Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
July 2020
Alix Amar, LCSW, QCSW
Jordana Amato
Janet Aptaker
Ashley Nunez, Social Worker
Brian Batchelder
Carol S. Fischbach, LCSW
Csilla E. Andor
Darlene M. Deforte
Denise A. Gordon, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Dawn DeStefano
Casey Dexter
Erin Ann Clouthier
Carli Genet
Sandra Hill-Glover
Cris Jacobson
Cecilia Jones
Rose Kavo
Mackenzie Rae Maxwell
Merari E. Fernandez Castro, LCSW
Brenda Mintze Coleman
Michelle Mishoe
Jessica Moss
Tanya Noblitt
Noel Elmore
Andrea Raphael-Paskey
Andrea Reiter
Christina Repp
Richard Scott Russell
Samara Benenson Roth, MSSW
Sarah Smith
Solveig Spjeldnes
Carie Starnes
Suzanne Sterrett
Danielle Stevens-Roane
Jeanine Sullivan
Audrey Swartz
Caroline Temple
Pamela Tew
Sara Vazquez
Amanda Wise
Janet Yankosky
June 2020
Dory Quinn, MSW, LCSW
Stephanie Abate
Jamie Abelson
Deanne Acker
Amy Adair
Tamara Adams
Sandra Addison
Adriana P. DiNardo
Agathe David-Weill
Cassandra Aguillard
Rosamaria Alamo
Alan A. Andrews, PSYD ACSW
Alan W. Ingram, JD, MSW
Susan Albertus
Alein Haddad-Perez
Alejandra Maria Manalili, MSW candidate
Alex Shaquille Thompson
Laura Alexander
Alexandra Marie Smith, LSW
Alexis K Brown, BSW
Alicia E O'Connor
Alicia salazar, LCSW
Alison Eberly Lohf
Lisa Allen
Caroline Allen
Allison Shorey, LCSW
Judith Allston
Allyson N. Coppin, LCSW
Allyson Pardue
Christina Aloisio
Laura Alper
Ketelie Altena
Jean Alter
Althea Herrell, LCSW
Sandra Altshuler
Elsie Alvarado
Alvin F. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Amanda Hardwick, MSW
Amanda L Constant
Amanda L. Eyes
Amber Y Chavez
Amie E. Kuykendall, ACHP-SW
William Amt
Amy E. Bryan
Amy E. Didden, MSW,LCSW
Amy L. Goldberg-Robles, MSW
Amy L. Rosenthal
Amy Lynn Park
Amy Michelle Schneider
Amy Sowerby Girouard, MSW, LICSW
Amy White Diller, MSW, LCSW
Ana M. Sanchez
Bruce Andersen
Claudia Anderson
Kahalia Anderson
Kimyatta Anderson
Gretchen Anderton
Andrea B. Shaw, MBA,LCSW
Andrea D. Heitz, LCSW,SAP
Andrea Hartwig, LCSW
Andrea J. Freedman, LICSW
Andrea L. Charles, LMSW
Andrea M. Nydegger
Andrew Ensor, MSW Student
Andrew O'Neill
Andrew W. Selander, MSW, LSW
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Angela M. Hagar
Angie Hilken, LCSW
Ann Choh
Ann M. Fisher
Ann Marie Olsen-Meehan
Anne B. Howard
Annika Kristine OMelia, LISW
Anny Daneshvar
Anthony James DiMartino
Anthony L. Cox
Anne Apodaca
April Briddell, MSW, LCSW
April J. Naturale, ACSW
Barbara Aranosian
David Ardao
Kristina Armbruster
Esther Armijo
Amy Armstrong
Beverly Arndt
Arnona Eden-Davidai, LCSW, PhD
Michael Arons
Amy Arsenault
Ivan Aryee
Thomas Arzt
Ashley Ramsdell
Rebecca Ashworth-Rhein
Audra Lynn Stolz Masterton
Audrey H. Gerdt
Kelli Augustadt
Karen Aurdal
Ericka Axness
Jennifer Ayers
Annette Bacheller
Nickalia Baddal
Susan Bagnini
Malahat Baig-Amin
Jacee Baker
Colleen Ball
Bernard Ball
Stacy Bania
Camille Banks-Lee
Eva Barahona
Barbara A. O'Hara
Barbara K. Detlefsen
Barbara K. Rachlin, ACSW
Barbara Lewis Armstrong, ACSW
Barbara Marotto
Barbara P. Jannah, ACSW,LCSW
Barbara P. Wyner, LICSW, ACSW
Barbara U. Lamb, MSW, LCSW
Samantha Barbour
Christine Bardelli
Ann Bareish
Maria Barelli
Amy Barnes
Shira Barnett
Edward Baron
Patrick Barrasso
Penny Bartko
Leslie Bass
Gayla Baumgardt
Shirley Bavonese
Sarah Bayer
Bridgett Beal
Linda Beam
Nora Beasanski
Margaret Beaton
Eva Beatty
Nancy Beaver
Rachel Beck
Lily Beer-Chiavetta
Elizabeth Belcher
Richard Belson
Kathleen Bender
Wendy Beneke
Renee Benjamin
Katharine Bennis
Mary Bentley
Judith Bergson
Mercedes Bern-Klug
Erin Bernau
Rhoda Bernstein
Lisa Bernstein
Beth A. Broderick-Schmitt
Bethany Collier, CPhT
Linda Bethel
Betty K. Skinner, LSCSW, ACSW
Harmon Biddle
Judith Bieber
Brian Bilandzija
Kenneth Bitner
Laura Bivins
Michael Bizzarro
Sylvia Black
Sirrilla Blackmon
Dalys Blair
Lou Blankenburg
Lisa Blinn
Steven Blower
Jacqueline Boardman
Ellen Bobruff-Reese
Felicia Boehringer
Elizabeth Bohun
Claudia Bolcik
Roger Bolen
Margaret Bolger
Tatiana Bolotina-Rozman
Martha Bolton
Helen Bonapart
Victoria Bones
Aneata Bonic
Janice Booth
Michelle Borenstein
Marilou Bork
Laurie Boussom
Emma Bowe-Shulman
Sheri Bowles
A. Bowling
Donna Bowman
Margaret Boyer
Julie Brady
Mary Brainerd
Michael Branch
Debra Brandt
Sarah Breding
Gail Breen
Isabelle Breen
Sharon Brener
Carline Bressler
Brian Rinkeski
Bridget Shouse Clark
Betty Briggs
Cynthia Briggs
Karyn Bristol
Alice Bristow
Brittany Fuchs
Gene Brodland
Barbara Broesamle
Marilyn Brooks
Angela Brown
Suzanne Brown
Stephen Brown
Carole Brown
Terri Brown
Christopher Brown
Jennifer Brownfield
Robin Beth Brownstein
Ellen Broxmeyer
Bruce D. Buchanan, ACSW
Colleen Brunell
Sarah Bruns
Sandra Bruschi
Renee Buchele
Gerald Buckley
Catherine Buckley
Joshua Buckman
Sharon Buddington
Charles Burch
Jennifer Burelbach
Naomi Burke
David Burkett
Joan Burkhard
Robin Burnett
Metta Burpee
Barbara Busillo
Marie-Christine Busque
Leticia Bustamante
Christa Butler
Caitlin Logan
Carlie Calabria
Susan Calaway
Daneta Calderon-Vital
Robert Caldwell
Camilla Bach, MSW, LSW
Jose Candelario
Frances Candlin
Caprice Riley, BS, MSW
Carlos Pastor
Paul Carlucci
Carly Elizabeth Brown, ASW, PPSC
Carlye J. Levine, LMSW, C-ASWCM
Carol L. Hart
Carolyn R. Toporek
Michael Carr
Katlyn Carr
Almon Carr
Quaker Case
Jason Case
Cassandra Peterson, LCSW
Cindy Cassiere
Kristen Castellanos
Catherine Ashley von Klitzing, MSW
Catherine Swan, LCSW
Cecilianne King, LCSW
Charlene Ray, MSW, LICSW
Gwendolyn Charles
Charles L. Chang, ACSW
Chastity J. Pimental, MSW, LCSW
Maria Checa-Rosen
Chelsea Bernal
Cheryl Jones-Holaday, ACSW
Cheryl L. Nelson
Benon Chomicki
Anna Christensen
Celia Christie
Christina Marie Webster
Christine Ryan
Margaret Christman
Christopher A. Cimmino, MSW
Christopher A. Sagar
Christopher Messersmith
Christy Dollar Brinton, MSW
Walda Ciafone
Phoebe Cirio
Martin Cirkiel
Claire Parsons
Clarissa McDonald
Meghan Clark
Leslie Clark
Marilyn Clarke
Rebecca Clarke
Angela Clary
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Y. Williams, LCSW-R
Janet Clemenson
Cleo Patricia Thompson, LCSW
Cecil Clifton
Catherine Cloud
Scott Cochran
M Coco
Brian Cohen
Stacy Cohen
Felicia Cohn
Donna Cole
Lisa Cole
Colleen Margaret Huysman
Linda Collins
Dawn Collins
Brenda Comer
Sharon Compono
Suzanne Condon-Paskiewicz
Darin Conway
Marianne Cook
Louis Cook
Jamie Cool
Sarah Cooper
Mary Corbeill
Harry Core
Llewellyn Cornelius
Elizabeth Corpt
Anthony Cotraccia
Carol Coulson
Beverly Coursey
Robert Covey
Emily Cowan
Stacie Cox
Ronda Cox
Christopher Cox
Otwool Craft
Rebecca Craft
Patricia Craig
Laura Cravens
Jennifer Crawford
David Crosby
Cynthia Crosson
Laura Cryan
Donna Cude-Islas
Joseph Cullers
James Curran
Gregory Curtis
Ruth Cutler
Cheryl Cuyler
Cynthia Ann Brayboy
Cynthia Reibenstein, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Marcy DaCosta
Nadia Daher
Heather Dale
Erin Daly
Dana Williams
Daniel A. Harvey, LICSW
Daniel Bernatowicz
Daniel Trabue DeSena
Danielle F. Trimarco, LSW
Danielle Pearl Smith, LCSW
Ellen Daniels
Gladys Darden
Daria Lisa Sievers
Susan Darien
David Paul, MSW, LGSW
Charlotte Davidson
Jill Davidson
Jeri Davis
Robert Davis
Martha Davis
Louise Davis
Dawn E. Kinney Miller
Dawn M. Hobdy, MSW, LICSW
Daisy de Jesus
Debbie H. Crane, Byrd, LCSW, ACSW
Debbie Kay Duquette, L.I.C.S.W., P.I.P.
Emily Debo-Trosclair
Vicki Deboer
Debora D. Romeo, LCSW
Deborah A. Hughes
Deborah Almonte, LCSW
Georgette Deborde
Debra A. Viola
Debra M. Roberts
Sarah DeCiucis
James Dedic
Linda Deere
Michelle DeFrancesco
Shashi DeHaan
Deirdre Finney Boylan, LCSW
Steve Deitelbaum
Darlene DeLaigle
Donna Delich
Delmira Castellon
Patricia Deming
Deniece Roschele Christ-Rice
Denise L. Edwards, LCSW / LISW
Denisha King, LCSW
Matthew Denniston
Barbara Desoto
Nancy Deutsch
Bill Deutsch
Diane Newman Allen, LCDC
Bertha Diaz
Elizabeth Diaz
Shelli Dicioccio
Jeremy Didier
Marguerite Dileo
Adam Doane
Gretchen Dobervich
Elizabeth Dobrish
Jonathon Dodd
Lovannia Dofat-avent
Del Domezio
Monika Domke
Donald Tabone, MSW intern
Joanne Donato-Popko
Donna J. Lucente
Donna M. Donahue
Donna Schuyler
Vivian Doremus
Dori LeGrand-Christmas
Thomas Dorrance
Marilyn Dougall
Evelyn Dougherty
Linda Douthart
Mary Downie
Karyl Draper
Kathy Dreiblatt
Beth Drennen
Sherree Drezner
Lori Driver
Amanda Duffy
Eileen Duglow
John Dukes
Mary Duncan
Elonzo Duncan
Renata Duncan
Mariama Duncan
Barbara Durbahn
Dwana L. Moore, MSW
Suzanne Dworak-Peck
Jerome Dyson
E Cydne B. Collins
Jillian Early
Kate Eastman
David Ebron
Edward De La Loza, LCSW
Belinda Edwards
Jackie Edwards
Eileen Isaacson, LCSW
Eileen McLaughlin Koons, ACSW
Eileen Wiener, ACSW
Robin Eisenberg
Linda Eisenberg
Elaine Eleanor Daly
Elaine P. Congress, DSW, ACSW
Elisabeth Sierra Millican
Elise S. Young, ACSW, DCSW
Elizabeth Ann Kuepper, LCSW
Elizabeth Eichel
Elizabeth Mertinko
Elizabeth S. Pollock, ACSW
Ella Joan Evans
Jane Ellis
Ellis D. Berkowitz, Berkowitz, ACSW
Seth Ellner
Elyse Gail Garlick, ACSW PhD
Prudence Emery
Emily Carol Miller
Emily S. Rosen, LCSW
Cynthia Engel
Arlene Englander
George Ennels
Arlen Epp
Theresa Epstein
Eric M. Alvin, BSW,MSW,CSW
Eric Schwartz
Erica S. Nazzaro
Erin Kathleen McCleary, MSW, LGSW
Erin Sibley Doerwald, LMSW
Erin Theresa Sweeney
Esther J. Langston, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Suzanne Etre
Eugene Canotal, LCSW
Eugene G. Devers, ACSW, LCSW
Evan Meredith
Nancy Evans
Stephanie Evans
D. Trevor Evans
Molly Fagan
Christine Fahey
Sheila Fallik
Maureen Fallon-Cyr
Fara Sussman Jones, LCSW
Lynne Farbman
Tracy Farmer
Evelyn Farmer
Tamara Faulkner
Tammy Faux
Judy Fazio
Gwen Feddema
Anne Feely
Laurie Fein
Nanci Felice
Mary Ferguson
Fern K. Miller
Rosemary Ferrero-Manginelli
Todd Fetherston
Judith Feuer
Lynda Fichtner
Judi Fiederer
Lucia Field
Matilde Figueroa
Christine Fila
Ann Finch
Allen Finkel
Victoria Finnegan
Lynn Finocchiaro
Holly Fischer-Engel
Sharon Fisher
Paul Fiszman
Linda Fleischman
Alicia Fleming
Danielle Flocco
Anna Flores
Mabel Foley
Sandra Foley
Peter Foradas
Beth Forhman
Debra Foster
Alice Foulkes-Garcia
Susan Fowler
Robert Fox
Debra Fox
Kristen Fox-Berki
Deborah Frame
Frances M. Levine, CSW LCSW
Susan franchetti
William Francis
Francis Regis Bulman, MSW, LSW
Debra Frankel
Phoebe Frankel
Fred Pastor, ACSW,DSW,LCSW
Fredlyn N. Zitter-Smith, ACSW
Maria Fregoso
Jennifer Freifeld
Vivian Fry
Sarah Fude-Huisman
Alissa Fugazzi
Cynthia Fulford
Susan Fusaro
Joanne Gaffney
Abby Gagerman
Gayle Gagliardo
Gaither M. Terrell
Marla Gale
Courtney Gale
Sarah Gales-Boykin
Susan Gallagher-Schwass
Genevieve Gallegos
Jenney Gallerane
Nancy Gallina
Sharon Gambo
Sharon Garant
Ronald Gardner
Rachael Gardner Purdy
Michele Garofano
April Garza
Mary Ann Gastiger
Holly Gaul
Cheryl Gay
Vicki Gayton
James Genova
Karen Gentile
Albert Gentle
Kerry George
Josephine George
George B. Smith, ACSW, LCSW
Josette Georges
Georgia R. Rigler, MSW
Gerardo Javier Ungo
Anne Gerber
Kiffany Gibbs
Deborah Gibson Goulish
Natalie Gidney-Cole
Gilbert E. Guerrero
Christopher Gill
Wendy Gillenson
Gina E. Ciccone, BSW, CAC III
Gina Liss, ACSW
Gina R. Rosich
Barry Giordano
Rena Glaser
Glenn A. Hurwitz
Glenn A. Kondo, ACSW,DCSW
Sarael Glover
Laurie Gnoyski
Patricia Godfrey
Sharon Goedkoop
Theresa Goff
Rochelle Gold
Linda Gold
Leatrice Goldberg
Gary Goldberg
Shahnaz Goldman
Elizabeth Goodchild
Karen Goodenough
Nancy Goodman
Hallie Goosenberg
Bonnie Gordon
Sharon Gordon
Kate Gorman
Gortrell Cox
Gauri Goswami
Mel Gottlieb
Rosamond Goudeau
Maria Goudie
Dorothy Goulart
Aliza Graber
Grace L. Davis
Lana Graham
Marylin Granat
Carmen Grant
Robert Grant
Roger Grape
Donald Grasing
Marcia Gray
Linda Grayson
Jonah Green
Barbara Green
Sondra Greenberg
Jane Greenfield
Greg I. Tanida
Paula Gregoriades
Christin Gregory
Karen Groening
Amanda Gropp
Heather Grosso
Lucy Grosvenor
Laura Guastini
Jesseca Guerreiro
Amy Gui
Guneeta Singh McElhenny, LCSW
Lynne Guss
Angela Gutierrez-Macias
Gail Guttman
Zachary Guzman
Brenda Haas
Jasmin Hagen
Abdul Hakim
Jennifer Hall
Mamye Hall
Laura Hallman
Natalie Haluszka
Pamela Halverson
Cynthia Hamann
Jenny Hamlin
Karin Hammer-Williamson
Chrisanne Hammill
Tracy Hamolko
Deborah Hampton
Suki Hanfling
Carolyn Hanke
Kimberly Hanna
Jean Hansson
Elizabeth Harding
William Hardy
Kelly Hardy
James Hare
Donna Haros-Shindelman
Nancy Harrel
Melinda Harriman
Cathleen Harris
Margaret Harris
Logann Harris
Julie Harris Blitz
Karlene Harrison
Randy Harrison-Mills
Amanda Hartman
Celia Hartnett
Julian Hartt
Susan Haskell
Judith Hasnas
Claudia Hatch
Stephanie Hatzenbuehler
Tamara Hawk
Leah Haymond
Connie Hays
Karen Heard
Heath H. Hightower, ACSW,QCSW,DCSW
Heather-Leigh Owens Nies, MSW Candidate, UGA
James Heavenrich
Spring hecht
Heidi J. Boehm
Linda Heins
Stephanie Heitman
Helen H. Spencer
Helen S. Hill
Janelle Henderson
Mica Henderson
Suzanne Hennessey
Philip Herbert
Lisa Herendeen
Russell Hernandez
Diane Herrera
Fern Hertzberg
Tara Hervey
Sally Hickey
Olivia Hicks
Melissa Hinchman
Mitzi Hines
Kimberly Hinzy
Jason Hirsch
Katherine Hiti
Lacey Hochman
Andrea Hodges
Peggy Hoffman
Roland Hoffmann
Scott Hollander
Katherine Holleran
Hollywood Hanna Hermanson
Brandy Holmes
Cheri Holmes
Kelly Holroyd
Paul Holt
Morrissa Holzman
Elaine Hopson
Perry Horowitz
Amy Horowitz
Debra Horvath
Jan Horwitz
Gloria Houle
Susan Houts
Amy Hovey
Karen Howard
Susan Howard
David Howe
Anne-Marie Hoyle
Jean Huber
Joseph Huber
Allen Huff
Janet Hughes
Tracy Hughes
Sandra Humphrey
Jayn Hunter
Nancy Hunter
Lysetta Hurge-Putnam
Monica Hutchins-Thomas
Martha Hutchison
Helen Hutton
Donna Hyde
Lisa Hymas
Florence Ikechukwu
Emmanuela Ikechukwu
Aaron Imber
Robert Ingram
Joanna Ioannides
Patricia Iovine
Kathy Isenberg Warnell
Itana Adar Pinansky, LCSW
Michele Itskowitch
Joanne Iurato
Monique Ivanov
Bhanumathi Ivatury
Barry Ivker
Elin Jacks
Beverly Jackson
Marcia Jackson
Charleen Jackson-Fleck
Jeannie Jacobs
Jacqueline C. Malone, ACSW
Jacqueline Claudette Jones, MSW, LSW
Merrie Jaffe
Rhonda Jager-Pippy
Delilah Jakob
Zohra jamash
James Hohmann, ACSW
Jane C. Bardavid
Jane D. Vanderwerf
Jane L. Meyers
Jane Roth
Janet E. Huettig, ACSW
Janet M. Krusick
Janeth Perez-Dominguez
Jania Sommers, LCSW
Janice J. Fitts
Constance Janssen
Jared M. Neal
Gloria Jarvis
Jasmine Perez
Marie Jefferson
Jeffrey S. Firsichbaum, ACSW
Kathleen Jendusa
Jenica McKeown, LCSW
Jenifer Elam-Harthcock
Jenifer Gonzalez, MSW Student
Jennifer A. Shadik
Jennifer Ferenz, MSW Supervisee
Jennifer Frances Syverson Alcaide
Jennifer Hoag Wydler, LCDC
Jennifer Joan Tanner, CDP
Jennifer Kay Norris, Norris
Jennifer Kayla Slovernick, LSW
Jennifer Leah Theurer
Jennifer Milburn
Jennifer Seminara, Seminara
Karyl Jennings
Jessica A. Strassman, LCSW
Jessica Anna Clark-Keeler
Jessica Flick Harper, LCSW
Jessica Lynn Payne, Payne
Jessica Rea Sullivan, LICSW
Jessica W. Markowitz
Jesslyn C Bolt, LCSW
Valerie Jeter
Jhuma Nath Acharya, MSW
Jill DeCoste
Jill Evans Wuonola
Jill S. Mcvey, ACSW
Jillian Grace Orzechowski, MSW, LCSW
Jo Frederic, LCSW,ACSW,CSW-G
Joan G. Berkowitz
Jodi L. Warne
Jodie Minahan Lamirande
Jody Koerner, ACSW, QCSW, LSCSW
Joel R. Ambelang, ACSW
Sheila Johal
Johanna McCarthy, MSW
John A. Waide
John F. Mucha, LCSW
John G. Spencer, LMSW
John Levitt, ACSW
John V. Smith, Jr., LCSW
John W. Cornelius
Debra Johnson
Imani Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Arlene Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Amy Johnson
Alexander Johnson-Klein
Theresa Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Daniel Jones
Tiana Jones
Minzi Jones
Sandra Jones
Joni Clausing-Branham
Joohee Lee
Jose` M. Chaidez
Howard Josepher
Juan Javier Flores, Jr., MSW
Juan Jose Lopez
Cheyanne Judd
Judith K. Moon, ACSW
Judith L. Hewes
Judy A. Blackburn
Judy C. Walruff, PhD, ACSW
Judy K. Taketa
Julie Beth Heckman, LCSW
Jurate Jones, MSW
Wendy Justus
Rhonda Kamai-Kekela
Susan Kamen
Susan Kane
Dana Kane-Glickman
Laura Kanofsky
Susan Kaplan
Robin Kaplan
Kara Garcia VanHorn, BSW
Kara Sellix
Karen C. Yung
Karen Hartigan, MSW/LCSW
Karen Marshall
Megan Karinen
Alexander Karoff-Hunger
Kasie Caswell
Loretta Kassimatis
Katharene Schoof, ACSW
Katharine Niles, MA
Katherine M. Keller
Katheryn B. Davis
Kathleen A. Leonard
Kathleen Ann Roberts, MSW Student
Kathleen E. Lang, ACSW
Kathleen M. Whalen, LCSW
Kathleen Manygoats, ACSW
Kathleen Mary Irving
Kathryn A. Dixon
Kathryn F. Ivrey
Kathryn Keiler
Kathryn Van Cott
Kathy J. Jacobs, ACSW LISW
Katie Baptist
Katrina J. Kemos, LCSW
Steven Katz
Rita Katz
Penni Kaufman
Kay E. Whitehead
Kaya Ceci, MSW
Kaylee Danielson, MSW Student
Nathan Keedy
C. Anthony Keeling
Keena Robertson-Zarcone, C-ASWCM
Charles Kehoe
Sarah Kelleter
Velea Kelley
Barbara Kellman
Dorothy Kelly
Michael Kelly
Diana Kelly
Kate Kelly
Kelly Zinn
Elaine Kemler
Carol Kemp
Ken K. Nakamura
Victoria Kendrick
Brandy Kennerson
Kevin J. Fitzsimmons
Kevin T. Berrill, LICSW
Kiana Pollacek
Anne Kidd
Kim Cousens
Kim E. Mckeon
Kimberly A. Maugans-Smith Wells, Wells
Kimberly Sue Newman, MSWI
Judy King
Zaffron King
Thomas King
Stephen King
Elizabeth Kingsbury-Puscas
Jennifer Kinsey
Dori Kirby
Mimi Kirk
Jeremy Kissinger
Olivia Kistner
Lori Kitun
Catherine Klein
Elisa Klein
Makayla Kloock
Christine Knapp
J. Richard Koch
Ruth Kohley
Anne Kohn
Patricia Kolb
Cheryl Kotarski
Jo Anne Kovich
Michele Kramer
Carol Kranz
Madeleine Krebs
Renee Kress
Maryann Krieglstein
Kristen Kelner Nash, LMSW
Kristin L. Mooney
Kristine Marie Konz, LMSW
Hannah Krohner
Patricia Kruger
Marisha Krupkin
Marjorie Kurtz
Lottie Kwarteng
Kyla Fallin, BSW
Kylene Ann Davis, BSW
Lakayla Chardai Heathington
Karen Lake
Brian Lam
Jeanine Lamb
Mary Lampe
Margaret Landers
Kathleen Landers-Wise
Christine Landherr
Monique Lang
Lanita Sanders-Winding, LCSW
Andrea Lantz
Philip Larsen
Edie Larson
Laura Farha, MSW, MDiv
Laura L. McMurry
Laura M. Minor
Laura Pope
Hillary Lavino
Jeffrey Lawrence
Laura Lawson
Bethami Lawson
Judy Lazarus
Toby Lazerson
Kathleen Leahy
Christen Leal
LeAnn Deering, MSW
Teresa Learned
Kara LeCates
Ethan Lechner
James LeCluyse
Eunice Lederman-Schwartz
Alan Lee
Blair Lee
LeeAnn Renee Gauthier, SWT, CDCA
Nancy Leff
Ellen Lefkowitz
Richard Lehman
Leigh Blaine Tsujino, MSW, LSW
Leila R. Grubbs
Jaclyn Leit
Lacey Leitner
Lenetta G. Hogue
John Lenox
Tanya Lentz
Nancy Lentzner
Stephen Lescht
Lesley Anne Seeger
Laura Leslie
Leslie J. Baral
Leslie S. Tsukroff, LCSW
Annebeth Lesser
Leta Ann Myers, LCSW
Leticia Henry White, LMSW
John Leuba
Anne Levene
Thomas Leversee
Julia Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Liam T Brown, MSW
Libby L. Kay, LCSW, ACSW
Libby MacPhee, MSW
Kelly Lieber
Maureen Light
Linda Kathleen Craig, BSW
Linda Marie Trujillo, MSWS
Linda P. Helsper
Lindan Marie Brown Lawson
Lindsey M. Cooper, ACSW, BCD
Lindsey Rinehart, LICSW
Allison Line-Andrews
Susan Lipshutz
Lisa A. Verni, Verni
Lisa Ann James, LCSW
Lisa B. Hillman
Lisa Broussard
Lisa Christine Smith
Lisa D. Patrick
Lisa Rachel Simon
Lisa Vernon, LCSW
Lisa Zittis
Keith Lisenbee
Krista List-Leinberger
Dawn Lloyd-Matthews
Sarah Lockhart-Palladino
Michelle Lodato
Laura Lodi
Jennifer Lofink
Heidi Logan
Patricia Logan
Lois E. Ratzlaff
Tinera Lokeman
Virginia Longcope
Katherine Lopez
Lori Elizabeth Allen, LCSW
Lori J. Farley
Lori Karch
Linda Loritz-Derusha
Louisa B. Randall, Randall
Louisa Peluso
Alyssa Lovegrove
Carol Lubetsky
Paul Lukach
Helina Lukens
Lula Roberts
Rose Luna
Shelly Lund
Carryn Lund
Eric Lundstrom
Laura Lutz
Pamela Lyman
Kristian Lynch
Lynn Hackstaff
Lynne Andrus Wright
Lynne E. Dulken
M B. Murray-Lane
M Pellish
Emet Maayan
Rebecca Macy
Lisa Madden
Shona Maddocks
Madison Alexys Brooks
Mary Ann Maino-Socienski
Arleen Maiorano
Adriana Malagon
Dayle Malen
Diane Mallach
Mallory Visser
Tammy Malloy
Sean Manchester
Andrea Mancillas
Leah Mangis
Charles Mann
Sarah Mantica
Meriha Mantle
Sharron Mapel
Kelly Maples
Marcy L. Pearsall, practice owner
Margaret A. Daniels, LCSW
Margaret M. Gruenke
Margaret Mary Murphy
Margie Ann Hattori
Marguerite Sheridan, LSW
Marie Margulies-Ellias
Maria Xiao-Mei Lee-Doepke, MSW, MAFP
Marilou Jayne Penner, LCSW
Marilyn Kurns, LCSW
Alan Marinaccio
Tayler Mariner
Timothy Markwell
Jensyn Marquesano
Nelly Marte
Ross Martin
Gail Martin
Christina Martin
Martin F. Hammar, LISW
Katherine Martinez
Mary A. Keefe
Mary Ann H. Westendorf
Mary G. Di Giacomo
Mary L. Brett
Mary L. Greiner
Mary Lynn McDermott, LMSW
Mary Prather
Maryclaire Mena
MaryJane Guillermo
Lisa Masciulli
Lacey Mashinter
Jack Maslow
Liz Mason
Catherine Massie
Louis Massoth
Jill Masure
Kimberly Mathews
Jane Mathis
Katherine Mattleman
Marguerite Matusak
Carolyn Maue
Maureen Burke Clayton, LICSW, ACSW
Kathryn May
Sasha May
Diane Mayer
Sara Mayne
Heather Mazarakos
Amy Mazer
Bruce McAlister
Sally Mcauley
Terrence McBride
Carol Mccardell
Darryl McCarroll
Maxine mccarthy
Renee McClure
Sarah McConkey
Catherine McCool
Peter McCoy
Jacquelyn McCroskey
Joanne McDaniel
Sean McDonough
Fiona McGarry
S. D. McGee
James Mckinley-Oakes
Pamela McLane
Heather McLaughlin
Caroline McLeod
Michelle McMahon
Jeanie Mcpherson
