Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
August 2021
Abigail F. Kolb, MSW, Ph.D
Ellen Abrams
Adam Yuri Melaney, LCSW-R
Cora Adams
Susan Adams
Aimee Ross, MSW student
Brittany Albert
Anthony T. Cimino, ACSW
Artur Y. Akkerman, LCSW
Steven Ball
Becky M. Melvin, ACSW
Bernadette Pirrello, LCSW
Joel Biernacki
Nancy Blumberg
Brooke Booth
Brenda J. Church
Bruce W. Harms, LCSW
Linda Bruno
Kelley Cabral-Mosher
Carlie Calabria
Margherita Cannova
Carol L. Fowler, LCSW
Edonine Castor
Catherine Hales, ACSW
Christy Ann Claiborne
Constance M. Seligman
Courtney Laine Reed, CFLE-P
Janette Coury
Jane Coyle
Craig Mitchel Calzaretta
Sharon Cressey
Michael Daly
Danille Lewis, MA, MSW
Dee D. Domenici, LCSW
Karen Dieter
Glenn Dillon
Barbara Donesky
Vivian Drayton
Edith Dube
Bryan Duckham
Patricia Duckwiler
Elizabeth A. Mulvaney, LCSW-PA
Elizabeth Taylor Peabody
Ellen L. Rottersmann, LICSW
Emily Bess Hunter
Eugene M. Sumner, ACSW
Mark Everds
Kenneth Flanagan
Ryan Flowers
Gary Ford
Amanda Franks-McGill
Rebecca Freedman
Richard Friedman
Valarie Gardner
Jennifer Gentile
Rebecca Goldstein
Leigh Gordon
Pamela Guernsey
Craig Hadley
Maureen Hagan
Lecia Harrison
Melissa Hensley
Richard Hooper
Michael Huggard
Diane Humphreys-Barlow
Paulette Hurwitz
Ian Cole Watts, LBSW
Janel M. Weiner, LICSW
Janet A. Prindle
Janet L. Porcelli, LICSW
Jennifer Lynn Bean, LCSW
Gail Johnson
Maria Johnson
Samantha Johnson
Jane Jones
Judith D. West, ACSW
Judith Zucker
Robin Kahler
Judith Kahn
Karie Jean McGuire
Kelly Sue Contreras
Lisa Kolton
Kristine Marie Konz, LMSW
Mary Lamasney
Claire Lansing
Lawrence None Shulman
Karyn Lawrence-Vivier
Sarah Leffler
Lilian J. Solomon, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Linda Bellinson, LCSW
Alejandra Lopez
Lori Rae Notor Hughes, MBA, MSW Candidate
Luis Alonso Soriano-Hidalgo, Sr, LCSW
Lynn L. Motley
Lyssa D. Bayne-Kim, LICSW
Rhoda Margolis
Maria Elena Hernandez, LCSW
Maxine Tanzman-Bock, LCSW
Stephen Maynard
Rainell Miller
Bethanie Miller
Miriam Freitas, LCSW72895
Ramona Moncibais
Jenna Montgomery
Joyce Moody
Susannah Moore
Donna Moore
Melissa Morgan
Carol Morken
Nancy A. Makar, LCSW
Naomi Segal, ACSW
Amber Nickels
Barbara Noeth
Norma H. Hunt, DCSW,ACSW
Rachel Norsworthy
Nancy (Nan) O'Connor
Caroline Obrecht
Jeremiah Odukoya
Safaratu Okolo
Laura Olanoff
Caitlin Oliveira
Ellen Parker
Emily Parsons
Bruce Patterson
Kitti Perry
Jennifer Polidoro
Jan Polodna
Gregory Potts
Anna Prespare Bennett
Bruce Preston
Karen Prince
Priscilla Patrick Kennedy, LMSW
Rachel B. Sobel, ACSW
Rebecca Lynn Lopez, LMSW
Michael Reeves
Carolyn Rexius
Ricki Jean Harris, MSW
Ron Unger
Mary Rower
Ruth E. Ross, PhD
Ana Sanches
Alicia Santiago
Laura Schriesheim
Shari P. Levin
Sharon G. Berliner
Sharon Hines
Sharon W. Hoover, LCSW
Shelby Flynn, BSW
Shelley Lynn Poulsen
Sherry M. Henderson, DCSW
Simona Pozzetto, LICSW
Kimberly Solo
Emily Sorel
Daniel Stalilonis
Joanne Steinwachs
Stephanie Kimberly Starks, MSW
Karen Stoltz
Ingrid Sutton
Darcy Taylor
Terri Ann Naughton, LCSW,CACIII, BCD
Stephanie Thurston
Jessica Tomasko
Regina Trollop
Brittiny Tyson
Stephanie Valenziano
Melinda Vanzant
Victor Shawn Ingram, MSW,MSGL,MSS,CSW-I
Kathleen Walker
Phyllis Weisfield
Siham White
Beth Whittemore
Lyndon Winn
Matthew Yeazel
Rose Zarnowski
July 2021
Abbey S. Cohen
Abbigail Jesslynn Clark, Abbigail Clark
Lynn Abdelnour
Amy Abels
Barbara Acho
Adam Brown
Kathleen Adams
Sylvia Adler
Susan Adler
Adriana P. DiNardo
Adrianne Miller
Enid Ain
Aislinn Eve Jobes Groves, MSW, LCSW
Vivian Akpeghughu
Alan Joseph Kapuschinsky, Jr.
Alan M. Levin, JD, MA, LCSW
Alan Strong, LMSW,ACSW
Alberto Deleon, BS, MSW, LSW.
Katieann Albro
Alein Haddad-Perez
Michele Alexander
Alice G. Morris
Alison Eccleston
Allan E. Barsky
Fay Allen
Rhonda Allen
Shaun Allen
Jessica Allen
Allison Ann Hajdu-Paulen
Crystal Allred-Conley
Beth Alter
Sandra Altshuler
Alyson Jackson
Alyssa Anderson, BA- Psychology
Amanda Nash
Amanda S. Lewis, LMSW
Amie E. Kuykendall, ACHP-SW
Adrienne Amos Livengood
Amy A. Waldbillig, LCSW, Ph.D.
Amy E. Weber, LCSW
Amy Kathryn Bucciere, LCSW
Amy L. Price
Amy L. Rosenthal
Judith Andai
Andrea L. Harnett-Robinson, LCSW
Andrea P. Rogers, LCSW
Andrew Bruce Erickson
Angela Zzie
Ronald Angelone
Michele Angilly
Ann E. Kogen, LCSW
Ann Glaser, MSW
Ann H. Macvaugh, ACSW
Ann Marie Murphy
Ann S. Rauch, CSW
Anna Lee Hoodem
Anna Stelmach, LSCSW, LCSW
Annah-Lauren Valicoff, LCSW
Anne G. Scroggs
Annette Mirabal, LCSW, LADAC
Annette P. Graff
Antonio Luis Rivera, MSW, LCSW, LCADC
Harry Aponte
Stephanie Appel
April Tavares
Joan Arches
Douglas Arey
Arleene Siegel, LMSW, ACSW
Arlena Sharpe Brookins
Arlene Englander
Karenna Armington
David Armstrong
Janelle Arnett Campbell
Robert Arnold
Thomas Arzt
Sharon Asherman
Christina Atanasova
Elizabeth Atlee Hall
Audrey Neuhaus, DCSW
Susan Aukes
Karen Aurdal
Susan Avner
Robert Ayasse
Edward Ayres
Pier Bacigalupa
Bailey Rene Schendell
Stacy Bania
Carly Banks
Lynn Barash
Barbara A. Martin, ACSW
Barbara J. Luby
Barbara L. Larsen
Barbara L. Marsh
Barbara T. Adamich
Katherine Barbato
Candice Bardales
Thomas Barkauskas
Janet Barlow
Arnold Barnes
Johanna Barrett
Lourdes Barros
Barry Z. Davis, LCSW-R
Penny Bartko
Donna Bartlett
Linda Bartoli
Gwendolyn Bassett
Christine Bates
Sara Batey
Jennifer Batza
John Baudendistel
Nathan Baughn
James Bauguess
Joanne Baum
Kaitlin Bayliff
Michael Beaver
David Bedrin
Elizabeth Belcher
Suzanne Belisle
Joanne Belloli
Cynthia Bellows
Leslie Belt
Maryellen Benedetto
Waltraut Benjamin
Benjamin Ehrenfeld
Angela Berger
Jayme Berggren
Judith Bergson
William Berkan
Lisa Berki
Linda Berko
Dina Bernat-Kunin
Gwendolyn Berner
Vilma Berrios-Webbe
Lisa Bertaccini
Beth Ann Isen, ACSW
Shainna Bey
Misty Bilby
Rise Bill
Louise Biller
Binita M. Donohue, LCSW
Daniel Bishton
Janet Black
Buck Black
Laurie Blanchard
Maris Blechner
Tammy Blevins-Gierson
Richard Bloom
Carol Bloom
Lori Bloustein
Susan Blue
Ryan Blue
ellen blumenthal
Elizabeth Boakye
Jacqueline Boardman
Susan Bodansky
Natasha Boissier
Margaret Bolger
Owen Bolton
Sherry Bonder
Ronald Bonheur
John Bonina
Jon Boschen
Thomas Bosworth
Robin Bottino
Josephine Bourke
Theresa Boutross
Jocelynn Bowker-Kelly
Patti Bowman
Cynthia Bowser
Lauren Bradley
Elizabeth Brady
Martha Bragin
Mary Brainerd
Lindsay Brainerd
Symra Brandon
Carol Branscomb
Sarah Breckenridge
Breda Mary Moran
Suzanne Brennan-Nathan
Paul Bretz
Lisa Brewer
Brian Batchelder
Brian F. Judge, ACSW
Kathleen Brick
Cynthia Briggs
Alice Bristow
Brittany Fuchs
Brittany Nicole Gagnon
Ron Brizendine
Karen Brook
Sally Brown
Jennifer Brown
Winsome Brown-Cooke
Bruce R. Allen
Thomas Brumby
Laura Brundage
Barbara Brunson
Brian Bryanson
Mary Buchanan
Frenchie Bunch
Kimberly Burdick
Jocelyn Burnett
Andrea Burr
Trinna Burrows
Thomas Burton
Susan Bush
Kristine Butler
Mary Byrnes
Caitlin M Kennelly
Caitlin Reed, LLMSW
Kerry Caldroney
Cindy Calhoun
Katherine Campbell
Colleen Campbell
Jo Campbell
Tessa Campbell
David Campbell
Marlene Canada
Donna Capozzi
Aida Caputo
Carlo Codato
Ari Carol
Carol B. Sisco, ACSW,PHD
Carol J. Merrihew, MSW,LCSW-R
Carol L. Hart
Carole S. Geithner
Carolyn Ann Gribbin
Caron T. Starobin
Leigh Carpenter
Almon Carr
Carrie Lynn Christensen
Carl Castagna
Catherine A. Galda
Catherine Citta
Catherine S. Cassel
Catherine Swan, LCSW
Michelle Cavaleri
Celestine Cookson, MSW
John Cella
AMY Chandler
Charles E. Goldstein, LCSW,ACSW
Charles L. Chang, ACSW
CharlesEtta T. Sutton, LCSW,ACSW
Charlotte D. Iszard
Kevin Childs
Nicholas Chimienti
Christian W. Mosemann, ACSW
Christina Leonor Rodriguez
Christine A. Lottman
Christine Ann Renuart-Rapa
Christine Boak Bardelli, ACSW
Christine E. Wagener
Christine M. Derouin
Christine Ryan
Christine Valentin, LCSW
Christopher A. Cimmino, MSW
Raymond Cicetti
Cindy R. Dern, LCSW
Cindy W. Heidenry
Claire Parsons
Cathleen Clark
Kay Clark
Sarah Clarke (Ben-Shahar)
Elise Classen
Claudia Chika, LMSW
Cassandra Clay
Leslie Cleaver
Laura Cohen
Brian Cohen
Staci Coleman
Carol Collard
Colleen Mayo Friedman, L.C.S.W.
Collin Murray, LMSW
April Collins
Donna Comanda
Phillip Combass
Erin Connolly-Igoe
Amelia Conrad
Constance Joan Drogoul Bickson
Phillis Cooke
Alice Coppers
Sandra Corbin
Carolyn Cordasco
Corey N. Kritzman
Gina Marie Corona
Nell Corry
Anthony Cortese
Rosemary Corzine
Jennifer Costello
Jeffrey Court
Kim Cox
Meghan Crandall
Kaitlyn Crawford
Josie Creech
Richard Cresta
Crete Brown, MSW
Susan Crimmins
Naomi Crook
Sharlene Croteau
Jennifer Crouch Clark
LaVerne Crumpler
Csilla E. Andor
Kimberly Cumbie
Christine Cummings
Tiffany Cummings
Maura Curry
Cynthia Anne Hale, ACSW
Cynthia J. Behm
Cynthia L. Dubansky, LICSW, ACSW
Cynthia L. Wagner
Christiane Czajka
D. Lynn Jackson, ACSW
Da'Jah Lavet Robertson
Michelle Daane
Michael Daggy
Nadia Daher
Dale G. Schacherer, C-ASWCM
Dennis Damato
Dana Blair Kahn, LICSW
Dana C. Branson
Dana J. Oshiro
Daniel Bernatowicz
Daniel G. Saunders
Daniel Workman, MSW student
Tami Beth Danzig
Dara Saffer, LMSW-CC
Daria Cooper
David M. Fritz
David Matthew Cropp
David W. Wilkerson
Jill Davidson
Erin davies
Margot Davis
Martha Davis
Barbara Davis-Thompson
Lindsay Davison
Patricia De La Torre
Debbie H. Crane, Byrd, LCSW, ACSW
Debbie L. McCown-Perkins
Deborah A. Kiraly, ACSW
Deborah A. Schmidt
Deborah E.W. Stone, LCSW
Deborah Fins, ACSW
Deborah K. Altschul
Michelle Debord
Georgette Deborde
Debra M. Roberts
Sherry Dehn-Smith
Deirdre Finney Boylan, LCSW
Deirdre Jean Devlin
Danielle Deliman
Jennifer DeLorenzo
Brunella DeMarco-Planenshek
Jan deMoulin
Dennis W. Mott, LCSW
Diana Depugh
Deborah Desjarlais
Bruce Deveau
Devin Mary Sioma, LMSW
Diana M Kirby
Bertha Diaz
Laura Dickinson
Christine Diggs
Tammy Dignan
Vivian Dinnel
Deanna Dishman
Gary Dixon
Gretchen Dobervich
Jacqueline Dombrowski
Don J. Gonzales
Donna E. Hernandez, ACSW
Donna L. Russo, LCSW-R,ACSW
Donna M. Donahue
Donna Melissa Garman, LCSW
Daisy Dore
Patricia Dormer
Julie Dostie
Lula Douglas
Douglass M. Ruth, LCSW
Dylan Dow
Jennifer Dowling
Paula Dranger
Barbara Dreyer
Drusilla Kemp
Allen Du Mont
Duane E. LaGuire-Quinn, ACSW
Jessica Dugan
Mary Duncan
Jennifer Dunitz-Geiringer
Suzanne Dunn
Wendy Dunwody
Sophia Durant
Lauren Dushay
E Cydne B. Collins
Devin Eagle
Jillian Early
Jennifer Eckert
Edward B. French
Edward H. Haas
Ruth Edwards
Jackie Edwards
Tara Egan-Harris
Christine Egli
Mary Ekwall
Elaine Eleanor Daly
Elaine Fleischman-Rabinowitz, LMSW
Elisabeth Joy LaMotte, MSW, LICSW, AAMFT
Elisabeth O. Shorstein, ACHP-SW
Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D., LCSW
Elizabeth Rayanne Witter, MSW, CSW
Ellen Handler-Singleton
Ellen J. Safier, ACSW
Ellen Lazar, MA., Type73, MSW, CA
Ellen R. Rapkin
Linda Elligan
Colin Ellsworth
Jane Elson
Shirley Emanuel
Prudence Emery
Emilee Mainali, LCSW
Emily Ann Gaudet
Emily E. Rosenblum, ACSW
Emily Louise Millhollen, LCSW
Sally English
Eric Andrew Harrris, N/A
Erica S. Nazzaro
Eryca Kasse, MSW, LICSW
Suanny Espinosa
Esther J. Langston, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Katharine Esty
Hollis Evans
Candice Everett
Fabiana Aretusa Silva, BSW
Patrice Fails
Clea Fairaizl
Stephanie Falk
Sasha Fassett
Lisa Faul
Connie Fazzio
Rosalie Feder
Alan Felice
Rosemary Ferrero-Manginelli
Ann Finch
Fionna M. Davis, LCSW
Michael Fiore
Jane Fish
Amy Fish Siegel
Judith Fitkin
Jennifer Flanagan
Alicia Fleming
Rhonda Flowers-Corpening
Molly Floyd
Antonisha Floyd
Catherine Fly
Martha Forbes
Ellinor Forland
Marriott Fowler
Judith Fox
Marian Fox
Frances G. Respicio
Mindy Frank
Ruth Franzen
Cherokee Frazier
Kathleen Frederick
Kenneth Freedman
Anna Freedman
Allison Freeman
William Freeman
Monica Freire-Pandya
Ava Frotton
Jill Fryar
Janice Furlong
Karen Fussell
Rebeccah Gabriel
Gabrielle Mass, BSW
Elana Gacs
Gail M. Kraeuter, Kraeuter
Theresa Galakatos
Galit Arad-Trutner, MSW
Susan Gallagher-Schwass
Jenney Gallerane
Beth Gamburg
Elaine Garbaty
Susan Garcia
Garet D. Waterhouse
Gary Lee Baker, LCSW
Barbara Garza-Gonzalez
Nicole Gawer
Gayle Heady
Charles Gee
Denise Gensler
Geoffrey C. Zeger, ACSW
Chelsie Gharavi
Jennie Gialopsos
Karly Gilbert
Stephen gillenwater
Gillian C. Fynn, LCSW
Gina Liss, ACSW
Gina M. Samuels
Gina V. Bambinelli
Megan Gingo
Samuel Gioia
Thomas Givler
Joann Glaeser
Laura Glasgall
Glen Levinzon
Gloria Bravo-Gutierrez
Sarael Glover
Karyn Godsman
Sharon Goedkoop
Gail Golden
Goldie A. Eder
Aaron Goldsmith
Robin Goldstein
Amy Goldstein
Jolie Golomb
Angela Gomez
Hallie Goosenberg
Deborah Gordon
Patricia Gormley
Kristine Gozbekian
Mary Graden
Lariana Graham
Karen Graham
Dawn Gramling
Henry Granda
Alexandra Granville
Donald Grasing
Cindy Graves
Heather Gray
Betty Gray-Henson
Joseph Greaney
Kelly Green
Geraldine Greene
Tiffany Greene
Jane Greenfield
Kathy Greer
Amy Gregory
Gregory Birchett
Gregory Merrill, LCSW
Joan Grey
Susan Grgas
Addison Griffin
Patricia Grodd
Tara Guest Arnold
Casey Guidry
Johnetta Guishard
Purificacion Gumboc
Guneeta Singh McElhenny, LCSW
Karen Gurmankin
Joanne Haas
Pat Haber
Josephine Hadlock-King
Kerin Hagan
Sarah Hagerty
Haleigh McCrobie, MSW
Julie Hall
Heather Hall
Leandria Hall
Kristi Hallman
Natalie Haluszka
Flora Hamilton
Susan Hamlin
Jenny Hamlin
Patricia Hancock
Mareena Hanna
Dubby Harcharik
Kelly Hardy
Gecole Harley
Terry Harran-Rodriguez
Vera Harris
Yolanda Harris
Sydney Hart
Katherine Hartley
Angelic Hartman
Daniel Hartnett
Michelle Hartpence
Dennis Haseley
Richie Hawkins
Carol Hawtin
Karen Heard
Heather E. Comfort, LCSW
Heather Hildebrant
Heather Kaye Dunnam, LCSW
Teri Hedman
Jacqueline Heffernan
Linda Heimerdinger
Claudia Hemenway
Gerilynn Henshell
Nancy Herron
Catherine Hickem
Emmaline Higgins
Hilda Ann Williamson
Alexandra Hill
Rebecca Hillman
Mitzi Hines
Joan Hoey
Dale Hoffman
Dennis Hojna
Diane Holliman
Cynthia Holloway
Holly Cromwell Funger, LCSW-C
Mark Homan
Rochelle Honey-Arcement
Cindy Horn
Amy Horowitz
Michelle Howard
Michele Howard
Lydia Huber
Joseph Huber
Mark Hummell
Nan Hunt
Jayn Hunter
Adam Huot
Rhoda Hurst
Jacquelyn Hutchens
jennifer hutchinson
Angeline Hynes
Mikayla Iler
Ina S. Faye
Jack Ingersoll
Judith Ingram
Kathe Irvine
Susan Isaac
Elisabeth Isaksen
Joan Israel
Randi Israel
Charleen Jackson-Fleck
Carol Jacobs
Patricia Jacobs
Jacqueline Bruening Wendorf
Jacqueline D. Butler
Jacqueline Smith Williams, LCSW-R
Adelaide Jacquet
Cloi James
James E. Blechman, LCSW-R
James Hohmann, ACSW
Jami Binder, MSW, LCSW
Lee Jamison
Jane D. Vanderwerf
Jane Genende, LCSW
Jane L. Cobb, LCSW, ACSW
Jane M. Massengill
Jane R. McKinney
Jane Wilson Cathcart
Janet A. O'Shea, CSW
Janet R. Cleckner-Mattingly, MSW
Janet R. Schlissel, ACSW
Janie Brown
Janyda Hester, Janyda Hester
Jason M. Jolley
Jean H. Morgan
Jean L. Donnan
Jean Perry
Tom Jeffords
Jeffrey D. Hamilton, LCSW
Jeffrey N. Blaine, ACSW
Jeffrey S. Firsichbaum, ACSW
Joy Jegede
Kathleen Jendusa
Shannon Jenkins
Jennifer A. Olson, LICSW
Jennifer Archbold
Jennifer B. Torrey
Jennifer Johnston, LCSW
Jennifer L. Mank
Jennifer Nyander
Jeremiah Kitchen
Jerome Scriptunas, LSW
Jessica Anne Smith
Jessica Bailey
Jessica C. Jagger
Jessica L. Berkowitz
Wanda Jewell
Joanna Kirschbaum
Joanne Siegel, LCSW, ACSW
Jodi Lefevers Carroll, MSW, LCSW
Jodi Marie Herrera
Johanna C. Gill, C-SSWS, LICSW
John Dixon, LCSW
John J. Trumbaturi, C-SSWS, ACSW
John L. Thompson
John pemberton
John T. Witchger
John V. Smith, Jr., LCSW
John W. Cornelius
Martha Johns
Carol Johnson
Michael Johnson
Karen Jones-Williams
Joni Lesser-Benton, LCSW
Jonna Stoltzfus Buller
Jose B. Torres, PhD
Deborah Josell
Joseph DeNicholas, MSW Candidate
Joseph L Woodburn
Josephine G. Schiff, MSW, LCSW, LCSW
Joy Hollister
Joyce A. Odell, ACSW
Joyce Dion, MSW,LICSW
Joyce L. Collier
Judith A. Baker
Judith K. Moon, ACSW
Judith L. Hewes
Judy A. Williams
Judy K. Taketa
Judy M. Havner, LCSW
Julia M. Adelson
Julie A Edwards
Julie A. McCalip
Julie L. Oliveira-Payton, ACSW
Julie Reibsane, LCSW
Barbara Julius
Mary Jung
Wendy Justus
Lauren Kaden
Ruth Kalms
Bonnie Kamen
Gary Kamens
Dana Kane-Glickman
Amanda Kapadia
Karalyn Foster
Karalynne Nicole Mohr
Barbara Karavites
Karen A. Legato
Karen A. Otte, ACSW
Karen Anne Voyer-Caravona, LMSW
Karen E. Catoe
Karen Obermeier Bauer, C-ASWCM
Karen R. Roos, ACSW
Kari H. Kleven
Karin Olson Rogers, LICSW
David Karlberg
Donna Karlson
Karol K. Ward, LCSW
Andrea Karsh
Laura Kase Woods
Jessica Kaslick
Katharene Schoof, ACSW
Katharine B. Ford
Katherine H. Richardson
Katherine L. Templado
Katherine M. Keller
Katherine Nagy, LCSW
Katherine R. White, LMSW
Kathleen Ann Cebulski, LMSW
Kathy A. Fratrick, LCSW
Katie Baptist
Katie Johnson
Katy Ankenman, LICSW
Linda Katz
Steven Katz
Marlene Kaufman
Megan Kaufman
Sean Kavanaugh
Kay B. Smith
Kay Nathanson
Sara Kaye
Kathy Keavney
Kedeshia T. Spooner, LMSW
Daniel Keegan
Karen Keeler
Keith Poche
Gail Keller
Baiba Kelley
Robert Kelley
Velea Kelley
Kate Kelly
Kelly Lynn Daugherty, LCSW-R
Kelly Zinn
Kelsey Curtis, BSW
Kelsey Wendland, MSW
Maureen Kemmerer
Kendra Leigh Dischinger, LSW
Kathleen Kennedy
Kerrel Kerrel Ard, Jr.
