Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
April 2024
Jamie Abelson
Adrian Le Trefz, LMSW
Alexis Jaeger, LCSW
Alice W. Meilman, ACSW
Paul Alie
Allison June Maroney
Allyn Miller, LISW_S
Stuart Alpert
Amber Leigh Neeley
Amy L. Steinhauer, LCSW, ACSW, CST
Andrea Sue Fouch, LCSW
Andrew James Lewandowski
Andy M. Benejam, LCSW-R
Angela M. Lindner
Ann M. Fisher
Anne E. Clarkin
Anne Elizabeth Velasco, MSW, LCSW, LCAS
Annette Louise Fortino, -1, LMSW
Linda Apsel
Ashley Kendrick
Jesse Baleto
Christine Bandoni
Melody Barnes
David Barran
Barry Noel
Rachel Batson
Cathie Bautista
Claudette Beahrs
Patricia Beck
D. Andrew Beck
Belia Becerra
Kathleen Bell
Beth Lois Jones
Bette J. Freedson
Nancy Bloom
Maggie Bloomfield
Malinda Boehler
Dawn Bonham
Bonnie J. Teitleman-Levin
Sandnes Boulanger
Nona Bowers
A. Bowling
Linda Bradley
Ellen Branco
Karla Braski
Marguerite Braun
Helene Brenner
Brian P. Ashin, ACSW
Betty Briggs
Douglas Brink
Theresa Brown
Lori Brown
Terri Brown
Pamela Brumbaugh
Bryan S. Phillips, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
C. Martin Bullard
Carolyne Burton
Elizabeth Butler
Glenda Byhouwer
Gloria Byrd
Cammiejean Byrd
Calia Heroth, LMSW
Brenda Callahan-Mccormick
Glen Calvert
Connie Cambron-Adams
Cami Ann Hrisak, MSSA, LCSW
Lynn Campbell
Carolyn Tyler Lovett, LICSW,ACSW
Carren E. Ziegenfuss
Cassandra Hall
Cassidy Schroeder
Catherine A. Courson, ACSW
Catherine A. Fredella
Catherine Marincel-Robb, ACSW,LICSW
A Cauble
Chandra A. Lone Wolf-Tevault
Victoria Charles
Charles edward roberts
Charles James Townsend, III
Charles Mackey
Charles Strauss
Andrea Chavez
Antonietta Chiaviello-Foster
Cindy B. Quart
Claire Marie Nassutti, MSW
Deborah Clark
Julia Coffey
Julieanne Collins
John Compher
Gail Conley
Melissa Cooper
Susan Cote
J. C. Cottrell
Caroline Cowles
Cynthia D. Edwards, ACSW
Cynthia L. Wall, LCSW
Stephen Dacovich
Dana Yamauchi
Danah E. Angelo, MSW
Danielle Hayes, LCSW
Darryl W. Bruno, ACSW, C-SSWS, LCSW
David Lowell Solem, LISW
David Morrison, LCSW
Dawn Phillips Shepherd, LICSW
Bernadine De Carlo
DeAnna Leigh Patterson, LSW
Michele DeBlouw
Deborah D. Rubin
Deborah S. Gellis, LCSW-R
Debra J. Hilliard
Debra Nee Gibson, LCSW,
Denise A. Angelo
Candace DePuy
Lloyd Devoe
Ashley Dewberry
Diana R. Lubitz, LCSW
Dianne B. Hartman, LMSW, ACSW
Joanne Ditomasso
Eloise Dixon
Donna G. Steffey
Donna R. Prezzano
Zoe Donnell
Doris L. Green McCorvey, MS MSW LCSW
Reva Dossett
Lori Driver
Amy Dulligan
Eileen McLaughlin Koons, ACSW
Molly Eisenmesser
Eldon B. Vance
Elisabeth Curshen
Elisabeth Strand Keenan, MSW
Elizabeth A. Taylor, LCSW, CSAC, CETP
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth Kathryn Myers, LSW
Elizabeth Meek Caccamo, MSW
Elizabeth S. Wells, MSW LSW
Emily Cook
Meghan Erving
Estelle Harris, LMSW
Lindsey Etheridge
Eugene Spencer Clark, II, ACSW
Jenny Evans
Ifeoma Ezugwu
Leslie Faerstein
Angela Farrell
Joanne Fazzano
Adrianne Feinberg
Matthew Feldman
Rita Fernandes
Elana Fine
Kimberly Ford
Forrest Seymour
Lane Fox
Frank Bonura
Jane Freeman
Frieda S. Dub, LCSW, PhD
Joan Frost
Andrea Fullerton
Gabrielle Hawkins, BSW Student
Gail Greenhut, ACSW
Janet Gardner
Briar Gartner
Laura Gates
Martha Giddings
Margie Gilbert
Toni Giovatto
Tammie Glenn
Sherry Glore
Thomas Goddard
Bill Gould
Grant R. Hasty
Marcia Gray
Judith Green
Geri Greenberg
Melissa Gregg
Leslie Gregory
Greta L. Maxfield, MSW, LCSW
Linda Gurney
Bryant Harris
Shana Harris
Holly Hatch
Debra Haverson
Deborah Heavilin
Lucy Heggenstaller
Julie Hensel
Austin Hicks
Nidia Hill
Paul Hoffman
Freddie Holeyfield
Anthony Howell
Matthew Hutchinson
Ines Luis, Lmsw
Jacalyn A. Brown
Samantha Jackson
Jacqueline S. Schreiber
Merrie Jaffe
Jaime S. Mendoza, LCSW, CSAC, ACSW
Tranishia James
James Howard Riley, LCSW
Jamie L. Jones, LMSW, CSA, ODCP
Kathy Jamieson
Jane R. Wheatley-Crosbie, MSW, LCSW
Janet K. Mayer, ACSW, CSW-G
Janet P. Akman, ACSW
Janice L. Berry Edwards, PhD, ACSW
Vivian Janklowicz
Karen Jarrett
Lisa Jasper
Jean Catherine Hamilton, MSW
Marcelin Jean-Pierre
Jeanie L. Hebert-Brown, DCSW
Jennifer C. Hughes
Jennifer L. Alexander
Jessica Parker Carlson
Jessica Passero, LMSW
Laura Jessup
Jillian Elaine Ma
Joan Denise Sievert, MSW
Jeanne Johnson
Diane Johnson
Nicole Jolyn
Joseph M. Timmins
Josey Alaine Kelly, LMSW
Judith S. Madison
Julia Anne Nightengale
Julia Cluett
Julie Frank, CAC III
Julie Kellermeier, MSW, P-LCSW
Helen Jurgensen
Justin Robert Delgado, Sr
Justine Liptock
Kaitlyn Anne Power, MSW Student
Karen Cotta, MT-BC
Karen Goldapp, LCSW
David Karlberg
Karlee Theresa Shibley
Kate S. Lehn
Katherine Marie Kovich, MSW, MPH
Kathleen A. Ligon
kathleen schnepple
Kathryn Necole Rush
Kathy Gere, LICSW
Katie Amanda Aliberti, ACHP-SW
Andrea Keltos
Kerriann Tavzel
Kevin M. Cusce
Kimberly Andresen
Kimberly J. Probst Warden
Kimberly Jeane Dwinnell-Dillon, MSW, LGSW
Kimberly Ruth Nicolson, LCSW
Kimlee D. Butterfield, ACSW
Tamara Kincaid
Leslie King
Debra Klein
Christine Kneupper
Caarin Kogut
Kathleen Kostock
Kristen M. Shea-Bettencourt
Judith Kunec
Susan Kushner-Scott
Gwendolyn Lakin
LaShonda Faye Buckner, LSW
Laurel Neufeld Weaver
Lauri Johnson, BSW
Andrea Layman
Olesya Lazarev
Neil Leach
Dona Leanard
James LeCluyse
Jessica Lee
Robert Lee
Janis Lehrer
Leslie K. Hasche
Michelle Lewis
Arlene Liebman
Sarah Ligon
Linda K. Thompson
Theresa Lingl
Linnar Ortalan
Lisa A. J. Sink, LSW
Lisa Abroms Herz, LCSW
Lisa Anne Kendall, CSW-G
Lisa Clarke Hill, BSW, MSW
Lynne List
Samantha Loignon
Delores Long-Coleman
Joy LoPiccolo
Jacqueline Louison
Leslie Lower
Emily Luedtke
Suzanne Lunsford
Mary Jo Lynch
Lynn J. Zale
Lynn M. Swiatkowski, LICSW
Lynn Paullet Eskite-Tant, LGSW
Lynn S. Denton
Lynne E. Thomas, MSW
Lynne M. Siracusa, LCSW
Carol Maddox
Madeleine Pluhar
Maggie L. Potts, MSW
Malia Jessica Minnie Beermann
John Malis
Alan Mallas
Ellen Mallon
Oscar Mandes
Marc Van Asselt
Margaret Frasure, MSW candidate
Margot Williams
Maria Ruth Guidetti
Maria S. Moscaritolo
Marianne E. Huff
Marieka D. Losinski, LCSW
Marijo J. Upshaw, BSW
Marilyn Garland
Maritza Juarbe
Markella Louros
Marla Samuel, MSW, CSWA
Marvin M. Bryant, Sr., ACSW, LISW-CP/S, CPM
Mary E. Rundell
Mary Henrietta Domingo, EHJ PhD
Mary L. Arrigo
Mary M. Kelley, LICSW
Carole Mattia Klugman
Mattie Diann Towns-Scott
Maureen Joy Ugochukwu, Bachelor in Arts.
John McFadden
Carolie Meccico
Megan Richardson Setter
Melissa H. Daugherty, LCSW
Melissa Lana Featherstone
Melissa M. Schott, ACSW
Edwin Mendez-Santiago
Dorrett Menon
Michael A. Maurer, DCSW
Michael Patrick McCann
Michelle A. Francis
Michelle D. Garner, LICSW, ACSW
Michelle L. Finn
Milissa K. Aronson, LCSW
Lynn Miller
Julie Miller-Cribbs
Miranda Casero, LCSW
Miriam M. Love, ACSW
Loretta Misurac-Hayes
James Mitchell
Warren Mitchell
Marsha Molinari
Monica Roquitte, LCSW, CDFA, MBA
Kathleen Montgomery
Michael Montie
Marilea Moore
Laura Morgan
Kimber Lee Mork
Alisa Morley
Deborah Morris
Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet
Patricia Mourant
Gordon Munn
Siobhan Murphy
Rosanna Murray
Myia L. Powers
Nancy A. Hewitt, LICSW, ACSW
Nanette L. Waller, MSSW, LCSW
Nathan S. Wood
William Newcomb
Catherine Nicholas
Debora Nichols
Nicole Weinstock
J Nimmo
Nina E. Gershowitz
Wendy Nobles-Meehan
Neal Norcliffe
Norman Chaleff
Jill Novacek
David Ockert
Orly Rosenberg, MSW
Kathleen Osberger
Francesca Otterson
Amy Page
Reba Parla
Patricia A. Magnotta, MSW, LSW
Patricia M. McCarthy
Patricia Slaye
Patrice Payne-Fatty
Carolyn Peabody
Lily Peifer
Janice Pennington
Phyllis R. Mervis-Itzkowitz, ACSW DSW
Patricia Pillow
Piper N. Griffin, LGSW
Sandra Plumer-Dickens
Marie Poloney
Mary Porter
Diane Postell
Kim Praitano
Michael Pratt
Cathy Proffitt-Allison
Kelly Prothero
Andre Pruitt
Rachel Orton
Michael Ramirez
Roberto Ramos
Ray J. Flynn
Rebecca Lasater, LCSW, OSW-C
Rebecca Mayfield Wedel, LCSW
Robert Ree
Gabriela Regalado
Regina M. Rosenbrock, MSW
Renee R. Molzon, LISW-S
Renee' Stewart Hannah, MSW, LCSW
Rita Reseska
Peter Reznik
Richard P. Kaufman
Paula Richey
Karlys Rieb
Deborah Riley
Robert Chapman
Maria Rolland
Rosemary Keane, MSW
Linda Rosenberg
Deborah Rosentrater
Jenny Rosetti
Dennis Ross
Alex Rossman
Nicole Roth
James Rowe
Ann Russoli
Ruth A. Kaspar, LCSW-PIP
Ruth L. Campbell
Elizabeth Rutzick
Megan Ryan
Ryan K. Jenkins
Ryland Bouldin Powell, Jr, MSW, LCSW
Samantha L. Plewes
Sandra F. Rettis
Sara S. Bachman
Sarah Ambler
Sarah Anna Meyer, BA
Sarah Elizabeth Tubbs
Irene Saunders
Lisa Schachter
Kay Schechter
Angela Schettine
Sylvia Schoenfeld
Donna Schreiber
Mikaela Schultz
Scott A. Kramer, LCSW, ACSW
Scott G. Bryce, LCSW
Scott Thomas Zotto
Scott Webster
Jennifer Sederholm
Nancy Segall
Shandra D. Carlsen, LCSW, MSW
Phyllis Shanley
Andrea Shapiro
Gina Sharpe
Mary Shelton
Sheridan Elizabeth Roling, MSW
Claire Sheth
Crysta Shiner
Shirley M. Petersen
Gerson Silver
Beverley Simmons-Willis
Laura Sirowitz
Deborah Skala
Beth Smith
Shirley Smith
Riki Smith
Abigail Smith
Sophia Mae Soloway
Jessica Sousa-Santos
Joan Sparapani
Stacy J. Baker
Richard Stanzione
Stephen W. Nelson, QCSW
Kathleen Stephens
Roberta Stern
Mary Steves
Thea Stone
Stuart J. Sherman, ACSW
Paul Stubbs
Debra Suierveld
Ruth Sunde
Susan Pruitt Hyde
Susanne Platt, MSW, LCSW
Charlotte Sweeney
Tabatha A. Treager, MSW Student
Tammy L. Fish, PhD, ACSW
Tara Conrad
Taylor Scott Hanlon
Teralyn Green Hobbs, LMSW
Barbara Thatcher
Theresa M. Roth
Gail Thomas-Creighton
Joshua Thompson
Todd McClure Cook
Toniann Zahlmann
Tonya K. Wells, LLMSW
Robbie Tourse
Emily Vaill Pfaff
Valerie S. Loeschen
Valrie Fowler, PhD.
Rebecca Vande Hey
Sierra Vice
Monique Vidal
Viola Quintero, MSW
Bob Waggener
Kathy Wallace
Wun-Ji Wang
Rolanda Ward
Gail Weil
Katherine Weinstock
Janet Weismark
Erica Werfel
Jennifer Whaley Gundersen
Marianne Wickel
Cheryl Williams
Dawn Williamson
Allison Williamson
Leila Wilson Bate
Janet Winocour
Cassidy Wright
Kathy Wurpts
Toney Xidis
Yesenia Romo, MSW
Suk Yoon
Joanne Young
Roni Zarbiv
Mireille Zarin
Ellen Zemel
Debra Zimmerman
G. P. Zurenda
March 2024
Aaron Alexander Yamada
Ann Abbott
Joann Adams
Willieann Adams
Clara Adams
Remia Adams
Adelaide L. Taitt-Magubane, EdD ACSW
Ellen Adelson
Adena Miller
Martine Adler
Adriana Corral
Richard Africk
Agathe David-Weill
Ingrid Agnew
Al Mugtau Adeite
Alan Misbach, LCSW, MSW
Debra Alcusky
Alejandra Guerrero, MSW
Alexandra Jean Pierlott
Alexis Clasca, MSW candidate
Alice M. Merrifield
Alice O. McCarter
Alison Holcomb
Alissa NK Schneider Berg
Richard Alix
Jessica Allen
Edward Allen
Elizabeth Allison
Dawn Allison
Allison Cecilia Denny, Denny
Allison J. Winoker, C-ASWCM
Allison Mackay Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA
Allyson Dawn Bartlett, LBSW
Lesley Alter
Robert Altschuler
Alyssa Brandon, LMSW
Alyssa Joy Posavec, MSW
Amanda Janeen Sterzick, LMSW
Amanda R. Smith, LMSW
Amanda Ryerson Simons, C-SSWS
Amee Paparella
Rebecca Ames
Eynat Amir
Amor Hollingsworth
Amy Bernstein, LCSW
Amy O. Almas
Amy S. Manning-Thompson, LMSW
Anamary Cruz, Anamary Cruz, BSW
Vincent Ancona
Elizabeth Anderson
Holly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Andrea Lynn Mize
Andrea Wilson
Tracey Andrews
Angelique Michelle Gray, MHRS
Angelly Guzman, LSW
Amanda Anglin
H. Saron Anglon-Coleman
Elizabeth Angwin
Anita B. Goldenberg
Ann M. Shallenberger, ACSW
Ann T. Riley, PhD, MSW
Anna La Rocca Palid, LCSW
Rebecca Anne
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Marie Jennings, LCSW
Annette D. Scanlon, LICSW
Anthy Phillips
Seth Antin
Barbara Antmann
Antoinette Burch, BSW
Lucia Aparicio
Jennifer Arambulo
Claire Arbour
Seth Arkush
Arnez B. Crockett, ACSW, LCSW
Laurie Arnold
Raquel Arroyo
Jane Arthur
Cathy Artinian
Ashley Elizabeth Rigsby, BSW
Ashten Gallagher, LMSW
Nancy Ashworth
Yolanda Atencio
Amber Atkins
Jaclyne Atoigue
Audrey Kiely
Sandra Auerback
Leslie Auld
E. Taylor Aultman
Susan Auman
Kimberly Austin Puleio
Claudia Avendano-Ibarra
Alicia Avery-Van Diver
Ziva Avramovich
Rebecca axelrod-cooper
Jasmine Babic
Diane Bachman
James Bachman
Patricia Bachman
Diane Back
Delphine Backay
Armin Baier
Bailey Jo Drake, MSW
Nancy Baker
Ruth Baldwin
Briannah Ball
April Ballard
Amy Bamforth
Barbara A. Freedgood
Barbara J. Gilbert, LCSW
Barbara J. Lawrence, C-ASWCM
Barbara J. Sime
Barbara June Andersen, ACHP-SW
Diane Barclay
Deborah Barnes
Kendall barrett
Julia Barrie
Donna Barrios
Kathryn Basham
Michael Batshaw
Janet Bauer
Richard Bautista
Bea Stachiw, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Aleta Beaty
Mimi Becigneul-Sullivan
Marc Becker
Melissa Belkin
Cecilia Bell
Christi Bell
Juan Belmonte
Marian Benedicto
Benita Hayes
Margarita Benitez
James Benson
Vasundhara Benson
Rachel Bentley
Renee Bentley
Molly berger
Geanine Berk
Linell Berkley
Irene Bernal
Cory Bernard
Bernard M. Marshall, PhD,DCSW
Julie Bernstein
Amanda Berry
Amy Berry
Cleola Bess
Sally Best
Bethany G. Jeffrey
Bethany Grace Meek
Beverly Betz
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Mahisha Biddings
Alison Biggs
Julia Biggs
Denise Bilder
Karen Binder
Janelle Bitikofer
Paul Black
Mikki Blackman
Che Blaine
Chloe Blakeman
Kathy Blanchard
Melissa Blanchette
Susan Blansett Mcallister
Carlisle Blind
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Shari Bloomberg
Katharine Blumenthal
Lisa Bode
Debra Bodtke
Melissa Bolanos
Bonnie Ann Richards
Rubea Boone
Stephanie Bootsma
Kenneth Borelli
Kevin Bowman
Kathy Bradshaw Elliott
Jennifer Brandt
Brandy Bernos Aday-Springer
Brandy Michelle Jones
Elizabeth Brantley
Elizabeth Brashear
Wilma Braun
Robin Breeden
Jessica Breemen
Brenda A. Bahnson, LICSW
Brenda A. Hartman
Brenda A. Heflin, MSW
Brenda Jarmon
Brenda L. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Brenda R. Quinn
Luis Brenner
Jodie Bridges
Bridget Simone Richard, MSW, LISW-S
Bridgette Ann Coppola
Heather Brindisi
Michelle Brockington
Valerie brodbeck
Bonnie Broe
Mary Brogdon
Brooklin Jones
Morna Brothers
Phillip Brown
Diane Brown
Laura Brown
Allison Brown
Richard Brown
Olivia Brown
James Brown
Sylvia Brown Jones
Laura Brownsberger
Bruce Goodman, Advisory Board Mbr.
Megann Brunsvold
Kira Bryant
Brynn Y. Bell
Bryon Wayne Little
Cherie Buckner-Webb
Michael Bullock
Michael Burg
Vicky Burgh-Harris
Steve Burghardt
Morgan Burns
Jerri Burns
Barbara Burton
Cheryl Busby
Sacha Bush
Mary Bushong
Susan Butler
April Butler
Erica Byrne
Barbara Caddell
Robin Cahill
Pam Caine
Daniel Callistein
Bettina Campbell
Ana Campos
Candace Johnson, MSW, LSW
Renee Candelaria
Frances Caple
Cara M. Presley
Cara T. Greene
Carleton J. Fitzpatrick, Jr.
