney
Monica P. Murphy, LGSW
Monica Wright-Wisco
Monique E. Heller, LCSW
Monique Thibodeaux-Jackson, ACSW
Joseph Montano
Karen Monterroso
Hector Montes
Kitty Montie
Patrick Mooney
Robert Moore
Brenee Moore
Mia Mor
Morgan Rae Ramsdell, MSW, LCSW
Raymond Morris
Eugene Morris
David Morrison
Susan Morse
Michael Moss
Elizabeth Most
Elizabeth Mourat
Rebecca Mowers Nelson
Veronica Moya-Rivers
Jaime Muleiro
Velma Muller
Patricia Mulligan
Veronica Mullin
Loretta Murolo
Annette Murphy
Dennis Myers
Kirsten Myers
Nadine M. Lupton
Nadir C. Carlson
Nancy A. Hill, Hill
Nancy J. Davidian, ACSW
Naomi Starr
Sarah Narendorf
Penny Navis-Schmidt
Mary Neely
Sally Neuberger
Nancy Neuer
Eileen Nevitt
Linda Nicholson
Nina G. Harris
Nina L. Aronoff, PhD
Laura Nitzberg
Sandra Nooe
Norma J. Sell, ACSW
Tonya Nowakowski
William O'Connor
Mary O'Dell
Marcie O'Neil
Anita Olson
Ruth Ormsby
Sedef Orsel
Alissa Ovadia
Naomi Oxman
Nijole Pabst
Rebecca Padek
Haley Page
Paige D. Hector
Joan Palan
Pamela A. Viggiani
Pamela Sue Gottschalk
Nancy Pando
Jaimie Panek
Leon Paparella
Prem Pariyar
Jimmie Parker
Tamra Parko
Brittany Parrinello
Britt Particelli
Alison Partridge
Ginger Paskowitz
Patricia Dawn Dorr, BSW Student
Patricia M. Kimble, C-CATODSW
Patrick Palladino
Paul C. Briggs, ACSW,QCSW,C-SWHC
Paula McGuire, LMFT
Deanne Payne-Rokowski
Monique Pearlman
Martha Pearson
Amy Peck
Crystal Pelcarsky-Muench
Nubia Pena-Offerdahl
A. Pena-Raney
Penelope A. Cleveland
Penni L. Patterson
Saralie Pennington
Susan Penny
Jenny Perez
Lilli Perez
Anthony Perez
Jodi Petchenik
Peter A. Kirkup
Mary Pettinelli
Matilda Petty
Philip B. Tange
Phyllis Tonkin, LCSW
Phyllis Yvonne Dodd, LCSW-C
Tracy Piasecki
Robert Piccolo
Linda Pierce
Monica Pierrepointe
Eileen Pinoos
Carolyn Placko
Sarah Plassman
Ann Plescha
Debra Polizzano
Charlene Pollard
Polly Mills Fife
Eraina Poole
Jane Pore
Carolyn Powell
Lori Powley
Susan Poznyansky
Lee Pozzi Rush
Suzanne Pred-Bass
Michelle Pressma
Anne Preston
Beth Preston
Lastenia Pretlow
Charles Preyar
Jennifer Price
Janet Prince
Annette Provencher
Allison Puente
Kristi Pugh
Danielle Quigley
Lisa Quigley
Rachael Schneider
Rachel D. Williams
Rachel E. Hamilton
Rachel Kimble
Rachel Sletzinger
Simone Ragland
Erica Raine
Jo-Ann Rajabiun
Ralph Wright-Murphy, ACSW
Teresa Ramos
Rosemary Ramsey
Brenda Rapp
Robyn Raskin
Ronald Rathje
Cheryl Ray
Marci Raymond DeCosmo
Maryann Reardon
Rebecca A. Mowen, Mowen
Rebecca Lyden Mitchell
Rebecca Mikva Cohen
Rebecca Oshige
Rachel Rebich
Cathleen Reed
Reginald Hill, LCSW
Keri Reilly
Linda Reitzes
Renee Scanlon
Renee Sue Glass, LMSW
Adolfo Reyes
Jennifer Reynolds
Susan Reynolds
Rhoda D. Cornett, ACSW
Norma Rhodes
Rhonda D. Johnson, LCSW
Rhonna Nelson, ACSW, QCSW
Ricardo A. Rubiales, LCSW
Melina Rice
Richard A. Siegel, LCSW
Richard Douglas Ginty, LCSW, LADC
Suzanne Richards
Heidi Richards
Shana Richter
E. Anne Riley
Victoria Ringo
Susan Riskin
Donna Ritz
Aryana Robbins
Robert John Brandon, Jr, MSW Student
Robert L. Lieberman, LISW-S
Robert M. Corban, ACSW
Robert Ryan
Roberta L. Martin, ACSW
Robin G. Shapiro, LICSW
Robin L. Miller
Terry Robinson
Gayle Robinson
Dana Robinson
Syreeta Robinson
Jody Rodman
Chloe Rogers
Roma R. Mauro
Rosalie A. Migas, ACSW,C-SSWS
Dina Rosengarten
William Rosenthal
Rosie Best, MAT (Theatre), MSW
David Ross
Kelly Rouse
Rowland A. Hill, ACSW
Amanda Rubio
Rudy R. Rodriguez
Sarah Ruhl
Sandra Runkle
Phyllis Russell
Julie Russell
Russell Talbot
Ruth A. Goode, PhD,ACSW
Anne Ryan
Veronica Ryback
Sadie Long, LMSW
Enrique Saldivar
Sally Olmsted, MSW
Sallyann Ricciardi
Paula Saltzman
Margaret Salvesen
Samuel Schwartz Landrum
Mark Samuels
Diane Sanchez-Bianco
Eva Sanders
Sandra Herman
Sandra J. Rechtsteiner, MSW LCSW
Sandra L. Koterba, LMSW
Sandra M. Condon, ACSW PhD
Jean Santoro
Joe Santos
Amanda Sapp
Sara L. Ryerson
Sara Rice Frederick-Holton, LCSW, ACSW
Sarah Irene Roenfeldt, LICSW
Sarah Kern, LCSW
Sarah Schwartz Sax, MSW, LCSW-A
Sarita Eugenia Trawick, LCSW
Rosemarie Sauerzopf
Jeffrey Savlov
Rebekah Saxanoff
Nancy Saxton-Lopez
Barry Schecter
Leon Schein
Elizabeth Schenk
Julie Scher
Mary Jane Schiffer
Marc Schiffman
Nina Schlesinger
Wendy Schmelzer
Heidi Schmitz
Meg Schneider
Sari Schneider
Julie Schneider
Robin Schottenfeld
Aryanna Schroeder
Debbie Schuening
Janet Schulman
Katherine Schulz
James Schwind
Dennis Scimone
Dorene Scolnic
Ed Scott
Scott D. Simpson, Simpson, LICSW
Andrea Seabert
Joyce Seelig
Marie Segersten
Joan Seiffert
Megan Seliga
Mara Servaites
Harvey Shacket
Mary Shaia
Rebeca Shalom
Marty Shannon
Virginia Sharma
Sharon Ann Murphy
Sharon J. Kopyc, LCSW
Sharon Zuckerman, LCSW
Shashi KS DeHaan, MAS-IFP, IMH-E ®,
Erin Shawgo
Andrew Shea
Shelbie Auberry, Bsw
Tricia Shelden
Susanna Shell-Phillips
Sherry L. Van Fossan
Sheryl Elise Begoun, LICSW, C-ASWCM
Angela Sherzada
Susan Shewchuk
Susan Shor
Vanessa Short
Barbara Silverman
Michael Silvia
Pauline Silvia
Shelley Simmons
Julie Simmons
Mary Simokaitis
Barbara Simon
Gloria Simon
Michelle Simon
Susan Simon-Fleischer
Gary Simoneau
Roberta Simpson
Leslie Sims
Sunnie Singer
Karen Singleton
Siobhan O'Neil, BA
Jennifer Sipes
Debra Sirota
Victoria Skoler
Howard Skolnick
Rebeccah Slade
Laura Smail
Sharon Smart
Bari Smelson
Sally Smith
Kathleen Smith
Ashley Smith
Katherine Smith
Gwendolyn Smith
Alvin Smith
Carrie Smith
J. Bryan Smith
Jamie Smith
Sarahlin Smith
Paula Sneddon
Janet Snellenburg-Kline
Michelle Sobel
Lisa Sokoloff
Levi Soltis
Sophia Rose Morgenstern
Beth Sorger
Soryl Markowitz, Sr, MSW, LCSW
Jill Spannagel
Susan Spehling
Sharisse Spencer
Marc Spetalnik
Ana Spina
Jennifer Sprague
Kimberley St Lawrence
Stacey Fechter
Bonita Stachowski
Stacy Kaplan
Daniel Stalilonis
Kathleen Stamboni
Brielle Stango
Kelly Stansell
Julia States
Shelley Stein
Yanela Stephenson
Steven Wayne Richardson
Joan Stevenson
Robert Steward
Eileen Stewart
Michelle Sticka
Susan Stiles
Amber Stime
Carol Stoddard
James Stokes
Amy Stone
Janet Storm
Hope Straughan
Richard Strickland
Kylee Stuart
Carolyn Stuckey
Hannah Stucky
Cherie Stulsky
Suanne Wells-Scott
Payal Sud
Tamra Sufuentes
Elizabeth Sulin
Mary Sullivan
Susan C. Appel, ACSW
Susan C. Hawthorne
Susan C. Webster
Susan E. San Filippo
Susan F. Light
Susan M. Cyphers
Susan M. Stay, LCSW
Susan M. Zankel, MSW
Susana Gutierrez
Joel Susman
Suzanne L. Cavalier-Dorsett, LCSW
Suzy Mazur, LISW-S
Siri Svaeren
Lucille Swalve
Breda Swetz
Sylvia M. Nissenboim, ACSW
Brenda Sypolt
Rebecca Talisa
Tara Turner
Gwendolyn Tarack
Daniel Tarlin
Paul Tausek
Eugenia Taylor
Melvin Taylor
Taylor Beiswenger
Heather Teadt
Teresa M. Costantini
Tessa L. Heuermann, LCSW
Donna Tessitore
Comfort Tetteh
Mary Tharp
Ellen Theodores
Tammy Thieme
Alexandra Thistlethwaite
William Thom
Nancy Thomas
Scott Thomas
Susan Thomas
Thomas Chipp
Kali Thompson
Barbara Thornes
Erin Thornton
Patricia Thrall
Theresa Thurlow
William Tiedeman
Virginia Tietz
Patricia Tikkanen
Timothy A. McIntyre
Laura Ting
Julie Tinsley
Tish Vincent, ACSW,MSW
Grace Tomas-Tolentino
Jessica Tomasko
Doris Tomer
Jay Tompkins
Janice Toney
Ivi Torres
Leticia Torres
Townley D. White, MSW
Janice Townsend
Tracey Sue Collins, LSW, C-ASWCM
Traci Linn Rock, MSW
Holly Tracy
Lois Traub
Bette Trojanowski
Michele Truxillo
Denise Turner
David Turner
Brandi Turner
Sandra Turney
Lisa Tuttle
Gittel Twersky
Jillorna Uceny
Paige Unruh
Valarie L. McCants, ACSW
James Valencia
Jill Valentine
Sue Van Doeren
Heidi Vanden Berg
Catherine VanDraska
Vanessa Marie Heit
Cynthia Vardaro
Dawn Varney
Jean Veenema-Birky
Velda W. Mescher
Emily Vellano
Salvatore Verdone
Kamlesh Verma
Veronica R Hinojosa, MSW
Victor Cota
Victoria Gudeman
Victoria Madden, LCSW
Victoria Michelle Palmer
Victoria T. Acquafredda-Assumma
Vivienne S. Steinhardt
Margarita Vodopyanov
W. Toby Hur
Lisa Waddell
Kimberly Waggoner
Julie Wald
Christina Walker
Anna Walker
Joel Walkley
Nicole Walksalong
Anna Mary Wallace
Peggy Wallace
Shirley Walley McCullough
Jennifer Walsh
Sara Walsh
Kristen Ward
Rita Warner
Abby Watel
Anna Watson
William Weaver
Stanley Weinberg
Jane weinberg
Susan Weinger
Marsha Weinstein
Corrie Weinstein
Barbara Wells
Carissa Welsh
Wendi L. Witter
Wendy Vimary Porrata
Charles west
Marcia Westra
Ta-Vongala White-Bibbins
Allan Whiteman
Mary Whitman
Beth Whittemore
Celia Wicker-Grand
Brenda Wiewel
Amy Wilbourne
Karin Wile
Kristin Will
Paul Willhoft
Susan William
William Franklin-Cromwell
William M. Zinno, Jr.
William N. Amonette
William R. Pitts, III, LMSW
William Rodriguez, Jr.