Ruth McRoy
Lydia Medina
Susano Medina
Megan Banks
Megan Joan Gallagher
Megan L Dietz, LCSW
Megan McNett, BSW
Dawn Meggerson
Margaret Mehan
Arlene Mehlman
Melanie Anne Gotcher, LMSW
Melissa Ann Hurley
Melissa Elizabeth Eckels, MSW
Melissa Golden
Poonam Melwani
Ann Mendelsohn
Mona Mendelson
Maria Mercurio
Kimberly Meriwether
Merri Lea Shaw, ACSW
Crystal Merrill
Jonathan Metcalf
Heather Metz
Michael B. Pyatt
Michael D. Schock, PhD, ACSW
Michael E. Hays
Michael Lane, Student
Michael Stahl
Michael T. Cappiello
Michal Elias-Bachrach
Michele B. Johnson, LCSW
Michelle A. Pennington, LCSW
Michelle C. Jacobson, ACSW, DCSW
Michelle Gagnon, LSW
Anna Michelson
Charlotte Michener Krasnoff
Christine Migdole
Miki Tesh, PhD, LCSW
Joan Milano
Clifford Miller
Mary Miller
Alice Miller
Heather Miller
Laurie Mills
Mindy R. Jacobs
Sherry Minniti D'Elia
Marsha Mintz
Mireya Herrera
Miryam A. Serlin, ACSW, C-ASWCM
Ann Misel
Misty Pearl Ely, LMSW
Suzan Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
Melisa Mitchell
Mitchell D. Bobrow
Kristen Mock
Jane Moffett
Molly Falter, LMSW
Barbara Monett
Monica Gibson Rich, LCSW
Monica K. Guidry
Marcia Monroe
Heidi Monroe
Kathleen Moore
Patience Moore
Suzanne Moore
Leila Morgan
Caretta Morris
Dolores Morris
Samantha Moses
Jerome Moss
Robin Moss
Anne Most
Lisa Muenchow
Douglas Muller
Patricia Mulligan
Kathleen Muloski
Carlton Munson
Patricia Murphy
Lu Ann Murphy
Megan Murphy
Michael Murphy
Patricia Murphy Schulz
Susan Murray
Geraldine Muscarnere
Julie Muthig
David Myers
Lindley Myers
Naama Ratzersdorfer
Nadine K. Pope
Ming Nagasawa
Stacy Nalley
Nancy C. Moore
Nancy E. Kahn, ACSW
Nancy J. Ross
Nancy Jane Albert, MSW
Naomi Dora Drexler, LCSW
Naomi M. Flowers, ACSW, MVF-CSW
Sarah Narendorf
Sylvia Naseath
Natalie J. Perrault
Robert Navarro
Neave Higgins
Joanne Neel-Richard
Dagmawit Negash
Rose Marie Nehls
Regine Neiders
Edward Nelson
Margaret Newcomb-Lewis
Nicholas John Zielke
Nicholas Robert Manisero, Associates Degree
Nichole Paradis Pangburn
Nicola E. Horton-Palmer
Nicole Bolognini, MSW, LCSW
Nicole Montgomery
Jean Nielson
Amy Nieman
Nina S. Friedman
Heather Nitz
Noemi M. Marquez
Jane Nolan
Erin Nolan
Norma Schwartz
Kenneth Norton
Rachel Novak
Michelle Novelle
Robert Nuffer
Julie O'Donnell
Rita O'Donnell
Andrew O'Grady
Dennis O'Rourke
Karen Obermeier Bauer
Chelsea Oberneder
Robin Ohringer
Allison Olajos
Laura Olanoff
Kristina Oleksiak
Olga L. Popova
Kim Oliver
Heather Oliver
Anne Olshansky
Jennifer ONeill
Linda Oniki
Wayne Orlowitz
Megan Orr
Megan Orr
Jorge Ortiz
Jamie Otter
Carol Owen
Sara Pace
Gregory Pagano
Carolyn Page
Roxane Pakit
Christina Pallotta
Pamela D. Carey
Pamela Friedberg Davis, LCSW
Pamela Marie Sutliff
Karen Parish
Jimmie Parker
Brittany Parrinello
Susan Parrish-Sprowl
Lynn Pascale
Nimisha Patel
Minaxi Patel
Patricia A. Lionetti
Patricia Ann Schulte, MSW
Patricia L. Desrosiers, LCSW, MSW Program Director
Patricia L. Riggs
Patricia M. Luehrs, ACSW
Patricia M. Porter
Sarah Patterson
Mary Beth Patterson
Patti Dawn Pearce, LICSW
Paula D. Keavy, ACSW
Paula D. Zerfoss, ACSW
Ross Pavlik
Tracey Pay
Monique Pearlman
Eric Pegnam
Martin Pentz
Leslie Pereira
Jennifer Peres
Patricia Perry
Nadine Person
Peter B. Goodman, ACSW
Tiffany Peters
Beth Peterson
Lillian Peterson
June Peterson
Amantha Peterson
Ivy Petra
Mary Petrisko
Philip R. Erickson, MSW, LCSW
Phyllis Beatus-Jacoby
Sharon Picard
Toby Picker
Maria Pina
Donna Pincavage
Mildred Pisciotta
Alan Platt
Maurice Plough
Diane Podolak
Paula Pohlman
Sheila Polinsky
Howard Pollack
Tracye Polson
Justine Polster
Zina Polyak
Lenore Pomerance
Nathaniel Ponder
Abigail Poplis
Billie Porter
Kathryn Postel
Roberta Potsic
Pamela Power
Katherine Power
Alyssa Pressman
Gwendolyn Price
Micah Price
Laurie Prothero Sperry
Mary Provencher
Ella Puccio
Stephanie Raborn
Rachael Clineff, BSW
Rachael Dinkin Rosen, LCSW,BCD,CST
Rachael Sarto, MSW, LGSW
Rachelle D. Hutchinson
Rahikya S. Orr-Wilson, LCSW
Myrna Ram
Michelle Ramirez
Lisa Raphael
Marjorie Raskin
Amy Rassen
Ravita Maharaj
Raymond M. Scurfield, ACSW
Terry Real
John Reardon
Rebecca Goldberg, LCSW
Rebecca L. Orton
Rebecca Lewis-Thornton, ACSW
Mary Redd
Karla Redman
Giuliana Reed
Richard Reed
Cynthia Reedy
Frances Reedy
Kathryn Reese
Norma Reggev
Kathryn Regnier-Bacidore
Audrey Reich
Debra Reichard
Sandra Reid
Judith Rein
Sherri Reinsma
Michael Reis
Rena M. Glass-Dixon, LCSW, C-SSWS
Renae L. Vitale
Deborah Renneker
Debra Resnicoff
Catherine Rhoades
Ria D. Megnin
Catherine Ricchetti
Okpara Rice
Martha Rice
Tina Rice Sepulveda
James Richardson
Jill Richmond-Covey
Lesley Rickman
Susanne Riemer
Darcie Ries
E. Anne Riley
Lisa Rindner
Christine Rinehart
Nomi Rinke
Holly Riordan
Carol Ripley
Aryana Robbins
Roberta McMordie
Roberta T. Rothstein, LICSW
Clay Roberts
Robin A. Deluca
Robin Callow
Robin Claire Johnson
Robin Gilmore
Robin R. Irwin
Rosina Robinson
Margaret Robinson
Robyn Corbett Looze, LCSW
Jennifer Rocha
Roderick Lee Arnold
Josephine Rodman
Rodney G. McNeal, BS
Joseph Rodriguez
Carolyne Rodriguez
John Rodriguez
Patricia Rogers
Timothy Romano-Pugh
Sandra Ronan
Joan Roney
Lydia Rosa
Rosa Cormier Grgurich, LCSW CSOTP
Tricia Rose
Sharon Rose
Rose Marie Burke, LCSW
Candice Rosen
Nancy Rosen
Judith Rosen
Sara Rosenberg-Abbott
Clare Rosenfield
Susan Rosseland
Carol Roth
Daniel Rounsavell
Sarah Rowen
Diane Rubin
James Rude
Anne Rupp
Russell Anthony Martin
Corinne Russo
Robert Rutledge
Diane Rzegocki
Andreana Saffi
Shari Sakamoto
Michael Salazar
Adam Salazar
Rebecca Salsbury
Samantha S. Stewart
F. Samora
Lisa Sampsell
Samuel I. Rhoades
Neal samuels
Marian Sanborn
Doris Sanchez
Caron Sandefur
Yale Sanders
Mat Sandifer
Sandra S. Johnson, MSW, LICSW
Sara Amy Solomon
Sara L. Henning
Sara McCarthy
Sarah Anne Booth
Sarah E.J. Brysk, LCSW
Sarah Emily Spinello
Sarah F Coffman
Sarah Johansson, LCSW
Sarah Michelle Ludovic-Young
Sarah S. Sugatt, ACSW
Debra Schartz-Robinson
Stacy Scheetz
Larry Scheingold
Daniella Schertz
Joanne Schiebler
Linda Schiller
Karen Schimke
Ada Schmidt-Tieszen
Andrea Schneer
Julie Schneider
Kim Schneiderman
Fredda Schneidt
Susan Schrift
Ann Schroeder
Connie Schuessler
Stuart Schuhmann
Jeanne Schum
Joshua Schurman
Beth Schwartz
Cynthia Schwartzberg
Jacqueline Scott
Michael Scott
Scott D. Simpson, Simpson, LICSW
Cortney Sears
Oliver Seary
Rhonda Segal
Lisa Selsby
Robin Seymour
Rebeca Shalom
Shannon G Betea
Carol Sharfstein
Kimia Sharifi
Sharmy Rasheed, MSW
Sharon K. Campbell, ACSW
Sharon L. Young
Sharon Louise Williams, LCSW
Monchel Sharp
Shawna R. Vollmer
Andrew Shea
John Shear
Robert Sheavly
Sheila Griffin, MSW
Shelly A. Wiechelt, ACSW,QCSW
Teresa Shelton Pittman
Sheoah Hardy
Kim Shepardson Watson
Sheri Moon, LBSW
Abby Sheridan
Leah Sherman
Sherryl G. Chin
Sheryl S. Wamsley-Goldsmith
Cathy Shiel-Reardon
Maia Shields
Miranda shipman
Cory Shipp
Stewart Shirey
Shivani Chudasama
Doronit Shlank-Bloomenthal
Ashley Shroyer
Deborah Siegel
Ann Sigdestad
Jeremy Silcox
Shirley Sillekens
Hanley Silverman
Julie Simmons
Dana Simons
Amy Singh
Zoia Sizgoric
Tara Slade
Catherine Slavics
Miriam Sloane
Robyn Sloboda-Kousoulas
Karen Smaltz
Carol Smith
Shameka Smith
Wendy Smith
Ina Smith
Peter Smith
Barbara Smith
Jamie Smith
Romney Snyder-Croft
Jill Socha
Monica Soderberg
Kayla Solomon
Sondra Johnson, LGSW
Katherine Soper
Sophia Renee Kyle
Emily Sorel
Holly Sotelo
Soukthanome Thammavong
Eugene Sperandeo
Sanda Spiegel
Eric Spurlock
Stacey A. Trader, LMSW
Mary Stack
Dameon Stackhouse
Stacy Gill, LCSW
Stacy R. Hobbs
Kellie Stallings
Ann Stambler
Ava Louise Stanton
Deborah Stauffer
Victoria Steen
Nuria Steinberg
Barbara Steinberg
Randy Steinhaus
Stephanie Ann Cocci, LCSW
Stephanie C. Doran
Stephanie I. Reichhardt, MSW, LCSW
Stephanie M. Brundieck, LCSW
Stephanie Stone
Stephen R. Hudson
Crystal Sterling
Patricia Stern
Peter Stevenson
Melissa Stewart
Robin Stocksdale
Ronda Stoll
Joseph Stotts
Nikiki Stovall
Donald Strasser
Joan Streepy
Robin Strickman
Katyayani Strohl
Barbara Styzens
Carolyn Sugiuchi
Susan Sukenik
Alison Sullivan
Sarna Sunshine
Susan D. Lalone
Susan E. Pearson
Susan E. Shaw, ACSW
Susan L. Saunders, ACSW
Susan M. Coale
Susan M. Strickland, PhD, LCSW
Susan M. Wack, ACSW, C-ASWCM
Susan R. Levin
Susan Resnick
Andrew Sussman
Emily Sutton-James
Suzanne Farkas
Suzanne S. Benites, MSSW student
George Swamp
Diane Sweet
Courtney Szigetvari
Tahni Kalina
Lisa Talayco
Emily Talbott
Tammera V. Nauts
Tammy Croy McMillian, ACSW
Rosanna Tan
Jean Tanner
Jessica Tappana
Sheryl Tattelman
Rae Tattenbaum
John Tatum
Nicole Taylor
Susan Taylor
Ted Sherwood Price, MSW, C-SSWS
Teresa A. Miller, MSW
Teresa J. Rauschuber
Teresa V. Crowe, PhD, LICSW, ACSW
Terra Marie Snow, Graduate Student
Brandy Terrell
Victoria Terrill
Kathleen Terwilliger
John Tewart
Laurie Thatcher
Jennifer Theberge Ierardi
Theodore Alter
Kelly Thielk
Barbara Thomas
Keeley Thomas
Thomas C. Mole, ACSW
Thomas J. Nolan, ACSW
Thomas Vincent Cliff, LMSW
Sara Thomas-Chandler
Lu Thomas-Cosgrove
Rita Thompson
Eileen Thompson
Melissa Thompson
Heather Thomson
Ana Thornton
Yvonne Thraen
Jan Thurston-Milgrom
Evangeline Tierney
Tiffani Pimley
TIFFANY Cunningham, M.A.
Tiffany Davee Smith, BSW
Tiffany J. Chavis, MSW, LCSW
Tiffany Raghunanan
Beth Tilden
Timothy D. Plant
Timothy Jean Schlehofer
Monica Tinkham
Tio David M. Houston
Tita Wernimont
Ngina Tobias-Cipolla
Tony J. Raymer, LISW
Tonya Y. Stanley
Trasie Topple
Torrey Harrison, LCSW
Randell Touchatt
Lynette Tracy
Holly Tracy
Tracy L. Chiari, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Dorothy Traudt
Abigail Trnovsky
Jonathan Tubman
Deborah Tucker
Janice Tuckman
Alexandra Tueni
Tunde Olalekan Ali
Amy Tuneburg
Barbara Tunney
Judith Turley
Leontine Turner
Sandra Turner
Twila A. Costigan, LCSW
Anne Unterkoefler
Kathleen Unterreiner
Shirley Urshan
Kristen Valentine
George Van Buskirk
Susan Van Drie
Abby Van Pelt
Nina Van Pelt
Thuy Vanderlinde
Karen VanDeusen
Sarah Vanek
Vanessa R. Andriotti
Kristen VanLaar
Peggy Vaughan
Karen Vautour
Jesus Vega
Carin Venditta
Cheryl Verlander
Vickie M. Daugherty, LCSW
Victoria M. Rizzo, PHD
Jessica Vincenzo
Viridiana Sigala
Tina Visscher
Phyllis Vroom
Jenny Wade
Georgia Wagniere
Nykol Wahlberg
Sheila Wakeley
June Walatkiewicz
Hattie Walker
Christina Walker
Michael Wall
Jody Wallace
Shirley Walley McCullough
Anne Walsh
Patricia Wampler
Emily Ward
Alan Warner
Shayna Warner
Norma Wasko
Suzanne Wasser
Elisa Waters
Lorraine Watkins
Eloisa Watson-Byers
Kristen Wayson
Bret Weber
Caron Wedeking
David Weinhold
Katherine Weinstock
Miriam Weisberg
Barbara Weiskopf
Cheryl Weiss
Renee Weissler
Wanda Welch-Bresnick
Sandra Weldon
Paula Welenc
Shawn Wellendorf
Karen Welling
Marlene Wendel
Wendy L. Becker, LCSW
Katherine Wenger
Will Wenger
Patricia Werk
Claire Wesloh
Elissa West
Melissa West
Arleathia West
Charlotte Weston
Marolyn Whaley-Buckel
L. Justin Wheeler
Victoria White
Judith White
Dorcas White
Cynthia Whitham
Kris Whitney
Pat Whitten-Lege
Sarah Wichman
Jennifer Wiessner
Michael Wightman
Ashley Wild
William collins wilkinson
William E. Drier, PhD,LSW,ACSW
William F. Macomber, Jr., LCSW
Benedict Williams
Maureen Williams-Zelenak
Manira Wilson-Bassett
Karen Winkleman-Furman
Cynthia Winski
Jennifer Winston-Smith
Winter Faulconbridge Keeler
Margaret Wisz
Henrietta Wolf
Victoria Wolther
Carolyn Wood
Helen Woodrum
Victoria Woods
Karen Wride
Edward Wright
Toney Xidis
Amy Yarbrough
Arthur Yarbrough
Brenda Yarcag
Sharon Yarnell
Dianne Yearwood
Yekaterina Chizhova, CSW
Tsukasa Yonamine
Yong Gun Lee
Kimberly Young
Lisa Young
Jill Young
Kelly Zielie
Judith Zimmerman
Tara Zipp
Uronia Zubieta
Barbara Zucker
May 2020
Linda Aadland-Lassandro
Susan Abrams
Ruth Ackerman
Adam Brandon LeWinter, MSW
Annie Adams-Roselle
S. Adaramola
Adele Emily Pearlstein, MSS
Joanna Ahlering
Alan Harper, MSW
Julie Albert
Marlene Albright
Mohammed Alduwaihi
Alec Cunningham, LCSW-A
Joseph Alexander
Karen Alexander
Paula Alexander
Alexandra C. Cassidy
Alexis Marie Rodriguez
Joelle Alibri
Alice Straker
Alison Schwartz
Lee Allan
Shannon allen
Lynne Allison
Allison Corman, LMSW
Sharon Alperovitz
Chava Alpert
Stuart Alpert
Amy Alvarez
Alyson S. Nash, LCSW
Alyssa Anderson, BA- Psychology
Alyssa Y. Rader
Amanda Jean Matthews
Amanda Louise Kalander
Amanda Nace, BSW
Susan Amato
Pamela Amer
Amy Burke, Burke
Amy Geller, MSW
Amy L. Hill
Amy Ruth Foster-Wexler
Amy T. Kelley, LCSW
Heather Andersen
Kristopher Anderson
Allan Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Neil Anderton
Andrea A. Mills, LCSW,ACSW
Andrea L. Tippit, MSW
Andrea M. Treimel, LCSW, LCAS-A
Andrea Ricciardi Allain
Andreena Harriman, BS
Andrew Richard Cook
Angelica Marie Mothka
Angie N. Whitfield
Sherie Angstadt
Anna L. Riley, LICSW
Anne G. Walker
Anne Lauren McCormick
Anne Litsey
Anne Michelle Ellis
Anne-Marie Cummings
Annette Mirabal, LCSW, LADAC
Anthony Randall Tanner, LCSW
Rodney Antonson
April Latricia Edwards
Araceli lucero Huerta, ASW, MSW
Frances Arbetter
M. Teresa Arcari
Trinidad Arguello
Ariela L. Alpert, LCSW
Robert Arnold
Peter Arnow
Cora Aronowitz
Arthur Dash, LCSW
Ashton M. Carrigan
H. Faye Askew-King
Sharon Atkinson-Mallory
Marianne Ault-Riche
Carol Axelrod
Gail Aycock
Keith Bagley
Brenda Bahnson
Jeanette Bailey
Lena Baker-Scott
Salvador Balcorta
Edward Ballen
Jennifer Ballow
Ellen Baltus
Amy Bamforth
Fred Bapp
Elisabeth Barahona
Barbara A. Vaupel
Barbara Brown
Barbara Gustafson O'Brien, ACSW
Barbara J. Dinesen, ACSW
Barbara J. Greten
Barbara L. Larsen
Barbara Lynn Roberts, MSW
Barbara M. Rockowitz
Tanya Barkley-Graham
Shelly Barnard
Deborah Barnes
Beth Barry
Bart Thomas Ozretich, MSW, LICSW
John Bartley
Balazs Batyka
Chona Bautista-Peralta
Anne Beal
Laura Beal
Kimberly Beam
Aleta Beaty
Mary Beaudin
Jennifer Beaupied
Kelbe Beck
Patricia Beck
Dixie Beckham
Beda Herbison, MSW
Chaia Bekefi
Kathleen Bell
Joy Bell
Wendy Belt
Maryellen Benedetto
Froma Benerofe
Dorothy Benford
Benita DeLeon-Hernandez, LCSW
Adrienne Benjamin
Susan Benner
Dana Bennett
Barbara Berkman
Deborah Berman
Bernadette Sanchez, BSW
Aida Bernal
Flora Bernard
Andrew Berndt
Jody Bernon-Wainer
Ellice Berson
Bruce Bertell
Stephanie Berzin
Ilona Bessenyey
Beth D. Levine
Beth L. Emmons
Joel Bethany
Betsy F. Amey
Doug Beumer
Robin Bezark
Lori Bianchin
Steven Bielarski
Sonja Bigalke-Bannan
Stephanie Bilandzija
Alison Black
Laura Black
Jo Anne Blatter
Roslyn Blau
Priscilla Blevins
Carol Bloch
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Maggie Bloomfield
Susan Blue
Bob and Ruth Cohen
Bobbie Jo Deuel-Lewis
Joel Bobby
Willie Boddie
Cherie Bohaboy
Sarah Bohan
Sonja Bohannon-Thacker
Larry Bolado
Kathryn Bondura
Kerry Boone-Savinsky
Sara Booth
Lisa Borneman
Libby Bortz
Mashelle Boswell
Yvette Boucarut
Jacqueline Bouyea
Patricia Bowersox
Mary Boyvey
Brad A. Pierson
Bradi Bergesen
Marianne Bradley-Arkush
Cynthia Branch
Ann Brandner
Allison Braswell
Marguerite Braun
Breda Mary Moran
Annette Bremer
Brenda J. Bloomfield
Jon Brennan
Merle Brenner
Emma Brenner-Malin
Brian Joseph Vargas, Brian J. Vargas, MSW
Brian P. Jennings
Brian W. Mathis
Brianna Adele Schiavoni, LCSW
Brianna Lee Gallina, BSW
Shannon Brice
Patricia Brickley
Mary Briggs
Heather Brindisi
Roger Brinkman
Rena Britland
Yolande Brizendine
Diana Brody
Marilyn Bronzi
Judy Brookins
Kirk Brown
Ashley Browne
Karen Browning
Bruce W. Mossburg
Scott Bryce
Brynn Wallace, LCSW
Daniel Brzozowski
David Bucher
Marie Burke
Deborah Burkhalter
Ellen Burkowsky
Kristine Burkwood
Elizabeth Burns
Judy-Marie Buteau
Peter Butler
Mary Butler
Cynthia Butler
Thomas Butts
Gloria Byrd
Gail Call
Daniel Callistein
Tessa Campbell
Ellen Campbell
Patti Campidilli
Lisa Caraisco
Laura Cardamone
Dorothy Carey
Carl F. Shaskey-Setright, MSW, LICSW
Carla M. Sims
Carly Claire McMaster
Gerald Carmichael
Carol C. Keeler, ACSW LCSW DCSW
Carol F. Odell
Carol L. Spencer
Carolyn Forsyth Austen
Carolyn Franzese Phillips
Carolyn Gray, MPH
Carolyn R. Altman, LCSW
Carrie Anne Richardson-Ozuna
Eileen Carrion
Melanie Carson
Letitia Carter
Wendy Carter
Maria Casas
Margo Case
Samantha Case
Karen Cassidy Berg
Julie Catalano
Janis Catalano
Sharyl Cates
Catheleen Jordan, PhD, LCSW
Catherine A. Vallejo
Patricia Cato-Christie
Gerald Caughey
Cecil Lynn Garrison, Jr., LCSW
Cecilia Chrosny, LSW
Celeste Renee Boudreaux
Louise Center
Vicki Center
Amy Champoux
Joseph Chan
Chantri Michelle Harper
Rene Chapman
Charity H. Hochberg
Charlotte Carson Lockhart, MSW, LSW
Charlotte E. Key
Charlotte M. Mallon, ACSW
Ingrid Charlson
Lisa Chase
Chelsea Elizabeth Gray
Victoria Chen
Richard Chenevey
Cheree Clark
Cheryl B. Bias, LCSW, ACSW
Blue Chevigny
Zoe Childs
Jeffrey Christie
Christina Borgman
Christine Ann Boender
Christine Hippe-Ribaudo
Christine M. Burrell Townsend, ACSW
Christine Milliken, LCSW
Christine Roppo Soares, LCSW
Christine S. Main
Beth Christopherson
Christy E. Wahrer
Christy Lumpkins, BSW (05/13/2017)
Carol Church
Laura Ciampa
Nicholas Cimorelli
Cindy Lee Smit, LISW
Cindy Simmons
Clairette Balancy Clinger, MSW
Claudia Apfelbaum, MSS, LCSW
Claudia Yelin
Sarah Clayton
Laura Cleere
Leigh Coffey
Deborah Cohen
Sue Cohick
Susan Cole
Barbara Coleman-Burroughs
Dolores Colgan
Patricia Collins
Amba Coltman
Phillip Combass
Brittany Concilus
Connie J. Phillips
Christopher Connolly
Heather Constantine
Pegie Contillo
John Cook
Victor Coppin
Corinne Hagan
Jessica Cortez
Amy Corveleyn
Minerva Cotto
Diane Coughlin
Dana Courtney
Travis Courville
Brian Cox
Timothy Coyle
Craig S. Rodich
Lilah Crelley
Brittney Creps
Katyana Crespo
Louise Cressman-Watral
Crete Brown, MSW
Susan Crimin
Terri Crochet
Naomi Crook
Lisa Cross
Pamela Crow
Dana Crow
Mary Cruz
Beatriz Cruz
Crystal M. Green, Bachelor's degree
Stella Curry
Ann Curtin-Knight
Beverly Curtiss
Shellby Custer
Cynthia L. Wagner
Cynthia M. Roy Kivler
Robert D'Amelio
D'Ana Smith, LMSW
D. Lynn Jackson, ACSW
Dale G. Schacherer, C-ASWCM
Daniel Bernard Shea
Daniel Joseph Zuewski, LCSW
Elizabeth Daniele
Daniella Bregman, Social Work student
William Daniels
Andrea Danzig
Nicolette Darkangelo
Stephanie Daugherty
David Alan Berns, LMSW, MSW
David Andrew Carpenter
David Lawrence-Hawley
Elizabeth Davis
Tamara Davis
Brenda Davis
Paula Davis
Ernestine Davis
Judy Dawley
Dawn McMillian Sanchez
Dawn S. Manila, MSW, LSW
Katie Dawson
Carmen Daza
Patricia De La Torre
Roger De Noyelles
Deanna Scobbie
Deborah A. Okrina
Deborah Ann Wilkerson, LMSW
Deborah J. Monahan
Deborah J. Rutt, PhD, ACSW
Deborah Kolker Mastin, LCSW
Deborah Lewis, Student
Michelle Debord
Debra Gonzales-Zauner
Debra J. Bosco
Debra L. Davis, LCSW
Debra S. Harder
Daniel DeBrucker
Courtney DeCastro
Dale Decker
Deena H. Robertson, MSW
Doris DeFeo
Wivianny DeHaas
David DeJesus
Donato Del Bene
Karie Del Solar
Charlene Delia
Delores Gibney
Brunella DeMarco-Planenshek
Demetria McDonald
Denise Van Buren
Barbara Denner
Dennis W. Mott, LCSW
Janet DePaolo
Sandra Devine
Lloyd Devoe
Dia DeAngelis
Diana Christine Wilson, LCSW
Diana L. Embler, LCSW
Diana Lynn Kalter Binger
Diane Calogero-Cleary, LCSW
Diane J. Hess, ACSW
Diane M. Delauter
Diane Salandra
Dianna L. Aideuis, C-ACYFSW
Anne Dickens
Eva Dickinson
Brenda Dickison
Jill Dieser
Peter Dimanno
Sarah Dinklage
Kimberly Doering
Gerald Doherty
Dominique Fragoso
Dominque Marie Tucker
Katlin Donahue
Heidi Donald
Patricia Donaldson
Donna Donatelli
Anne Donna
Donna R. Marks
Goldye Donner
Kelley Donovan
Dora Olivia Ochoa, LCSW
Denise Doris-Brown
Dorothy Michelle Bedard, PLCSW
Cheryl Doub
Kathleen Douglas
Douglas R. Dickenson, MSW
Mary Dowcett
Regina Doyle
Drew K. Losak, ACSW
Mimi Drummond
Sean Duane
Arthur Dubois
Amy Duffy
Linda Dukess
Ellen Dunbar
George Duncan
Elizabeth Dunn
Walda DuPriest-Brandt
Paulette Durrett
Stephen Dworkin
Taylor Earle
Stacy Ebenstein
Gabrielle Ebert
Ed Fowler
Barbara Edelhauser
Rosanne Edelsack-Saltzman
Edward Joseph Kimmel, Jr., ACSW
Erin Egan
Faith Eidson
Carol Einhorn
Gail Elden
Sharon Elghanayan
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Duncan Sandman, MSW
Elizabeth F. Delaney, ACSW
Elizabeth Frances Elliott
Elizabeth L. Arrington, MSW
Elizabeth Marie Hornbaker
Elizabeth Rivero, LCSW, ACSW
Elizabeth Scheeler
Elizabeth Taylor Peabody
Ellen B. Benson
Ellen C. Castleman
Audrey Elliott
Juanita Elliott
Melissa Elliott
Kimberly Elliott
Kathleen Elliott-McCrea
Michael Ellis
Elsie M. Parrilla, LICSW
Elyice J. McCutchen, MS, MFT
Emily Bredthauer
Emily Christensen
Emily Netherton
Julie Engberg
Margery Engel Loeb
Alice Entin
Eri Nakagami, LCSW
Eric David Fink
Eric Wolf, Child Therapist
Erika Nicole Sciancalepore, Volunteer Advocate
Erin Bonnell, LISW-S
Sara Erlich Penchuk
Vivian Eskin
Eugene Herskovic
Eva M. Heyman
Danita Evans-Behnke
Patrick Fagan
Mary Fairchild
Susan Farber
Christine Fay
Rosalie Feder
David Feinberg
Michele Feingold
Gwen Feldman
Judith Felton
Mark Ferriter
Heather Ferro
Edward Feuerbacher
Judy Figura
Alexa Filanowicz
Hal Filian
Sally Fine
Glen Fineman
Dolores Finger Wright
Lawrence Fishel
Jo Fitz
James Fitzsimmons
Phyllis Fleisch
Briar Flicker-Grossman
Francine Floersheimer
Flora E. Lazar, Ph.D.
