Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
March 2019
Mary Abbott
Amy Abroms
Michele Abu
Susan Adams
Adele Gatens
Terrell Adepoju
Karen Adler
Rosemary Affeldt
Ronald Ahlberg
Sheila Ahmadi
Debra Alcusky
Robin Aleman
Steffanie Alexander
Alfred Randolph Lewis, LCSW
Alice M. Merrifield
Paul Alie
Patricia Allard
Roberta Allen
Janna Allie
Stuart Alpert
Amanda Cleveland
Amanda L. Alexander, LCSW, ACSW
Amanda Newhouse, LICSW, LCSW
Karen Amber
Amelia Sucich, ACSW
Amoree Lanaha, ACSW, LCSW
Lacey Amos
Amy Meyertholen
Amy Q. Hane, C-ASWCM
Anamary Cruz, Anamary Cruz, BSW
Celina Andersen
Elizabeth Anderson
Joan Anderson
Dania Anderson
Clara Anderson Cooper
Andrea Wilson
Andres Tuttle, LCSW
Angela E. Cardella
Angela Shavers
Jamie Angle
Anita L. Cooley, LCSW, LADC
Anne Marie Cardinal, MSW, LCSW
Diane Anstadt
Antonia LaMonica, MSW, LCSW
April Keener, BSW Student
Zarita Araujo-Lane
Fari Arbab-Thompson
Benito Arellano
Yvonne Argento
Ariane Heather Katz
Amy Armstrong
Victor Armstrong
James Armsworth
Jocelyn Armus
Angela Arney
Claire Asarnow
Ashley Christine Drew, LMSW
Ashley Sleaper
Hanacho Atako
Audrey Dunn
Mary ayers
Aylee S. Welch
Ruth Baldwin
Thomas Ballis
Frank Banister
Bonnie Banks
Banta H. Whitner, LCSW
Michele Baranaskas
Barbara L. Nama, LCSW, BCD
Barbara Lord
Philip Barbetta
Pamela Barckholtz
Jill Bardsley
Vanessa Barnes-Bey
Vivian Barnett
Diane Barnett
Sherry Barrett
Jordyn Bartels
F. Diane Barth
Wendy Barth
Kathryn Basham
Patricia Beck
Marc Becker
Comfort Belbas
Jennifer Belew
Elizabeth Bennett
Theresa Bensky
Lisa Berg
Dorothy Berndt
Michele Berringer
Amy Berry
Jennifer Berton
Kelin Bethea
Nancy Bethem
Betty Teng
Mark Bezanson
Brenda Bierbower
Alison Biggs
Marygrace Billek
Janelle Bitikofer
Laura Bivins
Howard Blas
Lisa Block
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Catherine Bodkin
Anne Boffoli-Bentzen
Joanna Bogdan-Fyles
Darla Bolon
Bonnie Noble Silberman, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Kenneth Borelli
Michael Boretz
Robin Boyajian
Michael Boylan
Erica Bradley
Kevin Bradley
Michelle Branigan
Elizabeth Brashear
Wilma Braun
Breanne Pixton, MSW, SSW
Brenda A. Hartman
Brenda Coble Lindsey
Brenda L. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Chevonne Brennan
Luis Brenner
Frederick Brewster
Brian E. Hill, LSCSW
Brian P. Ashin, ACSW
Brianna LoPiccolo, LLMSW
Betty Briggs
Vitaline Briggs
Monica Brignolo
Dianne Brinker
Gail Britt
Barbara Broesamle
Laura Bronstein
Mary Brooks
Phyllis Brown
Tammy Brown
Sandra Brown
Bruce W. Mossburg
Linda Bruno
Miriya Bryant
Bryony Freij, LCSW
Venus Bulandus
Dwight Bull
Sue Ellen Bullock
Brandy Bunkers
Gwen Burke
Darlene Burke
Bruce Burnett
Anne Burrows
Judith Burrows
Cheryl Busby
Melissa Busnot
Vincent Butler
Daniel Byarlay
Caitlin L. Wright
Cynthia Callaghan
Camesha Harp Williams, MSW
Ruth Campbell
Carla Bea Feldman
Carla Fager
Octavia Carlos
Carly Elizabeth Brown, ASW, PPSC
Gerald Carmichael
Carol F. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Carol J. Bridges, ACSW
Carol L. Cushman, DCSW
Carol L. Gross
Carol Lynn Nelson
Carole L. Bender, ACSW
Carolyn Faust Piro, LCSW
Carolyn S. Leitko, Private Practice
Patricia Carrick
Emily Carroll
Frank Carter
Michael Castaldi
Janet Castellini
Louise Center
Joseph Chamberlain
Valerie Chang
Stephanie Charles
Angie Charter Smith
Pablo Chavarria
Andrea Chavez
Mei Chen
Cherilyn Danielle Christie, MSW, LMHP-S
Drusilla Cherry
Zoe Childs
Nwokedi Chinaka
Jill Chrisman
Marlienne Christian
Mary Christin
Christine Ann Featherstone
Christine G. Henrickson, ACSW, BCD
Christine Mohle, BA
Christopher A. Sagar
Christy E. Wahrer
Jean Chun
Frances Chvala
Carol Ciacci
Elizabeth Cianchetti
Colleen Cicero
Miriam Cidoni
Francis Cincotti
Cindi Cristina Flores, BS
Charles Cirhan
Clairette Balancy Clinger, MSW
Diana Clancy
Claudia Dunne, Dunne, LICSW
Claudia J. Olave-Guillermo, LCSW-R
Helen Clay-Spotser
David Clem
Gretchen Clemens
Tina Clement
Anne Clements
Rebecca Cline
Lloyd Cloud
Susan Coatney
Rhonda Cochran
Robert Coe
Leanne Cole
Colette A. Braunstein
Julieanne Collins
John Collins
Barbara Collinson
Gigi Colombini
Barbara Coman
Jane Conklin
Lauren Conklin
Vicki Conrad
Loretta Constantinidis
Barbara Cook
Jeanne Cooper
Mechelle Copeland
Jesse Corbin
Corie Stewart McKibben
Catherine Cornell
Joanne Correia-Kent
Cortney A. Miller, LCSW,LAC
Lewis Cosmano
Stephen Cotton
Lloyd Coursey
Katherine Coutrakon
Fern Covitt
Elizabeth Craft
Geneen Crawford
Vanessa Crawford
Yolanda Cross
Colleen Crowley-Ames
Dorothy Cummings
Candice Cummings
Cecile Currier
Rhianna Curtis
Philippa Cutter-Humphrey
Cynthia A. Rollo-Carlson, ACSW
Cynthia J. Halpin Brown, LCSW
Monica Cyr
Paul D'Agostino
Susan D'Aloia
Dianne Dahlbom
Daia G. Stager, MSW
Dana Dorfman
Danell Magalit
Elizabeth Danforth
Danielle Marie Ireland Dellen, MSW
Andrea Danzig
Sona Darnell
Darrell Ivey
Rebecca Davenport
David B. Moore, ACSW
David DHan Smith
David J. Scott
David P ODonnell
David Raymond LaCharite
Larry Davis
Jesse Davis
Dawn Delight Macready-Santos
Dawn S. Manila, MSW, LSW
Daynen Jean Lalicker
Bernadine De Carlo
Beverley De Lugo-Collins
Paula De Mauro
Lynn Dean
Heather Dean
Debra L. Trakel, ACSW
Debra S. Sosin, Sosin, ACSW
Deena H. Robertson, MSW
Ada Deer
Margaret DeJong
Lisa DeJoseph
Sylvia DelValle-Jorlett
Denise A. Angelo
Dennis W. Muri, LCSW, LAC
Lynn Denton
Candace DePuy
Hannah Desoto
Mary Devens
Dian Marie Reid-Jancic
Diana C. Chaitovitz, ACSW
Diane D. Kay
Diane Erica Basner, LMSW
Diane F. Lambert
Diane L. DesPlantes
Diane Racz, LMSW
Diane Van Lier
Lara Dicus
Darlene DiGorio-Hevner
Eva Dillon
Margery Dimond
Dina DiRenzo
Ericka Dixon
Judith Dobrof
Doha J. Khoury, MSW
Dolores L. Despres, ACSW
Frank Dombrowski
Donna B. Crunkilton-Stiegel
Amy Dorin
James Douglas
Robert Dove
Suzanne Drabant-Franklin
Dorothy Drake
Drew T. Pledger, LCSW, ACSW
Aubrey Driscoll
Andrea Dugas
Leslie Duket
Brooke Dumais
Beverly Eager
Susan Ebenau-Thomas
Frederick Eberstadt
Sherri Edgar
Amy Edminster
Edward Joseph Kimmel, Jr., ACSW
Robert Egan
Susan Eichenberger
Gwenda Eiler
Susan Eisenberg
Karen Elbert
R Eliasof
Elizabeth C. Ossip, LCSW
ellaina Rudolph
Ellen E. Terrie
Elizabeth Elliott
Jennifer Ellison
William Ellsworth
Julie Elmenhurst
Emily Kern, ACSW
Emily Netherton
Dennis England
Patricia Engler-Parish
Wendy Epstein
Jean Epstein
Ereck B. Wheeler, Adult Mental Health
Eric C. Oxelson, LCSW,DCSW
Erica Michelle Dickey
Erica Raff, MSW
Erika Katherine Bischof, MSW
Erin Nicole Goff
Ernest Demis, LCSW
Emily Esparza
Grace Ethridge
Mary Ellen Everett
Mary Ezequelle
Ifeoma Ezugwu
Erin Fahnoe
Karen Fallen
Raquel Farber-Vazquez
Natalie Farr
Stephanie Fegler
Daryl Feinfeld
Donna Feld
Elyssa Feldberg
Rachel Feldman
Judith Felton
Donna Fernandez
James Ferraro
Gisele Ferretto
Deni Fholer
Joy Figarsky
Suzanne Findlay
Don Firmani
Carol Fisher
Barbara Fishman
Greer Fites
Renee Flam
Jeannette Flanagan
Mary Fletcher
Wendy Flick
Virginia Flores
Jose Flores
Dawn Florey
LeeAnna Fomkin
Lindsey Forman
Marjorie Forman
Paul Foster
Lois Foster
Andrea Fouch
Karen Fox
Hannah Fox
Tanja Frade
Amber Francis
Roberta Frankel
Linda Franz
Frederick Nathan Cabras
Diane Freedman
Ruth Freeman
Jean Friedman
Darlene Friend
Elisa Frischling
Leona Furnari
Judith Gable
Jennifer Gaeta
Gail E. Rine-Leyh
Arete Galanis
Janet Galaske
Cynthia Gandy-Heiny
Donna Ganote
Lorraine Gantt
Donna Gapas
Gary A. Steele, Jr., LGSW
Diane Gates
Athena Gavaris
Jackie Genzlinger
George douglas Mitchell
George J. Wawrzonek, MSW
Elena Georgouses
Wayne Gerard
Gloria Ghoneim
Nancy Gibbons
Gerald Gibson
Margie Gilbert
Laelia Gilborn
Larry Gile
Jason Gillard
Jermaine Gilliam
Gina M. Mills
Gitonya Y. Bolden-Clay
Hannah Glasson-Darling
Richard Goldberg
Shari Goldsmith
Ellen Goldsmith
Elizabeth Golliher
Regina Gonek
Bonnie Good
Stacey Goodman-Eaton
Mary Gorman
Oliver Goss
Gail Gottfried
Gary Gould
Julie Gowen
Holly Graff
MIchael Granoff
Grant R. Hasty
Vicki Grauer
Regina Gray
Wendy Gray
Kimberly Greco
Judith Green
Cara Greene
Tracy Greene Mintz
Ida Greiner
Deborah Grey
Michelle Grizzle
Steven Gross
Tamara Grossens
Linda Grove
Trudi Gunsberg
Bruce Gunther
Yolanda Gunzel
Linda Gurney
Paul Guyton
Stanley Guzan
Emilia Guzman
Heidi Haas
Mindy Haber
Barbara Haile
Lynn Haley
Rebecca Hall
Julia Hall
Barbara Hall-Griesmann
Sue Hallowell
Carol Halpin
Maria Hamilton
Robert Hamlin
Marjorie Hammock
Genevieve Hansler
Colleen Hanson
Paula Haraldson
Ola Hardiman
Bart Harmon
Chava Harris
Mark Harris
Donna Harris-Richards
Kathleen Hartman-McCarthy
Sherri Harvey
Susan Haskell
Susan Haskell
Lauren Hassan
Christine Hatch
Jean Hay
Judy Hayes
Kathy Hayes
Holly He
Heather Elizabeth Brown
Heather Faye Hicks, BS, BA
Heather Gorball
Heather Lynn Gehringer
Jeanie Hebert-Brown
Jennifer Heckendorn
Marilyn Heimowitz
Max Heinemann
Doris Helmering
Keith Helmken
Lorrie Henderson
Margaret Henderson
Libby Henik
Toni Henke-Wheeler
Julie Hensel
John Hickey
Hillary Oldt, LSW
Vincent Hillyer
Ann Hirschy
Julie Hochman
Daria Hoey
Maxine Hoffman
Leslie Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
Jamie Holland
Thomas Hooker
David Hoover
Gretchen Horst
Joni Houck
Mary Ann Howard
Theodore Howard
Stephanie Howey
David Hoye
Rhonda Hubbard
Uma (Tina) Hubbard
Beth Hudgins
Stacey Huffman
Charles Hughes
Carolyn Hughes
Hugo Lopez, LMSW, CASAC-T
Hope Hundley
Mary Hyde
Dorothy Idleburg
Ilana Adler, LICSW
Inez K. Ray-Annis, LICSW
Linda Ingram
Patrick Inniss
Toni Ann Irvine
Mara Israel
Bonnie Ito
Rajeshwari Iyer
J. Alex Sanger
Jabati Abdul Wai
Carolyn Jackson
Barbara Jackson
Jerry Jacobs
Teresa Jacobs-Castano
Jacqueline I. Wert, ACSW
Bonita Jacques
Linda Jaffe
James J. Karagon, ACSW
Jamie Cody, MSW
Jana R. Brown
Jane C. Probst, LCSW
Janice L. Hemmer
Joan Jankee
Jean Kirsten
Jeanette K. Shea
Levetta Jefferson
Jesse Andrew Mir, BSW
Jessi Rose Morgan
Jessica Jane Kail Hulland, LCSW,BSW
Jessica L. Walker
Jessica Parker Carlson
Sanderson Jeter
Jill J. Gravois
Jill M. Brown
Jill Slepman
John Davis, LCSW
John E. Went, ACSW
John M. Richardson, ACSW
Carol Johnson
David Johnson
Stacey Johnson
Julie Johnson
Albert Johnson
Aaron Johnson
Jonathan J. Bolduc
Julie Jones
Carolyn Jones
Kaci Jones
Jenny Jones
Jennifer Jones
Jimmie Jones
Sandra Jorgenson
Josephine Elizabeth Oldham
Judith Josiah-Martin
Joyce A. Odell, ACSW
Joyce Lynn Davis, LCSW-R, CASAC
Judith Cohen Oshinsky, DCSW
Judith Hines, LCSW
James Judkins
Jules E. Beuck, LCSW
Julianna Allison
Julie A. McClatchey, LISW
Helen Jurgensen
Leslie Kahn
Chris Kalamon
Wendy Kallman
Margaret Kane
Thomas Kane
Ellen Kaplan
Pamela Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan
Karen E. Durahm, MSW
Karen L. Baker, MSW
Karen Pekarcik, MSW
Karen T. Gilbert
Karen Wocher, LICS-S LCDC-3