Nancy Williams
Lloyd Williams
Scott Willson
Deirdre Wilson
Wilson C. Hurley
Nancy Winans
Denise Wind
Ellen Winkler
Lyndon Winn
Winnie Tse
Merja Wolfe
Jim Woodward
Sarah Wortman
Kara Wright
Sue Wright
Deborah Wright
June Wynn
Xan Lombardi, LCSWA, MPA
Sarah Yacco
Yamit Shifa Alpern Kol
Kathleen Yoakum
Loraine Young
Heather Youngs
Yvonne R. Booy
Irene Zalkin
Jane Zanca
Evelina Zonis
Jean Zugger
Ronald Zuskin
August 2022
Aaron Joshua Hill, LSW
Gina Abbondante
Lynn Abdelnour
Emily Aber
Abigail Morgan Vickery, LCSW
Jane Abraham
Janice Abt
Adam Stewart, LCSW
Phoebe Adams
Cora Adams
Melissa Adams
Bernadette Agnew-Murden
Andrea Aidells
Carole Al-Din
Alan A. Andrews, PSYD ACSW
Alan B. Nicholson
Brittany Albert
Katieann Albro
Alexandra Mariel Bojorquez
Alexis R. Wagner-Call
Rehana Ali
Alison Christiansen, LMSW
Alison N. Macneil
Allan E. Barsky
Vicki Allen
Shaun Allen
Allison Kaye Schuler
Allison Eberle
Allison June Maroney
Allison Nellie Skinner
Alma Delia Gutierrez, LMSW
Sharon Alperovitz
Altagracia Santana, LCSW
Mercedes Altschul
Sandra Altshuler
Amy Alvarez
Amanda Beth Nipps
Amanda Lionas
Amanda Reynolds
Amber Canavan
Amber Elizabeth Donais, MSW
Margie Amengual
Amy Elizabeth Marsili
Amy H. Fitzpatrick
Amy L. Doolittle
Amy L. Goldberg-Robles, MSW
Amy L. Price
Amy M. Jenkins, LCSW
Amy Suh Yung Han
Amy T. Kelley, LCSW
Amy Wilder, LCSW
Amy-Louise Henderson-parker
Dawn Anderson-Butcher
Jennifer Andersson
Andrea Folsom, LMSW
Andrea Mickelson Moore
Andres Andres Hoyos, LCSW
Andrew Chase Bentley
Andrew McDade, MSW CSW
Alison Andrews
Angel Rasco
Angela C. Fileccia
Angela Cucullo
Angela Lockhart, LMSW
Angelena Maria Mefford
Ann E. Kogen, LCSW
Ann Hisle
Ann Marie Morreale-Lafoca
Ann Marie Murphy
Ann Marie Olsen-Meehan
Ann S. Rauch, CSW
Anna Magliozzi, MSW
Anna Soloway, LGSW
Anne Drake
Anne E. Roma, LISW-S
Anne L. Meijers, MSW
Anne Lyster
Anne M. King-Bolger
Anne S. Hagen, ACSW
Annise B. Prewitt
Anthany Jaysen Beasley
Anthony T. Cimino, ACSW
Elaine Anton-Lotruglio
Laura Aoki
Penny Apollaro
Stephanie Appel
Alison Arendt
Arlene C. Miller, ACSW,LCSW
Arlene Englander
Arlene R. Langley
Robert Arnold
Sally Aronstam
Arryn Hawthorne
Laurie Asher
Agatha Asher
Ashley Callagy
Ashley Kraemer Smith-Rehberg
Ashley L. Bennett, MSW Student
Ashley McNally, LBSW
Hope Atkins
Audrey Dillhoss, LCSW
Audrey Neuhaus, DCSW
Larry Auerbach
Elyse Auerbach
Susan Aukes
Aundretta Mykel Wood, LCSW
Karen Aurdal
Ava M. Frotton
Ayana Marie Fordham, LLMSW, MA
Rebekah Aymat
Edward Ayres
Muhammad Baaith
Carl Bachmann
Mary Bahney
Jamey Bailey
Bailey D. Lane
Karen Baker
Jacee Baker
Hillary Baldwin Steller
Steven Ball
Peggy Baltimore
Bambi Lynn Macpherson, LCSW-C
Kate Bandler
Steven Bantz
Russell Baptist
Lynn Barash
Barbara A. O'Hara
Barbara A. Raco
Barbara Crofford, LCSW
Barbara J. Collinson, LCSW
Barbara K. Detlefsen
Barbara L. Cox
Barbara Mackey-Bruzetti, ACSW
Barbara N. Gaffney
Barbara P. Jannah, ACSW,LCSW
Katherine Barbato
Lynn Barinbaum
Nancy Barker
Steve Barsky
Bartholomew T. Johnson
Rachel Bartur
Suzanne Bass
Leslie Bass
Renee Batt
Jennifer Batza
Gail Bauer
James Bauguess
Joanne Baum
Phyllis Baumrind
Cynthia Becker
Ronald Becker
Joyce Beckett
Becky M. Melvin, ACSW
Barbara Behrmann
Belinda W. Johnson
Ormesha Bell
Richard Belson
Benita Grauman
Benita L. Rommel
Camille Benjamin
Natalie Benjamin
Benjamin Harold Latner, BA in Psych
Benjamin Peirce
Elena Bennett
Tara Bergeron
Caryn Berman
Rhoda Bernstein
Lisa Bernstein
Arlene Berrol
Lisa Bertaccini
H Brian Berthiaume
Cynthia Besio
Beth Ann Isen, ACSW
Beth Anne Langrell
Beth Hand, ACSW
Beth L. Plachetka
Beth S. Soltzberg, ACHP-SW
Betty Spencer
Beverly D. Kyer
Mayashree Bhaumik
Jessie Birckhead
Kenneth Bitner
Nancy Black
Lourdes Blanco
Barbara Blevins
Dee Blinka
Joanne Blum
Stephanie Boddie
Candace Boden
Elizabeth Bohun
Amanda Bolanowski
Jean Bolding
Tara Bond
Rita Bondareff
Alisa Boniello
Bonnie J. Collins
Bonnie L. Hennig, LCSW, DSW
Michelle Borenstein
Mitchell Borgida
Josephine Bourke
Bridget Boursiquot
Linda Boutilier
Maria Bove
Deborah Bowen
Cynthia Bowser
Boyana Knezevic, BSW
Lauren Bradley
Diane Brady-Leighton
Mary Brainerd
Lindsay Brainerd
Brandi Michelle Lautigar
Brandon Ross Caulder, BSW
Suzanne Brasche
Ryan Braunberger
Brenda J. Kraus
Brenda T. Hayes, LCSW,DCSW,ACSW
Jennifer Breneisen
Sharon Brener
Suzanne Brennan-Nathan
Harriet Breslow
Jenifer Brickman
Brigid C. Caffrey
Britney Dolores Jones
Denise Brody
Karen Brook
Marilyn Brooks
Dre'Shaundra Brooks
Tamyra Brooks
Jennifer Brown
Risheen Brown
Anthony Brown
Beth Brown
Michelle Brown
Gracie Brownell
Dawn Brubakken
Jeanette Bruce
Bruce W. Harms, LCSW
Sarah Bruett
Thomas Brumby
Colette Brunell
Ronald Bruno
Barbara Brunson
Sandra Bruschi
Allison Brutka
Marieanne Buchanan
Julie Buchinski
Helen Buckley
Julie Burke
Naomi Burke
Robin Burnett
Debra Burt
Chera Busch
Cynthia Busher
Kristine Butler
Thelusma Cadet
Caitlin Reed, LLMSW
Mary Beth Calamia
Kerry Caldroney
Vincent Calenda
Kathryn Calkins
Michael Campbell
John Campbell
Jean Campbell
Katherine Campion
Solanlly Canas
James Canfield
Shannon Canning
Christina Carfagno-Buck
Linda Carlson
Kyle Carney
Carol A. Dodgen
Carol A. Singer, ACSW
Carol Irene Walsh, LCSW
Carol J. Rabideau, Rabideau
Carol L. Fowler, LCSW
Carol L. Spencer
Carol Marie Bandini
Carol Rogoff
Caroline Marie Parks, BSW
Carolyn Ann Gribbin
Carolyn D. Haney, MSW
Carolyn Meyer-Wartels
Leigh Carpenter
Almon Carr
Carrie Lynn Sensenich, LCSW
Carol Carrillo
Olivia Carroll
Gayle Carter
Sarah Carter
Cassie Cecile Oxendine
Carl Castagna
Ursella Castaneda
Catherine A. McDermott
Catherine M. Pierce
Dionne Catledge
Michelle Cavaleri
Jan Cendese
Chana F Yaroslawitz, Bachelor of Science
Chandra N. Weising
Robin Chapman
Charles A. Fleming
Charles B. Robinson, DCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Charles E. Walters, Sr.
Charles H. Kramer, III, ACSW
Chelsea Rissner, MSW
Cherie Lee Key, BSW
Cheryl Smart
Cheryl Springer
Mindy Chettih
Chloe Connell
Benon Chomicki
Chris MacDonald, LMSW
Christi Marie Lero, LMSW
Christiane Johanna Dettinger, LCSW
Christina B. Shayne, ACSW
Christina F. O'Neil
Christina M Hagan, LCSW
Christina Marie Webster
Christine A. Cronin
Christine A. Duffy-Gill
Christine Beehler, BSW
Christine C. Fisher, ACSW
Christine Marie Frank, MSW
Christine Tronge, Management
Christopher A. Parsons
Christopher Quaglino, LCSW, LCSW
Raymond Cicetti
Cindie Lee Woods, LCSW
Cindy C. Auchter
Cindy L. Cusimano
Clare M. Righini
Cathleen Clark
Kay Clark
Claudia S. Abell
Claudia W. Kraus Piper, ACSW
Janet Clemenson
Cleo Patricia Thompson, LCSW
Linda Clofine
Elisabeth Coffey
Ilana Cohen
Brian Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen
Shari Cohn
Judith Cole
Jennifer Cole
Marina Coleman
Luis Collazo
Colleen Marie Gibley-Reed, MSW, LCSW
Colleen M. Hinton, ACSW
Sara Collins
Coleen Collins
Miriam Comen
Suzanna Conkling
Evelyn Conley
Marci Conley
Glenda Connolly
LaShundra Connor
Constance Joan Drogoul Bickson
Constance M. Seligman
William Cook
Jennifer Coplon
Nell Corry
Anthony Cortese
Leanne Coupe
Donna Cowan
Peg Cowen
Stacie Cox
Coy Albert Stout, II
Timothy Coyle
Jane Coyle
Nancy Coyne
Elizabeth Craft
Nancy Crafts
Christina Craig
Charlene Craig
Amelia Crane
Linda Crawford
Ellen Creamer
Susan Cronin
Belinda Cross-Livingston
Erin Crowley
Arlene Crystal
Crystal Sunshine Wieczorek
Csilla E. Andor
Charles Cucchiara
James Curran
Amanda Curtin
Carolyn Curtis
Cynthia G. Wilson, ACSW
Cynthia J. Gardella
Cynthia M. Wills
Diana Czech
D Michael Coy, MA LCSW LICSW
Linda D'Ambly
Marcy DaCosta
Nadia Daher
Dana Lyn Smith, Smith, LICSW, CMHS
Daniel Lindfors Keegan
Daniel patrick greene, LCSWR
Daniel Workman, MSW student
Daniela Weiss, LMSW
Danielle Norby Lien, LICSW
Danielle S. Spark
Danielle Waddle, LMSW
Danille Lewis, MA, MSW
Elizabeth Danowski
Daphne J. Schuster
Darcy Marie Jones
Daria Lisa Sievers
Darius Stevens
Susan Dauria
David P ODonnell
David V. Carrillo
John Davis
Savannah Davis
Martha Davis
Megan Davis
Wilma Davis
Jennifer Dawdy
Audrey Dawkins-Oliver
Dawn Delight Macready-Santos
Dawn Elaine Lepore-Doyle
Dawn K. Shelton-Williams
Patricia Dawson
Patricia Dayan
Peggy De Azevedo
Jennifer De Loach
Courtney Deadman
Deanna Hale Pico, LCSW
Debbie H. Crane, Byrd, LCSW, ACSW
Debbie M. Duggan
Debora (Debbie) Lynn Meadows
Deborah Hollier, MSW, LCSW
Deborah I. Haggett, E.D.D, LCSW
Deborah Jones Hanson, LCSW, LICSW
Deborah Lynn Laner
Debra Ann Mueller, LCSW, C-SSWS
Debra Folsom
Debra Toby Brooks, LCSW
Sarah DeCelles
Sammi Dehart
Eli DeHope
Deirdre Jean Devlin
Deirdre M. Danahar
Deirdre Madden
Debora delaCuesta
Delana Carter, MSW
Delia Yolanda Rosario
Jennifer DeLorenzo
Hannah DeMello
Patricia Deming
Teresa DeNicholas
Denise A. Draper
Denise B. Mullaney, MDiv, LGSW
Lynn Dennis
Nancy Deutsch
Bill Deutsch
Diana Devegh
Ellen Dezieck
Fred Diamond
Philip Diana
Diana Mudde Wiersma, ACSW, LMSW
Diane K. Judem, ACSW
Diane M. Burton, ACSW
Diane Salandra
Yvonne Diggs-Davis
Tammy Dignan
Dolores Dillon
Tiffany DiLorenzo
Djuna Z. Swope
Maureen Dombourian
Hillary Domers
Don J. Gonzales
Donald M. Moskowitz
Lori Donley
Donna C. Johnson
Donna D. Pappalardo, LCSW-R,ACSW
Donna Horn-Hooks, LCSW
Donna M. Bizub, ACSW
Theresa Donoghue
Adriane Dorame
Dorothy Foster, MSW, ISW
Dorothy M. Lemon-Thompson, LCSW-C
Rebecca Dorwin-Kipnis
Julie Dostie
Dotti C. Bailey
Douglas Weed
Linda Douthart
Dylan Dow
Eileen Doyle
Deborah Drache
Nancy Drevich
Duane Smith, ASW
Edith Dube
Georgette DuBois
Bryan Duckham
Jessica Dugan
Eileen Duglow
Arline Duker
John Dukes
Gail Dunbar
Renata Duncan
Elizabeth Dunigan
Marcia Dunn
Margarita Duran
Kathleen Durkin
Devin Eagle
Elena Earl
Jillian Early
Amy Earnheart
Katelin East
Elizabeth Ebaugh
Taylor Eberhardt
Jennifer Eckert
Edward S. Dick, LCSW,
Edy Nathan
Jessica Efird
Mychi Eggleston
Allison Ehrhart
Eileen A. Epstein, PhD,LCSW-C,ACSW
Eileen M. McIltrot
Lea Einterz
Arnold Eisman
Michla Ekstein
Elaine P. Congress, DSW, ACSW
Elaine Zickler
Gail Elden
Deborah Elder
Eleanor F. Perlman
Elissa Grunblatt
Elizabeth A. Sohn
Elizabeth Henderson Shreve, MSW, LGSW
Elizabeth L. Ladehoff
Elizabeth Libby Johnson, LGSW
Elizabeth Lind Crane
Elizabeth Maiko Sweeney, LSW
Elizabeth Plummer Repoli
Elizabeth Shaw, ACSW
Ellen Faith Stein, Stein
Linda Elligan
Eva Ellis
Jennifer Elson
Shirley Emanuel
Emil Zakutny, DSW, LCSW, LMFT,
Emily farr
Emily Hiber, BA, MSW Student
Emma Cooper-Serber
Maryellen Eng-Wong
Erica Mack
Erica S. Nazzaro
Erika Sorg
Erin Hellwig
Marc Esenwein
Esther H. Silverman, ACSW, DCSW
Esther J. Langston, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Nancy Evans
Elisa Evans
Candice Everett
Joan Ewing
Bethany Ezell
Susan Faber-Brook
Anna Falco-Lane
Christine Falconer
Charmaine Fanara
Fara Sussman Jones, LCSW
Jodi Farley
Anne Farren
Monica Faz
Maryann Fazio Heimrath
Dennis Feaster
Judith Feibus
Jane Feinberg-Cohen
Kleina Fellemende
Maria Fields
Claudia Fine
Lynn Finocchiaro
Nancy Fish
Henni Fisher
Margaret Fisher
Randall Fisher
Faline Fisher-Griffin
Sarah Fisk
Judith Fitkin
Nancy Fitzpatrick
Linda Fleischman
Alexander Fleming
Natalia Fletcher
Judith Fogleman
Martha Forbes
Ellinor Forland
Michael Forrest
Joy Fowler
Patricia Fox
Frances McTernan
Francis E. Skinner, LCSW, ASW-G, MVF-ASW
Frank Thewes
Frank Weaver, MSW
Belinda Frankel
Tedward Frazier
Fred Pastor, ACSW,DSW,LCSW
Frederic G. Harris, LMSW
Stacey Fredericks
Allison Freeman
Mary French
Toby Friedman
Phyllis Friedman Ross
Joan Frimmer
Mikaela Frissell
Melissa Frost
Wai Fung
Janice Furlong
Gail E. McHugh
Gail Frances Darrigo, LCSW
Susan Gair
Lora Galati
Gale M. Sugiyama, LSW
Mark Gallagher
Patricia Gallagher
Sharon Gambo
Barbara Gani
Susan Gardner
Simone Garrigues
Judy Gartner
Rebekah Garven
Millicent Gary
Gary Lee Baker, LCSW
Kathleen Gastinger
Nicole Gawer
Roslyn Gawthney
Gayle H. Olsen
Gemma Lund Mears
Denise Gensler
George N. Shuler, Jr.