Regulo Flores
Joan Flum
Kevin Ford
Anne Fortune
Crystal Fox
Frances N. Morrow
Mary Ann Francis
Randy Frank
Cynthia Franklin
Mary Franz
Frederic G. Reamer, PhD
Gary Fredericksen
Fredlee Ann Kaplan
Linda Freedman
Cindy Freeman-Cornell
David Freilicher
Ruth French
Paul Fressola
Noel Freudberg
Catherine Friedl
Jolene Friedman
Judith Friedman
Dagmar Friedman
Dianne Friedman
Susan Friend
Nancy Frisch
Denyse Fritz-Joefield
Erica Fross
Jenelee Fross
Diana Fuery
June Fulton
Joanie Funk
Laura Fusari
Mark Gabel
Judith Gable
Gabrielle Mass, BSW
Jacqueline Gaffney
Gail Greenhut, ACSW
Susan Gair
Ava Galante
Pamela Gallagher
Margarita Gallina
Lynn Garcia
Foster Garcia
Joseph Gardner
Joan Garrabrant
Pamela Garrison
Carleatha Gary
Gary Schneider, ACSW
Mary Gates
Carolyn Gatlin
Melissa Gaudio
Brenda Gauthier
Gayle W Clachko, LCSW
Cathy Gaytan
Geneva L. Osawe
Alexandra Genova
Anne Geoghegan
George S. Mavroftas, ACSW
Craig Gerlach
Rachel Gerstein
Thersea Gerstein
Victoria Geter
Chelsie Gharavi
Mark Gianino
Sandra Gibson
Neil Gilbert
Carolyn Gildersleeve
Morgan Gill
Dorothy Gillyard
Gayla Gilmore
Gina R. Schuchman, ACSW
Michal Ginach
Ginger Fairbanks, LICSW
Normand Gingras
Sharon Gire
Kristina Giscombe
Anna Gitlin
Flor Giusti
Thomas Givler
Thomas Glendon
Tammie Glenn
Jennifer Glick
Naomi Glicken
Gloria Fine
Rhea Go-Coloma
Zamantha Gobourne
Laurie Goggins
William Goldberg
Richard Goldberg
William Goldberg
Janice Goldfein
Goldie A. Eder
Keri Golding
Barbara Goldsmith
Robin Goldstein
Joel Goldstein
Mary Goldstein
Angela Gomez
Susan Goodman
Barbara Goodman
Nancy Gordon
Denica Gordon-Mandel
Linda Gore
Karen Gore
Caitlin Gothard
Marti Gould
Donna Goulette
Grace C MacMillan
Ada Graciano
Valerie Granoff
Pasha Grant
Ryan Grant
Anthony Grasso
Mary Gray
Ginger Gray
Kristi Graziano
Charles Greco
Kathleen Green
Iris Greenbaum
Debra Greenberg
Sasha Greene
Dolores Greene
Debbie Greenfeld
David Greenwood
Leslie Gregory
Susan Grgas
Allison Griffin
Eiva Griffiths
August Grigg
Elizabeth Grimes
Sheryl Groden
Sandra (Sandi) Grottola
Sheila Grow
Kristen Gruenhagen
Kristen Gruenhagen
Purificacion Gumboc
P. Gregory Guss
Linda Guzik
Robin Haas
Patricia Haas
Julia Haggarty
Edward Haley
Jeanne Haley
Judith Hall
Gabrielle Hamilton
Lawrence Hammerman
Hank A. Cecil, ACSW, LCSW
Maryann Hanlon
Hannah J. Graves, LMSW
Richard Hanson
M. Hardin-Moniz
Ezra Harper
David Harrington
April Harris
Penny Harris
Eve Harrison
Gail Hartigan
Linda Hartley
Margot Hasha
Holly Hatch
Jamie Hatzis
Karen Hauser
Kelley Hawk
Carol Hawtin
Aaron Hayden
Paula Haynes
Russell Healy
Heather Jenard
Heather L. Rivet-Frame
Christine Heer
Heidi Spiegel
Sharon Helton
Kelly Hendrickson
Martha Herrick
Deborah Herzog
Marjorie Herzog
Jackee Heslop
Mackenzie Hester
Jose Hevia
Patricia Heyman
Stephanie Hibbard
Blair Hickman
Robyn Hicks
Rheuben Hicks
Stephanie Hicks
Andrea Hill
Jillian Hill
Carol Hindle
Vivian Hines
Libby Hinze
Patricia Hite
Justin Hochstetler
Milton Hofstad
Iris Hogan-Schmidt
Karen Holcomb
Freddie Holeyfield
Edward Holly
Holly H. Heath-Shepard
Mollie Holman
Lucy Holmes
Selden Holt
John Holtkamp
Luana Holub
Karolina Homoleski
Nancy Hood
Amy Hope
Mindy Hopper
Peggy Hoppman Hunt
Laura Hopson
Mary Howard
Shannon Howard
Kelly Howell
Sarah Hughes
Karen Hughes
Kirsten Hughes
Hilary Hunsberger
Shae Hunt
Sheila Hunt
Andrea Hunt
Joyce Hunter
David Huron
Carol Hurst
Sara Hyde
Patricia Hyland
I. Kimberlee Chucker, ACSW
Tamara Iacampo
Sarah Iannone
Lydia Ignacio
Ilana B. Mazur, LCSW, ACSW
Elizabeth Illingworth
Ines Guariguata, LCSW, LCAT, ATR-BC
Inna Danieli, LCSW
Erika Inzano
Karen Irizarry
Sheldon Isenberg
J. Alex Sanger
J. Patrick Brown, LSW
Jack Brown, MSW Candidate 2017
Jack Mervin, MSW
Aaron Jackson
Jackson Hoppey, MSW Student
Jaclyn Skalnik, MSW, CAPSW
Jacob Huff
Ellen Jacobs
Teresa Jacobs-Castano
Jacque Eugene Gibbons, PhD
Jacqueline Farrigan
Jacqueline Smith Williams, LCSW-R
Jacqueline Spring Nelson, MSW
Linda Jaffe
George Jahnes
Patricia James
James E. Blechman, LCSW-R
James G. Christmas, III, LCSW, ADS, 200RYT
James M. Ivie
James McKee, BA
Marybeth James-O'Connor
Jamie A. Spector
Jamie Patrick Lard, BSW Student
Lee Jamison
Jane M. Weinheimer, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Janet L. Porcelli, LICSW
Janice Marie Melton, LCSW
Janina Josepha Miller
Jessica Jaramillo
Jasmine Salazar, LMSW
Jason E. Knight
Jean Hanson
Jeanice Caporaso, MSW
Jeanie T. Barnard, MSW, LCSW, ACSW
Jeanne M. Doan
Jeanne M. Liechty, PhD
William Jefferson
Jeffrey A. Brown
Jeffrey J. Whittlesey, LISW
Jeffrey W. Zacharias, ACSW, CSAT, CAADC
Jenifer G. Evers
Jennifer Ariel Convissor
Jennifer DeLory Byrne, CADC
Jennifer L. Simon, JD, LCSW
Amy Jennings
Jenny Ann Nash, LMSW
Jeremy B. Hisaw, LCSW
Jessica A. Reed
Jessica Avila, LICSW
Jessica E. Disipio, MSW
Jessica Lahens
Jessica McDanold
Jessica Russo, MSW
Jovonna Jewell
Jhandery Karima Martinez, BSW
Jill Fischer
Jill McCormick, JD, MSW, LSW
Kathleen Jirasek
Joan DeGregorio, ACSW
Joan M. Abbey
Joaniko Kohchi, LCSW
Joanne L. Griffel, ACSW
Jodi Becker, LMSW
John F. Vogt, ACSW
John Francis Meyer, LISW
John S. Schuster
John W. Cornelius
Shannon Johnson
Carl Johnson
David Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Erika Johnson
India Johnson
Angela Joiner
Jolene A. Duggan
Cindy Jones
Brenda Jones
Lynn Jones-Sandler
Jordan Walley
Malia Jose
Joseph L. DeChristofano, ACSW
Josephine Lenning, LLMSW
Joshua Robert Childs, LCSW
Joyce D. Hennessy, LCSW ACSW
Joyce S. Murphy, ACSW
Joyce Yontz
Judith G. Morris
Judith H. Hanson
Judith J. Ashin, ACSW
Judy A. Carpentier, ACSW
Judy Brady
Judy P. Eron, LCSW
Tara Jugler
Julie L. Oliveira-Payton, ACSW
Julie Lynn Sims, LCSW
Juliet D. Wolff
Juliet E. Faber
June Schuehrer Mchenry
Francine Kafka Ackerman
Anait Kaladzhyan
William Kalosieh
Judith Kamen
Barbara Kanal
Mary Jean Kane
Pamela Kanehann
Carol Kanter
Andrew Kaplan
Kara N. Smith
Karen Kranbuehl
Karen L. Gorske
Karen R. Roos, ACSW
Karl Ingram, MSW Candidate
Patricia Karp
Elise Katch
Kate K Leggiero-Avron
Katherine E. Shapiro
Katherine M. Reyes
Kathleen M. Keough
Kathryn Joann Huber, LSW
Kathy Jo Sukenis, LMSW
Cynthia Katz
Megan Kaufman
Laura Kaupas
Kayla Marie Frick, LMSW
Rebecca Keegan
Mary Keegan
Lenora Keel
Nancy Keeton
Joyce Kelen
Julie Kellermeier
Katie Kelly
Linda Kelly
Kelsi Elizabeth Curran, MSW
Skyler Kershner
Kevin M. Dailey, ACSW
Kimberley Angel Carhart (Carhart-Eiken), CSW,MSW
Kimberly Elizabeth Lawrence
Kimberly Sloan Hassenfeld, lcsw
David King
Regina King
David King
Laura Kinney
Deborah Kirk Elder
Teresa Kirkwood
Coree Kirsch
William Klatte
Amy Klein
Kathy Kligler
Michael Klimowicz
Jennifer Klingler
Edythann Knight
Jane Knuppel
Solomon Kobes
Gayathri Kodiyalam
Judith Kohn
Penelope Kokkinides
Phyllis Kosky
Barry Kotel
Barbara Kraeger
Kraig Smiegowski, LCSW
Richard Kramer
Ann Kreindler-Siegel
Kristen Beuchat Taubman, LCSW
Kristen Burgoyne Marshall
Kristen Dunlap-Berg
Kristin M. Koliha
Margaret Kroen
Stephanie Krotick
Jane Krumm
Krystal Rashae Mehrhof
Michelle Kuecker
Jayme Kurland
James Kwasneski
Kylie Anne Youmans, LMSW
Kylie Capps
L. Denise Edwards
La Vang
Lacey Faughender, MSW
Rodney Lackey
Carol Lambert
Rita Lambert
Lane Standige, MSW
Michele Lanese
Maryanna Lange
Lani J. Granum, ACSW
Larissa E. Golloub
Joe Larkin
Latoya Ewert
Sherri Lau
Lisa Laudante
Laura E. Dermer
Laura J. Winton
Laura M. Bowling-Nguyen
Laura Michelle Hunt, LMSW
Laura sullivan, LSW
Lauren Skiba, LCSW
Lauren Williams, BSW
Laurie M. Jackson
Laurie Sirotkin, MSW, LICSW
Lawrence Lauter
Sandra Lavelle
Barbara Law
Avis Lawrence
Zitouni Layachi
James Lazansky
Leah K. Goldstein
Sharon LeBlanc
Gloria Ledezma
Mary Lee
Julie Lee
Patricia Lee
Summer LeFebvre
Alan Lefkowitz
Virginia Lehman
Amy Leiferman
Kelly Lemmon
Nilde Leo
Susan Lerner
Sheri Leroux
Christopher Lerro
Joseph Lesiak
Leslie M. Mckey, Master
Jennifer Lesure-Acker
Joel Levine
Lance Levitt
Shari Levy
Elizabeth Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Li Mei Li, MSW
Marcy Lichterman
Arlene Liebman
Nancy Lieurance
Dorothy Lifka
Margaret Lihani
Linda Raye Hereford, LCSW-C
Noreen Lindell
Carolyn Liot
Lisa Ann Hagerich
Lisa Brown-Eisel
Lisa Hoffman, LCSW
Lisa Inoue
Lisa M. Congdon, MVF-CSW
Lisa Michelle Menuck, MSW
Lisa Yordy, LCSW
Norma Litman
Josephine Little
Harry Livesay
Lynda Llopis
Susan Lloyd
Antoinette Lloyd
Brittany Locke
Cuvan Lockett
Sharon Lockhart-Carter
Deborah Lodish
Janet London
Krista Long
Lori Ann Strolin, LCSW
Lorita L. Beiler, ACSW
Lorraine K. Forbes
Louis R. Weigele, ACSW
Gary Lounsberry
Jeanne Loveland
Lucinda M. Tyo, LISW
Susan Luger
Ingle Luster
Lyn S. Paul
Darlene Lynch
Lynn Gossen Walthall
Lynne M. Watkins
Lysle Shaw
Gilda MacDonald
Heather Macduffie
Thomas MacNamara
Dawn MacNutt
Anne Madden
Madeline Baker
Margaret Magraw
Cecilia Maher
William Maier
Jennifer Mainini
Malinda R. Tollefson, CDCII
Kevin Malloy
Kathleen Malone
Edward Mandelbaum
Faye Mandell
Mandy Lee Harris, LISW
Mandy Rae Kary, LSCSW
Esther Manela
Michele Many
Maureen Marchessault
Marcia J Weedman, ACSW,LCSW,LAC
Marcia Polansky, MS, ScD, MSW
Andrea Marecaux
Maressa Jensen
Margaret Alison Fitts, LCSW
Margaret M. Kane, ACSW
Margot G. Strauhull, LCSW
Marguerite Scott, ACSW
Maria L. Fontaine
Maria Sykes, MSW
Maria Trejo
Maria Y. Reyes, BA
Marie Allison Wyatt, LMSW
Marie Elinor Schoppet, PhD ACSW QCSW
Marilyn Finch Williams
Marilyn R. Hoskins, ACSW, LISW
Mary Marinucci
Marisa Floro, LCSW,MSW Student
Marissa Betty Caudill
Mark Deyab, LICSW
Margaretha Markesteijn
Dale Markowitz
Lee Marley
Linda Marot
William Martin
Joan Martin
Valerie Martin
Bradley Martin
Marty Brand
Mary B. Neumann, LCSW
Mary Beth Davis-Steyer, MSW
Mary C. Gorski
Mary J. Suagee-Beauduy
Mary Randall Ingate, LCSW-C
Mary Theresa Sise
Sandra Mason
Doris Mason
Elizabeth Mason
Mary Massena
Alicia Massingill
Gregory Masters
Matthew D. Brittain, DCSW
Matthew Marcus Pyne, L.C.S.W.