Robyn Kestler
Roberta Ketchum
Kiel Engelson, MSW
Katharine Kiesel
Adrienne Kijak
Kimbelry Suzanne Naclerio, LCSW
Kimberly Andresen
Kimberly Belle Lavender, Lavender, LMSW
Kimberly Rae Berglund, ACSW
Gina King
Martha King-Sedwick
Mimi Kirk
Kirsten Reid
Kirstin Elise Hudson
JoAnne Klein Hill
Mary Jo Klingel
Jean Klingenstein
Susan Kloch
Walter Knauff
Karen Koch
J. Richard Koch
Paul Koehler
Katherine Kok
Koral Jo Hueller, ACSW
Diane Koram
Mary Korbel-Chiappetta
Ismail Korme
Kimberly Kountz
Natasha Kovalchuk
Linda Kovalesky-McLaine
Charles Kramer
Robert Kreager
Tricia Krier
Krista A. Kuhn-Grabenbauer, LISW-CP
Kristen Caroprese, LMSW
Kristen Gauthier, n/a
Kristi Meyer, LCSW
Kristin Marie Lees
Loren Kristunas
Rebecca Krol
Krystal Rashae Mehrhof
Julie Kuhns
Archana Kulkarni
Marcia Kullback
Kurt G. Fuchs
Linda Kurtz
Judith Kurzer
Carla La Pointe
Gary Labella
Lisa LaBrunda
Jennifer Lamaj
Lana Seiler, MSW
Teresa Lanahan
Kathleen Landers-Wise
Laura Langer
Marie Lanier
Lara Bergstedt
Lara Hulin, LCSW
Lara M. Helmus, LMSW, ACSW
Tracy LaRoy
Nelson Lassalle
Latoya Ewert
Stacy Laubach
Laura H. Martin
Laura H. Thompson-Ashford
Laura W. Groshong
Lauren Basile
Lauren weber
Laurie A. Deer
Laurie Connors
Sandra Lavelle
Laura Lawson
Judy Laxton
Ilanit Lazar
Judy Lazarus
Eunice Lederman-Schwartz
Omira Lee
Karla Lee
Jeremy Lees
Ellen Lefkowitz
Tanya Lentz
Margot Lerner
Stephanie Lerner-Ernsteen
Alexander Lesko
Leslie Feder
Leslie M. Weitzel-Nicoll
Leslie Schwartz Leff
Linda Levine
G'Von Lewis
John Lewis
Wendy Li
Liam Aidan Faulkner
Maureen Light
Linda A. Martin
Linda L. Dennis
Linda M. Mockeridge, ACSW
Linda Meyer
Lindasue Marshall
Nancy Lipphardt
Lisa Ann Hotchkiss
Lisa B. Roth
Lisa D. Patrick
Lisa Elizabeth McGuire, MSW, PhD
Lisa M. Bader
Lisa Marie Marcus, MSW, LCSW
Lisa McCarron
Lisa Muenchow, C-ASWCM
Lisa R. Silver, LCSW
Lisa Weber Hoskins, MSW
Lisa Zittis
Liz Reynolds, LCSW
Lee Lockwood
Jennifer Lofink
Karen Lofts Jarboe
Marie Lomeo
Eileen Long
Amber Long
Maribel Lopez
Mary Lorenger
Leonora Lorenzo
Lori R. Berman, LCSW
Lorimelle Grace Ramirez Beltran
Luella Loudenback
Cathy Louis
David Lovely
Dianna Lowrance
Samuel Luba
Michell Lubeth
Carryn Lund
Heidi Lutchen
David Lutwin
Melinda Lutz
Laura Lutz
Lynn C. Stanley
Lynn Hackstaff
Lynne Michele Klaus, LCSW, CACIII
Janis Lyons
Jeanine Lyons
M Susan Windle
M. Erin Koprevich
Gilda MacDonald
Sharon Mackel
Mackenzie Ann Schopf
Mackenzie Bennett, MSW
Terri Macleod
Amy MacNeill Rickey
Robert Madden
S Alexandra Mahr
Toby Mailman
Mary Ann Maino-Socienski
Makayla Teresa Cunningham, LCSW
Leslie Malin
Mallerie Sherr Mulhall, LCSW
Amanda Mallory
Bruce Maloof
James Michael Mannion
Michael Manor
Margaret Manuel Stokes
Maranda Randolph, LCSW
Marc D. Herstand, MSW, CISW
Erin Marean
Margaret Ann Lundsgaard, Lundsgaard
Margaret Anne Sik, BSW in Social Work
Margaret Durham Bossaller
Margaret Ellen Sallick, LCSW
Irene Margolis
Marguerite A. Cross, MSW, LSWAIC
Maria F. Miranda
Maria M. Ramos, LCSW
Marian A. Gruber
Marieca Linelle Harris, LSW
Marijke L. Brutsaert, ACHP-SW
Marisa Marinelli
Marissa Betty Caudill
Marjorie Johnson, ACSW, DCSW
Marleen D. Ellegor
Marni M. Neuburger, LCSW
Nelly Marte
Judith Martens
Martha Jo Marsh, ACSW
Jocelyn Martinez
Juan Martinez
Mary Anne A. Ruane, ACSW
Mary Elizabeth Belk, LMSW
Mary L. Riley, LCSW
Mary M. Keating, LISW-S
Mary McDonald
Barbara Mason
Monique Massey
Louis Massoth
Margaret Masters
Theresa Matson
Richard Matson
Matthew C Banach, BSW
Maureen C. Hanlon
Lance Mauro
Marcy Maxon
Eve Maxson
Ruth Mayden
Hillary Mayers
Glenn Mayes
Minda McCabe
Angela McCabe
James McCall
Teri McCarthy
Anna-Melissa McCarthy-Chavez
Lisa McCarty
Renee McClure
John McClure
Naomi McClurg
Patricia McDonald
Elizabeth McDonnell
Martin McGurrin
Carol McMenamy
Sarah McNamara
Cindy McNitt
Paul McNulty
Jolene McQueen-Kidwell
Philip McRae
Kim McReynolds
Ashley McWhirter
Theresa Medley
Megan McPherson, LSW
Megan Orr
Meghan Hinton, BSW
Meghan Riley-Graham, MSW
Stephen Melby
Karen Melikian
Melinda E. Stewart
Melinda W. Schenk, ACSW
Melissa K. Reilly, LCSW
Melissa Mandell
Melissa R. Weintraub, ACSW
Poonam Melwani
Lise Memling
Henrietta Menco
Jillian Mercado
Meredith Strauss
Joshua Metz
Sara Metz
Barbara Meyer
Larisa Mezhiborsky
Michael E. Forgy, ACSW
Michael J. Cipressi, QCSW
Michael P. Schwartz
Michele Ann Virva, LMSW
Michele Marie Eichorn, LCSW
Michelle Lynn Smith
Michelle Sells, MSW
Anna Michelson
Charlotte Michener Krasnoff
Christine Migdole
Joan Milano
Jeffrey Miller
Cindy Miller
Carmella Miller
Juliette Millin
Ethan Milner
Brenda Mintze Coleman
Miriam Oliensis-Torres, C-ASWCM
Miroslav Nerad, Jr.
Misti E. Bryan, Misti Bryan MAHSC
Heather Mitchell
Mitzi D. Stephens, LMSW
Elena Mogensen
Mohammed A. Alduwaihi
Moireach C.A. Mair, MSSW
Patricia Molitor
Shontell Moman
Kathleen Monahan
Jennifer Mongi
Monica Wright-Wisco
Monike Samuels
Monique E. Heller, LCSW
Karen Monroe
Monte E. Morton, ACSW
Lela Moon
Barbara Mooney
Patrick Mooney
Irene Mooney
Karla Moore
Julio Morales
Melinda Morgan
Morgan Arshonsky
Morgan Leigh Byler
Morgan Rae Ramsdell, MSW, LCSW
Eugene Morris
Robert Morris
Melodie Morrow
Paula Moyes
Kathleen Muloski
Irene Mundee-Cook
Loretta Murolo
Mary Murphy
Marilyn Murphy
Christopher Mussell
Deidre Myers
Kirsten Myers
Myriam Ann Carter, ADC,CS,CCDP
Suzi Naiburg
Devyn Nan
Nancy Lim-Yee, MSW,LCSW
Peggy Nash
Cheryl Nastasio
Nathan Ezzo
Mary Neely
Merrily Neill
Charlene Neitzel-Goostree
Edward Nelson
Charlotte Nelson
Tema Nemtzow
Nancy Neuer
Roda Neugebauer
Melissa Newbill
Anne Newhouse
Lisa Newman-Polk
Judy Nichols
Nicole Hapshe, BSW
Jean Nielson
Debra Noell
Nora honeyman, LCSW
Norma Kay Lord
Norma Schwartz
Norris W. Teague
Grazia Norton
Daina Norusis
Susan Nowelsky
Thomas Nugent
Dorothy O'Connor
Maureen O'Malley
Marcie O'Neil
Robin Ohringer
Jaione Orcolaga
Ruth Ormsby
Martha Otice
Nicole Ozene
Gail Pace
Gregory Pagano
Ashton Page
Paul Pagel
Paige D. Hector
Joan Palan
Susan Palmer
Marsha Palmer-Thelwell
Pamela A. Davis, MSW, LCSW
Nancy Pando
Susan Parker
Patricia Parker
Beth Parker
Minaxi Patel
Patricia Chao
Patricia L. McDonald, CSW
Patricia Meneghini
Patrick James Shanley
Mary Beth Patterson
Patti Dawn Pearce, LICSW
Kathleen Pattock McDonald
Valerie Patton
Patty Underwood
Wendy Patz-Hutwagner
Paul A. Swiatek
Paul L. Hyman
Paul Martin Chase, BSW Student
Paul P. Schmidt, LICSW
Paul S. Caver, LICSW
Paula D. Keavy, ACSW
Paula Jacobsen, ACSW
Arthur Paull
Wayne Pawlowski
Jill Pedrick
Peg Schwartz
Peggy J. Adams
Penelope A. Cleveland
Joan Penfield
Dave Pennypacker
Elizabeth Pepple
Yvonne Peraza-Mendoza
Olga Perez
Brenda Perez
Barbara Perkins
Suzanne Perlman
Megan Petach
Peter A. Kirkup
Robert Petersen
Ann Peterson
Sharon Peterson
Marissa Petery
Stephanie Petit
Pamela Petkanas
Katherine Pfister
Cheryle Phelan
Philip Cerrato, LCSW
Tracy Piasecki
Stacey Pinilis
Michelle Piotrowski
Juel Plotkin
Mayda Podell
Diane Podolak
Carolyn Polowy
Jacqueline Pouncy-Smith
Barbara Powers
Karen Pratt
Lastenia Pretlow
Janet Price
Michele Price
Marvetta Price
Micah Price
Laura Profumo Urey
Michele Pryor
Susan Pullen
Jordyn Purdy
Elizabeth Pyle
Stephanie Quick
Miriam Rabinovitch
Rachael E. Stracka, LCSW
Rachael Sarto, MSW, LGSW
Rachel Beck-Berman
Rachel D. Williams
Rachel E. Youree
Rachel Gearhart
Sandra Radetsky
Richard Radocchia
Nan Radulovic
Evelyn Ramos
Shelly Ramsey-Powers
Randall J. Freitas, MSW
Randy Barrett Topper, LMSW
Abbie Rankin
Mary Raphel
Leyla Rawan-Borowy
Mary Rawlings
Cheryl Ray
Terry Real
Rebeca Corona
rebecca ann skoda, LCSW
Rebecca H. Mckeever
Rebecca Lewis-Thornton, ACSW
Rebecca S. Rasmussen
Sandra Rechtsteiner
Mary Redd
Bonnie Redderoth
Megan Reddish
Kristie Redfield
Anne Redlich
Edward Redmond
Frances Reedy
Audrey Reich
Margo Renner
Jennifer Reynolds
Catherine Ricchetti
Robert Ricciardi
Bethany Rice
Angela Richards
Astria Richards
Aleda Richter-West
Sheri Rickson
E. Anne Riley
Susan Ringle
Andrea Rioux
Rise S. Gibson, BSW, CASAC-T
Ann Rivello
Elizabeth Rivera
Robbie K. Tessler
Aryana Robbins
Robert E. Weiler, ACSW
Robert John Buzzell, LSW, ACSW
Robert L. Bray, PhD
Robbin Roberts
Rita Robertson
Nadine Robertson DiMare
Robin B. Zelinger-Casway, ACSW
Robin G. Shapiro, LICSW
Robin M. Gilmartin
Harry Robinson
Claude Robinson
Robyn Amanda Westlake
Robyn Scher
Nancy Rocco
Jessica Rodas
Roderick Lee Arnold
Sandra Roger
Rachel Roger
James Rogers
Ann Rogerson
Cheryl Rome
Kathryn Rominger
Barbara Roney
Ronnie J. Weiner, ACSW
Lydia Rosa
Rosalind C. Black, LCSW
Sean Rosas
Jacqueline Rose
Andrea Rose
Tricia Rose
Rose Fajardo Latino
Rose Marie Burke, LCSW
Sharon Rosen
Robin Rosenberg
Ticola Ross
Kristi Ross
Anne Roughton
Gwendolyn rouleau
Carolyn Roulo
Dawn Roy
Lenore Ruben
John Rubin
Amanda Rubio
Sarah Ruhl
Johnathon Rush
Renee Russo
Ruth A. Goode, PhD,ACSW
Ruth A. Maskow
Ruth J. Rubio, LMSW-AP
Anne Ryan
Stephen Rynn
Jennifer Sabbah
Sacha J. Trulove, student
Charles Sacks
Sally Carton, LCSW
Sally Jean McVey
Samirah Abdurraheem Furbee
Etta Sample
Yale Sanders
Belinda Sanders
Sandra L. Taylor
Sandra M. Shelly, ACSW
Alisa Sane
Sonya Sanmateu
Sara Garrott Dochterman
Sara Hwang
Sarah Bayer
Sarah Michele Denick, MSW Graduate Student
Sarah Nixon, PLCSW
Cynthia Sarris
Gina Sartori
Sasia Keia-Lanique Rogers
Julia Sauder
Anne Scaperoth
Sara Schieffelin
Lauren Schiffer
Jill Schlanger
Susan Schmidt
Kim Schneiderman
Ann Schroeder
Peter Schroeder
Christine Schultz
Maegan Schultz
Patricia Schulz
Jeanne Schum
Jennifer Schumaker
Helen Schuster
Maureen Schwartz
Cynthia Schwartzberg
Alison Schweichler
Kimberly Scott
Scott K. Birdsong, LCSW-C, ACSW
Andrea Seabert
Sean P. Nelligan, ACSW
Sean T. O'Neil
Andrew Sekeres
Selma Ingber, ACSW
Natalie Serure
Shaneen D. Alvarez
Karen Shanley
Shannan L. Brimmer, LCSW, C-SWHC
Shannon Sullivan Wright, LCSW, DCSW ACSW QCSW
Carol Sharfstein
Sharon Arkoff, MSW
Mary Shay
John Shear
Marylou Shearing
Timothy Sheets
Erika Shefchik
Shelley L. Anderson, PhD,LCSW-R,DCSW
Shelly D. Daniel, MSW, LCSW
Karen Shenefelt
Shenelle Sathya Sriwardena
James Sherman
Carol Sherman
Sherry K. Bryson
Sherry L. Michaud, LCSW
Sherry M. Cohen
Shoba Ramani, LCSW
Julie Short
Stephanie Shuchart
Sibylle Thaler
Edward Siegel
Bobette Siegel
Marilyn Siegel
Sarah Siegel
Beverley Simmons-Willis
Michelle Simon
Gary Simoneau
Christine Simpson
Barbara Skornia
Lisa Slattery
Patrick Slifka
Sally Smith
Judith Smith
Christopher Smith
Lisa Smith
Jessica Smith
Bobette Smith
Omega Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Sarahlin Smith
Kenneth Smith
Patricia Smucker
Dolores Sneed
Marilee Snyder
Goldwin Sommersell
Sondra G. Petty
Laraine Sorrell
renee souba
Susan Soverel
Jennifer Sparrock
Julie Spencer
Judy Spinney
Marcia Spira
Robin Spiro
Jennifer Sprague
Julie Springwater
Stacey C. Wisiorowski, LCSW
Stacie Cottrell
Stacy Renae McNeely, LMSW,ACSW
Laurel Stanley Glynn
Victoria Steen
Shelley Stein
Stephanie Crawford, LCSW
Stephanie Michelle Wilson, LSW, MSW
Stephanie Savoia
Devon Stephenson
Linda Stewart
Rhonda Stewart Jones
Barbara Stobe
James Stockwell
Daniel Stone
Megan Stone
Suzanne Story
Margaret Stovall
Marie Strazza-Yizar
Michael Street
Rebecca Strouse
Joanne Strumb
Christina Styer
Sue A. Hutchinson-Minutaglio, ACSW
George Suiter
Melissa Sullivan
Susan C. Hawthorne
Susan Cason-Parks
Susan Couch, MSW, LCSWA, EDMR
Susan E. Pearson
Susan Lucker
Susan Lynn Weingarten
Susan M. Craw, MA, MSW
Susan Marie Hunter
Susan Paladino
Susan S. McKay, Student
Susan S. Valoff, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Suzanne A. Rosenberg
Suzanne Farkas
Suzanne Morse-Fortier
Suzanne S. Stutman, ACSW
Suzy P. Weinman, LSW
Marly Sweeney
Matthew Sweet
Rebecca Tackett
Sandra Tagliaferro
Tammy J. Rosenthal, LCSW, LICSW
Jennifer Tan
Gregory Tangari
Rose Tanks
Michael Taylor
Edward Taylor
Kelly Tejada
Elizabeth Tener
Teresa C. Works, ACSW
Teresa M. Hencke
Teresa Sagrati Dieringer
Terry Davis, MSW, LCSW
John Tewart
Laurie Thatcher
Jennifer Theberge Ierardi
Angela Thomas
Thomas V. May, ACSW
LISA Thornton
Jan Thornton
Michelle Thrailkill
Tia Denise Stone
Tina Salva
Deborah Tobias
Naoise Tobin
Tom Pedulla
Linda Towle
Tracey Darling
Holly Tracy
Lisa Tracy
Tracy Fox Galluppi
Jo Ann Trama
Dorothy Traudt
Ellen Travers
Joanne Tremblay Jackson
Triss A. Fifer
Bette Trojanowski
Sarah Tronco
Michelle Trudell
James Truesdell
Donna Tsutsumi-Ota
Jennifer Tuck
Janice Tucker
Mariah Tuffy
David Turner
Luther Turner
Carleigh Turner
Shomari Turner-Gallagher
Iris Turtz
Kimberly Underdue
Abigail Usher
Valeria Mainwald
Valerie Wood, LCSW
Lynne Vallone
Angela Vance
Rita Vandivort-Warren
Donna Vanik
Veronica Vann-Ray
Nancy Varga
Queenie Vartoukian
Melinda Veliz
Meredith Vender
Hannah Verdin
Salvatore Verdone
Vicki C. Steed, ACSW
Vickie L. Warner
Victor Cota
Nelsy Villalobos
Melba Villar
Virginia P. Archer
Norita Vlach
Asia Wade
Peter Waful
Ellen Walker
T. Charlene Walker
Joel Walkley
Alice Ward
Larry Watson
Helen Wayne
Marguerite Weaver
Kenneth Wedel
Danyale Weems
Richard Weigel
David Weinhold
Anita Weinstein
Paula Welenc
Nancy Wender
Wendy B. Blenning
Wendy Ross, LCSW,ACSW
Wendy S. Freund
Wesley R. Goodenough, ACSW
Claire Wesloh
Gail West-Hooper
Michael Weyand
Ethel White
William White
Whitney Lauren Luce, LMSW
Sonya Wich
Linda Wiles
Melissa Wilkins
Danyelle Williams
Jane Williams
James Williams
Sandra Williams
Jacqueline Williams
Lloyd Williams
James Wilson
Madeleine Wilson
Dawn Wilson
Michael Winocour
Ada Winsten
Ellen Wolfson
Rachel Wrenn
Eve Wright
Christopher Wulsin
Xana S. Bertino
Janet Yankosky
Sharon Yarnell
Monika Yen
Shlomit Yerushalmi
Rivka Yerushalmi
Thomas Yore
Pamela Young
Kurtis Young
Diane Young
Kimberly Young
Mary Young
Yvette Lanausse
Yvonne R. Booy
Katrina Zendrian
Amanda Zerrlaut
Kelly Zielie
Elaine Zimmerman
G Zimmerman
Erica Zinter
Kathryn Zox
Jean Zugger
June 2021
Geraldine Abelson
Emily Aber
Abigail Ellen Tischler, LCSW, ATR-BC
Allyson Aborn
Susan Abrams
Concepcion Acosta
Cassondra Acquista
Adele Emily Pearlstein, MSS
Zulibette Adorno
Adrienne L. Buhacoff
Agata Van Haren, ACSW
Aimee Amodio
Aisha Nailah Cunningham
Lateef Akesode
Alan W. Ingram, JD, MSW
Alana R. Burke
Susan Albertus
Alexandra C. Cassidy
Alexandria Soto, LCSW,ACSW
Alexis Torres
Alicia E O'Connor
Gaetana Aliotta
Alison B. Russell
Michael Allen
Christina Aloisio
Laura Alper
Sharon Alperovitz
Ketelie Altena
Jean Alter
Alvin F. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Alvin J. Reed, LCSW, PIP
Alyse Brooke DeSelms
Alyssa Palmer
Amal B. Muammar-Hastings
Amanda Eidemiller, LMSW
Amanda Elizabeth Noyes
Amanda Teel
Stephen Ammann
Heidi Amundson
Amy Gosdin
Amy L. Goldberg-Robles, MSW
Ana Lucia Parker
Xochil Anama
Elizabeth Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Andrea D. Heitz, LCSW,SAP
Andrea Lee White, LCSW
Andrea M. Nydegger
Andrea Mickelson Moore
Andreena Harriman, BS
Marilyn Andrew
Lorraine Andy
Angela Leon-Guerrero, LMSW
Ann Russell, LCSW, MSW
Annette Deigh, MSW, LCSW
Anthony J. Cotraccia
Anthony Randall Tanner, LCSW
Anthony Wayne Snyder
Louise Appleton-Skubal
April Jennalee Beardslee, BSW
Janet Aptaker
Sharron Arbuthnot
Ariane M. Caparella
Arleen Bergen
Arlene Messner-Peters
Kristina Armbruster
Esther Armijo
Alina Arredondo
Amy Arsenault
Arthur Dash, LCSW
Ellen Ashinoff
Jeanne Atkatz
Audrey H. Gerdt
Stacey Aust
Leah Avant
Ayana Marie Fordham, LLMSW, MA
Rebekah Aymat
Muhammad Baaith
Annette Bacheller
Susan Bagnini
Rebecca Baker
Lena Baker-Scott
Hillary Baldwin Steller
Susan Bandler Wagner
Eva Barahona
Eugenie Baranoff
Barbara Breitman
Barbara H. Brien, LCSW
Barbara J. Sherman, ACSW
Barbara K. Detlefsen
Barbara P. Jannah, ACSW,LCSW
Barbara P. Wyner, LICSW, ACSW
Ann Bareish
Ernest Baringer
Brianna Barker
La Tasha Barnes-Carney
Amy Barr
Leslie Bass
Helene Bass-Wichelhaus
Rhonda Batlas
Renee Batt
Gail Bauer
Shirley Bavonese
Linda Beam
Neal Beatus
Jennifer Beaupied
Nancy Beaver
Victoria Beckerman
Joyce Beckett
Lily Beer-Chiavetta
Micah Bell
Linda Bell
Richard Belson
Froma Benerofe
Melissa Berler
Flora Bernard
Erin Bernau
Rhoda Bernstein
Lisa Bernstein
Amy Bertelsen-Robles
Beth D. Levine
Beth Hand, ACSW
Beth L. Emmons
Beth S. Soltzberg, ACHP-SW
Bethami L. Lawson, LCSW
Bette G. Pounds
Betty K. Skinner, LSCSW, ACSW
Cheryl Ann Bianchi-Bigelow
Harmon Biddle
Judith Bieber
Bill Kohlmeyer, MSW, LMHC, DVTP
Sylvia Black
Sandra Blaies
Robbie Blair
Lou Blankenburg
Elyse Bloch
Nancy Bloom
Kevin Boggess
Ellen Bogolub
Becky Boice
Amanda Bolanowski
Tatiana Bolotina-Rozman
Peggy Bonacci
Helen Bonapart
Tara Bond
Jacqueline Bonnafous
Bonnie J. Collins
Bonnie L. Spencer
Shelley Booker
Lillian Borek
Michelle Borenstein
Mashelle Boswell
Barbara Boucher
Laurie Boussom
Nicholas Bracken
Elizabeth Bracken
Debra Brandt
Brenda Miller
Brenda S. Mevorah
Sharon Brener
Susan Brenner
Indira Brevick
Henry Brewer
Brian Gomez, LCSW
Shannon Brice
Bridget Colleen Branning, SWT
Haydn Briggs
Eleanor Brilliant
Genevieve Brink-Capriola
Sophia Brockenbrough
Amanda Brockway
Marilyn Brooks
Andrea Brown
Robin brown
Terri Brown
Carole Brown
Suzanne Brown
Ellen Broxmeyer
Dawn Brubakken
Jeanette Bruce
Colleen Brunell
Bryan LeClaire, Mr.