Georgina Vallejo
Susan Gerbino
Geri A. Belda, LCSW
Karen Gessner
Gilbert E. Guerrero
Catherine Gilfeather
Valerie Gill
Scott Gill
Veronica Gill-Reed
Lawrence Gillespie
Gillian C. Fynn, LCSW
Gillian Nicole Farrell, MSW
Kimberly Gilman
Jennifer Gilmore
Gina M. Samuels
Barry Giordano
Eleanor Glapion
Brenda Glass
Haley Glazer
Kara Gloe
Gloria M. Linville, ACSW
Gloria Sharp-Roberts, LCSW
Lisanne Godnick
Theresa Goff
Margery Goldberg
Carolyn Goldman
Roberta Goldstein
Amy Goldstein
Felicitas Gontang
Veronica Gonzalez
Ada Gonzalez-Delgado
Lark GoodTracks
Alan Gordon
Priscilla Goss
Elizabeth Gotwals
Edith Gould
Daniel Gould
Mary Jo Graden
Sarah Graden
Monica Graham
Esther Gralnick
Alexandra Granville
Cindy Graves
Jason Gray
Walter Grazer
Joseph Greaney
Deborah Greco
Becky Green
Ann Greenberg
Robin Greenberg
Michelle Greene
Beth Greene
Stefan Greene
Rhoda Greenspan
Greg I. Tanida
Paula Gregoriades
Peggy Gregory
Gretchen Anderton, MSW, PhD
Margaret Grimsley
Gerald Gripshover
Griselda R. Williams
Samara Gruye
Lourdes Guerrero
Amy Gui
Divya Gupta-Torres
Karen Gurmankin
Colleen Hagan
Mary Hagewood
Shawn Haggard
Grace Haggerty
Sharon Hall
Perette Halpin
William Hamilton
Flora Hamilton
Sharon Hammat
Julia Hanson
Angela Hanson Garofalo
Prudence Harker
Gecole Harley
Sharon Harmon
Cheryl Harper
Harriet S. Deitz
Gina Harris
Shana Harris
Vera Harris
Maria Harris
Julie Harris
Sally Harrison
Deana Havens
Tamara Hawk
Deidre Hayes
Katrina Hays
Karen Heard
Heather Horan, MSW
Heather Kaye Dunnam, LCSW
Heather Leigh Barr
Heather Rose Floyd-Haupt
Kimberlee Hedrick
Heidi A. Bremer-Koelper, ACSW
Heidi Fixler-Verges
Sara Heiliger
Linda Heimerdinger
Tissia Henderson
Diane Herbert
Herbert Tezeno, Jr., Student
Ruth Herrera-Guelcher
Suzanne Herrmann
Jan Hesley
Carl Hickey
Denise Hildreth
Susan Hilton
Makenzie Hoffman
John Hoffmann
Lynn Holden
Charles Holden
Scott Hollander
Angela Hollander
Susan Hollis
Edward Holly
Holly A. Smith, LCSW
Holly N. Harmon, LCSW,ACSW
Lucy Holmes
Julie Holmes
Diana Holt
Rochelle Honey-Arcement
Andrei Hoover
Kerith Hopper
Elaine Hopson
Barbara Horcha
Alexandra Horevitz
Victoria Horney
John Hostetler
Kimberly Houlihan
Claire Houpt
Karen Howard
Michelle Howard
Howard L. Brockman, LCSW
Brandi Howes-Medley
Joseph Huber
Colleen Hughes
Anna Humphrey-Howard
Diane Humphreys-Barlow
Angela Hunsicker
Jayn Hunter
Sandra Hunter-Bass
Merla Huntley
Jennifer Hurley
Kacie Hurlimann
Paulette Hurwitz
Susan Huslage
Ian Charles Howard, BS
Ida M. Mills, ACSW
George Igi
Sandy Imanse
Christopher Imperatrice
Michele Inzelbuch
Irene C. Ilachinski
Anne Isaacs
Nora Ishibashi
Leticia Iteka
Michele Itskowitch
Barbara Iuli
Kathleen Iverson
Dolores Ives
Bernard Ivin
Barry Ivker
Angelo Izzi
Janet Jackowski
Mark Jackson
Melissa Jacobo
Kristine Jacobs
Jill Jacoby Brown
Jacqueline Allen, LCSW
Adelaide Jacquet
Jada Pearsall
Jade J Bellamy, LCSW-C
Jaime Bringhurst, CSW
James Alderfer
James Hohmann, ACSW
James J. Kelly
James O. May, Jr.
Jan M. Brizee
Jan Nadine Shain-McCullough
Jan Weiss, LCSW
Jane Genende, LCSW
Jane M. Massengill
Janessa E. Ortiz, BA,
Janet L. Porcelli, LICSW
Janice Goodison Comeau, LSCSW
Janice J. Fitts
Janice Maier
Janice S. Small, LSW
Janice T. Perry, LCSW, LMSW, ACHP-SW
Elaine Janssen
Jasmina Trnovska
Javier Arencibia, MSW LSW
Jay I. Bertin
Jean Greseth Kirchner
Jean S. Piacenza
Jean Stanford
Jeanette Chasin, MSW, LICSW
Jeanette Susan Lopez-Urbina, LCSW
Jeanne Packey
Tom Jeffords
Jeffrey Becker, ACSW
Jen Margo, LICSW
Jenifer Elam-Harthcock
Jenifer Gonzalez, MSW Student
A Jennette
Jenney P. Gallerane
Jennifer Hoerner
Jennifer L. Walker
Jennifer Lee Fricke
Jennifer Lynn King, MSW
Jennifer Michelle Ortega
Jennifer Novello
Jennifer Pearson Heutmaker
Jennifer Susanne Hidrobo, LCSW
Jennifer Zwarich
Jessica L. Berkowitz
Jessica L. Chapman, CDCA
Jessica L. Rowe, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Jessica Styler, MSW Student
Jessie Martel Dunson-Todd, MSW candidate
Samantha Jewel
Jill E. Maling
Kathleen Jirasek
Jo D. Pockette
Jo E. Harrison
Joan G. Berkowitz
Joanne Ruth Beck, MA, CMT, NMT
Joanne Siegel, LCSW, ACSW
Jodi Marie Herrera
Jody A. Johnson
Joel Geiger
JoEllen M. Falk
Johanna Bissell
John D. Weibel
John Dixon, LCSW
John F. Mucha, LCSW
John L. Viola, LCSW
John Nicely
John W. Cornelius
Johnny A. Clymore, MSW Student
Patrick Johnson
Arlene Johnson
Joanne Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Alexander Johnson-Klein
JoLeen Wagner-Felkey, ACSW
Jessica Jolly
Jonathan L. West, LCSWA
Deidre Jones
Theresa Jones
Amy Jones
Alan Jones
Carrie Jones
Linore Jones
Becky Jones Jordon
Joohee Lee
Jordan M. Chandler
Jose B. Torres, PhD
Jose Eduardo Crego
Andrea Joseph
Joseph DeNicholas, MSW Candidate
Joseph L Woodburn
Joshua Espinoza
Josi Bracey
Joyce Dion, MSW,LICSW
Joyce L. Collier
Juanita Esperanza Garcia, BSW
Juanita M. Niederhuber
Juanita R. Greenwood, ACHP-SW
Judy Juarez
Judith L. Mounty
Judith W. Lamphere
Judy M. Havner, LCSW
Judy Spindel-Brown, LCSW
Patty Juhnke
Julia W. Buckey, PHD, ACSW
Julie A Edwards
Julie A. McCalip
Julie Berg-Einhorn
Julie Brown-Nierman, MSW
Julie D. Eckland, CSW, C-SWCM, LADC
Julie Ferdas, LSW
Julie Klein, Current MSW Student
Juliette Shimer, LSW
Jumoke M. Omojola, MPH
Marshall Jung
Jurate Jones, MSW
Kieva Kaak
Eugenia Kafes
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ferm, LMSW
Hollie Kalkstein
Gary Kamens
Dana Kane-Glickman
Andrew Kang
Judy Kann
Robin Kaplan
Lisa Kaplan
Celia Kaplan
Lissa Kapust
Kara Elizabeth Townley
Kara Hall, APSW
Hazel Karbel
Karen D. Gilovich
Karen Flint Stipp, LCSW
Karen H. Kushner, LCSW
Karen L. Franklin, LAPSW
Karen Rowinsky
Karin M. Lopper-Orr, ACSW
Gary Karshmer
Janet Kass
Katharine B. Ford
Katherine A. Hall
Katherine Mae Dinges, MSW
Katheryn B. Davis
Kathleen A. Leonard
Kathleen A. Verrengia
Kathleen B. Goldberg
Kathleen Manygoats, ACSW
Kathlyn W. Severance, MSSW
Kathryn C. Radamis, LMSW
Kathryn E. Chesshire
Kathryn Van Cott
Katie Lynn Hamsher, BSW
Katie Weesner, LCSW
Alexis Katz
Laura Katz
Geraldine Katz-Atkin
Penni Kaufman
Kay B. Smith
Jane Kayarian
Donald Kazenoff
Malgorzata Kedra
Keisha alliya savage, m.a.
Ruth Keith
Kelley Bothe, LICSW DCSW
Kelley McCall Huse, LCSW
Mary Beth Kelly
Kelly H. Scott
Kelly Howell, LCSW
Kelly Howell, MSW
Kelly Morrissey
Kelly Varner
Kelly Wetzel, BS, CADC
Victoria Kelm-Foy
Elaine Kemler
Maureen Kemmerer
Robert Kemp
Michelle Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy
Kennedy Fowle, Student
Kenneth L. Freedman
Kenneth W. Albiston
Nancie Kenney
Kimberly Kent
Mary Ker
Patrick Kerr
Kiah Rain Semion, MSW II
Mary Kiernan-Tighe
Katrina Kietzer
Kim O. McReynolds
Kimberly J. Zantingh
Kimberly V Bartz, LMSW
Jacquelyn Kimble
Joan Kindleberger
Judy King
Mary Kay King
Steven King
Thomas King
Carol King
Taya Kinzie
Dori Kirby
Kara kirz
Rebecca Klasfeld
David Klugman
Walter Knauff
Karen Koch
Penelope Kokkinides
Dora Kong
Debra Kozak
Gary Kozick
Steven Krantz
Madeleine Krebs
Sara Kresser
Kristin D. Montes
Kristina Case
Kristina M. Yauch, MSW, LSW
Kristine Marie Konz, LMSW
Leslie Krohn
Suzanne Kuhn
Mary Kuiper Vermeulen
Maria Kunkel
Kurt G. Fuchs
Linda Kurtz
Charles LaBarre
Douglas LaBelle
Tammy Labrake
Jerry Lacera
Laci L. Gentry, ACHP-SW
Lacitta Matthews-Lavergne, C-SSWS
Corinne Laird
Mary Lampe
Lance W. Christian, LMSW
Kimberly Landa
Christine Landherr
Bonnie Landwehr
Valerie Lanham
Lani J. Granum, ACSW
Jeffrey LaPonsie
Lara J. Burch
Lara M. Helmus, LMSW, ACSW
Conrad Larkin
Larry K. Goble, ACSW
Jeanette Larson
Nelson Lassalle
Leonard Lauer
Sarah Laughlin
Laura Alvarez
Laura H. Pressman-McNamara
Laura H. Thompson-Ashford
Laura Himmelstein
Laura Jeanne Nugent-Carter
Laura L. Gilbert
Laura Megan OBrien Hagman
Laura Vansevicius, MSW Candidate
Lauren Cull-Norford, LICSW
Lauren N. Britt
Laurie A. Butler
Amanda Lauzau
Susan Lavie
Marcia Lavipour
Kimberly Lawless
Christina Lawrence
Laura Lawson
Marceline Lazzari
Leah R. Haymond
Timothy Leary
Kara LeCates
Raina Leckie
Sue Lederer
Eunice Lederman-Schwartz
Alan Lee
Blair Lee
Rebecca Lee
Ann Lee
Omira Lee
Tiara Lee-Gustilo
Sarah Leffler
Nan Lefforge
Michelle LeGault
Leigh Ann Hewes, LICSW, PIP
Michael Leiman
Leland K. Jensen
John Lemmon
Tanya Lentz
Leo P. Taillon
Alexander Lesko
Lesley Nicole Smith, AM, CSWA
Leslie J. Baral
Leslie James Boyd, MSW, LICSW
Leslie M. Weitzel-Nicoll
Nicholas Lessa
Harvey Lesure
Diana Lett
Diane Levesque
Lesley Levin
Linda Lewandowski
Leah Lewis
Peter Li
Libby McCroskey
Kelly Lieber
Nathan Light
Lila K. Redmount
Linda Ann Campo, MSW
Linda Bellinson, LCSW
Linda Grobman, ACSW, LSW
Linda J. Visaggi
Linda M. Wagner, ACSW,QCSW
Linda Meyer
Linda P. Helsper
Lindsay Hutchinson, LCSW
Lindsay Sechser, LMSW
Lisa Anna Marie Herrmann
Lisa G. Lerner
Lisa M. Bader
Lisa M. Reid, LCSW
Lisa Marie Landen, BSW Student
Lisabeth Nethery, BSW
Liza House-Friend
Michelle Lloyd
Katherine Locke
Vernon Lockett
Jacqueline Lockett
Lee Lockwood
Jeannette Lofas
Larkin Lohr
Amber Long
Kelli Longshore
Raul Lopez
Loren Marie O'Neil
Lori Rae Notor Hughes, MBA, MSW Candidate
Lorimelle Grace Ramirez Beltran
Louisa Peluso
Louise B. Biller
John Love
Jessica Lovely
Lorie Lowans-Wells
Dana Lucchese
Luke Daniel Mycyk
Jennifer Lutz
Lynette S. Green, ACSW
Lynn C. Keidan, ACSW
Lynn P. Anderson, LCSW,MVF-CSW
Lynne A. Johnson, CSAC
Lynne Lande, ACSW
Janis Lyons
Lyssa D. Bayne-Kim, LICSW
M Michelle Milligan, LCSW
Kathleen MacDougall
Mackenna Hogan
Mandy Mackey
Madalyn Michelle Cano, MSSW, LMSW
Kathryn Maday
Madge (Maggie) J. Frampton, ACSW, DCSW
Anthony Maffia
Maggie Schmitt
Kathy Maiorana
Jacqueline Major
Leslie Malin
Malissa Trojan
Paul Malkin
Mallory Downing Hepp, LCSW
Rodney Malone
Linda Maloney
Susan Mandel
Jane manolakas
Meriha Mantle
Marc D. Herstand, MSW, CISW
Marchetta A. Ramirez
Margaret Ellen Sallick, LCSW
Margaret H. Lee
Margaret M. Gruenke
Margaret Sali
Marianne F. Rolland, PhD, MSW
Marianne J. Ardito, ACSW
Marie Alise Stringer, BSW
Marie Wilcox Wambua
Marilyn Kurns, LCSW
Courtney Mariner
Marissa Betty Caudill
Naomi Mark
Mark J. Mayhew
Markescia B. Corker
Deborah Marks
Marni M. Neuburger, LCSW
Marni marie millet, LCSW, CASAC
Marsha Hahn
Marsha Lee Graham, ACSW
Elaine Marshack
Linda Marshall
Judith Martens
Maureen Martin
Erica Martin
Danielle Martinez
Denise Martinez
Frances Marton
Vincent Marturano
Halina Maruha
Marvin W. Clifford, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Mary Angela Aldrich, MSW
Mary Clare Scott Edwards
Mary Ellen Rico, JD, LCSW
Mary Frances Cotter
Mary H. Lukason, C-ASWCM
Mary J. Downie
Mary K. Weaver, ACSW
Mary Kathleen Robinson, LICSW, CCM
Mary L. Davis Harfst, ACSW
Mary L. Yarborough
Mary Lu Ann Olson, LICSW
Susan Masluk
Alida Mason
Barbara Mason
Kimberly Mathews
Sydney Matlock
Matthew Cavanaugh
Matthew Czaplinski
Michelle Matthey
Judith Matz
Gina Maura
Maureen C. Finley
Maureen C. Hanlon
Maureen Gupton, Maureen D. Gupton
Lance Mauro
Teresa Mawer
Maxine Tanzman-Bock, LCSW
Marcy Maxon
Ruth Mayden
Stephen Maynard
Martha Mc Connell
Ellen McAdams
Kathleen McAleenan
Bruce McAlister
Angela McCabe
John McCall
Darryl McCarroll
Cristin McCarthy Vahey
Naomi McClurg
Kathleen McConnell
Megan McConnell
Sandra McCormick
Phadra McCray
Chris McDaniel
Darla McEnroe
Darlene Mcgee Reed
James Mcgloin
Brittany McKenzie
Patricia McKenzie
Sean McKeon
Ashley McKittrick
Brittany McLaren
Winsome McLean-Davis
Suzanne Mcleese
Linda McLellan
Caroline McLeod
Jeri Mcleod-Rabchenuk
G. Mcmunn
Jeanie Mcpherson
Philip McRae
Pamela McRae
Colleen McSweeney
Katie Mcwilliams
David Medeiros
Megan McKernan, LCSW-C
Megan Tracy Benson, LGSW
Melanie M. Bailey, LCSW,LADC,ACSW
Janet Melcher
Melinda MacArthur Artz
Melinda W. Schenk, ACSW