Thea Matthews
Michelle Matthews
Carole Mattia Klugman
Annamarie Mattox
Maureen F. Parriott, ACSW
Maureen Gupton, Maureen D. Gupton
Michael Maurer
Mauricio Cuervo-Bautista
Maya Wahrman
Bonny Mcbride
Barbara McCaslin
Elizabeth McCloskey
Kathy McCoy
Dolores McCullough
Emily McGrath
Amber McGuigan
John McInerney
Virginia Mcintosh
Lockhart McKelvy
Jenifer Mckenna
McKenzie Broekstra
Terry McKinney
Angela McKinney
Sheryl McKlveen
Brittany McLaren
Cimberleigh McLean
Shura McLetchie
Carol McMenamy
Cindy McNitt
John Mcweeney
Ashley McWhirter
Leeanne Meadows
Cynthia Meeske
Meg C. Hertz
Megan K. Simon
Megan L. Giles, LCSW-C
Meggie Counts, Meggie Counts
Margaret Meinecke
Adam Melaney
Melanie C. Roskin, ACSW
Paula Melanson
Melinda Fondren, MSSW
Melinda L. Hallett
Melissa L. Yost
Winsome Mellers
Manuel Mendez
Charlotte Menze
Leslie Meskin-Bass
Ruth Messinger
Carol Metzger
Janet Meyer
Marcia Meyer
Michael A. Leon
Michael Lee Reison
Michael P. Colucci
Michael R. Praus
Michael Shea
Michael Thomas Chippolla, LCSW ACADC
John michalowski
Jaqueline Michel
Michelle A. Collette
Michelle Antoinette Davis, LCSW
Michelle Dafna Parsons
Michelle Huff
Miguel Garcia, Garcia
Lynne Mijangos
Page Miliotis
Elizabeth Miller
Brooke Miller
Sara Miller
Nancy Miller
Melanie Miller-Cvilikas
Djamila Millien
Juliette Millin
Monica Mills
Marguerite Milstead
Leah Minio
Colleen Minkewicz
Candace Mirea
Mary Mitchell
Sandy Miyamoto
Mladenka Kovacevic Totonchi, Totonchi
Maria Mocellin
Monica L. Staples
Monika Villasenor
Karen Monroe
Virginia (Ginger) Montenegro Hadley
Elyse Montgomery
Michael Montgomery
Steve Montoya
Mona Moody
Cheryl Moore
Cheri Moore
Joseph Moore
Karla Moore
Leslie Morales Oliver
Denise Morgan
Morgan Bishop, LMSW LCDC
Morgan Williams, LSW
Douglas Morin
Cynthia Morishige
Joyce Morrill
Megan Morris
Madeleine Morrison
Matthew Morse
Melinda Moyer
Mary Muise
Mary Furru Murdock
Jordana Muroff
Camille Murphy
M. Lynn Murphy
Murphy Milburn
Maureen Murray
John Murray
Crystl Murray-Mills
Winnie Mycka
Karen Myers
Brittany Myers
Kathleen Myhre
Myrna I. Briganty
Michelle Nachmani
Stephen Nadel
Julie Nadrchal
Mary Namiotka
Nancy D. Ruffin, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Nancy McEndarffer Harshfield
Nancy Segelstein, LCSW
Nancy W. Weikert, ACSW, DCSW
Nancy Nanna
John Nash
Karen Nassauer
Natasha M. Bobb-Semple
Adele Natter
Joyce Nay
Karen Negri
Asuncion Neri-Candelaria
Deborah Neubauer
Violet Ng
Barbara Nicholls
Marianne Nick
Donna Nickdow
Nicole F. Milch, LSW
Jayne Niskey
Katherine Nolan
John Nolan
Norie Epstein Hubner
Norma Ileene Mills
Kristen Norton
Michael Nott
Sharon Novie-Greenberg
Constance Numbers
Thomas O'Brien
Irene O'Brien
Maribeth O'Neil
Bronwyn O'Neil
Megan OBrien
W Lee Oesterle
Christine Oettinger
Terri Oldham
Betty Oliver
Ollie Gibson-Lavell, MSW
Susan Olney-Dubinsky
Carol Oppenheimer
Mary Orndorff
Ossenia Sonae Jeff
Marie Osterman
Amanda Owensby
Sabrina Padyk
Denise Palter
Pamela F. Salaam
Pamela Marsh McDonald
Margaret Panageas
Kevin Paquette
Penny Pare
Anne Parente
Mary Paris
Bruce Parker
Olivia Parker
David Parris
Patricia C. Boldt, ACSW, C-ASWCM ,LCSW
Patricia Jane Hernandez, BSW
Patricia L. Merkley, LCSW
Patricia Woellert
Patrick J. MacDonald
Patrick Shawn Simmons, Sr, CDCAII, PSA
Christine Patterson
Patti Elizabeth Williams, ACSW
Kelly Patton
Paul Clifford Hunt, MSW
Paul Kozodoy
Paula S. Philson
Paulette A. Donahue, LCSW
Jane Pavich
Carol Peckins
Suzanne Peden
Veronica Pedersen
Shermaine Peeples
Peggy L. Reed-Lohmeyer, LCSW
Lisa Pence
Patricia Perdew
Brenda Pereira
Lilly Perez-Freerks
Janna Perry
Latreece Perry-Jones
Rachelle Peters
Karsten Peterson
Nadine Peyrucain
Phikhanh Thi Le
Phillip N. Garber
Barbara Phillips
Catherine Phillips
Nancy Phillips
Phyllis N. Fonseca
Eleanor Picente
Benedict Pierce
Caryn Pinard
Tamara Pincus
Jane Pinkerton
Michelle Piotrowski
Piper N. Griffin, LGSW
Helen Pitts
Lorraine Plante
Pamela Platten
Robert Pledl
Sandra Plumer
Jerri Poff
Stephen Pogue
Nikida Polk
Rebecca Porteous
Merry Porter
Kathryn Porter
Genie Portillo
Jan Pote
Cindy Poulsen
Nydia Preto
Grace Price
Brenda Price
Iona Price-Feinstein
Esther Priegue
Stephanie Prince
Cathy Proffitt-Allison
Cheryl Prosper
Cathy Puett
Jenny Putnam
Denise Quarino
Ruben Quintana
Rachel Anne Wassel, MSW Candidate
Rachel Leigh Mansir
Ndanga Ramazani
Randall R. Myers, PhD,LCSW-C
Hilary Rao
Deborah Raptopoulos
Susan Ratner
Mary Rawlings
Connie Ray
Ray Fisher, MSW-S
Matthew Raymond
Christine Reale
Lori Reasonover
Rebecca Ellen Fielder, MSW, GCG
Rebecca Gail Pinkham
Rebecca Lasater, LCSW, OSW-C
Rebekah Huffman
Bonnie Redderoth
Arthur Redding
Marianne Redmond
Loraine Reed
Daniela Reff
Peter Reich
Ellen Reich Sternbach
Sarah Reidy
Judith Reilly
Jessica Remenaric
Renee Arlene Perry, LCSW-C
Renee Taketomo, ACSW
Renee Wilson, BS, MSW
Rhonda E. Mason
Nina Rice
Lakisha Rich-Stewart
Richard B. Boswell, ACSW
Kelly Richman
Jennifer Richter
Sally Riggs
Richard Rinck
Rita Marie Chenoweth Peterson, MSW
Joyce Robbins
Robert D. Hackleman, LCSW
Robert F. Peck, LICSW
Robert L. Loftus
Donald Roberts
John Roberts
Andrea Roberts
Warnie Robertson
Robin A. Smith, LICSW, MSW
Robin C. Adler, LCSW-R
Robin R. Mustain, LCSW-C
Claude Robinson
Adrienne Robinson
Madie Robinson
Nancy Rodenborg
James Rodgers
Dianna Rodriguez
Sandra Roger
Katherine Rogers
Frank Roma
Cheryl Rome
Maritza Romero
Beth Rontal
Rosaq Rodriguez, LSW
Sharon Rose
Margaret Rose
Jacqueline Rose
Jed Rosen
Alison Rosenberg
Robin Rosenberg
Megan Rosenblatt
Kim Ross
Mary Ross
Ross Griswold, LSW
Betty Rossi
Lisa Roth
Sally Roth
Gladys Rothbell
Cheryl Rothberg
Marie Rothschild
Michele Rowland
Hilde Rowton
Elaine Rubenstein
Deborah Ruboyianes
Ellen Ruby
Robin Rudic
Karol Runing Kullberg
Natasha Russ-Long
Russell Eisgrub
James Rust
RUTH Jolly
Ruth Sudilovsky-Pecha, LISW-S
Nancy Rutkowski
Marjie Rutledge
Denise Ryals
Jane Ryan
Rysonia D. Clarke, ACSW
T. S. Sabin
Kathleen Sacco
Zainab Sadiq
Sally A. Fisher
Samantha A. Schalk, Schalk
Samantha Bayuk
Samantha C. Becker
Celia Sampayo-Perez
Samuel L. Cunningham, ACSW
Muhria Sanati Morgan
Sherrie Sanders
Etta Sandler
Salvador Sandoval
Sandra Elena Bonilla, MSW
Dawn Saphir-Pruett
Sara Amanda Byrd, LMSW, C-SWHC
Sara Oxford Chastain, MSW
Sara Ryan
Sarah E. Oliver, LISW, ACSW
Sarah Elaine McDonald
Sarah Gleason Armbrust
Sarah Lansford
Sarah S. White, LCSW,DCSW
Sarah Swords
Teresa Sarn-Fitch
Gina Sartori
Ellen Satloff
Kimberly Saunders
Savannah C. Flannery
Albert Sbordone
Amanda Scacco
Janice Scarbary
Shelby Scarbrough
Deborah Schachter
Marta Schaefer-Phillips
Marie Schaffner
Sue Scheffler
James Scherrer
Janet Schirtzinger
Elfriede Schlesinger
Judy Schlotzhauer
Susan Schmidt
Paul Schmitt
Kara Schmitt
Barbara Schnall
Sara Schoenhorn
Jennifer Schoo
Judith Schreiber
Jacqueline Schreiber
Lois Schreur
Richard Schroedel
Timothy Schroeder
Maegan Schultz
Jean Schwab-Ferguson
Susan Schwartz-Mercer
Margaret Schwarz
Claudia Schweitzer
Gail Scott
Jean Scott
Sandra Scott
Scott Moore, MBA
Regina Scruggs
Ellen Seader
Benjamin Seaman
Deborah Search Willoughby
Charlotte Searcy
Carol Seixas
Maxine Seltzer
Carolyn Seplow
William Settles
Robert Severt
Seward Hung, MSW
Ann Marie Shalhoub
Shannon S. Enold, ACSW
Constance Shapiro
Beth Shapiro
Tammy Shapiro
Sharon J. Reichlyn
Melinda Sharpe
Syd Sharples
Mary Sharrar
Helen Shasa-Rotile
Shawna V. Carboni, LICSW
Lillian Sheldon-Reece
Mary Shelley
Ray Shellmire
Anne Shenberger
Kate Shepard
Jonathan Sherman
Sherri S. Tucker
Roger Sherwood
Carol Sherwood
Shilpa Sinclair
Lionel Shockness
Gary Short
Heather Shruhan
Michelle Shubin
Dorothy Shuff-Vilas
Anna Shustack
Rachel Siegel
Jeanine Siewert
Denise Silverstein
Elizabeth Silverstein
Lynda Simmons
Reevah Simon
Susan Simon
Simon Oguchi Connor, MSW
Steven Simonson
Barbara Sims
Laura Sirowitz
Elizabeth Skipper
Lashonda Sloan
Judith Smith
Stephen Smith
Carolyn Smith
Mark Smith
Laurence Smith
Ronald Smith
Janet Smith
Sharon Smith
Eleanor Smith
Ryan Smith
Julie Smith
Lillian Smith
Dianne Smith
Geoffry Smith
Peter Smith
Erica Smith
Bonnie Sobel
Carol Sobelson
Steven Soifer
Maralyn Solarz
Alidra Solday
Renee Solomon
Sophia Soloway
Margaret Sondler
Sonja B. Lindgren, LCSW
Sonyia Richardson, LCSW
Lora Speiser Goldberg
Doris Spencer
Michelle Sperlich
Duewa Spicer
Mark Spieles
Monique Spina
Stacey Barker
Stacey Hardy
Stacey R. Smith, LCSW
Carol Stacks
Valerie Stallcup
Susan Stancill
Catherine Stanford
Lettie Stanley
Latonya Stanley
Chuck Stannard
Karin Stark
William Starrett
Nancy Stauffer
Joanne Stavola
Stephanie Casto
Stephanie D. Washington
Stephanie McGregor
Stephanie N. Nelson, MSW
Stephen C. Zippilli
Susan Sterngold
Melissa Sternthal
David Stetson
Rachel Stile
Barbara Stobe
Julie Stonberg
Kym Stone
Michelle Stone
Susan Stones
Bruce Storms
Barney Straus
Karen Street
Brandi Streightif
Donald Streit
Joseph Strychasz
Lynn Stubbs
Elizabeth Stuntz
Sue M. Hicks
Laurie Sugarman-Whittier
Tahir Suleyman
Patrick Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan
Jacqueline Sullivan
Stephanie Sulman
David Sumberg
Sunny Greenberg, ACSW
Susan A. Hanson
Susan Jean Murphy, LCSW
Susan Shing
John Sutton
Suzanna P. McCarthy
Suzanne B. Guerrucci
Suzanne L. Kos, MSW
Suzette Williams, social work student
Francee Sviridoff
Nancy Sweet-Holp
Noreen Taggart
Henry Talbot
Tammy L. Abel
Jacqueline Tangires
Tanisha Fougy
Sharon Tapley
Tara Umemoto
Steven Taub
Thomas Taylor
Megan Tazzi
Peter Teall
Teresa C. Works, ACSW
Teresa Fiorica, MSW
Terri Kading-Wheeler
Terri Lynn Chapman, LMSW
Terri Martin, LCSW
Charles Thomas
Carol Thomas
Ellen Thomas
Thomas D. Edwards
Thomas Mack
Chelsea Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Morgan Thompson-Smeraglia
Ellen Thorne
Nancy Thorson
Marjorie Thrope
Kathryn Tiefenthal
Gary Tiemann
Tiffany A. Davis
Amy Tillotson
Timi K. Wynne
Tina McGrevy
Jean Tobben
Trudy Tobias
Karen Todd
Ebeny Tolson
Toni M. Coleman, LCSW
Tonya Perry
Tracy DiMattia, LSW
Tracy Waters
Megan Traficano
Treva Wilcox, LBSW-IPR
Trista Silva
Phyllis Tropp
Cynthia Tubbs
Michael Tucker
Sharonda Tunstull
Kanani Turco
Kathi Turner
Lynn Turner
Iris Turtz
Lanny Tygrett
Christopher Tyler
Vivian Ubell
Juliet Ucelli
Edwina Uehara
Chinenye Ugorji
Gregory Uhland
Kenneth Uhrich
Melanie ulvila
Nina Unger
Todd Valentine
Valeria Mainwald
Valerie A. Hamilton, ACSW
Valerie Williamson Uehlinger
Sydney Vandeveer
Vanessa Monica Hernandez, BSW student
Melinda Vanzant
Nancy Varga
Varsha B. Patel
Cristen Vecchiola
Donna Velasco
Angelica Velasco Aceves
Velma Lee Barber
Vera Kurdian
Vian Gredvig
Robert Vichnis
Vicki Grauer
Pamela Viggiani
Becky Villarreal
Vitina Louise Pestello
Suzanne Vitt
Elizabeth Voegtlin
Tanya Voss
Mary Wagner
Wilma Wake
Alison Waldorf
John Walker
Jacqueline Wallace
Margaret Waller
Mary Jo Walsh
Frank Walsh
Wananan Phualek, MSW, CAPP
Dahlia Wareham
Jill Warner
Cheryl Washington
Keith Waterland
Marie Webb
Lynn Weber
Janet Weber
Danyale Weems
Stacie Weires
Madeline Weisberg
Janet Weisberg
Bette Weisman
Judith Wellek
Nichole Welling
Philip Wells
Diane Wells
Kelly Welsh
Wendy Hamilton Christian, MA, LMSW
Gatewood West
Melinda (Mendi) West
Shelby Whalen
Dorothy Whalen-Budnik
Cynthia Wheeler
Elizabeth White
Paul White
Maria White
Carla-Jo Whitson
Lawrence Wieczorek
Madeline Wigon
Jonathon Wild
Linda Wiles
Linda Wilk
Will Liberty, LMSW-CC
William E. Grosser, ACSW
William L. Edelman, ACSW
Sandra Williams
Virginia Williams
Anita Williams
Deirdre Williams
Sybil Williams-Gray
Willie Edward Drayton, Jr
Sandra Willoughby
Kristina Wilson
Dawn Wilson
Barbara Wilson
James Wilton
Mary Wingert
Jeffrey Wintermote
Danielle Witchel
Linda Wolf
Robbi Woltring
Julie Wood
Christine Woodcock
Nelson Woodfork
Tara Wooldridge
Justine Woolner-Wise
Evan Wraga
Margaret Wright
Amy Wrobel
Susan Xenarios
Susan Yacobellis
Amyko yamamoto
Yandira Melon, C-CATODSW
Lisa Yeager
Ann Yeager
Kathleen Yoshitomi
Pamela Young
Zahava Ortsman, ACSW
Michael Zamrin
Roni Zarbiv
Helene Zimmerman
Maxene Zion
Sharon Zisserman
Elizabeth Zmuda-Swanson
Debbie Zoller
April 2020
Ann Abbott
Mary Abbott
Alicia Abdella
Lynn Abelson
Abigail Murillo
Rebecca Abramson
Violet Absher-Martin
Diane Abuan
Sarah Accorsi
Cassondra Acquista
Susan Adamec
Joann Adams
Celeste Adams
Eris Adams
Karen Adams
Evie Adams
Willieann Adams
Alison Adams Hartman
Tara Adams-Cowherd
Barry Adler
Stephanie Adler
Rebecca Adler
Adrian Jonathon Cotta
Helen Adrienne
Erin Ahearn
Sheila Ahmadi
Meng Ai
Aimee Clements Hadfield, CFLE
Aimee L. Lemon
Alanna Janiece Hollingsworth
Krysta Alarcon
Hillary Albert
Jacquelyn Albert
Debra Alcusky
Alice Joan Sherrard, Student
Alice Vienneau, LCSW
Alicia Anne Driscoll
Samira Alieva
Alissa Silverstein, Silverstein
Deborah Allen-Robinson
Jessica Allison
Allison Hunter-Jacobs, LCSW-C
Jessica Alsup
Alyssa Refolo
Amanda D. Smith Fierstein, BS Psychology
Amanda L. Alexander, LCSW, ACSW
Amanda Michelle Knee
Amanda Riendeau
amandalea Rhiannon walsh
Amberly Dyer
Linda Lou Ames
Amie Elizabeth Sigmann
Maryann Amodeo
Robert Amos
Amy Di Mauro, LCSW
Amy L. Peeler, LCSW,QCSW
Amy M Yaeger, LCSW
Rita Ander
Jessica Anderson
Judith Anderson
Mark Anderson
Clara Anderson Cooper
Andrew C. Teitelman, LCSW
Andy O'Connor
Angela E. Anderson
Angela Michele Pool
Angela Moore, JD and MSW student
Angela Rena Locklear, Student of Masters
Angela Rita-Farias
Angelica Vergara Fuentes, MSW
Anita J. Meyers, LMSW,ACSW, LMFT
Anjelina Citron
Ann Marie Dobbertin
Anna Christen Malesko-Ferraro, M.S.S.
Anna Miller
Anne E. Detweiler
Dorothy Anthony
Anthony Dimitrion, LMSW
Michael Antreassian
Lucia Aparicio
Wayne April
Linda Apsel
Paulo Araujo
Elisabeth Archie
Ariane Sackheim
Ariya F. McGrory
Diane Arkava
Arleen R. Stern, C-ASWCM
Jacqueline Armour
Tiffany Armstrong
Angela Arney
Peter Arney
Pamela Arnold
Ronit Arnsdorf-Atlan
Ary Nichole Young, MSW Student
Claire Asarnow
Michelle Ascher Dunn
Charmaine Ashcraft
Steve Ashkinazy
Ashlea M. Kight, LSW, MSW
Nicole Ashley
K Kay Ashley
Catherine Atchison
Bonnie Atkin-Hellman
Judith Atkinson
Attalia Camille Jefferies, MSW Candidate
Pamela Atteberry
Erich Audretsch
Audrey A. LeMasters
Sandra Auerback
Greta Averbach
Kevyn Avery
Joan Ayala
James Bachman
Karen Bachtelle
Armin Baier
John Bailey
Gwendolyn Bair-Loehr
Carol Bakelaar
Robin Baker
Rachel Baker-Blackwell
Marie Baltz
Amanda Banda Raya
Susan Bandler Wagner
Christine Bandoni
Bonnie Banks
Barbara A. Baker
Barbara Cooper
Barbara E. Motley
Barbara J. Menard
Barbara June Andersen, ACHP-SW
Barbara Z. Rissman
Jill Bardsley
David Barran
Mary Barrett
Ellen Bartley Robertson
Lindsey Basista
Thomasine Baskerville
John Bass
Michael Batshaw
Natalie Bauer
Michele Bauer
Amber baumgarden
Pauline Baylis
Nelson Bayron
James Beattie
Sarah Beckett
Sara Belding
Melissa Belkin
Curley Bell
Cecilia Bell
Hayden Bellovary
Yolanda Belmont
Marian Benedicto
Karen Benenson
Marva Benjamin
benjamin jacob Ginther
Bill Benton
Lynda Bera
Margaret Berger
Sheila Berger Chazin
Melissa Berler
Deborah Bern
Philip Berry
Julie Berwick
Beryl E. Cohen
Bethany G. Jeffrey
Kelin Bethea
Nicholas Biancola
Rebecca Bier
Mary Birdsong
Janelle Bitikofer
Meredith Blackburn
Agnes Blackmon
Che Blaine
Angelia Blankley
Susan Blansett Mcallister
Rudolph Blier
Heather Bliss
Carol Blitstein
Toni Bloom
Gail Blue
Nell Bly
Bobby Ray Caruthers, MSW LCSW
Rikki Bobchin
Ricki Boden
Debra Bodtke
Bernadette Bogertey
Victoria Bolton
Wendy Bond
Bonita Hogue, C-SWHC
Bonnie Ann Richards
Bonnie Pollak
Natalie Boorman
Camille Booth
Patricia Boris
Patti-Ann Bossert
Faye Bottone
Rhonda Bourne
Angie Bowen
Janet Bowers
Melanie Bowman
Jacqueline Bowman
Hope Boyd
Catherine Boyer
Elizabeth Brady
Stacy Brandon
Debra Brannan
Cassandra Bransford
Karla Braski
Joshua Bratton
Wilma Braun
Douglas Braun
Katherine Bray
Breanne Clinton
Helene Brenner
Brent M. Reynolds
Lin Bresnahan
Joy Bressler
Jacquelyn Bretl
Briana Lynn Meader
Vitaline Briggs
Brittany Nicole Hitt, BSW
Carleen Britton
Hilda Brockman
Iruaku Brodie-Mends
Leslie Brody
Arlene Brofsky
Bronwyn L. Cross-Denny, PhD, LCSW
Mary Brooks
Morna Brothers
Allison Brown
Clifford Brown
Janese Brown
Claudia Brown
Peggy Brown
Janet Brown
Cheri Bryson
Mary Buchta
LaShonda Buckner
Marian Budzynski-Moldan
Melanie Buff
Dwight Bull
Janet Buntain
Jane Burbank
Chris Burkett
Jay Burkholder
Roy Burnham
Andrea Burr
Anne Burrows
Sacha Bush
Theresa Bussert
Heather Butler
Vincent Butler
Joy Butler
Kay Butler
Victoria Butler
ellen Bynum
C. Baxter Chandler
Barbara Caddell
Elise Cadigan
Capri Cafaro
Tina Calabrese
Erma Caldwell
Margaret Calista
Corrine Callaghan
Kerry Callahan
Graciela Camacho
Camille Feola
Angela Campagna
Lynn Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Linda Campo
Shannon Canning
Rebekah Capen
Frances Caple
Karen Caputo
Carl David Losacco, MSW, LCSW
Carlton F. Clark, ACSW
Heather Carmichael
Carol A. Jakus, ACSW
Carol F. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Carol J. Kramer, LCSW
Carol L. Cushman, DCSW
Carol S. Bittenson
Carol Zimbelman, ACSW
Carolyn Castello Snyder
Carolyn Liller
Carolyn Minor
Barbara Carren-Le Sauter
Donna Carson
Lou Ann Carter
Page Carter
Michael Cascio
Michael Castaldi
Janet Castellini
Esther Castillo
Awilda Castro
Louise Cate
Catherine A. Courson, ACSW
Cathleen May Kalinowski
Cathleen O'Brien
Cathyann Robinson, VA, CA
Rachel Catron-Felts
Michael Cecere-Palazzo
Lissette Chacon
Nicole Chalmers
Mabel Chan
Charla M. Yingling
Charles E. Rahe
Charlotte A. Reaves
Charlotte Blake
Carola Chase
Andrea Chavez
Leila Chayut
Cheryl Cummin
Cheryl E. Waites, ACSW
Laihin Cheung
Cheyanne Marie Catura
Chezni Lynn Rang
Antonietta Chiaviello-Foster
Elise Chisholm
chloe foreht, Farrell
Marlienne Christian
Christin Ann Collier, LMSQ
Christine G. Archer, LSCSW,ACSW
Christine Jorgensen
Christine L. Frazita
Christine M. O'Brien, MSW
Christineann Kemp
Jennifer Christman
Christopher F. Plaugic, Student
John Christopherson
Chrysa Lawan
Jean Chun
Janet Chunn
Richard Chvotkin
Diane Ciafullo
Salvatore Cilluffo
Francis Cincotti
Cindy B. Quart
Scott Cipolla
Irene Cirillo
Clarice Rising, MSW, LCSW
Carolyn Clauson-Andrews
Douglas Clawson
Myrsha Clemons
Sarah Cobb
Kathleen Coffey
Elizabeth Cohen
Keren Cohen
Margery Cohen-Jacoby
Jacinta Coleman
Michelle Coleman
Colette A. Reid
Colleen M. Mulkerin
Colleen Mary McGowan
Colleen Meaghan Maher
Sandra Collins
Ann Collins
Julieanne Collins
Ainsley Cone
Connie S. Mitchell, ACSW
Lisa Conquet
Margaret Conrad
Anne Conser
Christine Cook
Corie Stewart McKibben
Corinne S. Eaton, LISW
Doris Coronel
Helen Coronges
Maria Cortese
Louis Couderc
Andre Couget
Lloyd Coursey
Courtney Breed
Kathleen Coutu
Sharon Coyle-Saeed
Harold Craft
Sheila Crandles
Nathan Crawford
Shirley Crawford
Marian Cremin
Clinton Crete
Lisa Crist
Diane Crosby
Amy Crowson
Lois Currie
Cecile Currier
Laura Curry
Tracie Curry-Watson
Kevin Cusce
Cynthia M. Williamson
Cynthia Mae McCollum
Lisa Cyr
Lisa D'Antonio
Paralee Daggy
Dagmar Mayer
Dianne Dahlbom
Dale Simmerman, LMSW
Dana M. Cux
Dana Vaughn Gehring
Danell Magalit
Daniel C Donohue, Donohue
Daniel Heathcock, LCSW
Daniel R. England, LCSW, ACSW
Daniel Sommer, LCSW
Danielle Causley Nicholson, LCSW
Danielle Weidler
Jean Daniels
Michael Daniels
Margery Daniels
Darrell Ivey
David B. Moore, ACSW
David J. Scott
David L. Mayfield
David M. Fawcett
Amy Davidson
Brigid Davis
Ella Davis
Nina Davis
Wendy Davis
Jill Davis-Kuzmanich
Sarah Dawson
Daynen Jean Lalicker
Deanna Lenker, BSW student
Debbie Ann Ashton, LCSW
Deborah D. Rubin
Deborah K. Woods, CSW
Deborah Lee Johnson, Ph.D.