Carlos L. Laboy, CBHCM
Lynn Carlsen
Mary Carlson
Carol A. Emerson
Carol C. Keeler, ACSW LCSW DCSW
Carol F. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Carol Jarvis, PhD, LCSW
Carol L. Jones, MSW
Carol R. Veits
Carol Sanders
Carol Yvonne Williams, MSW, LCSW
Caroline Evans
Carolyn Gartner
Carolyn J. Henderson
Willow Carpenter
Penny Carpenter
Laura Carrano
Julie Carrigan
YJ Carson
Donna Carson
Lou Ann Carter
Cassie Carter
Carter T. Wiggins
Caryn S. Mushlin
Nichole Case
Lee Case
Kia Cashman
Cassandra Rhea Rondel Asencio, MSW
Sally Cassidy
Cassie Peck
Lorena Castro
Mary Catalanotto
Dolores Catalfumo
Catherine C. Scott, LCSW, LAC, ICADC
Catherine Elinor Baggett, MSW
Catherine Jacobsen
Catherine L. Atchison, ACSW
Catherine Pearce Campbell, LICSW
Cathleen O'Brien
Cathy Gentile-Doyle, LCSW
Cathy L. Puett, LCSW-BACS
Juliet Catrett
Jan Caughlan
Christina Cazares
Cecil D. Edwards
Jan Cehn
Alexis Chambers
Regina Chanda
Corinne Chandler
Charles Joseph Nicholas, MSW/SSW
Chelsea Tiffany
Cherilyn Danielle Christie, MSW, LMHP-S
Cheryl L. Cohen-Berek, LCSW
Cheryl McArdle Culhane, LCSW
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Emily Chilko
Jennifer Chisholm
Chris E. Kalamon, LCSW
Marlienne Christian
Gianine Christiano
Christie Lee Halijan
Christina Lynn Holmes-McLemore, LICSW, PIP, CCS
Christine Alcantara, BA, MSW
Christine Ann Boender
Christine Boehler
Christine G. Henrickson, ACSW, BCD
Christine Irene Peterson
Christopher Greene
Christopher James Ogle, LMSW, IADC
Christopher L. Dillon, LICSW, BCD
John Christopherson
Frances Chvala
Carol Ciacci
Indigo Cinberg
Cindy Maroni, ACSW
Yolanda Cintron
Claire Elizabeth Peters
Clarissa B. Thomas, LSCW-C
Clarissa Renee Jones, Social Work Trainee
Troy Clark
James Clark
Nya Clarke
Claudia E. Russell
Claudia J. Olave-Guillermo, LCSW-R
Claudia M. Dewane
Douglas Clawson
Helen Clay-Spotser
Maxwell Cleary
Gretchen Clemens
Michael Close
Philip Clossey
Barbara Coats
Telly Cobbs
Catherine Cocchiaro
Jean Cochrane
Maureen Code
Robert Coe
Linda Coffey Leal
Leanne Cohen
Margery Cohen-Jacoby
Carol Cole
Sandra Collins
Myra Colon
Philip Coltoff
Lois Colwell
Elaine Conners
Conrad N. De Master, ACSW
Constance L. Meyer
Constance M. McCashin Weisman
Blake Cook
Jonathan Cooper
Jeanne Cooper
Elaine Cooper
Sunnye Cope
Carol Copeland
Victor Coppin
Coral Lynn Blankinship, SPHR
Jesse Corbin
Cori L Kapopoulos
Hilda Coronel
Cortney Kerri Lyons, LSW
Lois Corwin
Claire Courtney
Courtney Margaret Clifford, MSW
Carol Cover
Angela Cowan
Amy Coyle
Clarence Craig
Andrea Craig
Holly Crane
Kimberly Crawford
Clinton Crete
Cris Jacobson
Cristin Mathiez
Penny Critzer
Evangeline Croix
Amy Croll
Jeannine Crouse
Marjorie Crowe
Crystal Gaynell Lassetter, MSW
Crystal Louise Harris-Brown, BS
Phyllis Curcio
Elizabeth Curriston
Cynthia A. Heinrich
Cynthia L. Kim, LCSW-R
Lisa Cyr
Lee-Andra D'Attilio
Nicholas Dach
Paralee Daggy
Dianne Dahlbom
Dalissy J. Washington, MSW, LCSW
Thomas Dallamora
Robert Dalmau
Peadar Dalton
Dana J. Calhoun, LGSW
Daniel C Donohue, Donohue
Danielle Nowlan
Carole Daponte
Daria M. Hoey, LCSW
Darlene Chakin Basch, LCSW
Roberta Darling
Dave Blackburn, DCSW
Elizabeth Davenport
Mary Davey
Susan David
David B. Moore, ACSW
David Hammersmith
David J. Scott
David Ralph Beuerman, Jr., LCSW
Adina Davidson
Tammy Davis
Davis L. Richmond
Dawn Brubaker, MSW
Kitty Dawson
Marilyn Dawson-Mccarthy
Paula De Mauro
Dean Rashkow
Deanna Duvall
Deb D. Colton, LICSW, OSW-C
Debbie Ennis, LCSW CP
Debbie Royalty, MSW
Debora Kay Reeves
Deborah D. Somerville
Deborah Defreize, EDD, LMSW
Debra A. Tart-Winston, LCSW
Debra L. Trakel, ACSW
Michelle DeCorte
Deirdre Drohan Forbes, LMSW, CASAC
Deirdre J.F. Marzano, MSW
Deirdre M. Comey, LCSW
Charlene Delia
Delilah Ray
Virginia DeLong
Sylvia DelValle-Jorlett
Sandra DelVillano-Marchi
Patricia Demont
Deneese Marie Stone, SUDPT
Denise Elaine Ryals, LCSW,ACSW,C-SWHC
Dennis J. Hilke
Antonia DePalma-Brandt
Joanne DePaola
Janet DePaolo
Denise DePerro
Lee Ann DeShong-Cook
Patricia DeVost
Ellen DeWeerdt
Rachael Dewstow
Donna Dholakia
Helen Di Prima
Mitchell Diamond
Diana C. Chaitovitz, ACSW
Diana November
Diane F. Lambert
Diane M. Fougere
Diane N. Eckstein, ACSW
Diane Rudzinski
Amy Diaz
Colleen Dibella
Gary Dick
Nancy Dickerson
Jill Dieser
Dina Kashuba
Rebecca Dixon
Henry Dlugacz
Karen Doe
Doha J. Khoury, MSW
Frank Dombrowski
Dominic Marco Miller, LMSW, MPA
Don L. Firmani
Dona L. Moon
Heidi Donald
Donald L. Schuman
Joanne Donato-Popko
Donna Rae Aebisher, LMSW
James Donnelly
Laura Donnelly
Samuel Douglas
Douglas A Hoesch
Eleanor Downey
Shanna Downing
Alex Doyle
Mary Doyle
Elene Drakonakis
Emma Dressler
Erika Drezner
Tyler DuBois
Edmond Dubreuil
Joseph Dueweke
Malcolm Dugas
Arline Duker
Janice Dumond
Sandra Dunn
Catherine Dupar Skelly
Kathleen Dylan
Lisa Dylewski
Beverly Eager
Nancy Ebb
Amy Ebbeson
Ebony Curry
Eve Eden
Amy Edminster
Edward Meyer
Eileen Duffy Traslavina, ACSW
Eileen O'Meara Jay
Eileen Rachel Stein, ACSW
Jamie Eisenberg
Elana L. Rosenbaum, LICSW, ACSW
Jeanne Elberfeld
Karen Elbert
Eleanor Pope, LCSW
Elena M. Guagenti-Tax, ACSW
Sue Elias
R. H. Eliasof
Elisa Ferris
Elise S. Young, ACSW, DCSW
Elizabeth R Peart , LSW
Elizabeth Ann Lacasse
Elizabeth C. Latiolais, LMSW
Elizabeth Golliher
Elizabeth Hubbard Brady
Elizabeth L. Walling
Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW
Elizabeth Natalie-Louise Villemaire, BA
Elizabeth Tankel
Ella M. Duncan, LCSW
Ellen C. Schoville, LISW, LCSW
Ellen Ziskind
Elliot M. Ruggles, LCSW, PhD
Jennie Ellis
Nancy Ellis
Jennifer Ellison
Jill Elmer
Jason Emge
Emilee Elizabeth Piechota, LICSW, LCSW, LISW
Emily Beth Miller, MSW
Emily L. Megas-Russell, LICSW
Emily Leah Goldstein
Emily M. Junod
Emily Norris, MSW
Tracie Engstrom
Kenneth Epstein
Christa Eribal
Robert Ericson
Erik Blank, MSW Student
Erin Ratchford, BSW, MSW candidate
Ernest Demis, LCSW
Essie Jean Broich, BSW
Ethan C. Suniewick
Ethan S. Israelsohn
Ethel S. Oderberg
Eugenia Criscuolo, LCSW,ACSW
Caren Ex
Alex Eystad
Mary Ezequelle
Miriam Ezray
Kim Fabian-Albrecht
Emily Falber
Felicia Falchuk
Danielle Falnes
Stephanie Farrell
Casey Farris
Donna Feld
Rachel Feldman
Barbara Feldmar
Fern E. Covitt
Nancy Fernandez
James Ferry
Leonard Field
Elizabeth Fields
Kevin Figueroa
Judy Figura
Maura Fine
Lisa Finkelstein
Cheryl Finley
Beth Fisher Sanders
Kenneth FitzGerald
Ann Fitzgerald
Michele Flatau
Desiree’ Fleming
Mary Fletcher
Jessica Flores
Kezia Flores
Ann Flosdorf
Douglas Flowers
Warrick Floyd
Valerie Flynn
Romaine Foege
Eugene Foley
Keith Folger
Ayana Forbes
Rosalind Forti
Lois Foster
Laura Foster
David Fowler
Karene Fowler
Karen Fox
Joan Fox-Bow
Tanja Frade
Fran Brown, LICSW
Frances A. Shaver
Frances L. Gizzi, LCSW,C-CATODSW
Frances L. Howe, ACSW
James Francois
Lynn Frank
Frank J. Capatch
Micheal Franklin
Linda Franz
Ada Frasca
Frederick J. McOsker
Cheryle Freedman
Dorothy Fried
Steven Friedfeld
Ann Friedrichsen
Leora Frost
Dianna Fruge
Joanie Funk
Leona Furnari
Amanda Gabel
Gabrielle Lisnoff
Jennifer Gaeta
Carla Gagliano
Gail Litman
Robin Gaines
Gale D. Aycox, MSW, LPC
Sabina Galli
James Galloway
Marie Ganthier
Donna Gapas
Susan Gardner
Barbara Gareau
Darrell Garner
Larry Gasco
Megan Gavitt
Gayle C. Hinebaugh
Marlana Geha
Susan Geltman
Karen Gentile
Geoffrey Warlock Barron
George Barker
George F. Lopez
Claudine Gerber
Sharon Gerber
Gerry K. Hearn, MSW
Jehanne Gheith
Nancy Gibbons
Ashley Gibbons
Kenneth Gibson
Susan Gilbert
Kate Gilbert
Teresa Gilbert
Jason Gillard
Sue Gilles
Laura Gillespie
Kathryn Gilmond Shaffer
Gina M. Todd, LCSW
Karen Giuliano
Phyllis Glass
Glenda Conyers, LISW-S, RPT
Glenda E. Cruz Juarez, LCSW
Gloria Gonzales Grace, LCSW, MPH
Kristie Godina
Teresa Godoy
Melissa Godwin
Susan Goetz-Laccetti
Kayiesha Golds
Debra Goldstein
Marjorie Goldstein
Lorie Gombin
Paul Gonsier
Margaret Goodman
Debra Goodman
Cynecqua Goodridge
Patrick Gooley
Beth Gordon
Karen Gore
Andres Goris
Rosabelle Gorman
Gail Gottfried
James Goulding
Diane Goundry Scalfaro
Lisabeth Grabiner
MIchael Granoff
Amy Grant
Kenneth Graves
Carole Graybill
Grazyna Gabriela Petersen
Marilyn Greeley
Tamara Greeley
Anna Green
Evan Greenberg
Gregory Sampson
Ken Greiff
Anne Grella
Gretchen Ann Fry
Gretchen Annette Edwards
Gretchen M. Weigel
Lois Griff
Jennifer Grinvalsky
Joy Griswold
Joan Groessl
Steven Gross
Joyce Grossbard
Ethan Grumbach
Sam Gruppo
Sarah Guck
Steve Gursky
Gus Haracopos
Guy Windingland
Joanna Guyette
Heidi Haas
Susan Hackel
Heather Haefli
Kyra Haglund
Agnes Hajek
Michelle Hale
Haley March, MSW
Haley Marie Allen Orillion
Asma Halim
Letitia Hall
Kara Hallis
Holly Hallman
Carol Halpin
Adrienne Hament
Maria Hamilton
Mark Hamilton
Robert Hamlin
Kate Hammon
Nancy Hamrick
Melissa Haney
Hani Miletski
Dominique Hankins
Breeze Hannaford-Dyer
Kathleen Hardie
Stacie Hardin
Cecily Hardin
Angela Harding
Alexander Hardy
Harriet Scott, ACSW
DaeLauren Harrison
Troy Harrison
Lela Harrison
Kathleen Hartman-McCarthy
Marisue Hartung
Victoria Harwood
Aisha Hashmi
Susan Haskell
Lauren Hassan
Debra Haupt-Saltzman
Denise Hawk
Alaska Hawkins
Kathy Hayes
George Haywood
Heath Owens
Heather A. Carmichael
Heather A. Ellison
Heather Bales, MSW
Heather Elisabeth Hydrick Thiel, LMSW
Heather Fuller
Heather Gorball
Heather J. Schorr Kourpas, LCSW, ACSW
Helen Clairese Marsack
Helen F. Sheehan
Helene Harris, LMSW
Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Keith Helmken
Veronica Hemmings
Patricia Henderson
Virginia Hendrickson
Toni Henke-Wheeler
Mary Hennessy
Amyra Henry
Henry A. Rowlette, Jr.
Joseph Hermann
Paula Hern
Lucinda Hess
Diane Hibbs
Margaret Higgins
Peggy Hightower
Heather Hill
Kristin Hill
Tamara Hillard
Ashley Hinds
Barbara Hinsz
Betti Hinton
Ann Hirschy
Paula Hite
Raven Hodges
Derry Holland
Kathy Holloway
Holly H. Heath-Shepard
Holly M. Fischer-Engel
Kristi Holmberg
Paul Holt
Melissa Hoon
Hope C. Axelrod, MSW
Hope Hundley, LCSW
Ann Hopper
Gretchen Horst
Jillian Horton
Christine Horton
Howard I. Blas, ACSW
Amy Huck
Beth Hudgins
Stacey Huffman
Kimberley Humphries
Gail Hunter
Regina Hunter
Charles Hutchcraft
Elizabeth Hutchison
Jescia Hyland
Karla Iglesias
Charles Iker
Inger M. Acking
Cobi Ingram
Ira L. Bilofsky, LCSW
Irwin M. Krieger, ACSW,DCSW
Sheldon Isenberg
Ramkumar Iyer
Rajeshwari Iyer
Izzy Nadine Aguirre, LMSW
Carol Jackofsky
Robert Jackson
Jacobia J. Williams, LCSW
Jacqueline Collette Leader
Jacqueline H. Smith
George Jahnes
Jaime Del Grosso, LMSW
Jake Pierce-Walsh
Sarah James
James J. Karagon, ACSW
James W. Green
Jamie A. Spector
Jamie Marie Broussard, LMSW
Jamie N. Thompson, LMSW
Regina Jamieson
Hazel Jamieson
Jana R. Brown
Jane E. Estes
Jane Marie Carsten
Janel Weiss
Janet R. Fleishman
Janice L. Hemmer
Janie J. Gendron
Janine Records Kosek
Janna Marie Schrandt
Randy Janzen
Josephine Jarolmen
Jarom Danner Hawker
Henry Jauregui
Catherine Jean
Jean Murphy Baker
Jeanine E. Abernathy
Jeanne Bennett Racer, LSW
Jeanne L. Bunker
Monica Jeffcoat
Donald Jefferson
Jeffrey B. Greenfield
Jeffrey S. Cummins
Jen Cook, RD, LD
Jennifer Ann Oles, LMSW
Jennifer B. Taylor-ONeill
Jennifer Booker
Jennifer C. Shaw, LICSW
Jennifer Hartwell, LMSW,MPH
Jennifer K. Davis
Jennifer Kulka, LCSW
Jennifer L. T. Halter, ACSW, DCSW
Jennifer Lynn Leeney Adrian
Jennifer Lynn Randall
Jennifer M. Cork, LCSW
Jennifer Olechna
Jennifer ONeil Curley
Jennifer Pifer, Student
Jenny Ann Nash, LMSW
Jerome T. Galea, PhD, MSW
Jessica Amber Nicole Smid, MSW
Jessica Cypress Immitt, LCSW
Jessica Elizabeth Galvin, LCSW/LMSW
Jessica L. Walker
Jessica Lynn Shuff
Jessica Monique Lucero
Jessica Pelaez, MSW
Jessica S. Seidel, LCSW
Jewelle Saucedo, MSW Studen
Steven Jiggetts
Jill Ann Gernert
Jill Kathleen Summers
Jill W. Fife, LCSW
Joan B. Goodman, ACSW
Joan P. Kaplan, CSW,LCSWR
JoAnn Bross, LCSW
JoAnn Ellenberger, ACSW,C-ASWCM
JoAnn Ruiz-Vazquez
JoAnn Watson
Joanne G. Weiss, ACSW, QCSW
Joanne M. Medak, LCSW,ACSW
Joanne Samuel Goldblum
Jocelyn R. Elliott, LSCSW
Jody Lynn DeBoer
Jody R. Bechtold
Jody S. West
Johanna Rayman, LCSW
Johanne Bach
Catherine Johanneck
John Davis, LCSW
John Drescher-Lehman, QCSW LCSW
John G. Geist, ACSW
John M. Jacobs
John Picciano, LCSW
Cindy Johnson
Willie Johnson
Whitney Johnson
Sowitza Johnson
Karen Johnson
J. Stephen Johnson
Jo Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Jacquelyne Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Edyie Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Robert Johnston
Jonathan A. Beckenstein
Brittannee Jones
Kaci Jones
Joan Jones
Jimmie Jones
LynnLee Jordan
Monica Joseph
Joseph A. Lenti
Joseph C. Panepinto
Joseph Pereira
Joseph Thomas Hammond, MSW Student
Joshua C. Bratton, MSW, LCSW
Jucelia S. Pitt
Jude M. Treder-Wolff
Judith A. Allston
Judith A. Hancox
Judith A. Sachs, LCSW, ACSW
Judith Cohen Oshinsky, DCSW
Judith G. Prichason, LCSW
Judith M. Schagrin, ACSW, LCSW-C
Judy O. Fore
Judy P. Eron, LCSW
Judy Spindel-Brown, LCSW
Jules E. Beuck, LCSW
Julia B. Johnston, ACSW
Julia K. Haggarty
Juliana C. Ramos
Julie L. Greenberg
Justin I. Hersom
Arlene Kahn
Kandee Kubat Timmerman, MSW,LICSW
Wendi Kaplan
Jay Karant
Karen L. Klinefelter, ACSW
Karen Leader Scott, ACSW
Karen M. Newman
Karen P. Jackson, LCSW, MFT
Karen Pekarcik, MSW
Karen R. Hess
Karen T. Gilbert
Karen Wilding
Karin J. Gardner
Karin M. Grimes, ACSW
Kashauna Elaine Pointer
Katasha Johnson, MSW
Kate Drackett, LCSW
Kate Gleeson
Kate Willow Robinson, M.A.
Katelyn E. Farrell
Katharina Jarmas
Katherine Angel Fuller
Katherine E. Castelo
Katherine Johnson
Katherine L. Dunn, MSW
Katherine M. Griffin, MSSW Student
Katherine P. Scanio, LCSW,DCSW
Katherine Salinas, LCSW
Katheryn Rose Barry, MSW
Kathleen Barry, MSW
Kathleen Leona Weldon, LMSW
Kathryn A. Dumont, Dumont
Kathy Jo Dorner
Kathy Jo Sukenis, LMSW
Katrina Marie Blaise-Schlossberg
Chana Katz
Beth Katz
Amy Kavadlo
Kay Ann Kinkel, MSW candidate
Kayla Mockridge Logan, MSW
Caroline Keaney
Kathy Keating
Roxanne Kelber
Maria Kelley
Casandra Kelly
Kelly A. Quinn
Kelly Nedelya Kowalchuk
Kelly Phillips, LICSW
Jenny Kemnitz-Meyerson
Ozlem Kence
Kenneth G. Young
Kenneth Griffin
Lucy Kerewsky
Kerri Bossardet-West, MSW, LCSW
Kerrie A. Thompson
Kevin Christopher Lee
Kevin E. Bradley
Kevin M. Keefe, Jr.