Melissa A. Sankovet
Melissa Amison, LCSW
Melissa B. Anderson
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Roberts-New, MSW, LCSW
Melody A. Lee, LMSW
Mark Melton
Poonam Melwani
Henrietta Menco
Michele Mendelson
Nancy Mercer
Maria Mercurio
Meredith A. Kellman, LCSW
Jennie Merovick
Caroline Merriam
Alice Merril
Robin Merrill Payne
Merry E. Miller, ACSW, DCSW
Meryl Kanfer, LCSW
Laurie Meyers
Michael A. Alter
Michael D. Greenstein
Michael E. Hays
Michael Edward Mace
Michael F. Wesbecher, ACSW
Michael Henning
Michael J. Winocour
Michael Lane, Student
Michael nmn Johnson, Ed.D, MSW, ASW, MPE
Michael R. Daley, ACSW
Michael Stahl
Patricia Michals
Michele E. Burgner
Michele I. Kramer
Michele Rupp
Michelle A. Green, Green
Michelle D. Desmond, MSW, MPH
Michelle K. Haar
Michelle Lewis, LMSW
Michelle Sacks
Michelle Tortora
Anna Michelson
Blair Mickles
Virginia Mickolajczyk
Christine Migdole
Melanie Milde
Jennifer Miles
William Millan
Suzanne Miller
Teresa Miller
Tera Miller
Heather Miller
Laurita Miller
Rainell Miller
Cindy Milner
Joseph Miloscia
Mindy A. Perlmutter
Mindy Nicole Harrison, LMSW
Miriam Oliensis-Torres, C-ASWCM
Miriela L. Cooper
Ana Mislan
Mitchell D. Bobrow
Mitchell Frank Rouzie, LCSW
James Mittenthal
Michele Mizda
Jane Moffett
Molly D. Coffin
Molly M. Maguire
Ramona Moncibais
Jennifer Mongi
Monica Ruth McCarthy
Frances Montgomery
Mariel Montgomery
John Montgomery
Elizabeth Montserat
Carole Moore
William Moore
Penelope Moore
Michele Moore
Doris Moore-Russell
Peggy Morehouse
Alexandra Moreno
Melissa Morgan
Robert Morris
Katherine Morsch
Ali Moses
Carmen Moses
Marta Moya-Goldenberg
Mary Mudachi
Jodie Mullane
Patricia Mulvey
Ruth Mumford
Lindsey Murkette
Kenya Murphy
Margaret Murtha
Maria Muscente
Kachina Myers
Myriam Ann Carter, ADC,CS,CCDP
Hannah Nale
Stacy Nalley
Nancy Copelan-Aldridge, PhD
Nancy E. Weingartner, LCSW, ACSW, BCD, CAC
Nancy J. Hardman
Nancy J. Ross
Nancy J. Sanders, LCSW
Nancy M. Leininger
Nancy Mary Peters, MA, LBSW, CSA
Nancy W. Weikert, ACSW, DCSW
Naomi Y. Sutton, ACSW
Natasha C. Holley, LCSW, CCS
Carol Nellis
Bianca Nelson
Nelson L. Whitter
Tema Nemtzow
Evangelina Neuman
Tracey Newenhouse
Marilyn Newman
Phillip Newman
Nicholas John Zielke
Nichole Moorman, LCSW
Nichole Morgan Baker, BSW
Carol Nickles
Nicole D. Cherlin
Nicole Simpson, BSW
Jean Nielson
Nina Greenbaum Gerber
Susan Nissim
Alice Noel
Judy Noffsinger
Pathana Norasing
Norma Kay Lord
Norma Y. Leben, ACSW
David Norwood
Noryn Alam
Jassiel Nova
Rachel Novak
Theresa Nowakowski
Nuna Cynthia Alberts, LCSW
Joseph Nunn
Olive Nwokoro
Susan Nykamp
Maureen O'Brien
Emily O'Brien
Margaret O'Connell
Nancy (Nan) O'Connor
Morgan O'Donnell
Dorothy O'Halloran
Josephine Ochalla
Annette Ochs
W Lee Oesterle
Marilyn (Lynn) Ohrenstein
Robin Ohringer
Jacqueline Ojeda
Laura Olanoff
Olga Yalyshava
Oliver J. Freckman, ACSW
Claire Olsen Kyllo
Sean Oneil
Ophelia Lorelei von Ludwig, LCSW
Robin Ordan
Sandra Orenstein
Orisbel Fernandez
Julie Osborn
Diane Osborne
Alexandra Osterman
Cynthia Overstreet
Kim Owens
Gail Pace
Holly Packer
Carolyn Page
Jocelyn Palmer
Sheila Palmer
John Palmer
Ferdinando Palumbo
Pamela S. Guernsey, ACSW
Pamela S. Wanner, MSW
Pamela Taylor
J. Alane Park
Ellen Parker
Beth Parker
Pascale M. Caballero
Kari Pashman
Nimisha Patel
Patrice M. Evans
Patricia A. Nishimoto, PhD, ACSW
Patricia Ann Schulte, MSW
Patricia E. McGuire, MSW
Patricia Grace Hickey
Patricia Jeanette Mills, LCSW
Patricia Joanne Cornell, LMSW, EMDR, CAAC,
Patricia L. Riggs
Patricia M. Strong, MSW, LICSW
Patricia P. Essenmacher, ACSW
Patty Underwood
Paul G. Tamminen
Paul L. Hyman
Paul S. Caver, LICSW
Paula J LaFond
Paula Kirsch
Paula R. Goldberg, LCSW-C, LICSW
Paula Zuckerman
Charles Payne
Carrie Payne
Clara Paynter
Vinnie Payton-Hoover
William Pearse
Roberto Peart
Peggy Hadden Mullins, LCSW, DCSW, QCSW
Peggy L. Audley, ACSW
Laurel Pelzek
Jennifer Pena
Marianne Penichet
Allison Penn Revenson
Martin Pentz
Yvonne Peraza-Mendoza
Yaberci Perez-Cubillan
Joan Perkell
Jessica Perkins
Susan Perkins
Kitti Perry
Richard Perse
Stefanie Peters
Rachel Peterson
June Peterson
Beth Peterson
Casimir Petkunas
Elizabeth Petrikin
Cynthia Phelps
Martha Phelps
Johanna Phillips
Del Phoenix-Wilcox
Phyllis Beatus-Jacoby
Tanya Pinto
Susan Pittman
Madeline Podskoc
Rachel Pompa
Joan Porche
Heather Porter
Rhett Potter
Dennis Potter
Jacqueline Pouncy-Smith
Sandra Poupeney
Heather Powers
Rebecca Pracht
Spencer Presler
Elizabeth Prete
Suzanne Prosser
Howard Prunty
Ella Puccio
Nelida Pugliese
Nichole Pulfer
George Purgert
Lillie Puzey
Patrick Quaid
Rachel B. Sobel, ACSW
Rachel Birmingham, LCSW
Marybeth Racioppi
Sandra Radetsky
James Radloff
Agnes Raeven
Ramin Azarm, B.A. Psychology
Evelyn Ramos
Lindsey Ramsey
Randi Pickens Garner, ACSW
Randy L. Belnick
Randy L. Guinard, LCSW
Amy Rassen
Michele Ratini
Laura Rauch Sumner
Fernando Rausch
Karyn Reader
Kathleen Reardon
James Reavis
Rebecca W. Adams, ACSW
Janet Reckard
Eric Recsei
Megan Reddish
David Reed
Gina Regalbuto
Kathryn Regnier-Bacidore
Reiko Udagawa
Reinaldo A. Cardona, MSSW,LCSW,ACSW
Annie Reiner
Donna Rempell
Sheila Renaud-Finnegan
Renee Margaret Leber, LISW-S
Deborah Renneker
Christina Repp
Linda Reuben
Kassandra Reyes
Lori Reynolds
Rhonda M. Segal
Rhonda Michele Barnes, LCSW
Richard E. Tumblin
James Richardson
Katie Richardson
Katinka Rife
Nomi Rinke
Rita J. Nolting
Brenna Rizan
Ota Roadhouse
Esther Robbins
Robert D. Jaskula
Claire Robertson
Robin B. Zelinger-Casway, ACSW
Robin R. Temple
Denise Robinson
Evers Robinson
Harry Robinson
Roderick Lee Arnold
Rodney H. McMurray, LCSW
Ramon Rodriguez
Coreen Rogerson
Steve Roithmayr
Roland Edward Hoffmann
Jessica Roll
Romunda Valentine, MSW
Ron K. Feinberg, ACSW
Ron Unger
Ronald L. Clark
Maria Rondinaro
Barbara Roney
Ronya Hemenway, L.S.W.
Rhonda Roper
Lydia Rosa
Edna Rosario-Llaurado
Jana Rose
Rose Ann Gallagher
Roseann Tuchman Shaiman, ACSW
Sara Rosenberg-Abbott
Clare Rosenfield
Heather Ross
Lizabeth Rossiter
Carol Roth
Marie Rothschild
Daniel Rounsavell
Cathy Rousse
Ann Rovere
Diane Rubin
Madeline Rubin
Daniel Ruggiero
Ray Ruiz
Cynthia Rumford-Jones
Ed Rund
Cherry Russell
Nancy Russell
Ruth E. Bresee, LSW
Ruth J. Rubio, LMSW-AP
Ruth M. Dombrowski
Mark Rutherford
Robert Rutledge
Ashley Ryals
Colin Ryan
Barbara Ryan
Ryan Coyle
Stephen Rynn
Sandra Rzetelny
Sabita R. Tummala, ACSW
Sadie Schumaker
Sally C. Smith-Kendrick
Samantha M. Marder, LMSW, MPH
Samantha Smith
Sandra Samons
Etta Sample
Doris Sanchez
Belinda Sanders
William Sanderson
Sandra A. Conrad, MSW
Sandra E. Crewe
Sandra L. Groom
Sandra M. Shelly, ACSW
Sandra Pickard, LCSW, DCSW
Sandra R. Apgar
Kathleen Sappington
Sara Ellen Curry Kodaras, BSW, MSW, LCSW
Sara Michelle Thomas
Sarah Anne Booth
Sarah Friedman
Sarah Olenik
Sarah Stephens
Samantha Saraniti
Sari G. Kutch
Sarina Lyall, LMSW
Michele Sauro
Gloria Sayler
Pamela Sayre
Renee Schafer
Jane Schaffer
Larry Scheingold
Stephanie Schell
Cynthia Schendel
Linda Schepker
Amy Schlonski
Sadie Schlosser
Laura Schmidt
Liza Schneiderman
Elizabeth Schnelzer
Miriam Scholl
Melisa Schuster
Beth Schwartz
Fran Schwartz
Jean Scott
Scott D. Ferguson
Scott Michael Jarvis, LICSW
Sean T. O'Neil
Geeta Seepersaud
Bernadette Seifert
Pat Sermabeikian
Shanna Rios
Shannon Norwitz
Sharen Pyne-Weissman, LCSW, LMFT, APN-C
Carol Sharfstein
Shari P. Levin
Tamara Sharifov
Sharon Hines
Sharon L. Walker
Sharon M. Berlin, LSW
Sharon W. Hoover, LCSW
Dorothy Sharp
Timothea Sharpe
Shawna R. Vollmer
Sheila G. Broderick, LCSW
Shelby Flynn, BSW
Florence Shelso
Karen Shenefelt
Sherise N. Stark
Sherry Anne Inskeep, MSW, LISW-S
Sherry L Gibbens, Gibbens
Sheryl A. DeMott, LAPSW
Crystal Shinault
Margaret Shoemaker
Stephanie Shoffstall
Melissa Shore
Norman Shulder
Joan Sicherman
Deborah Siegel
Judith Siegel
Hanley Silverman
Nanette Silveroli
Sonia Silveroli
Gary Silverstein
James Silvestri
James Simmerer
Simona Pozzetto, LICSW
Christine Simpson
Emily Sinning Sewell
Alice Skirtz
Skylor Maxx Clark
Sloane Elizabeth Rampton
Smadar S. Babchuck
Wendy Smith
Judith Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Alicia Smith
Phillip Smith
Ashley Smith
Nicole Smith
Vanesha Smith
Danielle Smith
Deidre Smith
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith
Louann Smith
Marsha Smith
Ann Smith
Lamont Smith
Ellen Smith-Erb
Sharilyn Smoot
Patricia Smucker
Edith Snyderman
Monica Soderberg
Kayla Solomon
Margaret Sondler
Sonia Juana Herzenberg-Kleinman
Johanna Sonnenfeld-Lenneberg
Laraine Sorrell
Ralph Soto
Rose Soussan
Sabrina Southern
Susan Soverel
Cathy Sowell
Ariana Soylemezoglu
Myriam Spadafora
Kelly Spangenberg
Leah Sparrowe
Joanne Spears
Shoshana Spergel Rappaport
Sanda Spiegel
Stacey A. Spata
Stacie Cottrell
Stacy Renae McNeely, LMSW,ACSW
Stacy Renee Cohen, LCSW
Richard Stagliano
Kathryn Stanley
Sandra Stanley
Susanmarie Stanton
Joanne Staropoli
Sandra Steiker
Abby Stein
Stella Lessert
Stella M. Stangle, LCSW
Steph Peek
Stephanie Elaine Lewis-Myers
Stephanie Michelle Varilek
Stephanie Sanders
Stephanie Stone
Stephen Joseph Friedman, LCSW
Suzanne Stephens
Stephne Ann Lencioni, LCSW, CMC
Crystal Sterling
Shelly Stern
Steven A. Carreras, PHD, MSW
Steven A. Taylor
Steven D. Brown
Janet Stevens
Joanne Stevens
Wendy Stewart
Del Stewart
Lila Stillman
Merritt Stites
James Stockwell
Karen Stoltz
Barney Straus
Deborah Strickland
Michael Stromberg
April Strongarone
Joanne Strumb
Robert Stuckey
Barbara Styzens
Laura Suarez
Sue Ellen Mawhinney, ASW-G
Sulema Reichel
Kathleen Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan
Anne Summers
Susan David
Susan Denecke
Susan Garcia, CSW
Susan Grinberg-Smith
Susan J. Lukas
Susan M. Coale
Susan M. Craw, MA, MSW
Susan M. Williams
Susan T. Lindau
Suzanne A. Rosenberg
Suzanne Farkas
Suzanne Morse-Fortier
Suzette J. Smalley, ACSW
Lauren Swafford
Matthew Sweet
Susan Sweetwater
Sylvia B. Schyberg, LCSW
Sylvia M. Gribbell
Martha Szambecki
Charmaine Taliaferro
Tamara Fields, LCSW
Tammera V. Nauts
Tammy Kilgore
Tammy Shapiro, Ph.D.
Jack Tanenbaum
Kacee Tannenbaum
Julia Tapley
Tara Arianne Tillman, LCSW
Tara B. Mc Sherry
Joyce Taylor
Vickie Taylor
Dawn Taylor
Mark Taylor
Taylor Lynn Hall, PhD
Matthew Teegarden
Cynthia Teeters
Rebecca E Tenzer
Teresa M. Hencke
Teri Ann Cheresnick
Terrance R. Moore, LICSW
Terri Ann Naughton, LCSW,CACIII, BCD
Terri L. Dodd
Anne Terry
Laurie Thatcher
Jennifer Theberge Ierardi
Thelma Leticia Rivera, LMSW
Susan Theon
Theresa L. Britton
Theresa L. Epstein, LICSW, ACSW
Catherine Thomas
Lorraine Thomas
Thomas A. Minotti, LCSW, ACSW
Thomas J. Pier, LCSW, OSW-C, CMF
Thomas L. Sabo
Thomas Maxwell Gregory, Social Work Major
Joan Thomason
LISA Thornton
Ellen Thornton-Love
Michelle Thrailkill
Timothy Alan Beaudry, LSW
Tina Gargotta Gutman
Mary Tirolo
Rick Tivers
Naoise Tobin
Joan Toborowsky
Julia Toland
Melissa Torres
Kelle Totsch
Susan Totten
Linda Towle
Warren Townsend
Tracy Ann Fitzmartin
James Traub
Ellen Travers
Andrew Travis
Rosa Trejo Rojas
Joanne Tremblay Jackson
Angela Trevino
Marjorie Trogdon Shock
Regina Trollop
Tracey Tronolone
Erika Tsoukanelis
M. Gale Tucker
Janice Tuckman
Amy Tummino
Samara Turner
Carol Turner
Evelyn Turner
Jacquelyn Turpin
Vickie Tutunick
Sara Tyler
Vivian Ubell
Karen Umminger
Rhoda Urman
Halaevalu Vakalahi
Brianna Valenti
Valerie M. Enders
George Van Buskirk
Nancy Van Saun
William Vanderwill
Vanessa Barton Muniz
Vanessa Dvorin-Fremont, LISW-S, C-ASWCM
Neng Vang
Jennifer Vauk
Jesus Vega
Vera D. Credle
Hannah Verdin
Cheryl Verlander
Joanne Veroni
Vibeke T. Newell
Anne Vickers
Vicki L. Gayton, LCSW
Victor Piacente
Victoria J. Steen, LCSW
Victoria Leanne Potts
Victoria M. Rivera, B.A.