Janet Kasimis
Karen Kasius
Kate K Leggiero-Avron
Katharine V. Byers
Katherine Ann Shecora, LSW
Katherine Johnson
Katherine R. White, LMSW
Katherine Salinas, LCSW
Kathleen Fitzwilliam Lakey, LCSW
Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen L. Persson, LCSW
Kathleen M. Lingren
Kathryn Hope Greene
Kathryn J. Potter
Kathy Williams
Joanna Katsos
Veronica Kaufman
Linda Kawer
Julia Kay
Kay B White, ACSW
Robert Kays
Lisa Keck
Stella Keddie
Shannette Keeler
Kathryn Keller
Mary Kelley
Kellie Fugere
Michael Kelly
Marcia Kennedy Cordes
Andrew Keogh
Lucy Kerewsky
Thomas Kessler
Kevin Michael Lenny, MSW, LSW
Nancy Key
Kiki Schaffer
Kimberly Ann Gump
Kimberly Ann Vander Griend, LCSW
Daniel Kimes
Venee Kimpson
Phyllis King
Lula King
Deborah Kinlaw
Jessica Kiper
Alexandra Kirchmeyer
Kirsten M. Hockemeier
Carole Kitchen
Libby Klein
Madeline Klein
Mary Louise Klimm
Catherine Klingman
Kaleigh Knapp
Mary Knepper
Karen Knoebel
Marcia Koelndorfer
Caarin Kogut
Brian Kohatsu
Emily Kolker
Olivia Korell
Maribel Korman
Jay Korman
Isabel Kottak
Kelly Kovach-Collicott
Jennifer Kramer
Mimi Kravitz
John Kraybill-Greggo
Kristen Kay Williams, MSW
Kristin M. Hosmer
Kristin Michelle Goodwin, LMSW
Barbara Kruszewski
David Kucharski
Gwenn Kudler Gelfand
Lisa Kuglar
Vicki Kulberg
Andrea Kumura
Heather Kunnemann-Lee
Alissa Kuznick
Carla La Pointe
Linda Ladd
J. Lagen
Jerome Lamagna
Rita Lambert
B. Frankie Lamborne
Cathalin Langevin
Lanny R. Endicott, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Janet Lantry
Toby Laping
Lara Michelle Edelstein
Melissa Lashley
Donald LaShure
Katia Lathrop
Laura Elizabeth Van Riper, van Riper, LCSW
Laura J. Thompson, AM, LCSW
Laura L. Dion
Jeri Laureano
Lauren M. Gregorcy
Laurie A. Picus
Gretel LaVieri
Lynn Lawrence
Pamela Lawrence
Lawrence J. O'Toole
Curley Lawson
John Lawson
Mary Le Beuf
Leal Abbott, ACSW
LeAnn Deering, MSW
Faith Lebb
Ethan Lechner
Janice Lee
April Lee
Alexander Lee
Deniserose Lefebvre-Torres
Kate Lehn
Lenaea Marie Sanders Woodworth, MSW
Joseph Lenti
Jean Lerner
Leslie A. Westcott
Leslie H. McRae, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
David Lesser
LoriAnn Levanto
Joyce Levin
Joyce Lewis
Charleen Lewis
Julia Lewis
Marcella Lewis
Faith Lewis
Libby MacPhee, MSW
Linda Libow
Liliana lopez estrada
Linda D. Whiting Hopkins, Lcsw-R, LCSW-R
Bethanie Lindal
Viola Lindsey
Theresa Lingl
Renee Lion
Amy Lipeles
Nancy Lipphardt
Lisa Faye Buchko, BSW Student
Lisa Frances Ciminelli, LCSW
Lisa-Marie Helena Elizabeth Chin
Rhonda Liss
Gail Litman
Shari Littman
Amy Livingston
Julie Livingston
Lloyd T. Kelley
Anita Loehr
Patricia Loehr
Geannette Loftin Walls
Michele Lombardi
Teresa Long
Jody Long
Katherine Lopez
Lorraine Ruggieri, LMSW, ASW-G
Carl Losacco
Ellen Love
Helen Lowenstein
Doretta Lowney
Susanna Lozano
Irwin Lubell
Nancy Lubowitz
Abigail Lufkin
Howard Lunche
Colleen Lynch
Lynn A. Mercurio, C-ASWCM
Lynn C. Finley, LCSW
William Lyons
Sheila Lyons
M. Katherine Buike, ACSW, C-SWHC
Barry Macintosh
Jim Mack
Rebecca MacKenzie
Mackenzie Engler
Thomas MacNamara
Connie madlock
Linda Maguire
Michelle Maguire
Patricia Mahaney
Lynne Major
Helayne Malamood
John Malis
Barbara Manalis
Susan Mandel
Pamela Manela
Karen Manukas
Yvette Mardis
Steven Mardis
Margaret Marek
Margaret Ames
Marguerite A. Cross, MSW, LSWAIC
Maria Baratta, ACSW, LCSW,PhD
Maria Elizabeth Poulsen
Maria M. Ramos, LCSW
Marianne halderman
Marieca Linelle Harris, LSW
Marijo J. Upshaw, BSW
Mark Anthony Gagnon, Jr
Mark D. Clayton
Mark S. Golden
Joseph Markowicz
Robert Marmo
Bradley Martin
Kathleen Martin
Mary B. Rich, ACSW, DCSW
Mary C. Ray, ACSW
Mary Carla Davis
Mary Dudley Wisecup
Mary K. Cahill
Mary T. Sheehan, LCSW
Maryanne C. Murawski
Sharla Massey
Nicole Matles-Dean
Matthew D. Brittain, DCSW
Matthew Eidukinas, LICSW, ACSW
Katherine Mattleman
Maudette T. Carr
Susan Maxwell
Maybelle F. O. Filler, ACSW
Ruth Mayden
Dyonette Mayer
Janet Mayer
Phyllis McCafferty
Sharon McCaffrey
Kathy McCallister
Joanne McCamey
Isalean McClary
James McCreath
Victoria McDonald
Nancy McDowell
Robert McDowell
P. McEwen
Heather McGann
Elizabeth McIngvale
Nancy McKeon
Rosa McKinney
Deborah McMakin
Marcia McMurtrey
Marysue McNair
Susan McNerney
Christopher Meador
Meagan Moy, MSW Student
Carolie Meccico
Dae Medman
Megan Elizabeth Burton
Meghan Donnelly, MSW
Margaret Meinecke
Melissa Joshel, LCSW
Melissa Louise Ealba, MSW
Melissa Sempowski, MSW, LCSWA
Melonie Blair-Fabian, DCSW,ACHP-SW
Susan Melsky
Holly Merchant
Stephen Messina
John Metcalf
Cathleen Metzger
Charlotte Meyer
Micaela S. VanSkiver Williams
Micah Braden Schnurstein, BSW
Helen Michael
Michael E. McEvoy
Michael Manchester, LADC II
Marielena Michel
Michele Morgan, LCSW
Larry Micheletti
Michelle A. Francis
Michelle Booth, MSW
Michelle Dawn Ray, LCSW
Michelle Northrop
Christine Mieloch
Revan Miles
Robin Miller
Mary Miller
Maurine Miller
Tonya Miller
Emory Mills
Miriam L. Ortiz-Gouveia, QCSW
Arthur Miron
Grace Mishler
Misty A. Shores
Loretta Misurac-Hayes
Satina Mitchell
Sarah Modde
Martha Monaghan
Monica S. Jordan
Gabriel Montes
Mary Montminy-Danna
Harriette Moore
Gloria Morales
Denise Morales
Adina Morguelan
Helen Morris
Dale Mortenson
Linda Morton
Loretta Mountcastle
Joan Moyer
Nicole Muller
John Mulvey
Deborah Munoz
John Murdock
Kristi Muro-Dougherty
Jordana Muroff
Rosanna Murray
Gina Murray
Aimee Muth
Carole Myers
Brittany Myers
Myia L. Powers
Michelle Nachmani
Jeffrey Nagafuji
Nancy Ann Cole
Nancy Ann Pena
Nancy Rampe, ACSW
Nancy S. Gordon, LCSW
Natalie Jo Samuels, B.A.
Ana Nava
Christina Neiman
Kathleen Nelson
Nevin C. Trammell, LCSW, ACSW, LCSW,
Lisa Newman-Polk
Nicole M. Taylor
Roseann Niemi
Nikole E. Matzouranis
Danielle Nisivoccia
James Noel
Diane Norman
Emily Norris
Melissa Novak
Angelica Nunemaker
Daniel O'Connell
Julie O'Donnell
Jamie O'Neil
Nellie O'Reilly
Jeanmarie O'Sullivan
Ronald Ober
June Ogden
Lillian Ogle
Olajumoke adebanke Osuntokun, MSW
Melinda Oliver
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Vivian Olsen
Osmara Reyes-Osorio
Daniel Ostrow
Suzy Otero
Stacey Otto
Lori Pagano
Beth Palent-Saper
Kelly Pallwitz
Pamela Ann Berg
Hazel Pardo
Gerane Park
Lupe Parraz
Dean Pastras
J. Pate
Patricia A. Moore, ACHP-SW
Patricia Mitchell
Robert Peck
Peggy H. Kemp
Megan Peisert
Jenna Pelazza
Jacynth Pelland
Jane Pendergast
Amy Pepper-Mandell
Rebecca Perechodski - Lazar
Gloria Perez
Sherry Persky
Nancy Peter
Peter A. Lopez
Aimee Peters
Carol Petersen
Amantha Peterson
Clair Peyton
Sherry Philips
Anthy Phillips
Phyllis C. England, ACSW
Sharon Picard
P. Pierce
Patricia Pillow
Brenda Pinnick
Piper Worthington
Diane Pisano
Jeffrey Plankeel
Barbara Pohn
Paige Polisner
Jamall Pollock
Gail Polsky
Susan Ponder-Stansel
Elaine Pool
Daniel Potter
Cassie Pralle
Tamara Prenosil
Donna Prezzano
Janice Price
Sara Price
Susan Price Saylor
Judith Prichason
Molly Prince
Caryl Pripusich
Amy Prudhomme
F. Carole Pruett
Margaret Pugh
Laura Pulsifer
Stephanie Raborn
Rachel Lindstrom, LMSW
Rachel Marie Hawkins, LMSW
Rachel Sahtout
Rachelle Wright, MSW
Lynn Radov
Mary Rahn
Eda Rak
Yadira Ramirez-Flores
Victor Ramos
Rebecca Ramos
Maranda Randolph
Carmelie Rank
Sondra Rappaport
Susan Ratner
Joyce Ray
Anna Razes
Gail Reagan
John Reardon
Rebecca A. Cole
Rebecca A. Jester
Rebecca A. King
Rebecca B. Gavin
Rebecca Deborah Ruchames
Lynne Reckman
Rici Reid
Kathleen Reilly
Jacqueline Reiter
Robin Renwick Piper
Jonathan Reusser
Betsy Revard
Aleece Reynolds
Betty Rice
Jessica Richard
Gail Richards
Catherine Richardson
Melinda Richter
Cathy Rigg
Donna Rinaldo
Fred Risard
Robert Brandon Miles
Robert E. Jones
Robert O. Salus, ACSW
Robert Scott Miller, LICSW ACSW
Stephen Roberts
Thomas Roberts
Robin L. Berenstain
Robin R. Irwin
Andrea Robinson
Janet Robinson
Lauren Robson
Cynthia Robtoy
Michelle Rocco
Susan Rode
Pamela Rodman Paro
Diane Roelandt
Richard Rogich
Geraldine Roglieri
Carmen Rojas
Carey Romer
Barbara Romero
Marjorie Roniger
Tom Rooker
Rose A. Banker
Rosemarie A. Abbruzzese
Rosemary Kolanowski
Rosemary Raye Gamin
Suzanne Rosenthal
Francine Rosenthal
Kim Ross
Barbara Rossate
Laura Roth
Jeri Rothe
Roxanne K. Fall, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Lynn Roy
eileen rubin
Jane Rubin
Barry Rubin
J. Ruby
Shelley Ruch
Diane Rudzinski
Passie Rue
Paul Ruffer
Daniel Ruggiero
Debra Ruisard
Betty Ruth
Inta Rutins
Jose ruvalcaba
Dawn Rydzynski
Farha Saad
Lauren Sachs
Sage Leverick Lucas
Sally Hunter, LCSW
Marie Salwen
Brenda Samuel
Kimberly Sanchez
Santita Sanders
Sandy A. Sproat
Mariana Sanford maynard
Albert Sangregory
Sara Galvez
Sara McKenzie Fornelius, BSW
Sarah Beth Johnson, BSW
Sarah J. Blake, LCSW
Sarah Mae Neary-Robert
Ashok Satkalmi
Julia Sauder
Paula Scandrol
Diane Schaefer
Marie Schaffner
Lawrence Schallert
Holly Schardan
Sarah Scheerger
Rosa Schirripa
Scott Schlachter
Steven Schmit
David schneider
Simone Schnidman
Robert Schooley
Matthew Schroer
Thomas Schuettge
Karen Schulman
Kathleen Schulte
Elizabeth Schumacher
Margaret Schwarz
Douglas Scott
Stacy Scott
Scott Samuel
Scott Swanezy, LCSW
Ellen Seader
Benjamin Seaman
Ramune Segreti
Rebecca Seidman
Senobia Henriquez
Susan Seymour
Robin shafer
Jamila Shahin
Shane Joseph Siciliano
Susan Shanfield
Shannon Nix
Gale Shay
Maureen Sheehan
Jody Shelby
Marie Shelton
Anne Shenberger
Doris Sherburne
Sheri Mila Gerson, ACSW,ACHP-SW
Lesley Shibata
Janiah Shields
Robert Shorin
Kathryn Shusta
Roberta Siegel
Maryann Siegel
Virginia Sigel
Lois Sigman-Young
Caroline Sigmon
Cheryl Silver
Rita Simeone
Dale Simmerman
Valerie Sims-Richard
Deborah Singer
Laurie Sivonen
Susan Skelton-Ingles
Sarah Smith
Ryan Smith
Jennifer Smith
Patricia Smith
Laurence Smith
Olevia Smith
Joseph Snapp
Seth Solondz
Nancy Sommers
Melanie Sommers-Dain
Sophie Swearingen
Carolyn Sprich
James Spruill
Stacy Kuhn
Catherine Stafford
Douglas Stanley
James Stark
Hannah Starobin
Thomas Stebbins
Malissa Steffes
Lynn Steinhauer
Stephanie N. Nelson, MSW
Susan Stephens
Deborah Sternecky
Susan Sterngold
Michael Sterzer
Joni Stewart
Barbara Stewart
Rebecca Stilling
Amber Stime
Judith Stock
Jamelah Stone
Stormey Lee Molina
Elspeth Strang
Augusta Stratz
Sonya Strickland
Imelda Stroud
Naomi Stuart
Sue M. Bloland
Rhonda Suereth
Sarna Sunshine
Devon Suozzi
Marcia Surval Gottfried
Susan D. Shorr, LISW, PHD
Susan Levine Friedman, ACSW LCSW
Susan M. Gustofson
Susan Shaw
Karin Suskin
Suzanne K. Bowns, LCSW
Thelma Suzuki
Edward Svasta
Doreen Swedik
Esther Sweeney
Cristen Sweet
Patti Swenson-Abraham
Ruth Tabenkin
Tabitha Guthrie, BSW
Marcia Takaki
Tamara Livingston
Vincent Tamburelli
Paulette Tarnasky
Nancy Tashiro
Susan Tatum
Ginger Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Teresa Dunham Dugger, ACSW
Terese M. Tanski Gregg, LICSW