Elyse Bryman
Susan Buch
Retha Buck
Catherine Buckley
Dorie Budde
George Bulger
Charles Burch
Terri Buresh
Brenda Burgner
Naomi Burke
Mary Burke
David Burkett
Joan Burkhard
Robin Burnett
James Burns
Leticia Bustamante
Vincent Butler
Capri Cafaro
Yvette Caldwell
Margaret Calista
Marina Callozzo
Alexandra Camarda
Laurinda Cameron
Jessica Campbell
Patti Campidilli
Veronica Cann
Rebekah Capen
Laura Cardamone
Carly Elizabeth Brown, ASW, PPSC
Carly Erin Cooper, MSW
Carmen P. Williams, C-ASWCM
Carol A. Zancanella, LCSW
Carol Ann Ross
Carol F. Mccardell, ACSW
Carol F. Odell
Carol Pauli Bloch, LCSW
Carol S. Fischbach, LCSW
Carolyn Lee Hotz, LBSW
Carolyn R. Altman, LCSW
Carolyn S. Endicott-Plog
Kariisa Carrasco
Carrie Ann Winkler, MSW, LCSW
Stephanie Cartwright
Anna Caruolo
Michael Cascio
Karen Cassidy Berg
Laura Castracane
Ekaterina Castro
Catharine Livingston Tyler, LCSW
Catherine Louise Profit, MSS
Catherine M. Klein
Cathyann Robinson, VA, CA
Intisar Chamoun
Chantal Collette
Charita Kincy McCollers, MSW, LCSW
Charles edward roberts
Charles H. Kramer, III, ACSW
Chastity J. Pimental, MSW, LCSW
Cheryl B. Bias, LCSW, ACSW
Cheryl Springer
Samantha Chico
Jill Cholensky
Christina M. Strain
Christina Renee Landeros, LMSW
Christine Jorgensen
Christine L. Gradert, ACSW
Christine T. Harris, MSW, LCSW
Margaret Christman
Chrysecolla Taico, LCSW
Cindy C. Auchter
Cindy C. Weiser, ACSW LCSW
Cindy Gradle
Cindy L. Capretz
Cindy Powell
Irene Cirillo
Phoebe Cirio
Martin Cirkiel
Claire N. Zimmerman
Charlotte Clapham
Jim Clark
Marilyn Clarke
Claudia Apfelbaum, MSS, LCSW
Claudia Y. Williams, LCSW-R
Nancy Claypool
Janet Clemenson
Catherine Cloud
Randie Cloutier Chaine
Amber Cobbs
Joyce Cochran
Carol Coffey
Rachel Cohen
Jenna Cohen
Felicia Cohn
Jill Colasurdo
Susan Cole
Judith Cole
Lisa Cole
Jennifer Coleman
Barbara Coleman-Burroughs
Sarah Colling
Sandra Collins
Carmelo Colon
Loretta Constantinidis
Jane Conway
Darin Conway
Louis Cook
James Cooney
Corbette Lambert
Kenneth Corbin
Corey Datz-Greenberg, MSW
Elizabeth Corpt
Carol Coulson
Dana Courtney
Emily Cowan
Stacie Cox
Leslie Cox
Timothy Coyle
Susan Crimin
Jacqueline Crnic
Lynnette Cromwell
Kimberly Crowder
Mark Crummey
Mary Cruz
Maria Cruz
Laura Cryan
Crystal Elise Browning
Donna Cude-Islas
William Cunningham
Henaris Curiel-Shaw
Joshua Cutler
Cynthia Ann Brayboy
Cynthia Deanne Lowe
Cynthia Fulton-Solomon, LMSW
Cynthia Reibenstein, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Sandra Dailey-White
Vicent Dalessio
John Dalzell
Dana Christine Reyes
Dana Snyder-Grant
Dana Williams
Daniel R. England, LCSW, ACSW
Daniele Ramos Araujo
Danielle I. Herold, LCSW-R
Danielle Pearl Smith, LCSW
William Daniels
Shirlene Darby
Susan Darien
Darlene M. Deforte
Roberta Darling
Kathleen Dart
David Andrew Scheid
Charlotte Davidson
Carol Davis
Taylor Davis
Ella Davis
Liane Davis
Elda Dawber
Dawn E. Witthaus
Daisy de Jesus
Deana JoAnn Thuer
Debbie Kay Duquette, L.I.C.S.W., P.I.P.
Deborah Kolker Mastin, LCSW
Debra Deeble
Krista Deckhut
Deena H. Robertson, MSW
Steve Deitelbaum
Laurie Delaney
Donna Delich
Laura Dell'Olio
Demetress L. Harrell, LBSW
Patricia Deming
Teresa DeNicholas
Deniece Roschele Christ-Rice
Denise A. Gordon, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Denise rossi
Lynn Dennis
Lori Dennis
Devi Desai
Samantha Dettmann
Nancy Deutsch
Bill Deutsch
Diana Krista Gruhl
Diana Mudde Wiersma, ACSW, LMSW
Diane Calogero-Cleary, LCSW
Dianne Yearwood
Patricia Dickson
Jeremy Didier
Brandi DiDino
Barbara Diorio
Matthew Ditty
Cathy Dively
Andrea Dixon
Jonathon Dodd
Dolly Tatofi
Stefanie Dominik
Don W. Swayne, LCSW
Karen Donahoe
Katlin Donahue
Heidi Donald
Patricia Donaldson
Donna A. Mancini
Donna J. Cardinal
Donna McClintock Fost, ACSW
Donna R. Bowman, C-SSWS
Donna Schuyler
Kevin Donnelly
Richard Donovan
Dora Olivia Ochoa, LCSW
Darnel Dorenkamp
Dorneda Williams
Dorothy M. Goulart
Thomas Dorrance
Linda Douthart
Suzanne Dowd
Mary Downie
Stephanie Drees
Lisa Dubbs
Catherine Duca
Hope Dudek
Laura Dudley
Scott Duke
John Dukes
Elizabeth Dunn
Judy Duquette
Rita Duran
Suzanne Dworak-Peck
Stephen Dworkin
Jerome Dyson
Elizabeth Ebaugh
Taylor Eberhart
Jennifer Eckert
Eddie Williams, IV, EDD, LMHC, MCAP, NCC
Rebecca Edwards
Eric Eid-Reiner
Eileen Isaacson, LCSW
Eileen Wiener, ACSW
Janie Eisenberg
Linda Eisenberg
Elaine P. Congress, DSW, ACSW
Elaine Shea, ACSW
Eleanor L. Hertzler
Elena Beatriz Wright-Aguilar, LCSW-C
Eline R. Rhoades
Elisa Lewis
Elizabeth A. Beane
Elizabeth A. Lawson
Elizabeth C. Davidson, LCSW,LCADC, CEAP,
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Diaz, LCSW
Elizabeth J. Piner, ACSW
Elizabeth Kindred, LCSW
Elizabeth L. Ladehoff
Elizabeth L. Ramsey, LCSWA
Elizabeth M. Lauria, MSW
Elizabeth Victoria Robinson
Ellen S. Ayres
Randi Ellingboe
Jennifer Elson
Elyice J. McCutchen, MS, MFT
Elyse Gail Garlick, ACSW PhD
Sherry Emerine
Emily Autumn Walker
Emily Birkhead
Emily J. Debo-Trosclair, LCSW-C, C-SWHC
Emily S. Rosen, LCSW
Amber Engelbrecht
Arlene Englander
Theresa Epstein
Eric C. Oxelson, LCSW,DCSW
Eric Todd, LCSW
Erin Bonnell, LISW-S
Erin Vincent, MSW
Carla Ervin
Vivian Eskin
Jose Esparza
Esther H. Silverman, ACSW, DCSW
EstherGrace Gilbert
Suzanne Etre
Eugene Canotal, LCSW
Nancy Evans
Eve McCann, MSW
Evelyn Giovanis Longini, MSW Student
Evelyn Lorisa Taylor, LCSW
Susan Faber-Brook
Patrick Fagan
Molly Fagan
Linda Falender
Maureen Fallon-Cyr
Fara Sussman Jones, LCSW
Michael Farley
Evelyn Farmer
Katelin Farmer
Debra Farnsworth
Fay M. Cadwallader, ACSW
Gwen Feddema
Jane Feinberg-Cohen
Nanci Felice
Rebecca Feller
Jessie Fenske
Meredith Ferguson
Catherine Ferguson-Mappus
Maria Ferreira
Jennifer Ferrilli
Judith Feuer
Hal Filian
Claudia Fine
Sarah Finke
Allen Finkel
Lisa Finkelstein
Marilyn Finkelstein
Lynn Finocchiaro
Paul Fiszman
Jennifer Flanders
Linda Fleischman
Robert Flick
Flora J. Coughlin, ACSW
Anna Flores
Cheryl Flugaur-Leavitt
Susan Forbes
Alexandra Forsythe
Robert Fox
Debra Fox
Anna Francis
William Francis
Cynthia Franklin
Laura Frazier
Fred Pastor, ACSW,DSW,LCSW
Frederick Nathan Cabras
Diane Freedman
Valeria Frescino
Sarah Friedman
Toby Friedman
Phyllis Friedman Ross
Nancy Friedman-Cohen
Diana Fuery
Yoon-Hi Fulbright
June Fulton
Laura Fusari
G Craig Spalding
Abby Gagerman
Gayle Gagliardo
Gail H. Hart, ACSW
Susan Gair
Gaither M. Terrell
Nancy Gallina
Sharon Gambo
Gretchen Gamradt
Julia Gann-Smith
Sharon Garant
Maria Garcia
malani Garcia
Lynn Garcia
Beverly Gardner-Nelson
Elizabeth Gaskill
Mary Ann Gastiger
Holly Gaul
Gautam N. Yadama
Cheryl Gay
Sandra Geeting
Sheila Geha
Emily Geier
Heidi Geiss
Carli Genet
Genevieve Lynn Johansen
Teresa Gentile
Joanne George
George C. Kappaz
George N. Shuler, Jr.
Josette Georges
Georgia R. Rigler, MSW
Anne Gerber
Gianina Elisa Aniano, MSW
Peggy Gibble
Natalie Gidney-Cole
Valerie Gill
Sheryl Gill
Susan Gill-Hickey
Veronica Gill-Reed
Gillian T. Lawrenz
Amy Gillston
Celia Gilmore
Jennifer Gilmore
Gina L. Duchesne
Michal Ginach
Barry Giordano
Glenn A. Kondo, ACSW,DCSW
Gail Glick
Naomi Glicken
Gloria Howard Martin, ACSW PhD
Alan Gold
Linda Gold
Leatrice Goldberg
Marcia Goldstein
Joel Goldstein
Susan Good
Laura Gotham
Mel Gottlieb
Elizabeth Gotwals
Daniel Gouker
Marti Gould
Donna Goulette
Grace L. Davis
Damon Graham
Amanda Graham
Claire Grainger
Marylin Granat
Mary-Rose Granlund
Grant Pike
Angela Grattaroti
Mary Gray
Ginger Gray
Jonah Green
Sondra Greenberg
Debra Greenberg
Paula Gregoriades
Megan Gregory
Amanda Gropp
Judith Grosz
Amy Gui
Lynne Guss
Gwen E. Ginski, MSW
Elizabeth Haas
Brenda Haas
Alison Hafner
Shawn Haggard
Edward Haley
Pilar Halgunseth
Mamye Hall
Chara Halliwill
Diana Halperin
Janet Hamill
Nina Hamilton
Marjorie Hammock
Alison Hammonds
Kimberly Hanna
Priscilla Hannon
Carolyn Hansen
Stephanie Harmelin
Melinda Harriman
Sheila Harrington
David Harrington
Julie Harris
Margo Harris
Virgie Harris-Bovelle
Randy Harrison-Mills
Hannah Harter
Jacqueline Hasselbring
Hathi E. Blackman, LCSW, ACSW, LLC
Arlene Havens
Aaron Hayden
Kathleen Hayes
George Hearne
Heath H. Hightower, ACSW,QCSW,DCSW
Heather Leigh Barr
Heather M. Martin
Heather Rose Floyd-Haupt
James Heavenrich
Kenneth Hebert
Heidemarie Koop
Heidi Spiegel
Helen Barrow, TTS
Helen H. Spencer
Helen S. Hill
Laurie Heller
Kathleen Hendriksen
Henrietta Small, MSW, LCSW
Herbert Jay Rosenfield, ACSW
Marty Hernandez
Helen Hernandez
Kimmi Herring
John Herron
Sally Hickey
Marian Hilfrink
Carol Hindle
Claudia Hirsemann
Patricia Hite
Lacey Hochman
Paul Hoffman
Mary Hoffman
Freddie Holeyfield
Lucile Holliday
Deborah Hollier
Ian Holloway
Lucy Holmes
Brandy Holmes
Cheryl Holmes
Julie Holmes
Morrissa Holzman
Elaine Hopson
Debra Horvath
Bryan Houston
Susan Houts
Karen Howard
Brandi Howes-Medley
Andrea Hunt
Lysetta Hurge-Putnam
Jennifer Hurley
Carol Hurst
Susan Huslage
Cynthia Hutchinson
Tamara Iacampo
Ida M. Mills, ACSW
Patricia Infantino
Robert Ingram
Gina Innocente
Erika Inzano
Irene E. Fahlander
Irene F. Dashiell
C. L Irwin
Anne Isaacs
Itana Adar Pinansky, LCSW
Michele Itskowitch
Barry Ivker
Elin Jacks
Jacob Wayne Kidd
Debbi Jacobs
Teresa Jacobs-Castano
Jacque Eugene Gibbons, PhD
Jacqueline Wilma Rodriguez, student
Linda Jaffe
Rhonda Jager-Pippy
Jaime Browning, MSW
James Edward Cavanaugh, M.Min., M.S.W.
Jamie Allison Cool, LCSW
Jamie Miller Craig
Jan M. Brizee
Mary Janchar
Jane A. Kelley, LCSW
Janel Quillin, LCSW
Janet Donnelly London, LCSW,ACSW
Janet T. Loughlin
Jayna Michelle Mayer, LCSW
Jeanice Caporaso, MSW
Jeanie T. Barnard, MSW, LCSW, ACSW
Jeanne M. Pozy
Jed Wilson
Jeffrey Becker, ACSW
Jenn Ribeiro
Jennene Daniels, LCSW-C
A Jennette
Jennifer Ann Burns, LCSW
Jennifer Fuller James, LCSW
Jennifer K. Hunt Butow
Jennifer K. Kane, Student
Jennifer K. Shea
Jennifer K. Wolfe-Hagstrom
Jennifer L. Simon, JD, LCSW
Jennifer Leah Theurer
Jennifer Lee Fricke
Jennifer Lynn Hagerty
Jennifer Rene Bassett
Jennifer Vandegriff, LMSW
Jennifer Wischmeyer, LMSW
Jesica Uriostegui Pavon, MSW, PPSC candidate
Jessica K. Ehlers, LCSW
Jessica Lahens
Jessica Lee Beach, LCSW
Jessica Massey, LCSW
Jessica McDanold
Kelly Jewell
Jill S. Perrigo
Jo Frederic, LCSW,ACSW,CSW-G
Joan DeGregorio, ACSW
Joan G. Berkowitz
Joan R. Lingard
Jodi L. Warne
Jody A. Johnson
Jody Koerner, ACSW, QCSW, LSCSW
Joel R. Ambelang, ACSW
Johanna McCarthy, MSW
Shanice John
John D. Corcoran, LMSW
John F. Mucha, LCSW
John Leuba
John Ramirez, ACSW, LCSW
Marcie Johnson
Amy Johnson
Alex Johnson
Debra Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Amy Johnson
Erika Johnson
Yvonne Johnson-Gilbert
Alexander Johnson-Klein
Jolene A. Duggan
Andrew Jolly
Jon McNamara
Joanna Jones
Theresa Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Sandra Jones
Jennifer Jones
Karen Jones-Mason
Joni Clausing-Branham
Joseph A. DeAngelis
Joshua Espinoza
Josi Bracey
Judith G. Morris
Judy A. Blackburn
Julian Andres Aguilar-Hernandez, LCSW
Julie D. Eckland, CSW, C-SWCM, LADC
Jumoke M. Omojola, MPH
Linda Juranty
Jurate Jones, MSW
Kaarin Ilona Piegaze Lindquist, MSW
Renee Kaplan
Susan Kaplan
Kara M. Anderson
Karen Hartigan, MSW/LCSW
Karen L. Mohammed-Perry, QCSW
Karen L. Moorehead-Jenkins
Karen M. Levin
Karen Winkleman-Furman
KaRhonda Shalene Fails
Gary Karshmer
Karyl L. Jennings
Katherine Pritchett
Katheryn B. Davis
Kathleen A. Leonard
Kathleen Ann Roberts, MSW Student
Kathleen D. Kaiser, LICSW
Kathleen Green, QCSW
Kathleen M. Rogers
Kathleen Manygoats, ACSW
Kathryn Streiff
Kathy C. Brown
Katie Kissel
Katy Murray
Penni Kaufman
Kay Blaine Hall
Kaya Ceci, MSW
C. Anthony Keeling
Keena Robertson-Zarcone, C-ASWCM
Keith Jordan, LCSW
Jennifer Kelley
Mary Beth Kelly
Bonnie Kelly
Kelly S. Baxter, LSW
Kelly Wetzel, BS, CADC
Ken K. Nakamura
Ken McNutt
Ken Meeker
Kendra K. Smith, ACSW
Kendrick E. Major, ACSW
Dana Kennedy
Sari Kerner
Harlie Kesten
Kevin David Clark
Kevin R. Wehmhoefer
Kiana Pollacek
Kim Branch-Stewart, LCSW
Kim E. Shepardson Watson
Kimberly B. White, LCSW,C-SSWS
Kimberly Katherine Boatner, MSW, CADC
Kimberly Marie Rosen, LICSW
Kimberly Nagle Kraus, MSW, LCSW
Kimberly Rose Gledhill
Kimberly Sue Johnson
Kimia Sharifi, LMSW
Thomas King
Frederick King
Stephen King
Elizabeth Kingsbury-Puscas
Elizabeth Klasko
Phyllis Klaus
Libby Klein
Abby Knapp
Mary Knobel
Gloria Knoll
Solomon Kobes
Carol Koehler
Thomas Koenig
Linda Koflanovich
Ruth Kohley
Anne Kohn
Penelope Kokkinides
Lisa Koop Yilmaz
Laurie Koski
Barry Kotel
Jo Anne Kovich
Jessie Kozmoski
Steven Kramer
Michele Kramer
Shara Kranz
Carol Kranz
Alexandra Krassin
Mark Kraynak
Madeleine Krebs
Michelle Kreidler
Sara Kresser
Kristen N. Mangold
Kristen Valentine, LCSW
Kristi Muro
Kristin M. Koliha
Kristine Hembrough, MSW
Kristy M. Stout
Hannah Krohner
Brittany Kruse
Katelyn Kundert
Marilyn Kurzyna
Laci L. Gentry, ACHP-SW
Rachel Ladov
Karen Lake
Denisse Lamas
Jeanine Lamb
Laura Lambert
Mary Lampe
Laura Lander
Christine Landherr
Monique Lang
Lanita Sanders-Winding, LCSW
Robert Lanser
Joseph Lanzone
Leticia Lara
Angelica Lara
Corina Laudate
Laura L. McMurry
Laura M. Krug, LCSW
Laura Ransdell, MSW
Lauren Hargraves, MSSW Candidate
Lauren M. Steil, L.M.S.W.
Lauren Manasse
Laurie Vukonich
Leah Cohen, ACSW
Christen Leal
Leann Erica Egeto
Alan Lee
Hannah Lee
Cami Lee
Sarai Leeb Herman
Richard Lehman
Amy Leiferman
Leigh Blaine Tsujino, MSW, LSW
Leila Levinson
Linda Lembo--Alonso
Amy Lemke
Lenetta G. Hogue
John Lenox
Nancy Lentzner
Victoria Leonard
Susan Lerner
Susan Lerner
Stephen Lescht
Leslie I. Zindulka, C-SSWS, LCSW-R
Leslie James Boyd, MSW, LICSW
Leslie M. White, LCSW, ACSW
Leticia Henry White, LMSW
Sherry Levitus
Elizabeth Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Lewis Dlugasch
Peter Li
Linda Li
Jamie Libertoff
Michael Librie
Vincent Licata
Kelly Lieber
Lynne Lieberman
Robin Lieberman
Linda Kathleen Craig, BSW
Linda P. Helsper
Lindsey M. Cooper, ACSW, BCD
Ellen Linsley
Lisa B. Rosenberg, MEd, MSW, LSW, CSSW
Lisa LaFaye Anderson, CMSW, MTS
Lisa Yordy, LCSW
Elizabeth Little
Liza Devaney, LCSW
Dawn Lloyd-Matthews
Brodie Lobb
Brittany Locke
Cristina Logan
Larkin Lohr
Rachel Longer
David Lopez
Loren S. Buckner, ACSW
Lori Ann Cook
Lori J. Hinz
Linda Loritz-Derusha
Anna Luby
Virginia luftman
Helina Lukens
Eric Lundstrom
Kristian Lynch
Siobhan Lynch
Lynda P. Llopis
Lynn Saylor-Salmon, MSW
Lynne E. Dulken
Robert MacDonald
Mackenzie Rae Maxwell
Thomas MacNamara
Rebecca Macy
Shona Maddocks
Madeline Lepidi-Carino, ACSW
Madison Alexys Brooks
Francis Maguire
Maia Shields
May Makki
Adriana Malagon
Diane Mallach
Sean Manchester
JoAnne Mandel
Mandy Rodriguez, MSW
Manira Wilson-Bassett, LCSW
Meriha Mantle
Marcel Lynn Currier
Maureen Marchessault
Billie Marchik
Marci Lynn Langevin
Marcus Standberry, BSW
Steven Mardis
Margaret Alison Fitts, LCSW
Margaret Borysiak, LCSW
Margaret M. Gruenke
Margaret V. Dougherty-Zohni, DCSW
Margie Ann Hattori
Margot G. Strauhull, LCSW
Margot Williams
Marguerite Sheridan, LSW
Maria Cristina Palaroan Soresca, BASW
Maria Magda Williams, LCSW
Maria Xiao-Mei Lee-Doepke, MSW, MAFP
Marie Allison Wyatt, LMSW
Marie Wilcox Wambua
Marilyn Kurns, LCSW
Marion E. Gittings
Marisa Floro, LCSW,MSW Student
Mark A. Thoma, EdD, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Mark E. Lieberman
Beth Marks
Marla D. Edwards
Linda Marot
Frandi Mars
Martha J. Russell
Erika Martin
Lydia Martin
Erin Martinache
Krista Martincic
Keara Martinez
Mary A. Keefe
Mary Ann K. Longwell, LCSW, MSW
Mary Anne Fielding
Mary C. Cummins, LCSW-C, LICSW
Mary J. Suagee-Beauduy
Mary L. Greiner
Mary L. Yarborough
Mary Prather
Mary T. Harrington, LCSW
Maryclaire Mena
Lisa Masciulli
JoAnne Mason
Caitlin Masters
Cecilia Mata Moya
Rathbun Mather
Kimberly Mathews
Mathieu Despard, PhD, MSW
Mark Mattaini
Matthew B. Weisner, LCSW
Tori Matton
Carolyn Maue
Maureen Gupton, Maureen D. Gupton
Kathryn May
Christine May
Diane Mayer
Amy Mazer
Diane McAdams
Bruce McAlister
Sally Mcauley
Terrence McBride
Polly McCall
Colette McCarty
Sara McCauley
Catherine McCool
Peter McCoy
Kathleen McCurdy
Ardath McDermott
S. D. McGee
Joan McGee
William McGinty
Jade McGleughlin
Michelle McGowan
Terry McKinney
Lauren Mcleod
Jennifer McLeod
Jeanie Mcpherson
Martha Meadows
Meaghan Gregg, MSW
Meg Ellen Stafford
Megan K. Simon
Megan Tracy Benson, LGSW
Meghan Maureen Skelton, MSW
Melinda MacArthur Artz
Melisa R. Mayfield
Melissa Anne Kapp
Melissa Golden
Melissa M. Chalker
Melissa Marie Grudinski
Melissa R. Fritz, B.A.