Victoria M. Rizzo, PHD
Vida Mendez, MSW
Rebecca Vietze
Catherine Villamejor
Melba Villar
Ian Vincent
Virginia A. Douglass
Virginia P. Archer
Vivian L. Fry
Vivian Marshall Drayton, LSW ACSW
Norita Vlach
Sarah Vogt
Phyllis Vroom
Holly Vugia
Peter Waful
Wahlia M. Jones-Woolley
Sheila Wakeley
June Walatkiewicz
Walkiria E. Raposo, LCSW
Mark Walkup
Anne Walsh
Jenny Walton-Wetzel
Cynthia Warden
Alan Warner
Warren M. Reasoner, PhD LCSW
Julia Washington
Alice Washington
Jamie Wasserman
Natalie Waters
Maureen Waters
Dorothy Watts
Wayne R. Wilson
David Weal
Audrey Webb
Karen Webb
Kathryn Webster
Kathy Webster Haerian
Richard Weigel
Phyllis Weisfield
Barbara Weiskopf
Sara Wells
Phyllis Wenig
Lacey Wesche
Wesley R. Goodenough, ACSW
Julie Western
Michael Weyand
Eunice Wharton
Virginia Whittington
Sonya Wich
Mary Wiggins
Linda Wiles
Belinda Wiley
Marguerite Wilhite
Melissa Wilkins
Denise Williams
Karin Williams
Jeffrey Williams
Brandy Williams
Jay Williams
Bob Williamson
Joan Willingham
Wilma Peebles-Wilkins, PhD,ACSW,DPNAP
Stephen Wilson
Kyla Wilson
Amanda Wilson
Dawn Wilson
James Wilton
Lorraine Winkler
Linda Wirth
Nicole Witteboon
Judith Wolf
Sandra Wolkoff
Mona Wollman
Cheryl Woodcock
Heather Woodford
Debora Worth
Eve Wright
Edward Wright
Tonya Wright
Preston Wright
Xana S. Bertino
Xao Xiong
Deanne Yaklin
Arlene Yee
Monika Yen
Kenneth Yoder
Melanie Yoder Salim
Thomas Yore
Robert Youdin
Diane Young
Lisa Young
LaNell Younger
Cheryl Yudkin
Yuko K. Abbott
Christina Zack
Erica Zajac
Schuyler Zans
Caterina Zapponi
Jeffrey Zeizel
Lisa Ziems
Rachel Zimmerman
Erica Zinter
Madison Zwiebel
July 2022
Abbey S. Cohen
Abby Lynn Freese, LBSW
Abigail Edith Warren, MSW, LICSW
Allyson Aborn
Susan Abrams
Barbara Acho
Ibrahim Adam
Adam J. Germinsky
Kathleen Adams
Enid Ain
Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, LCSW
Alan Vietze, LCSW,ABD
Alicia Anne Driscoll
Alicia Garces
Alicia Regans
Alison Cassandra Kepple, LSW, MSW
Alison Mitchell
Danielle Allen
Fay Allen
Maria Allen
Allen Taylor
Alma W. Carr
Erica Alonzo Leon
Catherine Altany-Hammond
Ketelie Altena
Alundra Peete
Alyce A. Clasen, ACSW
Alyssa Palmer
Amanda Kate Sullivan, MSW Student Intern
Ammersk74@gmail.Com Elizabeth Kelley
Heidi Amundson
Amy P. Isaacs
Michael Anderson
Michaeleen Anderson
Novia Anderson
Cari Anderson
Andrea L. Harnett-Robinson, LCSW
Andrea M. Nydegger
Andrea P. Rogers, LCSW
Marilyn Andrew
Andrhea A. Fox-Antoniak
Andy Woodcox
Angela Zzie
Ronald Angelone
Angie R. Richard
Anna Quarles, MPH, MSW, LCSW
Anne K. Janak, LCSW
Annette Ferguson
Annette P. Graff
Ansley Dickens Hack, Current MSW Student
Antonio Luis Rivera, MSW, LCSW, LCADC
Vickie Applegate
Louise Appleton-Skubal
Janet Aptaker
Douglas Arey
Ariane M. Caparella
Ariel Berg-DiGangi, MSW, LCSW
Arleene Siegel, LMSW, ACSW
Adeline Armijo
Karenna Armington
James Armour
David Armstrong
Arnona Eden-Davidai, LCSW, PhD
Mae Arrington
Artur Y. Akkerman, LCSW
Ashley Caldwell
Ashley Nicole Neal Sullivan, LCSW
Christina Atanasova
Jeanne Atkatz
Mae Au
Audra Danielle Hatch, MSW
Susan Avner
Robert Ayasse
Bernard Ball
Margaret Ballard
Jennifer Ballow
Barbara A. Martin, ACSW
Barbara C. Silverberg, LCSW
Barbara J. Dinesen, ACSW
Barbara J. Sherman, ACSW
Barbara K. Rachlin, ACSW
Barbara L. Marsh
Barbara Mobile McArdle
Gloria Barnes
Arnold Barnes
Johanna Barrett
Barry Z. Davis, LCSW-R
Suzanne Bates
Amy Bauman
Gayla Baumgardt
Anne Beal
Payal Beam
Linda Beam
Leslie Becker
Lily Beer-Chiavetta
Shawn Beirman
Suzanne Belisle
Madison Bell
Joanne Belloli
Maryellen Benedetto
Froma Benerofe
Dorothy Benford
Allison benites
Samantha Bergeman
Angela Berger
Judith Bergson
William Berkan
Linda Berko
Shelley Berman
Dina Bernat-Kunin
Jody Bernon-Wainer
Betsy Deeter, MSSW,LCSW
Beverly A. Sparkman, LCSW
Beverly Faught, LCSW
Valeri Bianchi-Wood
Nancee Biank
Harmon Biddle
Joel Biernacki
Rise Bill
Daniel Bishton
Shemaya Blauer
Richard Bloom
Susan Blue
ellen blumenthal
Bobbie Good, ASW
Susan Bodansky
Lisa Bodek
Joy Boehm Worrell
Angela Bolds
Meredith Bollinger
Ronald Bonheur
Jacqueline Bonnafous
Bonnie L. Spencer
Lillian Borek
Rachel Borges
Emily Borghard
Jacqueline Bouyea
David Bove
Evelyn Bowen-Crawford
Mary Boyvey
Tanisha Bradford
Rose Brand
Symra Brandon
Brenda J. Hulphers
Merle Brenner
Paul Bretz
Lisa Brewer
Brian Batchelder
Brian Connell, LCSW
Brian W. Mathis
Kathleen Brick
Monique Bristol
Ron Brizendine
Sarah Brown
Caitlin Brown
Karen Browning
Bryan Deutsch
Mary Buchanan
Catherine Buckley
Sharon Buddington
Karen Bullock
Melissa Bunce
David Burkett
Anne Burling-Bowers
Kathryn Burns
Metta Burpee
Thomas Burton
Maxine Butler
Gloria Byrd
Kelley Cabral-Mosher
Caitlin Logan
Caitlin Spies
Caitlin Vest, LCSW
Margaret Calista
Patti Campidilli
Candice Sa, LSW
Jill Cannon
Margherita Cannova
Dawn Capelli
Donna Capozzi
Lisa Caraisco
Laura Cardamone
Cari Anne Miller, BS, MSW, LCSW
Carlo Codato
Carmen P. Williams, C-ASWCM
Carol B. Sisco, ACSW,PHD
Carol L. Sobelson, ACSW
Carole S. Geithner
Caroline Nickles Joyner
Carolyn Minor
Linda Carpio
LaTonya Carter
Karen Cassidy Berg
Catherine Klen McQuade
Catherine T Hall
Cathy A. Cook
Cathy A. Snead
Janet Cavanagh
Cecilia M. Branas, LCSW-R
Celestine Cookson, MSW
John Cella
Cera Brittany Phillips
Shearly Chambless
Amy Champoux
Elaine Chan-Scherer
Maree Chandler
Ivy Chang
Amy Chanmugam
Channon Marie Cunningham, LCSW
Chantri Michelle Harper
Charles L. Chang, ACSW
Charles S. Pohl, ACSW
CharlesEtta T. Sutton, LCSW,ACSW
Jennifer Charney
Dara Charpentier
Chelsea Oppold
Cheryl R. Hoffman, QCSW
Felix Chima
Chinh Thanh Le, L-MSW
Jena Chomchavalit
Christian Bartz, LMSW
Christina Leonor Rodriguez
Christine A. Schultz, ACSW,QCSW,C-SWHC
Christine Boak Bardelli, ACSW
Christine Galiardo
Christine Ryan
Christine Valentin, LCSW
Christy S. Heffron, MSW
Ruslana Church
Cindy C. McNitt, LCSW
Cindy R. Dern, LCSW
Washington Cisco
Pam Clark
Nancy Clark
Douglas Clawson
Cassandra Clay
Nancy Claypool
Christine Clement
Melinda Clontz
Booker Coats
Felicia Cohn
Gillian Coleman
Jenna Coleman
Barbara Coleman-Burroughs
Colleen J. Doherty
Carmelo Colon
Lois Colwell
Linda Cone
Constantina Kapeleris
Heather Constantine
Coralita Hendricks
Kenneth Corbin
Harry Core
Courtney Billington
Travis Courville
Rebecca Craft
Laura Cravens
Marian Cremin
Sharon Cressey
Crete Brown, MSW
Cristina Perez, LCSW
Kathleen Cullen-Conway
Kimberly Cumbie
Christine Cummings
Ann Curtin-Knight
Laura Curtis
Cynthia Ann Brayboy
Cynthia Anne Hale, ACSW
Cynthia Dudley Peters
Cynthia J. Behm
Cynthia L. Dubansky, LICSW, ACSW
Cynthia L. Wagner
Cynthia Laverne Brown, B.S., MD, MPH
Cynthia Shinaberry, Shinaberry
Robert D'Amelio
Michael Daggy
Dana Dorfman
Dana Marie Nasser-Tobin
Dana Williams
Daniel Altamirano, BSW Student
Daniel G. Saunders
Daniel J. Stone
Daniel Liechty, ACSW
Ellen Daniels
Danuelle Williams
Neeta Das
Judith Daucher
Carol Davis
Dawn E. Kinney Miller
Dawn E. Witthaus
Pamela De Bourg
Deborah De Pinto
Deborah Fins, ACSW
Deborah Strauss, LCSW
Debra M. Schaefer, ACSW
Krista Deckhut
Eileen Delhagen
Robert Deming
Tracey Denelle
Dennis E. Hojna
Matthew Denniston
Kevin Deroos
Bruce Deveau
Margaret Devecchi
Daniel Di Cerbo
Diana J. Depugh, ACSW
Diane Dmytryk, LICSW
Diane Lewis
Diane M. Fougere
Diane Mills Hart
Bertha Diaz
Gladys Diaz
Anne Dickens
Karen Dieter
Sandra Dieterich-Hughes
Glenn Dillon
Dina Isaacs
Barry Dixon
Kendra Dixon-Cooke Moten
Gretchen Dobervich
Salvatore Dodaro
Kathryn Doller
Mary Donegan
Barbara Donesky
Donna L. Russo, LCSW-R,ACSW
Donna M. Donahue
DonNell R. Huff
Carolyn Dozier
Dr. Laura Quiros, PhD, LMSW
Denise Drabik
Paula Dranger
Drew K. Losak, ACSW
DruAnn Keating
Linda Dukess
Amy Duncan
Walda DuPriest-Brandt
Suzanne Dworak-Peck
Donna Dyer
Frederick Eberstadt
Ebony Danielle Gardner, LSW
Stephanie Edwards
Eileen Golden McHugh, LSW
Eileen Marie Murray
Carol Einhorn
Maritza Ejenbaum
Mary Ekwall
Elaine Eleanor Daly
Elaine Fleischman-Rabinowitz, LMSW
Elaine M. Walden, LCSW
Elena Beatriz Wright-Aguilar, LCSW-C
Eliane O. Spagnoletto
Elizabeth (Beth) A. Niedbala, ACSW
Elizabeth A. Beane
Elizabeth C. Davidson, LCSW,LCADC, CEAP,
Elizabeth Irene Meyer, LBSW, LAC
Elizabeth Marks, LMSW
Elizabeth W. Tomlinson
ellaina Rudolph
Ellen Herling
Audrey Elliott
Kim Elliott
Colin Ellsworth
Sandra Embertson
Emma Kain
Laurie Emmer-Martin
Linda Engelking-Cooper
Erica Olson, MSS, MLSP
Erick Jerome Sowell, LMSW
Sarah Erickson
Erin Daubert, LCSW
Erin Kathleen McCleary, MSW, LGSW
Erricker Sessoms Lee, MSW, LCSW
Margaret Ervin
Suanny Espinosa
Esther Lee Brill
Eugene G. Devers, ACSW, LCSW
Mark Evans
Julie Evans
Hollis Evans
Evelyn Lorisa Taylor, LCSW
Jeanine Ewert
Lynne Farbman
Naomi Fate
Brittany Feathers
Alan Felice
Jessie Fenske
Valerie Ferguson
Rosemary Ferrero-Manginelli
Todd Fetherston
Ann Finch
Christina Finelli
Glen Fineman
Kelly Finn
Michael Fiore
Richard Fischer
Jonathan Fleishman
Briar Flicker-Grossman
Janet Flood
Cheryl Flugaur-Leavitt
Anne Fortune
Larry Foster
Alice Foulkes-Garcia
Marriott Fowler
Aleasha Fowler
Marian Fox
Frances G. Respicio
Anna Francis
Myriam Francoeur
Ruth Franzen
Fredlee Ann Kaplan
Diane Freedman
Linda Freedman
Margareta Freeman
Erica Friedman
Dianne Friedman
Amanda Fuhr
Jennifer Funston
James Furtick
Susan Fusaro
Karen Fussell
Abby Gagerman
Teresa Gaiser
Galit Arad-Trutner, MSW
Elaine Garbaty
Nancy Gardner
Valarie Gardner
Garet D. Waterhouse
Lee Garland
Matthew Garrick
Cheryl Gay
Gay Gragson
Gayle F. Pamerleau, ACSW, QCSW
Jennifer Gee
Geena Fonbuena
Carrie Gelman
Gene Robert Martino, jr.