Terri Spahr Nelson, ACSW
Terry Davis, MSW, LCSW
Douglas Thomas
Dona Thompson
Susan Thomson
Barb Thropp
Andrew Tidrick
Gary Tiemann
Tiffany L. Painter, ACSW
Tiffany Rayel Flores
Timothy Duffy
Timothy Naill, LCSW
Tina Moses, Student
Clifford Tincher
Karen Todd
Marie Torrens
Lee Torres
Tracy Bryce Farmer, Farmer, LCSW
Treva Wilcox, LBSW-IPR
Nancy M. Trew
Tricia W. Burke, LCSW
Angela Trowbridge
Susan Truland
Tucker Ranson, LCSW
Thomas Tueller
Leontine Turner
Edwina Uehara
Jennifer Unger Kroc
Emily Vaill Pfaff
Rebecca Valcin
Sherri Valencia
Velma Valentine
Alexandria Valentino
Valerie Williamson Uehlinger
Valery Ulrike Krieg, M.A., LSW
Marlise Van Zytveld
Rebecca Vande Hey
Jo Vanderkloot
Ashley Vasquez
Tashunda Vaughn
Alfred Vautour
Dina Vecchione
Monique Vidal
Norma Villanueva
Hannah Villapando
Sara Viola
Vitina Louise Pestello
Nancy Wachtenheim
James Wagley
Nancy Wahlig
Amy Wakefield-McDonald
Eugene Walden
John Walkenhorst
Rebekah Walker
Katherine Walker
James Walker
Juliana Wallace
Jennifer Wallace Canobbio
Patrici Wallen
Donald Walters
Wanda Calamia
Jeanie Warren
Candice Warren
Henriette Warren
Martha Watson
Azzie Watts
Danielle Wayne
Virginia Webb
Julie Wei
Katherine Weinstock
Joan Weiss
James Weiss
Taleatha Welch
Joyce Wertheimer
Jennifer Whaley Gundersen
Marolyn Whaley-Buckel
Deanna Wheat
Stephen Whisman
Sharron Whitaker
Stephen White
Stephen White
Kate Whitney
Suzanne Wiedel-Pace
Lisa Wiggins
Shirley Wild
Teresa Wilke
William wilkinson
Melanie Will
William C. Devery, ACSW LCSW
William C. Sumner
William C.A. Smith
William E. Feuerborn, LCSW
William H. Park, ACSW,LCSW
William J. Turner
William Marcus, MSW, LSW
Heather Williams
Argerine Williams
Tyrone Williams
Pamela Williamson
Dawn Williamson
Michael Wilson
Don Wilson
Penelope Wilson
James Wilson
Winifred D. Kearns
Karen Winston
Reni Winter-Evans
Elizabeth Winterer
Jody Wiseman
Kathryn Wiss
Danielle Witchel
David Wizansky
Stacey Wolfe
Elizabeth Wollmann
Nadia Wright
Loretta Wrobel
Natalie Wussler
Wyatt Kanyer
Robert Wymss
Leslie Yamamoto
Wilfred Yazzie
Denet Yazzie
Barbara Yearing
Mary Yeoman
Jennifer Yoshikawa
Richard Young
Sharon Younkin
Victoria Yuoni
Suzanne Faye Zakheim
Roni Zarbiv
Debra Zatkin
Julie Zavage
Zenobia Harding, LMSW
Daria Zetlen
Timothy Zielinski
Nicole Zierden
Ann Zierler
Amy Zuckerman
Susan Zweig
Barbara Zwick
February 2019
Miranda Merritt
Benedetto Abate
Martina Abba-Richard
Lynn Abelson
Alan Ablitz
Gloria Aboagye
Allyson Aborn
Inger Acking
Patricia Adams
Evelyn Adams
Carol Adams
Alison Adams Hartman
Adelaide L. Taitt-Magubane, EdD ACSW
Ellen Adelson
Constance Adkins
Seymour Adler
Dannielle Adler
Tonya Agan
Nance Agresta
Ann Ahearn
Aimee Berry, Peer Support Special
Neelam Al-Angurli
Jennie Albert
Latura Alexander
James Alfano
Alice H. Villalobos
Alisia Louise Dulaney, MSW
Kacey Alleman
F. Towne Allen
Emily Allen
Amanda Briley, MSW
Sarah Ambler
Rhona Mae Amorado
Amy B. Lyburn
Amy F. Williamson
Amy Geller, MSW
Amy J. Handzel-Kobelia
Amy K Dansby, LCSW, D.BH
Amy R. Saloner, LCSW
Amy Rominski
Katharine Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
Hill Anderson
Wilhelmina Anderson
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Kimberly Andron
Angela Leon-Guerrero, LMSW
M. Angell
Angie Mcleod Williams, MSW, LCSW
Jerri Anglin
Anne Carter, LSW
Anne Doerfert McGoey, LCSW/LISW
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Lauren McCormick
Anne M. Tarpey-Flanders
Annetta Davis
Irma Anthony
Frances Antigone
Seth Antin
April DiGiannantonio
Arden ODonnell, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan
Arlene Bolanos, Bolanos
Barbara Armendariz
Brenda Armour
Kenneth Arney
Peter Arney
Raquel Arroyo
Erin Arwady
Arzenia E. Redcross
Ashlee evans sawyer
Ashley Alexis Hager
Nancy Ashworth
Sandra Auerback
E. Taylor Aultman
Vincent Austin-Cole
Greta Averbach
Cynthia Axiotes Toscano
Maria Babineau
Farah Baig
James Bailey
Megan Bailey
Mary Baker
Luanne Baker
Janet Baker
Karen Baldwin
Laura Baldwin O'Keefe
Barbara Ball
Norma Balter
Phil Banks
Gretchen Banks
Barbara J. Brennan, LCSW
Barbara Lynn Dewey
Barbara Tolle Cavanaugh, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Kaitlin Barbati
Anastasia Barber
Christina Bardle
Kelsey Barker
Mika Barker-Hart
Susan Baron
Stephen Baron
Joan Barouch
Susan Barred
Marla Barrett
Karen Bartlett
Michael Bass
Alan Bass
Jennifer Battaglino
Janet Bauer
Annalise Baumgardt
Jane Bausch
Claire Baxter
Theresa Baxter
Stacey Bayer
Bea Stachiw, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Doris Beard
Julie Beatrice
Beatriz Alaniz
Darla Beaty
Roger Beaudoin
Janice Bechtel
Wendy Becker
Patricia Becker
Carl Beffa
Patricia Begnaud
Glen Begrow
Erin Beischer
Dana Belair
David Bell
Robert Belliveau
Ben Kremer, LSW
Marian Benedicto
James Benson
Edward Bentsianov
Kristi Berg
Jacqueline Berger-Yudelowitz
Erin Bergin
Pamela Berkwitz
Maureen Bernard
Sarah Bernard
Julie Bernstein
Roz Beroza
Sherrie Berrebi
Betsy F. Amey
Betty A. Israel
Betty Garcia, PhD, LCSW
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Robin Bezark
Amy Bibb-Ford
Arthur Biddle
Steven Bielarski
Jacqueline Bingham
Maureen Birney
Joseph Bishell
Janice Black
Dave Blackburn
Kathleen Blais
Terri Blake
Barbara Blankenbaker
Carrie Blayer
Carol Bley
Aimee Block
Christine Blondheim
Elaine Bluestein
Richard Boddie
Marlene Bollhoffer
Martha Bolton
Barbara Bond
Bonitta E. Rinks, ACSW
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Myrna Bookbinder
Natalie Boorman
Janice Booth
Debra Borden
Kerri Bossardet-West
Susan Botello
Carole Boughter
Susan Bove
Debra Bowen
Jessica Bowers
Robin Bowman
Kevin Bowman
Marylyn Bowman
Elaine Boyd
Jameea Boykin
Robert Boylston
Carol Brackoneski
Linda Bradley
Catherine Bradley
Tara Bradley
Elizabeth Brady
Elizabeth (Liz) Bramson
Barbara Brandon
Marianne Branham
Debra Brannan
Stephanie Bratton
Terence Brazil
BreeAna Sobieski, LLMSW
Lois Bregman
Brenda Patterson
Kimberly Brenner
Brett D. Cornell, Sr.
Brian Hagerty Hagerty, MSW
Shannon Brice
Elaine Bridge
Sean Brinda
Lori Brinkley
Britni Baer Gagne
Brittani Lee D'Andrea
Carleen Britton
Kathy Brock
Hilda Brockman
Brooke Brody
Susan Brooks
Alice Brooks
Mary Brooks Puckett
John Brown
Debra Brown
Tiffany Brown
Carolyn Brown
Nanci Brown
Stacey Brown
Robert Brown
Winsome Brown-Cooke
Catharine Bruening
Shondae Brumsey
Beverly Bryant-Ray
Natalia Buchanan
Katie Buck
Christina Buller
Sarah Bulley
Barbara Bulow
Melody Burfeind
Sally Burgin
Peter Burnham
Mary Effie Burnham
Diane Burns
Wayne Burns
Alan Burrall
James Burton
Patricia Burton
Jeannetta Bushey
Mary Bushong
Jed Butler
Mary Alice Butler
Thomas Butler
Elizabeth Butler
Margaret Buzan
Alice Byrne
Erica Byrne
C. Paige Smith
Elise Cadigan
Carolyn Caffey Mabry
Caitlin Carroll
Zosime Calame
Corrine Callaghan
Lutricia Callair
Jami Callens
Cami Ann Hrisak, MSSA, LCSW
Thomas Campbell
Marsha Campbell
Deborah Campbell
Lauren Campbell
Jean Campbell
Dawn Canada
Candace Johnson, MSW, LSW
Carla Canfield
Cara Ann Stillwell
Cara Myhre
Lois Carey
Ron Carlow
Jennifer Carlson
Kate Carlson
Carol A. Fred, LCSW
Carol A. Murray, LICSW, ACSW
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Carolyn E. Lesch, MSSW
Carolyn G. Brown
Carolyn J. Henderson
Carolyn Liller
Carolyn Minor
Kali Carpenter
Larissa Carpenter
William Carr
Kariisa Carrasco
Julie Carrigan
Donna Carson
Kathleen Carty
Kia Cashman
Mary Catalanotto
Clark Cate
Catherine C. Scott, LCSW, LAC, ICADC
Catherine Gordon
Catherine Katy E. Spain, Spain
Catherine L. Kania, ACSW
Catherine Roh
Alan Cauldwell
Margaret Cavanagh
Anna Cervantes-Paredes
Chad E. McKnight, LCSW
Florence Chambers
Sandra Chaplain
Charity Nicole Fannin
Charla M. Yingling
Charles T. Adam
Charlotte B. Cooper, ACSW
Yvonne Chase
Sara (Sally) Cheek
Kathryn Chefetz
Donna Cherry
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Roxanna Childs
Willing Chin-Ma
Corine Christian
Christina D. Dhir, C-ASWCM
Christine Johansson, LCSW
Christopher Matthew Mitchell, MSSW, MPA, LSWAIC
Christy L. Endicott, LICSW
Christy Williams, LISWS, LICSW
Lynn Churchwell
Mary Chutjian
Rebecca Cilley
Mary Clarke
Claudia Amaya, BSW
Claudia Elizabeth Lerma
Gladys Clay-Butts
Ellen Cliburn Slack
David Clitheroe
Vilai Coates
Thomas Cocks
Kristen Coffeen-Smith
Julia Coffey
Louise Coggins
Rebecca Cohan
Daniel Cohen
Jacquelyn Cohen
Ellen Cohen
Sulie Cohn Grayson
Rosemarie Colatriano
Kelly Cole
Joan Collar
Colleen Ann Mielke, LCSW
Virginia Collins
Myra Colon
Colter Combellick
Stephanie Combey
Catherine Combs
Cynthia Comiskey
Susan Conklin
William Connelly
Kathlyn Conway
Ann Conway
Ashley Cooke
Elizabeth Coonse
Hilary Copp
Gabriel Cordova
Leslie Corin
Susan Corley
Priscilla Cornell
Corrina Brooke Rinella, LCSW
Deborah Cotton
Andre Couget
Paula Coughlin
Linda Coulter
Virginia Coulter
Courtney W. Bryant, MSW
Courtni Battle
Susan Covell
Dale Cox
Bonnie Craemer
Thomas Crangle
Linda Crenshaw
Elizabeth Cribb
Lisa Criner
Sara Crosby
Dawn Crossman
Jennifer Crouch Clark
William Crowder
Julia Crump
Michael Cruse
Crystal S. Franklin
Ann Cuebas
Carolyn Cullen
Gary Cunha
Maryclaire Cunningham
Erik Curl
Curtis J. Birky, ACSW PhD
Karen Custer
Carl Cutsinger
Cynthia A. Heinrich
Cynthia L. Grant
Cynthia Neal Herzog
Cynthia S. DeSantis
Cynthia Shinaberry, Shinaberry
Cynthia Smith
Lisa Cyr
Lisa D'Antonio
John Dabney
Dabney A. Salmon-Worth
Jeffrey Daily
Joan Dane-Kellogg
Daniel Clinton Hocutt
Daniel W. King, DCSW
Danielle A. Thibert
Danielle Causley Nicholson, LCSW
Danielle Kuka
Danielle L. Owen, LADCII
Christine Danielowich
Linda Daniels
Paul Dannenfelser
Roberta Darling
Darshit Bakhai
Mausumi Datta Gupta
Melissa Daugherty
David H. Chesham, ACSW
Susan David-Samala
Regina Davis
Kathleen Davis
Cate Davison
Marilyn Dean
Dia DeAngelis
Debbie K. Shimizu, LSW, ACSW
Keri DeBoer
Deborah Alexis, MSW
Deborah Defreize, EDD, LMSW
Deborah H. Haliczer
Deborah Hereld
Deborah S. Rutz
Debra A. Weigl
Debra Carter-Barth, LICSW
Frances Decker
Benette Decoux
Mimi DeGennaro
Gina DeLeonardis
Barbara Delforge
Ann Delia
Lauren Delle
Delliah R. Thomas
Olivia Delrosario
Denise M. Nickerson
Denise M. Tsioles
Dennis Derbaum
Nancy Dereksen
Erik Derouin
Gweneth DeSuza
Deven Rudy
Marty Dewees
Crystal Dewey
Elizabeth DeWolf
Mitchell Diamond
Diana F. Hott, ACSW
Diane Harvey
Diane N. Eckstein, ACSW
Diane T. Riopelle
Alyssa Dickens
Carol Dickerson
Sita Diehl
Nancy Dier
Arthur DiMauro
Dionne L. Spooner, MSW
Lauren Dispinseri
Joanne Ditomasso
Mary Dixon
Jody Dixon
Jeannie Dobrovolc
Arless Dodson
Marcy Dodson
Kathleen Dolan
Dolly L. Ford-Sullivan
Carol Dolman
Donald Tabone, MSW intern
Paul Donato
Donna R. Marks
Rose Dore
Doree Lipson, ACSW
Lenette Dornon
Dorothy C. Butler-Crayton, ACSW
Dorothy Moore-Osei, ACSW