Ruth Mellenthin
Terri Melnick
Michele Mendelson
Maria Mercurio
Carol Metzger
Mica Gillian Henderson
Micaela Scully
Andrea Michael
Michael A. Dover
Michael B. Pyatt
Michael Henning
Michael Lane, Student
Michael R. Praus
Michal Elias-Bachrach
Michele herrington, Bachelor student
Michele L. Halusic
Michelle Antoinette Davis, LCSW
Michelle C. Jacobson, ACSW, DCSW
Michelle Dafna Parsons
Michelle Huh-Mounts, LSW, BC-TMH
Meredith Miles
Heather Miller
Madelyn Miller
Sara Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Millette
Miriam Sitara Abdullah-Kirby
Donna Mitchell
Mitchell D. Bobrow
Marsha Mitchell-Blanks
Michele Mizda
Agatha Moeller
Jane Moffett
Arleen Moffitt
Audrey Mohni
Monica Dedhia, MSWI
Monica M. Lamb-Torres
Monique West
Heidi Monroe
Jennifer Montes
Frances Montgomery
Casie Moody
Arnecia Moody
Tammy Moody
Cheryl Moore
William Moore
Rochon Moore Bumgardner
Leila Morgan
Morgan Rosen
Stacey Morrell
Joyce Morrill
Rubee Moxley
Tracy Moyn
Patricia Mulligan
Elizabeth Mundy-Hemmerich
Susan Murray
Kimberly Myer
Julieann Myers
Myrna I. Briganty
Naama Ratzersdorfer
Michelle Nachmani
Adam Nachum
Nadine K. Pope
Jerome Nadolski
Julie Nadrchal
Claudia Nagan
Stacy Nalley
Nancy D. Ruffin, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Nancy H. Sheridan
Nancy J. Ross
Nancy Segelstein, LCSW
Naomi M. Flowers, ACSW, MVF-CSW
Naomi Starr
Nastassja Alena Cuellar-Wilson, LMSW
Nat Shannon-Hutchison
Rose Marie Navarra
Robert Navarro
Nelson L. Whitter
Nevin C. Trammell, LCSW, ACSW, LCSW,
Nicholas R. Balle
Nicholas Santo
Christine Nicklay
Nicole Gardner, Student
Nicole P. DeFurio
Nicole Simpson, BSW
Nicolina R. Ku
Nina F. Lerner
Nina S. Friedman
Nita Colville Lescher, LICSW
Heather Nitz
Alice Noel
Norah W. Lewis
Norie Epstein Hubner
Leigh Northrup
Kenneth Norton
Michelle Novelle
Robert Nuffer
William O'Connor
Dana O'Dell
Laureen O'Donnell
Maribeth O'Neil
Brandon Oates
W Lee Oesterle
Marilyn (Lynn) Ohrenstein
Terri Oldham
Joan Oliner Schwartz
Ollie Gibson-Lavell, MSW
Billie Olsen
Oneida Burgos
Gilda Orwasher
Brian Osborn
Emily Osmanski
Karan Osowski
Joelle Osterhaus
Cynthia Overstreet
David Owens
Michael Owens
Pablo Arriaza
Nathalie Pacheco Guzman
Frances Pagano
Carolyn Page
LeeAnn Page
Sheila Palmer
Pamela Palmucci
Pam Witt, LCSW
Pamela Lambert
Pamela Marie Sutliff
Sara Panke
Lavette Panton
Abigail Paola
Anne Parente
Karen Parish
J. Alane Park
Jimmie Parker
Louis Parri
Susan Parrish-Sprowl
Lynn Pascale
Nimisha Patel
Patricia A. Lionetti
Patricia A. Moore, ACHP-SW
Patricia L. McDonald, CSW
Patricia M. Porter
Patricia Woellert
Ann Patterson
Elizabeth Patton
Paul Gregory Zott
Paul Woody, MSW Student
William Pearse
Peggy L. Phipps, MSS
Eric Pegnam
William Pelles
Martin Pentz
Brenda Pereira
Barbara Perryclear
Peter B. Goodman, ACSW
Mary Petersen
June Peterson
Ivy Petra
Ryan Petros
David Pfeffer
Philip Reed Larsen, Jr.
Mary Phillips
Phyllis Beatus-Jacoby
Phyllis L. Adler
Lois Pierce
Shannah Pinkston
Jamie Pinney
Mildred Pisciotta
Shane Pitcher
Chantelle Plauche
Karen Pleshe
Jerry Plummer
Charles Pohl
Sheila Polinsky
Sharon Pollak
Natalie Portman-Marsh
Debbie Portnay
Roberta Potsic
Virginia Powell
Cassie Pralle
Emily Prashad
Michael Pratt
Nancy Price
Priscilla W. Reynolds, LCSW,ACSW
Kendall Pron
Ella Puccio
Maud Purcell
Evelyn Quintana
Susan Rabin
Rachel Logan, MSW
Rachel Michelle Holcomb, LMSW
Donna Rachuba
James Radloff
Regina Ragan
Melanie Rainbow-Harel
Ndanga Ramazani
Michelle Ramirez
Brenda Randolph
Deborah Raptopoulos
Marjorie Raskin
Linda Rasmussen
Amy Rassen
Raymond M. Scurfield, ACSW
Rebecca S. Willard
Rebecca Schardt
Rebecca Wittie Growe, MSW, LCSW
Rebekah Goehler
Eric Recsei
Richard Reed
Elizabeth Reep
Kathryn Regnier-Bacidore
Judith Rein
Eileen Remmers
Rena M. Glass-Dixon, LCSW, C-SSWS
Renee Marie Langevin
Deborah Renneker
Lisa Rhodes
Rhonda S. Voas
Martha Rice
Richard F. Garrett
Richard Scott Russell
James Richardson
Rafaela richardson
Kristina Richendollar
Ruth Richman
E Rieger
Susanne Riemer
Nomi Rinke
Rita Lynn Djoric
Robert F. Peck, LICSW
Robert P. Meadows, LCSW
Robert Polen
Roberta T. Rothstein, LICSW
Frank Roberts
Claire Robertson
Warnie Robertson
Robin A. Deluca
Robin A. Smith, LICSW, MSW
Robin Claire Johnson
Robin Gilmore
Robin Remsing, LMSW
Judith Robinson
Robyn Corbett Looze, LCSW
Ramon Rodriguez
Roger A. De Noyelles
Tavenner Rogers
Martha Rogers
Patricia Rogers
Roland Edward Hoffmann
Linda Romano
Carey Romer
Ron Avi Astor, PhD
Ron Freedman, MSW
Ronald E. Betz
Rosa Cormier Grgurich, LCSW CSOTP
Claudia Joan Rosa-Bienenfeld
Edna Rosario-Llaurado
Alison Rosenberg
Clare Rosenfield
A. Meigs Ross
Susan Rosseland
Gina Rossini
Michael Rothberg
Daniel Rounsavell
Sarah Rowen
Jenneine Rowley
Diane Rubin
Stephanie Rudd
James Rude
Corinne Russo
Catherine Sacer
Kristin Sagert
Salvador Hernandez, MSW
Samantha A. Schalk, Schalk
Samantha Lee
Samara Benenson Roth, MSSW
F. Samora
Carol Sams
Alexis Samter
Samuel L. Cunningham, ACSW
Jose Sanchez
Doris Sanchez
Laura Sanders
Eva Sanders
Mat Sandifer
Sandra L. Risch
Sara McCarthy
Sarah Broughton Martin
Sarah F Coffman
Sarah Margaret Zepeda
Sarah Rubin, LCSW
Sarah S. Sugatt, ACSW
Joseph Sarbak
Sarah Satter
Michele Sauro
Savannah C. Flannery
Chelsea Saylor
Shelby Scarbrough
Natalie Schafer
Judith Schapiro
Larry Scheingold
Linda Schepker
Linda Schiller
Mollie Schlapp-Gilgoff
Marcia Schlechter
Ava Schlesinger
M. Cristina Schmalisch
Arlene Schmutter
Andrea Schneer
Julie Schneider
Melissa Schneider
Liza Schneiderman
Elizabeth Schnelzer
Fred Schobert
Jacqueline Schreiber
Susan Schrift
Maxine Schroeder
Matthew Schroer
Charlotte Schuler
Cathy Schuster
Schuyler Cunningham, LICSW
Jean Schwab-Ferguson
Nelly Schwan
Kelli Schweitzer
Scott D. Simpson, Simpson, LICSW
Cortney Sears
Eryn Seavey
Seon Ah Ahn, LCSW
Carolyn Seplow
Sara Serisky
Latrease Session
Joanne Shaffer
Heather Shain
Shane M. Rice, LCSW
Shannon Norwitz
Andrea Shapiro
Sharon K. Campbell, ACSW
Sharon L. Young
Sharon Louise Williams, LCSW
Dorothy Sharp
Melinda Sharpe
Shawna R. Vollmer
Patrick Shea
Andrew Shea
Sheila A. Ramsey, Ramsey, MSW, LICSW
Shelly R. Lund, MSW/LCSW
Sheoah Hardy
Leah Sherman
Michael Sherraden
Martin Sherry
Saffiya Shillo
Christian Shindorf
Doronit Shlank-Bloomenthal
Deborah Siegel
Ann Sigdestad
Hanley Silverman
Sharon Simon
Robert Simone
Melissa Simpliciano
Zoia Sizgoric
Ashley Skidmore
Suzanne Slater
Saara Slevinsky
Miriam Sloane
Robyn Sloboda-Kousoulas
Jill Smart
Edward Smith
Priscilla Smith
Carol Smith
Virginia Smith
Barbara Smith
Geoffry Smith
Ina Smith
Wendy Smith
Danielle Smith
Pearl Smith
Abigail Smith
Ellen Snead
Romney Snyder-Croft
Jill Socha
Monica Soderberg
Norman Sohn
Mery Solis
Kayla Solomon
Annette Solomon
Margaret Sondler
Soryl Markowitz, Sr, MSW, LCSW
Holly Sotelo
Colette Spaulding
Robyn Spector-Blumner
Sanda Spiegel
Sarah Springer Frank
Stacey A. Trader, LMSW
Stacey Nicole Bruursema
Stacie MacRae Lancaster, LMSW
Stacy Gill, LCSW
Donald Stager
L Stallard
Kathryn Stanley
Corine Stanton
Maureen Steele
Karen Steinberg
Randy Steinhaus
Stella Lessert
Stephanie Casto
Stephanie Darlene Kendrick, MSW Student
Stephanie J. Olson
Stephanie Marie Wachs
Stephen R. Hudson
Sterling M. Hawkins, ACSW
Steven A. Taylor
Steven D. Brown
Claudia Stevens
Margaret Stewart
Melissa Stewart
Celine Stillman
Ronda Stoll
Daniel Stone
Amy Stone
Teresa Stratton
Carole Stratton
Robin Strickman
Daniel Struble
Jeanette Sturmer
Sue M. Hicks
Patrick Sullivan
Diane Summers
Sunny Greenberg, ACSW
Susan David
Susan Denecke
Susan Johns Smith
Susan L. Saunders, ACSW
Susan M. Coale
Susan M. Wack, ACSW, C-ASWCM
Susan R. Levin
Susan Shing
Susan Stephan
Susan T. Lindau
Andrew Sussman
Frederick Suter
Suzette J. Smalley, ACSW
Diane Sweet
Sylvia M. Gribbell
Brittany Szucs
Tabitha Brook Pickard
Jennifer Tager
Leo Taillon
Tammy L. Abel
Jack Tanenbaum
Jean Tanner
Katherine Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Taylor Lynn Hall, PhD
Kirsten Teklits
Caroline Temple
Danielle TenCate
Teresa G. Ormand, LISW-CP
Teresa J. Rauschuber
Teresa V. Crowe, PhD, LICSW, ACSW
Terra Marie Snow, Graduate Student
Terri Patterson White, LCSW
Anne Terry
Kathleen Terwilliger
Theodore Alter
James Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Ellen Thomas
Thomas Rea, II, LCSW-C
Elissa Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Ana Thornton
Pamela Thorp
Yvonne Thraen
Shirley Thurston
Tiffany L. Painter, ACSW
Tiffany Maria Taylor, LCSW
Tiffena gail pierce, LMSW
Jenny Tilford
Tim A. Schroeder, MSW
Tina Nathalie Sheridan, LSWA
Karen Todd
Lynn Tolan
Alison Tolladay
Ebeny Tolson
Michelle Tomson
Torrey Harrison, LCSW
Randell Touchatt
Tracey Easton, LMSW
Tracy Diestel Levine
Alison Traynor
Monica Trimble
Tracey Tronolone
Jonathan Tubman
Martha Tucker
Janice Tuckman
Tunde Olalekan Ali
Esther Turnbull
Carol Turner
Leuga Turner
Twila A. Costigan, LCSW
Ty L. Wallace
Andrew Ulvang
Jamie Ungerleider
Anne Unterkoefler
Valentín Quiroz Sierra, Jr., MSW
Valerie Bolletino, MSW
George Van Buskirk
Michael Van Gorder
Valerie Van Hollen
Mary Vansickle
Staci Vanzant
Monique Vasquez
Peggy Vaughan
Jesus Vega
Kris Velasco
Carin Venditta
Thomas Verratti
John Verrill
Vian Gredvig
Vickie M. Daugherty, LCSW
Victor Piacente
Victoria M. Bones, LCSW, QMHP
Victoria M. Rizzo, PHD
Victoria Michelle Terrill, LCSW
Pamela Viggiani
Lisa Vilar
Elizabeth Vincent
Nancy Viola
Virginia A. Douglass
Viridiana Sigala
Rebecca Vonier
Mary Lou Votto
Phyllis Vroom
Sheila Wakeley
June Walatkiewicz
Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.
Hattie Walker
Michael Wall
John Wallace
Shirley Walley McCullough
Anne Walsh
Walter Arden Dunn, ESU of Pennsylvania
Shayna Warner
Alice Washington
Kimberly Wasserman
Bernard Wasserman
Emily Waters
Jory Watson
Carol Way
Paula Weatherby
Audrey Webb
Nathalie Wechsler
Ginger Wegner
Francene Weingast
Rhonda Weinstein
Madeline Weisberg
Barbara Weiskopf
Karen Weissmann
Hannah Welch
Karen Welling
Nichole Welling
Philip Wells
Diane Wells
Marlene Wendel
Wendy L. Bond
Erica Werfel
Patricia Werk
Kenneth Wernimont
Elissa West
Beverly West-Ruggiero
Paul White
Tammy White
Dorcas White
Maria White
Elizabeth White
Karen Whitlock
Kris Whitney
Barbara Whitney
Carla-Jo Whitson
Allison Whittington
Benedict Williams
Mary Beth Williams
Wilma Peebles-Wilkins, PhD,ACSW,DPNAP
Madeline Wilson
James Wilton
Sage Windemaker
Mary Wingert
Roxanna Winkes-Anthony
Ellen Winkler
Courtney Wise
Linda Wolf
Carolyn Wood
Franklin Wood
Heather Woodford
Victoria Woods
Justine Woolner-Wise
Kathryn Worzel
Karen Wride
Edward Wright
Yadira Elizabeth Tapia-Strigle
Leslie Yamamoto
Caitlin Yip
Tsukasa Yonamine
Suk Yoon
Christopher Young
Elizabeth Young
Lisa Young
Elizabeth Young
Olga Zbarskaya
Denise Zehner
Joshua Zilberberg
Judith Zorfas
Barbara Zucker
May 2021
A. Fernando Freire
Linda Aadland-Lassandro
Aaron Andrew Conrad
Jon Abelack
Joseph Abraham
Violet Absher-Martin
Sarah Accorsi
Maria Aceves
Ruth Ackerman
Willieann Adams
S. Adaramola
Lisa Addis
Sandra Addison
Jane Ades
Elan Adler
Meng Ai
Cameron Akin
Rosamaria Alamo
Julie Albert
Joseph Alexander
Alexandra J. Dellutri, LCSW, ACSW,BCD
Alfreda P. Gee
Teresa Algaze-Espinoza
Joelle Alibri
Alicia Joy Holtz, MSW, CSW
Alison Schwartz
Ashley Allen
Danielle Allen
Shannon Allen
Caroline Aller
Allyson Denault, LCSW
Alma W. Carr
Charles Alperin
Chava Alpert
Amanda Lenore Barber, Barber
Amanda Nace, BSW
Susan Amato
Karen Amber
Amit Patel, MS, MSW, CPL
William Amt
Amy B. Klein, LCSW
Amy M. Dinovo-Danford
Amy Pope-Latham, LCSW
Ana Nunez
Bruce Andersen
Heather Andersen
Michaeleen Anderson
Allan Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Dawn Anderson-Butcher
Neil Anderton
Andrea B. Shaw, MBA,LCSW
Andrea Korte
Andrea M. Treimel, LCSW, LCAS-A
Andrew C. Teitelman, LCSW
Andrew Dennett
Susan Andry
Angela Ann Brown
Angela Bird, MSW
Angelita Clark
Angie Hilken, LCSW
Sherie Angstadt
Anita J. Meyers, LMSW,ACSW, LMFT
Ann Heise
Ann Wasikowski, BA
Anna Schuette Raudenbush
Annaika Dastine, MSW, LCSW
Anne G. Walker
Anne-Marie Cummings
Annette J. Bartel
Dorothy Anthony
Anthony L. Cox
Anthony Scardina, Jr.
Lucia Aparicio
April Lynn Hadley, LLMSW
Linda Apsel
Aracoma Sapanski Smith
Amy Armstrong
Elyse Aron
Cora Aronowitz
Laura Arrue
Arthur Sarkisia, LCSW
Ary Nichole Young, MSW Student
Sarah Ash
K Kay Ashley
Ashley Nicole Neal Sullivan, LCSW
Rebekah Ashlock
Attalia Camille Jefferies, MSW Candidate
Pamela Atteberry
Naomi Auerbach
Marianne Ault-Riche
Carol Axelrod
Karen Bachtelle
Elizabeth Badillo
Malahat Baig-Amin
Gwendolyn Bair-Loehr
Elyse Baker
Heather Baker
Bernard Ball
Edward Ballen
Jennifer Ballow
Marie Baltz
Lakeisha Banks
Janice Banta
Barbara Brinton
Barbara E. Motley
Barbara Gustafson O'Brien, ACSW
Barbara J. Dinesen, ACSW
Barbara June Andersen, ACHP-SW
Barbara Lewis Armstrong, ACSW
Barbara Suarez Chenoweth
Christine Barker
Tanya Barkley-Graham
Shira Barnett
Rhonda Barovsky
Beth Barry
Bart Thomas Ozretich, MSW, LICSW
Ruth Bashan
John Bass
Michele Bauer
Gayla Baumgardt
Jane Bausch
Bridgett Beal
Anne Beal
Robert Beatty
Victoria Becker
Kinda Beckles
Beda Herbison, MSW
Jacquelyn Beevers
Christina Belmer
Dorothy Benford
Susan Benner
Dana Bennett
Jamie Bergan
Deborah Berman
Aida Bernal
Jody Bernon-Wainer
L. Steven Berns
Susan Berry
Bertha M. Hutchinson, ACBSW
Beth A. Hoffman, LCSW, ACSW
Joel Bethany
Lisa Bialkin
Billie G. Porter, LCSW
Sarah Billups
Janelle Bitikofer
Shandra Blacker
Jo Anne Blatter
Carol Blitstein
Joel Bobby
Willie Boddie
Ricki Boden
Larry Bolado
Claudia Bolcik
Roger Bolen
Martha Bolton
David Bonesteel
Bonnie E. Benson, ACSW
Andre Bony
Kerry Boone-Savinsky
Rachel Borges
Marilou Bork
Donna Boswell
Yvette Boucarut
Jacqueline Bouyea
Katherine Boyd
Bradley A. Chamberlain, LISW, LCSW
Alyssa Brandon
Brandon Roberts, MSW
Judith Brandwein
Allison Braswell
Katherine Bray
Ilene Brecher
Emily Bregman
Brenda J. Bloomfield
Brenda J. Eastman, MSW, PhD
Brenda Lee Gauthier, LCSW
Brenda M. Jones
Jon Brennan
Merle Brenner
Karen Brenner
Lin Bresnahan
Bebe Brezanin-Brusky
Brian Gill
Brian Joseph Vargas, Brian J. Vargas, MSW
Briana August Schubert
Patricia Brickley
Karyn Bristol
Brittany Rebecca Thomas-Vestal, LCSW
Diana Brody
Marilyn Bronzi
Vera Brown
Carol Brown
Christopher Brown
Allison Brown
Karen Browning
Robin Bryson
Piedad buceta
Gerald Buckley
Sharon Buddington
Jennifer Bulow
Sheniece Bunyan
Emily Burden
Tomie Burdine
Jay Burkholder
Ellen Burkowsky
Kristine Burkwood
Sacha Bush
Judy-Marie Buteau
April Butler
Eileen Buzek
C. Michelle Formica, LCSW
Barbara Caceres
Donna Cain-Hlenski
Caitlin Parrott
Caitlin Riley, LMSW
Calla Harrington, MSW, LICSW
Brenda Callahan-Mccormick
Tamara Callanan
Lisa Caraisco
Guaroa carias
Leila Carlson
Carly Claire McMaster
Carlye J. Levine, LMSW, C-ASWCM
Marvarene Carnegie
Carol C. Keeler, ACSW LCSW DCSW
Carole King
Carole L. Bender, ACSW
Caroline Dawson, LMSW
Carolyn Tyler Lovett, LICSW,ACSW
Danielle Carr
Matthew Carron
YJ Carson
Letitia Carter
Erin Carter
Quaker Case
Janis Catalano
Lisa Catalano
Catalina De La Garza, LCSW
Catheleen Jordan, PhD, LCSW
Catherine Marincel-Robb, ACSW,LICSW
Catherine Nyary, LICSW
Catherine Roh
Cathy . Schueler
Patricia Cato-Christie
Kara Cavel
Patricia Centamore
Quandra Chaffers
Susan Chamberlain
Amy Champoux
Madison Chant
Rene Chapman
Charity H. Hochberg
Charlotte Carson Lockhart, MSW, LSW
Charlotte M. Mallon, ACSW
Ingrid Charlson
Leila Chayut
Cheree Tham, LCSW
Cheri B. Moore, B.S. Spec. Educ.