Deborah R. Andrews
Debra A. Tart-Winston, LCSW
Debra Bradin, MSW, LSW, LCADC
Michael Dee
Geisha Ann Dela Pena
Robert DeLauro
Loretta DelMastro
Virginia DeLong
Delores Agatha Junious, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C,
Lillian Dempsey
Denise J. Mikulski-Likar
Denise rossi
Verdell Dent
Mary Denton
Peter Depasquale
Cheryl Desjardin
Hannah Desoto
Brenda Di Gruccio
Dian Epp
Diana M. Rein
Diana R. Irving, LCSW
Diane Marie Wagner, MSW LCSW LMHP
Diane Racz, LMSW
Cathie Diggs
Darlene DiGorio-Hevner
Robert DiLenge
Margery Dimond
Denise Diorio
Linda Dobbs
Judith Dobrof
Doha J. Khoury, MSW
Carol Dolman
Dolores L. Despres, ACSW
Dolores M. Onorato, LCSW
Donald David Curry, Jr., BA, CCSS
Mary Donegan
Donna A. Mancini
Donna J. Cardinal
Vicki Donovan
Emily Donovan
Doris L. Green McCorvey, MS MSW LCSW
Douglas Stanley
Robert Dove
Emily Dressman
Gregory Drozdowski
Susan Dudek
Amy Dulligan
Vera Dumont
Jodi Dumont
Mary Durso
Clinton Dye
Preston Dyer
Lisa Dylewski
Katelin East
Allison Eaton
Susan Ebenau-Thomas
Donna Ebsary
Steven Eckert
Elizabeth Eckhardt
Edith A. Block, M.S
Edith Gibbs, ACSW
Lauren Edson-Fisher
Edwin S. Rivera
Stephanie Ehrlich
Eric Eid-Reiner
Gwenda Eiler
Elaine Barber
Eleanor Curtis
Elisabeth Simone DuPree, MSW student
Elise Carol Thomasson, MSSW
Elise Chapline
Elizabeth A. Buonomo, LCSW
Elizabeth Curfman
Elizabeth Dowell Pascoe
Elizabeth L. Ramsey, LCSWA
Elizabeth Leibowitz Asher, LCSW
Elizabeth Meek Caccamo, MSW
Elizabeth Page Cote, LCSW
Elizabeth Susan Sable
Donna Elkin
Stefanie elman
Elwood I. Kita, ACSW
Emily Jane Pray, LCSW
Emily Norris, MSW
Emily Rae Tenenbaum Miller
Cort Engelken
Ryan Engelstad
Diane Englund
Tamisha Engram
Tracie Engstrom
Zoe Entin
Eric Hall
Erin E. McCormack, LCSW
Erin F. McKowen, ACSW
Erin Jenine Pistner, BSW
Erin O'Toole-Lyon, LCSW
Susan Erlich
Stephanie Estell
Esther Madelyn Crooks
Alexis Estwick
Grace Ethridge
Fay Eubank
Eugene Spencer Clark, II, ACSW
Sarah Evans
Evelyn l. Brescia, LMSW
Carmen Fair
Scott Fairweather
Fanny Elizabeth Gutierrez-Meyers, LMSW
Farah VanGenderen, LCSW-C
Ruth Faris
Fatima Sayah Amelkin
Kevin Feeley
Patti Fehlig
Daryl Feinfeld
Sara Feld
Barry Feldman
Robert Feldman
Lauren Feldman
Mary Fenske
Fern E. Covitt
Ronnie Fernandez
Heidi Fernandez
Gisele Ferretto
Julie Ferry
Eva Fiallos-Diaz
Wanda Finch
Elana Fine
Donna Firer
Pattie Fisher
Katherine Fitzkappes
Nancy Fitzsimons
H. Geraldine Fiveland
Rosalind Flagg
Robin Flaum
Sara Fleischer-Todd
Valerie Flynn
Romaine Foege
Mary Foland
Joanna Foley
Andrea Folsom
LeeAnna Fomkin
Nancy Fontenot
Phoebe Fortunate
Joanne Fossett
Kathryn Foster
David Fox
Susan Fox
Cheri fox
Tanja Frade
Adena Frager
Fran S. Danis, ACSW PhD
Heather France
Frances L. Howe, ACSW
Frances R. Markowski, ACSW
John Franchitto
Francisco Gil, ACSW
James Francois
Lynn Frank
Lori Franklin
Lisa Franz
Stephanie Fraser
Mary Freeman
Fridonna L. Shepard-Steele, CSAC
Dorothy Fried
Royce Froehlich
John Fry
Roni Funk
Anne Funk-Chance
Anna Maria Funkquist
Sarah Furnari
Gabrielle E. Faggella, ACSW
Gail Moskowitz, MSW, LCSW
Daniel Gaiser
Janet Galaske
Tracy Gallardo
Maria Garcia
Elsa Garcia
Susan Gardner
Darrell Garner
Debra Garner
Stephanie Garrard
Laura Gates
Gene A. Obersinner, LCSW
Cathy Gentile-Doyle
Geoffrey Warlock Barron
Amy George
George C. Kappaz
Kathy Gere
Prue Gershman
Lloyd Gestoso
Jehanne Gheith
Rebecca Gibson
Emily Gill
Jermaine Gilliam
Grover Gilmore
Gina Joyanna Petrie
Gina M. Mills
Jane Gingerich
Frances Givelber
Barbara Glaser
Phyllis Glass
Sherry Glore
Grant Goehler
Susan Goetz-Laccetti
Jason Goldberg
Elaine Goldberg-Sheehy
Gayle Goldblatt
Aaron Goldsmith
Miles Goldstein
Debra Goldstein
Sarina Goldstein
Leslie Goldstein
Diana Goldstein
Margaret Goode
Anne Gooden
Herbert Goodfriend
Margaret Goodman
Melissa Goodman
Alan Gordon
Shirlene Gordon
Thomas Gordon
Sally Goren
Jocelyn Gorokhovsky
Oliver Goss
Stephanie Gosteli
Diane Gottlieb
Julie Gottlieb Bernstein
Anita Graber
Patricia Grabow
Grace H. Brace
Christine Graham
Joel Gratch
Steve Gratwick
Danielle Graves
Kenneth Graves
Wendy Gray
Sandra Gray
Kevin Green
Teddi Greene
Geraldine Gregg
Gregg R. Maynard
Gregory C. Krueger, ACSW
Alissa Gren
Gretchen Genz Davidson, LCSW
Trevor Griffiths
Marcia Grobman
Joan Groessl
Jeremy Gross
Jennica Grover
Noel Guevara
Ruby Guillen
Kathleen Gumienny
Divya Gupta-Torres
Deborah Guptill
Norma Gutierrez
Reynaldo Gutierrez
Guy D. Burstein
Gwen E. Williams, DCSW
Robin Haack
Haadiyah Hamadi, LCSW-R
Mindy Haber
Shelley Haber
Kristina Hadam
Zetta Hadden
Andrea Hafner
Hailey Noelle Anderegg, CDCA
Judith Hakam
Asma Halim
Rebecca Hall
Patty Hall
Asyia Hall
Carol Halpin
Myrna Hamid
Connie Hamill
Dana Hamilton
Laura Hamilton
Sarah Hammack
Kate Hammon
Sandra Hammond
Joyce Hanna
Hannah Jean Colelli
Cynthia Hannon
Emily Hardcastle
Melinda Hardin
Esther Harding
Julia Harkins Arcand
Jillian Harrell
Harriet S. Crary
Russell Harrington
Sheila Harrington
Kateri Harrington
Martha Harris
Jennifer Harris
Larry Harris
Lela Harrison
Hannah Harter
Kathleen Hartman-McCarthy
Marisue Hartung
Sherri Harvey
Victoria Harwood
Susan Haskell
Debra Haverson
Wendy Hawkins
Jean Hay
Jeana Hayes-Carrier
Lynn Haynes
Hazel Barrow
Charlotte Hechler
Jennifer Heckendorn
Amanda Hedrick
Teri Heger
Lucy Heggenstaller
Mary Heller
Laura Henderson
Mitzi Hendrick
Kathleen Hendriksen
Tessa Henelsmith
Henri Flikier, ACSW
Amyra Henry
Julie Hensel
Carla Henson-Bowden
Herbert Jay Rosenfield, ACSW
Lydia Hernandez
Chloe Herrera
Nathalie Hervy
Lisa Herz
Annette Hess
Pamela Heydt
Hasty Hickok
Susan Hicks
Sheila Hill
Mikki Hill
Gail Hillman
Patricia Hincken
Barbara Hinsz
Lorie Hirsh
Gary Hirshberg
Sharlea Hobren
Paul Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman
Molly Jane Hohman
Malcolm Hohmann
Linda Holden
Magen Holgate
Pamela Holland
Tara Hollander
Diane Holliman
Holly Bishop
Holly Raina Ireland
Andrea Homier
Nathaniel Hooper
Hope Villella-Fearn, MSW
Elizabeth Horn
Sandra Horne
Gretchen Horst
Chester Howard
Linda Howard-Curtis
Elise Howard-Luce
Van Hua
Marianne Huff
Cathy Hugghins
Melissa Hughes
Donna Humbert
Deborah Huml
Kimberley Humphries
Daryn Hunt
Sharon Hurff
J Douglas Huston
David Hutchinson
Indienne Coombs
Gina Innocente
Irene Perez
Andrea Irons
Irene Ivaska
Sandra Ivey-Prusinowski
Rajeshwari Iyer
Ramkumar Iyer
Marsha Jackson
Mary Jackson
Jacob R. Hanifl
Debbi Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs
Mary Jamia Jacobsen
Teresa Jacobson
Mary Jacobus
Jacqueline A. Marshall
James Matthew Fey
James W. Guerrant
Regina Jamieson
Jan J. Brinkerhoff
Jane P. Baker, ACSW
Jane Sibley Kilgore
Janet B.W. Williams, PhD, ACSW
Janet P. Akman, ACSW
Janiah Kathleen Shields
Nicole Janich
Janine Fabrizio, MSW LSW CPS
Mary Jankowski
Monica Jay
Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW
Jea Leigh Castrop-May, LBSW
Jean-Andre Constant, LCSW, CSOTP
Melady Jean-Baptiste
Jeanine Simmons, ACHP-SW
Jennie Fay Lyons, ACHP-SW
Jennifer A. La Jeunesse
Jennifer Croke
Jennifer Graves
Jennifer Hartwell, LMSW,MPH
Jennifer Jolliffe
Jennifer Stevens, LCSW
Anne Marie Jennings
Jeremy Dean Hayes
Jeremy L. White, LCSW
Jeremy Vu
Jesse Andrew Mir, BSW
Jessica Bailey
Jessica J. Cleeves
Jessica Kaye Rife
Jessica Parker Carlson
Jessica Pratas
Jessica S. Seidel, LCSW
Jill D. Buckley
Jill M. Brown
Jessica Jimenez
Joann Bjornson
JoAnn Watson
Jody L. Dixon, SW-G,CHP-SW
Joelle Marie Johnson, LCSW, LAC
Johanna Rayman, LCSW
Linda Johannisson
John A. Pappas, LCSW,ACHP-SW
John B. Rabun, Jr., ACSW
John Donald Cox, ACSW
John Francis Schatzel
John J. Haverlick, ACSW
John M. Zarlengo, Jr.
John Ramirez, ACSW, LCSW
Mirta Johnson
Penelope Johnson
Lili Johnson
Susan Johnson
Catriona Elspeth Johnson
Lydia Johnson Reynolds
Jonathan J. Bolduc
Jonathan K. Palley, LCSW
Betty Jones
Catharine Jones
Leah Jones
Dana Jones
Cleolene Jones
Sally Jones-Evans
Jonna Stoltzfus Buller
Jordan Kitchens, M.A.
Sandra Jorgenson
Susan Joseph
Jennifer Joseph
Lauri Joseph
Liza Josephson
Joshua Aaron Weatherford, Sr, Student
Judith Josiah-Martin
Tamyra Jovel
Joy M. Zimmerman
Joyce Lynn Davis, LCSW-R, CASAC
Judith S. Madison
Julianna Allison
Julie Beth Glickman
Julie Frank, CAC III
Julie T. Madgwick, LCSW
Julie Zavage
June C. Cooke, LLMSW
John Juster
Justine Liptock
Vivian Juvan
Desiree Kane
Pamela Kaplan
Ellen Kaplan
Karen Hall, LCSW
Karen J. Hoover, ACSW
Karen Ott Zittleman, ACSW,CSW-G
Karen Pekarcik, MSW
Karen R. Hess
Taji Karim-Reisch
David Karlberg
Nele Karmaus
Susan Karpenko
Joan Karpinski
Penny Karr
Joel Karr
Sharon Kasanoff
Kathryn Kastan
Kate Dare-Winters
Kate-Lynd Virginia Murphy
Katherine A. Kandravy, LCSW
Katherine Angel Fuller
Katherine Ann Shecora, LSW
Katherine Erin Bocanegra-Murphy
Katherine Hoy
Katherine M. Stiles, ACSW
Kathleen A. Ligon
Kathleen A. Mathews
Kathryn A. Koltun
Kathryn Baudreau, LICSW
Kathryn Necole Rush
Katie Marie D'Agosto
Lisa Kay
Kayla Paula Olson
Kaytie L. Ochenkowski
Karleen Keaney
Keitha Whitaker, LISW,CP/AP,IBCLC/RLC
Catherine Keller
Kelli Dollins
Beryl Kende
Rebecca Kendig
Kenton Phillip Kirby, LMSW
Jeannie Kerr
Catherine Kestle
Kevin Beck
Kevin John McCarthy
Kevin R. Wehmhoefer
Kevin Simrin
Maureen Kiely
Laura Kietell
Kim Teresa DuBose
Kimberly Andresen
Kimberly Lauriston, B.S.S.W.
Barbara King
Karly King
Nowell King
Olivia King
Deborah Kinlaw
Paula Kirkpatrick
Miriam Kirscht
Rachel Kislin
Allison Kitson
Kristin Kitzmiller
Ann Kleeger
Debra Klein
Julia Kleinschmit
Mary Louise Klimm
Thomas Kmetko
Mary Knapp
Blondine Knelsen
Sharon Knight
Caarin Kogut
Valarie Kole
Debra Kollar
Michael Konkoly
Carol Kopsco
Maribel Korman
Jay Korman
Kathleen Kostock
Cecile Kotkin
Phyllis Kramer Hirschkop
Kimberly Kraus
Carole Krawczyk
Marcella Kraybill-Greggo
John Kraybill-Greggo
Mark Kraynak
Michelle Kreidler
Suzanne Kreie
Laura Krieger
Kathryn Kriener-Klink
Jake Kriger
Kristel Aisa Corral Quinto
Kristen Dumas Callais
Kristen Pratt
Kristi Pacheco Creed, MSW
Kathryn and Adam Kristol
Susan Kroll-Smith
Brittany Kruse
Katie Krusen
Rachel Kuhr
April Kulbacki
Andrea Kumura
Cynthia Kurahara
Donald Kush
Kush Desai
Susan Kushner-Scott
Joseph La Liberte
Gayle Lafferty
Lamar Norris
Robert Lamarche
Katherine Lambert
Patricia Lane
Toby Laping
Elizabeth LaRaia
Laronda Christine Brockington
Latashia C. Warren
Jean Laterz
Latresa L. Williams, ACSW
Stacy Laubach
Laura DeVasier, LCSW
Laura Dever, BSW, LSW
Laura Disney
Laura Inglis, LICSW
Laura Kim Boucher
Laura Long
Lauren Annice Fisher
Lauren Ashley Rodriguez
Lauren Owens, LMSW
Lauren Pardo
Laurie A. Picus
Laurie Epstein Kach, LMSW, ACSW
Laurie R. Langer
Kerry Lavallee
Lavon T. Boyd
Leah Ann Kapsner-Anfinson, MSW Student
Leah M. Niehaus, LCSW,MSW
Leah W. Travers-Pucci, LCSW
Michelle LeBeau
Becky Ledva
Jay Lee
Sarai Leeb Herman
Deniserose Lefebvre-Torres
Bobbie Legg
Paul Lehmann
Joan Leibovich
Jennifer Leighton
Linda Lembo--Alonso
Skylar Lenox
Doreen Leo-Huneke
Leon D. Barber, Jr, CDCA, OCPRS
Leona Pannabecker
Frances Leonard
Lynda Leslie
Leslie Alicia Carson, LCSW
Leslie H. Row, LICSW
Leslie I. Zindulka, C-SSWS, LCSW-R
Leslie J. Springs
Sharon Lesnick
Jill Levenson
Shayne Leventhal
Sonny Levinbook
Mana Levine
Leah Levine
Nancy Levine
Joyce Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Valerie Leyva
Ann Liberman
Pamela Libys
Sarah Ligon
Lillian Serrano, LCSW
Linda C. McDaniel
Linda Grove
Linda J Landis, MSW, LSW
Linda J. Weinberg
Linda M. Kandle
Linda S. Patterson
Linda Simon
Lindsay L. Tuman
Viola Lindsey
Lindsey Humphrey, LMSW
Amy Lipsey
Lisa Ann Jackson, MSW
Lisa Anne Kendall, CSW-G
Jacqueline Lisiecki
Lynne List
Diane Littlefield
Amy Livingston
Lois Kemmet, LICSW
Rebecca Lombardi
Michele Lombardi
William Long
Jody Long
Hollis Long-Dewolf
Nicholas Longren
Angela Lopez
Lori M. Moussapour, MSW
Lori Meli Silas
Lori Savitt Michelson
Gina Louise
Gerald Lowe
Tony Lowe
Jyl Lozier-Oman
Carli Luce
Luis A. Pereira, LCSW
Luis Raul Orozco
Luke Eskelund
Lydia Grace Kiesecker
Beverly Lynch
Lynn Bonham, LCSW
M.E. Hager-Harrison-Prado, MVF-ASW
Hannah MacDowell
Carol MacHendrie
Barry Macintosh
Carol Maddox
Madison A. Stephens
Lauren Magana
Ariana Maggio
Patricia Mahaney
Jennifer Makowski
Marianne Malanaphy
Juan Malave
Jennifer Malcolm-Brown
David Mallory
Mallory Bachman
Gina Malloy
Carolyn Maloney
Mamadou Jalloh
Linda Manchester
Cheryl Manfredi
Nancy Maples
Marc W. Arje, MSW
Amy Marcus
Margaret Ann Miggins Austin
Margaret E. Lonsdale
Margaret H. Reiff, LCSW
Marguerite A. Cross, MSW, LSWAIC
Marguerite E. Dingman
Maria M. Lorditch
Maria Teresa Driver, MSW LCSW
Marie Spohn
Mark D. Clayton
Mark David Sandberg
Mark Kaufman
Mark W. Jay
Barbara Markowitz
Beth Marks
Marlene Sharp, LCSW
Lisa Marple
Marquita Lashawn Clay, MSW Student
Paul Marshall
David Marsten
Andrew Martin
Gail Martin
Charles Martin
Lori Martinez
Emilia Martinez-Brawley
Marvlous Gowans, BSW
Mary Angela Carini, LICSW
Mary Ann Zoeller, ACSW
Mary B. Tobin, ACSW
Mary Carla Davis
Mary E. Jordan-Church
Mary Henrietta Domingo, EHJ PhD
Mary Jo Cline-Szewczyk
Mary Jo Sarah Davis, LCSW
Mary K. Buckley, ACHP-SW
Mary L. Gustafson, LCSW-PIP
Mary Suzanne Brown
Mary Zekaria
Carol Massat
Matthew Levinson
Mattie Diann Towns-Scott
Joyce Mauer
Maureen R. Kelly, Kelly
Jean Mauro
Ruth Mayden
Bernard Mayer
Lorise Mayer
Lois Mayho
Barbra Mazie
Margaret McBrayer
Tali McCall
Terry McCall Ellis
Joanne McCamey
Colette McCarty
Lisa McCarty
Shaneah McCauley
Kimberly McClelland
Regina Mccombs
Nancy McCool
Veronica McCormack
Jennifer McCormick
Michael McCrary
Jennifer McCulloch
Nancy McDowell
Ann McElroy-Lopez
Patrick McElyea
John McFadden
Brandi McFerran
Meghan McGee
Kelly McGinnis
Janet Mcgoldrick-Harmon
Barbara McGowan
Karen Mcgregor
Rosa McKinney
Ralph Mcmenemy
Heather McQuade
Dawn Mead
Susan Meade
Juanita Meadley
Meaghan M. Henry, MSW Student
Dae Medman
Megan Amber Spangler
Megan Elizabeth Burton
Andrea Meier
Lori Melhart
Melinda Michelle Fowler, BS
Melissa Ann Gronau, LSCSW,LCAC,QCSW
Melissa John
Melissa M. Chalker
Melissa Pazen, MSW
Melissa Seifer Cohen, LCSW
Melissa Victoria Martin
Janet Melnick
Patricia Mendell
Mendi M. Sandoz
Anne Meneakis
Dorrett Menon
Anita Mentzer
Ronald Mercante
Meredith Canada
Bonnie Mervis
Michelle Messier
H. Meyer
Rhonda Meyer
Esther Meza
Micaela S. VanSkiver Williams
Gina Micarelli
Michael A. O'Connell, ACSW
Michael Anthony Aubry, LMSW
Michael C. Spieldenner
Michael J. Corless
Michael N. Lag
Michael Naquin
Michael Patrick Currier
Melissa Michaels
Michelle D. Garner, LICSW, ACSW
Michelle Trigleth
Mickey O. Smith
Miesha N. Rhodes
Tracy Miksell
Beth Milaszewski
Susan Milberg
Meredith Miles
Joshua Miller
Peter Miller
Virginia Miller
Mandy Miller
Emily Miller
Lynn Miller
Mary Miller
William Miller
Darrell Miller
John Miller
Barbara Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Maurine Miller
Helen Miller Tarleton
Kamesha Milline-Cardenas
Karen Mills Bevers
Debra Milner
Mindy S. Miller-McGuire
Mindy V. Zych
Miranda Z. McGuire-Schwartz
Sabrina Mitchell
Mordecai Mitnick
Mollie Volinsky, BSW
Molly Elizabeth Taffe
Molly M. Selby, LCSW
Monica Echevarria, MSW
Seth Montgomery
Bethany Montgomery
Joy Montgomery
James Moran
Stephanie Morfitt
Linda Morgan
Maggie Morrissey
Linda Morton
Rita Moss
Rubee Moxley
Elizabeth Mrozinski
Laura Mueller
Joyce Mulford
Darcy Mulholland
Maura Mulligan McCrann
Alison Muyskens
Marilyn Myles
Mylinda Barrick
Jake Myrick
Maria Nadeau
Shelley Nagel
Nancy Nagle
Nan Binder-Smith
Nancy L. Gajewski, ACSW, LCSW
Nancy Levy Simon, LCSW
Naomi Namiko Nakano-Matsumoto, Nakano-Matsumoto
Natalie Cay Edelhauser, MSW Candidate
Naveh Riles, n/a
Navre Dionne Barbee-Bogues, MSW Student
Nedra Cannon, Cannon, LMSW,ACSW
Martha Neely
Aharon Neuberger
Audrey Neuhaus
Jo Neusner
Nevada Rae Walton, MSW Student
Lisa Newfield
Iris Newman
Kimberley Newton
Stephanie Nguyen
Nicholas R. Balle
Janet Nimer Wilson
Danielle Nisivoccia
Charles Niven
Barry Noel
Melissa Nolan
Nora Famularo
Norah W. Lewis
Darla Norton
Christopher Novak
Perri Nunziato
Kelly O'Berry
Kathleen O'Brien
Gene O'Neill
Tara O'Shaughnessy
Raymond Oakes
Bridget OConnor
Bette Odell
Ethel Oderberg
Joan Oliner Schwartz
Alexandra Oliva
Robert Oliva
Mary Oliveri
Katy Ong
Claudia Oreegal
Lisa Oren
Stephen Oreski
Jan Orr
Rose Ortiz
Karen Ostrowsky
William Oven
Joel Owens
William Packard
Carolyn Pagani
Lisa Pagano
Penny Page
Ashton Page
Kandia Palmer
Pamela C. Gittler
Pamela Huysman Koretsky, LCSW
Pamela L. Thomas, LCSW
Jennifer Panhorst
Andrew Pansky
Keren Paquette
Stacy Park
Louis Parri
Jennifer Parris
Jeremiah Parrott-Pattison
Keith Pascoe
Patricia A. Hauser, LCSW
Patricia E. Morrison, LCSW
J. S. Patterson
Michael Patton
Brenda Patton
Ellen Paul
Paul Thomas Harper
Paula Bain-Hudson, ACSW, LCSW
Pauline Bailo, LSW
Carolyn Peabody
Donna Peang-Meth
Joyce Pearlman
Poppy Peluce-Fune
Charles Pennington
Harriet Perlmutter
Peter F. Luongo
John Peterson
Rebecca Peterson
Joanne Peyser
Phillip Emerson
Georgette Phillips
Phyllis W. Miller, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Jonathan Picker
Lisa Pickett
Janice Pierson
Margaret Pike-Thomson
Kristina Pilgrim
Barbara Pilson
Elizabeth Pineros
Susan Pinne
Gabriel Pinnette
Piper Worthington
Emily Planz
Chantelle Plauche
Stephanne Pleshette
Barbara Podstawski
Charles Pohl
Jane Poisson
Edward Poliandro
Paige Polisner
Marie Poloney
Carolyn Polowy
Gail Polsky
William Pompos
Mary Porter
Debbie Portnay
Richard Posalski
Jane Post
Kaitlyn Power
Kim Praitano
Elo Pranno
Tamara Prenosil
Georgia Pressman
Donna Prezzano
Elizabeth Prince
Kristen Pupo
Kristina Puttler-Miller
Wendy Puzarne
Starlee Qualter
Carol Quatman
Ralph Quillman
Lewis Quinby
Judith Quirk-Pleskus
Kristin Raber
Judith Rabi
Susan Rabin
Rachel Logan, MSW
Rachel Marie Borba
Rachel Marie Hawkins, LMSW
Rachel S. Arey, LCSW
Linda Raiden-Wright
Amanda Raiola
Linda Rakoff
Deborah Rambo
Kristi Ramirez
Elvira Ramirez
Jennifer Randall
Randall G. Jacobs, LCSW
Randi M. Waxman
Clifford Rappoport
Edith Raskin
Sara Ray
Ray J. Flynn
Raymie Wayne, PhD, JD, MSW
Raymond M. Ford, LCSW
Rebecca Ann Bowman Bufford
Rebecca B. Hayhurst
Rebecca J. Raygor
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Kleinman
Rebecca Lauren Wisner
Rebecca Odom, LCSW
Rebekah Alexandria Valle
Tara Redmond
Norma Reed
Don Reed
Stephanie Reed-Adams
Courtney Reich
Stephen Reinhard
Karen Reinhard
Laurie Reis
Brian Renard
Christina Repay
Zulma Restituto
Katherine Rettke
Kathleen Rexrode
Maria Reyes
Sheri Rezak-Irons
Rhoda S. Grill, ACSW
Laurie Riccio
Betty Rice
Richard E. Morgan, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Richard M. Jazwinski, PhD, ACSW, LCSW
Richard Newell
Richard Ramirez
Pat Richards
Gary Richman
Aleda Richter-West
Judith Rickard
Kim Rickler
Lawrence Riemersma
Shirley Rigsby
Erica Riley
Matthew Ringenberg
Elizabeth Rivera
Debbie Rives
Anthony Roark
Kelly Robbins
Robert J. Markovic
Robert P. McLaughlin
Robert Pileggi, LSW
Deborah Roberts
Claire Roberts
Betty Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Mary Robinson
Robyn B. Schwartz
Robyn M. Hawley
Robyn Sellet, LCSW
Rocco M. Guglielmo, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Rochelle Chapman, LCSW
Paula Rodriguez
Susan Roelofs-Haughn
Eric Roemele
Randi Roerick
Marcia Rogers
Carmen Rojas
Samantha Roman