Bonnie Dorsey
Kathleen Douglas
Douglas T. Gray, ACSW, CSW-G, LICSW
Mary Doyle
Anne Drabant
Kate Drackett
Nancy Drennan
Donald Driehaus
Christine Drouillard
Jacqueline Ducharme
Elaine Dufford
Joe Duley
M Kay Duncan
Cheryl Dunican-Hein
Anyana Dunmore
Beth Dunn
Teresa Dunn
Gisele Duplessis
Lynn Dusold
E W. Marshall-Washington
Elizabeth Eakins
Helene Eberts
Eboni Lunsford, LMSW
Leslie Eckford
E. Diane Eddy
Kimberly Edelson-Esposito
Lynn Edinoff
Marla Edwards
Carolyn Ehrlich
Noelle Elia
Sue Elias
Elizabeth R Peart , LSW
Elizabeth A. Kelly, LISW -CP
Elizabeth Bosarge
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth Meek Caccamo, MSW
Ellen M. Splaver
Lynne Ellis
Phyllis Elzea
Sara Emerson
Lauren Emmons
Stephanie Engel
Penny engstrom
Melissa Enns
Millie Enos
Ruth Epting
Erica Sigal
Erik Jervis
Erin F. McKowen, ACSW
Simone Esquibel
Janine Estupinan
Eva Fyer
Manuel Evangelista
Elizabeth Ezra
Miriam Ezray
Robert Faber
Carmen Fair
JoEllen Falk
Rebecca Fallert
Sandra Falsey
Jennifer Farino
Danielle Faulkner
Tamara Faulkner
Fe Ana Balsick
Alexandra Feely
Sarah Feingold
Deborah Feldman
David Feldstein
Mary Fenske
Sandra Fentin
Fern K. Miller
Jennifer Ferrara
Janice Ferris
Michael Fields
Kathleen Fiks
Irving Finkelstein
Susan Finkelstein
Erin Finley
Elaine Finnegan
Louise Firebaugh
Donna Firer
Lori Firestone
Laurie Fiscella
Amy Fish
Tessa Fisher
Amber Fisher
Byron Fisher
Cynthia Flannery
Catherine Fletcher
Mackenzie Flood
Omar Flores
Eda Flores-Miranda
Karen Flowers
Laura Floyd
Erinn Flynn
Faith Fogelman
Joanna Foley
Kathleen Foley
Wendy Forbush
Judeth Forlenza Wesley
Elizabeth Formaggioni
Christopher Forward
Aldo Fossella
Carole Foster-Pitts
Karene Fowler
Elizabeth Fowler
Lisa Fowler
Ellen Fox
Marie Fox
Nancy Fox
Adena Frager
Cathlyn Fraguela Rios
Francesca Mengarelli, LGSW
E. Aracelis Francis
Lynn Franco
Deborah Franke Ogg
Dawn Freeman
Gloria Freimann
Ruth French
Barbara Friedman
Michael Friedman
Jeffrey Friedman
Sue Furtado
G Craig Spalding
Elise Gadson
Denise Gagnier
Gail L. Hall, ACSW
Gail T. Truitt, ACSW
Daniel Gaiser
Gale Y. Griffin, MSW, LISW-S
Lorraine Gallagher
Nancy Gallant
Barbra Gant
Nickie Garbeil
Kimberly Gardner
Risa Garon
Janie Garrett
Gary David Pignatello, MSW, LCSW
Gary Rosenberg, ACSW
Gary S. Sullivan
Rodolfo Garza
Diane Gaston
Yvonne Gathers
Megan Gay
Marlana Geha
Ginny Gemmell
Gene A. Obersinner, LCSW
Edward George
George E. Tilley
Katherine Georgeoff Mohr
Rosalind Geraigiry
Pamela Gerdes
Brian Gerety
Larissa Gibson
Dennis Gibson
Kimberly Gibson
Laura Giddings
Gigi N. Veasey
Kathleen Gilbert
Joel Gilbert
Sheree Gilbert
Jerry Jo Gilham
Karen GIll
Danette Gillespie-Otto
Margaret Gintoft
Gisela Lawson
Frances Gizzi
Tara Glaeser
Tara Glick
Jane Glick
Marushka Glissen
Sandra Godfrey
Susan Goff
Paul Goggi
Debra Goldberg
Anne Goldberg
Eliane Goldman
Arlene Goldman
Carolyn Goldstein
Anthony Goliday
Lisa Gomien
Paul Gonsier
Max Goode
Laura Goodell
Kathleen Goodin
Margaret Goodman
Lark GoodTracks
Ilana Gordon
Karen Goren
Yevgeniya Gorodetskays
Pearlann Gould
Gloria Grace
Grace Cheong
Gloria Graff
Barbara Graham
Paul Grahovac
Janet Grant
Valerie Grant
Carole Graybill
Kerry Greaney
Irma Grebel
Meka Green
Sasha Greene
Frank Grieco
Brandie Grinstead
Joy Griswold
Joan Groessl
Theresa Grosse
Arlene Grubbs
John Grund
Johnetta Guishard
Tanya Gulledge
Marian Gunderson
Nancy Guss Matles
Carol Gutheil
Gustavo Gutierrez
Elizabeth Gutierrez
Gwendolyn Delores Cubit
Gwendolyn Shametria Thaggard
Joanne Haas
Heidi Haddad
Judith Hahn
Hal S. Nichols, Therapist
Bonita Hale
Philip Hall
Marilyn Halpern
Jeanne Halpern-Lewis
Nusie Halpine
Sandra Hamilton
Olivia Hamilton
Michael Hamm
Sarah Hammack
Gloria Hammel
Alissa Hammerman
Karen Hamp
Billylynn Han
Anne Handley
Lenora Hanna
Hannah O'Donnell
Kathleen Hardie
Cecily Hardin
Natalie Harpold
Claudia Harris
Honor Harris
Deborah Harris
Helen Harris
Wendell Harris
Douwon Harris
Marjorie Hart
Carolyn Hart-Hults
Catherine Hartshorn
Marilyn Hatcher
Bryan Hatcher
Katherine Hatem
Kim Haveson
Shirley Havice
Guy Hawkins
Janet Hayden
Linda Haydock
Benita Hayes
Laurel Healy
Heather L. Bencivenga
Heather MacLeod
Heather Marie Kehoe, BSW
Garrett Hebel
Beatrice Heck
Monika Heimbold
John Heimerdinger
Arun Hejmadi
Linda Held
Peggy Heller
Anita Heller
Angi Heller Workman
Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Bonnie Henderson
Christopher Henrici
Kathy Henry
Muriel Henry
Henry A. Rowlette, Jr.
Henry W. Beck, ACSW
Joan Herdrich
Paula Hern
Candance Herrman
Claire Hertz
Karen Hess
Margo Heydt
Lila Heymann
Dietrah Hiatt
Diane Hibbs
Lynette Hickey
Patti Jo Hicks
Rheuben Hicks
Elaine Higdon
Elizabeth Hill
Nyra Hill
Barbara Hinsz
Susan Hirsch
Charity Hochberg
Julia Hochstadt
Bonnie Hodes
Debra Holder
Leighanne Hollans
Holly Alicia Friedman
Christina Holmes-McLemore
Art Hom
Amy Honaker Bartlow
Paul Honess
Robert Hooley
Jacqueline Hooper-Hage
Jackie Hopkins
Jolinda Hopkins
Sandra Horne
James Hottinger
Caitlyn Hough
Judith Howard
Timothy Howard
Denise Howley
Shannon Huggins
M. Katrine Hughes
Nancy Hunter
Helen Hunter
Kathleen Hurley
Ashley Hutchens
Elizabeth Hutchison
Janet Hyman
Sarah Iannone
Charles Iker
Ineke F. Way, ACSW
Ines Guariguata, LCSW, LCAT, ATR-BC
Kumiko Ishikawa
Allan Iuspa
Diane Ivanov
Laurie Ivler
Ann Jackler
Ellen Jacobs
Renee Jacobs
Catherine Jacobsen
Renee Jacoby
Jacqueline B. Caballero, LCSW
Bradley Jaffe
Diana Jahries
Alexandra Jamali
Alissa James
James A. McManus, LCSW, ACSW DCSW
James W. Guerrant
Jana K. Edwards, LCSW
Janet M. Appleby, PhD,LMSW
Janet M. Brown, LCSW
Marie Jaros
Jasmine T. Genus, LGSW,
Jean E. Hager, ACSW
Jeanne Arnold, ACSW
Donald Jefferson
Jeffrey R. Fraser, ACSW
Jeffrey S. Frank
Josephine Jendrisak
Jennifer L. Brown
Jennifer Mancuso Urban, LCSW-R
Jennifer Mary Behoteguy, MSW
Jennifer Spitz
Aaron Jennings
Dustin Jepkema
Jeremy L. White, LCSW
Jeremy Vu
Jessica Cypress Immitt, LCSW
Jessica Fenton
Jessica Hartman
Jessica L. Sanders
Jessica Mary Pinkham, LICSW
Jessica Russo, MSW
Jill Charney, LMSW
Jillian Yasmin Bissar
Tami Jimenez
Marcia Jindal
Donanciana Jiruska
Jo Anna Bement
JoAnne McFarland O'Rourke
Linda Joannidis
Richard Joens
Johanna Bush Jensen
Johanna J. Anselmo
Elene Johas Teener
John A. Cortez
John A. McNeal, DCSW
John Deaderick
John Eric Johnston
John G. Geist, ACSW
John Picciano, LCSW
Judy Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Janella Johnson
Karen Johnson
Carol Johnson
Cindy Johnson
Kathleen Johnson Dunn
Robert Johnston
Francois Jolie
Jonathan Karanja
Jonathan R. Wilson
Rebecca Jones
Gail Jones
Joan Jones
Takecha Jones
Betty Jones
Alan Jones
Justine Jones
Denise Jones-Kazan
Melissa Jordan
Jordan Schneir Barlam
Joseph J. Frankovich
Joseph John Hoffman
Joseph T. Monahan, JD, ACSW
Joseph W LaFleur, Jr.
Joshua Aaron Neitlich
Joshua Berman, BSSW
Tamyra Jovel
Joy Wyatt
Judith Gallant, ACSW
Judith R. Peres, LCSW-C
Juli Wallin-Fisgus, MSW, LCSW
Julia De Palma
Julia Marie Churchill
Julia Y. Friesen
Juliane K. Klinke
Julie A. Phillips
Julie Beck Goss, ACSW
Emily Junod
Justin Evans
Kaitlin Binnington
Kaitlyn Koniuszy
Thomas Kalina
Meg Kallman
Gary Kalman
Tammy Kaminski
Kandee Kubat Timmerman, MSW,LICSW
Marcia Kanoff
Judy Ann Kaplan
Robin Kaplan
Joan Kaplan
Marcia Kaplin
Karen B. Gerson, ACSW
Karen Kirsten
Karen L. Klinefelter, ACSW
Karen M. Newman
Francine Karim
Karin Metcalf, ACSW
Katharina Jarmas
Kathleen Ann Burnett
Kathleen Blake Thompson
Kathleen C. Faller, ACSW
Kathleen Costello Bar-Tur, LCSW, FIPA
Judith Katz
Patricia Katz
Ronnie Kaufman
Brian Kaveh
Kay Berger
Kaye P. Fulcher
Kaytie L. Ochenkowski
Ayesha Kazmi
Charlotte Keeney
Michael Keith
Roxanne Kelber
Starla Keller
Kellie D. Mildenberger
Judith Kellner
Elizabeth Kelly
Kelly A. Quinn
Kelly Lansford
Julia Kelm
Kathleen Kelsey
Alvin Kenon
Tina Kenyon
Kerri Sherer, LSW, ASW-G
Fran Kessler
Kevin Lee Kaplan
Martine Kieffer
Brittany Kieslor
Carolyn Kim
M Kimball
Kimberly Ann Lucas, MSW
Maxine Kimbrell
Nowell King
Jeffery King
Laura Kirkley
Ann Kleeger
David Klein
Donna Klein
Jamie Klintberg
Christine Klostermann
Beth Knight
Sheryl Knopf
Paula Kocon
Weldon koech
Karmin Koelmel
Karen Koenig
John Konny
Rosemarie Kopacsi
Emily Koplik
Jennifer Koranyi
Ann Kosinski
Phyllis Kosky
Melinda Kosterman
Cecile Kotkin
Nancy Kotz
Raymond Kozma
Christina Kraemer
Lisa Krause-Reinert
Kristen H. Fisher, LCSW
Valerie Kristopher
Susan Kruk
Jane Krumm
David Kruzich
Alexis Kuerbis
Ervilene Kuhlmann
Paul Kurzman
Carol Kyles
Maryann La Rosa
Catherine Ladd
Silvia Lagunas
Heather Lahti
Carol Laibson
Carole Lamhut
Patricia Lamoureux
Judith Lancey
Terry Lane
Peggy Lane
Lisa Lane
Kathleen Lang
Richard Lange
Heather Langlois
Renate Lanotte
Samantha LaRosa
Noel Larson
Dana Larson
Darcy Lassegard
J. Victoria Laszlo
Sherri Lau
Naomi Lau
Matthew Laun
Laura DeVasier, LCSW
Laura Facas-Sullivan
Laura L. Generou
Lauren Burke
Laurie P. Suttenberg, LCSW,DCSW
Barbara Lawrence
Will Laytham
Emily Leadholm
Leah A. Snell, LCSW, ACSW
Carol Leanzo-Dejesus
Teresa Learned
James LeCluyse
Maja Ledgerwood
Grace Lee
Amy Lee
Juhee Lee
Jennifer Lehman
Leigh Anne Hedrick
Stacey Lemack
Dorothy Lemon-Thompson
Robert Lenhardt
Nilde Leo
Anthony Lerro
Christopher Lerro
Lesley Balamut
Ilyse Lesser
Haley Lessig
Nancy Levin
Karen Levin
Jeffrey Levin
Wendy Levin-Shaw
Bari Levy
Leslie Levy
Miriam Levy
Joan Levy
Andrea Levy-Waldstein
Sheila Lewis
Betty Lewis
Trevor Lewis
Jan Lewis
Leah Lewis
Kenna Liatsos
Susan Liden
Anna Lieblich
Vicky Liggett
Vincent Lin
Linda G. Butler, ACSW
Linda G. Goodman, ACSW,BCD,MSW
Linda K. Shaleen
Linda M. Helmer
Rita Linder-Lavery
Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin
Allison Ling
Joan Linhardt
Lisa L. Colegrove, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Lisa L. Neeman
Lisa Rachel Simon
Naomi Litrownik
Cheryl Litt
Anne Little
Elaine Litton
Carol Litzler
Rebecca Loadholt
Susan LoCastro
Matthew Loehr
Lois Mills-Brogan, ACHP-SW
Robert Lolik
Charles Long
Kirsten Long
Bernie Longano
John Looney
Nilza Lopez
Lori Ann Kanke, LCSW
Lori R. Ippolito, ACSW
Lorraine Baum, LMSW
Lottie Shaver
Louise R. Presley, LCSW, PhD, ACSW
Kathleen Lovell
Nadine Lovell
Gloria Lovett
Lucinda Barnum-Steggerda, MSW Student
LtCol Abbie Luck ( USAF Ret)
Tamara Luckett-Cavanaugh
Sarah Ludovic-Young
Jayne Ludwig
Luis Contreras
Marilyn Lundberg
Irene Lundgren
Gypsy Lyle
Cecelia Lynch
Shane MacDonald
Carmen Machado
Lidwinner Machado
Maxine Mack
Brenda Mack
Karen MacQuivey
Madeline C. Douglas, MSW
Lilliana Maestas
Maglenny Alcantara
Beth Maguire
Stephanie Magula
Priscilla Mahoney
Lynne Maidman
Brenda Mallery
Jami Maloney
Pamela Maltz
Rita Maniscalco
Steve Manos
Barbara Mantel
Mara Christine Bischoff
Marcel M. Tabone
Marcia S. Levy
Marilyn Marcus