Cheri fox
Cheryl A. Boyer, LCSW
Cheryl Figliolini, MHRT-CSP
Cheryl Lewis-Gilpatrick, LICSW,ACSW
Melva Christensen
Christian Bartz, LMSW
Jeffrey Christie
Christina Borgman
Christina Lee, MSW Student
Christina St Clair, LCSW
Christine Ann Boender
Christine Hippe-Ribaudo
Christine Montrone-Burns, MSW
Wendy Christopher
Kerry Christopher
Beth Christopherson
Andrea Chrzaszcz
Laura Ciampa
Nicholas Cimorelli
Clare V. Pugh
Nancy Clark
Meghan Clark
Anne Clarkin
Claudia Oreegal
Claudia S. Abell
Claudia Yelin
Heather Clawson
Douglas Clawson
Sarah Clayton
Myrsha Clemons
Cecil Clifton
Laurene Clossey
Booker Coats
Emily Cobb
M Coco
Leigh Coffey
Larissa Cogan
Ruth Cohen
Margery Cohen-Jacoby
Donna Cole
Dolores Colgan
Winter Collins
Patricia Collins
Amba Coltman
David Compere
Connie J. Phillips
Christopher Connolly
Suzanne Connolly
Conrad N. De Master, ACSW
Heather Constantine
John Cook
Alberto Cordova
Harry Core
Catherine Cornell
Corynn Manske, LICSW
Courtney Breed
Rankin Cox
Wanda Cox
Brian Cox
Amy Cox-Martins
Otwool Craft
Caroline Craig
Charlene Craig
Craig R. McLean, ACSW
Craig S. Rodich
Sharon Cremin
Lisa Cross
Crystal M. Green, Bachelor's degree
Kerri Cunard-Cyr
Lawrence Cunniffe
Nancy Curfman
Ann Curtin-Knight
Laura Curtis
Shellby Custer
Cheryl Cuyler
Cyndi Long
Cynthia A. Branch
Cynthia Johnson, MSW
Joshua D'Adolf
Robert D'Amelio
D'Ana Smith, LMSW
David Dail
Laurie Danch
Daniel Eli Michaud-Novak, ACSW
Daniel Heathcock, LCSW
Danielle F. Wozniak
Danielle Louise Bastian
Jean Daniels
Ellen Daniels
Danyell Tysher Smith-Ekhaguere, BA
Darick Hendrix, MSW, LCSW
Perleen Daroowalla
Rebecca Davenport
David Alan Berns, LMSW, MSW
David Andrew Carpenter
David Angelo DeVito, MSW, P-LCSW
David Delos Reyes, Pre-MSW
David P ODonnell
Wendy Davis
Jeanne Davis
Ernestine Davis
DeeAnn Davis
Dawn Birchenough, MA, LSW
Dawn DeStefano
Dawn Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, MSW
Dawn Renee-Prefered Battle
Dawn S. Manila, MSW, LSW
Dayna Michelle Kurnitz
Caren De Jonge-Lee
Phyllis De Lia
Dean A. Miller, LMSW
Vicki Deboer
Deborah A. Okrina
Deborah Ann Wilkerson, LMSW
Deborah Joy Gordis, MPH
Deborah Lee Johnson, Ph.D.
Deborah Montague Kinlaw, LCSW
Deborah Strauss, LCSW
Debra Farnes Shields
Debra L. Davis, LCSW
Debra M. Schaefer, ACSW
Debra S. Goldstein
James Dedic
Ada Deer
Kathleen Delli Pizzi
Gwendolyn DeLoach
Virginia DeLong
Demetria McDonald
Dena Molly Warrington
Tracey Denelle
Denise Graciela Copeland, MSW
Barbara Denner
Matthew Denniston
Mary Devens
Sandra Devine
Diana Christine Wilson, LCSW
Diane J. Hess, ACSW
Sandra Dieterich-Hughes
Priscilla Dillard-Gallaud
Shawn Dixon
Carol Dolman
Donald Tabone, MSW intern
Janene Donarski
Mary Donegan
Anne Donna
Donna R. Marks
Goldye Donner
Dorothy Michelle Bedard, PLCSW
Douglas Fulmer, MDiv, LCSW
Anat Dubin
Susanna DuBois
Wanda Dukes
Linda Dukess
Helene Eberts
David Ebron
Steven Eckert
Ed Fowler
Rosanne Edelsack-Saltzman
Thomas Edwards
Belinda Edwards
Gwenda Eiler
Carol Einhorn
Elaine E. Reid
Gail Elden
Sharon Elghanayan
Elisa A. Depradine, MSW
Elisabeth Curshen
Elizabeth (Beth) A. Niedbala, ACSW
Elizabeth F. Delaney, ACSW
Elizabeth Jean Chapman
Elizabeth R. Grimes, ACSW
Elizabeth Scheeler
Melissa Elliott
Annalyse Ellis
Ellis D. Berkowitz, Berkowitz, ACSW
Emily Brunemann Klueh
Emily Elena Ridenour, J.D., MSW
Emily Lenore Grayson, MSW Candidate
Emmanuel Ikechukwu Alakwe, LGSW
Diane Englund
Tracie Engstrom
John Ennen
Alice Entin
Eric Stanley, LICSW
Ericka Lea Garcia, MSW
Erin Kathleen McCleary, MSW, LGSW
Erin O'Toole-Lyon, LCSW
Erin Patricia Sumser
Erin Sibley Doerwald, LMSW
Annette Eskind
Jacqueline Esp
Esther Marie Malave, LGSW
Eugene Gillen
Eva M. Heyman
D. Trevor Evans
Sarah Evans
Christine Fahey
Dorothy Farley
Tracy Farmer
Daniel Farrell
Faye F. Christian, DCSW,ACSW
Naome Fearing
Michele Feingold
Gail Feinstein
Deborah Feldman
Geraldine Feretic
Mary Ferguson
Heather Ferro
James Ferry
Amelia Fettig
Edward Feuerbacher
Estrella Fichter
Sally Fine
Glen Fineman
Jodie Fink
Fiona D. Kinnevy-Romo, BSW CSW
Richard Fischer
Cheryl Fischer
Catherine Fisher
Judith Fisher
Ida Fitz
Colleen Fitzpatrick
H. Geraldine Fiveland
Jodi Flick
Florian J. Lewenstein, LMSW
Douglas Flowers
Kimberly Floyd
Marilyn Flynn
Phoebe Fortunate
Anne Fortune
Debra Foster
Crystal Fox
David Fox
Frances N. Morrow
Frances R. Markowski, ACSW
Michael Franco
Debra Frankel
Franklin David Southern
Aisha Franklin-Onyeugwo
Mary Franz
Clayton Fraunfelter
Dorothy Frazier
Micki Frazier
Frederick Adolphus Jones, Jr.
Linda Freedman
Jennifer Freifeld
Noel Freudberg
Jolene Friedman
Dagmar Friedman
Susan Friend
Cynthia Fulford
Anne Funk-Chance
Joanne Gaffney
Angela Gainan-Price
Ava Galante
Foster Garcia
Joseph Gardner
Ronald Gardner
Susan Gardner
Gareth Nerisa Fenley, LMSW
Joan Garrabrant
Pamela Garrison
Shelby Garstad
Gary Mc Cormick
April Garza
Carolyn Gatlin
Spencer Gear
James Genova
Heather Genschmer
George S. Mavroftas, ACSW
Geraldine Marie Viggiani, Viggiani
Lloyd Gestoso
Victoria Geter
Beverly Gibel
Maryam Gibson
Sandra Gibson
Cynthia Gibson
Dorothy Gillyard
Gina R. Schuchman, ACSW
Normand Gingras
Rebecca Girard
Giuliana Reed, LICSW
JoAnn Glasper
Morton Glassel
Rebecca Glassman
Hannah Glasson-Darling
Thomas Glendon
Sherry Glore
Susan Goff
Heather Gold
William Goldberg
Richard Goldberg
William Goldberg
Keri Golding
Sheila Goldman
Shari Goldsmith
Leslie Goldstein
Gloria Goldwyn-Liff
Veronica Gonzalez
Barbara Goodman
Mark Goodwin
Linda Gore
Susan Gorey
Kate Gorman
Maria Goudie
Dennis Gourley
Anita Graber
Ryan Grant
Anthony Grasso
Louis Graves
Charles Greco
Stuart Green
Judy Greene
Dolores Greene
Teddi Greene
Esterphine Greene
Wendi Greer
Grace Gregg
Gregg A. Moore, LCSW
Gregory C. Krueger, ACSW
Gretchen Genz Davidson, LCSW
Larry Gross
Lucy Grosvenor
Sandra (Sandi) Grottola
Sheila Grow
Laura Guastini
Gail Guttman
Guy D. Burstein
Patricia Haas
Suzanne Hacker
Eric Hadley-Ives
Hailey Noelle Anderegg, CDCA
Catherine Hall
Jennifer Hall
Judith Hall
Mary Hall
Baylee Hallmark
Linda Halperin
Pamela Halverson
Lawrence Hammerman
Tracy Hamolko
Hannah A. Reed
Hannah J. Graves, LMSW
Mary Hanrahan
Sara Hansen
M. Hardin-Moniz
Lucy Harman
Dosha Harrell
Russell Harrington
Tyrone Harris
Gail Hartigan
Melissa Harvey
Helene Harvey
Margot Hasha
Claudia Hatch
R Lisa Hawkins-Jack
Lisa Hayes
M. Hayes
Hazel Barrow
Russell Healy
Rebecca Heath
Rebecca Hegar
John Heimerdinger
Linda Heins
Stephanie Heitman
Helenia Quince, BSW
Laura Henderson
Margaret Henderson
Mitzi Hendrick
Kelly Hendrickson
Elise Hensley
Philip Herbert
Laurele Hernandez-Arata
Deborah Herzog
Marjorie Herzog
Janet Hesslein
Jose Hevia
Blair Hickman
Theorious Hickman
Olivia Hicks
Rheuben Hicks
Hieu Pham, MSW
Hilary K. Hunsberger, LCSW
Liane Hileman
Hillary Albert
Marcia Hinckley
Dadrene Hine-St Hilaire
Maxine Hoffman
Milton Hofstad
Iris Hogan-Schmidt
Magen Holgate
Kristi Holmberg
Debra Holmes
Amy Hope
Peggy Hoppman Hunt
Kristen Houde
Chester Howard
Erin Howard
Katelyn Hubrich
Mary Hulan
Tammy Hunt
David Huron
Shatika Hutcherson
Ian K. Hagemann, BA/BS
Sarah Iannone
Charles Iker
Ilana B. Mazur, LCSW, ACSW
India Walsh
Inna Danieli, LCSW
Karen Irizarry
Isabel Cain
Monique Ivanov
Jack W. Gordon, LCSW, MVF-CSW
Corey Jackson
Alexandra Jacobs
Jeannie Jacobs
Ellen Jacobs
James Alderfer
James Joseph Hawkins, L.M.S.W., D.Min.
James L. Scherrer, ACSW
James Matthew Fey
James Paul Monahan, MSS
James T. Meadows
James W. Lefager, ACSW
Jamie Cody, MSW
Jamie L. Blair Echevarria
Jane Oderberg, LMSW
Janet Jerome
Jania Sommers, LCSW
Janice J. Fitts
Janice Powers Scarbary, C-SSWS
Janina Josepha Miller
Karen Jarboe
Jean Aniebona
Jeannine Evette Guarino, LCSW
Jeffrey Alexander Morales
Jeffrey David Morrill, LCSW
Jeffry Gutierrez
Jenna R. Hepner, LCSW
Jennifer A. Kavanaugh
Jennifer Frances Syverson Alcaide
Jennifer Long, MSW Student
Jennifer Scott Smith, LCSW,LCAS
Amy Jennings
Jesse J. Herrera, LCSW
Anna Jesseman
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Rose Leger
Nikkia Jiles
Jill Katherine Benson
Jill McCormick, JD, MSW, LSW
Jillian Grace Orzechowski, MSW, LCSW
Kathleen Jirasek
Joan Murray
Joaniko Kohchi, LCSW
Johanny Reyes, BSW
John Aneskewich, III
John E. Mulloon, Jr.
John Lebrun, LMSW
John Mark Young, Student
John Mason
John Scott Turton, MSW, LICSW
Barbara Johnson
Ann Johnson
Shannon Johnson
David Johnson
Mirta Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Jon Fader
Jonathan B. Singer, PhD
Jonathan Roy Blanton
George Jones
Dana Jones
Sally Jones-Evans
Jordan Smith, MSW
Dieula Joseph
Joseph A. Fernandez, LCSW
Joseph L. DeChristofano, ACSW
Joseph Michael Hefter
Liza Josephson
Maria Josey
Joshua Robert Childs, LCSW
Joyce D. Hennessy, LCSW ACSW
Joyce E. Alessi, LCSW, BCD, LCSW
Leslie Juarez
Judith D. Crocker-Billingsley
Judith J. Ashin, ACSW
Judith L. Kottick
Judith M. Fishman, LCSW
Judy Brady
Judy C. Walruff, PhD, ACSW
Judy L. Ness
Julia K. Haggarty
Julie B. Maunders, Maunders
Julie L. Wojcik
Julie Rosinski, LCSW-R
June Schuehrer Mchenry
John Juster
Justin Greenfield
Justin S. Rudolph, LCSW
William Kalosieh
Susan Kane
Lindsay Kant
Barbara Kaplan
Kara E. Lowinger
Kara N. Smith
Karen Kranbuehl
Karen L. Carney
Karen L. Gorske
Daphne Karidas
Karin L. Soltau
Karl Ingram, MSW Candidate
Kasey Rehbein, BSW
Loretta Kassimatis
Katelynn M. Leavitt, BA
Katharine Booton Wilson, -1, MSW
Katharine Perkins
Katherine Danner
Katherine E. Shapiro
Katherine Erin Bocanegra-Murphy
Katherine L. Wilson
Kathleen E. Lang, ACSW
Kathleen Erin Eccles, LCSW, C-ACYFSW
Kathryn A. Bondura, ACSW
Kathryn A. Dixon
Kathy Aguirre
Kathy Gere, LICSW
Cynthia Katz
Rita Katz
Noreen Kavanaugh
Rose Kavo
Kayla Marie Frick, LMSW
Kayli Patrice Helvie
Janet Kazenel
Rebecca Keegan
Keith T. Fadelici
Kelli Dollins
Dorothy Kelly
Angel Kelly
Victoria Kelm-Foy
Kelsey Kreider Starrs
Kennedy Fowle, Student
Virginia Kenney
Catherine Kestle
Kevin J. Fitzsimmons
Kevin M. Dailey, ACSW
Kevin Michael Lenny, MSW, LSW
Neil Kidwell
Edwin Kikuchi
Vernishia Kilpatrick
Kim M. Shea, MSW
Kim Peek, ACSW
Hannah Kimball
Kimberly Nicole Boren
Kimberly Sloan Hassenfeld, lcsw
Kimberly V Bartz, LMSW
Helen Kinard Scott
Zaffron King
Mary King
Dale King
Jennifer Kinsey
Robert Kinzler
Deborah Kirk Elder
Coree Kirsch
Kirstin Nicole Honeycutt-Franklin, AS
Allison Kitson
Pamela Klein
Cathy Klein-Scheer
Kathy Kligler
Patricia Knott
Linda Kocieniewski
Jennifer Kogan
Stacey Kohler
Lynn Koshland
Shana Kotelchuck
Barbara Kraeger
Kraig Smiegowski, LCSW
Richard Kranjac
Debra Krefsky
Ann Kreindler-Siegel
Matthew Kreiner
Krisitan Nicole Ghazal, MSW
Kristina Arscott, LCSW
Kristina D. Puttler-Miller
Kristina L. Wilson, ACSW
Patricia Kruger
Nancy Kubic
Marcus Kuboy
Michelle Kuecker
Cynthia Kurahara
Susan Kushner-Scott
Kyla Catherine Beecham
Kylie Anne Youmans, LMSW
L. Denise Edwards
Gayle Lafferty
Noelle Lalario
Lana Sue I. Kaopua, PHD
Michelle Landau
Patricia Landeche
Lisa Landry
Kathryn Lane
Lani J. Granum, ACSW
Lara J. Buchanan
Lara Tobin
Anna LaRocco-Cockburn
Jodie LaRue
Donald LaShure
Latashia C. Warren
Erin Latulippe
Lisa Laudante
Laura Disney
Laura E. Dermer
Laura L. Truesdale, LISW-CP
Laura Lodi, MSW
Laura Weissberger, LMSW, MA
Lauren Dunn, LISW
Lauren Elizabeth James, BA
Laurie P. Burns, ACBSW
James Lazansky
Toby Lazerson
Elaine Leader
Leah M. Niehaus, LCSW,MSW
Leah Schwarz, LMSW
Leangy Matos-Smith, student
Danita LeBlanc
Rita Ledesma
Frances Lee
Patricia Lee
E Lee
Nancy Leff
Alan Lefkowitz
Virginia Lehman
Paul Lehmann
Lenora B. Keel
Dana Lerner
Sheri Leroux
Lisa Lesher
Sharon Lesnick
Kimberly Lesser
Minna Levenkron
Andrea Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Faith Lewis
Liam T Brown, MSW
Libby Henik, LCSW
Libby L. Kay, LCSW, ACSW
Margaret Lihani
Lily Freier
Linda Ann Campo, MSW
Linda Grove
Linda J. Ferguson, LCSW
Linda M. Raiden-Wright
Linda Raye Hereford, LCSW-C
Robert Lindquist
Lindsay Paige Tucker
Gordon Lipscomb
Lisa Jansen-Rees, ACSW
Lisa Malantonio-Allison, Malantonio-Allison
Lisa Marie Dydo
Lisa T. Waldman
Lisa Vernon, LCSW
Diane Littlefield
Christel Litton
Kathryn Litwak
Amy Livingston
Antoinette Lloyd
Susan Lloyd
Jennie LoBasso
Sharon Lockhart-Carter
Deborah Lodish
Hollis Long-Dewolf
Cristina Lorenz-Hansen
Lori L. Toscano, LCSW-R
Lori Savitt Michelson
Lorraine E. Mason, MSW
Robert Lott
Louise Grimes Bietendorf
Louise Yvette Lettre
Gary Lounsberry
Leslie Lower
Jolie Lucas
Susan Luckman
Patricia Lueders
Darlene Lynch
Lynette Effie Tracy, CDP and LICSW
Lynn Rosenfield, ACSW, BCD
Lynn Turner, PhD
Lynne M. Watkins
M Pellish
M.E. Hager-Harrison-Prado, MVF-ASW
J. Macfarlane
Dawn MacNutt
Pamela MacQuaig
Kathryn Maday
Magdalene L.L Jackson-Cooper, LICSW
Maggie Schmitt
Jennifer Mainini
Maisha Kenyatta
Jennifer Makowski
Dayle Malen
Kate Maleski
Mallory Kendall Stiff, MSW
Carol Maloney
Christina Malu
Mamadou Jalloh
Andrea Mancillas
Leah Mangis
Christopher Mann
Alisha Manning
Jessica Manny-Flynn
Barbara Mantel
Michele Many
Diane Marascia
Jeannine Marchione
Marci Sweet
Ginger Marcus
Randolph Marcus
Margaret M. Newcomb-Lewis, ACSW, MSW
Margaret Mary Davey
Margo L. Lee
Maria L. Fontaine
Maria S. Moscaritolo
Maria Trejo
Maria Y. Reyes, BA
Marianne Connors
Marilyn R. Hoskins, ACSW, LISW
Marilyn Rosen
Mary Marinucci
Mark David Sandberg
Mark James Casagrande, LCSW
Margaretha Markesteijn
Debra Markovitz
Timothy Markwell
Lori Marshall
Gwendolyn Marshall
Paul Marshall
William Martin
Jennifer Martin
Anne Martineau
Christina Martinez
Emilia Martinez-Brawley
Marty Brand
Mary Beth Davis-Steyer, MSW
Mary Davis, LCSW
Mary E. Jordan-Church
Mary Frances Camp, MSW
Mary Katherine Hussey-Sloniker, MBA
Roxann Mascoll
Martha Mashburn
Jack Maslow
Doris Mason
Cynthia Masotti
Alicia Massingill
Lauren Mast
Matthew D. Brittain, DCSW
Michelle Matthews
Natalie Matthews
Mattie Diann Towns-Scott
Paula Mattis
Katherine Mattleman
Marguerite Matusak
Maura K. Wenk
Patricia Mays
Sean McBride
Shareen McBride
Kim McBryde
Kimberly McClelland
Kate McCoy
Jacquelyn McCroskey
Eileen McDermott
Michael McGee
Virginia Mcintosh
Rebecca McKamey
Angela McKinney
Cimberleigh McLean
Shura McLetchie
Ann Marie McMenamin
John Mcweeney
David Mcwhirter
Mechele de Avila Evans, LCSW, BACS, LAC, SAP
Lydia Medina
Meg C. Hertz
Megan Brittney Socea
Megan C. Sylvester
Megan L Dietz, LCSW
Megan Mary St. Pierre, LCSW
Megan McNett, BSW
Megan Semple
Meggie Counts, Meggie Counts
Meghan Pasquarette
Margaret Meinecke
Lori Melhart
Melinda L. Hallett
Melissa Kramer
Melissa Rae Skrzypchak
Melissa Rena Dempsey
Spencer Melnick
Michelle Memoli
Jennie Merovick
Jennifer Merrill
Leslie Meskin-Bass
Ruth Messinger
Molly Meszaros
Marcia Meyer
Michael P. Colucci
Michael Patrick Currier
Michaela Hill
John michalowski
Michel Camille Bordeau
Michelle A. Adams
Michelle Binion
Michelle Christine Monastero
Michelle Renee Heggie, BSW
Lewis Mikesell
Susan Milberg
Robert Miller
Howard Miller
Alice Miller
Mary Miller
Karen Miller
Robin Miller
Mary Miller
Nancy Miller
Helen Miller Tarleton
Melanie Miller-Cvilikas
Sherry Minniti D'Elia
Ann Misel
Joan Mistur
Mitchel Wayne Eisenstein, DC
Barbara Mitchell
Maria Mocellin
Kristen Mock
Jennifer Moix
James Moll
Molly Falter, LMSW
Molly Jane Stroup, LSW
Barbara Monett
Marcia Monroe
Virginia (Ginger) Montenegro Hadley
Seth Montgomery
Mona Moody
John Moore
Elizabeth Moore
Rosaline Morales
Linda Morgan
Morgan A. Younger
Cynthia Morishige
A. Lynn Morris Banks
Matthew Morse
Jerome Moss
Jennifer Motz
Bharoti Mukherjee
Douglas Muller
Robert Mundy
Carlton Munson
M. Lynn Murphy
Mary Catherine Murphy
Kelly Murphy
A Meghan Murphy
Deanna Murray
Maureen Murray
John Murray
Geraldine Muscarnere
Alison Muyskens
Winnie Mycka
David Myers
Marilyn Myles
Jake Myrick
Nancy Nagel
Nancy Ann Patterson
Nancy C. Moore
Nancy E. Kahn, ACSW
Nancy E. Willner, LCSW
Nancy L. Gajewski, ACSW, LCSW
Nancy L. Lithgow
Nancy W. Weikert, ACSW, DCSW
Nancy Watson
Nancy Nanna
Naomi Dora Drexler, LCSW
Jacki Nardone
Stephanie Nash
Natalie Belle Myers
Alexandra Neal
Joanne Neel-Richard
Regine Neiders
Martha Nelson
Deborah Neubauer
Aharon Neuberger
Bernie Newman
Peggy Newman
Kimberley Newton
Violet Ng
Nicholas John Zielke
Marianne Nick
Donna Nickdow
Marissa Nickel
Nicole Bolognini, MSW, LCSW
Nicole Fender
Nicole Montgomery
Nicole Sheri Barksdale
Michael Niemi
Nikki Leanne Wynn, LBSW
Vicki Nino Osby
Noel Elmore
John Nolan
Katherine Noordsij
Marilyn Norton
Michael Nott
Constance Numbers
Perri Nunziato
Kathleen O'Brien
Irene O'Brien
Gwenelle O'Neal
Nellie O'Reilly
Bridget OConnor
Charles Ohaeri
Robert Oliva
Olivia Hess, Student
Andrea Onukwue
Wayne Orlowitz
John Ormond
Mary Orndorff
Megan Orr
Ossenia Sonae Jeff
Marie Osterman
Alisha Otter
William Oven
Hannah Overstake
Debra Owens
Harold owens
Herbert Ozer
Sara Pace
Rachel Pacey
Kandia Palmer
Jalee Palompo
Pamela Ansel Libys, MBA
Pamela C. Gittler
Pamela D. Carey
Pamela D. Leslie, MSW, LSW
Pamela F. Salaam
Lisa Paoni
Kevin Paquette
Penny Pare
Mary Paris
Brittany Parrinello
Nora Parsons
Connie Parsons
Pasha Plum Grant
Mario Passaro
Patricia A. Hauser, LCSW
Patricia C. Boldt, ACSW, C-ASWCM ,LCSW
Patricia Davis
Patricia L. Merkley, LCSW
Patricia M. Mosbacher, ACSW
Patsy A. Bass
J. S. Patterson
Paul A. Finch, LCSW, DCSW
Margaret Payne
Carolyn Peabody
Joyce Pearlman
Suzanne Peden
Peggy H. Kemp
Peggy L. Reed-Lohmeyer, LCSW
Poppy Peluce-Fune
Lisa Pence
Mary Pender Greene
Charles Pennington
Cassandria Peoples
Jasmine Perkovic
Patricia Perry
Gwen Perry-Crawford
Latreece Perry-Jones
Derrelynn Perryman
Rebecca Peterson
Amy Petrulis
Elizabeth Petz
Philip A. Bower, B.A. Psy
Phillip Emerson
Phillip N. Garber
Cera Phillips
Rebecca Phillips