Carey Romer
M Romero
Brianna Romero
Reynaldo Romero
Ron Avi Astor, PhD
Rondalyn T. Strother Graham
Rosemary Ahearn-Hasara, LCSW,ACSW
Barbara Rosen
Gerald Rosenberg
John Rosenberger
Michael Rosenthal
Renda Ross
LaToya Ross
Bertha Rosson
Barbara Rothberg
Susan Rovello
Christine Rowe
Donna Rowles
Carol Rubano
Ruben Castro
Jane Rubin
Jill Rubin
Ruby Huerta
Keli Rugenstein
James Ruhe
Mary Ruhl
Sharon Rukin
Roberta Russell
Ruth A. Vosmek
Kathleen Ryan Fuhs
Deborah Sacco-Invencio
Barbara Sacks
Isabel Saez
Sage Leverick Lucas
Jane Salata
Samantha Carter, BSW
Christine Samas
Sabrina Sampson
Zulma Sanabria
Anthony Sanchez
Jose Sanchez
Sandra G. Centeno
Sandra J. Levy
Sandra L. Abdullah, ACSW
Sandra L. Kroeker, ACSW
Maggie Santinanavat
Vittorio Santoro
Sara Barrett
Sara Feldman
Sarah E. Kadden
Sarah J. Person, LCSW
Sarah Rebecca Retchin
Joseph Sarbak
Sartreina Dottin, MSW,LCSW
Sasha Giles
Irene Saunders
Tara Scala
Lawrence Schallert
Holly Schardan
Kay Schechter
Marsha Schechtman
Diane Scheininger
Lynne Schleifer
Lynn Schlesinger
Peter Schoenholtz
Robert Schooley
Jaclyn Schramm
Melinda Schroeder
Matthew Schroer
Hope Schroy
Thomas Schuettge
Mikaela Schultz
Nelly Schwan
Brenda Schwarz-Jaquin
Audrey Schwebel
Alison Schweichler
Doreen Schweizer
Nancy Scott
Kimberly Scott
Joan Scully
Margaret Seagroves
Patricia Searles
Gretchen Seefried
Diane Seessel
Patricia Seghers
Samuel Selekman
Michele Selfridge
Seth Showalter, MSW, LMSW
Mary Anne Severino
Millicent Shadden
Shae L Franke
Paula Shagin
Susan Shanfield
Shanna Borell
Shanna Taylor
Shannon Dolan, LSW
Andrea Shapiro
Shari Hull, LCSW
Sharon D. Sickles
Sharon M. McCaffrey, ACSW
Sharon Manning-Kelly
Sharon R. Younkin
Julia Shaull
Shawn Ann Davis, LCSW
Shawna Marie Eisendrath
Kim Shea
Donna Sheather
Sonia Sheck
Sheila Rae Aukes, MSW, LISW
Shelly Johnson Gottsegen
Shelly L. Bingham
Mary Shelton
Sheri Solinski, MSW
Stuart Sherman
Hillary Sherman-Wicks
Shirley M. Petersen
Jeffrey Sholemson
Steve Shrifter
Larry Shushansky
Kendra Sievers
Gregory Sikora
Elionora Silbersack
June Simmons
Beverley Simmons-Willis
Melissa Simone
Luann Simpson
Valerie Sims-Richard
Jacquelyn Singer
Paul Sireci
Kristen Skedgell
James Skinner
Linda Sklar
Patricia Slaye
Helen Slominski
Frankie Small
Evelyn Smith
Jacqueline Smith
Laura Smith
Lizzie Smith
William Smith
Fran Smith
Christopher Smith
Laurie Smith
Courtney Smith
Kendra Smith
Shirley Smith
Laura Smith
Robert Smith
Ryan Smith
Sarah Smith-Trawick
Moshit Snir
Tamara Sokolova
Julie Solinski
Judith Solomon
Myrna Solomon
Melanie Sommers-Dain
Adriana Sotolongo
Mary Sparke
Garda Spaulding
Phoebe Speck
Elizabeth Spencer
Steve Sproule
Cheryl Spurlock
Lorrie St Pierre
Allyn St. Lifer
Mary Stacy
Stacy Joye
Meg Stafford
Robert Stanley
Reginald Stapleton
Kimberly Stasny
Cynthia Steffey
Andrew Stein
F. Richard Steinberg
Marjorie Steinberg
Lisa Steiner
Terry Stemple Kiser
Stephanie J. Olson
Stephanie Maurer
Gracy Stephen
Stephen Arnold
Kathleen Stephens
Richard Sternagel
Connie Stevens
Kymra Stewart
Rosemary Stewart
Maria Stine
Katherine Stiner
Augusta Stratz
Karen Strauss
Charles Strauss
Donna Strauss-Russo
Eliza Strawbridge
Heather Strosnider
Christine Stryjewski
Kimberly Sugerman
Debra Suierveld
Bridget Suire
Michael Sullivan
Mary Summerville
Susan D. Howard, LCSW- R
Susan Elizabeth Dean
Susan Hoover, MSW, LISW
Susan I. Berlin, LCSW, ACSW
Susan I. Tucker, ACSW
Susan J. Hitchcock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Susan Jaros, LCSW
Susan Pruitt Hyde
Susan S. McLaughlin, C-SSWS
Thelma Suzuki
Edward Svasta
Julia Swartz Fagnant
Cristen Sweet
Sydney Farrier, ACSW
Sylvia V. Thompson, LMSW,CAADC,ACSW
Pamela Szczygiel
Elizabeth Taeubert
Marcia Takaki
Talia Starr Filippelli
Salihah Talifarro
Tamara M. Vigliotti-O'Brien
Jennifer Tan
Gregory Tangari
Tanya Rachelle Dunlap
Patricia Tatarzycki
Janet Tatum
Tracy Taub
Judith Taylor
Anne Taylor
Zebedee Taylor
Jan Taylor
Megan Taylor
Casey Taylor-Brewer
Tenica L. Henry
Teresa Renee Gandy
Teri L. Holter, DCSW
Terry A. Lane, C-SSWS
Terry Janette Gaspard, MSW, LICSW
Barbara Thatcher
Theresa M. Swirenko, ACSW
Therese M. Langan
David Thomas
Phyllis Thomas
Thomas E. Hogan, MSW, ACSW
Kerri Thompson
Kristin Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Charles Thompson
Pamela Thorp
Barb Thropp
Denise Thurmond
David Thurn
Ronda Thurston
Mildred Tikker
Timothy M. Day
Tina Judy Higgins, LCSW
Tina L. Shaw, Student
Tina Marie Meloro
Lily Tisu
Alison Todd
Lynn Tolan
Shilynda Tolbert
Regine Tollefsen
Oudlay Tom
Wendy Tompkins
Michelle Tomson
Lee Torres
Robbie Tourse
Toya Hauf
Traci Gurchak
Traci Lynn Schaeffer, RN, BSN
Tracy Nalory, LMSW
Margaret Trapasso
Sandra Traudt
Alison Traynor
Claire Treacy
Trent Eisenbeisz, LICSW
Doris Tribble
Sherry Tripepi
Trisha Michele Stewart
Alexis Trocki
Laurie Trosuk
Pat Truesdell
Carol Trust
Cary Tucker
Esther Turnbull
Leuga Turner
Comfort Uguru
Teresa Ulring
Kimberly Underdue
Valerie B. Grasso
Valerie D. Douglas
Valerie Schmitz, LCSW
Valerie Van Hollen
Maegan Vance
Rebecca Vande Hey
Vanessa Jane Walker, LMSW
Vannisha C
Kimberly Vargas
Ashley Vasquez
Harleny Vasquez
Judy Vasquez-Becker
Richard Vega
Lucia Venditti
Louise Verbeke
Elizabeth Verdesoto
Veronica Auxiliadora Fajardo
Vicki L. Eaton
Vicki L. Grassman, ACSW
Vickie Little Haralson
Victoria Ann Corrigan
Victoria Carey, MSW, LISW-CP
Victoria T. Bowles-Ward, ACSW
Monique Vidal
Ruby Vincent
Virginia Truglio, Truglio
Jodi Vogel
Beth Vogler
Le Ann Vogt
Jeremiah Volk
Linden Von Eichel
Sandi Voynow
Julia Wade
Susan Wade-Infanzon
Matthew Wadsworth
Marie Waite
Helen Waks
Regenia Walburgh
Ruth Walden
Melissa Waldrip
Sarah Walewski
Robert Walker
Ursula Walker
Kathy Wallace
Lisa Wallin
Roberta Walmsley
Kathleen Walsh
Jezebel Walter
Walter Simmons
Ruth Ward
Mara Warmbrand
Holly Warren
Henriette Warren
Sakenia Washington
Christine Wasser
Ganga Mayee Wasserman
Fred Watson
Jory Watson
Donna Watson
Melissa Watson
Wayne H. Welch, LCSW, ACSW
Joan Weaver
Katherine Webber
Mark Weber
Cynthia Wedel
Janelle Wehrman
Gail Weil
Deborah Weinstein
Jenny Weiser
Janet Weismark
James Weiss
Leslie Wellington
Lynn Werthamer
William Wertheim
Cindy West
Beverly West-Ruggiero
Anne Westcott
Jennifer Whaley Gundersen
Clint Wheeler
Donald Whipker
Stephen White
Patricia White
Joseph White
Shelly White
Maria Wiener
Mary Wightman
Amy Wilder
Byron Wiley
William C. Stoner, III
William E. Feuerborn, LCSW
William F. Vanek
William T. Smith, ACSW PhD
Frank Williams
Alisa Williams
Kathe Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Christina Williams
Leyni Williams
Barbara Williamson
Gwendolyn Williamson
Jan Williamson
Kim Willis
Claire Willis
Bradley Willison
Megan Wills
James Wilson
Keith Wilson
Penelope Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Leila Wilson Bate
Janet Winocour
Karen Winston
Nancy Wolf
Mara Wolfsen
Zoe Wood
Nathan Wood
Debby Woodall
Renee Woodard
Robin Woodburn
Lorna Woodham
David Woodman
Annette Woodruff
Linda Woodruff
Jonathan Woods
Amanda Woodward
Sarah Woodward
Kathleen Woodward
Beth Woogen
Julie Worden
Barbara Wright
Diane Wright
Kathy Wurpts
Karen Wurtzel
Wyatt Kanyer
Amy Wylegala
Gary Wylin
Tami Yamashita
Olin Yauchler
Susan Yeager
Wendy Yon-Innis
Elizabeth Youmans
Melanie Younger
Cindy Yrle-Gutowski
Yvonne Robinson-Essor, MS
Dana Zager
James Zagres
Deborah Zagwodzki
Christina Zapata
Lela Zaphiropoulos
Susan Zbacnik
Deborah Zelizer
Ellen Zemel
Deborah Zemel
Lynn Zender
Judith Zevin
Doris Ziboh
Gloria Zicht
Danielle Zimmerman
Elizabeth Zinner
Amy Zuckerman
Charlotte Zuckerman
G. P. Zurenda
March 2020
Benedetto Abate
Martina Abba-Richard
Sarah Aberg
Gloria Aboagye
Andrew Abrams
Amy Abroms
Inger Acking
Acquanita D. Pettis
Laura Acuna Zavalney
Therese Adair
Clara Adams
Adele Marckwald Bent, MSW, LICSW
Adina R. Morguelan
Constance Adkins
Rosemary Affeldt
Kathy Aftergood
Agata Van Haren, ACSW
Aiden Jay Kaplan
N. Norma Akamatsu
John Akers-Bell
Lynda Albert
Aleana Marie Krupinsky, LCSW, MSW, CPP, LMT
Nancy Alexander
Alexandra Jean Pierlott
Alice M. Merrifield
Paul Alie
Debbie Alig
Alissa NK Schneider Berg
Richard Alix
Amy Allen
Lori Alley
Elizabeth Allison
Allison Arnold Jackson, LCSW
Helaine Altbaum
Althea E. Hite
Javon Alyasiri
Alyssa Hayes
Amanda Newhouse, LICSW, LCSW
Karen Amber
Mimine Ambrois
Amee Paparella
Karen Amon
Amor Hollingsworth
Amoree Lanaha, ACSW, LCSW
Lacey Amos
Amy E. Robertson
Amy F. Williamson
Amy Kessler
Amy L. Steinhauer, LCSW, ACSW, CST
Donna Anderson
Dennis Anderson
Michelle Anderson
Andrea Pape Rose, LCSW
Andrea Wilson
Stephanie Andrews
Rochelle Andrews
Rachel Andrews
Valerie Angel
Angela Renee DeVault, BSW
Michael Angone
Elizabeth Angwin
Anita Covington Heller
Anita J. Cleary
Ann Nielsen
Anna La Rocca Palid, LCSW
Anne Carter, LSW
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Goldych Dailey, ACSW
Anne Khudari
Anthony R. Thomas, ACSW
Beth Aponte
April L. Lee, C-ASWCM
April M. Schueths, LCSW
April Massey DeVore, LSW
Kelly Ardieta
Benito Arellano
Madeline Arenson
Shirley Ariker
Linda Arkin
Armena Walsh, LCSW
Arnez B. Crockett, ACSW, LCSW
Arthur J. Rosenbaum
Evelyn Aslam
Danelle Aspinwall
Audrey Dunn
Jennifer Azam
Richard Azzaro
Diane Bachman
Janice Baer
Mary Bailey-Henry
Janet Bair-Carpenter
Christena Baker
Nancy Baker
Ruth Baldwin
Myrna Balk
Janet Ballute
Judith Bank
Barbara Ann Stewart, LCSW
Barbara E. Blankenbaker, LCSW
Kaitlin Barbati
Anita Barbee
Ethel Barber
Philip Barbetta
Jacqueline Barille
Ernest Baringer
Melody Barnes
Sandra Barrett
Julia Barrie
Anita Barron
Sarah Barry
Adriana Barry-Souza
Christine Barsa Del Alcazar
Kathryn Basham
Ruby Baskerville
Jan Bass
Petra Batek
Janet Bauer
Myra Baxter
Kelly Baxter
Bea Stachiw, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Sharon Beach
Claudette Beahrs
Theresa Beaudreau
Michele Beaulieu
Sylvie Beauvais
D. Andrew Beck
Patricia Becker
Marc Becker
Holly Bender
Theresa Bensky
Janice Berezin Baer
Lisa Berg
Kristi Berg
Ariel Bergeron
Sandra Bergfeld
Margaret Berliant
Cory Bernard
Karen Bernardes
Dorothy Berndt
L. Steven Berns
Ann Berntsen
Roz Beroza
Sherrie Berrebi
Bert Allen Majors
Berton K. Frank, ACSW
Beth O'Malley
Mark Bezanson
Denise bilder
Marygrace Billek
Jody Bilstrom
Jeanne Bissonnette
Mikki Blackman
Sara Blandford
Carol Bley
Christine Blondheim
Nancy Bloom
M Leslie Blount
Natasha Bocanegra
Lisa Bode
Bernadette Bodogh
Laurie Boehm
Melissa Bogursky
Susan Bolles
Darla Bolon
William Bond
Bonita H. Jacques, ACSW
Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW
Bonnie Joanne David-Such
Debra Borden
Kenneth Borelli
Michael Boretz
Mindy Boslow
Lynn Bouchard-Edwards
Kennedy Boulis
Nona Bowers
Kevin Bowman
Johanna Boyce
Patricia Boyer
Elaine Boyer-Haymond
Robert Boylston
Uda Bradford
Charles Bradford
Kathy Bradshaw Elliott
Elizabeth Brady
Elizabeth (Liz) Bramson
Leslie Brandon
Brandy K. Bunkers
Michelle Branigan
Erica Brann
William Braswell
Breana M. Johnson
Allison Breed
Diane Breier
Breita Vay Church, Student
Susan Breithaupt
Brenda J. McAllister
Brenda L. Fishleder
Brenda L. Smith, DCSW ACSW
Brenda Patterson
Jennifer Breneisen
Luis Brenner
Jeffrey Brentley
Brian A. Lipnick
Brian E. Hill, LSCSW
Brianna LoPiccolo, LLMSW
Katharine Briar-Lawson
Bridget Simone Richard, MSW, LISW-S
Pamela Brigham
Douglas Brink
Lanex Brink
Dianne Brinker
Brooke Brody
Mary Brogdon
Laura Bronstein
Brooke E. Etie, MSW
Alice Brooks
Lisa Brooks
Fran Brown
Robert Brown
Jasmine Brown
Laura Brown
Phyllis Brown
Tiffany Brown
Ted Bruce
Bruce Goodman, Advisory Board Mbr.
Bruce P. Robinson
Stella Brumley
Miriya Bryant
Leigh Bryant
Bryony Freij, LCSW
Ellen Buffa
McKenna Bull
Sharon Bullock
Tanya Bulls
Ashley Bunton-Dodson
Melody Burfeind
Renee Burgard
Robert Burnett
Wayne Burns
Alan Burrall
Judith Burrows
Cheryl Busby
Mary Bushong
April Butler
Susan Butler
Daniel Byarlay
Jacqueline Bycraft
Erica Byrne
Catalina Caban-Owen
Helen Cahalane
Caitlin L. Wright
Rosemarie Caldarone
Johanna Callard
Katherine Calvert
Jean Campbell
Daniel Campbell
Bettina Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Candace Johnson, MSW, LSW
Heather Cannon
Madalyn Cano
Cara N Snyder
Kristin Carder
Michael Cardinale
Caren S. Kelman, LCSW
Octavia Carlos
Lynn Carlsen
Mary Carlson
Carol E. West, LMSW
Carol H. Fisher
Carol L. Gross
Carol L. Gutchewsky, ACSW
Carol Z. Schulman
Carolyn J. Henderson
Kristen Carothers
Penny Carpenter
Stephen Carroll
Erin Carter
Carter T. Wiggins
Cassandra Whitfield, LCSW
Sally Cassidy
Mary Catalanotto
Catharine J. Ralph, MSW, LCSW, PPSC
Catherine C. Scott, LCSW, LAC, ICADC
Catherine H. Morrison, ACSW, LISW-S
Catherine Roh
Jan Cehn
Esther Chachkes
Florence Chambers
Chanda Camden, LCSW
Pamela Chapman
Charles Benjamin Best
Charles N. Hall
Charles S. Myers
Charlotte B. Cooper, ACSW
Sandra Chatelain
LaToya Cheatham
Chelsea Jennings, LGSW
Cherilyn Danielle Christie, MSW, LMHP-S
Cheryl S. Sadeghee
Nwokedi Chinaka
Jill Chrisman
Christa Jeane Buhler
Christa Renee Campbell, LCSW
Melva Christensen
Corine Christian
Christina A. Austin-Valere, LCSW, PhD
Christina Lynn Holmes-McLemore, LICSW, PIP, CCS
Christine G. Henrickson, ACSW, BCD
Christine Mohle, BA
Christopher Greene
Frances Chvala
Carol Ciacci
Colleen Cicero
Claire G. Von Karls
Timothy Clark
Sarah Clark
Anna Lisa Clark
Claudia Fortuny Webster
Claudia J. Olave-Guillermo, LCSW-R
Claudia S. Abell
Stephanie Claus
Lloyd Cloud
Susan Coatney
Jennifer Cobb
Jean Cochrane
Thomas Cocks
Kristen Coffeen-Smith
Darla Coffey
Kevin Coffey
Julia Coffey
Rebecca Cohan
Stuart Cohen
Alison Colby
Lenora Coleman
Colette A. Braunstein
Colleen Grace Gilligan
John Collins
Gigi Colombini
Myra Colon
Marie Colwell
Lois Colwell
Kathleen Connolly-Piumbroeck
Connor Bergman, BSW
Jaime Conrad
Constance E. Knaggs, ACSW
Constance L. Meyer
Jonathan Cooper
Jeanne Cooper
Sunnye Cope
Jesse Corbin
Jennifer Cork
Richard Cornell
Joseph Cortese
Lewis Cosmano
Stephen Cotton
Courtney M. Lezanic, MSW, LGSW
Katherine Coutrakon
Susan Covell
Martin Cox
Clarence Craig
David Crampton
Janice Creasman
Kelly Creech
Nancy Creelman
Penny Critzer
Susan Cromwell
Jeanette Crooks
Luvernice Croskey
W. Michael Crouch
Jeannine Crouse
William Crowder
LaVerne Crumpler
Ann Cuebas
Joann Culbert-Koehn
Patricia Culwell
Dorothy Cummings
Jeffrey Cummins
Emily Cupp
Henaris Curiel-Shaw
Jude Currier
Ann Cutillo
Sarah Cychosz
Cynthia C. Chalker, MSS
Cynthia J. Halpin Brown, LCSW
Cynthia M. Pittman, LSW
D Janelle Young-Ogata, ACSW
Carol D'Andrea
Nicholas Dach
Stephen Dacovich
Jeffrey Daily
Thomas Dallamora
Janet Dampeer
Rae Damron
Dana Christensen Thompson
Dana E. Regett, ACSW
Dana Pepp, LCSW
Elizabeth Danforth
Danielle Bush
Danielle Nowlan
Julie Darling
Mausumi Datta Gupta
Dennis Dauria
Glenda Davenport
Mary Davey
David Lynn Myford
David P ODonnell
Adina Davidson
Regina Davis
Regina Davis
Jesse Davis
Dawn C. Greer-Griggs
Dawn Wood, LMSW
Judith Day
Erin Day
Beverley De Lugo-Collins
Paula De Mauro
Joan Dean
Dean C. Watchorn Newbrey
Debbie Winstone
Debora Y. Ouimette
Deborah D. Somerville
Deborah H. Haliczer
Deborah L. Doublin, LCSW-BACS,LMFT, DCSW
Deborah L. Reeths, ACSW
Debra A. Santi, LMSW
Debra A. Weigl
Debra Duffy, ACHP-SW
Debra J. Hilliard
Korie DeBruin
Dedrick K. Perkins
Ada Deer
Michelle DeGennaro
Lisa DeJoseph
Gina DeLeonardis
Sarah Della Vella
Delliah R. Thomas
Sylvia DelValle-Jorlett
Denise A. Angelo
Denise Buckingham
Denise Huey, SWLC, RN
Denise M. Salage
Dennis W. Muri, LCSW, LAC
Laurie Depagnier
Candace DePuy
Ellen DeWeerdt
Sharyn DeZelar
Helen Di Prima
Mitchell Diamond
Dian Marie Reid-Jancic
Diane D. Kay
Diane F. Lambert
Diane Rudzinski
Diane T. Riopelle
Diane Van Lier
Colleen Dibella
Gary Dick
Nancy Dickerson
Lara Dicus
Elizabeth Dierenfield
John Digman
Eva Dillon
Dawn DiMartino
Kristen Dingwall
Jeanne Dionne
Linda Ditullio
Rebecca Dixon
Dora Dobrin
Sarah Doebler
Michael Doerflein
Cory Dolley
Frank Dombrowski
Jennifer Dombrowski
Robin Donath
Donna E. Grant, LICSW
Amy Dorin
Verna Dority
Phylis dorn
Dorothy E. Tagarelli, LCSW,C-ASWCM
Dorothy Moore-Osei, ACSW
Douglas M. Anderson
Ollen Douglass
Cheri Doyle
Anita Doyle
Karla Drake
Linda Dreisbach
Nancy Drennan
John Drescher-Lehman
John Drew
Drew T. Pledger, LCSW, ACSW
Catherine Driggers
Edmond Dubreuil
Joseph Dueweke
Malcolm Dugas
Brooke Dumais
Elizabeth Dungee-Anderson
Teresa Dunn
Kathleen Dunn-McKamie
Karen Dupage
Dorothy Dutko
Ralph Eckardt
William Eddy
Eve Eden
Nicole Edward Grace
Edward Meyer
Zohreh Eftekhari
Carolyn Ehrlich
Susan Eichenberger
Eileen I. Klein, PhD ACSW
Eileen Rachel Stein, ACSW
Janie Eisenberg
Helen Ekholt
Elaine E. Reid
Elaine L. Blinn
Elaine S. Rinfrette, ACSW
Elena M. Guagenti-Tax, ACSW
R. H. Eliasof
Kirmly Elien
Elisa M. Elkin-Cleary, LICSW
Elissa Grunblatt
Eliza Curtis, MSW, LCSW
Eliza Jane Easdale
Elizabeth A. Lopez
Elizabeth Ashley Fasal
Elizabeth C. Ossip, LCSW
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth Frizsell, MSW
Elizabeth Golliher
Elizabeth Granata, MSW
Elizabeth J. Blackburn-Gruver
Elizabeth M. Staib, LCSW
Elizabeth Wagner
Nino Elizondo
Ella M. Duncan, LCSW
Ellen A. Gooch, LCSW
Ellen C. Schoville, LISW, LCSW
Jennie Ellis
Jennifer Ellison
Sara Emerson
Emily Brunemann Klueh
Emily Elizabeth Freed
Emily Kern, ACSW
Emily M. Junod
Stephanie Engel
Lutchmia Engelbrecht
Mandy Engelker
Robin Ennis
Robert Epstein
Ereck B. Wheeler, Adult Mental Health
Eric Kunz, LSW
Eric Stanley, LICSW
Erica B. St Germain
Erica N Allison, MSW, LSWAIC
Erica Rene Carter-Wood
Robert Ericson
Erik Jervis
Ernest D. Mobley, LICSW
Grenda Ernst
Eleanore Ernst
Tina Eshelman
Janine Estupinan
Mary Esty
Carolyn Evans
Samuel Evans
Evelyn Eterno
Mary Ezequelle
Caryl Fairbank
Nicole Falgoust
Karen Fallen
Sandra Falsey
Raquel Farber-Vazquez
Debra Farnsworth
Angela Farrell
Joanne Fazzano
Nina Fedirko-Gonzalez
Heather Feehan
Deborah Feldman
Rachel Feldman
Whitney Fenne
Donna Fernandez
Esther Feuereisen-Katz
Linda Feyder
Deni Fholer
Iris Cohen Fineberg
Louise Firebaugh
Don Firmani
Caroline Fitterling
Jeannette Flanagan
Mary Fletcher
Ann Flosdorf
Douglas Flowers
Warrick Floyd
Stephen Folven
Robert Fontana
Caitlin Forde
Marjorie Forman
Lindsey Forman
Rosalind Forti
Lois Foster
Paul Foster
Nicole Foster Holdwick
Karene Fowler
Nancy Fox
Sarah Fox
Joan Fox-Bow
Lynn Franco
Frank J. Pavone
Deborah Franke Ogg
Aisha Franklin-Onyeugwo
Linda Franz
Fred A. Fischer, PE, EDD, MBA
Frederick J. McOsker
Natasha Fredericks Klein
Cheryle Freedman
Ellen Freeman
Darcy Freese
Jackie Frey
Efrat Fridman
Steven Friedfeld
Jeffrey Friedman
Emily Friedman
Elisa Frischling
Caroline Fromm
Joan Frost
Doreen Frymire-Bonaldi
Leona Furnari
Dorene Gabelli
Gabriel Keith Bolling
Jennifer Gaeta
Carla Gagliano
Gail L. Hall, ACSW
Angela Gainan-Price
Robin Gaines
Lorena Galaviz
Maria Gallagher
Ben Galloso
James Galloway
Robert Gambee
Donna Ganote
Donna Gapas
Sheila Garaffa
Janet Gardner
Barbara Gareau
Carolyn Gartner
Charles Garvin
Gary Rosenberg, ACSW
Diane Gates
Megan Gay
Marlana Geha
Randi Gelfand
Susan Geltman
Linda Gengelbach
Lyne Genser
Joanne George
George E. Tilley
George James Manko, ACSW, DCSW
Gerald Joseph
Pat Gerrero
Nancy Gibbons
Kimberly Gibson
Larissa Gibson
Kate Gilbert
Sue Gilles
Ellen Gillis
Catherine Giroux
Karen Giuliano
Frances Gizzi