Penny Genous
George B. Smith, ACSW, LCSW
George James Manko, ACSW, DCSW
Jessica Germaine
April Giambra
Gianny Diaz, MSW
Kerry Gilb
Christina Gilkey
Lee Gill
Amy Gillston
Gina Luciana Fiacchino - Ruane, APSW
GIna Martin, MSW
Normand Gingras
Deborah Gioia
Krista Giordano
Kristina Giscombe
Frances Givelber
Laura Glasgall
Morton Glassel
Naomi Glicken
Don Glover
Sharon Goedkoop
William Goldberg
Debra Goldstein
Rebecca Goldstein
Robin Goldstein
Marcia Goldstein
Jolie Golomb
Eliza Gonzalez
Hallie Goosenberg
Leigh Gordon
Gloria Gordon
Linda Gore
Kate Gorman
Grace L. Davis
Cathleen Graham
Karen Graham
Robert Grant
Grant Pike
Jon Greaser
Debby Greenberg
Heather Greene
Geraldine Greene
Debbie Greenfeld
Jamie Greenfield
Kathy Greer
Marilyn Gresh
Ravneet Grewal
Judith Grosz
Esther Grummel
Casey Guidry
Johnetta Guishard
Deborah Guptill
Carl Gusler
Gwen E. Ginski, MSW
Brenda Haas
Joanne Haas
Michelle Hague
Hailey Traupman
Cindy Halcombe
Julie Hall
Natalie Haluszka
Nina Hamilton
Maridean Hammers
Patricia Hancock
Kimberly Hanna
Julia Harkins Arcand
Andrew Harner
Harriet J. Lazarus, LICSW,ACSW,C-ASWCM
Mileah Harrington
Yolanda Harris
Penny Harris
Harry J. Aponte, LCSW, ACSW
Sarah Hatkoff
Arlene Havens
R Lisa Hawkins-Jack
Hayden Comphel, MSW
Cristina Hayes
Lorna Hays
Dava Heath
Heather Leigh McDermott-Johnson, LMSW
Amber Hebert
Heidemarie Koop
Sonya Heinrich
Helen Byrd, JD, LCSW
Mary Herdman
Andrea Herman
Patricia Hertz
Marjorie Herzog
Mary Lee Hicks-Sykes
Deja Hill
Marcia Hinckley
Carol Hindle
Abigail Hocking
Andrea Hodges
Lynne Hollingsworth
Randy Hope
Cynthia Howard
Michele Howard
Jean Huber
D Melissa Huemmer
Allen Huff
Michael Huggard
Khloe Hui
Delores Hunter
Carol Hurst
I. Kimberlee Chucker, ACSW
India Walsh
Judith Ingram
Erika Inzano
Iphigenia C. Hatt
Irene E. Celcer
Joan Israel
J. A. Atkin, ACSW
Valerie Jablonski
Cheryl Jackson-Wilson
Patricia Jacobs
Jacqueline Bruening Wendorf
Jacqueline C. Malone, ACSW
Jacqueline S. Schreiber
Jacqueline Smith Williams, LCSW-R
Jalen Prayer, B.S.
James E. Levine, PhD
Jane D. Vanderwerf
Jane E. Prince MacLean, LCSW-S
Jane R. McKinney
Jane T. Haimes, ACSW
Jannan W. Holmes
Kimberline Janvier
Jason M. Jolley
Jeanice Caporaso, MSW
Jeanne Smetana
Jennifer A. Olson, LICSW
Jennifer Frances Syverson Alcaide
Jennifer Galloway
Jennifer L. Flanagan
Jennifer Leah Theurer
Jennifer M. Harris
Jennifer R. Schumaker, BS
Jennifer Shawn Lenicheck
Jennifer Sitto
Jeremy Wilkins Didier, PCC
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Jarrard, LCSW
Jill DeCoste
Jill Katherine Benson
Jina Phillips Lewallen, LMSW, MA
Joaniko Kohchi, LCSW
JoAnn M. Purdy
Jodi Becker, LMSW
Johanna C. Gill, C-SSWS, LICSW
John A. Tomoso, ACSW, LSW
John E. Mulloon, Jr.
John J. Trumbaturi, C-SSWS, ACSW
Alice Johnson
Sydney Johnson
Marcie Johnson
Cleolene Jones
Michelle Jones
Karen Jones-Williams
Joseph A. Fernandez, LCSW
Josephine Ampaw
Josette Mae Lucci, LMSW
Maria Josey
Josh Taffet
Joshua Michael Severns, LMSW
Joy Jegede, LCSW
Joyce A. Odell, ACSW
Joyce D. Hennessy, LCSW ACSW
Juan Jose Lopez
Judith A. Sulaver, LMSW
Judith K. Moon, ACSW
Judy A. Williams
Judy K. Taketa
Julia B. Hammer
Julie A. Lapointe
Juliet E. Johnson, MSW Student
Mary Jung
Justina Kelsey Hagen, MSW
Allahna Kaj
Ruth Kalms
Barbara Kanal
Pamela Kanehann
Carol Kanter
Amanda Kapadia
Susan Kaplan
John Kaplan
Karen A. Otte, ACSW
Karen E. Catoe
Karen M. Hanley, LCSW
Allison Karge
Karin Olson Rogers, LICSW
Karen Kasius
Jessica Kaslick
Mary Ann Kassier
Katharene Schoof, ACSW
Katharine Booton Wilson, -1, MSW
Katherine Anne Gaines
Katherine H. Richardson
Katherine Howard
Katherine L. Wilson
Katherine M. Keller
Kathleen Ann Cebulski, LMSW
Kathleen Bruder
Kathleen P. Hockey
Kathryn A. Granigan, LICSW, C-ASWCM
Kathryn Williams Dennett Carpenter
Katie Kissel
Chavie Katz
Steven Katz
Rita Katz
Kathy Keavney
Nathan Keedy
Heather Keel
Keisha Nicole Jackson
Barbara Kellman
Kelly C. Gruber
Kelsey Wendland, MSW
Kendra A. Black
Kendra Samuels, LBSW
Kathleen Kennedy
Carla Kerman
Cathy Kerr
Megan Kerr
Robyn Kestler
Kevin J. Fitzsimmons
Barbara Keyworth
Laurie Kidd
Katharine Kiesel
Barbara Kiffmeyer
Kilene Short, MSW
John Kim
Kimbelry Suzanne Naclerio, LCSW
Kimberly A. Schaffer
Kimberly Dawn Finnie
Kimberly Sue Johnson
Martha King-Sedwick
Jennifer Kinsey
Joyce Kirkendall
Coree Kirsch
Kirsten Butler
Kirsten Reid
Kirstin Elise Hudson
JoAnne Klein Hill
Mary Jo Klingel
Jean Klingenstein
Arlene Klingman
Alisa Knight
Elizabeth Knowlton
Sherry Knox
Solomon Kobes
J. Richard Koch
Carol Kohn-Mannis
Wynne Korr
Laurie Koski
Kimberly Kountz
Barbara Kraeger
Susan Krauss
Ann Kreindler-Siegel
Tricia Krier
Krista A. Kuhn-Grabenbauer, LISW-CP
Kristen Huffman-Gottschling, LCSW
Kristen L. Sheppard, LICSW
Kristen McColough
Kristen N. Mangold
Kristen Susann Doherty, MSW Intern
Kristian Lynch
Kristin Ann Martino, MSW, LICSW
Elizabeth Krysinski
Kyle Allen Votroubek
Kyra Dotter, LCSW
Gary Labella
Lisa LaBrunda
Brandy Lamb
James Lampe
Lana P. Miller, LCSW
Bette Landis
Lanita Johnson
Ernest Lanning
Claire Lansing
Lara Hulin, LCSW
Karen Lasser
Laura Christine Dreany-Pyles, LGSW
Laura W. Groshong
Lauren Balkan
Lauren Christine Ludlow
Lauren Hajisafari, LSW
Lauren Manasse
Karyn Lawrence-Vivier
Ilanit Lazar
Toby Lazerson
Lea E. Anderson, LCSW-C,C-SWHC
Leah Elizabeth-Maria Avant
Leanna Ashley, MSW
Harvey Leavitt
Judith Lee
Virginia Lehman
Leigh Blaine Tsujino, MSW, LSW
Leila Rosado, LICSW
Janet Lenard
Dana Lerner
Leslie Feder
Leslie I. Zindulka, C-SSWS, LCSW-R
Leslie Rubens
Leticia Marie dArms
Susan Levine
Wendy Li
Liam Aidan Faulkner
Laura Limpert
Linda A. Martin
Linda K. Mertz
Lindsay Elizabeth Thein, LCSW
Lindsay Trapp, LMSW
Lindsay Veillette, LICSW
Lindsey Nicole McFerran, LSWAIC, MSW, MHP
Lisa Hoffman, LCSW
Lisa Muenchow, C-ASWCM
Lisa R. Silver, LCSW
Lita Inga Simanis
Norma Litman
Lorna Little
Alicia Locke
Jennifer Lofink
Marie Lomeo
Alejandra Lopez
David Lopez
Gloria Lopez-Henriquez
Breanna Lopuch
Loren S. Buckner, ACSW
Lori J. Farley
Lori L. Toscano, LCSW-R
Robert Lott
Louise Brillant Cremona
Michell Lubeth
Lucia H. Bu
Myrna Ludwig
Luis Alonso Soriano-Hidalgo, Sr, LCSW
Lukas Kane Speller
David Lutwin
Lynn P. Hagan, LCSW, LMSW-ACP
Lynne E. Dulken
Theresa Lyons
Jeanine Lyons
Lori Macie
Mackenzie Bennett, MSW
Mackenzie Paige Lerario, MD
Terri Macleod
Robert Madden
Shona Maddocks
Carrie Maddox
Madeline A. Confessore
Shawnnesha Mahoney
S Alexandra Mahr
Arleen Maiorano
Michele Majcher
Mallerie Sherr Mulhall, LCSW
Elizabeth Malone
Bruce Maloof
Leah Mangis
Margaret Manuel Stokes
Marci Lynn Langevin
Marcia Borenstein, ACSW
Lynn Marcus-Cohen
Marcy L. Anderson
Margaret Alison Fitts, LCSW
Margaret Anne Sik, BSW in Social Work
Maria Del Pilar Siman, LCSW
Maria Magana, BSW
Maria Magda Williams, LCSW
Maria Rebemer Thompson, LSW
Maria Xiao-Mei Lee-Doepke, MSW, MAFP
Marilyn Rosen
Marilyn S. Feinstein
Mary Marinucci
Marisa Lindsey
Marissa Lyn Campbell, Student
Marissa Noelle Petery
Mark A. Hirshfeld, LCSW
Mark Collins
Mark S. DeBord, LCSW, BACS
Mark Spieles
Mark Z. Somerstein
Jerry Marks
Timothy Markwell
Marleni Maldonado, LMSW
Martha L. Davis, LICSW
Mary Eva Martin
Annette Martinez
Mary A. Keefe
Mary Anne A. Ruane, ACSW
Mary E Hanel, LCSW
Mary J. Sella, ACSW
Mary L. Foley, Foley
Mary T. Harrington, LCSW
Mary-Alice Olson, ACSW
Jack Maslow
Cynthia Masotti
Louis Massoth
Caitlin Masters
Jill Masure
Matthew Earl Garthwait
Maureen Burke Clayton, LICSW, ACSW
Joseph Maurino
Hillary Mayers
Glenn Mayes
Christine Mc Glashen
Terrence McBride
Colleen McCall
Polly McCall
Kimberly McClelland
Andrey McCormack-Byers
Mary McCoy
Jacquelyn McCroskey
Michael Mcginley
Leann McGraw
Laura McGuire
Martin McGurrin
McKenzie Broekstra
Pamela McLane
Genevieve McManus
Patrick McNally
Sarah McNamara
Kathleen Mcnulty
Ashley McWhirter
Meaghan Gregg, MSW
Lydia Medina
Diane Mehan
Rebecca Meier
Melanie Elaine Carson, MSW
Nery Melendez
Melissa Fein, PhD, MSW
Melissa Golden
Melissa K. Reilly, LCSW
Melissa P. Adessa, LCSW
Melissa R. Weintraub, ACSW
Lise Memling
Merrill Powers
Maria Merritt
Lisa Mersky
Sara Metz
Janice Mewborne
Bambi Meyer
Esther Meza
Michael E. Forgy, ACSW
Michael J. Corless
Michele DiEllo Ruetsch, LGSW, MSW
Michele Marie Eichorn, LCSW
Michelle Bazin Johnson, LCSW JD
Michelle D. Conelli
Michelle Huh-Mounts, LSW, BC-TMH
Michelle Rose Faucher, MSW
Joan Milano
Nancy Miller
Robert Miller
Berg Miller
Madelyn Miller
Doria Miller
Brenda Mintze Coleman
Barbara Mitchell
Mary Mitchell
Arleen Moffitt
Mohammed A. Alduwaihi
Audrey Mohni
Molly Malany Sayre, MSW, LSW
Mona L. Mendelson
Mary Jo Monahan
Monica L. Staples
Monica Mills-Mattox, LCSW
Monicka Jones, MSW
Karen Monroe
Dawn Montague-Joseph
Murielle Montreuil
Joyce Moody
Tammy Moody
Julio Morales
Linda Morgan
Morgan Arshonsky
Joyce Morrill
Katherine Morrison
Felicia Morrow
Paula Moyes
Jennifer Moynihan
Kathryn Muller
Jan Munday
Matthew Munich
Lisa Munro-Robinson
Louis Murden
Susy Murphy
Rachel Murray
Susan Murray
Maureen Murray
Geraldine Muscarnere
Myra E. Woodruff
Nadine K. Pope
Sharie Nagatani
Jennifer Nahm
Mary Namiotka
Nancy Brown
Nancy Buggey, LSW
Nancy E. Higgins
Nancy L. Lithgow
Nancy Lim-Yee, MSW,LCSW
Natalie S. Merkur Rose, LCSW-C
Nathan Ezzo
Nathaniel Finch
Brooke Neal
Regine Neiders
Erica Nelson
Edward Nelson
Rachel Nenner-Payton
Deborah Neubauer
Amy Niblock Balzer
Amber Nickels
Heather Nitz
Norma Schwartz
Daina Norusis
Josephine Norward
Michael Nott
Susan Nowelsky
Robert Nuffer
Thomas Nugent
Leonora O'Farrell
Jeremiah Odukoya
Melissa Oeffner
Anne Oelrich
Anna Olsonoski
Brian Osborn
Shenae Osborn
Marie Osterman
Martha Otice
Nicole Ozene
Sara Pace
Catherine Padron
Page Tolbert
Paul Pagel
Paige Marie Harris, Graduate Student
Valerie Papillon
Penny Pare
Anne Parente
Jo Ann Park
Patricia Parker
Kevin Parker
Katharine Parker Case
Kaylin Parsons
Minaxi Patel
Patricia L. McDonald, CSW
Patricia M. Luehrs, ACSW
Patricia Sullivan, MSW, LSW
Patty Sue Dichtel
Wendy Patz
Paul A. Swiatek
Paul P. Schmidt, LICSW
Paula Jacobsen, ACSW
Barbara Paulson
Wayne Pawlowski
Joan Penfield
Dixianne Penney
Dave Pennypacker
Karen Perez
Brenda Perez
Patricia Perry
Peter E. McCoy
Suzanne Peters
Enid Peterson
Lori Peyser Wigmore
Philip Cerrato, LCSW
Mary Phillips
Colette Phipps
Carl Pickel
Esther Pierce
Pascal Pion
Juel Plotkin
Susan Pohl
Brenda Pollack
Cathryn Polonchak
Carolyn Polowy
Tracye Polson
Karen Pratt
Anna Prespare Bennett
Bruce Preston
Deborah Price
Marvetta Price
Rebecca Prigal
Kendall Pron
Gina Psenicska
Sallye Puryear
Quinn Padilla
Miriam Rabinovitch
Rachel Gearhart