Phyllis W. Miller, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Benedict Pierce
Elizabeth Pineros
Susan Pittman
Helen Pitts
Alan Platt
Sandra Plumer
Barbara Podstawski
Jerri Poff
Paula Pohlman
Gwynn Polidoro
Justine Polster
Merry Porter
Elizabeth Powers
Lori Powley
Elo Pranno
Debra Presti
Nydia Preto
Brenda Price
Iona Price-Feinstein
Princess S. Leggington
Jennifer Pugliese
Jenny Putnam
Charice Putnam
Denise Quarino
Farrah Quarles
Ralph Quillman
Stephanie Raborn
Rachel Bennett, LCSW
Maggie Rains
Randall G. Jacobs, LCSW
Randall R. Myers, PhD,LCSW-C
Sharon Ranzman
Raymond T. Ramos
John Reardon
Lori Reasonover
Rebecca A. Cole
Rebecca B. Hayhurst
Rebecca Halperin
Deniese Reding
Karla Redman
Sondra Redmont
Carrie Reed
Norma Reed
Courtney Reich
Renae L. Vitale
Erick Renderos
Renee Arlene Perry, LCSW-C
Anne Rensberger
Willow Reynolds
Alyse Reynolds
G. Gary Rhine
Rhonda E. Mason
Rhonda Michele Abban, MSW, LISWS
Lillian Rhudy
Ricardo Torres
Susan Rich
Rich Glickstein, LCSW
Richard B. Boswell, ACSW
Christine Richards
Michael Riester
Richard Rinck
Lisa Rindner
Kaitlin Rinehart
Brendan Riordan
Rita Varano
Katherine Rivard
Anthony Roark
Joyce Robbins
Robert E. Lee, MSW, LCSW
Robert L. Loftus
Robert W. Littmann, ACSW
Roberta M. Lapp
Tina Robertson
Robin C. Adler, LCSW-R
Robin Hamke Hornstra, LCSW
Adrianne Robinson
Howard Rodgers
James Rodgers
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Lori Rodriquez-Fletcher
Frank Roma
Tara Romano
Sandra Ronan
Beth Rontal
Margaret Rose
Candice Rosen
Nancy Rosen
Jed Rosen
Megan Rosenblatt
Deborah Rosentrater
Rosetta K. Higgs-Adams, LISW
Betty Rossi
Carol Roth
Sally Roth
Chelsea Roth
Gladys Rothbell
Cheryl Rothberg
Marie Rothschild
Jamie Roure
Michele Rowland
Donna Rowles
Sandra Rubovits
Deborah Ruboyianes
Ellen Ruby
Mary Ruhl
Karol Runing Kullberg
Anne Rupp
Gerald Rush
Russchelle L. Pretzer, ACSW
Brendon Russell
Ruth Sudilovsky-Pecha, LISW-S
Kelley Ryan
Kathleen Ryan
Ryan Douglas
Kathleen Ryan Fuhs
Rysonia D. Clarke, ACSW
Ryushin Hart, QMHP, CADC I
Jane Salata
Sallie Livingston, MSW
Samantha C. Becker
Christine Samas
Celia Sampayo-Perez
Sabrina Sampson
Marian Sanborn
James Sanders
Sherrie Sanders
Etta Sandler
Salvador Sandoval
Sandra L. Parker
Sara L. Henning
Sara Ryan
Sara S. Bachman
William Saracco
Sarah Brooke Honald, LCSWA
Sarah E. Oliver, LISW, ACSW
Sarah Elaine McDonald
Sarah Greenwood
Sarah Lincoln, private practice
Sarah Renee' Ames
Sarah S. White, LCSW,DCSW
Sarah Trickle
Urmi Saraiya
Barbara Sarcia
Ashok Satkalmi
Elizabeth Satoh
Diane Sauder Tinsman
Deborah Schachter
Marsha Schechtman
Sara Schechtman
Sarah Scheerger
Janet Schirtzinger
Judy Schlotzhauer
Linda Schmidt
Stacy Schmidt
Paul Schmitt
Stacey Schmitt
Peter Schoenholtz
Miriam Schoenwald
Lois Schreur
Shana Schwartz
Rachel Schweitzer
Jacqueline Scott
Michael Scott
Diane Scruggs
Joan Scully
Benjamin Seaman
Seana Benting
Samuel Selekman
Alicia Sellitti
Maxine Seltzer
Carolyn Settle
William Settles
Emily Severson
Theodore Seward
Seward Hung, MSW
Leigh Shambo
Shanna L. Holmes
Shannon Duncan, Student
Charles Sharon
Sharon E. Bowland
Gina Sharpe
Mary Sharrar
Sharyl K. Cates, ACSW
Helen Shasa-Rotile
Lynn Shaw
Shawn M. Heerdt, LCSW
Shawna V. Carboni, LICSW
Shayna Roos
Mary Shelley
Shelly Johnson Gottsegen
Sheri-Ann Gall
Jonathan Sherman
Sherri S. Tucker
Cathy Shiel-Reardon
Monica Shipps
Shireen Farsi, ACSW
Gary Short
Jeanine Siewert
Denise Silverstein
Reevah Simon
Steven Simonson
Cynthia Simpson
Skip Maureen Dettman
Shirley Sloan
Karen Smaltz
Eleanor Smith
Jana Smith
Adelaide Smith
Heidi Smith
Ronald Smith
Stephen Smith
Joycelyn Smith
Sarah Smith-Trawick
Lathe Snyder
Samuel Sobel
In Young Sohn
Maralyn Solarz
Grace Sonnier
Katherine Soper
Edith Sowe
Elizabeth Spencer
Monique Spina
Lisa Spittal
Amanda Sposato
Stacey Hardy
Carol Stacks
Stacy DuPre
Richard Stagliano
Ann Stambler
Neeka Stanley
Lettie Stanley
Stanley B. Taubman, PhD, ACSW
Jacquelyn Stanton
Amy Starin
Kimberly Stasny
Nancy Stauffer
Barbara Steinberg
Terry Stemple Kiser
Stephanie Ann Cocci, LCSW
Stephanie I. Reichhardt, MSW, LCSW
Stephen Bunnell, MSW
Stephen D. Pogue
Crystal Sterling
Melissa Sternthal
Suzanne Sterrett
Mary Steves
Alexis Stone
Kym Stone
Bruce Storms
Roxann Storms
Donald Strasser
Barney Straus
Karen Strauss
Pamela Streb
Karen Street
Donald Streit
Joseph Strychasz
Lynn Stubbs
Laurie Sugarman-Whittier
Kimberly Sugerman
Carolyn Sugiuchi
Susan A. Hanson
Susan C. Abbott
Susan D. Lalone
Susan D. Wall
Susan E. Calaway, ACSW
Susan Elizabeth Dean
Susan Hoover, MSW, LISW
Susan L. Foster
Susan M. Strickland, PhD, LCSW
Susan R. Vance
Susan Shankle
Susan St Ville
Susanna Lorraine Aich
Rachel Suskewicz
Wendi Svoboda
George Swamp
Shanley Swanson
Timothy Sweatman
Nancy Sweet-Holp
Ryana Swift
Tacie S. Dejanikus
Ida Tallbird
Tamala J. Johnson
tamara m nowak, jd lsw cadc
Tammera V. Nauts
Tammy Shay, LCSW
Jacqueline Tangires
Tanya DeMartini, CSW
Tara Anne Belits
Tara Umemoto
Nancy Tartakoff
Janet Tatum
Steven Taub
Tawanna Mishelle Hudson
Thomas Taylor
Megan Tazzi
Toni Teague
Peter Teall
Teralyn Green Hobbs, LMSW
Teresa Fiorica, MSW
Teresa Sarn-Fitch
Teresinha Soares
Terri L. Lewis, LCSW
Terry Mizrahi, PhD, MSW
Barbara Thatcher
Theresa Monuteaux, LICSW
Carol Thomas
Thomas Griest Hunter
Thomas J. Nolan, ACSW
Kristin Thompson
Ellen Thorne
Jennifer Thorpe
Nancy Thorson
Alison Todd
Gina Todd
Brooke Tolle
Tomas Cruz, ACSW
Toula Tomescu
Toni M. Coleman, LCSW
Toni M. Onkka
Tonya Michelle Tucker
Richard Topkins
Melissa Torres
Nancy Torres
Tracy L. Colangelo
Tracy Waters
Dena Tranen
Sandra Trevino
Trevor Alexander Whitehead, B.S.W
Kim Tribalski
Jeanne Trigueros-Millar
Phyllis Tropp
Rachel Troup-Roderick
Cynthia Tubbs
Michael Tucker
Kathi Turner
Brendan Turner
Jacquelyn Turpin
Christine Tvedt
Laura Ucci
Gregory Uhland
Judith Ullman
Melanie ulvila
Kimberly Umlauf
Lester Uribe-Vender
Shirley Urshan
Christie Vaghy
Alexandria Valentino
Valerie A. Hamilton, ACSW
Maegan Vance
Betsy Vander Velde
Thuy Vanderlinde
Susan Varady
Varsha B. Patel
Cristen Vecchiola
Cheryl Verlander
Vicki L. Grassman, ACSW
Natalie Villalobos
Elizabeth Vinik
Virginia Hatch-Pigott
Vivian G. Stith-Williams
Kathy Vlahos
Joan Von Endt
Mercedes Voorhees
Matthew Wadsworth
Wilma Wake
Elizabeth Walker
Angela Walker
Dawn Walker
Walkiria E. Raposo, LCSW
Jody Wallace
Margaret Waller
Mary Jo Walsh
Mindy Walsh
Allison Walter
Katrina Walton
Dahlia Wareham
Jill Warner
Cheryl Washington
Katherine Webber
Bret Weber
Cynthia Wedel
Gina Weidow
David Weinreich
Miriam Weisberg
Janet Weisberg
Bette Weisman
Wanda Welch-Bresnick
Sandra Weldon
Wendy L. Jamrog
William Wertheim
Kevin West
Charlotte Weston
Ann Wexler
Lewis White
Sydney Wielechowski
Landry Wildwind
Jamie Wilkinson-Franks
William Benjamin Packard, MSW
William E. Grosser, ACSW
William F. Vanek
William L. Edelman, ACSW
Christina Williams
Alfred Williams
Octavia Williams
Bernadette Williams
James Wilson
Amy Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Pamela Wilson
Amanda Wilson
Anna Wingo
Kathleen Winkworth
Karen Wischmeyer
Jade Wollman
Victoria Wolther
Jonathan Woods
Rodella Wooten
Sarah Wright
Jennifer Wuest
Karen Wurtzel
Kathy Wynn
Susan Xenarios
Amy Yarbrough
Arthur Yarbrough
Brenda Yarcag
Lisa Yeager
Kathleen Yoshitomi
Kim Young
Jill Young
Megan Young
Cindy Yrle-Gutowski
James Zagres
Cary Zahrbock
Doris Ziboh
Helene Zimmerman
Tara Zipp
Sharon Zisserman
April 2021
Mary Abbott
Jamie Abelson
Michele Abu
Celeste Adams
Remia Adams
Clara Adams
Pamela Adel Jordan
Adena Miller
Ingrid Adkins
Adrian Jonathon Cotta
Adrienne Abecassis
Darlene Agresta
Erin Ahearn
Aimee Victoria McClellan, LCSW
Alane Sosa
Alanna Janiece Hollingsworth
Christine Alcantara
Debra Alcusky
Ahasia Alexander
Janet Alexander
Katherine Alexander
Alexandra E. Short, LLMSW
Alexandra Negron
Alicia Marie Crumell
Paul Alie
Samira Alieva
Alissa Gren
Alix Amar, LCSW, QCSW
Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW
Amy Allen
Lori Alley
Janna Allie
Dawn Allison
Allison Cecilia Denny, Denny
Allison L. Vasseur
Amy Alvarez
Alyssa Lynn Gibbons, LCSW
Alyssa Y. Rader
Amanda J. Salisbury, C-ACYFSW,QCSW
Amee Paparella
Amie Elizabeth Sigmann
Amoree Lanaha, ACSW, LCSW
Amy Dawn Hulings
Amy Di Mauro, LCSW
Amy L. Hill
Amy Sowerby Girouard, MSW, LICSW
Paraskevi Anastasiadou
Rita Ander
Sandra Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Doris Anderson
Clara Anderson Cooper
Andrea L. Tippit, MSW
Andrew W. Selander, MSW, LSW
Andy O'Connor
Anemone Schlotterbeck, LMSW
Angela Delio, LMSW
Angela Rita-Farias
Angelica Vergara Fuentes, MSW
Michael Angone
Anjelina Citron
Anna L. Riley, LICSW
Anna Miller
Anne J. Siegel
Anne Marie Jennings, LCSW
Anne Marie Kennedy, LCSW,ACSW
Anne Patricia Fahy, LCSW
Antonio Ferrantino
Eileen Arama
Yezid Arango
M. Teresa Arcari
Ariane Heather Katz
Ariela L. Alpert, LCSW
Arlene L. Whitney
Armena Walsh, LCSW
Pamela Arnold
Peter Arnow
Johanne Arseneault
Kay Arthur
Jane Arthur
Melissa Arthur
Steve Ashkinazy
Nicole Ashley
Bonnie Atkin-Hellman
Michelle Atkins
Sharon Atkinson-Mallory
Audra Lucy Kyrk, LMSW
Audra McCune Malcomb, MSW/CSW-PIP
Audrey A. LeMasters
Leslie Auld
Susan Auman
Joan Ayala
Gail Aycock
James Bachman
Jeanette Bailey
Norene Baker
Rachel Baker-Blackwell
Christine Bandoni
LeighEllen Bane
Judith Bank
Bonnie Banks
Elisabeth Barahona
Barbara J. Closen, LISW, ACSW
Barbara M. Rockowitz
Barbara Markell
Barbara Z. Rissman
Jeanette Barich
Deborah Barnes
scott baron
Edward Baron
David Barran
Patrick Barrasso
David Barrett
Donna Barrios
Anita Barron
Julia Barth
John Bartley
Kara Barton
Kevan Barton
Rashana Barton
Ruby Baskerville
Mitchell Baughman
Myra Baxter
Pauline Baylis
Sheena Beach
Claudette Beahrs
Ronda Bean
Nora Beasanski
Mary Beaudin
D. Andrew Beck
Curley Bell
Yolanda Belmont
Jeremy Bembenek
Holly Bender
Adrienne Benjamin
Harriet Bennett
Lynda Bennett
Leslie Bennett
David Benson
Bill Benton
Candyce Berger
Sheila Berger Chazin
Sandra Bergfeld
Ivelisse Bermudez
Patricia Berry
Beryl E. Cohen
Beth Lois Jones
Bethany Collier, CPhT
Betsy F. Amey
Bette J. Freedson
Nicholas Biancola
Peggy Bice
G. Bieber
Marygrace Billek
Alison Birnbaum
Christine Bitler
Michael Bizzarro
Lee Bjerke
Alyssa Bjorkquist
Paul Black
Mikki Blackman
Roslyn Blau
Priscilla Blevins
Carol Bley
Toni Bloom
Gail Blue
Joselyn Boatwright
Bob and Ruth Cohen
Rikki Bobchin
Victoria Bolton
Leslie Bonilla
Bonita Hogue, C-SWHC
Bonita K. Ullman, ACSW
Bonnie A. Mervis, PhD ACSW
Bonnie Jackman, LICSW
Bonnie Silverman
Natalie Boorman
Sara Booth
Lynn Bos
Kuri Bosch
Tyler Botelho
Lynn Bouchard-Edwards
Gwen Bouie-Haynes
Stephanie Bouis
Janet Bowers
Catherine Boyer
Quanesha Boykins
Mary Bradburn
Uda Bradford
Kathy Bradshaw Elliott
Stephanie Branca
Andrea Brauer
Marguerite Braun
Wilma Braun
Jacqueline Brecher
Susin Bredice
Breita Vay Church, Student
Brenda A. Bahnson, LICSW
Brenda L. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Helene Brenner
Thomas Brent
Brian P. Jennings
Briana Susarret, BSW, MSW
Brianna Chrzan, CNA
Katharine Briar-Lawson
Bridgette Ann Coppola
Sean Brinda
Nancy Bristol
Brittany Nicole Hitt, BSW
Hilda Brockman
Bronwyn L. Cross-Denny, PhD, LCSW
Judy Brookins
Mary Brooks
Gail Brown
Claudia Brown
Dawn Brown
Laura Brown
Myra Brown
Scott Bryce
Brynn Wallace, LCSW
Mary Buckley
Marian Budzynski-Moldan
Melanie Buff
Adriana Bugarin
Renee Burgard
Rebecca Burgman
Patricia Burke
Deborah Burkhalter
Anne Burrows
Kayla Burton
Cynthia Butler
Victoria Butler
David Byers
Helen Cahalane
Daneta Calderon-Vital
Charles Calhoun
Cali Jeanine Hunn
Susan Callan
Glen Calvert
Lynn Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Lauren Campbell
Chrissto Canales
Shannon Canning
Jill Cannon
Toan Cao
Cara Myhre
Kristin Carder
Naomi Carey
Carl B. Derenfeld, MSW, MBA
Carl David Losacco, MSW, LCSW
Carlton F. Clark, ACSW
Carol H. Fisher
Carol L. Spencer
Carol Nathaniel, LMSW
Carol S. Bittenson
Carol Zimbelman, ACSW
Caroline Wood Stott, MSW, LCSW
Carolyn Minor
Penny Carpenter
Linda Carpio
Barbara Carren-Le Sauter
Stephen Carroll
Erica Carter
Margo Case
Esther Castillo
Julie Catalano
Gerald Caughey
Sarah Cebulak
Cecil Ellis Hedrich, CSW
Cecil Lynn Garrison, Jr., LCSW
Ana Alicia Cervantes Tippit
Joseph Chan
Elizabeth Chaneske
Chantri Michelle Harper
Charlene deloise Mccleoud, BSW
Charlene Ray, MSW, LICSW
Charles Loeffler
Charles Patrick Diaz, LMSW
Charlotte Kay Marshall, n/a
Carola Chase
Sandra Chatelain
Andrea Chavez
Erica Cherry
Robin Chervitz
Cheryl Cummin
Cheryl Howard Carrothers
Cheryl L. Cohen-Berek, LCSW
Laihin Cheung
Lisa Chico
Chinh Thanh Le, L-MSW
Christa Jeane Buhler
Christel Brooke Gilbreath, LCSW
Anna Christensen
Sarah Christian
Christina A. Austin-Valere, LCSW, PhD
Christina Dawn Spalding
Christina Fingerle
Christine G. Archer, LSCSW,ACSW
Christine Marie Cherry, LMSW
Christopher A. Sagar
Christopher H. Harris, ACSW
Christy E. Wahrer
Janet Chunn
Richard Chvotkin
Salvatore Cilluffo
Cindi Cristina Flores, BS
Cindy B. Quart
Cindy Lee Smit, LISW
Clarissa R. S. Leon Guerrero
Clarissa Renee Jones, Social Work Trainee
Deborah Clark
Claudia Dunne, Dunne, LICSW
Claudia Oberweger
Clay M. Cutts
Rachel Coder Matthews
Lisa Coffman
Susan Cohen
Liz Cohen
Sue Cohick
David Colby
Elizabeth Cole
Veronica Coleman
Jacinta Coleman
Colette A. Braunstein
Colette A. Reid
John Collins
Cassaundra Collins
Kathleen Collins
Myra Colon
Lisa Conquet
Anne Conser
Constance O'Connor, LSW
Eilish Conway
Catherine Conway
Marianne Cook
Ann Cook
Jeanne Cooper
Rosann Corcoran
Antonia Cordero
Corie Stewart McKibben
Corlette Vanessa Williams
Helen Coronges
Corrine Marie Callaghan, LISW-S
Maria Cortese
Diane Coughlin
Kathleen Coutu
Jennifer Cox
Shannon Cox
Kaerensa Craft
Creelyn Joy Eisenberg, Student
Marian Cremin
Luvernice Croskey
Kaitlyn Crowell
Julia Crump
Crystal Cardenas
Laura Curry
Stella Curry
Kevin Cusce
Cynthia M. Williamson
Cynthia Shinaberry, Shinaberry
Dana Marie Paglia
Daniel Jacob Martinez, BSW
Danielle Causley Nicholson, LCSW
Danielle H. Coleman, MSW,LCSW,ACSW
Danielle Weidler
Margery Daniels
Deborah Darby
Darcell Carter Florence
Darlyne Bailey, MS, ACSW, LISW
Rachel Dash
David A. Rosen, C-ASWCM
David B. Moore, ACSW
David L. Mayfield
Deborah Davidson
Amy Davidson
Virginia Davis
Regina Davis
Judy Dawley
Dawn McMillian Sanchez
Dawn Rae Bailey
Erin Day
Dayna Lynn Baxter, BSW, HS-BCP
Martina De Giorgis
Beverley De Lugo-Collins
Debora Moreira Faria
Deborah Jean Woolf, M.S.
Deborah L. Reeths, ACSW
Deborah Lewis, Student
Deborah Roberts
Debra A. Viola
Debra Bradin, MSW, LSW, LCADC
Debra Miller Schefer, Student
Michael Dee
Michelle DeGennaro
Lisa DeJoseph
Delilah Ray
John Delizio
Loretta DelMastro
Delores Agatha Junious, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C,
Denise Delph
Elizabeth Deluca
Sandra DelVillano-Marchi
Denica Gordon-Mandel, MA,MSW
Denise Endress-Ridente
Denise M. Salage
Verdell Dent
Mary Denton
Janet DePaolo
Rebecca DeRaud
Dernay T. Coley
Maura Desmond
Diana R. Irving, LCSW
Diana R. Lubitz, LCSW
Diana Trinidad Lopez Jimenez, MSW Student
Diane Rudzinski
Anne Dickens
Diane Diestel
Michael Digatono
John Digman
Eva Dillon
Peter Dimanno
Mary Ellen Dimeglio-Boris
Denise Diorio
Jodi Ditusa
Rebecca Dixon
Carol Dixon
Djuna Z. Swope
Adam Doane
John Dobricky
Elizabeth Dobrish
Gail Doherty
Kristen Doherty
Frank Dombrowski
Dona L. Moon
Kathleen Donahue
Robin Donath
Amy Dondanville
Donna Marie McElroy
Dori S. Fromer
Doris L. Green McCorvey, MS MSW LCSW
Dana Dorn
Kathy Dorner
Dorothy Buel
Jennifer Dorrell
Mary Dowcett
Eleanor Downey
Elene Drakonakis
Natalie Dranoff
Patricia Drazin
Lionel Dredze
Elyse Dressler
Martin Dressman
Sherree Drezner
Lori Driver
Carlos Duarte
Alyce Duckworth
Susan Dudek
Nell Duff
Amy Duffy
Megan Duffy Knight
Amy Dulligan
Jodi Dumler
Vera Dumont
Elonzo Duncan
Jan Earle
Stephanie Eaton
Janice Eaton-Bennette
Lydia Ecker
Barbara Edelhauser
Edith Gibbs, ACSW
Eileen McLaughlin Koons, ACSW
Jamie Eisenberg
Elaine Barber
Elana B. Blumenthal, MSW,LCSW
Kirmly Elien
Elise Chapline
Elissa Marie Tubergen, MSW Student
Elizabeth R Peart , LSW
Elizabeth A. Anderson, LSW
Elizabeth A. Buonomo, LCSW
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth Golliher
Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW
Elizabeth M. Staib, LCSW
Elizabeth Marie Hornbaker
Elizabeth Pfalzgraf, MSW
Ellen B. Benson
Ellen C. Castleman
Ellisa lee
Seth Ellner
Elvia Maribel Asencio-Maguire, MSW
Elwood I. Kita, ACSW
Emily Christensen
Emily Jane Pray, LCSW
Emily Netherton
Emily Norris, MSW
Emma Kain
Lutchmia Engelbrecht
Cort Engelken
Alison England
Robin Ennis
Brisa Enriquez
Zoe Entin
Eric David Fink
Eric Hall
Erica Stone, LCSW
Erich P. Audretsch, ACSW
Erin Egan, LCSW
Erin L. Butters
Erin M. Miller
Gail Erlandson
John Erlich
Sara Erlich Penchuk
Julia Escarsega
Mary Esty
Molly Esworthy
Eugene Spencer Clark, II, ACSW
Evelyn D. Kirkman, ACSW
Evonne Jenkins
Alex Eystad
Mary Fairchild
Natalie Farr
Angela Farrell
Fatima Sayah Amelkin
Alexandra Faucher
Alexandra Feely
Patti Fehlig
Donna Feld
Robert Feldman
Harmony Feldman McCullough
Joel Feliciano
Fern E. Covitt
Rita Fernandes
Eric Fernelius
Judith Ferris
Sharon Ferry
Wendy Fershee
Chelsi Figley
Elizabeth Figueroa
Judy Figura
Iris Cohen Fineberg
Sharon Fisher
Pattie Fisher
Thomas Fitzer
Theresa Fitzgerald
James Fitzsimmons
Nancy Fitzsimons
Dawn Florey
Joan Flum
Patricia Flynn
Mary Foley
Sandra Folkerts
Marjorie Forman
Joseph Forshee
Alicia Foster
Paul Foster
Karan Foti
Alice Foulkes-Garcia
Cynthia Fox
Tanja Frade
Fran S. Danis, ACSW PhD
Frances L. Howe, ACSW
John Franchitto
Frank J. Pavone
Fredda G. McDonnell, ACSW, DCSW
Frederick R. Sautter, Jr.