Gladys M. Gutierrez-Teske
Mary Glaus
Thomas Goddard
Susan Goff
Paul Goggi
Jennifer Gold
Karen Goldfischer
Michael Goldstein
Marjorie Goldstein
Marian Goldstine
Lorie Gombin
Paul Gonsier
Tiana Gooden
Michael Goodling
Denise Goodman
Lisa Gordon
Mary Gorman
Gail Gottfried
Sue Gouaux
Gary Gould
Julie Gowen
Julie Graber
Gloria Grace
Francie Grafton
Barbara Graham
Lariana Graham
MIchael Granoff
Grant R. Hasty
Tamara Greeley
Marilyn Greeley
Judith Green
Elizabeth Greenberg
Roberta Greene
Michael Greene
Jennifer Greenup
Judith Greif
Anne Grella
Deborah Grey
Kamera Griffin
Rebecca Grosam
Nina Grueneberger
Ethan Grumbach
John Grund
Linda Gurney
Carol Gutheil
H. Dianne Feltham, LCSW, LCSW
Heidi Haas
Julia Hall
Thomas Hall
LaDonna Hall
Catherine Hallmark
Marilyn Halpern
Jeanne Halpern-Lewis
Maria Hamilton
Mark Hamilton
Robert Hamlin
Zena Handlon
Breeze Hannaford-Dyer
Hannah Riley Wineburg
Katherine Hanson
Victoria Harb
Andrea Harewood
Marianne Harlow
Harriet Scott, ACSW
Chava Harris
Claudia Harris
Debra Harris
Tamara Harris
Honor Harris
Wendell Harris
Anita Harrison
Carolyn Hart-Hults
Dianne Hartman
Gwendolyn Harville-Washington
Marilyn Hatcher
Julie Hatfield
Kim Haveson
Aileen Hays
Allyson Hayward
Diane Hazzard
Angie Heath
Heather Gorball
Heather L. Bencivenga
Heather Leigh Hochsprung
Heather Smith, LMSW
Heather W. O'Donnell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Jeanie Hebert-Brown
Nancy Heilner
Francis Heitmann
Arun Hejmadi
Mary Hennessy
Elizabeth Herman
Christy Hermley-Stack
Paula Hern
Margo Heydt
Jana Hill
Tamara Hillard
Amanda Hills
Hinda Winawer
Ann Hirschy
Roberta Hodson
Maxine Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
Alison Holcomb
Holley Martens
Holly Ann Plotnick
Kenneth Homa
Robert Hooley
Hope Haff, MSW, LICSW
Amy Horowitz
Christine Horton
Jennifer Horton
Timothy Howard
Anthony Howell
Denise Howley
Uma (Tina) Hubbard
Daniel Hudgins
Tracey Huff
Stacey Huffman
Charles Hughes
Kelly Hull
Nicole Humble
Mary Hume
Hope Hundley
Jenny Hunt
Kristi Hunziker
Ubax Hussen
Elizabeth Hutchison
Laura Impert
Inez K. Ray-Annis, LICSW
Linda Ingram
Andrea Insoft
Jim Inthanongsak
Richard Irving
Mara Israel
Ivette Ivette
J Scott Scott Rhule
Jacki Lyn Volkman
Carol Jackofsky
Karen Jackson
Kathryn Jacob
Jerry Jacobs
Jacquelyn Kay Schultz, LISW
Adam Jaeger
Jafar abdul Rashed
Jamelah Stone
Tanisha James
Beth James
James E. Judkins, ACSW,DCSW,QCSW
James J. Karagon, ACSW
James J. Kelly
Laura Jamison
Jana R. Brown
Janee Tichy, LCSW
Janet Tuohy
Janet VanScoyk
Janice Ling, BSSW
Janis Reid
Jo Ann Jankoski
Janna Marie Schrandt
Josephine Jarolmen
Jasmine Elizabeth Major
Lisa Jasper
Ina Javellas
Jean Catherine Hamilton, MSW
Jean E. Hager, ACSW
Jeanne M. Pozy
Jeannette S. Murphy
Jeffrey C. Munson
Jeffrey W. Mintzer
Jennifer AhSing, MSW
Jennifer C. Hughes
Jennifer Chaffer
Jennifer Cory-Morrongiello
Jennifer J. Crumpley, LCSW-R
Jennifer McCarty
Jennifer Michelle Bernal
Jennifer Spitz
Jennifer Terese Quinn
Aaron Jennings
Jeremy David Everett
Jeremy Fulwiler, LMSW,ACSW
Jessi Rose Morgan
Jessica Keitz, LSW
Jessica L. Walker
Jessica Margaret Gregg, LCSW
Jessica Romine, LMSW
Jill Sbarboro, MSW
Jill W. Fife, LCSW
Jillian Schulze
Joan E. Santoriello, LCSW
Joan Murray
Joclyn Reilly, LCSW
Jodi Rowe
John D. Corcoran, LMSW
John Justus Angelo Hoehn
John L. Ebling, ACSW
John L. Williams
John M. Martinez, ABESW BCD
John OBrien, MSW, LICSW
Julia Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Albert Johnson
Jeanne Johnson
Diane Johnson
Stacey Johnson
Yolanda Johnson
Margaret Johnson Curran
Robert Johnston
Jon Fader
Jonathan D. May
Jonathan Karanja
Jimmie Jones
Kaci Jones
Jennifer Jones
Janice Jones
Tulasi Jordan
Joseph Pereira
Joseph T. Monahan, JD, ACSW
Judith B. Parr, ACSW
Judith Hines, LCSW
Judith Malone
Judy A. Lang
Judy O. Fore
Jules E. Beuck, LCSW
Jules K. Beck
Julia Kimball, LICSW
Julia Loewenthal
Julia T. Stahl
Juliana C. Ramos
Juliaty Hermanto
Julie Hoffman, CSW
Lisa Jurecic
Helen Jurgensen
Carlynn Jurica
Bruce Kacher
Leslie Kahn
Steva Kail
Winnie Kaley
Thomas Kalina
Susan Kalinowski
Anna Kalliagas
Mark Kalwinski
Barbara Kaplan
Renee Kaplan
Karen Bludorn
Karen Nesbit Chaudhry, LCSW
Karen T. Gilbert
Karin M. Grimes, ACSW
Caitlin Karosen
Katelyn Lieselotte Humann
Katharina Jarmas
Katherine Frances Anderson, MSW
Katherine J. Lambertz, LMSW
Katherine Johnson
Katherine Moss
Katherine Salinas, LCSW
Kathleen M. Lingren
Kathleen Mary Nealon
Kathryn J. Potter
Kathy Capehart, Capehart
Katie A. Shaw
Lauren Katz
Kayli Patrice Helvie
Susanne Kee
Bethanne kee
Paulette Kee
Keira Conrad, BSW
Roxanne Kelber
Kellie D. Mildenberger
Kellie Fugere
Kellie J. Dawson, LISW-S
Christopher Kellogg
Kevin Kelly
Barbara Kelly
Casandra Kelly
Kelly Craig Jones, MSW, LCSW
Kelly L. Wilson
Kelly R. Smith
Kelly Zalewski, LMSW
Sandra Kemp
Kendall Elizabeth Krebs, BA
Mary Keniry
Marcia Kennedy Cordes
Lucy Kerewsky
Nancy Kessler
Kevin R. Carter, LCSW
Sarah Keyes
Audrey Kiely
Nia Kilimanjaro
Kim Richard Thompson
M Kimball
Kimberly Harford, MSW Student
Kimberly L. Bakondi, CADC
Maxine Kimbrell
Lula King
Linda King
Suzanne Kinn
Jessica Kiper
Kirsten M. Hockemeier
Kathleen Kissko
Donna Klein
Madeline Klein
Shelby Kleiner
Arlene Klingman
Jamie Klintberg
Tyra Kluemper
Craig Knippenberg
Joy Knopfmeier
Niki Knowlton
Denise Koelsch
Khali Koetting
Jennifer Kogan
Brian Kohatsu
Meredith Kolk
Phyllis Komroy
John Konopski
Krista Kopchick
Carolyn Kopel
Joanne Koster
Isabel Kottak
Phyllis Krauser
Nancy Krell
Lynn Krigbaum
Kristen Kay Williams, MSW
Kristi Garcia, ACSW
Kristin M. Froehlich, LCSW
Kristin Nicole Agauas
Kristina Kay Elsbury
David Kucharski
Helen Kudos
Ervilene Kuhlmann
Sarah Kulzer
Michael Kurjan
Mary Kurpiel
Alissa Kuznick
Carla La Pointe
Linda Ladd
Bradley Lake
Jerome Lamagna
Joan Landguth
Peggy Lane
Cathalin Langevin
Caroline Lanza
Crystal LaPidus-Mann
Lara Marie Clayman
Larry Gile
Noel Larson
Donald LaShure
Sandra Lasky
Mark Lasoff
Maria Lathrop-Skalos
Eric Latzman
Andrew Laue
Laura Hoge
Laura L. Vail, ACHP-SW
Laura Lynn Green
Laura M. Krug, LCSW
Laura M. Silverstein
Lauren Asensio
Laurie K. Krolikowski, Krolikowski
Laurie P. Suttenberg, LCSW,DCSW
Ryan Laverdiere
Gretel LaVieri
Juanetta Lawrence
Lawrence J. O'Toole
Leah Cohen, ACSW
Dona Leanard
Leanne M. Joeckel, MSW, LICSW
Faith Lebb
Bonnie Lee
Judith Lee
Jennifer Lehman
Leland D. Kiang
Joseph Lenti
Jeannie Leonard
Luis Lerma
Catherine Lesch
Leslie A. Westcott
Minna Levenkron
Denise Levine
Mindi Levins-Pfeifer
Neal Levy
Beth Levy-Merlin
Patricia Lewis
Charleen Lewis
Betty Lewis
Lezlie Nicolle Gross Namaste, LCSW
Linda Libow
Marlene Lifshin
Christine Lill
Vincent Lin
Linda C. Miller
Linda Levy Harley, LCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Linda Suzette Danks
Amy Lindahl
Theresa Lingl
Joan Linhardt
Linnar Ortalan
Lisa B. Tillman, ACSW
Lisa Frances Ciminelli, LCSW
Lisa Kelly
Lisa L. Rakusin
Lisa M. Pedersen, LCSW
Lisa Rae Brickner
Lisa Sanchez O'Brien, LICSW
Perry Lisker
Diane Lissfelt
Aviva List
Kimberly Liston
Elizabeth Little
Julie Livingston
Lloyd T. Kelley
Rebecca Loadholt
Susan LoCastro
Evelyn Loeb
Peter Loft
Jeorge Logan
Lois Longwell
Lonnie McCarron
Kristin Lore
Lorena Munoz
Lori Looney S. Mussack
Linda Lotzoff-Penchansky
Ellen Love
Susan Lowell
Leslie Lower
Susanna Lozano
Lauren Lozowski
Nancy Lubowitz
Mark Ludwig
Luella R. Stern
Luis Daniel Hernande
Luis Francisco De la Rosa
Luisa E. Madera, LMSW
Luvenia V. Johnson, MSW
Lydia C. Cerpa, LCSW
Angela Lyford
Lynda E. Meyer
Lynda Marie Nunez
Lynette Marie DePeter-Schulz
Lynn A. Mercurio, C-ASWCM
Lynn D. Dean, ACSW
Lynne Paulette White-Dixon, ACSW LCSW
Keith Lyons
Carmen Machado
Rebecca MacKenzie
Karen MacQuivey
Edward Madaus
Suzanne Maggio-Hucek
Beverly Magida
Francis Maguire
Karen Main
Helayne Malamood
Tami Maldonado
Christie Malitz
Brenda Mallery
Cathy Malmon
Ellen Malone
Pamela Maltz
Barbara Manalis
Susan Mandel
Karie Mann
Mona Manning
Manoucheka Baltazar
Marc Bonaguide, LCSW
Marc Van Asselt
Susan Marchlen
Steven Mardis
Yvette Mardis
Margaret A. Watson, PhD, LCSW
Margaret E. Martin, ACSW
Margaret Gassert
Margo L. Lee
Wendy Margolies
Margot Williams
Maria Baratta, ACSW, LCSW,PhD
Maria Del Pilar Siman, LCSW
Maria S. Moscaritolo
Marianne R. Yoshioka, PhD
Marianne Redmond Lopez
MariaRosa J. Bruno, BSW Student
Marion Saroyan Wise, LCSW
Marion Woodward Merrick
Marjorie M. Johnson, ACSW
Mark Anthony Buehler
Mark S. Golden
Mark S. Smith
Joseph Markowicz
Marlene A. Suto-Walters
Robert Marmo
Adolfo Marrero
Marsha B. McDonald
Martha Bader, Intern
Martha F. Hibma
Linda Martin
Mary Martin
Arlene Martin-Bandy
Patricia Martin-O'Meally
Mary Ann Howard, LMSW, C-SSWS
Mary B. Sheridan, LSCSW
Mary Blackford
Mary Bringas
Mary E. Dodywarnock, ACSW
Mary Katherine Schriml
Mary P Giovinazzo, LSW
Diana Maslauskas
Kristin Mason
William Massey
Lisa Master
Erika Mateus
Matthew C Banach, BSW
Matthew Radlowski, LCSW, LAC
Barbie Matthews
Karel Mattison
Maraline Mattke
Frances Mauer
Maureen E. Sheehan
Maureen L. McKane, ACSW
Joseph Maurer
Joseph Maurino
Amy Maus
Anne Maxwell
Susan Maxwell
Janet Mayer
Paul Mayglothling
Kimberly McAlister
Ann Mcbreen
Jo Ann McCachern Swart
Ashley McCallum
Candace McCann
Katherine McCloskey
Clara Mcclure
Joy McCormick
P. McEwen
Thomasine Mcfarlin
Kathleen McGah
Kelly McGlynn
Mari Pat McGuire
Elizabeth McIngvale
Carolyn McIntyre
Nancy McKeon
Paige McMullen
Marysue McNair
Gabriella McTate
Natasha McVey
Cynthia Medeiros
Megan A. Owen
Megan C. Sylvester
Megan Casabe, MSW, LCSW
Megan J. Bott
Megan Ledin
Megan Torrey-Payne, LCSW
Meghan Alette Mowery, CSW
Melinda Richter
Melissa Marie Best
Melissa S. Lewis, LICSW,ACSW,DCSW
Susan Melsky
Judith Mendels-Peterson
Joan Merdinger
Merrianne M. Leff, LCSW
Graig Meyer
Marsha Meyer
William Meyer
Michael A. Ruberton
Michael Czerwonka
Michael D. Berghoef, ACSW
Michael Patrick McCann
Michael Scott Brezenski, MSW Candidate
Michaela Encinas De Asis, MSW Candidate
Seth Michaelson
Michele Ann Virva, LMSW
Michele Baranaskas
Michele Frances Purvin, LCSW
Larry Micheletti
Michelle Booth, MSW
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Elizabeth Hughes, LCSW
Michelle G. Patterson
Michelle L. Johnson, LCSW
Michelle Lynne Goebel, MSW
Michelle M. Ely
Michelle Mayer, ACSW
Michelle Northrop
Michelle Wexelblat
Sonia Michelson
Trina Middleton
Hani Miletski
Patricia Miller-Katz
Louise Mills-Dumonceaux
Mindi L. Kauffman, CTA
Zena Mine
Kathleen Miner
Regina Miranda
Miranda Wilkins
Miriam L. Ortiz-Gouveia, QCSW
Miriam Tikvah Messing
Misty A. Shores
Loretta Misurac-Hayes
Terry Mizrahi
Maximiliano Molina
Janina Molina
Marsha Molinari
Mollie Abigail Mesaros
Martha Monaghan
Rosalind Monahan
Jessica Moncrief
Sandra Moncrief-Stuart
Monica Denise Kiehl, LICSW, ACSW
Eugenia Monroy-Advis
Darryl Montoya
Susan Moore
Paula Moore
Maya Moore
Carol Morken
Laura Morra
Debra Moser
Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet
Linda Moss
Michelle Mouhtis
Patricia Mourant
Daaiyah Muhsin
Kelly Mulholland
Mary Mullally
Cecilia Muniz
Gordon Munn
Deborah Munoz
Gwen Murakami
Kristi Muro-Dougherty
Joan Murray
Barkley Murray
Rosanna Murray
James Murray
Judith Myers
Merle Myers
Carole Myers
Myia L. Powers
Jeffrey Nagafuji
Evacel Najera
Patricia Nance
Nanci S. Brown
Nancy E. Prowell, ACSW
Nancy Ethelyn Land
Nancy J. Maiello, ACSW
Nancy Key
Nancy Rampe, ACSW
Nathalie Macias, BA
Ernelyn Navarro
Lori Navarro
Eloisa Negron
Karen Nelson-Brown
Judy Nemmers
Nevin C. Trammell, LCSW, ACSW, LCSW,
Nate Newman
Kay Newman
Sabina Newton
Vicky Nguyen
Charles Nicholas
Debora Nichols
Nicole Quilter
Jennifer Nicolet
Nicolina R. Ku
Linda Nielson
Nikole E. Matzouranis
J Nimmo
Nina J. Corbett, LCSW
Bebe Nixon
James Noel
Lori Noll
Nancy Nollen
Norma Jean Gerald
Nancy Norman
Susan Norton
Virginia Novak
Melissa Novak
Alyse November
Leah Nuetzel
Jaime Nunnenkamp
Catherine Nyary
Gloria O Dell
Maureen O'Brien
Kristin O'Brien
Julie O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell
Peter O'Herron
Teresa O'Mara
Jamie O'Neil
David Ockert
Caroline Oconnell
Alyssa Oddo
Lillian Ogle
Diane Ogno
Susan Okroglic
Mary Sue Olcott
David Optekar
Samuel Ortiz
Eileen Osgood
Osmara Reyes-Osorio
Allison ostrowsky
Suzy Otero
Katherine Otte
Stacey Otto
Paivi Outinen
Herbert Ozer
Amos Ozumba
Marilyn Palasky
Beth Palent-Saper
Kirk Palmer
Nicholas Palumbo
Pamela C. Dean
Pamela E. Smith
Joseph Panepinto
Corinne Pang
Meredith Parker
Shannon Parks
Heather Parlmer
Margaret Passeri
Effie Patitsas
Patricia A. Gaffney, ACSW
Patricia A. Wolf
Patricia J. Shanahan
Patricia M. McCarthy
Patricia S. Hayes, MSSW, LCSW
Patricia U. Giulino
Janice Patrick
Nannette Patterson
Mary Ann Patti
Valerie Patton
Jodie Paul
Paul David Harrison
Paula C. Lange, LISW-S
Paula R. Barber
Pauline Massed, LICSW
Ingrid Paymar
Susan Payne
Karen Payne
Daniel Pearce
Megan Peisert
Susan Peixotto
Gertrude Peltier
Blayne Peltzman
Jane Pendergast
Felicia Penilton-Hadley
Ashley Penman
Morgan Pepper
Rebecca Perechodski - Lazar
Jennifer Perera
Gloria Perez
Laurie Peter
Peter A. Lopez
Aimee Peters
Sarah Peterso
Ann Marie Peterson
Jill Petrie
George Petronio
Sherry Philips
Gwendolyn Phillips
Anthy Phillips
Phyllis Ann Pierce, LCSW
Lisa Picciuti
Ellen Pietz
Constance Pike
Patricia Pillow
Stacey Pinilis
Sharyn Pinney
Diane Pisano
Stephen Pitters
Sharon Pollak
Jamall Pollock
Ernesto Ponce
Noemy Ponce
Susan Ponder-Stansel
Shasha Porter
Kay Posillico
Daniel Potter
Kristen Powell
Debra Powell
Keri Powell
Nanci Pradas
Leslie Presser Jacobs
Erin Pretzer
Sara Price
Susan Price Saylor
Phyllis Prout
Scott Provost
F. Carole Pruett
Linda Pulvermacher
Quianna Detrishe` Jordan-Stewart, BA
Amy Quinn
Sonia Quinones-Torres
Cathy Raab
Rachael Elizabeth Smith, BSW
Rachael Marie Snyder, LCSW-C
Marcia Rachlin
Lynn Radov
Elizabeth Rafferty
Susan Rahall
Muhammad Rahman
Toni Raiten-D'Antonio
Eda Rak
Terry Ramirez
W Lynne Randall
Maranda Randolph
Leslie Rapp Gaines
Lisa Rasheed
Billie Ratliff
Kelly Ravenscroft
Mark Raybould
Rebecca A. Cole
Rebecca A. Stilling, ACSW,QCSW
Rebecca Ann Mabe, MSW, LCSW
Rebecca R. Sulages
Lynette Reed
Salee Reese
Michael Reeves
Regina B. Gray, LCSW, ACSW, LCSW,
Jane Reid
Elisabeth Reiss
Susan Rendel
Renee A. Gates, CSW-G
Lupita Reyes
Wendie Reynolds
Giannina Riccardi
Richard Langsner
Richard Miller-Haraway, ACSW
Nicole Richman
Melinda Richter
Rick Ornelas, MSW
Kathy Rider
Sheila Rietano
Stephanie Riggi
Jara Rijs
Jessica Rimer
Rita T. Contreras, BSW
Rita Varano
Carmen Rivera
Nancy Roach
Judith Robbins
Janet Robbins
Robert J. Herel, LCSW, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Robert M. Seidel, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Robert Scott Miller, LICSW ACSW
Stephen Roberts
Leigh Robertson
Robin Sara Pollock
Cheryl Robinette
Tracey Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Lauren Robson
Cynthia Robtoy
Pamela Rodman Paro
Alma Rolfs
Juanita Roller
Carolyn Romano
Tom Rooker
Rhonda Roper
Rose A. Banker
Rose K. Andrade, LCSW
Rosemary Kolanowski
Rosemary Raye Gamin
Lisa Rosenberg
Lillian Rosenblatt
Suzanne Rosenthal
Jenny Rosetti
Dennis Ross
Patricia Ross
Laura Roth
Michael Rothberg
Jerrold Rousseau
Mary Rowe-Schmitz
Joanne Roy
Suzanne Rubinetti
Elizabeth Ruff
Paul Ruffer
English Ruffin
Leslie Russell
Russell L. Henderson, LCSW
Deborah Russo-Dicken
Betty Ruth
Ruth E. Freeman
Ruth Fruehauf, ACSW
Ruth M. Forero, PhD
Inta Rutins
Joan Ryan
Kelly Ryan
Ryann Albritton
Ryland Bouldin Powell, Jr, MSW, LCSW
Kim Sainten
Sally A. Monn, student
Sally Hunter, LCSW
Lynn Salsbury
Salvador Alejandro Garcia, BPS
Marie Salwen
Rosa Sambula
Samuel Odom, PhD, ACSW
Anissa Sanborn-Malague
Juan Sanchez
Cheryl Sanders
Stephen Sanders
Veronica Sanders
Abby Sandling
Sandra J. Carmichael, LCSW
Sandra M. Mendelsohn
Michael Sands
Sara A. Levitsky
Sara Anne Bussey
Sara B Love
Sara S. Bachman
Sarah Butts, MSW
Sarah Elizabeth Arden Davis
Sarah Elizabeth Tubbs
Sarah Hart Wills, ACSW, LICSW
Sarah J. Blake, LCSW
Sarah J. Singer, LICSW, ACSW
Sarah Mailhot
Sarah Marie Petrovich
Michelle Sarofin
Toshiaki Saruwatari
Ashok Satkalmi
Gayle Saturday
Julia Sauder
Diane Sauder Tinsman
Kimberly Sautner
Jana Sax
Denise Scearce
Judith Schagrin
Sarah Scheerger
Rosa Schirripa
Priscilla Schlottman
Jennifer Schmahl
Wanda Schmidt
Patrice Schmitz
H. M. Schmoker
Simone Schnidman
Virginia Scholten
Heather Schorr Kourpas
Julia Schott
Donna Schreiber
Maxine Schroeder
Alice Schuh
Karen Schulman
Renee Schwartz
Rachel Schweitzer
Diane Scotland-Coogan
Cena Scott
Kathleen Scott
Rachel Scott
Mary Ann Scribner
Mark Segal
Nancy Segall
Ramune Segreti
Robert Sehi
Benet Seifter
Michele Seiter
Patricia Selby
Richard Sells
Maytal Selzer
Phyllis Senesi
Susan Seney
Aimee Senott
Seon F Thompson
Sera Jennil Godfrey-Kaplan, LICSW
Sergio I. Gutierrez, LCSW
Carolyn Settle
Deborah Shain
Phyllis Shanley
Shanna L. Howald
Shannon Lee Aguilar
Robin Sharabani
Shari C. Littman, LCSW
Michele Sharma
Sharon A. Drew-Henson
Sharon J. Hughes, ACSW
Gina Sharpe
John Shasteen
Shauna Campbell, LCSW
Rita Shawn
Maureen Sheehan
Ann Sheehan
Robert Sheehan
Sheila Albers, ACSW
Ally Sheinbaum
Sheldon S. Gelman, PhD, ACSW
Michelle Shelton
Ann Sheppard
Francine Sheppard
Doris Sherburne
Walter Sherburne
Lynn Sherman
Katherine Shimada
Crysta Shiner
Christine Shore-Fitzgerald
Molly Shukla
Silvia Mary Chitgian
Bridget Simmerman
Hugh Simmons
Ruth Simon
Ronald Simon
Simone Esquibel, LISW, LCSW
Paul Simpson
Janice Sinn
Carly Siuta
Claire Siverson
Ashley Skidmore
Allison Skinner
Warren Skov
Michael Slevin
Barton Sloan
Roberta Sloan
Kristina Sloyer
Radha Smith
Virginia Smith
Stephanie Smith
Suzette Smith
Sarah Smith
Sierra Smith
Wendy Smolins
Sharilyn Smoot
Cudore Snell
Kathy Snowden
Molly Snyder
Suzanne Snyder
Karen Sobieraj
Leslie Sofarelli
Kitty Soldano
Mary Solis
Nancy Sonntag
Sonya Carmen Strickland, LCSW
Dena Sorbo
Christine Sorensen
Lauren Sousa
Shannon Speaks
Ruth Spencer
Carolyn Sprich
Susan Springman
Stacie T. Hering, LSWA
Stacy Ann Olds, LMSW
Janice Stadtlander
Karen Stafford
Lynnmarie Staiano
Arlene Stang
James Stark
Jerold Starr
Sharon Starr
Steffanie Alexander Alexander
Lauren Steinfeld-Cavuoto
Stephanie Albanese
Stephanie Ann Adams
Stephenie Carlson
Michael Sterzer
Jane Stetz
Alice Stevens
Mary Steves
Sandra Stewart
Minerva Stirling
Barbara Stone
Paul Stone
Helen Stone
Ingrid Strand
Linda Strom
Imelda Stroud
Steven Sturm
Sue G. Hallowell
Sue Nadel, msw
Mary Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Pamela Sullivan-Fishman
Amy Sumner
Hillary Sunderland
Sunghwan Cho
Heidi Sura
Susan D. Klein-Perel
Susan L. Thorne-Devin, LCSW
Susan Levine Friedman, ACSW LCSW
Karin Suskin
Rima Sutton
Ashley Swallow
Gailerd Swisegood
Sylvia Parra Cordova, LCSW
San Ta
Lelanya Taber
Lillie Tabor
Rosa Taccetta
Teresa Taft
Sandra Talanian
Tamara J. Wade
Tammy Marie Lafey
Tamra L. Japenga
Yumin Tan-Gutierrez
Tien Tang
Carolyn Tannenbaum Miller
Ann Tapman
Paulette Tarnasky
Gayle Tate-Casson
Patricia Taylor
Neil Teicher
Kirsten Teklits
Peggy Templeman
Judith Tenhunen
Tenise M. Wall, PhD,LMSW,ACSW
Ellen Tepper
Teresa Diane Richman
Teresa Marie Friesen, LMSW
Teresa R. Foster, LCSW
Terese M. Tanski Gregg, LICSW
Teresinha Soares
Terri A. Hailey, MSW
Terri Spahr Nelson, ACSW