Lisa Marcus
Paula Marcus-Platz
Margaret J. Church
Margo Joy Siegel
Wendy Margolies
Maria R. Gonzales Jackson, ACSW, ASW-G
Marian J. Geller
Marie A. Fontaine
Marilyn Garland
Marissa Catherine Fors
Marisss Ryan, LCSW, HT
John Markoff
Robert Markovic
Lara Markovits
Marla Killough
Marla Samuel, MSW, CSWA
Andrea Marquez
Laurence Marr
Adarienn Marrott
Diane Marschall
Elizabeth Marston
Ruth Martin
Joseph Martin
Christianna Martin
Linda Martin
Lauren Martin
Patricia Martin-O'Meally
Mary DaCorta, LCSW
Mary E. Sterchi, ACSW
Mary F. Foerg, ACSW, ACHP-SW
Mary J. Brill
Mary Kay Healy, CSW-PIP
Mary L. Kabat, ACSW
Mary Magie Reade, LCSW,ACSW
Mary N. Estrada
Mary P. Byrne, PhD,DCSW
Mary Suzanne Brown
Marybeth Whittaker
Melanie Masdea- Dignum
Theresa Mason
Meisa Mason
William Massey
Dawn Matera
Jun Matsuyoshi
Matthew P. Laycock
Maraline Mattke
Michelle Maupin
Maureen A. Pelton, ACSW
Lisa May
Nicole Mayfield
Donna Mazi-Heller
Elizabeth Mc Garvey
Dennis McAllister
Candace McCann
Patrick McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Kaylynn McCartney
Natasha McCartney
Mary McCarty
Elizabeth McClendon-Johnson
Michelle McClintic
Amanda Mcconnell
Charles Mccormack
Donald McCown
Michelle mccoy
Mary Ann McCrary
Linda McCreless
Emily McCutcheon
Pamela McDermott
Joan McDonald
Maureen McDonnell-Weschler
Angela McDowell
Ryann McFarland
Thomasine Mcfarlin
Elizabeth McGovern
Mari Pat McGuire
Maryann McInerney
Shelagh McIntyre
Helen Mckee
Michael Mckenna
Marie McKenna
McKenzie Broekstra
Amanda McKinley
Ann McKnight
Megan Mclaughlin
Christopher McLaughlin
Keith McNutt
Noel Meehan
Megan J. Bott
Meghan E. Willis
Leigh Mehldau
Macaria Mejorado-Martinez
Michael Melendez
Melinda Dean M. Young, Young
Melissa Marie Best
Stephen Mellott
Edward Melvin
Jaime Mendoza
Charlotte Menze
Merrianne M. Leff, LCSW
Janice Merten
Ellen Metzger
D. Elizabeth Meyers
Michael Barschi, LMSW
Michael Czerwonka
Michael G. Pries, ACSW, DCSW
Michael L. Miles, LCSW-R,
Michaela Encinas De Asis, MSW Candidate
Nicole Michel
C. Micheli
Michelle Lynn Godwin, LCSW
Michelle Sacks
Ida Michie
Lynn Mikolajczak
Mary Milbank-Bodenstein
Timmber Miles
Jennifer Millard
M. Linda Miller
Peter Miller
Candice Miller
Judith Miller
Mindy Miller
Patricia Miller-Katz
Shirley Milstead
Miranda Z. McGuire-Schwartz
Miriam Bromirski
Mischelle T. Stone
Dana Mitchell
James Mitchell
Georgeann Mitchell
Jeanne Mitchler-Fiks
Ray Moffitt
Mohammed B. Abulkhair, MSW, LSW
Robert Mohr
Elaine Molchanov
Maximiliano Molina
Jerry Molumby
Patricia Monaco
Batya Monder
Roxane Mongelluzzo
Monica Echevarria, MSW
Monica P. Murphy, LGSW
Angelo Montante
Pamella Montgomery
Heather Moody
Ryan Moore
Joseph Moore
Jamesena Moore
Christina Morales
Linda Moran
Susan Morang
Anne Morcone
Angela Morelli
Donna Morgan
Esther Morgan
Morgan M. Kupsinel
Laura Morra
Debra Morris
Kimberly Morrow
Shari Morrow Cooper
Kelly Moylan
James Mueller
Sheila mulhern
Catherine Muller
Kristen Mulvena
Mary Mumford
Janae Munday
Gordon Munn
Judith Murad
Thomas Murphy
Chris Murphy
Malcolm Murphy
John Myer
Sue Nadel
Charles Nakoa
Nancy Himes, MSW Student
Nancy J. Gardner
Nancy L. Fuhr Bonn
Nancy M. Forsythe
Jane Napier
Maria Napoli
Gail Nayowith
Lisa Neely
Eloisa Negron
Neil J. Klatsky, ACSW
Michele Nelson
Karen Nelson-Brown
Nevada Rae Walton, MSW Student
Toby Newman
Valerie Newman-Freeman
Melodie Nicholas
Marjorie Nichols
Mark Nickerson
Nicole R. Laubach
Nicki Nielsen
Mary Nielsen
Jane Niermann
Wanda Nieves
Nikole J. Heilmann, ACSW, C-SSWS, QCSW
J Nimmo
Nina J. Corbett, LCSW
Claire Nitze
Thomas Nixon
Patti Nolan
Nancy Nollen
Nancy Norman
Madison Norris
Norwood James Coleman, Jr., LCSW, ACSW
Lupe Nunez
Deborah Nunnally
Lory Nurenberg
Elwood Nyther
Maureen O'Brien
Maureen O'Brien
Linda O'BrienRacine
Margaret O'Connell
Lynn O'Connor
Francine O'Hagan
Nancy O'Kane
Debbie Oberman
Amy Oclatis
Leslie Oelsner
Jeanne Oesch
Daniel Offner
Dorothy Ohrenstein
Omobola Ojediran
Jennifer Olechna
Latarshia Oliver
Olivia Rodgers-Hannan, LCSW
Judy Olmanson
David Olsen
Mary Olsen
Jo Orr
Marcia Ortegon
Lavera Otoyo
Bernard Ott
Betty Ottinger
Folusho Otuyelu
Sue Pabst
Jessie Pagotelis
Sandra Painter
Martha Painter
Sonia Palacio-Grottola
Joseph Panepinto
Glenn Park
Meredith Parker
Rebecca Parsons
Barbara Pasquarelli
Janet Passapae-Sauer
Annett Pastor-Castro
Noelle Patire
Patricia A. Gaffney, ACSW
Patricia A. Shelly
Patricia E. Janssen
Patricia J Wiley
Patricia S Goodrich
Janice Patrick
Paul David Rogers, LCSW
Paul J. Stretch
Paul S. Jones, LCSW
Paula L. Sabin
Paula Margaret Schopen, MSW
Karen Payne
Michael Payne
Susan Payne
Michelle Pazcoguin
Tiffany Peake
Pearlie Ann Trent
Peggy A. Smith, DCSW
Peggy L. Harriott, ACSW
Eileen Pekarski
Monica Peloso
Gertrude Peltier
Stephanie Peluso-Abbott
Pamela Pennington-Wilson
Dana Pepp
Cygrid Perez
Jeffrey Perlman
Marva Pesel nee James
Sherry Peters
Gordon Petersen
Twyla Peterson Wilson
Jill Petrie
Elisabeth Petrucce
Lorraine Petrucci
Cynthia Phelps
Philip Young Hong
Georgette Phillips
Blaire Phillips
Phyllis Pleuss, LCSW
Susana Picado
Martha Pieper
Virginia Pierce
Lillian Pike Cain
Erica Pilkington
Emily Pilowa
Alma Pinckney
Kenneth Pinter
Brannan Piper
Francis Pizzarelli
Kimberly Podmore
Mary Pollard
Joyce Poore Berkenes
James Pope
Diane Popp
Reyna Post
Carl Potter
Cathryn Potter
Maggie Potts
June Pouliot
Debra Powell
Keri Powell
Kaitlyn Power
Victoria Powers
Nanci Pradas
Kim Praitano
Erin Pretzer
Karen Preyer
Lora Price
Elizabeth Price-Ramos
Colleen Pritchard
Larry Prothro
Phyllis Prout
Scott Provost
John Pugh
Marcy Pullard
Susan Puninske
Nancy Purcell
John Purnell
Farrah Quarles
Barbara Queen Johnson
Dorothy Quilty
Vinita Quinones
Rachel Orton
Rachel Rose Curtis
Catherine Rafferty
Susan Rahall
Salome Raheim
Alena Rainey
Laura Rains
Paul Rakoczy
David Ramos
Randy Frankel, ACSW
Sharon Ranzman
Raquel Carlene Wells, MSW
Mark Raybould
Linda Reeser
Sara Reeves
Regina Amorello
Sheena Reid
Kristen Reisig
Jamie Reitz
Renee M. Senn, LCSW
Kelly Reno
Teri Resh-Moll
Samantha Reynolds
Peter Reznik
Amanda Rhoades
Rhonda E. Hudson, PhD, LCSW
Richard Beck, ACSW
Richard Newell
Bonnie Ann Richards
Virginia Richardson
Shelley Richardson
Norman Richey
Sherry Richman
Shirley Rigsby
Riley Smith, PCMSW, PLMHP
Matthew Ringenberg
Regina Ritenour
Miriam Rivera
Georgiana Rivera
Patricia Rivera
Brynne Rivlin
Kimberly Rixon
Charles Robbins
Judith Robbins
Robert Glen Allnock
Robert Mark Wade, MSW
Robert Osobase
Robert P. Gould, LICSW
Sallyann Roberts
Hiedi Roberts
Daniel Robescu
Robin L. Zarel, ACSW,LCSW
Robin Sara Pollock
Monica Robinson
Cathyann Robinson
Luis Robinson
Margaret Robinson
Mary Rocchio
Jean Rocco
Francis Rodrigo
Marcia Rogers
Robin Rogers
Patricia Rogers
Heide Rokni
Alma Rolfs
Camille Roman
Carolyn Romano
John Romprey
Rosa Maria Torres
Rosaq Rodriguez, LSW
Anne Rosberger
Stefani Roscoe
Linda Rosenberg
Lillian Rosenblatt
Louis Rosenthal
Stephanie Ross
Tamara Rosser
Eleanor Rothschild
Jerrold Rousseau
Arabelle Rowe
June Roy
Libby Royer
Rebecca Rozema
Janice Rozier
Molly-Jane Rubinger
Elyse Rubio
Beth Rudegeair
Robin Rudic
Andrea Rudolph
Elizabeth Ruff
Ruth Ruskin
Elizabeth Rutzick
Gail Ryan
Barbara Ryan
Mary Ryan
Ryland Bouldin Powell, Jr, MSW, LCSW
Ryle Egge
Diane Rzegocki
S. Bernard Bagley
Wendy Sabin
Judith Sachs
Leila Sachtschale
Jennifer Sackett
Leslie Sackett
Adele Sacks
Ma Saenz
Josephine Saia
Joann Sallmann
Angelina Salmeron
Samantha Foss, BSW
Amy Sanchez
Maria Cristina Sandez
Rita Sandoval
Sandra Lynn Randall
Sandra M. Mendelsohn
Sandra Susan Blazek, JD, MS, MSW
Michael Sands
Kareen Santana
Debra Santi
Daisy Santiago-Altiery
Josephine Santillo
Sara M. Fitzgerald
Sarah Furman
Sarah Margaret Zepeda
Sarah Sabatowski
Sarah Segal McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW
Sarah Simulis, LMSW
Toshiaki Saruwatari
Nancy Sasso
Susanne Savett
Susan Sawyer
Kristina Saxena
Pamela Saxena
Vicki Schaffer
Joanne Schaffer
Carol Schank
Andrea Scharfman-Schulman
Terri Schempf
Tori Schiefen
Jerome Schiele
Roberta Schiffer
Rachel Schiller
Jennifer Schmahl
Elizabeth Schneewind
Karen Schneider
Alissa Schneider Berg
Karrie Schoenefeld
Elaine Schomaker
Heather Schorr Kourpas
Alan Schrader
Ellen Schrier
Melinda Schroeder
Susan Schulherr
Kelly Schulte
Jennifer Schultz
Jennifer Schuyler
Bradley Schwartz
Gerard Schwind
Rudene Scipio
Mary Scollan
Judy Scott
Mary Scott
Robert Scuka
Rachel Segall
Robert Sehi
Laura Seitz
Patricia Selby
Lisa Selsby
Susan Seney
Jacquelyn Senia
Lauren Senoff
Itza Seoane
Sergio I. Gutierrez, LCSW
Joy Serie-Amunrud
Serina M. Apodaca-Peckham, BA
Robert Severt
Shaiann Nicole Grey
Deborah Shain
Hope Shamberg
Marlene Shapiro
Sharon Beth Fischman, MSW
Sharon Ruth Williamson
Sharon T. Peterson
Jeanine Sharpe
Shaun Opalieta Jackson Williams, MA;LBSW
Lysle Shaw
Robert Sheehan
Sarah Shelton
Heather Shenk
Lynn Sherman
Michael Sherraden
Margaret Sherrer
Sheryl I. Goldberg, ACSW
M. Elaine Shields
Shari Shiepis
Sonia Shirley
Laura Shore
Patricia Shure
Barbara Sicherman
Carmen Siddiqi
Nayda Sierra
Gerson Silver
Elliott Silverman
Mary Silverman-Ormond
Eleanore Simi
Virgil Simms
Melinda Simon
Ruth Simon
David Simpson
Golnar Simpson
Naomi Sims-Satterwhite
Elizabeth Sinicropi
Lisa Sink
Vivian Sklar
Robert Skrocki
Paula Slonecker
Regina Slutzky
Linda Smallman
Rosa Smith
Peter Smith
Jonathan Smith
Marvin Smith
Elissa Smith
Margaret Smith
Janie Smith
Kathleen Smith
Stacey Smith
Angela Smithson
Ann Smolen
Wendy Smolins
Kristyn Snedden
Moshit Snir
Donald Soeken
Mary Solberg
Myrna Solomon
Sonia Gligan, LCSW
Nancy Sonntag
Dena Sorbo
Adelina Sorkin
Darshan Soske
Michael Sotak
Rassan Sowell
Leann Spahn
Judith Spangenberg
Richard Spargo
Lori Sparzo
Jacqueline Spaulding
Alice Spear
B. Gail Spencer
Carol Spencer
Jack Sperling
Susan Sprung
Ashley St. Cyr
Stacey B. Peyer
Stacey G. Willson
Julia Stahl
Molly Staley
Constance Stamper
Eric Stanley
Z. Vanessa Stanley
Anne Stanton
Faith Starnes
Jerold Starr
Michelle Stchur
Martha Stearns
Mary Stehle
Ellen Stein
Paula Stein
Alan Stein
Eric Stein
Ethel Steinberger
Susan Stelk
Stephanie Cruwys
Stephanie Kvasager, ASW
Stephanie Nelson Coker, LCSW
Stephanie Rachel Mewhinney, LMSW
Gracy Stephen
Gwen Stephens
Susan Sterling
Michele Stern
David Stetson
Steve Patrick, ACSW
Steven C. Carrel
Steven Smith
Paul Stevens
Trisha Stewart
Tami Stieber
Deborah Stimac
Gail Stimson
Paul Stone
Barbara Stone
Thea Stone
Dana Stone
Sheryl Strothers
Linda Stroud
Maryjean Sullivan
Felicia Sullivan
Shantel Sullivan
Julie Sullivan-Redmond
George Summers
Ivan Sumner
Amy Sumner
Sook Sung
Susan Buseck, MSW
Susan Carter, ACSW
Susan E. Elswick, LCSW
Susan J. Hitchcock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Susan J. Menahem, LCSW AASECT Cert.