Fredlee Ann Kaplan
Stacey Freedenthal
Mary Freeman
Karen Frees
Dorothy Fried
Sandra Fried
Sarah Fude-Huisman
Wadiah Fuller
Joanie Funk
Anna Maria Funkquist
Zarah Gaeta
Gail A. Wright, C-ASWCM
Gail Greenhut, ACSW
Janet Galaske
Marla Gale
Pamela Gallagher
Elsa Garcia
Kimberly Gardner
Randall Garland
Darrell Garner
Genevieve Garrett
William Garrison
Carleatha Gary
Gary J. Kasey
Gary Schneider, ACSW
Laura Gates
Jo-Anne Gaughan-Cabral
Athena Gavaris
Diana Gavoni
Gayle W Clachko, LCSW
Meagan Gemborys
Beth Gendler
Geoffrey Warlock Barron
Georgia J. Anetzberger, ACSW
Gerald Joseph
Adele Gerke
Prue Gershman
Gianny Diaz, MSW
Amanda Gibbons
Teresa Gil
Eileen Gilheany
Mary Anne Gill
Sue Gilles
Gayla Gilmore
Grover Gilmore
Gina M. Mills
Jennalee Giovetsis
Sharon Gire
Emily Girgenti
Barbara Glaser
Kate Gleeson
Gloria Harmon, LICSW,ACSW
Kristie Godina
Grant Goehler
Gayle Goldblatt
Diana Goldstein
Paul Gonsier
Anne Gooden
Arthur Goodman
Lisa Gordon
Thomas Gordon
Johnathan Gordon
Kathleen Gore
Amara Gore
Jocelyn Gorokhovsky
Esther Gorsha
Stephanie Gosteli
Julie Gottlieb Bernstein
Grace Cheong
Grace H. Brace
Grace Yukyung Ohr, MSW
Robert Grant
Roger Grape
Joel Gratch
Donna Gray
Wendy Gray
Irma Grebel
Marilyn Greeley
Iris Greenbaum
Sasha Greene
Geraldine Gregg
Gregg R. Maynard
Leslianne Grencio
Linda Gresack
Margaret Griffin
Marcia Grobman
Katie Groneman
Vanessa Guerra
Katharine Gullo
Carliss Gunter
Deborah Guptill
Mia Gutfreund
Norma Gutierrez
Norma Gutierrez
Reynaldo Gutierrez
Gwen E. Williams, DCSW
Gwendolynne Noonan
Shelley Haber
Caryn Hacker-Buechel
Richard Hadley
Kathleen Haglage
Cynthianna Hahn
Judith Hakam
Barbara Hale
Christie Halijan
Julia Hall
LaDonna Hall
Thomas Hall
Eva Hallstrom-Conkright
Cynthia Hamann
Myrna Hamid
Laura Hamilton
Sarah Hammack
Abigail Hammond
Suki Hanfling
Meade Hanna
Hannah Stokes
Hannah Zaleski Hill, BA
David Hannon
Darald Hanusa
Melinda Hardin
James Hare
Harold Hobbs McClellan, MSW
Jillian Harrell
Erica Harrington
Barbara Harris
Kathleen Hartman-McCarthy
Marisue Hartung
Janice Harvey
Gwendolyn Harville-Washington
Julie Hassett
Elaine Hatow
Debra Haverson
Kim Haveson
Wendy Hawkins
Guy Hawkins
Kathy Hayes
Lynn Haynes
Shanta Hazzard
Angie Heath
Heather Elisabeth Hydrick Thiel, LMSW
Heather Jenard
Charles Heffner
Teri Heger
Lucy Heggenstaller
Heidi Abbey
Heidi M. Limburg
Heidi Marine
Helen L. McClain, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Helle Thorning, PhD
Mary Heller
Jill Hellman
Sharon Helton
Patricia Henderson
Henri Flikier, ACSW
George Henry
Susan Hepola
Christy Hermley-Stack
Chloe Herrera
Diane Hessemann
Pamela Heydt
Samuel Hickman
Sarah Higginbotham
Lorie Hirsh
Gary Hirshberg
Kristi Hixenbaugh
Raven Hodges
Sharon Hoffman
Victoria Hogan
Malcolm Hohmann
Diana Holt
Honor Melanie Buell
Hope C. Axelrod, MSW
Elizabeth Horn
Betsy Houser
Susan Howard
Mary Howard
Timothy Howard
Mauricesa Howard
Stephanie Howey
Jean Huber
Barbara Huff
Marianne Huff
Sara Huffman
Teresa Hughes
Rosemary Hughes
Donna Humbert
Judy Hunt
Daryn Hunt
Sharon Hunt
Elayne Hunter
Deryle Hunter
Gwen Hurd
Charles Hutchcraft
Elizabeth Hutchison
Martha Hutchison
Donna Hyde
I. Barry Sorkin
Lydia Ignacio
Jennifer Illig
Indienne Coombs
Lois Ingber
Inger Eiesland Schultz
Ingrid Noemi Hernandez, MSW
Ira Ruta Roach
Beth Irving
Barbara Irving
Isabel Angelita Sanchez-Cummings, LISW
Ishmus Lowanza Hill, Jr, MSW
Ann Jackler
William Jackson
Marsha Jackson
Jacqueline B. Muller
Jacquelyn M. Skinner-Johnson
Merrie Jaffe
James J. Karagon, ACSW
Marybeth James-O'Connor
Jane A. Pavich, ACSW
Jane C. Bardavid
Janelle S. O'Connor
Janet B.W. Williams, PhD, ACSW
Janet P. Akman, ACSW
Janice Faye Jones, MSW, LGSW
Mary Jankowski
Jason E. Knight
Diane Jaulus
Monica Jay
Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW
Jean Hanson
Melady Jean-Baptiste
Jennifer A. Wiessner
Jennifer Booker
Jennifer Cory-Morrongiello
Jennifer Dawn Pearce Azam
Jennifer DeLory Byrne, CADC
Jennifer E. Rich
Jennifer E. Saporito, LISW-S
Jennifer Sloane Klein
Jennifer Zoldan-Verschleiser, LMSW
Jesse Davis, Jr., MSW, LGSW
Jessica A. Reed
Jessica Anna Clark-Keeler
Jessica Cypress Immitt, LCSW
Jessica J. Beil, LMSW
Jessica Volpe
Jill M. Brown
Joan E. Santoriello, LCSW
JoAnn Griffin
Rebecca Joas
Jody R. Scheier, LICSW,DCSW
Stephen Joffe
John B. Rabun, Jr., ACSW
John F. Vogt, ACSW
John Fredrickson, LCSW-R, CMSW, LIMHP
John Levitt, ACSW
John S. Schuster
Pandora Johnson
Julie Johnson
Catriona Elspeth Johnson
Diane Johnson
Lydia Johnson Reynolds
Angela Joiner
Jon-David Settell, LCSW
Jonathan K. Palley, LCSW
Cecilia Jones
Catharine Jones
Tina Jones
Cleolene Jones
Lynn Jones-Sandler
Lazora Jordan
Jordyn McCormick, LLMSW
Lauri Joseph
Magalie Joseph
Josephine Lenning, LLMSW
Joyce E. Masse
Joyce S. Murphy, ACSW
Judith S. Madison
Judy L. Postmus, PhD
Judy O. Fore
Julianne Marie Foster
Juliaty Hermanto
Julie Anne Samitt
Julie Hoffman, CSW
Julie K. Euseppi
Lisa Jurecic
Justine Liptock
Monica Jutkowitz
Herschel Kaminsky
Anna Kaplan
Karen Drane, LICSW
Karen Gillette
Karen Henry Smith, LSW
Karen J. Hoover, ACSW
Karen N. Gentilman
Karen Ott Zittleman, ACSW,CSW-G
Karleen M. Keaney, LCSW,ACSW
Nele Karmaus
Patricia Karp
Janet Kasimis
Kathryn Kastan
Kate K Leggiero-Avron
Kate Willow Robinson, M.A.
Katherine A. Kandravy, LCSW
Katherine Angel Fuller
Katherine L. Dunn, MSW
Katherine Noelle Fitzsimmons, MSW Student
Kathleen A. Mathews
Kathleen A. Myers, LCSW,ACSW
Kathleen M. Flanigan, ACSW
Kathryn Joann Huber, LSW
Kathy Capehart, Capehart
Pamela Katz
Judith Katz
Jody Kaufman
Lisa Kay
Kaylee Danielson, MSW Student
Mary Keegan
Gloria Keiser
Keisha Nicole Jackson
Keith A. Wilson, LCSW
Ellen Kelley
Kelli Willis
Kellie R. Stallings
Sarah Kelly
Kelly Craig Jones, MSW, LCSW
Kelly Zalewski, LMSW
Kelsi Elizabeth Curran, MSW
Amelia Kemmann
Sandra Kemp
Madrene Kemp
Brandy Kennerson
Jeannie Kerr
Kerri S. Thompson
Kerriann Tavzel
Kerrie A. Thompson
Kevin Christopher Lee
Kim Cousens
Kim E. Rodgers
M Kimball
Kimberley Angel Carhart (Carhart-Eiken), CSW,MSW
Kimberley Nusbaum
Kimberly Ann Frazier
Kimberly J. Probst Warden
Lula King
Robin King
Kay Kinkel
Chandler Kinney
Tina Kiyabu-Crowell
Elisa Klein
Debra Klein
Julia Kling
Jennifer Klingler
Mary Knapp
Amy Knaus
Sharon Knight
Denise Koelsch
Jessica Koester
Caarin Kogut
Patricia Kolb
Debra Kollar
Kimberlee Kolton
Michael Konkoly
Carol Kopsco
Joseph Kort
Phyllis Kosky
Kathleen Kostock
Cheryl Kotarski
Kelly Kowalchuk
Norma Kraus Eule
Suzanne Kreie
Kristen Burgoyne Marshall
Kristen Gautier-Downes, LSW
Kristi J. Karel, LMSW
Margaret Kroen
Jane Krumm
Michele Kuhl
Rachel Kuhr
Thomas Kunzig
Jayme Kurland
Kyla M. Rauh, LCSW
Joseph La Liberte
Lacey Faughender, MSW
Kayla Lajoie
Martha Lamb
Katherine Lamb
Katherine Lambert
Carol Lambert
Claudette LaMelle
Patricia Lane
Patricia Lane
Maryanna Lange
Shannon Langlois-Kondracki
Rosalie Lanza
Toby Laping
Aryn Lappegaard
Larissa E. Golloub
Timothy LaRose
Lawrence Larson
Edie Larson
Jamie Lasden
LaShonda Faye Buckner, LSW
Latisha S. Christensen, LGSW
Matthew Launer
Laura Impert, Private Practice
Laura J. Winton
Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, LCSW
Laura L. Kietell
Laura sullivan, LSW
Laurel Romney
Lauren Annice Fisher
Lauren Baker, M.Ed.
Lauren Blacker
Lauren Genarelli, LSW
Lauren Guberman
Lauren Kristina Mahakian
Laurene A. Warhol
Laurie A. Picus
Laurie Epstein Kach, LMSW, ACSW
Laurie Reis
Kerry Lavallee
Liberty Law
Anne Lawrence
Jeffrey Lawrence
Romie Lawrence
Lawrence E. Schallert, ACSW
Patricia Lazuka
Sharon LeBlanc
Becky Ledva
Mary Lee
Robert Lee
Patricia Lehr
Leigh Anna Wood, LSW
Leighann Renee Buschor
Kelley Lenker
Evelyn Lent
Joseph Lenti
Nilde Leo
Leona Pannabecker
Dana LePage
Joan Leshner
Leslie Erin Cloninger, MSW
Leslie H. Row, LICSW
Leslie K. Hasche
Leslie M. Mckey, Master
Leslie P. Schellbach
LoriAnn Levanto
Martin Levenson
Thomas Leversee
Leah Levine
Joel Levine
Carly Levy
Diane Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Caroland Lewis
Fei Li
Libby MacPhee, MSW
Libby Still Riverstone-Howe, MSW
Sarah Ligon
Erin Liiv
Liliana lopez estrada
Christine Lill
Linda A. Howard-Curtis, LCSW,C-SSWS
Linda J Landis, MSW, LSW
Linda L. Neal
Linda Leedy Schneider, ACSW
Viola Lindsey
Lindsey M. Tomcics, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Lindsey Marie Hall
Lisa Inoue
Lisa Lipani
Lisa Myers
LiSandra Rodriguez, MSW Candidate
Lisha Mejan
Norma Litman
Josephine Little
Henrietta Lodge
Peter Loft
Lois Kemmet, LICSW
Rebecca Lombardi
Lois Longwell
Lori M. Moussapour, MSW
Lori Meli Silas
Lorise W. Mayer, LCSW, PsyA
Lorraine A. Touchette
Lorraine K. Forbes
Lorraine M. Gutierrez, ACSW
Ellen Love
Nadine Lovell
Rebecca Lowe
Gerald Lowe
Seniel Lucien
Dawn Luckey-Jackson
Luis A. Pereira, LCSW
Luis Raul Orozco
Carol Lundin
Luz Legakis
Angela Lyford
Sharon Lyles
Lynette Williams
Lynn Gossen Walthall
Lynn M. Swiatkowski, LICSW
M. Susan Rosenberg, LMSW, ACSW
Heather Macduffie
Stephanie Machado-Jenkins
Lisa Madden
Carol Maddox
Darlene Maddox-Evans
Mae-Ann S. Wilner, MSW student
Maeve K. Eggers
Margaret Magraw
Patricia Mahaney
Lynne Maidman
Karen Main
Varda Makovsky
Malinda Dobyne, QCSW
Gina Malloy
Mandy Lee Harris, LISW
Rita Maniscalco
Marabeth R. Madsen, MSW Candidate 2020
Katherine Marble
Marc R. McDowell, ACSW
Marci E. Morris
Marcus L. Foxx
Paula Marcus-Platz
Maressa Jensen
Margaret A. Mcgurrin, ACSW
Margaret E. Lonsdale
Margaret Hughes Alexander, LCSW
Margaret Mary Ellett, LCSW-R
Marge K. Lang, ACHP-SW
Margo Lynn Crane, LSW
Marguerite E. Dingman
Maria Ruth Guidetti
Maria Sykes, MSW
Maria Teresa Driver, MSW LCSW
Gina Marianetti
MariaRosa J. Bruno, BSW Student
Marie G. Goodine
Marilyn B. Kerr, ACSW
Marisela Elise Elliott, BSW
Marissa Ventola
Maritza K. Johnson
Mark D. Clayton
Mark S. Golden
Mark S. Smith
Mark W Clauss, LCSW
Mark W. Jay
Heather Markovich
Marlena Rose Maglieri
Marsha B. McDonald
Janice Martin
Evan Martin
Stacia Martin
Christina Martin
Joan Martin
Martin F. Hammar, LISW
Connie Martinez
Leah Marx
Mary A. Diamond, LCSW, LCSW
Mary A. Lessard, LCSW
Mary B. Sheridan, LSCSW
Mary E. Rundell
Mary Henrietta Domingo, EHJ PhD
Mary K. Helpenstill
Mary L. Gustafson, LCSW-PIP
Mary M. Kelley, LICSW
Mary P Giovinazzo, LSW
Mary Suzanne Brown
Mary Theresa Sise
Mary Zavoda, LSW
Maureen Gingerich Bergey
Maureen R. Kelly, Kelly
Michael Maurer
Mauricio Cuervo-Bautista
Susan Maxwell
Linda May
Maya Wahrman
Ann Mcbreen
Regina McCabe
Darryl McCarroll
Maxine mccarthy
Kryn McClain
Michelle McCoy
Patricia McFarland
Kathleen McGah
Janet Mcgoldrick-Harmon
Marc McGovern
Dennis McGuire
John McInerney
Carolyn McIntyre
Marian McIntyre
Veronica McKay
Abigail McKeon
James Mckinley-Oakes
Megan Mclaughlin
Alicia McLaughlin
Ralph Mcmenemy
Colleen McSweeney
Patricia Medina
Cynthia Meeske
Megan Casabe, MSW, LCSW
Megan Sand
Meghan Elizabeth Dean, LCSW
Meghan Wheeler
Andrea Meier
Melanee Sheree Hester
Melanie Gail Hathaway
Katherine Melcher
Melissa Ann Gronau, LSCSW,LCAC,QCSW
Melissa Moggio Flanagan
Melissa Zagaroli
Patricia Mendell
Manuel Mendez
Dorrett Menon
Kristin Mensing
Ronald Mercante
Meredith Anne Kolodze, MSW, LICSW
Meredith Ashton Rumbley, BSW
Meredith Flanagan, LICSW
Kimberly Meriwether
Mescal Wasilewski, MSW-I
Cathleen Metzger
H. Meyer
Gina Micarelli
Michael A. O'Connell, ACSW
Michael Andrew Pacia, MSW
Michael Anthony Aubry, LMSW
Michael C. Spieldenner
Michael Cody Peeples
Michael G. Bass, ACSW, C-CATODSW
Michael G. Reeves
Michael Lee Reison
Michael Naquin
Michael Patrick McCann
Michael Shea
Jaqueline Michel
Michelle Allgood-Welker, LMSW
Michelle Boren, Boren
Michelle Ciaramellano
Michelle D. Garner, LICSW, ACSW
Michelle Gagnon, LSW
Michelle Lynn Godwin, LCSW
Michelle Squires, MSW
Michelle Tye, BSW, LSW, CDCA
Mike Bellamy, LCSW, LCADC
David Mikkola
William Miller
Faye Miller
Tyree Miller
Joshua Miller
Barbara Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Emily Miller
Viviana Miller
Karen Mills Bevers
Minakshi Goyal
Mindy V. Zych
Marsha Mintz
Maxine Mintzer
Regina Miranda
Mishelle Powell
Georgeann Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell
Mitchell Kupferberg
Mladenka Kovacevic Totonchi, Totonchi
Maximiliano Molina
Molly M. Selby, LCSW
Sandra Moncrief-Stuart
Merle Montalvo
Joy Montgomery
Michael Montgomery
Shaunita Montout
Jolene Montoya
Murielle Montreuil
Montrobia McKissack
Jamesena Moore
Linda Moore
Rowan Moore
Kimberly Moore-Jones
Diana Morales
Leslie Morales Oliver
James Moran
Denise Morgan
Douglas Morin
Monica Morovich
Dolores Morris
Theodore Morrison
Katie Mortimer
Wendy Mour
Joyce Mulford
Catherine Muller
Mary Mumford
Latifu Munirah
Gordon Munn
Jordana Muroff
Catherine Murray
Myranda Strickland
Nadine Renee Willits
Diana Najera
Evacel Najera
Alex Nakamoto
Jennifer Nakhai-Ashtiani
Nancy J Long
Nancy J Phillips, MSW
Nancy Levy Simon, LCSW
Nancy M. Hutchinson
Napoleon Shaw, CHP-SW, BSW
Karen Nassauer
Ana Nava
Hazel Navarro
Navre Dionne Barbee-Bogues, MSW Student
Joyce Nay
Neil L. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Jeaneen Nelson
Kevin Nesbitt
Neshama J. Friend, friend
Kay Newman
Mary Newton
Stephanie Nguyen
Nicholas David Rosenberg, PhD, LCSW
Marjorie Nichols
Nina E. Gershowitz
Khanh Ninh
Charles Niven
Kym-Kisha Nixon
Darrell Noble
Melissa Nolan
Nancy Nollen
Teresa Nopper
John Norris
Kristen Norton
Adrienne Novick
Stephen Noyes
Antonio Nunez
Deborah Nunnally
Mary O'Brien-Harte
Bronwyn O'Neil
Gene O'Neill
Randall O'Toole
Janita Oakes
Bette Odell
Grace Ofori Attah
Alexandra Oliva
Mary Oliveri
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Kelly Olsen
Omar Jesus Mateo
Jennifer ONeill
Katy Ong
Benjamin Oosting
Joan Ordille
Andrea Orsini-Brown
Samuel Ortiz
Eileen Osgood
Paivi Outinen
Amanda Owens
Janica Ownbey
Penny Page
Kenneth Page
Emily Page
Timothy Paige
Roxane Pakit
Christina Pallotta
Kelly Pallwitz
Pamela C. Dean
Pamela C. Robertson, LCSW, PsyD
Pamela Huysman Koretsky, LCSW
Pamela Marsh McDonald
Jennifer Panhorst
Andrew Pansky
Paola L. Castano, MA, LCADC, CCS
Elaine Parry Liggeri
Logan Parsley
Patricia A. Vanasse, Child Protection
Patricia E. Morrison, LCSW
Patricia E. Silagy-Wesson, ACSW
Patrick James Manzanares, MPH, MSW
Michael Patton
Paul Clifford Hunt, MSW
Paul Kozodoy
Paula Bain-Hudson, ACSW, LCSW
Paulette A. Donahue, LCSW
Pauline A. Klein, ACSW
Katrina Pearthree
Carol Peckins
Peggy A. Smith, DCSW
Lisa Pelletier-Branco
Saralie Pennington
Christine perez
Judith Perlman
Peter A. Lopez
Peter F. Luongo
Suzanne Peters
Mary Petrisko
George Petronio
Catherine Phillips
Barbara Phillips
Lisa Picciuti
Eleanor Picente
Caryn Pinard
Donna Pincavage
Gabriel Pinnette
Pascal Pion
Piper N. Griffin, LGSW
Keith Pishna
Pamela Platten
Robert Pledl
Taylor Plitnick
Merrill Poliner
Patricia Politi
William Pompos
Ernesto Ponce
Rebecca Porteous
Linda Porter
Timothy Porter
Mary Porter
Kim Praitano
Tamara Prenosil
Cassandra Price
Elizabeth Prince
Stephanie Prince
Cathy Proffitt-Allison
Sharon Pryor
Laura Pullen
Kristen Pupo
Nellie Purefoy
Wendy Puzarne
Starlee Qualter
Cathy Raab
Kristin Raber
Rachel C Maxey , MSW
Rachel Jenkins-Stevens
Rachel L. Segall, MSW, LICSW
Rachel Lynn Piper, LLMSW
Rachel Marie Borba
Rachel Marie Meffe, Meffe
Rachel Venuto, BSW CSW
Maria Ramos
Jennifer Randall
Senaida Rangel
Amber Ranney
Suzanne Raposa
Clifford Rappoport
Janet Rascoe-Strebel
Edith Raskin
Ray J. Flynn
Gail Reagan
Rebecca Brinklow-Vaughan, B.S.