Kimberly Keyes
Sarah Kilduff
Kim DiBella-Farber, LMSW
M Kimball
Kimberly Ann Vander Griend, LCSW
Kimberly Hilliker, LCSW
Kimberly J. Birrell, ACSW
Kimberly McAlister
Frederick King
Nowell King
Lula King
Laura Kinney
Kathryn Kirk
Annette Kirk Burleigh
Kirsten L. Colbert
Kirsten M. Hockemeier
Kristin Kitzmiller
Libby Klein
Donna Klein
Madeline Klein
Sharon Kleinberg
Jonathan Kleinman
Mary Louise Klimm
Jamie Klintberg
Mary Knapp
Beth Knight
Sharon Knight
Joy Knopfmeier
Marcia Koelndorfer
Brian Kohatsu
Phyllis Komroy
Emily Koplik
Elizabeth Koutrelakos
Kelly Kovach-Collicott
Carol Kranz
Nancy Krell
Laura Krieger
Kris J. Coppedge, LICSW
Krista A. Kilbane, LCSW
Kristalene Stormer, LICSW
Kristen E. Conner, LCSW, ACSW
Kristin M. Froehlich, LCSW
Kristin Pipes
Kristina Kay Elsbury
Kristina L. Edler
Susan Kroll-Smith
John Kroneman
Corbin Krug
Alexis Kuerbis
Rachel Kuester
Karen Kuhlman
Vicki Kulberg
Stephanie Kupor
Ky Hoelscher
Kyle Joyner
Susan Lager
Yessenia Lajara
Andrea Lajoie
Robert Lamarche
Martha Lamb
Carole Lamhut
Margaret Lane
Cathalin Langevin
Lisa Langner
Cynthia Langston
Doris Langston
Robert Lanser
Louisa Latimer
Andrew Laue
Laura Fairbanks
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jefferson, LCSW
Laura L. Pulsifer
Laura L. Vail, ACHP-SW
Laura Lubline, MSW, LCSW
Laura M. Bowling-Nguyen
Laura S. Scherck Wittcoff
Laura Soroka
Laurel Miller, MSW, LCSWA, SSW
Lauren Elizabeth Furtney
Lauren M. Gregorcy
Laurence Luther Smith
Laurie R. Langer
Lavon T. Boyd
Linda Lawrence
Anne Lawrence
Lawrence J. O'Toole
Carol Leach
Leah Ann Ciano
Leah Michelle Sandlin
Leandro Rosa, LCSW
Leanne M. Joeckel, MSW, LICSW
Marjorie Lederer
Julie Lee
Lee Ann Rice, LMSW
Jennifer Leeds Strauss
Mary Leidy
Jennifer Leighton
Lenore J. Shepard
Doreen Leo-Huneke
Leona Pannabecker
Jeannie Leonard
Gabrielle Lepine
Lynda Leslie
Leslie A. Westcott
Leslie Holl
Leslie Kate Faulhaber, LCSW
Jeanne Lessner
Diana Leung
Jeffrey Levin
Jason Levin
Leah Levine
Denise Levine
Charleen Lewis
Marcella Lewis
Betty Lewis
Linda Libow
Susan Liden
Mary Ann Lieberman
Timothy Liles
Linda C. McDaniel
Linda Fleger-Berman, LICSW,ACSW
Linda J. Weinberg
Linda M. Helmer
Linda S. Poskanzer, LCSW
Kyle Lindahl
Lindsay Pepin
Irene Lines
Linnea Flynn GlenMaye, PhD
Lisa Daly
Lisa E. Cohen, MSW
Lisa Frances Ciminelli, LCSW
Lisa Jurecic
Lisa K. Filary
Lisa L. Favorite
Lisa L. Rakusin
Lisa Mize, LCSW
Lisa R. Bello
Teryn Little
Josephine Little
Elizabeth Little
Amy Livingston
Lloyd T. Kelley
Rebecca Loadholt
Geannette Loftin Walls
Jeorge Logan
Jolene Long
Hollis Long-Dewolf
Lisa Longdin
Ingrid Longo
John Looney
Loren S. Johnson-Rosa
Loretta Wrobel
Lori A. Bush, LLMSW
Lori C. Eastman
Cindy Losbog
Lou A. Wilson, ACSW
Louise Weston-Ferrill, LCSW
Ellen Love
Sheena Love
Nadine Lovell
Kathleen Lovell
Christina Lowe
Susan Lowell
Doretta Lowney
Susanna Lozano
Luanne M. Harms
Nancy Lubowitz
Luisa B. Lowe
Alisha Lundberg
Chelsea Lundeen
Salvador Luquin Rodriguez
Lyndsay Zastawny, MSW
Lynette Schwindt, CATC III
Lynn Marie Roy
Elspeth Macdonald
Edward Madaus
Catherine Maddan
Madison Leigh Engels, BSW Student
Maria Magalhaes
Patricia Mahaney
Jennifer Makowski
Malika S. J. Spruiell
Malinda Tiffany, LCSW
Malkia DJ Kendricks
Brenda Mallery
David Mallory
Paula Maloof
Pamela Maltz
Barbara Manalis
Linda Manchester
Megan Mantz
Susan Marano
Marcia S. Levy
Myra Marcus
Paula Marcus-Platz
Yvette Mardis
Margaret Marek
Marena M. Sabo, LCSW
Margaret Ann Miggins Austin
Margaret E. Lonsdale
Margo Joy Siegel
Margo L. Lee
Gail Marhewka
Mari Pat McGuire, LCSW-C
Maria De Jesus Aragon-McDonald, MSW
Maria Del Carmen Cardona, LMSW
Maria L. Aguiar
Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan
Mariama Boney, -1
Marianne R. Yoshioka, PhD
Marianne Winter-Long, ACSW
Marie Elaine Ortega, LCSW
Marie Kennedy, N/A
Mariko M. Yamada
Marilyn P. Nickol
Mark D. Clayton
Mark H. Magerman
Mark S. Golden
Mark S. Smith
Marlow Johnson, LICSW
Robert Marmo
Marie Marotta
Adolfo Marrero
Marsha B. McDonald
Kathleen Martin
Helen Martin
Francesca Martin
Patricia Martin-O'Meally
Erika Martinez
Mary Anderson, LSW
Mary Ann Howard, LMSW, C-SSWS
Mary B. Rich, ACSW, DCSW
Mary B. Sheridan, LSCSW
Mary Blackford
Mary C. Baker
Mary E. Dodywarnock, ACSW
Mary Ellen Everett, C-CATODSW
Mary Jarman, MSW
Mary Silverman-Ormond, ACSW
Mary T. Hume
Maryarchana Archana Fernandez
Roselyn Maryboy
Diana Maslauskas
Carol Massat
William Massey
Mary Matich
Luis Matos
Matthew Cleaver
Barbie Matthews
Katherine Mattleman
Sharon Mattsson
Joyce Mauer
Michelle Maupin
Maureen Gingerich Bergey
Joseph Maurino
Jean Mauro
Susan Maxwell
Dalynn May
Maybelle F. O. Filler, ACSW
Bernard Mayer
Dyonette Mayer
Paul Mayglothling
Kerri Mazzone
Jo Ann McCachern Swart
Laura McCarthy
Matthew McClintock
Katherine McCloskey
Kristin McCormick
Alisha McCorvey
Dolores McCullough
Kathleen McCurdy
Wendy McDaniel
Karla McDermott
Susan McDonald
Susan Mcilvain
Courtney McKee
Lockhart McKelvy
Ann McKnight
Paige McMullen
Heather McNutt
Keith McNutt
John McQueen
Jennie McSweeney
David Mcwhirter
Dennis Meehan
Megan Adair Casteel
Megan Elizabeth Burton
Megan J. Bott
Megan Torrey-Payne, LCSW
Margaret Mehan
Melanie Sommers-Dain, LCSW,CASWCM,CSWG
Melanie Tanya Mofield
Melinda Davis Himstedt
Melissa B. Doletzky
Melissa Elena Mendoza, LMSW
Melissa Esin Meric, MSW
Melissa Jeanne VanderZyden, LMSW
Melissa Mandell
Melissa montanez
Melissa Nicole Fisher Goldman
Melissa S. Gates, LMSW
Melonie A. Truslow
Menaka Subramaniam
Judith Mendels-Peterson
Kathleen Menocal
Anita Mentzer
Charlotte Menze
Joan Merdinger
Meredith Flanagan, LICSW
Janice Merion-Billings
Merrianne M. Leff, LCSW
Nicole Merriwether
Bernadette Methven
Linda Meyer
Janet Meyer
Micaela S. VanSkiver Williams
Michael Benjamin Buchman, BSW Student
Michael G. Bass, ACSW, C-CATODSW
Michael Medlin
Michael R. Dunleavy
Michael R. McElwee, ACSW
Michael T. Wright, PhD LCSW MS
Michele Genevieve Stanton, LCSW-C LLC
Michele herrington, Bachelor student
Michele M. Baiz
Michelle Elizabeth Stchur
Michelle A. Block, LCSW
Michelle A. Branigan, ACSW LCSW
Michelle Christine Adams, LMSW
Michelle Elizabeth Hughes, LCSW
Michelle Lynne Goebel, MSW
Michelle Mayer, ACSW
Michelle Northrop
Michelle R. Mualem
Michelle R. Smith-Packard, LICSW
Michelle Trigleth
Charlotte Michener Krasnoff
Mildred M. Alvarez
Mary Miller
Maurine Miller
Nicholas Miller
John Miller
Patricia Miller-Katz
Millicent Maria Handy, LCSWC
Makayla Mills
Debra Milner
Barbara Milone
Jennifer Miltenberger
Misty B. Scott, Student
Satina Mitchell
Lindsey Mitchell
Mitchell Kupferberg
LyCha Miville
Misty Mize
Rebecca Moerbe
Maximiliano Molina
Mona Manning, LCSW
Martha Monaghan
Sara Monazah
Jessica Moncrief
Monica Parker
Timothy Monroe
Nicole Monsowitz
Mario Montano
Mary Montminy-Danna
Shelby Mooney
Karla Moore
Arria Moore
Bryan Morgan
Morgan Elizabeth Stokes, BSW
Terry Morrell
Michelle Morrison
Linda Morton
Kristen Moses-Westphal
Gabrielle Moskovitz
Joan Moyer
Michael Mruz
Amy Mudd
Laura Mueller
Linda Mullens
Nicole Muller
Deborah Munoz
Jennifer Murphy
Thomas Murphy
James Murray
Judith Myers
Carole Myers
Nadia Marie Vasu, MSW, LCSW
Edna Naito-Chan
Nan Shaw, LCSW
Nancy A. Heilner, Heilner
Nancy B. Lasater
Nancy E. Prowell, ACSW
Nancy Iannone, BSW, C-SWCM
Nancy Key
Nancy M. Kusey Trew, LMSW,ACSW
Napoleon Shaw, CHP-SW, BSW
Suzanna Narducci
Naricia McGowen Futrell, DSW, LCSW
Natalie Jones, Student (senior)
Natalya Elaina Oskolkoff-Eide
Ana Nava
Khadesia Nedd
Elizabeth Nelson
Jared Nelson
Aman Nemitz
Sara Neumann
Iris Newman
John Newman
Kay Newman
Mary Newton
Wai Yan (Ryan) Ng
Nicholas Benoit, MSW
Frank Nichols
Nicole Kaiser, MSW, LCSW
Nicole Lynn Ekiss, MSW
Nicole R. Laubach
Nikole E. Matzouranis
James Noel
Patti Nolan
Mary Noon
Leigh Northrup
Kristen Norton
Gillian Nuding
Craig Nussbaum
Thomas O'Brien
Peter O'Herron
Ann O'Malley
Naimah O'Neal
Tara O'Shaughnessy
Octavia M. Carlos, ACSW DCSW
Stephanie Ogden
Cinda Oliver
Olivia Dawn Snyder
Olivia Paige Short, BSW
Olivia Sharon, MSW Student
Carmen Olivieri- Olenick
Jamie Olken
Kaitlyn Olsen
Mary Olsen
Jean Onesi
Tamar Oppenheimer
David Optekar
Lisa Oren
Stephen Oreski
Alicia Owens
Catherine Paitz
Paivi M. Outinen, LCSW
Denise Palacios
Nicholas Palumbo
Pamela A. Brigham
Pamela S. Pennington-Wilson
Paola L. Castano, MA, LCADC, CCS
Paris Murray, BSW, MSW Candidate
Guy Pasculli
Noelle Patire
Patricia Ann Levy
Patricia C. Boldt, ACSW, C-ASWCM ,LCSW
Patricia C. Wilkinson, LICSW, ACSW
Patricia Differding, LISW, ACSW, CSW-G
Patricia Jane Hernandez, BSW
Patricia K. Robinson
Patricia L. Merkley, LCSW
Patricia U. Giulino
Mary Ann Patti
Paul David Harrison
Paul David Rogers, LCSW
Paul S. Jones, LCSW
Paula R. Barber
Pauline A. Klein, ACSW
Pauline L. Moss, LCSW,BACS
Pauline Massed, LICSW
Mara Pausch
Susan Payne
Daniel Pearce
Pearlie Ann Trent
Joann Pechota
Peggy S. Anderson
Ashley Penman
Amy Pepper-Mandell
Rebecca Perechodski - Lazar
Jennifer Perera
Cygrid Perez
Perri M. Nunziato
Peter Aron
Peter J. Delany, PhD ACSW
Peter Tallman
Suzanne Peters
Jennifer Petersen
Sarah Peterson
Danielle Peterson
George Petronio
Lorraine Petrucci
Tracy Anne Peymann
Phernel Joseph Manigat, MSM, LSWA
Philip M. Gamber
Giuseppina Phillips
Phyllis C. England, ACSW
Phyllis Pleuss, LCSW
Emily Pilowa
Barbara Jean Pinnock
Diane Pisano
Kristen Pittman
Robert Pledl
Stephanne Pleshette
Wendy Pliner
Edward Poliandro
Merrill Poliner
Leslie Pollack
Sharon Pollak
Jamall Pollock
Melanie Ponder-Wright
Marcia Porter
Nancy Postow
Virginia Powell
Elo Pranno
Susan Price Saylor
Caryl Pripusich
Nicole Proctor
Tina Puccio
Margaret Pugh
Linda Pulvermacher
Lynn Quackenbush
Briana Quinlan
Aura Quinones-Moody
Rachel A. Green, LGSW
Rachel Delaney Taylor
Rachel Kimble
Rachel Knight
Rachel Leia O'Reilly, LCSW
Rachel Marie Bono, MSSW Candidate (UT)
Rachel Merritt, MSW
Rachel R. Pizzurro, ACSW
Lynn Radov
Roberta Raelson
Toni Raiten-D'Antonio
Noreen Raja-Halpern
Shelagh Ramage
Molly Rampe
Brandi Ramsey
Rosemary Ramsey
Charonne Randall
Randi B. Shelowitz
Randi Gelfand
Saranna Rankin
Rashaan Roby Marsan, MSW
Billie Ratliff
Susan Ratner
Mark Raybould
Raymond T. Lang, Jr.
C. Rinderia Reader
Rebecca B. Gavin
Rebecca Hoke
Rebecca T. Davis, ACSW
Rebekah Day
Steven Reda
Chad Reddick
E. Michael Regan
Regina A. Zabel, LCSW, ACSW
Regina Marie Miller, MSS
Jane Reid
Rici Reid
Renee Melin
Robin Renwick Piper
Zulma Restituto
Susan Reynolds
Wendie Reynolds
Sheri Rezak-Irons
Daniel Rhodes
Rhonda Denise Hubbard, MSW
Katie Ricciardi
Richard Allen Brandon-Friedman, MSW, LCSW, LCAC
Richard B DeLeon, LCSW
Richard E. Robertson
Richard Miller-Haraway, ACSW
Richard O. Stuver, DCSW
Richard T. Lange
Debbie Richards
Holly Richardson
Kristina Richendollar
Ricki Jean Harris, MSW
Ami Riegel
Cathy Rigg
Rikki Shanberg
Jessica Rimer
Rita Alfonso LaBarbera
Rita Vollmer, MSW
Santos Rivera
Tammie Rizzio
Judith Robbins
Jeffrey Robbins
Robert E. Brown
Robert H. Bamman, Jr.
Robert R. Pingree, DCSW
Robert S. Glaser, ACSW
Roberta A. Dowden, ACSW
Claire Roberts
George Roberts
Braegan Robertson
Robin Axel, ACSW
Robin Donath, LCSW
Robin Mathy, MSW, MSc, MSt, MA
Anne Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Cindy Robison
Debra Rock
Jamie Rodin
Rose Rodnez-Simpson
Maria Rodriguez-Fischer
Julie Roebuck
Kaleena Rogers
Ruth Rohde
Carmen Rojas
Sonja Romanowski
Tom Rooker
Rosa Schuff, MSW
Lauren Rose
Rosemary B. Woods
Rosemary Kolanowski
Lisa Rosenberg
Beatriz Roskopf
Gillian Rossman
Elisa Rotman
Jerrold Rousseau
Mary Rowe-Schmitz
Joanne Roy
Ellen Ruderman
Paul Ruffer
Sharon Rukin
Martha Rumble
Inta Rutins
Nannette Ryan
Dawn Rydzynski
Lisa Ryer
Yvette Sabater-Lenk
Sabrena M. Stice
Sallie E. Gratch
Sally Hunter, LCSW
Marie Salwen
Samantha Kujolic, MSW
Samantha Paige Weiss
Daniel Sambat
Celia Sampayo-Perez
R. Samuel-Koshy
Juan Sanchez
Zoraida Sanchez
Cheryl Sanders
Michael Sanders
Abby Sandling
Sandra gale brewer
Sandra M. Hebley
Michael Sands
MaryAnn Santiago
Josefa Santos
Michael Sar
Sara A. Levitsky
Sara Elisabeth Blandford, MSW
Sara J. Demetry
Sara M. Fitzgerald
Sarah Anne Cebulak, LCSW, MSW
Sarah Dickerson Bowers
Sarah G. Grant
Sarah Hart Wills, ACSW, LICSW
Sarah J. Blake, LCSW
Sarah L. Jack
Sarah M. Shelton, ACSW
Sarah Margaret Zepeda
Sarah Niemczycki
Sarah Thompson
Erica Saran
Nancy Sasso
Leslie Sattler
Gayle Saturday
Susanne Savett
Sandra Sawyer
Melissa Schacht
Marie Schaffner
Kathy Schank
Jarret Schecter
Michelle Schell
Scott Schlachter
Jill Schlanger
Rachel Schmit
Patrice Schmitz
ellie schoenfeld
Virginia Scholten
Julia Schott
Alan Schrader
Patricia Schuh-Butler
Alexis Schwach
Laura Schwartz
Andrea Schwartz
Jill Schwartz
Angela Sciara
Isabelle Scott
Robert Scuka
Paula Seefeldt
Mark Segal
Robert Sehi
Jamie Selby
Selena Mary Musumeci
Senaida S. Rangel, MSW Student
Gregory Serrao
Millicent Shadden
Helaine Shahar
Shanna Scott-Klunk, LCSW, ACS
Shannon Speaks, LISW
Aimee Shapiro
Shari C. Littman, LCSW
Sharon Glocker
Sharon R. Rose, LMSW,CAAC,ACSW
Sharon Ruth Frank, LCSW
Sharron Sanders Lewis, LCSW
Andrea Shaw
Shawn R. Slater, LCSW
Shawnti Johnson
Robert Sheehan
Sheila Albers, ACSW
Sheila Donelson, CCM
Sheila M. Dessau, MSSA/LISW-S
Sheila Rae Grow
Sirina Shepherd
Jennifer Sheppard
Walter Sherburne
Sheri Mila Gerson, ACSW,ACHP-SW
David Sherlock
Lynn Sherman
Sherri Lynn Edgar, MSW, LCSW
Sherry L. Peters, ACSW
Robin Shimel
Shirley Jean Hall, LISW-S,ACSW
Steve Shrifter
Kelly Siddiqui
Janice Sierak
Sierra Katherine McEniry
Virginia Sigel
Elionora Silbersack
Annakay Silva
Matthew Silvey
Brittany Simmons
Hugh Simmons
Angela Simon
Simone S. Schnidman, ACSW
Dana Simons
Naomi Sims-Satterwhite
Neerja Singh
Christine Sinnock
Bisirat Sium
Jennifer Sklar
Renea Slaughter
Roberta Sloan
John Slotwinski
Kathryn Smerling
Evelyn Smith
Dellon Sabriena Smith
Dianne Smith
Laura Smith
Anne Smith
Fran Smith
Tracy Smith
Margaret Smith
Ryan Smith
Alice Smith Coleman
Dolores Smith-Ezyk
Kitson Smyth
Craig Solomon
Myrna Solomon
Yolanda Soney
Sonia Morhange
Sonya Brophy, Brophy
Dena Sorbo
Lauren Sorrel
Claudia Sousa
Edith Sowe
Phoebe Speck
Joy Spice
Spring Jones, ACSW
Leslie Springer
Heidi Sproull
Susanne Spurlock
Stacey Lynn Hill
Staci Sturges, MSW
Stacy Ann Olds, LMSW
Stacy Bernstein, LCSW
Janice Stadtlander
Amy Staley
Kathleen Stamboni
Kelly Stanley
Eileen Stanzione
James Stark
Faith Starnes
Starr C. Gilmartin
Stephanie Beaton, MSW
Stephanie Esendir
Stephanie Giangrande Culhane, BA
Stephanie Sleeper, MSW Candidate 2019
Stephanie Thomopoulos, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Stephanie Visconti
Stephen L. Ammann, LMSW, CSAT-C
Susan Stepleton
Jeannette Stern
Susan Sterngold
Michael Sterzer
Steven C. Carrel
Steven M. Steinke
Allyson Stevenson
Mariah Stevenson
Jeanette Steward
Kymra Stewart
Stewart H. Shirey
Zoe Stoller
Ingrid Strand
Imelda Stroud
Naomi Stuart
Stuart Moss Cohen
Sandra Stumme
Matthew Sturiale
Teresa Montano Sucher
Sue M. Bloland
Ann Sullivan
Ann Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Ericka Sullivan-Gamble
Sarna Sunshine
Susan A. Conklin, LICSW,ACSW,DCSW
Susan Bea Van Baalen, MSW, LICSW
Susan D. Howard, LCSW- R
Susan D. Shorr, LISW, PHD
Susan G. Putter Picard
Susan Hoover, MSW, LISW
Susan Huntley Von Hemert, MSW
Susan J. Hitchcock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Susan M. Gruber, LCSW
Susan Rebecca Jones
Susan Shaw
Susan T. Blalock, ACSW
Susan W. Baron
Susie Lee Kirk, LBSW
Suzanna P. McCarthy
Suzanne K. Bowns, LCSW
Suzanne Wolcott Shugart
Delann Swann
Dodie Swick
Ryana Swift
Gailerd Swisegood
Celestine Syles
Sylvester G. Bowie
Sylvia B. Beren, ACSW
Sylvia V. Thompson, LMSW,CAADC,ACSW
Marcia Takaki
Tamara J. Grossens, ACSW
Tamara L. Kaiser, PhD
Tamara Leanne Letcher, MSW, LCSW
Tamara Lynn Gasior, LCSW
Tamara M. Vigliotti-O'Brien
Tamiko Lashelle Talley, Social Work Major
Tammy F. Brown, LCSW
Tamra L. Japenga
Gregory Tangari
Tanya Materazzi, LSW
Tara M. Mccartney
Zebedee Taylor
Ileana Taylor
Gwendolyn Taylor
Taylor Galvin
Mehari Tedla
Telia Y. Virgin, LCSW
Oneta Templeton
Teresa W. Lipscomb
Terilynn Uncangco Francisco
Terry Mizrahi, PhD, MSW
Nebiat Tessema
Test10 Test10
Test2 Test2
Test4 Test4
Test5 Test5
Test6 Test6
Test7 Test7
Stacie Thaw-Hagemann
Theresa L. Rhodes
Theresa Marie Walker, LCSW
Theresa Paynter Baxter, MSWS
Eric Thilker
Phyllis Thomas
Essie Thomas
Unika Thomas
Thomas A. Crangle, QCSW
Thomas B. Efird
Thomas W. Harrigan
Dona Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
Krystal Thorburn
Ana Thornton
Julia Timberlake
Tiphanie May, LCSW