Susan L. Thorne-Devin, LCSW
Susan M. Frechette
Susan Victor, Th.M, LSW
Suzanne M. Schunk, ACSW, LCSW
Ashlyn Swartz
Kent Swenson
Alyssa Swierk
Sybil Austin-McDowell, BSW student
Sylvia V. Thompson, LMSW,CAADC,ACSW
David Tabler
Tamara Dill Stewart, LCSWA
Tamra L. Japenga
Roy Tannis
Jessica Tappana
Tara Michelle Quinn, LMSW
Tara Nierenberg, LCSW
Doris Taylor
Loreley Taylor
Yehudit Teitelbaum
Temeka Thomas
John Templeton
Teresa R. Foster, LCSW
Terri Gallant, LCSW
Theresa Krueger De Carli, MSW, LSW
Theresa Mathis
Jayne Thibeault
Carl Thistel
Cynthia Thomas
Priscilla thomas
Joanne Thomas
Dupe Thomas
Sandra Thomas
Thomas J. Cleary, ACSW
Gail Thomas-Creighton
Eric Thompson
Brenda Thompson
Angela Thompson
Marilyn Thornton
Luann Thurman
Jean Tidd
Tiffani Pimley
Joan Tillich
Maureen Tillman
Rizi Timane
George Timbers
Timothy F. Page, PhD, ACSW
Tina Husky
Tina Reiser, L.M.S.W.
Abigail Tischler
Karen Titrud
Julie Tobin
Todd McClure Cook
Regine Tollefsen
Lisa Topchik
Vilma Torres
Torrie Lynn Benson-Pryor
Diana Tortosa
Claire Towle
Tracey Barry Carroll, LCSW
Katie Tracy
Tracy Carpenter-Aeby
Leah Travers-Pucci
Debra Tremblay
Trent Eisenbeisz, LICSW
Tressa P. Diaz
Mari Trine
Donald Troise
Tracey Truscott
Sabrina Tuggle
April Tully
Maria Tupper
Kielty Turner
Morgan Tyler
Frances Vadas
Kelly Vahey
Raul Valdez
Carol Valenti
Jennifer Valenzuela
Valerie D. Barber, ACSW
Valerie S. Loeschen
Nivia Van Damme
Norman Van Klompenburg
Laurie Van Loon
Culle Vande Garde
Janemarie Vander Dussen
Vanessa Chinwe Okechukwu
Linda Vasconcellos
Jessica Vega
Carol Veits
Judith Velez
Christina Vendetti
Hillary Vervalin
Vicki Turnage, LCSW, ACSW
Vickie L Thompson
Victor A. Manalo, PhD
Nancy Victora
Kathleen Villagomez
Vilma Luz Vendrell, LMSW
Virginia Elizabeth Taylor, MSW, CSW
Virginia Murphy, MSW
Viviana Martinez
Bob Waggener
Irene Wagner
Karen Walant
Regenia Walburgh
Alison Waldorf
Melissa Waldrip
Tiffanie Walker
Julie Walker
Suzanne Wall
Priscilla Wallace
Jacqueline Wallace
Suzanne Wallace-Appleton
Lisa Wallin
Wanda Marcella Rainey-Reed, LCSW, MAC, CCS,
Mary Warner-Hubschmitt
Delo Washington
Gregory Washington
Karen Wassink-Bylsma
Taylene Watson
Gerry Watson
Wayne Joseph Luebbert, LICSW
Lara Weaver
Nancy Weaver
Peggy Weber
Anita Weicht
Carey Weiller
Beverly Weiss
Madelaine Weiss
Joanne Weiss
Leslie Wellington
Patricia Wendle
Wendy R. Henderson, ACSW DCSW
Wendy Wyant
Judith Wentworth
Debbie Werosh
Gatewood West
Niki Wezensky
Vanessa Whalen
Jane Wheatley-Crosbie
Darrell Wheeler
Lorita Whitaker
Robert White
Barbara Whitman
Arlene Whitney
Melissa Wickwire
Christine Widener
Thaddeus Widmer
Jeremy Wiener
Gwendolyn Wiens
Patricia Wilcox
Thomas Wilda
William J. Sackett
William John Coleman, LCSW
James Williams
Sarah Williams
Benita Williams-Thompson
Anne Williamson
Tracey Willingham
Wilma Dyer Dalaba
Elise Wilson
Dianna Wilson
Janine Wimmer
Hinda Winawer
Margaret Winslow
Colleen Winters
Margaret Wisz
David Wojciechowski
Silkaly Wolchok
Audrey Wolf
Bernice Wolfson
Linda Wong
Norine Wong
Robyn Wood
Nicole Wood
Nathan Wood
Robin Woodburn
David Woodman
Annette Woodruff
Mattie Woolfolk
Marcia Wragge
Sue Wright
Catherine Wright
Roberta Wysong
Wendy Yallowitz
Mariko Yamada
Yanisse Marie Scott, LMSW
Ilene Yasemsky
Natalie Yeschin
Paula Yevincy
Mitch Young
David Yovino
Erin Yuen
Yvonne B. Bregman
Barbara Zaas-Partington
Gary Zalkin
Gloria Zane
Betty Zara
Barbara Zellan
Joel Zeman
Tammy Zender
Joseph Zimakas
Sarah Zimmerman
Zipporah Neuman
January 2019
Leslie Abrons
Herminia Acevedo
Tracy Adams
Sarah Adams
Mary Adams
Dollmeshia Adams
Veronika Adlerstein
Adrienne Londeree
Seon Ahn
Sarah Aiello
Aimee Nienstedt Dickson, MSW,LMSW
Christine Akkanen
Alana Lutz, BSW
Lynda Albert
Charlene Albert
Alex Dorch, MSW Student
Alexandra Crosby
Alexis F. Selwood, ACSW
Alice H. Emanuel, ACSW
Alicia Avila Outcalt
Alicia Munier Ziegler, MSW, LCSW
Alisa A. Caraker
Jennifer Alldridge
Michael Allen
Allyson Barbato, LCSW
Lauri Alsaffar
Eric Alva
Juan Alvarez
Alyson S. Nash, LCSW
Amanda Danielle Greubel
Amanda E. Coughlin
Amanda Ferrari
Amanda G. Somdal
Amanda Yvonne Perry Osgood
Janice Amato
Mimine Ambrois
Amelia P. Eades Koplow
Debra Amidon
Amor Hollingsworth
Lindsay Anderson
Gary Anderson
Andrea D. Welsh
Valerie Andreoli
Angela D. Mills-Swaney
Angela Renee DeVault, BSW
Ann Briggs, LCSW, LAC
Ann Kurth, LCSW
Annette Casseandra Pittman Crivellaro, LBSW
Annette Heywood Ruskin, Ruskin
Alina Anorga
Anthony R. Thomas, ACSW
Sharon Anuario
Amit Arava
Lisa Archambault
Carol Ardington
Ariane Sackheim
Rebecca Armendariz
Mary Armentrout
Arthur M. Krasilovsky, ACSW
Ashley Kays Zair
Elizabeth Aspinwall
Susan Asprey
Charlene Atkins
Gloria Avrech
Ignacio Ayala
B. Darlene Avery, MDiv, LCSW
Connie Bach
Armin Baier
Sarah Ball
Melissa Bannerot
Barbara D. Silverman
Barbara Hall-Olaniyan, ACSW
Barbara L. Chamberlin, LCSW
Barbara Lynn Check, ms, msw.lcsw
Barbara Ray Lovelady
Sandra Barlow
Mary Baron
Freya Barr
Anthony Barreiro
Maria Barrios-Routsis
Lakeisha Barris
Frederica Barrow
Elissa Barry
David Battit
Angela Baucom
Marcia Baza
Amanda Bebeau
Christine Becker
Maxine Becker
Amanda Becker
Billie Becker-Bem
Kathleen Behrens
Lafadria Bell
Sheryl Bellman
Karen Bellows
Wendy Bender
Benjamin Leon Gerrard, LSCSW
Roberta Bennett
Allison Bennett
Susanna Bensinger
Florence Benson
Jerome Bercik
Jamie Bergan
Peter Berger
Lauren Berly
Robin Berman
Carol Berman
Nelly Bertolina
Bess N. Steiger, LCSW
Beth L. Vardaro, LCSW
Betty Pearl McIlroy
Beverly Betz
Martha Beuerle
Karen Bianco
Barbara Biancone
Tim Bigalke
Ira Bilofsky
Melissa Black
Suzanne Black
Lynn Blakemore
Eric Blickenstaff
Sandra Block
Kathleen Blythe Thomas
Tracy Bodine
Amanda Bolden
Nancy Bolden
Dalton Boley
Merle Bombardieri
Gail Borgman
Tiffany Born
Meagan Bowen
Christopher Bowen
Jo Bowman
Catherine Bowne
Kanesha Boyd
Tate Boyer
Jorge Boyzo
Ruth Bracht
Barbara Bradford
Kelly Bradley
Ron Bramlage
Kathleen Brandeisky
Morris Brantley
Janet Brathwaite
Sarah Braucher
Brenda Scotton
Gabrielle Breslow
Brett Grabiel
Brian Jay Gauthier, LADC, LSW, CSW-Inter
Brianna Lin Sutton, College Student
Margaret Brickman
Bridgit Bradley-Fennell, MSW Class of 2016
Brie Pierquet, MSW
Heywood Brill
Brittney Sarina Hindman, MSW, LMSW
Sherry Brodrick
Barbara Brodsky
Gail Brodt
Cindy Brody
Mollie Brooks
Lisa Brubaker
Andra Bruce
Shirley Bruner
Kellen Bryant
Robert Buchicchio
Nancy Buckles
Teresa Buehler
Keith Burger
Candice Burnett
Brenda Burrell
Roderic Burton
Priscilla Burton
Lisa Butler
Amanda Butler
Claire Cabiles
Kesha Cade
Rosalie Calarco
Charlotte Calhoun
Kathryn Calkins
Kathleen Callahan
Megan Callahan Sherman
Katherine Campbell
Muriel Campbell
Kim Campolong
Candace L. Rudzinski
Candice Palmer
Melinda Cantu
Richard Caplan
Elizabeth Carey
Debra Carlson
Dorothy Carlson
Joseph Carmichael
Carol I. Hensley-Case
Carolyn Giambusso-Yi
Carolyn Jean Catania
Laila Caron
Carrie Therese Thrall
Alma Carten
Lois Cartica
Patrick Caruso
Joe Carver
Judith Casado
Elizabeth Case
Memrey Casey
Patricia Cassell
Rebecca Castro
Bruce Catalano
Catherine A. Erickson
Catherine E. Harrelson
Catherine Overturf, LCSW
Catherine R. Simonson, LICSW
Consuelo Ceballos
Cecilia Chrosny, LSW
DeAnna Chance
Katheryn Chaney
Susan Chanin
James Chansky
Rita Chapdelaine
Martha Chaplin
Noreen Chapman
John Charles
Charles S. Lederman, ACSW
Charles Warren Moorehead
Susan Charney
Gerry Cheatham
Michelle Cheeseman
Felix Chima
Lillian Chinnici
Tara Chriceol
Christie Cherie Howard, MSW
Christie Marie Cuttell, LGSW
Christina A. Austin-Valere, LCSW, PhD
Christine Juliano
Margaret (Peg) Christopher
Linda Chupkowski
Barbara Chutroo
Marsha Ciccone
Nick Cione
Christine Circello
Teresa Claeys
Claire M. Chestnutt
Evelyn Clark
Lisa Clemons
Eugene Clervi
Cliff LaMotta
Catherine Codispoti-Mullins
Carol Coffey
Lynn Cohen
Dona Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen
Ariana Cohen
Julie Colantonio
Susan Colburn
Polly Condit
Elizabeth Connolly
Barbara Conrad
Keira Conrad
Kristine Consiglio
Doreatha Conwell-Waitman
Ruth Cook
Mary Copeland
Jorge Cordova
Corinne Y. Matsumoto, LCSW
Christine Corriston
Caroline Corzine
Patricia Cotter
John Courtney
Martin Cox
Katie Cox
Diane Cox-Lindenbaum
David Crampton
Virginia Crawford
Georgia Crawford-Cambell
Gary Creott
Jean Cross
Edwin Crouse
Melissa Crownover
Mary Curlee
Andrew Curtin
Cyndie J. Norton, LCSW
Cynthia K. Hodge, LCSW
Cynthia M. Pittman, LSW
Cynthia Mae McCollum
Anne Czajkowski
Dale H. Capurro, ACSW
Dalenette Voigt-Catlin, LMSW, LCSW
Dallas Randall Wilson, LSW,QMHP
Sundy Daly
Ashley Danenhower
Daniel C. Rydholm, LCSW,QCSW
Daniel Finn, LISW
Daniel Murph, MSW
Danielle LaNatra, LCSW, PsyD
Danni K. Priester
Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez
Carol Darwin
Shana Dastur
Donna Davey
David B. Powell
David G. Schlaegel , LCSW-R
David Hammersmith
Virginia Davidov
Melvin Davis
Alexandria Davis
Marcia Davis
Regina Davis
David Davis
Marla Davishoff
Dawn Alcott-Miller
Patricia Dawson
Rocio Day
Debbie E. Hartzo, GSW
Olivia DeBiase
Deborah A. Whitehair
Deborah Bluestone
Deborah G. Cremieux
Deborah R. Kaplan, ACSW
Debra J. Moore
Deby L. Williamson, LCSW
Michelle DeCorte
David Deere
William Delaney
Peter Delany
Janice Delorenzo
Sarah DeMarco-Dowling
Lisa Demario
Debra DeMartino
Dena R. Walter, ACSW
Rosemary Dengiz-Crawford
Kathryn Denham
Denise Benjamin, BSW, MSW
Denise M. Guida
Denise Niner, LICSW
Glen Denlinger
Dennis McNamara
Carolyn DeVilbiss
Patti Dewoskin
Diane Y. Degraffenreid, LCSW
Dianna Stark
Andrea Difilippo
Robert Dilbeck
Lenda Dincer
Rebekah Dixon
Sophie Dobriansky
Dora Dobrin
Susan Dobuler
Diane Dolan-Soto
Kelly Dominici
Donna C. Henderson
Donna Campbell
Donna David
Donna M. Wyse
Donna Maso, Qualified Supervisor
Laurie Donovan
Dori Melinda Scallet
Doris J. Muniz, ACSW
Annie Dornbush
Dorothy Davis-Nohilly
Dorothy E. Tagarelli, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Douglas L. Miller, ACSW, LMSW
Rachel Downey
Karla Drake
John Drew
Beverly Druck
Anne Dudley
Selina Duenes
Victoria Dumoulin
Dianne Dunchock
Marian Dunn
Karen Dupage
Valerie Duquette
Christine Durbin
Alexander Durtka
Dwan Michele Reed, LMSW
John Dyer
Sandra Eagle
Hilda Earsy
Patricia Easley
Ruth Easy
Daniel Eberhardt
Dorothy Eberhart
Barbara Eckert
Adam Eckes
Eve Eden
Roxie Edwards
Edwin Allen Ford
Gerard Egan
Paula Eggert
Karen Eichler-Nessel
Eileen I. Klein, PhD ACSW
Gary Eisendorf
Nancy Eisner
Elaine S. Rinfrette, ACSW
Margaret Elbow
Kirmly Elien
Elizabeth A. Blanchard
Elizabeth Leibowitz Asher, LCSW
Elizabeth Patchen Youse, msw,lsw
Ellen McCurley, LICSW, MPH
Emily Leah Goldstein
Emily Rubin
Emma J. Williams