Rebecca Lauren Wisner
Rebekah L. Mills
Michele Reed
Don Reed
Stephen Reinhard
Samantha Reinier
Renee E. Woodard, LCSW
Renee V. Rivera, MSW, LCSW
Karen Repasky
Katherine Rettke
Rhoda S. Grill, ACSW
Carla Rice
Richard A. Koch
Richard A. Kochis, MSW, LMSW
Richard E. Morgan, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Richard Newell
Richard Ramirez
Sarah Richards
Pat Richards
Gary Richman
Nicole Richman
Rita T. Contreras, BSW
Rita Vollmer, MSW
Robert C. Smith
Robert P. McLaughlin
Robert Pileggi, LSW
Roberta A. Dowden, ACSW
Andrea Roberts
Claire Roberts
Edna Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Mary Robinson
Robyn Sellet, LCSW
Rocco M. Guglielmo, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Pereta Rodriguez
Teresa Rohret-Erickson
Jessica Roll
Rosario Romero
Rondalyn T. Strother Graham
Linda Rosasco
Gerald Rosenberg
Carrie Ross
Gillian Rossman
Sara Rotenberry
Andrea Rowe
Susan Ruben
Jane Rubin
Jill Rubin
Robin Rudic
Leslie Russell
Mikayla Russell
Joyce Russell-Andersen
Barbara Russo
Ruth Ines Roman
Colin Ryan
Sheena Rymer
Diane Sadowski
Isabel Saez
Kim Sainten
Jana Saltenberger
Samantha L. Plewes
Samantha S. Stewart
Samuel Frank, LCSW, PPSC
Muhria Sanati Morgan
Cheryl Sanders
Stephen Sanders
Kristen Sandifer
Sandra Gikas Brooks, ACSW
Sandra L. Abdullah, ACSW
Sandra M. Hebley
Maggie Santinanavat
Vittorio Santoro
Dawn Saphir-Pruett
Sarah E.J. Brysk, LCSW
Sarah Gleason Armbrust
Sarah Heath Williams, MSW
Sarah Huxtable Mohr, MHRS, RADTII
Sarah Kyungwha Ahn, MSW
Sarah Mailhot
Michelle Sarofin
Ellen Satloff
Irene Saunders
Kelly Sawyer
Albert Sbordone
Lisa Schachter
Kerry Schantz-Held
Debra Schartz-Robinson
Kay Schechter
Sue Scheffler
Diane Scheininger
Daniel Schidlowsky
Joanne Schiebler
Rosa Schirripa
Lynne Schleifer
Lynn Schlesinger
H. M. Schmoker
Sylvia Schoenfeld
Julia Schott
Judith Schreiber
Richard Schroedel
Hope Schroy
Mikaela Schultz
Joan Schuman
Joshua Schurman
Beth Schwartz
Donna Schwartz
Joseph Schwartz
Audrey Schwebel
Claudia Schweitzer
Doreen Schweizer
Maxine Sclar
Barbara Scobey
Diane Scotland-Coogan
Mary Scott
Sandra Scott
Katina Scott
Patricia Searles
Christine Seedhouse
Diane Seessel
Jack Segal
Nancy Segall
Thomas Seggio
Ramune Segreti
Ashlie Seibers
Lisa Selsby
Senobia Henriquez
Mary Anne Severino
Dolores Shaffer
Shamlee Devi Gupta
Shanna L. Howald
Sharon A. Kourt, LCSW-R
Sharon D. Sickles
Sharon Glocker
Elizabeth Shashoua
John Shasteen
Shauna Campbell, LCSW
Shaune Martin
Shayna Marie Nerland
Donna Sheather
Patricia Shepley
Sheree C. Wilson, ACHP-SW
Stuart Sherman
Sherry A. Dees, ACSW
Roger Sherwood
Shinar E. Smith, LBSW
Shirley M. Petersen
Lionel Shockness
Jennifer Siemann
Gregory Sikora
Mallory Silberman
Silvia Noftz, MSW Student
Hugh Simmons
June Simmons
Lynda Simmons
Angela Simon
Simon Oguchi Connor, MSW
Simone Carolyn Walton
Luann Simpson
Sylvia Sims Gray
Deborah Singer
Jennifer Singer-Orsello
Lisa Sink
James Skinner
Linda Sklar
Crystal Slater
Catherine Slavics
Patricia Slaye
Michael Slevin
Evelyn Smith
Felice Smith
Lizzie Smith
William Smith
Caroline Smith
Callie Smith
Linda Smith
Marcia Smith
Daicia Smith
Ryan Smith
Kathy Snowden
Bonnie Sobel
Judith Solomon
Renee Solomon
Sophia Soloway
Sondra Johnson, LGSW
Sonia Morhange
Sonja B. Lindgren, LCSW
Sonja Garland Harrison, MSW
Sonora Ann Foster, MSW, LSW
Sonyia Richardson, LCSW
Michael Sousa
Chanel Sowell
Lenore Spanger
Mary Sparke
Doris Spencer
Spring Jones, ACSW
Susan Springman
Cheryl Spurlock
Allyn St. Lifer
Stacie T. Hering, LSWA
Karen Stafford
Susan Stark
Elise Starr
Stephanie A. Ellis
Stephanie Ann Adams
Stephanie Ann Doran
Stephanie Lennox
Stephanie Sleeper, MSW Candidate 2019
Stephen Christopher Nadel
Kathleen Stephens
Karin Sternal
Susan Sterngold
Steven L. Hornsby
Paige Stewart
Tami Stieber
Julie Stonberg
Mary Stone
Nikiki Stovall
Charles Strauss
Doris Strife
Nicole Suarez-Bronfman
Debra Suierveld
Bridget Suire
Michael Sullivan
Carla Sullivan
Carolyn Sultana
Mary Summerville
Sarna Sunshine
Susan Ann Clark
Susan Drexler
Susan Joseph
Susan Ottenheimer
Susan Pease Banitt
Susan Peek
Susan S. McLaughlin, C-SSWS
Susan W. Ruskin
Suzanne R. Walker
Francee Sviridoff
Julia Swartz Fagnant
Sybil Y. Williams-Gray, LCSW
Sydney Farrier, ACSW
Sylvester G. Bowie
Sylvia J. Rogers
Lauren Szpilzinger
Tabitha Williams
Tahni Kalina
Marcia Takaki
Talia Starr Filippelli
Talonna Martinez, BSW, MSW Student
Tammy R. Lynn
Tammy Stafford
Tanya Atkinson, MSW SUDt
Theresa Tarrant
Tracy Taub
Dawn Taylor
Casey Taylor-Brewer
Bonnie Teitleman-Levin
Teresa P. Russell
Terri Wilson, MSW student at ETSU
Stacie Thaw-Hagemann
David Thomas
Charles Thomas
Thomas D. Edwards
Thomas E. Hogan, MSW, ACSW
Thomas Reed, ACSW
Melva Thomas-Johnson
Lisa Thompson
Charles Thompson
Heather Thomson
Marjorie Thrope
Denise Thurmond
David Thurn
Christopher Tice
Gary Tiemann
Evangeline Tierney
Tiffany Dawn Everette, MSW/LGSW
Tiffany Rayel Flores
Mildred Tikker
Timothy M. Day
Tina Lai, MSW
Patricia Tingler
Tiona Shanel Boddy, M.S.H.S
Tisha Gail Miller, LCSW
Tita Wernimont
Josephine Tittsworth
Robert Tobing
Shilynda Tolbert
Wendy Tompkins
Karen Tompkins
Lee Torres
Traci Hipsher, LISW-S
Tracy Beresh, LISW-S
Tuong An Tran
Jude Treder-Wolff
Trinity Haswell, MSW Candidate
Elizabeth Trojanowski
Amy Trommer
Trudy R. Tobias, MSW, LCSW
Carol Trust
Renee Tucker-Eisape
Thomas Tueller
Eleanor Turner
Leonard Tuzman
Comfort Uguru
Jan Ulrich
Uma K. Zykofsky
Ursula D Goines-Audrey
Alejandra Vaca-Perez
Valerie D. Douglas
Valerie Schmitz, LCSW
Randi Valerious
Deborah Valletta
Robin Van Bommel
James Vanasse
Eldon Vance
Erin VanLuven
Deborah Vann
Mairyn Vargas-Goire
Mary Vaughn
Richard Vega
Ann Velasco
Lisa Velazquez-DeNapoli
Veronica G. Bohanna, LMSW
Veronica R. Maldonado, BS
Marisa Vescio
Vicki L. Eaton
Vickie Little Haralson
Victor A. Manalo, PhD
Victor Hugo Llerena, LSW
Victor M. Ramos, ACSW, LCSW
Viola Quintero, MSW
Virginia J. Huff, ASW
Vitina Louise Pestello
Vivian Juvan, ACSW
Ann Vodacek
Le Ann Vogt
Jeremiah Volk
Julia Wade
Georgia Wagniere
Melissa Waind
Ruth Walden
John Walker
Tamara Walker
Joy Wall
Kathy Wallace
Lisa Wallace
Frank Walsh
Jezebel Walter
Walter Simmons
Wananan Phualek, MSW, CAPP
Holly Warren
Gayle Washington
Suzanne Wasser
Ganga Mayee Wasserman
Roberta Wasserman
Keith Waterland
Fred Watson
Kelsey Watson
Donna Watson
David Watson
Joan Weaver
Dawn Webber
Mark Weber
Kathleen Webster
Theresa Weigel
Gail Weil
Carey Weiller
Rob Weinstein
Katherine Weinstock
Janet Weismark
Wendy L. Becker, LCSW
Wendy Noelle Crescenzo Gomez
Katherine Wenger
Audrey Wentworth
Mary Werner Perdue
Lynn Werthamer
Gatewood West
Arleathia West
Cody West
Shelby Whalen
Jennifer Whaley Gundersen
Donald Whipker
Muriel Wiener
Amy Wilder
Stephanie Will
Earline Willcott
William Scott Vestring, BSW Student
Diane Williams
Maureen Williams-Zelenak
Dawn Williamson
Megan Wills
Michael Wilson
Penelope Wilson
Leila Wilson Bate
Annabelle Winne
Janet Winocour
Karen Winston
Jessica Wolfe
Deborah Wood
Susanna Wood
Sarah Woodward
Diane Wright
Clifflora Wright
Kathy Wurpts
Olin Yauchler
Susan Yeager
Yohanny Cynthia Valderrama
Wendy Yon-Innis
Elizabeth Youmans
Linda Young
Andrew Young
Melanie Younger
John Youngs
Yvonne Railene Smith, MSW
Judith Zachs
Joanne Zannoni
Lela Zaphiropoulos
Mireille Zarin
Philip Zarowny
Sara Zaslow
Ellen Zemel
Lynn Zender
Judith Zevin
Gloria Zicht
Emily Zimmerman
Debra Zimmerman
Patricia Zimmerman
Maxene Zion
Elizabeth Zmuda-Swanson
Charlotte Zuckerman
G. P. Zurenda
March 2021
Aaron M. Polsky
Stephanie Abate
Martina Abba-Richard
Abbey Marie Nemec, BSW
Ann Abbott
Christen Abbott
Sarah Aberg
Alan Ablitz
Gloria Aboagye
Lois Abramchik
Andrew Abrams
Rebecca Abramson
Jeanne Ackerman
Inger Acking
Adam Weitz
Karen Adams
Susan Adams
Joann Adams
Patricia Adams
Alison Adams Hartman
Ellen Adelson
Constance Adkins
Barry Adler
Martine Adler
Rebecca Adler
Dannielle Adler
Adrienne Viccora Robinson, LICSW
Rosemary Affeldt
Kathy Aftergood
Ingrid Agnew
Joanna Ahlering
Jessica Aiello
Akiko Mimura-Lazare
Gordean Akiona
Alan Vietze, LCSW,ABD
Aleana Marie Krupinsky, LCSW, MSW, CPP, LMT
Aleta Aaron, ACSW
Alex Gautieri, MSW
Karen Alexander
David Alexander
Alexandra Jean Pierlott
Alexandra L. Kagan
Alexandra Nicole Givens
Cecilia Alfonso
Yhatrid Algarin-Passaro
Alice H. Emanuel, ACSW
Alice M. Merrifield
Alicia P. Sloan, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Debbie Alig
Alison C. Baker
Richard Alix
Caroline Allen
Edward Allen
Jurgen Allen
Roberta Allen
F. Towne Allen
Valerie Allen-Tyus
Elizabeth Allison
Allison Macon
Allison Zirkel, BA
Alma Bounds Pinckney, BA
Stuart Alpert
Helaine Altbaum
Robert Altschuler
Mildred Alvarez
Alyson S. Nash, LCSW
Alyssa Joy Posavec, MSW
Lynn Amabile
Amanda Carol Leggett
Amanda Holbrook, MSS, LSW
Amanda L Constant
Amanda Lea Brady Leal, LMSW
Amanda M Hall, LCSW
Amanda Ryerson Simons, C-SSWS
Amber Wood
Linda Lou Ames
Maryann Amodeo
Amor Hollingsworth
Amrita Singh , LCSW
Amy Bernstein, LCSW
Amy C. Sterling-Bratt
Amy G. Scholl
Amy Hickey, BSW
Amy L. Steinhauer, LCSW, ACSW, CST
Amy Rahhal, LMSW, LCSW
Ana L. Moseley, ACSW
Joan Anderson
Kristopher Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
Marlene Anderson
Mary Anderson
James Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Nia Anderson
Andrea S. Homier, MSW Student
Andrea Werner Insoft, insoft
Andrew Steiger, LISW-S
Rochelle Andrews
Tracey Andrews
Matthew Andrews
Rachel Andrews
Angela E. Cardella
M. Angell
Elizabeth Angwin
Anita Covington Heller
Anita L. Barnes
Anita Susan Hoyle, MSW
Ann J. DePoole
Ann M. Petty
Anna Grace Sprowl
Anna La Rocca Palid, LCSW
Anna T. Razes, ACSW
Anna Thelen
Anne Carter, LSW
Anne Cook Adcock
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Goldych Dailey, ACSW
Diana Anson
Robert Anthony
Anthony Dimitrion, LMSW
Anthony G. DeCorte, LISW
Anthony R. Thomas, ACSW
Beth Aponte
Paul Appel
Connie Applewhite
April DiGiannantonio
April L. Lee, C-ASWCM
Frances Aquino
Jennifer Arbogast
Kelly Ardieta
Vincent Arduin
Janet Arida
Ariya F. McGrory
Arleen R. Stern, C-ASWCM
Elizabeth Armes
Brenda Armour
Angela Arney
Arnez B. Crockett, ACSW, LCSW
Ronit Arnsdorf-Atlan
Robin Aronow
Arun V. Hejmadi
Claire Asarnow
Ashley Alexis Hager
Ashley Deible
Ashley Qynn Lai
Catherine Atchison
Yolanda Atencio
Stacey Atkins
Judith Atkinson
Audrey Dunn
Sandra Auerback
E. Taylor Aultman
Avani Shah
Aylee S. Welch
Diane Bachman
Shani Bacy
Farah Baig
John Bailey
Jill Bailey
Joanne Bailey
Mary Bailey-Henry
Robin Baker
Nancy Baker
Mary Baker
Laura Baldwin O'Keefe
Thomas Ballis
Phil Banks
Barbara A. Baker
Barbara A. Dunn, ACSW
Barbara E. Blankenbaker, LCSW
Barbara Gelfand
Mary Louise Barber
Ethel Barber
Philip Barbetta
Jill Bardsley
Nancy Barich
Maureen Barnes
Melody Barnes
Kathryn Barnes
Mary Baron
Mary Barrett
Leonardo Barriga
Barry Noel
F. Diane Barth
Terri Bartlett
Sheila Barton
Susan Barton
Buell Barton
Nerissa Basant
Jan Bass
Katherine Batten
Balazs Batyka
Cathie Bautista
Theresa Baxter
Baylee Read, LMSW
Nelson Bayron
Sharon Beach
Emily Beal-Nelis
Veronica Bearison
James Beattie
Roger Beaudoin
Briana Beaudoin
Theresa Beaudreau
John Bechill
Patricia Beck
Marc Becker
Billie Becker-Bem
Sarah Beckett
Kent Belgrave
Ralph Belk
Cecilia Bell
Michele Bell
Kathleen Bell
Sally Bell
Lisa Bello
Denise Belon
Emily Benedetto
Benedetto Abate, ACSW
Marva Benjamin
Benjamin C. Marlow
Benjamin Clemens
David Benson
Renee Bentley
Edward Bentsianov
Jerome Bercik
Phyllis Beren
Margaret Berger
Janet Bernard
Dorothy Berndt
Ann Berntsen
Janice Berry Edwards
Berton K. Frank, ACSW
Sally Best
Beth Kliegerman Tafuri
Bethany Keck, MSW
Betty Kedrock, LCSW
Doug Beumer
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Bevin Nixon, LCSW, LISW-CP
Dennis Bieber
Denise bilder
Jody Bilstrom
Bernadette Bimonte-Hackett
Karen Binder
Lisa Binder
Mary Birdsong
Miriam Bjurman
Janet Black
Agnes Blackmon
Che Blaine
Blair Collin Pietrowski
Monica Blauner
Jonathan Bloch
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Shari Bloomberg
Maggie Bloomfield
Caroline Blower
Nell Bly
Marcus Boatman
Bobbie Good, ASW
Lisa Bode
Debra Bodtke
Laurie Boehm
Heather Boes
Anne Boffoli-Bentzen
Joanna Bogdan-Fyles
Craig Boitel
Dewey Bolen
Susan Bolles
Darla Bolon
Helen Bolte
William Bond
Bonnie Ann Richards
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Bonnie Joanne David-Such
Bonnie Noble Silberman, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Carol Boone
Rubea Boone
Constance Booth
Julie Bordelon
Debra Borden
Kenneth Borelli
Michael Boretz
Patti-Ann Bossert
Joy Bowers
Kevin Bowman
Patricia Boyer
H. Brail
Craig Braley
Brandi J. Mooney
Brandi Nicole McFerran
Leslie Brandon
Brandy Bernos Aday-Springer
Michelle Branigan
Karla Braski
Terence Brazil
Elizabeth Breck
Allison Breed
Stephanie Brell
Brenda Coble Lindsey
Brenda J. McAllister
Luis Brenner
Jeffrey Brentley
Joy Bressler
Kathleen Brewer
Frederick Brewster
Brian E. Hill, LSCSW
Brian Tessier
Bridget Simone Richard, MSW, LISW-S
Betty Briggs
Heather Brindisi
Douglas Brink
Brittany Nicole Murphy, BSW Student
Brittany Proscia
Bonnie Broe
Caytlin Bronaugh
Morna Brothers
Robert Brown
Gregory Brown
Phillip Brown
Tiffany Brown
Loretta Brown
Diana Brown
Phyllis Brown
Kirk Brown
Rachel Browne
Lisa Browning
Bruce Goodman, Advisory Board Mbr.
Heather Brush-Hawkins
Jeffrey Burdick
Melody Burfeind
Teresa Burke
Robert Burnett
Wayne Burns
Alan Burrall
James Burton
Cheryl Busby
Mary Bushong
Theresa Bussert
Susan Butler
Joy Butler
Thomas Butler
Elizabeth Butler
Mary Butler
Peter Butler
Linda Buttelman Rotolo
Jeanna Butterfield
Jessica Buttner
Thomas Butts
Daniel Byarlay
Cammiejean Byrd
Alice Byrne
Erica Byrne
C. Baxter Chandler
Carole Cadue-Blackwood
Joan Cahill
Barbara Cain
Caitlin Deborah Cantor
Erma Caldwell
Kathryn Calkins
Kerry Callahan
Callie Rose Morris, MSW Student
Daniel Callistein
Connie Cambron-Adams
Cami Ann Hrisak, MSSA, LCSW
Cami L. Blackburn
Daniel Campbell
Bettina Campbell
Leandra Campbell
Marsha Campbell
Margaret Campbell Davis
Caroline Cangelosi
Alaina Cantor
Gayle Caplan
Frances Caple
Cara N Snyder
Linda Caravello
Carissa Gayle Cutler, LCSW
Carla ayres, LCSW, CADCIII, MAC
Carla Brown, LMSW
Carmen D. Staggers
Carmen L. Moore
Gerald Carmichael
Celeste Carmody
Carol A. Jakus, ACSW
Carol A. Murray, LICSW, ACSW
Carol Ann Gordon-Shirley
Carol D. Psaila
Carol E. West, LMSW
Carol J. Kramer, LCSW
Carol L. Cushman, DCSW
Carol L. Gross
Carol Sanders
Carol Z. Schulman
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Carolyn Forsyth Austen
Carolyn J. Henderson
Kristen Carothers
Carrie Elizabeth Corby
Maria Carrington
Donna Carson
Wendy Carter
Page Carter
Carter T. Wiggins
Patrick Caruso
Sally Cassidy
Michael Castaldi
Kristen Castellanos
Rebecca Castro
Louise Cate
Catherine A. Courson, ACSW
Catherine Anglin-Greene, LCSW,LICSW,ACSW
Catherine Eggart, B.A.
Catherine H. Morrison, ACSW, LISW-S
Cathleen E. Marakovits, LCSW
Cathleen May Kalinowski
Cathleen O'Brien
Cathy M. Linde, LCSW, LSCSW
Cathy S. Malmon, LMFT,LICSW
Sally Catlin
Jan Caughlan
Kelly Caul
Margaret Cavanagh
Stephanie Cedena
Louise Center
Joseph Chamberlain
Florence Chambers
Michael Chambers
Chana Mark
Melinda Chance
Valerie Chang
Rosetta Chao
Charles Mackey
Charles N. Hall
Charlotte B. Cooper, ACSW
Charnell E. Smith
Ann Chastang
Chava Rousch-Carlisle
LaToya Cheatham
Michael Checknoff
Chelsea Jennings, LGSW
Drusilla Cherry
Cheryl A. Green
Cheryl A. Kasper
Cheryl L. Cohen-Berek, LCSW
Cheryl McArdle Culhane, LCSW
Antonietta Chiaviello-Foster
Frederick Childers
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Nwokedi Chinaka
Chiquita Palmer, BSW
Elise Chisholm
Paige Cholewinski
Lauren Chou
Chrisiane M. Petrin Lambert
Marlienne Christian
Corine Christian
Christian Grace Elizondo
Christie Dawn Abdul-Greene
Christin Ann Collier, LMSQ
Christina Yu, MSW
Christina duncan
Christine Ann Nucci, MS LMSW
Christine G. Henrickson, ACSW, BCD
Christine L. Frazita
Christine Roppo Soares, LCSW
Christopher G. Hudson, PhD, ACSW
Christopher Greene
Christopher James Ogle, LMSW, IADC
Christy Hensley, MSW
Christy Lynn Rood, LSW
Christy S. Heffron, MSW
Sharon Chun Wetterau
Carol Church
Francis Cincotti
Claire Marie Nassutti, MSW
Clare Louisa Hardin
Timothy Clark
Anna Lisa Clark
Chelsea Clark-Claus
Claudia J. Olave-Guillermo, LCSW-R
Claudine Kate Katete, APS Intern
Carolyn Clauson-Andrews
Helen Clay-Spotser
Gretchen Clemens
Cleo Patricia Thompson, LCSW
Nahoma Clinton
David Clitheroe
Vilai Coates
Sarah Cobb
Telly Cobbs
Jean Cochrane
Paula Cofresi-Silverstein
Ellen Cohen
Harriet Cohen
Laurie Cohen Silverman
Carol Cole
Shermete Coleman
Kathleen Coletti
Colleen Grace Gilligan
Colleen M. Bergen, MSW
Julieanne Collins
Gigi Colombini
Lois Colwell
John Compher
Susan Conklin
Lauren Conklin
Kathleen Connolly-Piumbroeck
Adrian Contreras
Richard Cook
Barbara Cook
Sarah Cook
Erin Cooney
Amber Cooney
Lauretta Cooper
Barbara Cooper-Gordon
Sunnye Cope
Victor Coppin
Jesse Corbin
Jennifer Corbit
Jessica Corrigan
Joseph Cortese
Mary Cortesi
Caroline Corzine
Lewis Cosmano
Nancy Costikyan
Susan Cote
Stephen Cotton
Linda Coulter
Courtney Perry
Clare Cowen
Amy Coyle
Clarence Craig
Sheila Crandles
Holly Crane
Kimberly Crawford
Kelly Creech
Brittney Creps
Clinton Crete
Cristina M. Reedy
Penny Critzer
Susan Cromwell
Jeanette Crooks
W. Michael Crouch