Victoria Ann Tirado
Karen Todd
Celeste Tolbert
Tonya Elaine Thurlow
Marie Torrens
John Townsend
Tracy A. Livecchi, LCSW
Tracy Beresh, LISW-S
Tracy Carpenter-Aeby
Stephanie Traub
Carrie Trawick
Winston Trefry
Alexis Trocki
Donald Troise
Craig Tuchon
Kara Tufts
Brianna Turner
Twilah Winters, LCSW-BACS
Tyisha T. Teel
Jan Ulrich
Renna Ulvang
Keith Umemoto
Shawnda Urquidi
Valene Valerie
Tiffany Vallier
Renee VanDoren
Vanessa G. Whalen, LSCSW
Alexis Vauss
Marla Velky-Reger
Susan Venzke
Sydney Verant
Veronica R. Maldonado, BS
Vicki Friedland Coss, ACSW
Vickie Little Haralson
Victor M. Ramos, ACSW, LCSW
Victoria Cathleen Moses
Victoria Snow
Vivian Marie Medina, LCSW
Viviana Rodriguez, MSW, CAC
Francesca Vlacich
Annette Volk
Mary VonTersch-Hanno
Valerie Votaw
Tammie Walker
Cheryl Walker-Lloyd
Sharolyn Wallace
Suzanne Wallace-Appleton
Annette Wanless
Mary Warner-Hubschmitt
Henriette Warren
Norma Wassel
Deanna Wasson
Robin Watkins
Roger John Watson
Linda Watts
Marie Webb
Riann Webber
Jerry Webber
Peggy Weber
Corinne Wegener
Misty Weiser
Royanne Weiss
Stephanie Weisz
Patricia Wendle
Wendy Leer Campbell, LCSW
Wendy Noelle Crescenzo Gomez
Mary Kathleen West
Nikita West
Patricia White
Patsey White
Shelly White
Susan Wick
Katherine Wilberding Cross
Amy Wilder
Linda Wilk
Kiva Wilkinson
Earline Willcott
William C. Devery, ACSW LCSW
William F. Martin, MSW
William Rolfe
William T. Shahan, LCSW, ACSW
Francette Williams
Fallon Williams
Miracle Williams
Sarah Williams
Lynn Williams
Pamela Williamson
Kim Willis
Jane Wilson
Beth Wilson
Andrea Winslow
Beverly Winston
Colleen Winters
Patricia Wippich
Katherine Wirth
Mary Wisniewski
Danielle Witchel
David Wizansky
Nancy Wolf
Judith Wolfe
Jessica Wolfe
Carol Wolkiewicz
Elizabeth Woolf
Alyssa Wyman Pacific
Ricky Yaverbaum
Peter Yelton
Mary Yeoman
Paula Yevincy
Yolanda Pulido Lopez
Mitch Young
Jitim Young
Richard Young
Laura Yurgeles
Yvette Mitchell
Yvonne Marie Chase, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Samuel Zalanga
Joanne Zannoni
Sara Zaslow
James Zbinden
Gwen Zeichner
Jill Zellmer
Daria Zetlen
Rebecca Zimmerman
Laura Zimmermann
Rita Zito
February 2024
Leslie Aaron
Paige Abdinor
Abigail Schwartz, JD, LGSW
Devin Addessi
Catherine Addison
Adina R. Morguelan
Constance Adkins
Iris Adler
Veronika Adlerstein
Helen Adrienne
Rosemary Affeldt
Nance Agresta
Jose Agusti
Linda Ahue
Aimee Stockenstroom, LCSW
Aja Nicole Bryant
Alan F. Cauldwell, ACSW
Brittany Albert
Kellie Alexander
Martha Alexander
Alexis Caldwell
Lorrie Alfonsi
Alfred Dean Brown, LCSW
Alicia P. Sloan, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Alison C. Baker
Alison P. Shepherd, LCSW
Roberta Allen
Allison Hind
Allison Maloney, PhD,LCSW-R
Allyson Claire Rodman, LCSW
Alyse November
Alyssa R. Najera, LCSW
Amanda E. Coughlin
Amanda Kerbrat, MSW
Amanda Rhoades, LCSW
Amber Denee' Hill
Ellen Amel
Linda Lou Ames
Amy Abroms
Amy C. Sterling-Bratt
Amy E. Jackson
Amy Hickey, BSW
Amy Kimball
Amy Meyertholen
Amy Miano, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Ana Lehrhaupt
Anastasia Scangas
Hill Anderson
Donna Anderson
Andrew M. Keogh
Angela Renea Shirey, LCSW
Angelena Rachelle Schapiro, LSW
M. Angell
Anita I. Morse, LCSW
Anita J. Cleary
Anita L. Barnes
Ann M. Robbins
Ann Marie Miles
anna childs, CSW, SAC
Anna R. Cervantes-Paredes, LCSW
Anna Scates, LMSW
Anna T. Razes, ACSW
Anne M. Tarpey-Flanders
Anne Marie Cardinal, MSW, LCSW
Anne Raulerson
Annette D. Oropeza
Mark Ansel
Diana Anson
Julie Appel
Katrina Appiah
Connie Applewhite
April L. Thompson
Paulo Araujo
Zarita Araujo-Lane
Amit Arava
Ari Kugelmass
Sharon Arnold
Keystin Arnone
Payal Arora
Arun V. Hejmadi
Ashley Alexis Cooke
Ashley Edwards, LCSW
Ashley Kays Zair
Ashley Nicole Barys, L.C.S.W.
Ashley Nicole Coleman
Ashley Nicole Sullivan
Ashley Trautsch
Ashlie Dietzel, LMSW
Susan Asprey
Athena Viscusi
Audrey Ryman
Fern Auston
Cynthia Axiotes Toscano
Mary Bailey-Henry
Laura Baldwin O'Keefe
Janet Ballute
Elizabeth Banka
Bonnie Banks
Barbara A. Levine, LICSW,ACSW
Barbara B. Smith
Barbara C. McGowan
Barbara Korenblit, LCSW
Barbara L. Rosen, PhD
Barbara Powell, LICSW
Philip Barbetta
Carenlee Barkdull
Tanya Barkley-Graham
Sandra Barlow
Maureen Barnes
Scott Baron
Sandra Baron
Stephen Baron
Denia Barrett
Elissa Barry
F. Diane Barth
Rose Bartone
Kristen Basalla
Denise Batres
Phyllis Baumrind
Cynthia Baxter
Baylee Hodack
Cosette Bayles
Jeanne Bazelak
Miki Beach
Veronica Bearison
Sylvie Beauvais
Veronica Bechara
Billie Becker-Bem
Erin Beischer
Myra Belasco
Ralph Belk
Trevor Bell
Benedetto Abate, ACSW
Benjamin F. Thompson
Nicole Benjamin-Price
Regina Benner
Sean Bennett
Karan Berger
Joan Berlin
Tania Bermejo
Maureen Bernard
Sherrie Berrebi
Lynne Berrett
Ellen Berry
Nelly Bertolina
Beryl E. Minkle
Lauren Beslity
Stephen Betchen
Beth Bollenbach
Beth Manitsky
Bethany Anne Golio
Lisa Bethea
Betsy Ann Fowler, LICSW, LADC
Alan Betts
Betty R. Navedo Barsa
Beverley A. Connor, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Mark Bezanson
Yamini Bhagwat
Miriam Biddelman
Steven Bielarski
Lisa Binder
Kelley Binette
Mary Birdsong
Joseph Bishell
Sarah Bishop
Lynnette Biviano
Blair W. Barbour
Lynn Blakemore
Regan Blanchard
Rose Blaney
Marlon Blanks
Joan Bloomberg
William Blout
Elaine Bluestein
Bobbi Jolene Schroeder-Beavers, MAHS, MSW Candidate
Laurie Boehm
Bonitta E. Rinks, ACSW
Holly Bonner
Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW
Bonnie S. Tomek
Constance Booth
Steven Bordelon
Elaine Boyd
Carol Brackoneski
Julie Bradshaw
Cheri Brady
Brandi Marie Kohr, C-CATODSW
Leslie Brandon
Judy Brazen
Breena Beck, Breena Beck
Susan Breithaupt
DeEtta Breitwieser
Chevonne Brennan
Thomas Brent
Denise Briales
Brian H. Marvin
Brian Talmadge Cottrill
Brianna Jul Brooks
Elaine Bridge
Bridget Cloud, Student
Joyce Brimhall
Dianne Brinker
Lori Brinkley
Rena Britland
Gail Britt
Patricia Britt
Brittany Howard
Becky Brock
Heidi Brockstein
Meilin Brodeur
Brooke M. Warley
John Brown
Shirley Brown
MajTuri Brown
Leslie Brown
Megan Brown
Rebecca Brown Vansetters
Karen Brownlee
Stephen Brummett
Jasmine Bryant
Rachel Bulbulian
Theodore Bunin
Susan Burden
Melody Burfeind
Renee Burgard
Viktor Burlaka
Mary Effie Burnham
Diana Burns
Thomas Butler
Joan Cahill
Caitlyn Hough
Kristen Calapa
Martha Calderon
Andrew Caldwell
Robert Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Daniel Campbell
Candace L. Steingisser, ACSW,C-ASWCM
April Capawana
Richard Caplan
Cara N Snyder
Cari Anderson, LISW
Carissa Fralin, LCSW
Carla Bea Feldman
Jennifer Carley
Carli J. Christopherson
Carlithea Charlette Farrington, BSW, MA, MSW, LCSW-A
Ron Carlow
Lynne Carlson
Amy Carman
Carmelie Durkin Rank, ACSW
Carol A. Bozena
Carol Ann Gordon-Shirley
Carol J. Bridges, ACSW
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Caroline J. Locke, MSW
Carolyn A. Bradley, DCSW ACSW
Carolyn A. Romano
Carolyn G. Kim
Carolyn May Strickland, MSW, LICSW
Carolyn P. Peguero-Spencer, LCSW
Carolyn Trumble Schulze
James Carpenter
Jacquelyn Carr
Carrie Therese Thrall
Mikayla Carroll
Brandon Carson
Kenndria Carter
Gwendolyn Carter-King
Kathleen Carty
Samandra Casey
Roger Casey
Catalina Favila
Louise Cate
Marie Catenacci
Catherine Tatevosyan, LCSW
Ralph Cauthen
Caroline Chaikin
Chanell Lanette Johnson
Susan Chanin
James Chansky
Chantri Michelle Harper
John Chapman
Charles Dalton Wilson, Jr.
Charles Edward Wilkinson, Jr., BHS CADC
Charles L. Robbins, DSW, ACSW
Charles N. Hall
Ghislaine Chavez
Kathryn Chefetz
Chelsea Jennings, LGSW
Madelyn Cherrington
Erica Cherry
Cheryl A. Whittle, PhD; LCSW, PPSC
Cheryl C. Dunican-Hein
Cheryl L. Pratt, LICSW
Cheryl Lynne Goluch, LICSW
Chester A. McCoy
Frederick Childers
Willing Chin-Ma
Janet Chirdo
Michael Chittenden
Chloe Adel
Halley Choiniere
Chris Dicharry, MSW
Chris T. Colarusso, LCSW
Christen Kleinschmidt, ACSW
Kim Christi
Celia Christie
Christina Closius, LCSW
Christina L. Lewis, CSW
Christine Ann Featherstone
Christine Ferro, ACSW
Christine Maria Whipple, LCSW
Christine Paletta, MSW
Christine R. Drouillard
Christine S. Driscoll, DCSW, QCSW
Christopher G. Hudson, PhD, ACSW
Christopher W. Young, ACSW
Christy Thomas Slocum, LISW-CP
Christy Williams, LISWS, LICSW
Jean Chun
Carol Church
Lynn Churchwell
Sharon Ciocca
Claire G. Von Karls
Clara Kristen Brown, MSW
Timothy Clark
Ellen Cliburn Slack
Samantha Clifford
Piper Clyborne
Vilai Coates
Louise Coggins
Jacquelyn Cohen
Michele Cohen
Sue Cohen
Rachel Cole
Tyler Coleman
Lenora Coleman
Colette A. Reid
Joan Collar
Colleen Ann Mielke, LCSW
J Collison
LaShundra Connor
Jeanne Cook
Barbara Cook
Ruth Cook
Janet Cook
Barbara Cooper-Gordon
Robert Cope
Catherine Cornell
Richard Cornell
Samantha Cornett
Joanne Correia-Kent
Cory Raymond Sullivan, ASW
Anthony Cossette
Constance Cotter Weisenseel
Coty James Bourque, MSW Student
Abigael Coughlin
Carey Courtney
Courtney Gabrus
Janice Creasman
Shirley Crenshaw
Patrick Crews
Susan Cromwell
Aaron Crossley
Edwin Crouse
Janice Currey
Cecile Currier
Callie Curtin
Rickelle Curtis
Curtis J. Birky, ACSW PhD
Anthony Cuttitta
Cynthia D. Browne, LCSW-C
Cynthia Larkby, ACSW
Cynthia Neal Herzog
Cynthia R. Jirak
Cynthia S. DeSantis
Susan D'Aloia
Dabney A. Salmon-Worth
Maia Dalton-Theodore
Dana Pepp, LCSW
Melinda Daniel
Daniel M. Ballin
Daniel M. Potter
Danielle Causley Nicholson, LCSW
Danielle Geno Willis
Matt Dargay
Darlanna Ranelle Heinbaugh
Darshann Marie Wienick
Dashe Counts
Therese DaSilva
Mausumi Datta Gupta
David Boyle, ACSW
David C. Caton
David DHan Smith
David Eugene Dehn, MSW
David J. Rabine-Young
David Joseph Miranda, LMSW
David Massey, LCSW
David McCain Rogers
David schneider
Diane Davis
Brigid Davis
Susan Davis
Daynen Jean Lalicker
Debbie L. Hill
Debora Y. Ouimette
Deborah Allen, MSW - Intern
Deborah H. Haliczer
Deborah I. Gioia, PhD
Deborah L. Doublin, LCSW-BACS,LMFT, DCSW
Deborah Taylor
Deborah Yamin Manocchia, LCSWR
Debra A.H. O'Neal, ACSW
Debra Kittay
Debra S. Sosin, Sosin, ACSW
Shelby DeCatur
Paula DeFrisco
Deirdre T. Lupoli, LCSW-R, ACSW
Renee Delacroix
Arlene DeLand
Gina DeLeonardis
Catherine DeMassi
Patricia DeMatteo
John Demuro
Denise Howley, PhD, LCSW
Denise M. Martinez
Denise M. Nickerson
Denise Spencer, ACSW,DCSW,CAAC
Glen Denlinger
Dennis W. Muri, LCSW, LAC
Verdell Dent
Kimberly Derr
Mary Determan
Maria Di Giacomo
Brenda Di Gruccio
Susan Diamond Moore
Diana F. Hott, ACSW
Diana G. Rubin, LCSW
Diane E. Freedman
Diane Harvey
Diane Marie Cox, MSW
Diane T. Riopelle
Diana DiCesare
Darlene DiGorio-Hevner
Robert Dilbeck
Fred Dillon
Lauren Dispinseri
Ericka Dixon
Sophie Dobriansky
John Dobricky
Karen Dolan
Dolores J. Guenther, LCSW, ACSW
Dolores Walls
Donna M. Harris-Richards, LICSW
Dorene Stein, LCSW
Doris E. Ullendorff
Doris J. Muniz, ACSW
Dorothy C. Butler-Crayton, ACSW
Daniel Dougherty
Courtney Doughton
Douglas B. Scott
Douglas R. Dickenson, MSW
Autumn Drags Wolf
Nancy Drennan
Catherine Driggers
Susan Dummitt
Jodi Dumont
Elizabeth Dunlap
Sarah Jane Dunn
Monica Dunn
Kathleen Dunn-McKamie
Sandra Eagle
Linda Earnest
Stephanie Eaton
Edith Fowler Appleton, MSW, Student
Eileen Holman, LCSW
Amy Eiten
Elaine L. Blinn
Elaine M. Finley, LCSW
Elaine S. Rinfrette, ACSW
Eleanor Curtis
Elena Faugno
Elene L. Johas Teener
Elisa J. Tessier, Early Intervention
Elisabeth A. Stenger
Elissa Marie Tubergen, MSW Student
Elissa R. Levine
Elizabeth A. Hoch, LCSW
Elizabeth A. Novak
Elizabeth Ann Darley
Elizabeth Anne Stern
Elizabeth Brodhead
Elizabeth C. Ossip, LCSW
Elizabeth Frizsell, MSW
Elizabeth M. Nachreiner, BSW
Elizabeth Nabors
Elizabeth O'Hern, BSW
Elizabeth Poston, MSW, LMSW
Elizabeth Watson, MSW
Elizabeth Woollard, MSW, APSW
Ellen Gamza, -1, LCSW
Elizabeth Ellis
Kelley Ellis
Lynne Ellis
Kimberly Ellison Gdula
Julie Elmenhurst
Jasmine Elrod
Evan Emery
Emilie Marierim Burke, Outpatient
Katie Engleson
Laura English
Erica Leigh Saunders, LMSW
Erik Jervis
Erin M. Sullivan, ACSW
Ronda Erlewine-Belgarde
Jillian Esposito
Janine Estupinan
Manuel Evangelista
Elisabeth Everett
Elizabeth Evert
Elizabeth Ezra
Ezra W. Millstein
Susan Fackler
Candace Fair
Faith Iana Loyal, BSW Student
Patricia Faldani
Rebecca Fallert
Falon Pope, BS,QP
Sandra Falsey
Raquel Farber-Vazquez
Ruth Faris
Mary Farrell
Fatima Salman
Louise Fay
Fe Ana Balsick
Daryl Feinfeld
Barry Feldman
David Feldstein
Felicia Glick, LCSW
Marcella Ference
Kathleen Fiks
Ellen Finch
Elizabeth Finger
Valerie Finkel
Kelly Finn
Amy Fish
Michele Fishel
Tessa Fisher
Byron Fisher
Anne Flegenheimer
Joanna Foley
Tracy Follett
Patricia Ford
Gayle Forslund
Aldo Fossella
Suzanne Fournier
Stephanie Fowler
Marie Fox
Elizabeth Foxall
Heather France
Frances A. Swan, ACSW
Florence Francis
Emma Francis
Francisco Gil, ACSW
Deborah Franke Ogg
Freddie Lopez
Eileen Freiberg-Dale
Naomi Freireich
Emily Frenzel
Robin Fried
Robert Friedman
Janet Frigo
Kara Frizzell
Theodore Furukawa
Elise Gadson
Lynnette Gaertner
Jacqueline Gaffney
Anne Gaglianese
Gail M. Martin, ACSW
Peggy Gale
Gale A. Shay, MVF-CSW
Sandra Galgano
Allyson Galishoff
Christine Gallo
Stacy Galloway
Barbra Gant
Karen garber
Monica Garcia
Marcia Garcia
Tyrone Garner
Garreth Lloyd Pfennig
Ireta Gasner
Bea Gatchell
Athena Gavaris
Diana Gavoni
Megan Gay
Ginny Gemmell
Genajuade Shyrelle Stevenson, MA, CDP
Gene A. Obersinner, LCSW
Teresa Gentile
Allison Gentille
Ruth Genyk
Rosalind Geraigiry
Deborah Gerofsky
Laura Getz-Missan
Larissa Gibson
Julie Gibson
Andrea Gibson
Gigi N. Veasey
Kathleen Gilbert-Nabakaba
Jerry Jo Gilham
Karen GIll
Danette Gillespie-Otto
Audra Gillis
Cathi Gilmore
Gitonya Y. Bolden-Clay
Tara Glaeser
Kristin Glasure
Glenn F. Park
Tara Glick
Arlene Goldman
Ellen Goldsmith
Joan Golston
Max Goode
Herbert Goodfriend
Joseph Gorman
Brigitta Goshen
Mary Goss
Tina Goulet
Julie Gowen
Julie Graber
Jennifer Graf
Carol Graff
Barbara Graham
Valerie Grant
Cheryl Gray
Kerry Greaney
Jolene Green
Jo Ann Green
Alexandra Greenberg
Elizabeth Greenberger
Joshua Greene L I C S W
Suzanne Greenwald
Gregory J. Villalba
Stephen Grekin
Gretchen Gaines, ACSW, ACHP-SW
Gretel J. LaVieri
Joyce Griffin
Nyiri Grigorian
Norman Gross
Margo Grossberg
Brandon Guerra
Anita Gulati
Rachel Haddock
Andrea Hafner
Nusie Halpine
Karen Hamilton
Sarah Hammack
Karen Hamp
Hannah Ives Cuniff
Hannah M. Cohen
Karen Hannon
Sherry Hanrahan
Donna Hansbury
Ola Hardiman
Bettina Harding
Marianne Harlow
Honor Harris
Jane Harris
Lee Hart
Catherine Hartshorn
Katherine Hatem
Kelly Haussmann
Vauna Haza
Kevin-Barry Heaney
Heather Esping, LSW
Heather L. Bencivenga
Heather Ross-Lowenstein, LISW,ACSW
Heather Tousignant-Stanton, LCSW, LMST
Suzanne Hecht
Beatrice Heck
Deborah Hedges
Janet Heilbronn
Monika Heimbold
Jill Hellman
Bonnie Henderson
Mitzi Hendrick
Kathy Henry
Rodrigo Herradura
James Heymans
Sarah Heyn
Hilary Stokes, LCSW
Elizabeth Hill
Hinda Winawer
Annette Hintenach
Thomas Hlenski
Julia Hochstadt
Bonnie Hodes
Lauren Hoffman
Kristin Holley
Holly A. Harris
Holly Hill, LSW
Holly Wade Wade
Paul Honess
Jolinda Hopkins
Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko
Cossy Hough
Tony Howard
Margaret Howard
Lisa Howell
Uma (Tina) Hubbard
Margaret Huettenmoser
Carolyn Hughes
Guadalupe Huitron-Lilly
Paula Hunt
Delene Iacono
Terri Iman Miles
Michael Immerman
Ineke F. Way, ACSW
Inez K. Ray-Annis, LICSW
Patrick Inniss
Jim Inthanongsak
Iris T. Fox, Ms. Iris T. Fox
Kristofer Isaksen
Mary Itin
Maryellen Ivy
Elise Jaacobi
Ann Jackler
Jacklyn Amberwood
Debra Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
Jackson Hoppey, MSW Student
Jacob Bruce Borst, MSW, LGSW
Jacob Jones
Ellen Jacobs
Amy Jacobs
Jacqueline A. Adams
Jacqueline B. Caballero, LCSW
Jacqueline C. Oshiver, ACSW
Jacqueline Darlene Weller, BSW Student
Jamelah Stone
James Denton Weiss
James E. Judkins, ACSW,DCSW,QCSW
James F Murtaugh, LMSW
James McDaniel Kuhn
James R. Flowers
Jamie Lyn Campanella
Jana K. Edwards, LCSW
Joseph Janas
Jane C. Probst, LCSW
Janelle Gibson, MSW, LMSW
Janelle H. Kamba
Janet A. Cheek
Janet M. Brown, LCSW
Janice E. Delorenzo
Janice LaTosha Shedrick, BSBA, CPSS
Jennifer Janssen
Jared Stewart Roe
Rob Jaskiewicz
Jasmine Giraldo, Social Work Student
Jason Stern, LMSW
Jean Friedman, ACSW
Jean M. Harter Shutt
Jean Paulin Engbanda Lockulu, SW
Jeannetta M. Bushey
Emil Jech
Jeffery Patterson
Jeffrey D. Riekhof
Jeffrey Hermsen
Jeffrey S. Frank
Doris Jenkins
Jenna Mares, LLMSW, MDiv
Jennie P. Merovick
Jennifer A. La Jeunesse
Jennifer A. Prince, ACSW
Jennifer Buckley Dalen
Jennifer G. McArtor, MSW, LICSW, LCSW
Jennifer J. Crumpley, LCSW-R
Jennifer L. Arbogast, M.S.