Emma Y. Reyes-Ramirez
Celeste English
Kenneth Epstein
Eric J. Fieldstad, II
Eric Kenning
Marilyn Ericson
Erin Irene Schweikart
Gail Erlandson
Ernest J. Barbeau, ACSW
Denise Eslinger
Debra Estes
Ethan S. Israelsohn
Eve Denner-Taylor
Eveleen Irene Dimaggio-Dietzler, LCSW
Norma Everett
Rosemarie Ewing
Caren Ex
Candace Fair
Faith Kiermaier Feder
Patricia Faldani
Linda Falkenhain
Susan Farber
Karen Fattore
Cynthia Feeman
Deborah Feinsod
Kate Feldman
Sharon Feldman
Felicia Megdal, MSW, ACSW
Janet Feller
Antonio Fernandez
Francine Ferrara
Carol Fields
Brandie Filer
Dale Fink
Valerie Finkel
Tammy Fish
Susan Fish
Michele Fishel
Amy Fisher
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Robin Flaum
Jose Flecha
Susan Fleming
Allison Fleming
Michele Fletcher
Guy Fleuette
Wayne Floyd
Elodia Flynn
Lynn Focht-Birkerts
Sharon Foley
Robert Fontana
Terry Fontenot
Lynne Ford
Ronald Foreman
Annette Fortino
Tabitha Foster
Suzanne Fournier
Lori Fowler
Robert Francoeur
Stacey Franklin
Frederick J. McOsker
Cheryle Freedman
Chris Frey
Efrat Fridman
Tammy Fried
Carole Friedler
Friend Burton, PhD
Merry Frons
Martha Frost
Sheryl Frye
Julie Fugenschuh
Joanie Funk
Greta Furlong
Laurie Furman
Gabrielle E. Faggella, ACSW
Robin Gaines
Catherine Galenius
Marie Ganthier
Marcia Garcia
Mary Gardiner-Ferretto
Belinda Gardner
Bart Gardy
Liz Garrett
Carolyn Gartner
Gary M. Bess, PhD, CSWM
Margaret Gassert
Manda Gatto
Kathleen Gebhardt
Linda Gengelbach
George Rouman, ACSW
Geraldine C. Cooper-Krasner, ACSW
Anastasia Geramanis
Gerardo Grasso, Jr, MSW, LSW
Sharon Gerber
June Gerbracht
Gerry K. Fisher
Adam Geyer
Julie Giers
William Gieseke
Charles Gilbert
Rory Gilbert
Kate Gilbert
Mary Anne Gill
Beverley Gilligan
Sarah Gillis
Cathi Gilmore
Karen Gilmore
Daniela Giordano
Robert Glaser
Amanda Glass
David Glick
Patricia Godfrey
Eugenia Goff
Linda Goglia
Maxine Goldin
Ellen Goldsmith
Sue-Rita Goldstein
Mayra Gonzalez
Gladys Gonzalez
Sharon Goodman
Beth Goodman
Eve Goodman
Kimberly Goodwin
Hannah Gordon
Yvette Gosline
Richard Gotti
Ruby Gourdine
Charles Graham
Mary Graham
Dana Graham
Mary-Rose Granlund
Polly Grant
Stacie Granville
Kimberly Gray
Dorcas Gray
Tanya Green
Connie Green-Fritz
Art Greenberg
Lydia Greene
Suzanne Greenwald
James Gregory
Gregory R. Zyvert, ACSW
Anne Grella
Gretchen Gaines, ACSW, ACHP-SW
Michele Grethel
Holly Grimm
Monica Guggenheim
Dayna Guido
Jackeline Guillon
Patricia Guillory
Florine Gundy
Gail Gunod-Green
Steve Gursky
Candice Gutierrez
Jackson Haberman
Judith Hahn
David Haight
Mary Hall
Shirley Hall
Elizabeth Hall
Kristina Halliday
Martha Ham
Edith Hambrick
Cindy Hamilton
Christine Hamstra
Phaleen Hanson
Gus Haracopos
Tonya Harbin
Harin O. Feibish, LCSW
Angela Harkins
Marianne Harlow (Gallo)
Harriet Scott, ACSW
Victoria Harrington
Lynda Harrington
Patricia Harris
Debra Harris
Crystal Harris-Brown
Katherine Harrison
Patti Hart
Lee Hart
Aaron Hart
Joyce Hart
Vauna Haza
Susan Heady
Heath Owens
Heather A. Lippe
Heather Lynn McLean, LMSW
Heather W. O'Donnell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Gregory Hebert
Heidi L. Sonntag, LCSW, MSW
Warren Heinke
James Heisel
Anne Heller
Linda Heller
Ronda Hemingway
Sharon Hendricks
Wiliam Herman
Doreen Hernandez Greco
Lucille Hesse
Daniel Heuer
Daisy Heumann
Mary Hewes
Marguerita High
Victoria Highland
DeAnna Hight
Kirsten Hildahl-Dewey
Linda Hill
Kasumi Hirayama
Hisashi Hirayama
Trang Hoang
James Hobday
Eleanor Hockaday
Judith Hodge
Lisa Hoffman
Christine Hogan
Donna Hoggard
Joan Hohl
Sarah Holbrook
Cathy Holdt
Derry Holland
Holly A. Shiffman
Brinley Holmes
Diane Holmes
Kenneth Holt
Toni Holt
Shelia Holt
Diane Holzworth
Anastasia Homatas
Amy Hood
Winifred Hope
James Hopkins
Susan Hopkins
Katherine Horvath
David Hough
Penny Hougland
Trent House
Mark Howell
Susan Howell
Gail Howell
Debra Huff
Margaret Hugly
Jennifer Hundt
Pauline Hunte
Rueben Hunter
M. Michele Hurd
Jasmine Hussey
Charles Hutchcraft
Ann Hutchings
Ian Charles Howard, BS
Cheryl Iheanacho
Yuko Inzana
Ira Ruta Roach
Irene R. Siegel, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Elaine Irwin Nelles
Masayo Iwate
Barbara Iwler
Gail Jackson-Wolfe
Jaclyn M. Butera
Jacob Bruce Borst, MSW, LGSW
Richard Jacobsen
Nan Jacobson-Wise
Jaimee Hinkes Montalvo, MSW, LCSW
Tanisha James
JanaLee Wagner, MSW, LICSW
Jane Elizabeth Morse, LMSW
Jane S. Owen, MSW
Janet Kleckley-Porter
Kyeonghee Jang
Jason A. Tolkaz
Jeffrey D. Riekhof
Jeffrey W. Mintzer
Debra Jenkins
Judith Jenkins
Shawana Jenkins
Rayna Jenks
Jennifer Beazley Slaughter
Jennifer C. Hughes
Jennifer L. Dritt, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer L. Knight
Jennifer L. T. Halter, ACSW, DCSW
Jennifer Ray, LSW
Jennifer Ruth Braunginn, MSSW, CISW
Jennifer Solas
Jennifer Terese Quinn
Colin Jensen
Jessica Tuggle
Jesslyn McCandless
Jettana T. Thomas
Jewell F. Brazelton
Jill Kathleen Summers
Jill Marie Miller, MSW, LCSW
Joan Levy Zlotnik, PhD, ACSW
JoAnn Ellenberger, ACSW,C-ASWCM
JoAnn Griffin
Jocelyn M. Moore
Jocelyn Van Hee
Joel L. Rubin, ACSW
John A. Pappas, LCSW,ACHP-SW
John C. Osborne, MSW DCSW
John E. Szatkowski
John Maltby, BA, MSW
Denise Johnson
Michael Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Mary Johnson
Zachary Johnson
Patricia Johnston
Karen Johnston
Jolyn Mikow, LMSW,PHD
Jonathan Brooks Hubbard, ACHP-SW
Jonathan K. Jedlow
Loring Jones
Barry Jones
Kimberly Jones
K. Michael Jones
Deidre Jones
Boney Jones-Dasent
Joni J. Elrod, LCSW
Karen Jordan
Jordan Platt, MSW
Joseph M. Timmins
Joseph Merrell, III, ACSW
Suzanne Jost
Jovanna Yetzi Felix
Joy L. Ballard
Jennifer Joyce
Christina Juarbe
Judith A. Wiener, LCSW
Judy Claborn, MSW
Jules K. Beck
Julie Dupuie
Julie K. Farman
Katherine Jungreis
Gay Jurgens
Kaarsten Furman
Njeri Kagotho
Kathleen Kaiser
Armen Kaladjian
Jennifer Kalkan
Shalia Kamakele
Audrey Kamin Teich
Scott Kampschaefer
Sheryl Kaplan
Renee Kaplan
Karen Seif
Joan Karpinski
Kasey Brady, LCSW
Zsuzsa Kasselmann
Katharine B. Mann, PhD LCSW
Katherine A. Lawson, OTR, LMSSW, PhD
Katherine A. Szurley
Kathleen A. Ligon
Kathleen D. Williams
Kathleen H. Millstein, ACSW
Kathleen Jill
Kathleen R. Boeve
Kathleen S. O'Connor, LICSW, ACSW
Kathrina James
Kathryn Anna Kloberdanz
Kathy Heustess, LISW-CP
Lauren Katkowsky
Sarah Katrulya
Amy Kavadlo
Saliwe Kawewe
Kayla Bushway Bushway
M. Kayser
Concetta Kazarian
Shannon Kelaita
Elizabeth Kelley
Andrew Kelley
Nancy Kells
Kathleen Kelly
Kelly A. Ellis, LCSW
Kelly Catherine Rodriguez, MSW, LSW, CADC
Kelly R. Stevenson, LCSW
Leslie Kelly-Majors
Peter Kelsey
Sarah Kencel
Kendra A. Black
Shannon Kennealey
Charles Kennedy
Dannielle Kennedy
Kenneth F. Callahan
Katherine Kent
Elizabeth Kent
Kaitlin Kernan
Roby Kerr
Kerry A. Cannon, ACSW
David Key
Anne Khudari
Lisa Kiesel
Janice Kight
Matthew Kilgore
Kim Miller
Kimber Ambrose, BSW
Kimberly A. Mann, LCSW, PhD
Kimberly Montero
Kimberly Reno
Kimberly S. Mueller, LICSW
Kristin Kimmell
Lynne Kingsbury
Mary Kinzie
Mary Kinzie
Kirsten Laha-Walsh, MSW Candidate
Carly Kisberg Klayman
Debra Kittay
Valerie Kleespies
Janice Klein
Gabrielle Kleinmann
John Kline
Lora Knott
Niki Knowlton
Joan Kogelschatz
Julia Koley
Rosemarie Kopacsi
Krista Kopchick
Lesley Koplow
Angie Koziara
Margrit Kraft
Nicole Krantz
Kristin M. Froehlich, LCSW
Kristin Wagner, LCSW
Kristine A. Faasse, LMSW ACSW
Kathryn Kruithoff
Vicki Kugler
Katherine Kuhlman
Debbie Kunkel
Jane Kupersmidt
Branka Kurta
Amy Kwiatkowski
Kyle Stout, MSW
Kyle Wyman
Ross Lacombe
Melissa Lader
Erin LaFlamme
Donna Lafleur
Myra Lajoie
Sidney Lam
Robert Lamarche
Jennifer Lamb
Connie Lambert
Lynda Land
Michele Lanese
John Langrod
Lann E. Thompson, ACSW
Susan Lannak
Lanning M. Melville, LCSW, BCD
Jeffrey LaPonsie
LaRae Sue Stibitz
Larry Dean Edger, II
Philip Larsen
Michael Larsen
Megan Larson
Jennifer Lasker
LaTonya D. Carter
Laura Rice Stein
Laura Beech Ellington
Laura Curry-Mathews
Laura Keller
Laura Lubline, MSW, LCSW
Laura m lokers, lmsw
Laura M. Krug, LCSW
Laura Reiter, LCSW
Lauren K. Wilson, LSW
Laurence C. Segall, LCSW,ACSW
Laurene A. Warhol
Laurie A. Ure
Laurie Ann Whitlock
Laurie L. Nussbaum
Laurie R. Waxler
Linda Lawrence
Lawrence D. Schulman, LCSW
Leanne M. Joeckel, MSW, LICSW
Rose Lederman
Eleanor Lee
Jean-Marie Lee
Jean Leedham
Nicole Lehman
James Leighty
Kathleen Leihgaber
Alison Leipsiger
Laurie Lemott
Jeannie Leonard
Sarah Lepp
Susan Lerner
Leslie Arent
Leslie J. Chapman
Leslie Kate Faulhaber, LCSW
Neil Leva
Diana Levenstein
Jason Levin
Barbara Levine
Ruth Levy
Don Levy
Lisa Lewis
Ella Liggins
Felicia Lightfoot
Melanie Lima
Rosamond Lincoln-Day
Linda C. Woodson
Linda Fleger-Berman, LICSW,ACSW
Linda H. Misa, LCSW
Linda Levy Harley, LCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Susan Linder
Lisa L. Frady, LCSW
Lisa L. Rakusin
Lisa N. Jamieson, LCSW
Mary Livsey
Shannon Locke
Lori Anne McCool
Lori Ellen Gordon-Michaeli, LLMSW, BA Psych
Lori J. Vassil
Lori Selwyn Smith, MSW, LCSW
Janis Lotfalian
Lou K. Pilato
Sirka Louca
Louise M. Hudak, LCSW
Susan Love
Allison Lowe
Lucia Minerva Ramos
Jeanette Luciano
Lois Luckett
Catherine Luckey
Heather Lusk
James Luttrell
Lynda E. Meyer
Lynda L. Dubroff
Lynn Anne Senior
Lynn Smith, CSW
Patrice Lyons
Lisa Lysne
Debra Machado
Machelle D. Madsen Thompson, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Beda Madden
Madeleine Davis-Shelton
Madeline Baker
Renee Maggiaro
Anne Malone
Anthony Maltese
Manny Rich, PhD
Manoucheka Baltazar
Cathleen Marakovits
Marc N. Pechter
Marc Ruggiero
Marcella F. Jost, LCSW
Marcelyn Downer, MSW
Susan Marchlen
Marcia Levin, MSW, LCSW
Marcy A. Jacobs, LCSW
Marcy G. Pritzen, LCSW
Kiersten Marek
Margaret A. Watson, PhD, LCSW
Margaret L. Lovelace, ACSW
Margaret S. Wool, PhD, BCD
Marian R. Weisenfeld
Marie C. Hogan, ACSW
Marie L. Desjardins, LCSW, C-SSWS
Marilyn Nichols Wolfe
Marilyn Stephens Nur, LCSW
Mario G. Lopresti, ACSW
Marissa Bodell
Maritza K. Johnson
Mark Rosenthal
Karen Marks
Marleen D. Ellegor
Cindy Maroni
Marsha M. Frye-Moquin, LICSW
Jennifer Martin
Mary Martin
Katherine Martin
Juan Martinez
Brian Marvin
Mary E. DeWitt, LCSW
Mary E. McFarland, MSW,LCSW
Mary Ellen Fata
Mary Gorman
Mary K. Solon-Goers, ACSW
Mary P. VanHook, ACSW
Mary Stevenson
Mary Vanderman, LSCSW
Maryann Guernsey, LMSW-cc
Nathalie Mason
MaryJo Mastrogiacomo
Mary Matich
Maria Matos
Matthew Abraham Torres
Vera Matthews
Michael Mattle
Michael Mauriello
Cynthia Maxwell
Ann Maxwell
Dalynn May
Kimberly May
Terry Mayers
Michelle Mayne
Maureen McCarren
Marion McCarthy
Raymond McCarthy
Linda McCarty Blumenthal
Emily McClain
Christine McClelland
Claudette McDonald
Marsha McDonald
Patrick McDonald
Michael McGee