Rachel Jane King Neporent
Rachel Logan, MSW
Rachel M. Murr
Rachel Michelle Holcomb, LMSW
Michael Ramey
Abbie Rankin
Kaylee Raper
Andrea Raphael-Paskey
Mary Raphel
Raymond M. Scurfield, ACSW
Terry Real
rebecca ann skoda, LCSW
Rebecca Lewis-Thornton, ACSW
Rebecca Lord
Rebecca Lynn Lopez, LMSW
Mary Redd
Karla Redman
Edward Redmond
Cynthia Reedy
Timothy Rehner
Emily Reich
Allysa Reils
Joanne Reiss
Reizel Polak
Rena M. Glass-Dixon, LCSW, C-SSWS
Renata Peterson, LCSW, CCHT, CBT
Lauren Renfro
Rhonda Jo Shotwell
Rhonda Michele Abban, MSW, LISWS
Bethany Rice
Richard Satkin, LCSW
Richard Scott Russell
Rafaela richardson
Aleda Richter-West
Ricki Jean Harris, MSW
Sheri Rickson
Sarah Rigney
Susan Ringle
Robbie K. Tessler
Robert E. Lee, MSW, LCSW
Robbin Roberts
Spurgeon Roberts
Rita Robertson
Robin E. Moss, LICSW
Robin M. Gilmartin
Robin Phelps, LCSW
Judith Robinson
Robyn Amanda Westlake
Howard Rodgers
Josephine Rodman
Roger A. De Noyelles
Deborah Rogers
Ann Rogerson
Roman Salwa
Sandra Ronan
Joan Roney
Ronnie J. Weiner, ACSW
Melissa Root
Andrea Rose
Sharon Rosen
Morey Rosenwach
Roslyn J. Zinner
Ann Ross
Gladys Rothbell
Sarah Rothstein-Linares
Sarah Rowen
Lenore Ruben
Deanna Rudy
Gloria Rumph
Ruperta Adaya Schwartz, Licensed Therapist
Johnathon Rush
Ruth A. Maskow
Jane Ryan
Jennifer Sabbah
Catherine Sacer
Kristin Sagert
Abigail Salcedohernandez
Sally C. Kopstein, ACSW, C-SWHC
Sally Melvin-Pick, LCSW
Sam Jenkins, MFA, MSW, LCSW
Samantha C. Becker
Samuel Hickson, BSW Student
Dulce Sanchez
Sara Beth Decker
Sara Hwang
Sara L. Henning
Sara Semmelroth, ACSW
Sarah Bayer
Sarah Blake, BSW
Sarah Brown
Sarah Cathleen Weston, LICSW
Sarah Darsey Myers
Sarah E. Oliver, LISW, ACSW
Sarah J. Hagerty, MSW
Sarah R. Kim
Sarah Swords
Cynthia Sarris
Ellen Satloff
Julia Sauder
Lisa Saunders
Rebecca Saylor
Anne Scaperoth
Marta Schaefer-Phillips
Judith Schapiro
Debra Schiffman
Paul Schmitt
Leah Schneider
Julie Schopper
Peter Schroeder
Joy Schroeder
Cathy Schuster
Ralph Schwartz
Cynthia Schwartzberg
Glenis Scott
NaKita Scott
Scott M. Timmerman, ACSW
Joan Scully
Amy Seager
Eunice Sedano
Abby Segal
Barbara Seifert
Seon F Thompson
Carmen Sepulveda
Serena Pesch, Pesch
Ericka Seward
Anita Shade
Shaneen D. Alvarez
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Roman
Charles Sharon
Sharon G. Berliner
Sharon K. Campbell, ACSW
Monchel Sharp
Shauna P. Acquavita
Tamara Shaver
Belinda Shavers
Lakisha Shearin
Sheila A. Ramsey, Ramsey, MSW, LICSW
Sheila S. Polinsky
Lillian Sheldon-Reece
Sherry M. Cohen
Sujeong Shin
Shirley H. Young, LCSW
Jane Shivas
Doronit Shlank-Bloomenthal
Stephanie Shuchart
Anna Shustack
Bobette Siegel
Sarah Siegel
Edward Siegel
Ann Sigdestad
Cynthia Simon
Amy Singh
Donald Sirry
Frances Slater
Patrick Slifka
Carol Smith
Edward Smith
Omega Smith
Jeanne Smith
Janine Smith-Baker
Marta Smokler
Dolores Sneed
Romney Snyder-Croft
Kimberly Solo
Renee Solomon
Sophia Phillips
renee souba
Amanda Sowers
Jennifer Sparrock
Richard Spencer
Eugene Sperandeo
Frederick Sperry
Robin Spiro
Marla Sriskand
Allyn St. Lifer
Arlene Stang
Danielle Stanley
Chuck Stannard
Joanne Stavola
Vera Stein
Karen Steinberg
Stephanie Crystal Slowly, LCSW-C
Stephanie Louise Mitchell, BSW
Suzanne Sterrett
Alan Stevens
Celine Stillman
Joanne Stiteler
Barbara Stobe
Karin Stoll
Kym Stone
Arika Strock
George Suiter
Christine Sullivan
Melissa Sullivan
Sierra Lyn Summerville
Susan Lucker
Susan Lynn Weingarten
Susan Marie Hunter
Susan W Garrett
Laurie Sussman
Andrew Sussman
Sarah Sutton
Suzanne S. Stutman, ACSW
Olive Swinski
Sydney Piontek
Tabitha Williams
Holly Talisman
Ellen Talles
Tania Marie Malone, Student
Rose Tanks
Tara Nissen, LISW
Sheryl Tattelman
Margot Taylor
Darcy Taylor
Christine-Chere Taylor
Bethany Taylor
Danielle TenCate
Elizabeth Tener
Mary Ann Terapane
Teri L. Arnold, LCSW
Terri Marie Mabrey-Brown, LSW
Joan Terry
Kathleen Terwilliger
Theresa Joseph
Thomas Emil D'Erminio
Thomas J. Nolan, ACSW
Lisa Thompson
Stephanie Thurston
Christopher Tice
Tina Salva
Andrea Tolman
Toula Tomescu
Kelli Toole
Lisa Topchik
Amanda Torrini
Tracey Ann Julius, LMSW
tracy rene williams, LICSW
Patricia Travaglione
Tor Travis
Carly Tremewan
Tressa P. Diaz
Donna Tsutsumi-Ota
Jennifer Tuck
Martha Tucker
Marsha Tucker
Luther Turner
Brendan Turner
Jane Turner
Lisa Twerski
Ty L. Wallace
Tya Marie Pope
Christopher Tyler
Abigail Usher
Stephanie Valenziano
Valeria Mainwald
Valerie Stern, MSW, LCSW
Stacy VanBruggen
Angela Vance
Jodi VandenBosch
Vanessa Charlotte Davis, MSW
Varsha B. Patel
Queenie Vartoukian
Peggy Vaughan
Vera Cerny
Vickie M. Daugherty, LCSW
Victor Jerome Brown
Victoria Michelle Terrill, LCSW
Virginia M. Barney, ACSW
Henning Von Bauer
Randie Von Samek
Jody Wallace
Margaret Waller
Walter Arden Dunn, ESU of Pennsylvania
Amy Waltz
Dahlia Wareham
Susan Warring
Elizabeth Watney
Helen Wayne
Nathalie Wechsler
Kenneth Wedel
Gina Weidow
Naomi Weiner
David Weinhold
Anita Weinstein
Stacie Weires
Paula Welenc
Diane Wells
Nancy Wender
Wendy B. Blenning
Wendy E. Snee, LCSW,
Wendy J. Johnston
Wesley Reynolds Pullen, MSW
Claire Wesloh
Elissa West
Gail West-Hooper
Barbara Whipple
Paul White
Christine White
William White
Amanda White
Willie Whited
Cynthia Whitham
Barbara Whitney
Whitney Earle Earle
Stacy wielgosz
Brenda wilcox-kronner
Anne Wilhoit
William Brosh, LCSW
William E. Drier, PhD,LSW,ACSW
William E. Grosser, ACSW
William Mimms Weathers, Jr., PhD
Mary Beth Williams
Jane Williams
Gwyneth Williams
Anita Williams
Gene Williams
Willie F. Peterson
Renita Willis
James Wilson
Madeline Wilson
Winter Faulconbridge Keeler
Jordana Wolfson
Victoria Wolther
Shannon Wood
Laura Wood
Dennis Woodcum
Renda Woods
Amanda Woodward
Clifflora Wright
Eleanor wright
Timothy Wulff
Janet Yankosky
Amy Yarbrough
Matthew Yeazel
Yekaterina Chizhova, CSW
Rivka Yerushalmi
Jill Young
Mary Young
Kim Young
Linda Young
Christopher Young
John Youngs
Yvette Mitchell, LSW
Amanda Zabel
Richard Zabriskie
Zachary S. Guzman, LCSW
Zahava Ortsman, ACSW
Carol Zenilman
Kelly Zielie
G Zimmerman
Elaine Zimmerman
Kathryn Zimmerman
Susan Zink English
Zoe Lauenstein, BSW
June 2022
A. Fernando Freire
Jamie Abelson
Jacqueline Abrams Danzell
Daniel Abramson
Aby Charles Waters
Cassondra Acquista
Adam Yuri Melaney, LCSW-R
Elsa Adamczyk
Mary Sue Adams
Pamela Adel Jordan
Adele Ann Sand, LCSW
Jane Ades
Adrian Jonathon Cotta
Adriana P. DiNardo
Adrienne L. Buhacoff
Agata Van Haren, ACSW
Aimee Lea Twohig, MSW Candidate
Cameron Akin
Alan W. Ingram, JD, MSW
Alane Sosa
Susan Albertus
Katherine Alexander
Joseph Alexander
Karen Alexander
Alexis Clasca, MSW candidate
Cecilia Alfonso
Alicia E O'Connor
Samira Alieva
Alison Schwartz
Michael Allen
Caroline Allen
Caroline Aller
Allison Reed Adler
Allyson Denault, LCSW
Christina Aloisio
Jean Alter
Althea Herrell, LCSW
Alvin F. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Alyson S. Nash, LCSW
Alyssa Yerga-Woolwine
Amanda J. Salisbury, C-ACYFSW,QCSW
Amanda Michelle Shafer
Amanda S. Lewis, LMSW
Amelia Ann Fettig
Amy A. Morriss
Amy L. Bowers
Amy Lynn Park
Amy Michelle Schneider
Amy Michelle Small
Ana Bertha Romero, LCSW
Ana M. Sanchez
Pennie Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Allan Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Andrea E King
Andreena Harriman, BS
Andrew W. Selander, MSW, LSW
Angel M. Rogalinski
Anita J. Meyers, LMSW,ACSW, LMFT
Anjelina Citron
Ann Choh
Ann Heise
Annah-Lauren Valicoff, LCSW
Anne Abramson Madden
Anne S. Duehring, MSW, LCSW
Anthony L. Cox
April Lynn Hadley, LLMSW
April Tavares
Nancy Arann
Trinidad Arguello
Ariya F. McGrory
Arleen R. Stern, C-ASWCM
Arlena Sharpe Brookins
Kristina Armbruster
Lisa Armstrong
Peter Arnow
Thomas Arzt
Sharon Asherman
Ellen Ashinoff
Steve Ashkinazy
Ashley Fields
Maia Ashmore
Sharon Atkinson-Mallory
Audrey A. LeMasters
Audrey H. Gerdt
Naomi Auerbach
Udella Jean Auyoung
Annette Bacheller
Susan Bagnini
Bailey Rene Schendell
Eboni Bain
Marie Baltz
Stacy Bania
Phil Banks
Elisabeth Barahona
Barbara E. Motley
Barbara Gustafson O'Brien, ACSW
Barbara H. Brien, LCSW
Barbara J. Greten
Ann Bareish
Maria Barelli
Thomas Barkauskas
Sara Barlett
Shira Barnett
Patrick Barrasso
Beth Barry
Penny Bartko
John Bartley
Shirley Bavonese
Jennifer Baxendale
Laura Baxter
Amy Beck
Elizabeth Belcher
Micah Bell
Adrienne Benjamin
Dana Bennett
Katharine Bennis
Aida Bernal
Flora Bernard
Amy Bertelsen-Robles
Joyce Bertschmann
Beth A. Broderick-Schmitt
Bethami L. Lawson, LCSW
Joel Bethany
Bethany Collier, CPhT
Betty K. Skinner, LSCSW, ACSW
Christine Bitler
Michael Bizzarro
Blaise Rastello, MSW Candidate
Jo Anne Blatter
Maris Blechner
Lynette Bledsoe
Meryl Bleznak
Gail Blue
Bobbi L. Petranchuk
Rikki Bobchin
Malinda Boehler
Roger Bolen
Laurie Bomba
Andre Bony
Jonne Boone
Marjorie Boothe
Marilou Bork
Mashelle Boswell
Donna Boswell
Robin Bottino
Yasmine Bouguetaib
Sarah Boulanger
Nicole Bourgoyne
Laurie Boussom
Susan Bower
Catherine Boyer
Elizabeth Bracken
Debra Brandt
Katherine Bray
Kelly Bremken
Brenda K. Beard
Brenda Miller
Brendan P. Ross, LMSW
Susan Brenner
Brian Gill
Briana Susarret, BSW, MSW
Haydn Briggs
Susannah Brill
Genevieve Brink-Capriola
Alice Bristow
Diana Brody
Latish Brody
Marilyn Bronzi
Phyllis Brostoff
Carol Brown
Brendan Brown
Angela Brown
Julia Brown
Justin Brown
Bruce F. Andersen, LICSW
Colleen Brunell
Laura Bruno
Janet Brush
Mary Buckley
Dorie Budde
Charles Burch
Brenda Burgner
Rachel Buron
Valentina Burrola-Hekman
Susan Bush
Barbara Busillo
Melissa Busnot
Judy-Marie Buteau
Daniel Buzalski
Dana Caballero
Xenia Cabrera
Donna Cain-Hlenski
Carlie Calabria
Cindy Calhoun
Sarah Caliboso-Soto
Melissa Calnon
Alexandra Camarda
Elizabeth Cambra
Gina Campbell
Colleen Campbell
Jo Campbell
Frances Candlin
Caroline Cangelosi
Lisa Cano Nunn
Dorothy Carey
Diane Carlson
Carly Elizabeth Brown, ASW, PPSC
Carlye J. Levine, LMSW, C-ASWCM
Ari Carol
Carol Ann Ross
Carol E. Bonner, MBA,EdD,ACSW
Carol S. Fischbach, LCSW
Carol S. Miller
Carolyn Ingalls Wood, LCSW-C
Carolyn Jane Jackson, LCSW
Carolyn Lee Hotz, LBSW
Carolyn Seplow, LCSW
Danielle Carr
Kariisa Carrasco
Hazel Carrawell
Cassandra L. Johnson, LCSW
Marin Casselli
Julie Catalano
Catheleen Jordan, PhD, LCSW
Catherine A. Galda
Catherine Swan, LCSW
Cathy L. O'Neill, LCSW
Cecilianne King, LCSW
Celeste Liora Ainsley
Gay Chalpin
Joseph Chan
Derrell Chandler
Elizabeth Chaneske
Charles Richard Robson, LISW, LCSW
Andre Charley
Charlotte Carson Lockhart, MSW, LSW
Erin Chase
Gittle Chase
Chastity J. Pimental, MSW, LCSW
Leila Chayut
Cheree Tham, LCSW
Cheri B. Moore, B.S. Spec. Educ.