Jennifer L. Brown
Jennifer L. Knight
Jennifer L. Kogan
Jennifer Ladner, LICSW
Jennifer Linda Outlaw, LCSW
Jennifer Mary Behoteguy, MSW
Jennifer Michel
Jennifer O. Poklar
Jennifer R Koranyi
Jennifer Spitz
Jennifer Zube Gregorio
Jenny Psaki, LMSW, LSW
Jerri Lynne Sanders, LSW
Jerri R. Shankler, LCSW CADC
Jesseca Guerreiro, MSW, LSW
Michelle Jessen
Jessica Fenton
Jessica L. Sanders
Jessica Lynn Wells
Jessica McClure, LCSW
Jessica Van Rosenberg
Jevon Stephen Moore, LLMSW
Jill E. Fontanella
Joan B. Whipple, LCSW
Joan E. Dane-Kellogg
JoAnn Griffin
Joann Sallmann
Linda Joannidis
Jodie Zalewski
Joe Deegan, LICSW
Richard Joens
John ernest Catherine Gray, MSW Clinical supervi
John James Riley, MSW
Lisa Johnson
Lois Johnson
Jonas B. Goldenberg
Benjamin Jones
Justine Jones
Betty Jones
Rebecca Jones
Jonetta L. Bracken
Jordan Kent Harmon, LCSW
Jordana Ravick, LCSW
Joseph John Hoffman
Joseph Markowicz, ACSW
Joseph Merrell, III, ACSW
Joseph R. Rogers
Josephine Elizabeth Oldham
Joy Hollister
Renee Joyce
Joyce M. Perkins
Judith A. Howard
Judith B. Shipman
Judith G. Burrows
Judith Kellner, LCSW
Judith Malone
Judith R. Peres, LCSW-C
Juleah Mary Porter Berliner
Jules K. Beck
Julia Harris Vanover, LCSW, BCD, TMHP
Juliane K. Klinke
Julie A. Cederbaum, PhD, MSW, MPH
Julie Allen, LMSW
Julie Bilsky, LCSW
Julie Paradeis
Juliet E. Faber
Kaitlyn Antonia Eberly, BSW
Kajal Patel
Thomas Kalina
Anna Kalliagas
Meg Kallman
Susan Kallman
Thomas Kane
Marcia Kaplin
Jessica Karell
Karen A. Jick, MSSW, DCSW
Karen Drane, LICSW
Karen Elaine Ream, MSW
Karen Marie Ponder
Karla Jean Dieters
Judith Karpinski
Kasey Brady, LCSW
Victoria Kass
Kate B. MaeDonald
Katharine V. Byers
Katherine A. Szurley
Katherine Calvert
Katherine Dean Turek
Katherine Elizabeth Hartley, LCSW
Katheryn G. Segura Arroyo, n/a
Kathleen C. Faller, ACSW
Kathleen Connolly-Piumbroeck, ACSW
Kathleen Jill
Kathleen MacKenna, ACHP-SW
Kathleen Mary Nealon
Kathleen O. Odvody
Kathleen Patricia Smith, LCSW, LIMHP
Kathleen Rutherford
Kathleen Walsh Samp
Kathryn Baudreau, LICSW
Kathryn J. Potter
Kathryn Juliana Benson
Kathryn Konicek
Kathryn Moffett, MSW, LCSW
Kathy K. Snowden
Judith Katz
Julia Kay
Kay B White, ACSW
Kayla Miranda Burchfield
Ann Kearney
Denise Keck
Susanne Kee
Bethanne Kee
Keith H. Liederman, ACSW
Murray Kelley
David Kells
Alice Kelly
Kelly Ann Haines, MPH
Kelly Bartle-Bush, LCSW
Kelly Betsworth
Kelly C. Laurie
Kelly Tow, BSW
Kelsey Hope Anderson, MSW Student
Kendra Dale Chamberlin, LCSW
Kenisha Morton, LMSW
Charles Kennedy
Kerry Jetton
Nancy Kessler
Fran Kessler
Kevin B. Hanger
Kevin R. Carter, LCSW
Kim Teresa DuBose
Kimberly Hamilton, C-ASWCM
Kimberly S. Mueller, LICSW
Kimberly Sue Johnson
Karrie Kindl-Valdez
Kristena King
Mary Kinzie
Kirby J. Peterson
Naomi Kirshner
Patricia Kitlasz
Jerome Kleckley
Callie Kleer
Leonardo Klein
Matthew Klein
Mariela Kleiner
Douglas Klim
Joseph Klinkov
Tyrelle Knight
Roderic Knights
Susan Kocik
Paula Kocon
Joan Kogelschatz
Mizuki Kojima
John Konny
Krista Kopchick
Lesley Koplow
Judith Korn
Margrit Kraft
Eileen Kraus
Norma Kraus Eule
Mimi Kravitz
Derek Krehbiel
Lisa Krekler
Kristen H. Fisher, LCSW
Kristin M. Hosmer
Kristin S. Kimmell
Kristina Rose Yamaguchi
Valerie Kristopher
Elizabeth Krueger
David Kruzich
Krystalia ReNee Carrillo
Vicki Kugler
JoDee Kuhl
Michele Kuhl
Ervilene Kuhlmann
Kurt Arsenault, MSW
Kurt Lebeck, MSW
Merle Kushner
Carla La Pointe
Linda Ladd
Jennifer Laferriere
Donna Lafleur
Lucy Lafleur
Diane Laks
Jerome Lamagna
Cara Lambert
Claudette LaMelle
Bessie Lancelin
Landa Marie Duszynski, MSW, LCSW,LICSW
Lanny R. Endicott, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Lara J. Shaw, BSW
Noel Larson
Michael LaSala
Thomas Laskowski
J. Victoria Laszlo
Katia Lathrop
Linda Lattanzio
Kimberly Lauer
Laura A. Holman
Laura E. Dermer
Laura E. Hassell
Laura Elizabeth Van Riper, van Riper, LCSW
Laura Hoge
Laura Kathryn Green
Laura L. Grimes, LCSW
Laura L. Shore
Laura Long
Laura M. Blackwell, LISW-S
Laura Manning Jenkins
Laura Taets, MSW Candidate 2018
Laura Theresa Porcaro, LSW
Laure Rohrs-Gargano, LCSW CAC CCDP CETII
Lauren C. Berman
Lauren Carabetta
Lauren E. Conklin, ACSW
Lauren Elizabeth Taus
Lauren Schreck, CRSS, CBHT
Laurie A. Ure
Laurie B. Webb, MSW Candidate
Kathleen Lawrence
Will Laytham
Mary Le Beuf
Sheila Leach
Leah A. Snell, LCSW, ACSW
Leah W. Travers-Pucci, LCSW
Teresa Learned
Peggy Ledner
Lee Daly, LCSW
Lekeesha Charles, LCSW
William Leopold
Anthony Lerro
Nancy Lesh
Leslie A. Corin, ACSW
Leslie M. Kahn, ACSW
Minna Levenkron
Mindy Levine-Harris
Patricia Lewis
Cari Lewis-Osborne
Wai-Ping Li-Landis
Frank Lienhart
Lillian Rosenblatt
Linda A. Engel, ACSW
Linda Crenshaw
Linda D. Whiting Hopkins, Lcsw-R, LCSW-R
Linda H. Land, ACSW
Linda L. Cohen, ACSW
Linda Levy Harley, LCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Viola Lindsey
Lindsey B. Krogh, LCSW
Lindsey Bustamante, LCSW
Allison Ling
Joan Linhardt
David Linkh
Amy Lipeles
Maggie Lipham
Deborah Lipman
Lisa Ann Ragnoli, LMSW - Clinical
Lisa L. Frady, LCSW
Lisa Look
Lisa M. Berg
Lisa M. Harrington, Lcsw
Lisa S. Parks, MSW, LSW
Naomi Litrownik
Liz Dideon Hess, LCSW
Lizbeth Rizzo, BSW, MA
Stephaine Lloyd
Lloyd Edward Wells, Jr., LCSW
Angela Loewen
Logan Lanette Comegys, LMSW
Lois Cartica, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Lola Harney, MSW
Gail Long
Tyler Long
Ronnie Loomis
Lora Hack, LCSW
Lora R. Tucker, LMSW, CASAC
Rachel Loreto
Loretta Klem, BA, BSW, MA, LCSW
Jennifer Lorey
Lori Ann Kanke, LCSW
Lori Campanella Durand, LCSW
Lori Kundrot Faber, LCSW
Louisa Triandis
Louise DeCarro, LCSWR
Joseph Lowndes
Jyl Lozier-Oman
Zoie Lucas
Lucie A. Knapp, MSW, LCSW
Lucinda Barnum-Steggerda, MSW Student
Tamara Luckett-Cavanaugh
Jayne Ludwig
Luis S. Garcia, Ed.D
Luis Virella, LCSW, LCADC
Daniel Luke
Jerilyn Lundquist
Lydia Trojanowski, LSW
Gypsy Lyle
Lynda Flood
Lynda Marie Nunez
Lyndelia B. Wynn
Lynette F. Hickey
Lynette Marie DePeter-Schulz
Lynn C. Finley, LCSW
Lynne Patton, ACHP-SW
Lynsey Michelle Sloan
Gary Lyons
Carmen Machado
Madeleine Davis-Shelton
Angela Madison
Jennifer Madrigal
Maggie Ivancic, Student
Katie Maguire
David Maida
Colette Malan
Malcolm E. Scott
Miriam Maldavsky
Anne Malone
Mariann Mamberg
Mandi Goretska, LCSW
Manoucheka Baltazar
Olga Manrique
Lesley Manuel
Donna Manzi-Heller
Mara Christine Bischoff
Susan Marchlen
Marcia G. Rachlin, ACSW,C-SSWS - LCSW
Marcy A. Jacobs, LCSW
Marcy S. Rosenbaum
Margaret A. Elbow
Margaret Brooke Anderson, MSW
Margaret E. Martin, ACSW
Margaret Jane Moudry
Margaret L. Lovelace, ACSW
Margaret Robinson
Margaret T. Debrot-Butler, LCSW, PsyA
Helen Margolin
Maria Baratta, ACSW, LCSW,PhD
Maria Elizabeth Poulsen
Maria Y. Maya
Marie G. Goodine
Marie J. Hawe
Marie Louise Walters, LSW
Marie-Ange Montas, ADC/MC, CDP, GE
Marilyn J. Thornton, ACSW
Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez
John Markoff
Benjamin Marmorstein
Gary Marsh
Martha K. Barker, LCSW-C
Christianna Martin
Heather Martin
Lauren Martin
Angela Martin
Linda Martin
Mary Martin
Mary C. McCarthy, ACSW
Mary Ellen S. Hays
Mary Helen Golden, BS, LAC
Mary Kay Healy, CSW-PIP
Mary Louise Pappas, MSW
Mary N. Heath
Mary Rose Dewald, BS
Mary Sue Olcott
Mary T. Sheehan, LCSW
MaryAnn Toney
Marybeth Whittaker
Maryellen Just
Melanie Masdea- Dignum
Kristin Mast
Lisa Master
Eleanor Mathews
Sara Mathews Dixon
Raisa Mathies-Brownell
Jeanne Matich-Maroney
Matthew A. Loehr, ACSW
Matthew Crescenzi, MSSW
Matthew Gregory Brown
Vera Matthews
Maura Gunter, LGSW
Maura Katherine Bourne, MSW, LCSWA
Maureen McCarthy-Magill, MSW
Joseph Maurer
Cynthia Maxwell
Katja Mayfield
Dennis McAllister
Phyllis McCafferty
Jacob McCann
Linda McCarty Blumenthal
Othea McCoy Mance
Debbie Mcdermitt
Delilah McDonald
Carolyn McDuff
Samantha McGann-Taylor
Monica McGoldrick
Marc McGovern
Elizabeth McGovern
McKenzie Marie Grim
Nancy McKeon
Rosa McKinney
Andrew McKinney
Linda McKinnon
Marlena McLean
Kerry McLoughlin
Claire McMahon Thomas
Jennifer McMullin
Megan Alice Niegisch, LCSW
Megan Eileen Alberti, LCSW
Megan Louise Leone-Perkins, PhD, MEd
Megan Nicole Miller, BSW student
Megan Rose Salyer
Samantha Megias-Festa
Whitney Meisenheimer
Melanie Gail Hathaway
Melinda M. Oliver
Melissa D. Wilson
Melissa J. Wirth, BSW
Melissa Joy Miller, MSW
Melissa Jungemann, SWA
Melissa Therese Scolaro, LCSW, MSW, MA
Melodie Jean Reinke, LCSW
Frances Mendelsohn
Keeley Mendenhall
Sigrid Mergenthaler
Lynn Merkel
Stephen Messina
David Metting
Cathleen Metzger
D. Elizabeth Meyers
Jane Meyers
Helen Michael
Michael G. Keith
Michael I. Fischman
Michael J. Shaffran
Michael Zaleski
Michaela M. Rinkel
Kaylee Michalski
Michele Marcel, LMSW
C. Micheli
Michelle Booth, MSW
Michelle L. Johnson, LCSW
Michelle Thornton, MSW Student
Michelle Wexelblat
Christine Mieloch
Alyson Mierswa
Morgan Mierzwa-Winters
Scott Migdole
Miguel Torres
Lewis Mikesell
Spignotta Milam
Meredith Miles
Susan Miller
Faye Miller
Alexis Miller
Camille Miller
Judith Miller
Clarissa Miller
Lucinda Mills
Jamichelle Millson
Mindell Milstein-Adler
Mindy Sherbet, MSW
Regina Miranda
Juan Miranda
Elizabeth Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell
Mitzi D. Stephens, LMSW
Robert Mohr
Molly F. Eldridge
Batya Monder
Monica Amato
Monica D. Devol
Monica S. Jordan
Monique Marie Bringman, MSWC
Katrellia Montague
Michael Montgomery
Joel Montgomery
Elisabeth Montouri
Renae Montroy
Ryan Moore
Kelly Moore
Gloria Morales
Angela Morelli
Sandra Morford
Kerry Morgan
Cathy Morgan
Morgan M. Kupsinel
Ellen Moriarty
Barbara Morris
Christine Morris
Theodore Morrison
Shari Morrow Cooper
Debra Moser
Robert Mosley
Linda Moss
Wendy Mour
Alecia Moyer-Basso
Beverley Mucciardi
Mary Mullally
Casey Mulligan
Laurie Mulvaney
Janae Munday
Gwen Murakami
Sonja Murphy-Erby
Joan Murray
MyKaria La'Faye Davis
Myra J. Powell, ACSW
Nafisah Kicha Downs
Diana Naftal
Traci Nagel
Becky Nagel
Nakia Linzie Shavers, LCSW
Nanci Burt, MSW, LCSW
Nancy Ann Ring, LCSW
Nancy Anne Zukowski, LMSW
Nancy C. Lowrie, LISW-S, SAP,Mediator
Nancy J. Gardner
Nancy L. Fuhr Bonn
Nancy M. Hutchinson
Nancy Sowell
Nandita Hegde, LCSW
Nanette Roberto
Natalie E G DuBois
Kari Nathan
Nathan Neal Perry
Anne Nayer
Neelam Al-Angurli
Neil D. Brown
Christina Neiman
Michele Nelson
Lindsey Nelson
Nelson L. Hadler
Nicola Netto White
Julie Neufeld
Deanne Newman
Jennifer Newson
Stacey Nicholas
Wayne Nichols
Casie Nickey
Nicole Edward Grace
Nicole Logue
Nicole Michel
Nina Britt Dalley, BSW, ASUDC
Nina J. Horkowski, LCSW
Danielle Nisivoccia
Bebe Nixon
Loretta Nixon
NKrumah D'Angelo Lewis
Nancy Nollen
Ann Norris
Christine Northrup
Melissa Novak
Renata Novak Ziarnik
Deborah November
Leah Nuetzel
Eulalia Nunez-Ortiz
Phyllis Nunoo-Williams
Lory Nurenberg
Idara Nwa
Douglas Nygren
Sandra O'Brien-Tamez
Margaret O'Connell
Leila O'Connell
Lynn O'Connor
Dana O'Dell
Francine O'Hagan
Kate O'Hara
Alexandra O'Hara
Teresa O'Mara
Marty O'Neal
Jamie O'Neil
Nancy O'Sullivan
Raymond Oakes
Melissa Oakley
Kim OConnell
Oksana kaczmarczyk
Oliver P. Goss
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Marcia Ortegon
Gloria Ortiz
Oscar Noe Gonzalez
Ashley Oser
Allison Ostrowsky
Karen Ostrowsky
Lori Pagano
Tara Paine
Linda Palmatier
Gene Palmer
Kirk Palmer
Pamela C. Dean
Pamela J. Reid, ACSW
Pamela K. Manela, ACSW DCSW
Pamela Lynn Bookout
Sarah Parran
Pat Cremins
Patricia A. Mennor
Patricia Ann Marsh, MSW
Patricia L. Pagano, LCSW
Patricia Marie Murphy, MSW Intern
Patrick A. Pohle
Patrick Ross Scott, PhD,LCSW,DCSW,FAPA
Sandra Patrick-Hendricks
Jodie Paul
Paul Andrew Marion
Paul J. Stretch
Paula D. Weatherby
Paula R. Haraldson
Suzanne Pauratore
Pearl Wong, ACSW, LCSW
Jennifer pearlman
Peggy L. Harriott, ACSW
Jacynth Pelland
Colleen Pellegrino
Cynthia Pendleton
Frances Perez
Perla Parra
Jeffrey Perlman
Perrin Peterson, ACSW, LCSW
Evelyn Perro
Sherry Persky
Peter A. Miller
Peter Bennett
Andrew Peters
Aimee Peters
Margaret Peters
Marjorie Peterson
Martha Phillips
Phyllis Beren, PHD
Phyllis Senesi, LMSW,LMFT
Susana Picado
Nathan Piccolomini
Joelle Piercy
Stacey Pinilis
Sharyn Pinney
Kenneth Pinter
Christopher Pinter
Susan Piowaty
Gretchen Piskura
Mary Plonka
Susan Plutzer
Christie Polen-Bonitz
Spencer Porter
Elizabeth Post
John Potter
Carl Potter
Norma Powell
Victoria Powers
Virginia Pratt
Bonnie Press
Karen Preyer
Sara Price
Prisca Hefti
Priscilla Gonsalves-Assing
Betty Pristera
Colleen Pritchard
Joyce Proudlock
Scott Provost
Sandra Pumphrey
Nancy Purcell
Quincy L. Dinnerson, MSW
Eileen Quinn
Quizzina Forney
Rachael Leann Foley, Indian Child Welfare
Rachel D'awn Ledgerwood
Rachel Jenkins-Stevens
Rachel Renea Jaffe, BSW
Rachelle Lauren Owen, LMSW
Kristin Radcliffe
Muhammad Rahman
Rita Rakestraw
Rebecca Ramos
Randi A. Cawley, LMSW
Randi Delirod, M.A.