Monica McGoldrick
Roberta McIntosh
Brooke McLeod
Claire McMahon Thomas
Thomas McNally
Ann McNeil
Diane McQueen
Gabriella McTate
Debra McVey
Miriam McWilliams
Linnea Mead
Juanita Meadley
Joanne Medak
Lori Medina
Susan Medoff
Paul Meeker
Megan A. Taylor
Megan E. Tantum, LSW
Megan Holman, BA
Meghan Alette Mowery, CSW
Meghan Eileen Howe, Howe, LCSW
Meghan Jarrett, MSW Student
Melanie J. Barton, ACSW
Melanie Piper Allison, LMSW cc
Tim Meliah
Melinda Shantel Maefield, MSW
Melissa I. Barsotti, LCSW 64017
Melissa Lana Featherstone
Melissa Mandell
Melissa Therese Scolaro, LCSW, MSW, MA
Janet Melnick
Angela Melzer
Judith Mendels-Peterson
Laureen Mercurio
Meredith J. Resnick, LCSW
Meredith M. McQuiston
Sigrid Mergenthaler
Lynn Merkel
Merle T. Edwards-Orr
Lisa Mersky
Eve Mertens
Jeanne Mertz
Jose Mestre
Bernadette Methven
David Metting
Karen Meyer
Yelena meytes
Mia Christina Mormando
Micayla Morris
Michael A. Goldman, ACSW
Michael Colberg
Michael D. Kaltenbach, LCSW
Michael Hurewitz, LCSW
Michael Lake
Michael Scott Brown, LMSW
Michele A. Zimmer-Forster, LICSW,LCSW,CSW-G
Michele Lee Peterson, LCSW
Michele Missel
Michelle Amy Nadobny, Masters 60 +
Michelle Christine Adams, LMSW
Michelle Elizabeth Hughes, LCSW
Michelle Jolin, BSW (Hons.), RSW
Michelle Prive
Michelle Rene' Jackson, LCSW
Sonia Michelson
Charlette Mikulka
David Miller
Rietta Miller
Monica Miller
Nicholas Miller
Janel Miller-Evans
Jill Millis
Mindy Nicol Lane, BA
Anna Minor
Kathleen Minotti
Miryam A. Serlin, ACSW, C-ASWCM
Edward Mischel
Colleen Mitchell
Mavernie Mitchell
Linda Mixon
Natalie Moeller
Moira M. Mccarthy
Molly F. Eldridge
Molly J. Walters
Elisabeth Montouri
Erika Montoya
Shelby Mooney
L. R. Moore
Celyon Moore
Milciades Morales
Laurie Morales
Andrea Morenoff
Sandra Morford
Robert Morgan
William Morgan
Ellen Moriarty
Courtney Morrison
Debra Moser
Jonathan Moss
Lisa Moss
Kimberly Mossman
Melinda Motta
Sarah Moulding
Pearl Moulton
Catherine Mulhall
Jillian Murano
John Myers
Judith Myers
N. Len Duncan, C-SSWS
Robin Naff
Claudia Nagan
Najuana F. Robinson
Nancy Ann Ring, LCSW
Nancy B. Lasater
Nancy N. Lee
Naomi S. Korn, ACSW
Gillian Nassau
Sona Nast
Ilene Nathanson
Kelly Neal
Susan Neal
Sylvia Neal
Neeshi-Inder Sandhu
Neil D. Brown
Neischangpi Susan Satur
Joyce Nelson
Ann Nelson
Aman Nemitz
Julie Neufeld
Kathleen Newdeck
Diane Newman
Joyce Nicholas
Nichole M. Butler, LCSW-R
Karen Nicholson-Palmer
Nicole A Rooney
Nilsa Pietri, LMSW
Allison Nilsen
Nina Caricato, UNCC MSW Student
Bebe Nixon
Neal Norcliffe
Norman Chaleff
Antoinette Noto
Matthew Notz
Virginia Novak
Douglas Nygren
Margaret O'Connell-Duffy
Helen O'Jack
Breanne O'Reilly
O. J. Nelson, LMSW
Sarah O’Connell
Margaret Ogle
Christopher Ogle
Betty Okenfuss
Rona Okin
Erin Oleskey
Sarah Oliphant
Frances Onderwyzer
Justine Ondricek
Bruce Ottenbreit
Verda Owens
Lisa Pagano
Page Cannon, ACSW
Patrick Paglen
Timothy Paige
Patricia Palacios
Pamela J. Olson, LCSW,QCSW
Pamela Pucci, MSW Student
Trinie Pangelinan
Dara Papo
Pattie Paris
Sandra Parra
Patricia A. Mennor
Patricia Barrios Showalter
Patricia Moody Jefferson, Sr, MSW, LCSW-C
Patricia R. Smith
David Patrick
Patrick Michael McNeil, LICSW,PIP,QMHP,ACSW
Paul Hart
Elaine Paulson
Melissa Pavlicek
Elise Pearl Oliver
Charles Pearlstein
Ilka Peck
Peggy S. Anderson
Collette Pella
Pamela Pelz
Eduardo Pereira
Theresa Pereira
Joyce Perkins
Andrew Peters
Deborah Petry
Joy Petty
Annemarie Peurasaari
Carroll Phelps
Janet Phillips
Phyllis H. Larimore, LCSW
Phyllis J. Cox, LCSW, ACSW
Catherine Piehl
Cynthia Pill
Robert Piper
Agnes Piszczek
Samantha Platta
Stephanne Pleshette
Jill Portaro
Laura Porter-Baker
Starr Potts
Myra Powell
Sheryl Power
Bonnie Press
Michele Preuss
Mary Previte
Kathleen Pursley
Jennifer Raban
Rachel Freyja Bedick, LCSW
Rachel K. Chimberg, ACSW
Kristin Radcliffe
Judith Radtke
Martie Rafferty
Elizabeth Rafferty
Rebekah Raiford
Cristina Ramirez-Urquiola
Saranna Rankin
Nigel Raphael
Emily Raphel
Barbara Rauch
Karina Raupp
Robert Raymond
Raymond Joseph Stephens
Donna Reback
Rebecca A. Helem, MSW
Rebecca T. Davis, ACSW
Anne Redlich
Carol Reese
Audrey Reich
Andrea Reid
Marlene Reiff
Miriam Reitz
David Reynolds
Rhoda A. Kraus, ACSW
Rhonda Lea Walker
Carole Ricci
Richard Y. Modenbach, ACSW
Alicia Richards
Karrie Richards
Frances Ricks
Timothy Ridley
Helen Riechmann
Ami Riegel
Ann Riley
Barbara Ripani
Karen Riss
Robert M. Rivera
Robert Simonson, CSW
Roberta G. Bass, BCD, QCSW,DCSW
Roberta Rinaldi
Tara Roberts
Robin C. Bernhard, LCSW
Robin Davis-Reed, ACSW
Robin Gardener Barton, MSW
Robin S. Shultz
Gwen Robinson
Miriam Robinson
Doris Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Gwendolyn Robinson
Dianna Rodriguez
Juanita Roller
W Rollins
Anna Romero
Anita Ronis
Jestine Roper
Jane Roraback
Rosa Montemarano
Melina Rose
Roseann A. Martinez
Lauren Roseman
Elana Rosenbaum
Debby Rosenberg
Pam Rosenberg
Linda Rosenfield
Thomasine Rosenthal
Kim Roser-Kedward
Rosie Newell, Newell
Jimalee Ross
Sharon Ross-Donaldson
Heather Ross-Lowenstein
Kathryn Rosse
Alice Rotfort
Bia Roth
Roger Rothman
Rosalie Rudegeair
Andrea Rudolph
Deborah Russ
Robin Russel
Constance Russell
Jeffrey Rustige
Kathleen Ruth
Denise Ryals
Paula Ryan
Joan Ryan
Jennifer Saba
Pamela Sabalos
Omal Saberi
Sabra J. House, ACSW,BCD
Janine Saia
Karin Sakahara
Stephanie Sakalian
Rae Sampson-Mcmillan
Lauren Sanders
Linda Sanderson
Marie Sandoli
Sandra L. Kistner, C-ASWCM
Sandra M. Moore
Sandy Ellis, LCSW
Sarah A. Wright, MSW,LICSW
Sarah Breanne Bingham
Sarah Dickerson Bowers
Sarah Mailhot
Richard Satkin
Kathleen Sauer
Anita Saunders
Rhonda Scarlata
Michael Schaal
Kathleen Schelb
Susan Schiff
Sarah Schleifer
Sonya schmid
Judith Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt
Jay Schneider
Ann Schneider-Meisel
Katura Schoene
Debra Schrafft
Cassie Schrock
Donna Schroeder
Kathryn Schuller
Thomas Schumacher
Marianna Schwab
David Schwab
Larry Schwartz
Carol Schwartz
Susan Schwartz-Mercer
Kathleen Scott
Isabelle Scott
Georgina Scurfield
Rose Seligson
Linda Selway
Aimee Senott
Amy Senter
Inez Serventi
Jane Seskin
Harvey Shacket
Leslie Shakespeare
Rikki Shanberg
Heidi Shanklin-Spock
Shanna L. Howald
James Shannon
Rhoda Shapiro
Sharon Price
Sharon Ruth Frank, LCSW
Sharon Schwartz
Shaunagh M. McGoldrick
Nan Shaw
Michael Shea
Deborah Sheehan
Shelia Traylor
Kate Sherman
Sherry F. Nelson, LCSW
Pamela Sherwin
Sheryl A. Myrick-Pettersen, ACSW
Vicki Shinoda
Shirley Erica Priester, A.S. BS Behav. Sci.
Donald Shockley
Sarah Short
Holly Shouse
Jessica Shuff
Renee Siegel
Janice Sierak
Gilbert Silver
Ellen Silver
Lois Silverstein
Barbara Sime
Simkha Y. Weintraub
Carl Sindermann
Darrell Sing
Sunnie Singer
Janice Sinn
Judith Sipes
Carla Sivek
Martin Sklar
Jennifer Sklar
Frances Skrzypek
Carol Slade
Julie Slavin
Robert Slavis
Alyson Slutzky
Michelle Smith
Ann Smith
Josef Smith
Doretha Smith
Robin Smith
Moya Smith
Dolores Smith-Ezyk
Melissa Snyder
Suzanne Snyder
Woon-Yee So
Marjorie Sokoll
Jeanette Southard
Katherine Sowell
Pamela Sowers
Barbara Spada
Mavis Spencer
Brittany Spillane
Cyllvia Springer
Joanna Spurgeon
Barbara St. Pierre
Stacie Scott
Rosemary Stafford
Garett Staley
Anthony Stanisci
Richard Stanzione
Susan Stark
Tamara Starkey
Karen Starks
Garold Steagall
Sara-Ann Steber
Kim Steen
Miriam Stein
Diane Stein
Deborah Steincolor
Theresa Steiner
Carol Steinman
Janice Steinmetz
Stephan I. Mambazo
Stephanie Albanese
Stephen R. Fishack
Stephen W. Nelson, QCSW
Marian Stephenson
Richard Sternagel
Steven Thomas Davidson, PhD, MBA, LCSW, CST
Mareen Stevens
Jane Stevens
Candace Stewart
Monique Stewart
Tanya Stiers
Esther Stone
Michelle Stone
Michael Stowe
Debra Strauss-Levine
Steffanie Strawbridge
Daniel Struble
Nicole Struensee
Gladys Stuart
Robyn Stukalin
Claudia Suan
Marion Sullivan
Michael Sumbur
Debra Sundblad
Susan D. Klein-Perel
Meryl Sussman
Suzanne M. Leitner
Suzanne Waltman Coote, C-ASWCM
Ann Szabo
Leslie Szasz
Ross Tabisel
Rosa Taccetta
Hilary Tallman
Tamara J. Wade
Tanner John Steckler
Michele Tantillo
Robert Tate
Tawnya Severe
Laura Taylor
Hayley Taylor
Katrin Tchana
Pamela Tefft
Meghan Tegtmeier
Suni Teker
Tamara Telberg
Sharon Templeman
Teresa E. Hernandez
Ethel Terrell
Patricia Terry
Frankie Tester
Timothy Thein
Earl Thomas
Sharron Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Courtney Thomas
Thomas L Duvall
Cerris Thomassie
Stephanie Thomopoulos
Patricia Tidwell
Tieryn Marie Olson
Tiffany Carol Del Pozo
Tiffany R. Baker
Tim M. Payne
Lynn Timineri
Tina R. Flaherty
Tina R. Pearce, LCSW
Bonnie Tomek
Toni D. McClure, ACSW
Cynthia Torres
Barbara Torrest
Larry Torrisi
Angela Tortorello
Warren Townsend
Margaret Trapasso
Ashley Trautsch
Anne Treantafeles
Tricia Reesman, BSW
Rachel Troup-Roderick
Paula Tsarides
Marilou Tshudy
Tsukasa Ikeshiro
Dana Tufariello
Kelly Turner
Colleen Turner
Cathy Turner
Alan Tuttle
Victoria Tylenda-Wong
Thomas Udenberg
Donald Uhlhorn
Donna Ulteig
Gina Underwood
Maureen Underwood
Dee Unterbach
Ursula D Goines-Audrey
Shantel Vachani
Cynthia Vail
Sherrill Valdes
Valerie Anne Williams, LCSW
Brian Van Anne
Kandice van Beerschoten
Vanessa Charlotte Davis, MSW
Queenie Vartoukian
Kathleen Varty
Dipti Vasavada
Catherine Vaughan
Carol Vaughan
Carol Veber
Cristen Vecchiola
Mara Veronesi
Jeffrey Versaw
Sally Verstraete
Jean Verthein
Lorraine Vestris
Margo Vick
Vickie B. Alston, QICW DSCW
Dorothy Vidra
Wendy Villafana
Vince Rock
Virginia Blakeman, Blakeman
Virginia M. McKinley, LICSW, ACSW
Michele Virva
Charlene Vitale
Mary VonTersch-Hanno
Ken Voorhees
Lesley Waite
Clarence Wall
Linda Wallace
Carolyn Wander Daniel
Karlyn Ward
Lori Wardlow
Kimberly Wasley
Kelly Waterman
Hazel Watson
Steven Watson
Arvis Watts
Wayne Renard Cato
Karin Weaver
Thomas Weinkam
Bonnie Weinstein
Ned Weisman
Royanne Weiss
Joan Weiss
Whitney Welch
Brenda Welles
Robyn Wendell
Wendy Liebling, LSW, C-ASWCM
Wendy Wedell-Walker
Leslie Weston
Lisa Whelan
Laura White
Donna Whitmire
Betty Wilborn-Lee
Patricia Wilcox
William T. Shahan, LCSW, ACSW
Karen Williams
Prudence Williams
Keri Williams
Cheryl Wilson
Anna Wilson
Catherine Wineburg
Laura Winters
Mary Wisniewski
Kristen Wistuba
Peggy Woehrlen
Meryl Wolper
James Womack
Bethany Womack
Raquel Woodard
Jill Wussler
Abigail Wynne-Wilson
Hidenori Yamatani
Edith Yoder
Ryan Youtz
Yvette Rees
Regina Zabel
Zachary C. Talbott
Marcia Zacks
Margaret (Meg) Zanger
Margaret Zangrilli
Joanne Zangrillo
Richard Zaslow
Art Zeman
Barbara Zerzan
Doris Ziboh
Emily Zimmerman
Heather Zimmerman
Zoe Blanche Whaley, MSW
Fredda Zuckerman
Amelie Zurn
Stella Zweben Samuel
Legal Defense Fund: Defensing social workers, 40 years