Cheryl Howard Carrothers
Cheryl Jones-Holaday, ACSW
Cheryl L. Moore, LCSW, ACSW
Samantha Chico
Chris A. Miciotto, ACSW
Christi Johnson Hedgepeth, LMSW
Christian W. Mosemann, ACSW
Christina Dawn Spalding
Christina Lee, MSW Student
Christina Renee Landeros, LMSW
Christine Montrone-Burns, MSW
Dorcas Christman
Wendy Christopher
Christopher A. Cimmino, MSW
Beth Christopherson
Chrysecolla Taico, LCSW
Emmanuel Chue
Laura Ciampa
Nicholas Cimorelli
Clare Colleen Margres
Clare Nolan
Thomas Cloherty
Catherine Cloud
Joyce Cochran
Donna Cochran Harrow
Chris Cochrane
Leigh Coffey
Jill Cohen
Jenna Cohen
Ruth Cohen
Susan Cole
Tracey Coleman
Colette Irene Spaulding, LMSW
Colette Randol, BSW
Colleen M. Schmelter, BSW
Sarah Colling
Megan Collins
Patricia Collins
Kathleen Collins
Colonie Marie Hughes, MSW
Phillip Combass
Suzanne Connolly
Christine Constantineau
Marianne Cook
Philip Copeland
Danica Copp
Ann Cosgrove
Maribeth Costa-Kulesa
Jennifer Costello
David Cota
Virginia Coulter
Courtney Monreal, LLMSW
Patricia Courtois
Sandra Cowett
Amber Cox
Harold Craft
Otwool Craft
Craig R. McLean, ACSW
Craig S. Rodich
Susan Crimin
Jacqueline Crnic
Lisa Cross
Quindola Crowley
Mary Cruz
Laura Cryan
Crystal J. Roach
Kerri Cunard-Cyr
Lawrence Cunniffe
William Cunningham
Philippa Cutter-Humphrey
Cheryl Cuyler
Cynthia A. Branch
Cynthia Clay Briggs
Cynthia D. Edwards, ACSW
Cynthia Geddes, lcSW
Cynthia Reibenstein, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Bianca Dado
Michael Daly
Daniel Heathcock, LCSW
Danielle I. Herold, LCSW-R
Danielle Zimmerman, Master's Student
Jason Daniels
Alexander Danilowicz
Margaret Darcey Schifferdecker
Daria Cooper
Susan Darien
Darlene M. Deforte
Darlyne Bailey, MS, ACSW, LISW
David E. Pollio, PhD
David Matthew Cropp
Liane Davis
Yolanda Davis
Margot Davis
Lindsay Davison
Dawn DeStefano
Vicki Deboer
Deborah A. Hughes
Deborah A. Schmidt
Deborah Ann Wilkerson, LMSW
Deborah Joy Gordis, MPH
Deborah S. Jervis
Debra A. Viola
Deirdre Finney Boylan, LCSW
Steve Deitelbaum
Laurie Delaney
Demetress L. Harrell, LBSW
Denica Gordon-Mandel, MA,MSW
Denise A. Gordon, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Barbara Denner
Derritta Chambers Ford-Gainer
Barbara Desoto
Sandra Devine
Diane L. Mulroe
Brandi DiDino
Jill Dieser
Vivian Dinnel
Barbara Diorio
Deanna Dishman
Andrea Dixon
Nyonneh Dixon
Elizabeth Dobrish
Julia Dodson
Dolly Tatofi
Stefanie Dominik
Karen Donahoe
Katlin Donahue
Donald Tabone, MSW intern
Donna Donatelli
Anne Donna
Donna A. Mancini
Donna Goulette
Donna J. Cardinal
Donna Kilmore, LCSW-C
Donna R. Bowman, C-SSWS
Donna Schuyler
Dora Olivia Ochoa, LCSW
Jessica Dorey
Amy Dorin
Thomas Dorrance
Doug M. Graiver, MSW
Aaron Douglass
Jennifer Dowling
Stephanie Downs
Suzanne Doyle
Karla Drake
Karyl Draper
Dreamalee Lamberti, PsyD, ACSW
Lisa Dubbs
Anat Dubin
Linda Duffy
Duilio Quintero
Elizabeth Dunn
Preston Dyer
Amy Ebbeson
Steven Eckert
Edith Gibbs, ACSW
Belinda Edwards
Christine Egli
Nicole Eigler
Eileen Wiener, ACSW
Gwenda Eiler
Linda Eisenberg
Sharon Elghanayan
Eli Fujita
Elisabeth Joy LaMotte, MSW, LICSW, AAMFT
Elizabeth A. Buonomo, LCSW
Elizabeth A. Daniele
Elizabeth A. Lawson
Elizabeth Diaz, LCSW
Elizabeth Rayanne Witter, MSW, CSW
Elizabeth Taylor Peabody
Ellen B. Benson
Ellen S. Weinstein
Elliott Ryan Hill
Patricia Elmenhurst
Emily Lunn Winter
Emily S. Rosen, LCSW
Brian Englander
Suzanne Ennis
Alice Entin
Arlen Epp
Eric Andrew Harrris, N/A
Eric M. Alvin, BSW,MSW,CSW
Eric Todd, LCSW
Eric Wolf, Child Therapist
Erica Hecht Kehrberg
Erin Bonnell, LISW-S
Erin Elizabeth White, BSW
Erin O'Toole-Lyon, LCSW
Erin Vincent, MSW
Eryn McEwan Seavey
Vivian Eskin
Annette Eskind
Fay Eubank
Laura Eustice
Eve McCann, MSW
F. Michael Montgomery
C. Fagin
Christine Fahey
Mary Fair
Susan Fairbanks
Deborah Falco
Linda Falender
Stephanie Falk
Kim Farr
Kathy Faucher
Sarah Feinmark
Letetia Fender
Catherine Ferguson-Mappus
Robert Ferrelle
Judith Feuer
Edward Feuerbacher
Hal Filian
Amy Fish Siegel
Sharon Fisher
Theresa Fitzgerald
Nancy Fitzsimons
Jennifer Flanders
Ryan Fluharty
James Foley
Diane Forse
Debra Foster
Robert Fox
Debra Fox
David Fox
Susan franchetti
Kimberly Francis
Micki Frazier
Brenda Frazier
Kathleen Frederick
Monica Freire-Pandya
Ruth French
Elaine Friedman
Shira Friedman
Jolene Friedman
Yoon-Hi Fulbright
Cynthia Fulford
Evelyn Fuller
June Fulton
Laura Fusari
Elana Gacs
Jeffrey Gage
Gail H. Hart, ACSW
Ava Galante
Marla Gale
Laurie Gallagher
Nancy Gallina
Jacqueline Gammon
Sharon Garant
Karen garber
Foster Garcia
Ronald Gardner
Mary Gates
Carolyn Gatlin
Holly Gaul
Laurie Gaynor
Judith Gaynor
Spencer Gear
Sandra Geeting
Emily Geier
Mark Geisler
Andrea Gelsthorpe
Carli Genet
Geneva L. Osawe
Genevieve Lynn Johansen
James Genova
Heather Genschmer
Shirley Gentilini
Albert Gentle
George J. Wawrzonek, MSW
George S. Mavroftas, ACSW
Josette Georges
Georgia R. Rigler, MSW
Anne Gerber
Claire Geruson
Victoria Geter
Peggy Gibble
Beverly Gibel
Sandra Gibson
Deborah Gibson Goulish
Mary Anne Gill
Susan Gill-Hickey
Wendy Gillenson
Celia Gilmore
Gina Eustace, MSW
Gina M. King
Michal Ginach
Megan Gingo
Samuel Gioia
Giuliana Reed, LICSW
Thomas Givler
Glen Levinzon
Glenn A. Kondo, ACSW,DCSW
Emilija Gligoroska
Sherry Glore
Karyn Godsman
Helen Going
Alan Gold
Linda Gold
William Goldberg
Joel Goldstein
Mary Goldstein
Susan Good
Marion Goodwin
Mark Goodwin
Zoila Gordon
Bonnie Gordon
Maria Goudie
Diane Gould
Angela Graceffo
Marylin Granat
Roger Grape
Donald Grasing
Mary Gray
Harriet Grazman
Charles Greco
Jonah Green
Nathalyn Green
Stuart Green
Laura Green
Kevin Green
Sondra Greenberg
Jane Greenfield
Grace Gregg
Gregory Birchett
Gregory Merrill, LCSW
Gretchen Genz Davidson, LCSW
August Grigg
Delores Grigsby
Amanda Gropp
Laura Guastini
Bruce Gunther
Gustavo Gutierrez
Gail Guttman
Patricia Haas
Cynthianna Hahn
Judith Hakam
Mamye Hall
Judith Hall
Rosalind Hall-Hiner
Myrna Hamid
Karen Hammond
Priscilla Hannon
Sara Hansen
Lori Harkin Huse
Lucy Harman
Stephanie Harmelin
Lisa Harmon
Jacqueline Harper
Melinda Harriman
Zella Harrington
Barbara Harris
Angela Harris
Randy Harrison-Mills
Margot Hasha
Julie Hassett
Kelly Haussmann
Aaron Hayden
Heath H. Hightower, ACSW,QCSW,DCSW
Heather Ann Gibbens, MSW, LMSW, LAC
Heather Jenard
Heather McLaughlin
Heather Patton, BSW Student
James Heavenrich
Alison Heibult
Heidi Dike Kingston, LCSW,C-CATODSW
Heidi M. Monroe
Heidi Marine
Jane Helfman
Jessica Helton
Kim Helton
Suzanne Hennessey
George Henry
Lisa Herendeen
John Herington
Laurele Hernandez-Arata
Nancy Herron
Fern Hertzberg
Holly Heston
Lila Heymann
Mary Hicks
Hieu Pham, MSW
Nancy Hill
Hillary Albert
Mitzi Hines
Joan Hintzen
Lorie Hirsh
Paula Hite
Lacey Hochman
Joan Hoeberichts
Peggy Hoffman
Brandy Holmes
Debra Holmes
Karen Honbo
Peggy Hoppman Hunt
Cindy Horn
Amy Horowitz
Susan Houts
Mary Howard
Melinda Howard
Jacob Hoyt
Angela Hudson
Amanda Huewe
Melissa Hughes
Tracy Hughes
Marcia Hughes
Janet Hunko
Sharon Hunt
Carolyn Hunt Anderson
Gwen Hurd
Cynthia Hutchinson
Martha Hutchison
I. Barry Sorkin
Ian Sill, MSS, LCSW
Amanda Ike
Robert Ingram
Inna Danieli, LCSW
Gina Innocente
Irene E. Fahlander
Irene Salenikas Walcott
Karen Irizarry
Iruaku Brodie-Mends, LCSW
Timothy Irving
C. L Irwin
Isabel G. Orbita, LCSW
Itana Adar Pinansky, LCSW
Jack W. Gordon, LCSW, MVF-CSW
Elin Jacks
Charleen Jackson-Fleck
Ellen Jacobs
Mary Jacobus
Jacqueline Lee Gilmore, MSW
Jacqueline S. Rose
Jacqueline Spring Nelson, MSW
Jacquelyn M. Skinner-Johnson
James E. Blechman, LCSW-R
James Edward Cavanaugh, M.Min., M.S.W.
James McCracken
Jamie Allison Cool, LCSW
Jamie L. Blair Echevarria
Jamie Strickland, BSSW
Jane C. Woodward
Jane Oderberg, LMSW
Jane P. Baker, ACSW
Jane Wilson Cathcart
Janel Quillin, LCSW
Janelle D. Hancox, Janelle
Janet C. Sandoval, ACSW
Janet Donnelly London, LCSW,ACSW
Janet Jerome
Janet Price
Janet R. Cleckner-Mattingly, MSW
Janet T. Loughlin
Jania Sommers, LCSW
Janice L. Fristad, LCSW,ACSW
Jared M. Neal
Jason B. Hobbs
Javin-Machaias Hintz
Jayna Michelle Mayer, LCSW
Jayne Ellen Naughton, MSW, LISW, CCTP
Jean Perry
Vanessa Jean-Paul
Jeanne M. Pozy
Jeffrey Alexander Morales
Jeffrey D. Hamilton, LCSW
Jeffrey H. Wax
Kathleen Jendusa
Jennifer B. Torrey
Jennifer J. Glick
Jennifer Jo Gilmore, LMSW, BCBA
Jennifer Johnston, LCSW
Jennifer L. Mank
Jennifer Schultz, LMSW
Amy Jennings
Jenny Ann Nash, LMSW
Anna Jesseman
Jessica Anna Clark-Keeler
Jessica M. Kurtz
Jill Altomare
Jill Molinaro Silvestri, MSW
Jill Pedrick
Jo Frederic, LCSW,ACSW,CSW-G
Joanna Faith Glover
Ellen Jocke
Jodi L. Warne
Jody Tripple, ACHP-SW
Joe Kozakiewicz
Joel R. Ambelang, ACSW
Johanna McCarthy, MSW
John Glenn Silver, MSW
John J. Kenney
John Leuba
John Levitt, ACSW
John Ramirez, ACSW, LCSW
Celeste Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Mirta Johnson
Jona K. Jacobson, LCSW
Dana Jones
Heather Jones
Joanna Jones
George Jones
Sally Jones-Evans
Karen Jones-Mason
Joni Lesser-Benton, LCSW
Joseph L. DeChristofano, ACSW
Judith Josiah-Martin
Joyce A. Bartz, ACSW
Joyce S. Murphy, ACSW
Judith G. Morris
Judith M. Fishman, LCSW
Judy Brady
Julie B. Nadrchal, LISW
Julie K. Euseppi
Julie L. Carrozo, MSW Student
Julie L. Oliveira-Payton, ACSW
Julie Reibsane, LCSW
Julie Rosinski, LCSW-R
John Juster
Wendy Justus
Monica Jutkowitz
Kaarin Ilona Piegaze Lindquist, MSW
Kaitlin Kara McDowell Hermes, CTRS
Lindsay Kant
Kara M. Anderson
Karen Anne Voyer-Caravona, LMSW
Karen Hartigan, MSW/LCSW
Karen L. Moorehead-Jenkins
Karen R. Roos, ACSW
Karen Winkleman-Furman
Karin L. Soltau
Andrea Karsh
Karyn Mierau, SU MSW Student
Katharine Niles, MA
Katherine B. Juneau, LCSW,BACS,C-SSWS
Katherine Danner
Katherine Nagy, LCSW
Katherine Pritchett
Katherine R. White, LMSW
Kathleen M. Flanigan, ACSW
Kathryn A. Dixon
Kathryn Joann Huber, LSW
Kathy M. Kane
Katie Johnson
Judith Katz
Cynthia Katz
Kay L. Carter
Kay Nathanson
Kayla Marie Frick, LMSW
Karen Keeler
C. Anthony Keeling
Keena Robertson-Zarcone, C-ASWCM
Lorelei Keif
Keith Jordan, LCSW
Kelland Jay Brewer, BSW/MSW/LCSW
Jennifer Kelley
Sharon Kellington
Meghan Kelly
Dorothy Kelly
Sarah Kelly
Kelly Cooper
Kelly Zinn
Kelsey Curtis, BSW
Kelsey Kreider Starrs
Kelsi Elizabeth Curran, MSW
Ken K. Nakamura
Kendra K. Smith, ACSW
Kendra Leigh Dischinger, LSW
Kendrick E. Major, ACSW
John Kenney
Keri R. Golding
Kevin M. Dailey, ACSW
Kiana Pollacek
Kiel Engelson, MSW
Edwin Kikuchi
Janice Kiley
Suzy Kilzer
Kim E. Shepardson Watson
Kim Peek, ACSW
Kimberley Nusbaum
Kimberly Andresen
Kimberly Faith Halpin
Kimberly J. Probst Warden
Kimberly Michelle Bruno
Kimberly Orange
Kimberly Rae Berglund, ACSW
Kimmi Marion Herring
Barbara King
Dale King
Deborah Kirk Elder
Cathy Klein-Scheer
Julia Kleinschmit
Linda Koflanovich
Katherine Kok
Bertha Kondrak
Koral Jo Hueller, ACSW
Mary Korbel-Chiappetta
Joseph Kort
Lynn Koshland
Barry Kotel
Jo Anne Kovich
Mark Kraynak
Matthew Kreiner
Kristen Mary Hall, BSW
Kristen Pfeffer
Kristen Valentine, LCSW
Kristi Meyer, LCSW
Kristin M. Koliha
Hannah Krohner
Rebecca Krol
Kujachalia Knapper
Katelyn Kundert
Cynthia Kurahara
Jayme Kurland
Marilyn Kurzyna
Rachel Ladov
Kendrick LaFleur
Neena Lall
Elizabeth Lamberson
Katherine Lambert
Laura Lambert
Kathleen Landers-Wise
Michele Lanese
Joseph Lanzone
Angelica Lara
Lara C. Bender
Latoya Ewert
Laura Alexander
Laura Farha, MSW, MDiv
Laura H. Martin
Laura Kathleen Frazier
Laura Lodi, MSW
Laura Long
Laura Ransdell, MSW
Laura S. McKenzie, LCSW,CDC1,ACSW
Laura Tatiana Ormaza, MSW
Lauren Elizabeth McMillion, LCSW-C
Laurie Lawson, LMSW
Laurie P. Burns, ACBSW
Laurie Vukonich
Jeffrey Lawrence
Angela Layfield
James Lazansky
Judy Le Roux
Diane Leaders
Leah F. Sherman
Leah M. Niehaus, LCSW,MSW
Leah Schwarz, LMSW
Christen Leal
Danita LeBlanc
Karla Lee
Lee J. Monahan, LCSW
Jeremy Lees
Ellen Lefkowitz
Alan Lefkowitz
Richard Lehman