Ray Sizemore
Ronalee Ray-Parrott
Raynisha Simpson, Student
Ricconesha Raynor
Reagan Fike-Rager, MSW, MDiv
Rebecca A. Stilling, ACSW,QCSW
Rebecca B. MacKenzie
Rebecca Hellwig, LMSW
Rebecca J. Hall
Rebecca Jean Tauber
Rebecca Lynn Sember, LCSW
Rebecca M. Lowe, RN, BSW
Rebecca M. Skinner
Rebecca Stocker
Rebecca Sue Katz, M.A., LPCA
Terri Recchia-Bledsoe
Deanna Reed
Christine Reed
Kristin Reed
Kelsey Rees
Arlene Reeves
Reginald Lamont Eggleston, LCSW-C
Angela Reid
Kathleen Reilly
Megan Reilly Buser
Jacqueline Reiter
Jill Reiter
Renee M. Senn, LCSW
Jennifer Reynolds
Aleece Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds
Annette Richards
Norman Richey
Sherry Richman
Lisa Richter
Anna Rickell
Bonnie Riley
Matthew Ringenberg
Rita E. Shawn, DCSW
Rita Simeone
Georgiana Rivera
Ada-Luz Rivera Flemming
Brooke Rizor
Vicki Robbins
Robert E. Cortes, LCSW
Robert E. Jones
Robert Simonson, CSW
Roberta Renee Brown, LCSW, BCD, CFAE
Trever Roberts
Misty Roberts
Robin Engels, LCSW
Robin L. Berenstain
Anne Robinson
Ruby Robinson
Unique Robinson
Doris Robinson
Susan Robison
Rod J. Herrera, LCSW
Pamela Rodman Paro
Elizabeth Rogers
Kara Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Terrence Rogers
Teresa Rohret-Erickson
Juanita Roller
Camille Roman
Ron Goldman
Rona F. Levi, ACSW
Ronald Whalen, PhD
Rondalyn T. Strother Graham
Anita Ronis
Lori Roper
Rose Marie Huizenga, MSW
Lauren Roseman
Rosemary J. Mcknight, PHD,LCSW
Rosemary Raye Gamin
Rhona Rosenblatt
David Rosenthal
Kim Ross
Sharon Ross-Donaldson
Sara Rotenberry
Laura Roth
Barbara Rothberg
Roxane Mongelluzzo, LCSW, ACSW, QCSW
Libby Royer
Molly-Jane Rubinger
James Rubins
Roberta Rudiger
Emily Rudofsky
Andrea Rudolph
Meta Rudy
M. Runyon
Russell L. Henderson, LCSW
Ruth K. Macy, LISW
Kelly Ryan
Gail Ryan
Paula Ryan
Ryan Matthew Schulz, MSW
Wendy Sabin
Jennifer Sackett
David Sacks
Melinda Saffioti
Sai-Ling Chan-Sew
Josephine Saia
Stephanie Sakalian
Sallie Campbell, LISW-CP/AP, ACSW,
Samantha D. Morris, MSW, MEd
Natalia Sanchez
Marie Sandoli
Sandra A. Hammond
Sandra Ferrucci
Sandra G. Centeno
Sandra S. Faulkner, ACSW
Josephine Santillo
Sara G. Zaientz, LCSW
Sara Louise Gendreau, LCSW
Sara M. Price
Sarah J. Singer, LICSW, ACSW
Sarah L. Malak, MSW
Sarah R. Modde
Sarah Romer, LSW
Sarah Segal McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW
Sarah Trickle
Payal Sawhney
Andrea Scharfman-Schulman
Emily Scheider
Schinobu Marie Pennywell, MSW, ASW
Rosa Schirripa
Sonya Schmid
Kevin Schmidt
Leora Schmidt
Christa Schorn
Debra Schrafft
Alexandria Schroer
Kathryn Schuller
Carol Schwartz
Kathleen Scott
Eric Scott
Christopher Seaman
Fatemah Sedighi
Austin Seeley
Richard Sells
Susan Seney
Jacquelyn Senia
Seon Ah Ahn, LCSW
Charlotte Sere
Sergio I. Gutierrez, LCSW
Susan Seufert
Shalia K. Kamakele
Shannan Shannon
Shannon Campbell, LMSW
Shannon Elizabeth Quinn
Sharon Alonso, LCSW
Sharon Manning-Kelly
Sharon R. Younkin
Irma Sharp
Nancy Sharpe
Shauna Campbell, LCSW
Shawn M. Keith, MSW LCSW
Maureen Sheehan
Maura Sheehy
Christina Sheerin
Sheila G. Roth, QCSW
Sheila M Zepernick
Rita Sheinin
Shelia Marie Strouse
Shelley A. Hearn
Shelley Lynn Green
Pam Shepard
Patricia Shepley
Sheryl I. Goldberg, ACSW
Shilpa Raman
Jill Shipp
Shirley Jean Davenport, LSW,CSAC
Shirley Valk
Stephanie Shoffstall
Juanita Shoopman
Michelle Shubin
Catherine Sibert
Erica Siegal
Jennifer Siemann
Lois Sigman-Young
Kathleen Silver
Carol Silverman
Simkha Y. Weintraub
Ruth Simon
Alicia Simpson
Carly Siuta
Sandra Skezas
Gary Skinner
Lanita Slabaugh
Carol Slade
Michael Slevin
Colleen Slowey-Morelli
Regina Slutzky
Peter Smith
Suzanne Smith
Rosa Smith
Kelly Smith
Julie Smith
Kristyn Snedden
Michelle Sobel
Maria Solano
Martha Solano
Julie Solinski
Seth Solondz
Sonia Elefante
Nancy Sonntag
Adelina Sorkin
Patricia Sornsin
Michael Sotak
Jennifer Sowinski
Barbara Spada
Stacie Speed
Regina Spencer
Ruth Spencer
Michelle Sperlich
Jessica Spillers
Jennifer Spirito
Cindy St. George
Stacey Ann Lusky
Stacey G. Willson
Stacey Tesseyman, LCSW
Stacy Alper-Lisi, LCSW
Stacy Ann Stephens, LCSW
Stacy Kuhn
Stacy Lynne Menardi, MSW
Diane Stanley
Karen Starks
Paityn Steadman
Steffine M. Amodt
Paula Stein
Ellen Stein
Lynn Steinhauer
Greg Stelzner
Stephanie A. Peluso-Abbott, LISW-CP
Stephanie F. Senogles
Stephanie R. Teahn
Gracy Stephen
Stephen Carleton, LCSW
Stephen Paul Carroll
David Stetson
Steven I. Garte-Wolf
Steven R. Blake
Jennifer Stewart
Jacqueline Stewart
Therese Stone
Susan Stones
Ashley Strawther
Kimberly Strom
Gladys Stuart
Alexis Sturmwind
Sue A. Elliot, ACSW
Sue G. Hallowell
Monet Sulkowski
Christine Sullivan
George Summers
Mary Summerville
Amy Sumner
Ivan Sumner
Elizabeth Sunshine
Susan E. Schiff, ACSW
Susan Gibson Peterson, LCSW
Susan L. Koehne, LICSW
Susan L. Thorne-Devin, LCSW
Susan Lipman Henry, Homecare and Hospice
Susan M. Davis-Swanson
Susan Robin Reib, MSW Candidate
Susan Schulherr, ACSW
Susan Tharpe
Susan W. Ruskin
Susan Zebley Morang
Karin Suskin
Richard Sussman
Maya Sutta-Gomez
Mary Sutton
Rima Sutton
Suzanne Dowd, LCSW
Suzanne E. Rodgers, ACSW
Suzanne Rubinetti
Suzanne U. Wall
Suzanne Waltman Coote, C-ASWCM
Suzette S. DeForas
Cara Swain
Courtney Swan
Doreen Swedik
Patti Swenson-Abraham
Sylvia Hairston, MSW
Dariusz Szajnert
Brittany Szucs
Ellen Tabak
Margaret Taber
Naomi Taffet
Kristen Tahaney
Tami B. Stieber, LCSW
Tami Eve Knell
Tara Bugg, BA, MSW
Tara L. Buonagura
Audrey Tarplin
Carol Taylor
Daryn Tenenbaum
Teresa E. Hernandez
Teresa M. Connor, LICSW
Teresa R. Foster, LCSW
Teresita Hernandez Maxey
Therasa Terrazzano
Jan Tewes
Thayer S. Case, MSW
Timothy Thein
Theresa Krueger De Carli, MSW, LSW
Theresa L. Bennett
Theresa Maurer, BSW
Theresa P. Secrest, LCSW
Douglas Thomas
Joanne Thomas
Thomas Joseph Waltz
Thomas Konopka
Thomas L Duvall
Michelle Thompkins
Susan Thompson
Irwin Thompson
Susan Thomson
Tiffany Maria Taylor, LCSW
Tiffany Turner, ACHP-SW
Jeffry Till
Timothy John Rodier
Tina Marie Graber, LSW
Tina R. Flaherty
Tina Thompson
Todd Moko, MSW, LCSW
Rebecca Tolman
Vilma Torres
Barbara Torrest
Torrie Lynn Benson-Pryor
Larry Torrisi
Heather Tracey
Tracy L. Byington
Debra Tremblay
Seraphita Treston-Pastore
Jennifer Trolio
Diane Troy
Susan Trudeau
Susan Truland
Maria Tupper
Christie Turner
Tracy Turner
Stephen Tuttle
Noelle Tutunjian
Joely Tweel
Katherine Tynes
Jaclyn Tyson
Sabrina Ulrich
Uma K. Zykofsky
Frances Vadas
Kimberly Vagelakos
Penelope Vaine
Tonja Valenzuela
Norman Van Klompenburg
Vanessa Chinwe Okechukwu
Zsuzsanna Varhelyi
Judith Velez
Melissa Verner
Lorraine Vestris
Vicki Budd-Darby
Victoria Mitchell
Maricela Villegas
Sara Viola
Violette Jackson, DCSW
Rebecca Vlam
Sofie Voyias
Irene Wagner
Nancy Wahlig
Anne Wakefield
Esther Wakley
Eugene Walden
Melissa Waldrip
Angela Walker
Priscilla Wallace
Linda Waller
Susanne Walsh Felizzi
Wanda K. Ellingson, LCSW, ACSW
Karlyn Ward
Debra Ward
Sharman Warrick
Karen Wasserman
Lara Watrous
Martha Watson
Mary Weatherby
Trisha Weaver
Mark Weber
Mary Weimer
Elizabeth Weiner
Gary Weisman
Joan Caren Weiss
Gerard Weiss
Anne Weiss
Jennifer Welch
Rebbecca Wellborn
Steve Wellington
Natasha Welz
Donald Wendrick
Wendy Severance Cordeiro
Wendy Wedell-Walker
Gatewood West
Brenda Wetzel
Robert White
Richard White
Barbara Whitman
Carolina Wickman
Kristin Wiehl
Rose Wigodner
Thomas Wilda
William C. Stoner, III
William E. Lamb, ACSW
William J. Sackett
William Scott Vestring, BSW Student
Bonita Williams
Roberta Williams
Ava Williams
Wilma Dyer Dalaba
Elise Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Judy Wimpfheimer
Winifred D. Kearns
William Winslow
Suzanne Wintner
Linda Wirth
David Wise
Lynda Wisnoski
Tanya Witman
Silkaly Wolchok
Susan Wolfe
James Womack
NaTasha Woodard
Kimberly Woodmansee
Marilyn Woods-Webb
Barbara Wright
Wendy Wright
Roberta Wysong
Diane Yanke Webster
Iris Yankelevich
Barbara Yearing
Yi-Chien Hung
Edith Yoder
Yolanda Cross, ACSW
Yolanda Y. Gunzel, LCSW
Patricia Young
Hyacinth Young
Denise Young
June Young
David Yovino
Yuka Ungwiluk
Margaret Zable
Fern Zagor
Zainab Sadiq, MSW
Suzanne Faye Zakheim
Gary Zalkin
Betty Zara
Debra Zatkin
Stephanie Zettler
Judy Zimbelman
Zipporah Neuman
Zoe Lauenstein, BSW
Elizabeth Zsolnay
Barbara Zwick
January 2024
Aaron Jennings, LCSW
Aaron Kinstler
Joyce Abarca
Abigail P. Grant, LISW-S, ACSW
Lewis Abrams
Diane Adams
Addison Jackson, Jr.
Faye Aiello
Alan K. Tuttle, QCSW
Alan M. Wexler, MSW, LCSW
Lynda Albert
Miriam Alcala
Alejandra Angelica Robinson
Alex Climenko Gottschalk
Alexander Boughner, BS
Alexandra Smith, MSW Student
Alexandria Cartier, LVT, MSW
Alexandria J. Wunderlich, LISW-CP, LCSW
Yhatrid Algarin
Anna Ali
Patricia Alice
Alicia M. Wuesthoff, ACSW
Alisa Almendarez
Alissa Rose James, LSW
Amy Allen
Allen Levy, LCSW,DCSW
Allison Laffey, MSW
Allison Layne Stensland, LBSW
Allison Schrag, LCSW
Alma Bounds Pinckney, BA
Diane Alther
Sharon Alvandi
Alyssa Fradenburg
Alyssa Strzalka, MT-BC
Amanda Danielle Greubel
Amanda Machamer Becker, MSW, LCSW
Amber Hall
Amelia P. Eades Koplow
America Ortega
Ami Marie Peacock, MSW, LISW-S
Amy Berlin, LMT
Amy F. Williamson
Amy Jordan Fowler, BSW
Amy Michelle Haggerty
Amy Nolan McDonald
Amy R. Saloner, LCSW
Amy T. Kelley, LCSW
Amy Tabakin
Amy Vadala
Anabelle Soto, LMSW
Christopher Anderson
Dennis Anderson
Georgianna Anderson
Mozelle Anderson
Meghan Anderson
Mary Andolsek
Andre C. Allsopp, LCSW
Andrea D. Welsh
Andrea Lynn Bellows, MSW,LCSW
Andrea McDaniel
Andrew L. Wald, ACSW
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Angela D. Mills-Swaney
Angela E. Riccelli
Angela M. Rowan
Angela Mary Pappas, BSW, MSW
Angela Wall Tanis, MSW, LCSW
Anita Ann White, BSW
Anita M. Sacks, ACSW
Ann I. Rothschild, LCSW-C
Ann L. Ahearn
Ann M. Chauvin, LICSW
Ann M. Petty
Ann Rose Simon, ACSW
Anna Alcaraz Ebach
Anna L. Hitzhusen, DCSW
Anna L. Morrison
Anna-Maria Tripp, LMSW-CC
Anne B. Jacobe, ACSW
Anne B. Stanton
Anne Khudari
Anne Marie C. Hinrichs
Anne-Marie Tow
Annetta Davis
Annette Archer Chastain, LCSW
Anthony L. Barreiro, LCSW
Anthony P. Goliday, ACSW
Anya R. Hunter, LICSW
Apollo Ubani
Karen Apostola
April Taneice Stewart
Lisa Archambault
Joseph Archie
Arleen Soldati
Arnold H. Grossman, ACSW
Paul Arredondo
Arzenia E. Redcross
Ashlei P. Meade, LSW
Ashley Fances Nelson, LCSW
Ashley Nicole Quigley, LSW
Ashley Ruth Nordby
Ashton M. Snyder
H. Faye Askew-King
Cheri Atkinson
Audrey Kirkland
Aurlisa B. Courtney-Isom, LMSW
Michelle Austin
Vincent Austin-Cole
Farah Baig
Bailey Lynn Fullwiler
Bella Baldo
Shannon Baldwin
Kimberly Baltzell
Barbara A. St. Pierre
Barbara D. Silverman
Barbara G. Feinberg, LISW-S, IMFT-S
Barbara Helen Sorace, LCSW-LCADC
Barbara L. Holtzman, ACSW
Barbara Lord
Barbara Lynn Dewey
Barbara R. Lewis, LICSW
Tameka Barber
Whitney Barfknecht
Martha Barnes
Freya Barr
Susan Barradale
Israel Barreto
Lakeisha Barris
Terri Bartlett
Noa Baskin
Barbara Batchelor
Kabrionna Battle
Rebecca Battleson
Angela Baucom
Sharon Beach
Teri Bearden
MaryAnn Beaton
Novella Beaver
Maxine Becker
Becky Bowers
Patricia Begnaud
David Bell
Allison Benton Jones
Jerome Bercik
Peter Berger
Sandra Bergfeld
Ruth Berlin
Lauren Berly
Kenneth Bernstein
Robin Bernstein
Beth Andrews, LCSW
Beth L. Vardaro, LCSW
Beth Scott Roberts, ACSW
Bethany Keck, MSW
Bethany Morgan Waite, LMSW
Dawn Betters
Bianca Marie Nieto, LMSW
Karen Bianco
Jennifer Biank
Amy Bibb-Ford
Joanna Bifone
Tim Bigalke
Jessica Bill
Billie Jean Chapman, LCSW
Michelle Bilski
Pamela Birchett-Street
Roslyn Birger-Hershfield
Julie Bishop
Terri Blake
Bennie Blake
Bland Hill, MS
Holly Bleasdale
Susan Blumenfield
Catherine Bodkin
Tracy Boh
Patricia Bolea
Marc Bollinger
Bonnie E. Malajian
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Tiffany Born
Leslie Bornstein
Katherine Borowitz
Margarita Bossa
Diana Boucher
Clyde Boucher
Catherine Bowne
Boyana Knezevic, BSW
Ruth Bracht
Barbara Bradford
Bradford O. Holloway, LCSW, PHD
Catherine Bradley
Tara Bradley
Marissa Brauer
Monica Brautovich
Diane Breier
Brenda Veronika Ortiz
Jennifer Brennan
Bernadette Brennecke
Mary Breslin
Brian Freeman, LMS
Brianna Doughty
Cynthia Briscoe
Erik Bromberg
Brooke Morris, LCSW
Brooke Nicole Campbell, MSW Student
Constance Brown
Allyson Brown
Ella Brown
Cordelia Brown
Edith Brown
Debra Brown
Raven Brownlee
Bruce Jonathan Kramer
Morgan Brunsting
Stephanie Bryan
Leigh Bryant
Bryony Freij, LCSW
Floyd Bumpers
Ashley Burgess
Kiley Burggraff
Gwen Burke
Diane Burns
James Burton
Kimberly Burton
Terri Busch
Willam Buse
Christy Bush
Jed Butler
Tara Butricks
Mary Cadman
Caitlin G. Baldwin
Rosalie Calarco
Cameon Rae Morgan
Nancy Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Marguerite Campos
Candice Palmer
Cara Ann Stillwell
Cari Lee Donovan, LCSW
Carla L. Butts
Carol Jean Ardington
Caroline A. Lanza, PhD, MSW
Caroline S. Robboy, QCSW ACSW
Carolyn Faust Piro, LCSW
Carolyn G. Brown
Carolyn Giambusso-Yi
Carolyn L. Baum, PhD, LCSW
Carrie Elizabeth Corby
James Carroll
Patrick Caruso
Bradley Casemore
Memrey Casey
Keziah Cash
Ariana Castillo
Catherine D. Ladd, ladd
Catherine Lucas-Maurer, LBSW, M.Ed, CFC
Catherine R. Simonson, LICSW
Cathleen E. Marakovits, LCSW
Cathryn Abbott JOnes, LCSW
Cathy A. Snead
Stacey Cermak
Neil Cervera
Cesar Enrique Sandoval, LICSW, MSSW
Allyn Chafetz
Roderick Chamberlain
Andre Chambers
Intisar Chamoun
Lauren Chandler
Ioanna Chaney
Angela Chang
Channing Gredvig
Janice Chaparro
Joy Chapman
Charlee Redick, ACSW
John Charles
Charles Scott McCaleb, LCSW
Charles Z Crumpler
Cynthia Chase
Michael Chavez
Chelsea M. Wakefield
Drusilla Cherry
Mary Cherullo
Gloria Choi
Benon Chomicki
Chris H. Haney
Christi Anderson, MSW
Christie McIntosh Svirsky
Christina Moore
Christine A. Washo, Washo
Christine Ae Gehringer, M.S.S.
Christine Darcel Holmes, LISW
Christine Janette Yeoman-searle, LMSW
Christine Schut, BSW
Christine Sorensen, MSW
Christopher Hinds
Christopher Wells Winters
Nancy Citty
Teresa Claeys
Claire Lerner, LCSW
Jenness Clairmont
Annette Clark
Karlene Clarke
Claudia Ribas, LCSW
Claudia S. Abell
Aletha Cobbs
Rhonda Cochran
Roberta Cohen
Deborah Cohen
Barbara Cohen
Katharine Cohn
Lillian Colavecchio
Anne Cole
Kathleen Coletti
Colin Thomas Blair, MSW, LCSW
Colleen M. Mitchell, LCSW
Colleen Marie Blasko
Colleen Mary Prividera, MSW, APSW
Colleen Sandick
Virginia Collins
Stephanie Combey
Polly Condit
Ronda Connaway
William Connelly
Audrie Conner
Barbara Conrad
Kathleen Conroy
Gildo Consolini
Constance E. Loudermelt
Constance M. Gronstal, ACSW
James Contois
Kathlyn Conway
Ann Conway
Cheryl Cooper
David Cooperson
Judith Copeland
Mary Copeland
Diamond Corbin
Susan Corley
Alli Corley
Cornelius Sheehan, Jr.
Cece Cornell
Martha Corona-Goldstein
Evan Correy
Lina Cortez
Patricia Cotter
Alfred Cotton
John Courtney
Connie Covington
Tamika Covington
Dale Cox
Diane Cox-Lindenbaum
Lorry Crawford
Kathryn Cray
Patricia Criswell
Sara Crosby
Michael Cruse
Crystal Leann Anderson-Shrieves, LCSW
Crystal S. Franklin
Bobbe Cullers
Mary Curlee
Cydne Nash
Cynthia A. Rollo-Carlson, ACSW
Cynthia C. Chalker, MSS
Cynthia Elizabeth Estrada, LMSW-I
Cynthia L. Malia, PhD
Cynthia L. Reynolds, LCSW
Cynthia Packer
Cynthia Perez, ASWI
Lori D'Alessandro
Dalenette Voigt-Catlin, LMSW, LCSW
Janet Dalicandro
Juanita Dalton-Robinson
Dana A. Schneider, LCSW
Dana C. Erickson, LCSW
Dana Le Ann Graham, LCSW
Danialle D. Rose
Daniela Leite Andrade
Danielle Elizabeth Sullivan, BA
Danielle LaNatra, LCSW, PsyD
Charlotte Daniels
Felicia Daniels
Paul Dannenfelser
Dannette H. Moynier, LCSW
Danyell T. Cadell
Dara Wells-Hajjar, MSW Student
Darby J. Morhardt
Darla Spence Coffey, MSW, PhD
Darlene K. Fitkin
Mary Darling
Dianne Darrow
Rachel Dauenhauer
Christine Daverio
Marguerite David
David Baucom Rogers, CADC
David Bruno
David Haynik
David Ochshorn
David P. Crichton
David Raymond LaCharite
David Sadownick, LICSW
Virginia Davidov
Charlene Davidson
Regina Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Lekeisha Dawkins
Dawn Alcott-Miller
Dawn Florey, LCSW
Dawn H. Freeman, C-SSWS
Dawn Pomfret, LICSW
Carol Dayton
Marlene De Bellis
Ana De Paiva
Josephine Dean
Elizabeth Deanda
Deann Jensen
Debby Sue Rosenberg Chubinsky, ACSW
Deborah Easter Smithson, LCSW-C
Deborah Jane Schneider-Murphy, LISW-S
Deborah L. Christiansen
Deborah Litberg
Deborah R. Kaplan, ACSW
Debra J. Moore
Debra S. Brinklow
Debra S. Gluck, ACSW
Deby L. Williamson, LCSW
Nicole DeFonzo
William Delaney
Ann Delia
Rebecca DeLong
Olivia Delrosario
Michele Denault
Denise Bingaman
Denise D. Caldwell
Dennis Derbaum
Dessie Allison
Amy Deutsch
Kristy deVries
Chalet Dewey-Flint
Diane E. Holzworth
Diane Elizabeth Recob
Diane F. Market
Diane L. Channas
Dianna Stark
Randi Diantonio
Lydia Diebolt
Gabriela Dieguez Hurtado
Nancy Dier
Allison Dierker
Alea DiGirolamo
Jeanne Dionne
Brandon Dixon
Rosemary Dobney
Mark Dodd
Arless Dodson
Jessica Doerr
Diane Dolan-Soto
Dominic Gadoury, MSW Student
Donald L. Shockley, ACSW
Donna C. Henderson
Donna C. McAllister, LCSW, ACHP-SW, CCM
Donna Campbell
Donna David
Donna E. Rosenstiel
Donna L. Wadycki, ACSW
Donna Van Laarhoven
Donnell Van Noppen, MSW Candidate
Alexa Donnelly
Donnica Rae Wingett
Robert Doran
Tara Doran
Doreen M. Hernandez Greco, LCSW,CADC
Dorian Mintzer, PHD
Dorothea Leicher
Dorothy Koerner, ACSW
Eileen Dougherty
Tina Dougherty Irwin
Douglas T. Gray, ACSW, CSW-G, LICSW
Brandi Dour
June Doyle
John Drew
Drew T. Pledger, LCSW, ACSW
Emee Drews
Elaine Dufford
Joe Duley
Nicole Duntsch
Christine Durbin
Shenika Durham
Gabrielle Durocher-Radeka
J. Michael Dzuba
Patricia Easley
Barbara Eckert
Eduardo V. Pereira, LCSW
Edward J. George, ACSW
Elizabeth Edwards
Edwin Falcon, LCSW
Mary Jane Egerton
Eileen I. Klein, PhD ACSW
Eileen R. Sudeck
Amy Eilers
Elaine M. Finneral, LICSW
Elaine Marie Schwartz
Elizabeth A. Blanchard
Elizabeth Bramson
Elizabeth Brown, MSW, LCSW, RPYT
Elizabeth Hague Ball, LCSW
Elizabeth Hooker, Student
Elizabeth Keeney, PhD, LCSW
Elizabeth Olds Marston
Elizabeth Salva Garcia
Elizabeth Y. Taft, BSW, MAed
Charlotte Elkin
Ella Lynk Hayes, LMSW
Ellen Buffa, BA
Ellen McCurley, LICSW, MPH
Ellen Rose Sagendorph, MSW
Stefanie elman
Emilie Ann Steinnagel
Emily Lee-Escher, LCSW
Emily Marie Cadman
Emily Menke, Candidate for MSSW
Emma Jane Simmons
Emma Natalie Arnoff, LCSW
Emmett Walsh
Eniola T. Okuboyejo, Eniola Okuboyejo
Eric Hartley, MSW, LISW
Eric J. Ehrke
Eric R. Guy
Erica B. Martin, LCSW,LICSW, MSW,BHC
Erica Fada
Erica Kittleson, LSW
Erica L. Lamb
Erica L. Yaker
Erica Victor
Erin Elizabeth Hickey
Erin Irene Schweikart
Erin Kathleen Caldwell, LCSW
Erin Kathleen Madden
Taylor Eron
Mary Esswein
Kathleen Estep
Esther B. Dickerson
Mary Esty
William Etnyre
Bethany Eurick
Eva Z. Roodman
Evangelia K. Martin
Joanna Evans
Richard Evatz
Eve Denner-Taylor
Evelyn A. Adams, LCSW
Evelyn Goldstein, LCSW-C
Norma Everett
Ryan Eykel
Victoria Fahy
Paul Farhi
Deborah Feinsod
Helene Feldman
Felicea C. Meyer-DeLoatch, LCSW
Felicia Black
Felicia Morrison, LLMSW, SSW
Felicia R. Asch
James Ferraro
Sharon Ferry
Gayle Fielding
Carol Fields
Elaine Fillion-Crouse
Suzanne Findlay
Susan Fish
Michelle Fitzgerald
Priscilla Fleischer
Claire Fleisher Behar
Lynn Focht-Birkerts
Faith Fogelman
Sharon Foley
Erin Forler
Elizabeth Formaggioni
Ashley Forrest
Donna Forster
Robert Fournier
Lori Fowler
Lisa Fowler
Nancy Fox
Francine A. Carter
E. Aracelis Francis
Robert Franklin
Franklyn Morris, II, BASW
Martha Frazer
John Frazier
Fred L. Stephens
Molly Frey
Dawn Fried
Julie Fugenschuh
Claire Fuller
Laurie Furman
G. Niel Climer, LMSW
Gabrielle I Falco, Graduate Student
Denise Gagnier
Jessica Gagnon
Gail I. Stimson
Gail T. Truitt, ACSW
Donna Galante
Kristine Galloway
Steven Galvan
Jackie Garner
Dara Garner-Edwards
Patricia Garrison
Kaedan Garrison
Gary M. Bess, PhD, CSWM
Gary S. Sullivan
Gary U. Behrman, ACSW
Genevieve P. Martin
Linda Gengelbach
Judith Gentile
George M. Woyames, ACSW DCSW
Gerald S. Weiss, LICSW, ACSW
Anastasia Geramanis
Brian Gerety
Germaine Ruffin, MSW, CASAC-Adv.
Gerry K. Fisher
Gil Nicholson-Nelson, MSW, LCSW
Charles Gilbert
Ian Gillies
Marissa Gilligan
Sarah Gillis
Karen Gilmore
Shaaron Gilson
Gina M. Underwood
Amanda Glass
Mary Glennon
Melissa Goldbach
Debra Goldberg
Jean Golden
Nancy Golding
Eliane Goldman
Arlene Goldsmith
Gloria Gonzales
Alejandra Gonzalez
Camilo Gonzalez
Sharon Goodman
Marsha Gordon
Johnathan Gordon
Marcia Gordon-Weekes
Teri Gotti Szubinski
Grace B. Doctorow, LCSW, DCSW
Bianca Gracia
Mary Graham
Jennifer Granbery
Janice Grant
Dorcas Gray
Kimberly Gray
Cynthia Green
Ronnie Greenberg
Jan Greenberg
Julia Greene
Judith Greenwald
Sheila Greer
Breanna Greer
Deborah Gregory
Caroline Grinere
Katlyn Gross
Douglas Grote
Shirley Grube
Jane Gulino
Melissa Gunderson
Florine Gundy
P. Gregory Guss
Amy Gustafson
Maxine Gutierrez
Gwendolyn M. Charles
Alison Haan
Marcia Haarer
Hadidja Nyiransekuye, PhD, MSW
Margaret Hainer
Mary Hall
Elizabeth Hall
Jennifer Halna du Fretay
Maurice Haltom
Jentri Hames
Lora Hamilton
Stephanie Hamm
Margaret Hammes
Kimberly Hampton-Saul
Mariet Hamrah
Christine Hamstra
Zena Handlon
Hannah Gordon, student
Hannah Heebner, LLMSW
Hannah Hernandez
Hannah O'Donnell
Hannah Suzanne Kay Lindeman
Tal Harari
Leelin Harrington
Victoria Harrington
Robert Harris
Deborah Harris
Molly Harris
Lecia Harrison
Betty Hart
Victoria Hart
Marjorie Hart
Joyce Hart
Carolyn Hartford
Ann Hartman
Mandy Haskell
Holly Hauser
Guy Hawkins
Leanne Hayes
Haylee Sara Donovan
Adrienne Haynie
Hazel E. Milam, ACSW
Joseph Hazucha
Laurel Healy
Heather J. Meyer
Heather L. Newcomb, QMHP-A, BSW
Heather W. O'Donnell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Heidi C. Hall, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP
Heidi Shanklin-Spock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Daria Heiger
Victoria Heinecke
Marla Heinemann
James Heisel
Helen L. Schepartz, ACSW
Helen Schwartz, LCSW, BCD
Rita Heller
Ronda Hemingway
Deborah Heminway
Joana Hemschemeyer
Michele Henderson
Lorrie Henderson
Henry A. Mazur
Stella Herbert
Wiliam Herman
Elizabeth Herman
Maxine Herman
Robert Herndon
Cleanna Herndon
Charlotte Hett
Daniel Heuer
Daisy Heumann
Margo Heydt
Patti Jo Hicks
Hilary L. Copp, PhD
Michael Hill
Hillary Stern, LCSW
Julie Hochman
Sara Hoedel
Lisa Hoffman
Leslie Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
Rico Hogan
Sarah Holbrook
Cathy Holdt
Leighanne Hollans
Holly A. Shiffman
Holly Moskow
Shirell Holmes
Steven Holt
Amy Honaker Bartlow
Winifred Hope
James Hopkins
Katherine Horvath
Penny Hougland
Beverly Hovmand
Howard A. Lewis, MSW
Stephanie Howey
Debra Huff
Janice Hughes
Mary Hunt
Ann Hutchings
Edwin Hutchings
Cathleen Ice
Ida Roldan
David Immerman
Rosa Inclan
Irene H. Ryan, LICSW
Elizabeth Irwin
Yvonne Ito
Catherine Jabar
Kara Jablonka
Jacalyn Sue Lasich
Gail Jackson-Wolfe
Jaclyn M. Butera
Shonali Jacob
Jacob Donnelly, LCSW
Jacob Yohay
Steven Jacobson
Florence Jacobson
Jacqueline E. Araujo-Hale
Jacquelyn Lee White, LCSW-R,ACSW
Jacques Pierre Roussel, II
Jaime Parker
James A. Holland, LCSW
James E. Leighty
James M. Benedick, EdD, ACSW
James William Ranahan
James Woodrow Bailey, LCSW
Jamie L. Koenig
Jana Marie Brown, MSW
Janae W. House, LCSW
Jane C. Rose
Jane Kupersmidt
Janet Carol Ann Lacourse, LICSW, MSW
Janice A. Perates
Janice K. Wagner
Janice L. Hamrick
Jarlette Elaine Montalvo, MSW, LSW
Teresa Jasinski
Karen Jasper
Jaymee Oxborrow
Jean L. Nuernberger
Jean Louise Rivera, LMSW, CSWA, CADC-I
Jeanette Glenn Cummings
Jeaneva D. Orgill
Jeffrey W. Mintzer
Judith Jenkins
Shawana Jenkins
Debra Jenkins
Jenna C. Block, MSW, LICSW
Jenna Helene Bekier, MSW
Jennifer Ann Baumgardner, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Beazley Slaughter
Jennifer E. Moore, ASW
Jennifer Gibbs, MSW
Jennifer Hays Mudarrie, LICSW
Jennifer L. Blanchard
Jennifer Tremblay Pettee, LCSWA
Deborah Jenson Grizzell
Jeremy N. Waldman, ACSW
Jessica A. Clark
Jessica Aguon Cepeda
Jessica Blake
Jessica Danielle Wheeler, LMSW
Jessica Goodfield-Stelmokas
Jessica Keitz, LSW
Jessica marie marsh, MSW Student
Jessica Noelle Panoski, MSW Student
Jill A. Blakeslee-Cagney, LCSW
Jill Alane Hardee, LMSW
Jill Jeffries
Jillian Nicole Miller, LMSW
Jim Stewart Manning, ACSW, QCSW
Tami Jimenez
Jo Anna Bement
Jo Ellen Bowman
Joan M. Wexler, LCSW
Joan Ruez Benner, LICSW
Joann Morse-Clough, ACSW
Joanne C. Howe-Israel
Joanne L. Chambers, ACSW
JoAnne McFarland O'Rourke
Jody J. Hardesty
Jody L. Dixon, SW-G,CHP-SW
Joe Andrew Carver, LBSW
Joel L. Rubin, ACSW
Johannah Leigh Brown, MSW
John C. Osborne, MSW DCSW
John L. Williams
John Paul Kendrick, Undergrad Student
John W. Cornelius
John-Paul Carroll, LCSW
George Johnson
Hattie Johnson
Myra Johnson
Karen Johnson
Cathryn Johnson
Jonathan Johnson
Amanda Johnson Whitcomb
Karen Johnston
Kathryn Jones
Kimberly Jones
Bobby Jones
Jennifer Jones
Carol Jones
Brittany Jones
Kimberly Jones
Kristin Jordan
Jordan Costen, N/A
Jordan Joseph Huettl
Jordon Kay Miller
Patricia Jorgenson
Joseph R. Boatwright, ACSW
Joseph W LaFleur, Jr.
Jill Josey
Whitney Jost
Beverley Jouett
Joyce Ann Bane
Joyce McSweeney
Judy S. Fink, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Juli Hencoski, MSW, LSW
Julie A. Phillips
Julie E. Shroyer, MSW
Julie Scher, MSW
Elaine Jurkowski
Kaerensa A. Craft
Ellen Kahn
Kaitlin Colleen Kernan, MSW
Armen Kaladjian
Audrey Kamin Teich
Tammy Kaminski
Emma Kane
Jody Kanikula
Robin Kaplan
Renee Kaplan
Emma Kapner
Kara N. Landefeld, LCSW, MA
Karen Canaday Whitlock
Karen Lee Jones
Karen R. St. Clair, LCSW
Karen S Cowie
Karen van Beyer, PhD, LCSW
Allison Karge
Francine Karim
Karin Metcalf, ACSW
Karl F. Riglesberger
Deborah Kaschak
Norman Kastenbaum
Kate Nelson-Dooley, LCSW
Kate Smaller, LCSW, M.Ed.
Kate Wheeler
Katharine B. Mann, PhD LCSW
Katherine Ann Wyman, MSW candidate
Katherine Bernal, BSW
Katherine Irene Baetz
Katherine Maloney
Katherine Welsh, LICSW
Kathleen E. Newdeck, ACSW
Kathleen Giblin Barrett, MSW, LCSW
Kathleen Leigh O'Brien, MSW, LMSW
Kathleen Murphy, LCSW
Kathleen Sue Knieriem
Kathryn Kennedy, LMSWcc
Kathryn M. Starratt
Kathryn Rae Patrick, LCSW
Katie Mann
Katie Marie Jorstad, LCSW
Katrin Tchana
Steven Katz
Meira Katzoff
Ronnie Kaufman
Ira Kaufman
Chelsea Kay
Kaye P. Fulcher
Kayla Publiski
Kaylie Ann Rauchman, Kaylie Rauchman, LSW
Concetta Kazarian
Veronica Kelley
Kelley Vernon, LISW
Teresa Kelly
Kelly A. Ellis, LCSW
Kelly T. Schroeder
Kelsey Kristine Coletta, LCSW
Kelsey Morell
Kelsey P. Caprio
Joycee Kennedy
Elizabeth Kent
Kerri Lyn Nascenzi , LCSW
Sharon Kerrisk
Kerry L. Sharkey, Jr., BSW Student
Lauren Kerstein
Kervil C Durand, LCDC/CART
David Key
Kashif Khan
Lisa Kiesel
Marie Kifun-Jones
Matthew Kilgore
Kim Darcell Gudimetla, LMSW
Kim Levone, MSW
Kimberly A. Mann, LCSW, PhD
Kimberly Ann Lucas, MSW
Kimberly C. Agresta
Kimberly Montero
Kimberly R. Williams-Gross
Rita Marie King
Roy King
Anona King
Julie Kintzing
Margaret Kiwanuka
Jessica Klein
David Klein
Laura Kleinman
Catherine Klima
John Kline
Julia Klynstra
Caroline Knott
Ivy Kolb
Carolyn Kopel
Nancy Koppel
Peter Kowalczyk
Jean Krabill-Miller
Sarah Kreutziger
Kristee Nicole Laiva
Kristen Skerry, MSW
Kristin Tice
Kristina Gagnon, LICSW
Maria Elena Krotman
Micaela Kuhn
Leslie Kulewicz
Liza Kuritsky
Branka Kurta
Barbara Kuryluk
Alissa Kuznick
Kyle Wyman
Kylie Svenson
Claudia Kypuros
Lacey B. Albers
Melissa Lader
Erin LaFlamme
Gerard Lagos
Christina Lagreca
Myra Lajoie
Abigail LaMarr
Vicki Landaverde
Lanning M. Melville, LCSW, BCD
Jeffrey LaPonsie
LaRae Sue Stibitz
Elizabeth Largent
Larissa J. Malcolm
Matthew Larock
Larry Heller, Student Intern
Sandra Lasky
Laura A. Robinson, LCSW
Laura Curry-Mathews
Laura Dempsey Kottkamp, LICSW
Laura Keller
Laura Luckett, MSW
Laura Lynn Duncan, LICSW
Laureen Mercurio
Lauren Aloia, BSW
Lauren Cook
Lauren Katheryn Walters
Lauren Michelsen Goetz, LSW
Laurence Fabre-Welmond
Laurie J. Rinke
Laurie P. Suttenberg, LCSW,DCSW
Richard Lauter
Lawrence Drake Dendy, Social Work Student
Emily Leadholm
Leah Avni, LCSW
Leah Smart-Gordon, LCSW
Karen Leavitt
Faith Lebb
James Lehman
Lemitchel King
Lenone F. Koenig, bsw
Leonora O'Farrell
Leslie A. Jacobs
Leslie H. McRae, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Lettie L. Lockhart, PhD
Spenser Leverett
Patricia Levesque
Barbara Levi-Berliner
Jeffrey Levine
Lawrence Levner
Marlene Levy
Nancy Levy
Libbet H. Cone, ACSW
Charles Liggio
Lily Emma Anderson
Laura Limuli
Linda A. Baker (Gardner)
Linda Anne Curtis, LMSW
Linda C. Gibbins-Croft
Linda E. Plastrik
Linda G. Goodman, ACSW,BCD,MSW
Linda H. Misa, LCSW
Linda Hayes
Linda Kim Thai, LMSW
Linda Libby, ACSW DCSW
Linda P. Longo-Lockspeiser
Linda S. Helm
Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin
Lindsey A. Galto, LMSW
Michelle Lipar
Benjamin Lipton
Lisa Ernst, LCSW
Lisa Gammoh, MSW, LSW
Lisa J. Strauss, DCSW
Lisa Marie Rohrer, LCSW
Lisa Nancy Dawn Flanagan, LCSW
Lisa P. Burch, ACSW
Lisa R. LaDue, LCSW
Lisa Rattner, LCSW
Lisette Negron
Rhonda Liss
Cheryl Litt
Anne Little
Kathleen Litzenberger
Lizzie Gutierrez, MSW student
Wendy Mae Lloyd
Joy Lock
Richard Loebl
Hannah Logsdon
Lona Stranieri
Kimberly Long
Mark Longsjo
Narda Lopez
Lora Besser
Loreley Joy Taylor, LCSW, CSAC
Lorey Delap, LCSW
Lori Gail Cline
Lori R. Ippolito, ACSW
Lorraine Laura, LCSW
Louisa N. Stone
Tony Lowe
Ana Lucero
Donna Lucero
Lucia Alexandra Mujica, LMSW
Keren Ludwig
Sarah Lull
Jennifer Lunden
Rosa Lutrario
Debora Lynn
Lynne Burton Clifton, LCSW-PIP
Lisa Lysne
M. Elaine Shields
M. Kim O'Connor, LCSW-R, ACSW
Debra Machado
Jessica Maddox
Maggie Wazana Sepkowitz
Edward Magiste
Maja Ledgerwood, LMSW
Amy Makice
Rachel Malagari
William Malloy
Kathryn Malone
Jami Maloney
Jena Maloney
Debra Manning
Alexis Mapel
Carol Mapp
Mara M. Veronesi
Marc N. Pechter
Marc Ruggiero
Marcel L. Descheneaux
Marcel M. Tabone
Marcelyn Downer, MSW
Paula March
Marcia Britt Williams
Marcia G. Weisman
Marcia N. Davis, ACSW LCSW
Aysylu Mardanova
Margaret A. Burts, ACSW
Margaret B. Kabat
Margaret J. McKeon, LICSW
Margaret L. Jones, ACSW
Margaret Seaman, LMSW
Margie Rogers
Margo Lynn McHattie, M.S.
Maria Cristina Palaroan Soresca, BASW
Maria Stone
Marie C. Rose, LCSW
Marilyn D. Sanders, ACSW
Marion Woodward Merrick
Marissa Rose Pena, LCSW
Maritza Adriana Garza-Hogue, LMSW
Marjorie S. Bernstein
Mark A. Taylor
Mark H. Twelves
Mark Rosenthal
April Markiewicz-Palmer
Barbara Marks
Marlene Iris Shapiro
Marne Potocki, BA
Melissa Marquez
Marrium Guirguis, LSW
Marsha T. Blank
Martha Laura Aviles-Valdez
Martha M. Crawford
Rosemary Martin
Andrew Martin
Martin T. Woodard, ACSW
Esperanza Martinez
Claudia Martinez
Stephanie Martino
Frances Marton
Mary Ann Mordica
Mary E J Gunderman
Mary E. Donahue-Green, LCSW
Mary Ellen Fata
Mary Irene Silverman
Mary L. Kabat, ACSW
Mary Louise Gambill
Mary Mathews Franden
Mary N. Estrada
Maryann Guernsey, LMSW-cc
Nancy Masino Martin
Genevieve Mason
Laura Mason
Patricia Mathes-Kerr
Aneena Mathew
Linda Matlack
Matthew Bruce Rives
Matthew Chappell, LCSW
Maureen A. Pelton, ACSW
Maureen Rowley Barnett, LCSW, ACSW
Michael Maurer
Michelle Mayne
Ruby McArthur
Carolyn McBain
Natalie McCabe
Joanne McCamey
Elizabeth McClendon-Johnson
Sharon McClure
Barbara Mcconnell
Rachelle McConnell
Galen McCown
Gary McDaniel
Zavery McDougald
Angela McDowell
P. McEwen
Victoria McGee
Shauntee McGleese
Jade McGleughlin
Maryann McInerney
Bruce McKee
Paula Mckee
Brenda McLean
Gabrielle McLean
Avis McSwain
Gabriella McTate
Kaylee McWilliams
Meaghan Greeley, LCSW
Megan Bizoukas
Megan Borowski
Megan E. Tantum, LSW
Megan Libreros, LCSW
Megan M. Gipson
Linda Meisel
Daniel Meisner
Melanie J. Barton, ACSW
Melinda Lehman
Melinda Marasch
Melissa Christine Meisenbacher, LSW
Melissa Kuhns Kerce
Melissa L. Mandrell
Melissa Louise Ealba, MSW
Melissa Torres
Jose Mena
Carissa Mendez-Munder
Erin Mercado
Lois Mergentime
John Merges
Allison Metcalf
Lowell Meyer
Michael A. Leon
Michael Hurewitz, LCSW
Michael Kasper
Michael P. Smith
Michael R. Perkins
Michal Michelle Parran Alpert, LICSW
Erin Michel
Michele Allyn Brown
Michelle Fillios Cox, LCSW
Michelle Henny, LISW
Michelle L. Glover, MSW, LSW
Michelle Serda, LCSW
Barry Michels
Michial E. Nolan
Michon Trent, MSW
Robert Middleton
Mike E. McCurtain, ACSW
Milciades S. Morales, DCSW
Jennifer Millard
Judith Miller
Sandra Miller
Rietta Miller
Mandy Miller
Karla Miller
Danielle Miller
Louise Mills-Dumonceaux
Ilo Milton
Miranda Lee Simon
Miriam Berkman
Mirta E. Johnson
Shana Mislak
Mistie S. McPadalin, DCSW QCSW
Barbara Mitchell
Georgeann Mitchell
Amy Mitchell
Mitchell J. Margolis, ACSW
Natalie Moeller
Allan Mohl
Moira M. Mccarthy
Molly K. Safren, LCSWC
Jerry Molumby
Patricia Monaco
Janus Moncur
Monda S. Prior, ACSW
Monique Garcia
Daniel Monroe
Liane Montelius
Robert Montgomery
W. Belle Montree
Kevin Moore
Jeannette Moore
Mia Mor
Stephanie Mora
Laurie Morales
Regina Morales
Kathryn Morbit
Jessica Moreno
Bonita Morisette
Katharine Muir
Sheila Mulhern
Stephanie Munoz
Emily Murphy
Megan Murphy
Malcolm Murphy
Sandra Murray
Nicole Murray
Ruth Ann Myers
Margrett Myhre
Airetta Myrick
Mysia Prickett
Nadine M. Bean, PhD, LCSW
Namir Glaee Laureano, MSW
Nanci S. Brown
Nancy Ivry
Nancy K. Creelman, C-ACYFSW
Nancy L. Kaufman
Nancy N. Lee
Naomi B. Corey, LCSW
Naomi S. Korn, ACSW
Natalie Belmear, MSW - Student
Natalie Renee Bussing, LISW
Natasha Arnwine Leeth, LCSW
Stefano Navarroli
Susan Neal
Neil Bueno
Neil J. Klatsky, ACSW
Karen Nelson-Brown
Toby Newman
Bennie Newroth
Nicholas Kim Ganoudis
Nicholas Philip Pelligra, MSW, LSW
Amberly Nichols
Karen Nicholson-Palmer
Nicole A Rooney
Nicole Ann Babcock, LMSW
Nicole Ileen Didier
Nicole Vallance
Nikita Buckhoy
Nikole J. Heilmann, ACSW, C-SSWS, QCSW
Nina Caricato, UNCC MSW Student
Nina J. Corbett, LCSW
Nina Rebecca Kramer-Feldman, MSW
Phyllis Nobles
Noelle A. Dean
Jane Nolan
Roger Nooe
Julia Norlin
Mary Charlene Norman
Anders North
Antoinette Noto
Lupe Nunez
Janita Oakes
Emily OBrien Holland
Odalys Valencia
Jeanne Oesch
Donna Orcutt Rattigan
Rebecca Ostrow
Bruce Ottenbreit
Mark Owens
Verda Owens
Andrea Owens
Sue Pabst
Nijole Pabst
Elisa Pacht
Christina Paddock
Page Cannon, ACSW
Paige K. Cook
Marilse Palma
Landon Palmer
Kirby Palmer
Pamela D. Sherwin, LCSW
Pamela Page Graham, MSW, LCSW
Pamela S. Wolz, LMSW-Clinical
Elvira Pan
Rosalind Parenti
Deborah Paris
Carol Parker
Sandra Parra
Barbara Pasquarelli
Pat N. Appleton, ACSW
Patricia A. Gaffney, ACSW
Patricia A. Goodwin, ACSW, ACHP-SW
Patricia A. Guillory
Patricia Migliori-Farnes, MSW, LCSW
Patricia Thatcher
Patrick Bartholomew Callahan, BSW Student
Patrick J. Shaul, ACSW
Jennifer Patten-Rudolph
Hansell Patterson
Paul B. Murphy
Paul R. Wilson, LCSW
Paul W. Rust
Paula J. Berry
Paula Z. Basch
Pauliina Pope
Charlene Peachey
Natalie Peacock-Corral
Charles Pearlstein
Peggy Osna Heller, ACSW
Perla Pelayo
James Pelk
Collette Pella
Joan Pelletier
Pemba B. Bayo
Jewel Peot
Esther Perez
Edward Perez
Linda Perry
Samantha Persoff
Eliza Pertz
Peter Felsman, LLMSW
Peter Green
Peter Gross
Peter Millis
Peter Steinberg
Vicky Peterson
Elisabeth Petrucce
Cathleen Petty-Marceau
Hannah Phillip
Robin Phillips
James Phillips
Phylis Byrne
Phyllis H. Larimore, LCSW
Phyllis J. Cox, LCSW, ACSW
Gary Piscitelli
Agnes Piszczek
Francis Pizzarelli
Fiora Pizzo
Mary Plucer
Pamela Poley
Mary Pollard
Josephine Ponticello
James Pope
Diane Popp
Linn Power
Margaret Preston
Crystal Price
Elizabeth Price-Ramos
Phyllis Prout
John Pugh
Cindy Quigley
Dorothy Quilty
Rachel C Maxey , MSW
Rachel C. Ehlfeldt, ACSW
Rachel Ripley
Rachelle M. Ballmer
Catherine Rafferty
Martie Rafferty
Ralph F. Cahoon, III, LICSW
Anthony Ramos
Miriam Rand
Randy L. Blume
Colleen Ranz
Robert Rasp
Sharon Ratchford
Karina Raupp
Ray T. Johnston, LCSW
Raymond Christopher Guillory
Rayna L. Jenks, LCSW
Rayshawn Ledet, LCSW
Elizabeth Read
Vanessa Ream
Rebecca Eissinger
Rebecca J. Strauss
Rebecca Kotkin, MSW
Rebecca Lee, MSS,LCSW,CCDP-D
Rebecca M. Cilley, LCSW
Rebecca Rozema, LMSW, ACSW
Sara Reeves
Regina M. Davis
Reid Jacobs, ACHP-SW
Cindy Reide Combs
Michael Reilly
Badonna Reingold
Briana Reitano
Renee L Blaze, BSW
David Rennard
Lauren Resch
Mari Rhodes
Rhonda J. Thompson
Richard C. Rapp, Ph.D., ACSW
Richard L. Zaslow, LCSW,ACSW
Richard R. Karges, ACSW
Karrie Richards
Timothy Ridley
Amy Riessland
Risa J. Garon, LCSW-C
Rishannabel Ubiera
Arneice Ritchie
Steven Riungu
Margaret Rivera
Janet Robbins
Robert Contarino, III, LSW
Robert Galvin
Robert L. Lolik, DCSW
Robert P. Gould, LICSW
Sallyann Roberts
Robin C. Bernhard, LCSW
Robin L. Zarel, ACSW,LCSW
Robin S. Shultz
James Robinson
Miriam Robinson
Robyn Delois Reid Wendell, LCSW
Rocco Giampietro, Case Manager
Donna Rogg
Lizabeth Rogge
Amanda Rollins
Marissa Romanovitch
Rona D. Okin
Ronald Allen Young, II, LMSW
Ronda Thurston, BSW
Linda Rosa
Rosalind Rodden Young
Rosana Zapata, LCSW
Roschel Holland Stearns, LMSW
Roseann A. Martinez
Roselyn Pace
Rosemary Corzine, MSW
Beth Rosen
Gail Rosenberg
Linda Rosenfield
Anita Rosenshine
Thomasine Rosenthal
Janis Rosenzweig
Jacqueline Roskie
Stephanie Ross
Ellen Rossier
Leah Rossner
Carole Rothstein
Daniel Rounsavell
Rosalie Rudegeair
Deborah Russ
Dahlia Russ
Ruth E. Goldberg, ACSW
Deborah Ryan
Pamela Sabalos
Janine Saia
Karin Sakahara
Sally A. Monn, student
Noreen Salzman
Samantha C. Pacheco, C-CATODSW
Samantha Jo Gunseth
Samantha Michelle Notaro
Sami Greenberg
Rae Sampson-Mcmillan
Sandi moore, msw
Sandra G. Wilcher, C-SSWS
Sandra R. Gundersen
Blanca Santana
Sara Gail Joglar, joglar
Sara J. Jelen
Sara K. Townes, MSW
Sara Mejia, MSW, P-LCSW
Sarah Berry-Tschinkel
Sarah Butts, MSW
Sarah J. Wynn, ACSW
Sarah L. Voorhis Fraley
Sarah Lynn Frazier
Sarah Nielsen, LCSW
Sarah Sabatowski
Sarah Smethie
Sabrina Sarro
Veda Saunders-Walters
Shannon Savage
Carl Sawtelle
Deborah Sawyer
Rhonda Scarlata
Michael Schaal
Constance Scharf
Hollie Schechinger
Mark Scheffers
Roberta Schiffer
Robin Schlenger
Christie Schmid
Andrew Schmid
Karen Schneider
Robert Schooley
Helen Schulman
Jennifer Schuyler
Judith Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz
Cheri Sciacca
Rudene Scipio
Jennifer Scott
Miriam Seagle
Season Harris, M.S.W
Adrienne Segall
Jestina Segbee
Gusta Seidman
Joan Seiffert
Selina Engle, LMSW
Alicia Sellitti
Jane Seskin
Ruth Setlak
Judith Sevel
Robin Seymour
J. Shaft
Shanika Lavi Wilson, DSW,LCAS,LCSW
Shanna L. Howald
Shannon Denisce Jolly, LCSW
Shannon Healy Kelaita, LCSW
Shannon M. Holland, LCSW
Jane Shapiro
Sharon A. Kost
Sharon Beth Fischman, MSW
Sharon Hartwell
Sharon L. White, DMin, MSW, LCSW,LMFT
Sharon P. Sykes
Nancy Shaw
Shannon Shaw
Sue Shealy
Sheila E. Smith, MSW
Sheila King, BSw
Shelia M. Moran
Michelle Sherman
Sherri F. Seyfried, PhD,ACSW
Sherry F. Nelson, LCSW
Sherry Howard, APSW
Sherry Morgan
Nina Shilling
Shirley J. Sunn, MSW
William Shoemaker
Sarah Shoffner
Christine Shore-Fitzgerald
Tiffany Shurtz
Athela Sibilia
Barbara Sicherman
Lois Silverstein
Silvia M. Orellana
Silvina F. Falcon - Levine
Simone Yvonne Regan
Judy Simons
Valerie Sims-Richard
Amarjeet Singh
Judith Sipes
Laurie Sivonen
Julie Skelton
Christopher Slicks
Sloan M. Miller
Alyson Slutzky
Doris Small
Janie Smith
Karen Smith
Margaret Smith
Stacey Smith
Elizabeth Snyder
Woon-Yee So
Mary Solberg
Nancy Sommers
Sona S. Nast
Sonia Gligan, LCSW
Sonya Brock, MSW
Sophia Burton, MA, ACA, LCSW
Sophia Fisher
Pamela Sowers
Jacqueline Spaulding
Sherry Spencer
Katie Sporer
Cyllvia Springer
Stacie Anne Searle
Stacie L. Granville
Stacy M. Propfe
Catherine Stafford
Eric Stander
Cynthia Starling
Starr B. Potts, DCSW,BCD
Kimberly Stauss
Sara-Ann Steber
Stefanie M. Talmadge
Steffanie Alexander Alexander
Mary Steiger
Jill Stein
Eric Stein
Ethel Steinberger
Theresa Steiner
Stephanie A. Lane
Stephanie Cruwys
Stephanie Endurance Hawkins-Guevara, BASW Candidate
Stephanie Kvasager, ASW
Stephanie Marie Bell
Stephen C. Mellott
Stephen H. Lanterman, ACSW
C. R. Stern
Steven Greathouse, ADC
Steven Lee Pokorski
Steven Pace
Steven Smith
Steven Thomas Davidson, PhD, MBA, LCSW, CST
Mareen Stevens
Elma Stewart
Lisa Stewart
Lyndell Stich
TJ Stiers
Kristin Stiles-Hall
Stacey Stocks
Esther Stone
Michael Stowe
Jenna Straus
Gail Straw
Sheryl Strothers
Eleanor Stucker Percival
Jane Sugarman
Christine Sumbul
Sunny Mathew
Jennifer Surdam
Susan C. Roberts
Susan C. Siedentop, MSW, LCSW
Susan F. Bove, ACSW
Susan H. Hodos-Levy, MSW,LCSW
Susan I. Sterling, MSW, LCSW
Susan J. McFeaters, PhD
Susan Kosche Vallem, EdD, LISW
Susan L. Howell
Susan L. Sack, ACSW
Susan M. Cohen, LCSW
Susan M. Dellutri
Susan R. Bechert
Susanna Bird, LCSW
Susanne M. Diemert, ACSW
Ami Susewitz
Lisa Sussman
Scott Sussman
Suzan DeWitt
Suzanne L. Ricklin, ACSW
Suzanne M. Leitner
Suzanne M. Schunk, ACSW, LCSW
Laurie Swift
Sylvia Mitchell, MSW
Taekyung Park, UNK Social Work
Cindy Takiguchi
Tamara Black, LCSW
Tamara Dill Stewart, LCSWA
Tamara K. Hamilton, LCSW
Tammy Fried, LCSW
Anita Tanner
Jennifer Tanner
Tara H Gould, LCSW
Tarama M. Fuatagavi
Heather Tarr
Tatyana I. Bondarchuk
Tawnya Severe
Karen Taylor
Pamela Taylor
Chelsea Taylor
Wende Tedesco
Pamela Tefft
Teresa A. Caldwell, LICSW, ACHP-SW
Teresa N. Maidak
Teresa Ramon
Terri L. Parker
Terry L. Jensen
Tessa Louise Hill
Garrett Testi
Thaddeus J. Widmer
Theresa B. Mason
Theresa Montoya
Jeffrey Thomas
Thomasine M. Mcfarlin
Cheryl Thompson
Brenda Thompson
Hillary Thornley
Juanita Thornton
Luann Thurman
Patricia Tidwell
Tieryn Marie Olson
Tiffany Lynn Logan, MSW,LCSW,CCS
Tiffany Lynn Tinapple
Gina Tilley
Maureen Tillman
Rebecca Timms
Timothy F. Page, PhD, ACSW
Timothy W. Roldan, Mental Health, Law
Tina Pack
Sarah Toig
Torri-Marie Pappas
Diana Tortosa
Janice Townsend
Tracey Lee Sutton, ACSW
Casey Trattner
Andrew Trindle
Trisha Michele Stewart
Trivan Martines Lovings
Paula Tsarides
Grayce Turman
Julie Turner
Twila Yvette Johnson
Sherry Tyger
Tyler Christopher Bing-Lawson
Ulla Yandell
Megan Ulrich
Dee Unterbach
Kary Valdes
Sherrill Valdes
Nancy Valentino
Valerie Anne Williams, LCSW
Valerie Schiavone
Gillian Van Delft
Helen (Beth) Van Gorden
Marie Van Ness
Margaret Van Schaick
Culle Vande Garde
Sara Vander Straeten
Esther Vanderwal
Vanessa B. Crawford
Cynthia Vardaro
Carol Vaughan
Carol Veber
Cherilynn Veland
Alyssa Vicente
Vickery J. Barnett
Vicki A. Wasserman, LCSW-C
Vicki L. Comnick
Vicki L. Shumaker
Victoria Renee Kelly Robles, MSW Student
Norma Villanueva
Vincent Beard
Virginia S. Medrano
Viviane E.S. Almeida
Toni Volpe-Sillars
Ken Voorhees
Catherine Vourkas
Sonia Voynow
Victoria Vreeland
Nancy Wachtenheim
Marcus Wade
Jo-Ann Wagner
Carrie Waites
Jennifer Wallace Canobbio
Michelle Walsh
Lucas Walz
Carolyn Wander Daniel
David Ware
Douglas Warn
Angela Warner
Bill Warner
Kendyl Watts
Wayne Renard Cato
Max Weaver
Laura Webb
Christine Weber
Vanessa Weber
Deborah Weinstein
Cheryl Weisel
Ned Weisman
Wendla D. Windt
Wendy K. Buchanan, LCSW
Wendy Pitts Reeves, LCSW
Gwen Werner
Deirdre West Roy
Niki Wezensky
Juliet Wheeler
Courtney White
Margaret White
Laura White
Donna Whitmire
Rhonda Whittaker
Kamy Wicoff
Christine Widener
Melanie Wiersma
Alexa Wilbur
William Wilcox
Patricia Wilcox
Katherine Willett
William D. Gieseke
William E. Dougherty, LCSW
William Edward Webster, MSW, ASW
William Mills, LCSW
William N. Amonette
Jacqueline Williams
Christy Williams
Tracey Williams
Raymond Williams
Anita Willoughby
Glenna Wilson
David Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
David Wilson
Donna Winder
Deborah Wingate
Cynthia Winski
Laina Winters
Susan Wismer
Peggy Woehrlen
Samuel Wojnilower
Sharyn Wolf
Norine Wong
Marion Woodward
Kathleen Wright
Yasmin LLuveras, LCSW-C
Natalie Yeschin
James Yocum
John Yost
Tammie Yost
Toni Young
Marianne Young
Yvonne Campbell, LCSW
Barbara Zaas-Partington
Christopher Zaglifa
Dana Zais
Margaret Zangrilli
Joanne Zangrillo
Ashley Zellner
Lenora Ziegler
Ann Zierler
Lauren Ziff
Jill Zisman
Josephine Zolynsky
JoAnn Zucker
Amy Zuckerman
Fredda Zuckerman
Stella Zweben Samuel
Legal Defense Fund: Defensing social workers, 40 years