Terry A. Kaniaupio, LCSW, QCSW
Sarah Thacher
Sibylle Thaler
Theresa L. Rhodes
Jeffrey Thomas
Douglas Thomas
Priscilla thomas
Thomas D. Murray
Thomas Rea, II, LCSW-C
Thomas W. Harrigan
Gail Thomas-Creighton
Angela Thompson
Juanita Thornton
Caryn Thornton
Andrew Tidrick
Timothy Naill, LCSW
Tina Tinsley
Daniel Tisman
Grace Tiva
Steve Tjaden
Tischa Toon
Marie Torrens
John Tovrov
Tracy Beresh, LISW-S
Tracy Bertrand, Honours BSW
Eileen Traslavina
Albert Treadwell
Wendy Trudeau
Melonie Truslow
Martha Tucker
Tucker Ranson, LCSW
Patricia Tully
Jill Turcott-Nielsen
Joely Tweel
Tyvisha Mason
Susan Uehara
Jan Ulrich
Allison Upchurch
Emily Vaill Pfaff
Velma Valentine
Kandice van Beerschoten
Robin Van Bommel
Kimberly Van Dorn-Robinson
Kerrie Van Weelden
Eldon Vance
Jo Vanderkloot
Deborah Vann
Deanna Vaughan-Vitale
Robert Vaughn
Ann Velasco
Judith Velez
Susan Venzke
Veronica D. Abney, LCSW
Victor Hugo Llerena, LSW
Victor M. Ramos, ACSW, LCSW
Viergina P. Dudley, MSW, LSW
Gregory Villalba
Vincent DeNully, LCSW, ACSW
Virginia Murphy, MSW
Susan Vitek
Viviana Martinez
Francesca Vlacich
Joan Von Endt
Nicole Vorce
Valerie Votaw
Sofie Voyias
Sonia Voynow
Nancy Wachtenheim
Elizabeth Wagner
Melissa Waind
Eugene Walden
Debra Waldman
Rebekah Walker
Sharolyn Wallace
Darby Walsh
Wanda Angel
Mary Ward
Lori Wardlow
Katharine Warner
Candice Warren
Jeanie Warren
Tena Washington
Martha Watson
Danica Watson
Kendyl Watts
Paula Weatherby
Joyce Weber
Edda Weber
Judith Weber
Peggy Weber
Corinne Wegener
Gretchen Weigel
Theresa Weigel
Carey Weiller
Mary Weimer
Elizabeth Weiner
Rob Weinstein
Royanne Weiss
Stephanie Weisz
Patricia Weitz
Sarah Welch
Donna Welch
Sarah Wellborn
Beth Wells
Kristen Welser
Wendy Newman
Wendy R. Henderson, ACSW DCSW
Wendy Severance Cordeiro
Mary Werner Perdue
M. Kathleen West
Edda Weyer
Rachael White
Sandra Whiteside
Sharon Whitfield
Whitney Lea Lewis
Muriel Wiener
Cheryl Wietz
Thomas Wilda
William C. Devery, ACSW LCSW
William Gingher
William J. Turner
William Marcus, MSW, LSW
William Mills, LCSW
William R. DeFoy
William Tananbaum
Calvin Williams
Francette Williams
Gregory Williams
Tyrone Williams
Sandra Williams-Lewis
Benita Williams-Thompson
Pamela Williamson
Dawn Williamson
Sonam Willow
Beth Wilson
Glenna Wilson
Michael Wilson
Don Wilson
Lou Wilson
Judy Wimpfheimer
Lora Windsor
Andrea Winslow
Elizabeth Winter
Colleen Winters
Louisa Winthrop
Kris Wise
Kathryn Wiss
Carl Witkowski
David Wizansky
Jessica Wolfe
Merja Wolfe
Stacy Wolff
Elizabeth Wollmann
Jill Wolski
Deborah Wood
Elizabeth Woolf
Maureen Wopperer
Loretta Wrobel
Shih Shin Wu
Toni Wyatt-Kirkeby
Kathy Wynn
Marjorie Yaker
Laura Yates
Ricky Yaverbaum
Barbara Yearing
Peter Yelton
Mary Yeoman
Paula Yevincy
Yolanda Y. Gunzel, LCSW
Brenda Young
Joanne Young
Yvonne B. Bregman
Yvonne Railene Smith, MSW
Joanne Zannoni
Linda Zeligman
Joel Zeman
Joyce Zick
Nicole Zierden
Therese Zimmer-Farid
Susan Zweig
Barbara Zwick
February 2020
Alan Ablitz
Lewis Abrams
Mary Sue Adams
Adelaide L. Taitt-Magubane, EdD ACSW
Ellen Adelson
Bosede Adetunji-Idowu
Karen Adler
Martine Adler
Nance Agresta
Darlene Agresta
Janet Alexander
Alexandra Frerotte
James Alfano
Alicia P. Sloan, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Edward Allen
Roberta Allen
Jurgen Allen
Vivian Allen
F. Towne Allen
Cynthia Alvarez
Alyssa Huntington, LBSW
Amanda L. Elliott, LCSW
Amanda McBride, MSW
Amanda Rhoades, LCSW
Amanda Ryerson Simons, C-SSWS
Amber Lamberth, LCSW
Amy C. Sterling-Bratt
Amy G. Scholl
Amy J. Handzel-Kobelia
Amy Lynn Bryant, LCSW
Amy M. Dinovo-Danford
Amy Tabakin
Vincent Ancona
Sallie Anderson
Meghan Anderson
Hill Anderson
Wilhelmina Anderson
Katharine Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
Andrea Lynn Kasper-Doggett, LSCSW
Andrea Sue Fouch, LCSW
Andrew Joseph Terlaje
Angela Doris Weixel
M. Angell
Ann F. Munson
Anna T. Razes, ACSW
Anne Doerfert McGoey, LCSW/LISW
Anne M. Lewis-Nash
Seth Antin
Amit Arava
Lisa Archambault
Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan
Ariane Heather Katz
Seth Arkush
Brenda Armour
Jane Arthur
Arthur Miron, ACSW
Cathy Artinian
Ashley Alexis Hager
Ashley Branum
Nancy Ashworth
Yolanda Atencio
Audrey Wolfe, LCSW, CSSW
Susan Auman
Aurlisa B. Courtney-Isom, LMSW
Joanne Avis
Ignacio Ayala
Johanne Bach
Patricia Bachman
Linda Bacino
Rebecca Backert
Farah Baig
Marcyline Bailey
Luanne Baker
Patricia Baldt
Norma Balter
Peggy Bankenbush
Teresa Baptiste
Missi Baranko
Barbara L. Rosen, PhD
Barbara Lynn Dewey
Barbara Tolle Cavanaugh, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Anastasia Barber
Carenlee Barkdull
Susan Baron
Rhonda Barovsky
Susan Barradale
Susan Barton
Lisa Beth Bassett
Jane Bausch
Claire Baxter
Theresa Baxter
Jeanne Bazelak
Brenda Beard
Roger Beaudoin
Jonathan Beckenstein
Sherri Beemblossom
Carl Beffa
Kathleen Behrens
Erin Beischer
Jennifer Belew
Karen Bellows
Ben Kremer, LSW
Jan Benedict
Edward Bentsianov
Pamela Berkwitz
Monica Bernheim
Amy Berry
Bess N. Steiger, LCSW
Betty Garcia, PhD, LCSW
Martha Beuerle
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Miriam Biddelman
Alison Biggs
Mary Birdsell
Maureen Birney
Joseph Bishell
William Bishop
Suzanne Black
Lisa Black
Leslie Black-Tawfik
Dave Blackburn
Elaine Blong
William Blout
Kathleen Blythe Thomas
Catherine Bodkin
Malinda Boehler
Douglas Boersen
Anne Boffoli-Bentzen
Jane Bogursky
Jose Bonangelino
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Bonnie Moran
Myrna Bookbinder
Rubea Boone
Constance Booth
Ilyssa Boseski
Shari Botwin
Clyde Boucher
Susan Bove
Corinne Bowen
Alyssa Bowers
Jo Bowman
Robin Bowman
Elaine Boyd
Ruth Bracht
Carol Brackoneski
Linda Bradley
Catherine Bradley
Marianne Branham
Elizabeth Brashear
Lynn Braunagel
Breanna McGuire
Brenda A. Hartman
Brenda Coble Lindsey
Brenda L. Hubbard, BA Psychology
Chevonne Brennan
Bernadette Brennecke
Thomas Brent
Brian P. Ashin, ACSW
Elaine Bridge
Bridget Jonas
Brie Pierquet, MSW
Sean Brinda
Lori Brinkley
Gail Britt
John Brown
Stacey Brown
Shirley Brown
Myra Brown
Karen Brownlee
Andra Bruce
Janet Brush
Vicki Bucciere
Natalia Buchanan
Michael Bullock
Kathryn Bunge
Gwendolyn Burk
Laura Burkhardt
Mary Burns
Roderic Burton
James Burton
Thomas Butler
Jeanna Butterfield
C. Paige Smith
Brenda Callahan-Mccormick
Callie L. W. McBroom, LSSW
Cami Ann Hrisak, MSSA, LCSW
Marsha Campbell
Catherine Campbell
Gayle Caplan
Susan Caputo
Jennifer Cardenas
Caren Ann Appel, M.A.
Ron Carlow
Kate Carlson
Carnella Gordon-Brown, MSW, LCSW
Carol A. Fred, LCSW
Carol Ann Gordon-Shirley
Carol Ann Ross
Carol J. Bridges, ACSW
Carol Lynn Nelson
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Carolyn G. Brown
Carolyn G. Kim
Carolyn M. Jacoby, LCSW
Kaylee Carr
Kathleen Carty
Caryn S. Mushlin
Thayer Case
Catherine Altonji, LICSW
Catherine Jacobsen
Catherine Katy E. Spain, Spain
Catherine L. Kania, ACSW
Margaret Cavanagh
Joseph Chamberlain
Valerie Chang
Rosetta Chao
Mari Chardon-Tirado
Yvonne Chase
Elizabeth Check
Chelsea Dynea Kolander, MPH/MSW
Cheryl A. Green
Cheryl Nugent Gomsey
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Willing Chin-Ma
Paige Cholewinski
Dana Choquette
Chrisiane M. Petrin Lambert
Kim Christi
Christie McIntosh Svirsky
Christina L. McFalls-Steger, LISW-S
Christina Moore
Christina Parsons Ausband, LCSW, LSSW
Christine Boehler
Christine S. Driscoll, DCSW, QCSW
Christine Schut, BSW
Christopher P. DiElsi, MSW student
Christy Williams, LISWS, LICSW
Sharon Chun Wetterau
Mary Chutjian
Rebecca Cilley
Deborah Clark
Claudia Dunne, Dunne, LICSW
Claudia M. Dewane
Helen Clay-Spotser
Ellen Cliburn Slack
David Clitheroe
Vilai Coates
Louise Coggins
Alise Cohen
Ellen Cohen
Susan Colburn
Leanne Cole
Haylie Cole
Joan Collar
Colleen Ann Mielke, LCSW
Stephanie Combey
Polly Condit
Susan Conklin
Lauren Conklin
Ronda Connaway
William Connelly
Elaine Conners
Robert Contarino
Kathleen Conti
Barbara Cook
Janet Cook
Gloria Cooke
Chad Cooper
Barbara Cooper-Gordon
Mechelle Copeland
Leslie Corin
Priscilla Cornell
Joanne Correia-Kent
Jessica Corrigan
Christine Corriston
Cortney A. Miller, LCSW,LAC
Caroline Corzine
Maribeth Costa-Kulesa
Martha Coulter
Linda Coulter
Candice Covington-Thomas
Wanda Cox
Bonnie Craemer
Kaerensa Craft
Vanessa Crawford
Geneen Crawford
Cristina Perez, LCSW
Susan Cronin
Yolanda Cross
Tuere Cross
Edwin Crouse
Crystal S. Franklin
Carolyn Cullen
Cynthia Cusick
Carl Cutsinger
Anthony Cuttitta
Cynthia K. Hodge, LCSW
Cynthia Larkby, ACSW
Cynthia Neal Herzog
Dabney A. Salmon-Worth
Daia G. Stager, MSW
Joan Dane-Kellogg
Daniel Finn, LISW
Daniel H. Cummings, LMSW
Daniel W. Snow, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Paul Dannenfelser
Darlene Chakin Basch, LCSW
Darlene G. Cabael
Roberta Darling
Darryl W. Bruno, ACSW, C-SSWS, LCSW
Rebecca Davenport
Elizabeth Davenport
David C. Caton
David DHan Smith
David Hammersmith
David Joseph Miranda, LMSW
David Massey, LCSW
David McCain Rogers
Susan David-Samala
Virginia Davidov
Elizabeth Davis
Earl Davis
Davis L. Richmond
Cate Davison
Caren De Jonge-Lee
Kimberly De Serpa
Mary Dean
Deborah F. Mendleson
Deborah H. Briggs
Deborah Jean Woolf, M.S.
Deborah R. Kaplan, ACSW
Deborah S. Rutz
Deborah Sternecky
Debra L. Thompson, QCSW
Debra L. Trakel, ACSW
Debra S. Sosin, Sosin, ACSW
Frances Decker
Deirdre M. Comey, LCSW
Annette Del Monte
Arlene DeLand
Nathan DeLange
Elaine DelBianco
Virginia Dellaverson
Olivia Delrosario
Dena Mirriam Omar
Denise L. Rogers
Dennis McNamara
Gary DePice
Dennis Derbaum
Nancy Dereksen
Gweneth DeSuza
Carolyn DeVilbiss
Rita Devine
Marty Dewees
Dian Elizabeth Grier
Diana C. Chaitovitz, ACSW
Diana M. Morales
Diana R. Lubitz, LCSW
Diane Heyl Dolata, MSW
Diane Holmes
Melanie Dibello
Jane Dickel
Arthur DiMauro
Richard Dina
Janice Dinkel
Lauren Dispinseri
Joanne Ditomasso
Mary Dixon
John Dobricky
Marcy Dodson
Arless Dodson
Bethany Dollar
Donald A. Casella, ACSW, DCSW
Donna B. Crunkilton-Stiegel
Donna E. Rosenstiel
Donna Marie McElroy
Judith Donovan
Dorian Mintzer, PHD
Caitlin Doris
Doris J. Muniz, ACSW
William Dorsey
Autumn Drags Wolf
Kristen Draughan
Martin Dressman
Christine Drouillard
Dianne Dunchock
Marian Dunn
Sandra Dunn
Gisele Duplessis
Christine Durbin
Marilyn Dymond Wagner
Beverly Eager
Linda Eason
Leslie Easterling
Kaitlyn Eberly
Helene Eberts
E. Diane Eddy
Carl Eden
Chloe Edgar
Dane Edley
Edward I. D'Angelo
Edward J. George, ACSW
Paula Eggert
Kathie Einstein
Eline R. Rhoades
Elisabeth A. Stenger
Elizabeth A. Kelly, LISW -CP
Elizabeth Anne Stern
Elizabeth J. Divver
Elizabeth Patchen Youse, msw,lsw
Lynne Ellis
Kelley Ellis
Kimberly Ellison Gdula
Emilie Marierim Burke, Outpatient
Lauren Emmons
John Engel
Dennis England
Ruth Epting
Erica Raff, MSW
Marilyn Ericson
Eugenia Criscuolo, LCSW,ACSW
Manuel Evangelista
Deanne Evans
Evelyn D. Kirkman, ACSW
Elisabeth Everett
Mary Ellen Everett
Miriam Ezray
Patricia Faldani
Rebecca Fallert
Kevin Farino
Danielle Faulkner
Louise Fay
Alexandra Feely
Cynthia Feeman
Pamela Feher
Elyssa Feldberg
David Feldstein
Felicia A. Lightfoot, ACSW
Gabrielle Felman
Brenda Ferguson
Rita Fernandes
Albert Fernandez
James Ferraro
Janice Ferris
Rebecca Fetterman
Middy Fierro-Rudolph
Kathleen Fiks
Ellen Finch
Suzanne Findlay
Rhoda Finkelstein
Lisa Finkelstein
Erin Finley
Ann Flagg
Allison Fleming
Janette Fletcher
Jessie Fletcher Robb
Karen Flowers
Kathleen Foley
Benjamin Foodman
Elizabeth Formaggioni
Ashley Foss
Tabitha Foster
Lisa Fowler
Ellen Fox
Francesca Mengarelli, LGSW
Amber Francis
Frank Hudson
Frank J. Capatch
Sebrina Franks
Gail Friedel-Staal
Jean Friedman
Jayme Frihart
Laurie Furman
Theodore Furukawa
Denise Gagnier
Gail E. Rine-Leyh
Gail T. Truitt, ACSW
Allyson Galishoff
Lorraine Gallagher
Gerianne Gallagher
Barbra Gant
Marie Ganthier
Amanda Garcia
Bart Gardy
Eileen Garfield
Kathleen Gebhardt
Anne Geeding
Meagan Gemborys
Ginny Gemmell
Laura Gengler
Teresa Gentile
Allison Gentille
George Rouman, ACSW
Pamela Gerdes
Brian Gerety
Gerry K. Fisher
Lily Gershenson
Gloria Ghoneim
Julie Giers
Mark Giesler
Teresa Gilbert
Shauna Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert
Jerry Jo Gilham
Jason Gillard
Danette Gillespie-Otto
Anita Gilodo
Ginger Y. Ketron
Robert Glaser
Kate Gleeson
Gail Glick
Tara Glick
Paula Glickman
Anne Goldberg
Sara Goldberg
Mary Golden
Pamela Goldfinger
Ellen Goldsmith
Sue-Rita Goldstein
Joan Golston
Regina Gonek
Jessie Gonzalez
Taylor Good
Barbara Goodman
Beth Goodman
Sonya Goodrich
Kimberly Goodwin
Carol Gordon
Linda Gordon
Melissa Gottlieb
Pearlann Gould
Ruby Gourdine
Tina Graber
Gloria Graff
Ansel Graham
Valerie Grant
Molly Grant
Kathleen Graves
Dorcas Gray
Kimberly Gray
Irma Grebel
Stuart Green
Julia Greene
Michele Grethel
Sandra Griffin
Brandie Grinstead
Joy Griswold
Loretta Grose
Pamela Grove
Arlene Grubbs
Gayle Guess
Jackeline Guillon
Tanya Gulledge
Trudi Gunsberg
Stanley Guzan
Hadidja Nyiransekuye, PhD, MSW
Mary Hafey
Samuel Hagenschneider
Judith Hahn
Christie Halijan
Mary Hall
Barbara Hall-Griesmann
Nusie Halpine
Rachel Halvorson
John Hamel
Cindy Hamilton
Anthony Hampton
Mary Hanel
Jolynn Haney
Hannah Winland, Hannah Winland
Jill Harada-Jones
Gail Hardenbergh
Carol Hardesty
Kathleen Hardie
Ola Hardiman
Lindsey Hardin
Donna Harris-Richards
Harry Rosenberg, LCSW
Marjorie Hart
Monique Hart
Ann Hartman
Veronica Hartman
Catherine Hartshorn
Ellen Harvey-Levine
Christine Hatch
Victoria Hathaway
Trudy Hatmaker
Debra Haupt-Saltzman
Susan Haushild-Clements
Janet Hayden
Linda Haydock
Benita Hayes
Vauna Haza
Laurel Healy
Heather Alyce Franklin, Associate of Science
Beatrice Heck
Monika Heimbold
Danielle Heitmann
Anne Heller
Peggy Heller
Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Lorrie Henderson
Bonnie Henderson
Toni Henke-Wheeler
Muriel Henry
Marlene Hernandez
Lucille Hesse
Carolyn Heusmann
Diane Hibbs
Lynette Hickey
Patti Jo Hicks
Margaret Higgins
Rita Higgins
Hilary E. Kohs, LCSW
Elizabeth Hill
Nyra Hill
Hillary Ann Vervalin, LSW
Christine Hogan
Donna Hoggard
Heather Holcomb
Jamie Holland
Hollis Allen Evans, MSW / LCSW
Holly A. Shiffman
Briton Holmberg
Maria Holmes
Kenneth Holt
Art Hom
Paul Honess
Kathryn Honeyman
Thomas Hooker
Hope W. Shamberg
Jolinda Hopkins
Jan Horton
Kristen Houde
Judith Howard
Carrie Howarth
Martha Howden
Deidre Howell
Lydia Huber
Beth Hudgins
Debra Huff
Mary Hughes
Diane Hull
Paula Hunt
Carolyn Hunt Anderson
Delene Iacono
Sydney Idzikowski
Charles Iker
Ilana Adler, LICSW
Barbara Immediato
Ineke F. Way, ACSW
Inger Eiesland Schultz
Alison Inglis
Gregory Ingram
Elizabeth Irwin
Ann Jackler
Anthony Jackson
Debra Jackson
Renee Jacobs
Ellen Jacobs
Jacqueline A. Adams
Jacqueline A. Wilson
Jacqueline Durham
Jaime S. Mendoza, LCSW, CSAC, ACSW
Alissa James
James Patrick Foote, LCSW-A, CSAC
James R. Harder
James R. Schmidt, LCSW
James W. Green
Jamie Cody, MSW
Jana K. Edwards, LCSW
Jane C. Woodward
Janet Kleckley-Porter
Janet L. Holland
Janet M. Brown, LCSW
Kyeonghee Jang
Janice E. Delorenzo
Janice L. Hemmer
Janus Marie Couve, ACSW, LCSW, LCPAA
Lisa Jaqua
Marie Jaros
Jason Stern, LMSW
Jay K. Campbell, MSW
Jean Aniebona
Jean Gargala
Jeanine Gallagher-Thomas, LMSW
Donald Jefferson
Jeffrey S. Frank
Heather Jenkinson
Jennifer L. Brown
Jennifer Ladner, LICSW
Jennifer Lee Rienhardt, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Michel
Jennifer Olechna
Jenny Rosenberg Bouknight, LISW, ACSW
Jeremy Keith Miller, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC
Jerri R. Shankler, LCSW CADC
Jerry Croan
Jessica L. Sanders
Jill Ann Gernert
Jill Kathleen Summers
Tami Jimenez
Joan Denise Sievert, MSW
Joan M. Wexler, LCSW
JoAnn Ruiz-Vazquez
Joanne G. Weiss, ACSW, QCSW
Linda Joannidis
Joaquin Tobias Arguello, LCSW
Rebecca Joas
Jon Joebgen
Joel L. Rubin, ACSW
Joel R. Hamovit
Richard Joens
Johanna Bush Jensen
John A. Cortez
John C. Osborne, MSW DCSW
John Davis, LCSW
John Eric Johnston
John G. Geist, ACSW
Mary Johnson
Schantate Johnson
J. Stephen Johnson
Julie Johnson
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Selina Johnston
Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC, ACSW
Jonathan R. Wilson
Justine Jones
Joan Jones
Kimberly Jones
Gail Jones
Boney Jones-Dasent
Denise Jones-Kazan
Joni J. Elrod, LCSW
Karen Jordan
Jordan Schneir Barlam
Josef Everett Smith, MSW Student
Joseph J. Frankovich
Joseph John Hoffman
Josephine Elizabeth Oldham
Joshua Aaron Neitlich
Joshua lee fredrickson, LADC, CBIS
Joy Noel Mapes
Renee Joyce
Joyce A. Odell, ACSW
Joyce H. Souk, ACSW
Betty Joyner
Jucelia S. Pitt
Judith A. Sachs, LCSW, ACSW
Judith Cohen Oshinsky, DCSW
Judith G. Prichason, LCSW
Judy C. Kerr, MSW, LCSW
Judy S. Fink, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Julia Y. Friesen
Carmen Julious
Jayme Kabelac
Meg Kallman
Tammy Kaminski
Thomas Kane
Marcia Kanoff
Judy Ann Kaplan
Ellen Kaplan
Robin Kaplan
Joan Kaplan
Marcia Kaplin
Karen F. Rice
Karen L. Klinefelter, ACSW
Karen Seif
Judith Karpinski
Kasey Brady, LCSW
Zsuzsa Kasselmann
Kate B. MaeDonald
Kate S. Lehn
Katharine V. Byers
Katherine A. Szurley
Katherine Dean Turek
Kathleen Ann Burnett
Kathleen E. Goodin, ACSW
Kathleen L. Persson, LCSW
Kathryn Drobny
Kathryn L. Powers
Kathy F. Schell, ACSW LCSW
Harvey Kaufman
Judith Kautto
Amy Kavadlo
Linda Kawer
Julia Kay
Kay B White, ACSW
Kay Berger
Robert Kays
Stella Keddie
Eileen Keegan
Nancy Keils
Keith A. Elias, MSW
Judith Kellner
Kelly A. Quinn
Kelly Leach, MSW
Peter Kelsey
Kelsey Nelson
Michael Kenney
Elizabeth Kent
Andrew Keogh
Richard Kerchner
Kaitlin Kernan
Roby Kerr
Fran Kessler
Kevin Todd Shepherd
Joan Kieffer
Kiera M. Reynolds
Kim Darcell Gudimetla, LMSW
Kimber Ambrose, BSW
Bernard Kimberg
Kimberly Belle Lavender, Lavender, LMSW
Kimberly S. Mueller, LICSW
Phyllis King
Mary Kinzie
Esther Klein
Karen Klein-Lankeaux
Douglas Klim
Joseph Klinkov
Hannah Knipp
Lucinda Koch
Susan Kocik
Karen Koenig
Konstantina Lampione
Steven Kornell
Ann Kosinski
Marilyn Kotcher
Jennifer Kramer
Bari Kraus
Lisa Krause-Reinert
Jennifer Krier
Kristie Lyne Hayes, LCSW
Kristin M. Hosmer
Kristina L. Edler
Valerie Kristopher
Corbin Krug
Susan Kruk
Vicki Kugler
Michele Kuhl
Paul Kurzman
Merle Kushner
Lisa LaDue
Laena Loucks
Lucy Lafleur
Silvia Lagunas
B. Frankie Lamborne
Lynda Land
Laura Lander
Philip Lane
Lanny R. Endicott, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Cynthia Latella
Katia Lathrop
Laura A. Carney
Laura Beech Ellington
Laura Elizabeth Van Riper, van Riper, LCSW
Laura J. Dean-Bonnell, ACSW
Laura L. Generou
Laura Lubline, MSW, LCSW
Laura Rose Nord
Lauren Cook
Lauren Elizabeth Furtney
Lauren Michelsen Goetz, LSW
Barbara Lawrence
Linda Lawrence
Layne E. Pavey
Will Laytham
Mary Le Beuf
Leah A. Snell, LCSW, ACSW
Leah Ghods
Leal Abbott, ACSW
Lisa Lederer
Rose Lederman
Jessica Lee
Stacy Lee
Lauren Lee
Grace Lee
Lorna Lee-Riley
Laurie Lemott
Robert Lenhardt
Michelle Lepak
Anthony Lerro
Lesley Balamut
LoriAnn Levanto
Jeffrey Levin
Karen Levin
Daniella Levine
Ruth Levy
Linda Lewaniak
Wai-Ping Li-Landis
Anna Lieblich
Vicky Liggett
Kristina Lile
Linda M. Helmer
Susan Linder
Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin
Lindsey Jordan Arledge, LCSW,BCD
Renee Lion
Amy Lipeles
Deborah Lipman
Nancy Lipphardt
Lisa M. Harrington, Lcsw
Lisa M. Parker-Lent
Lisa Rattner, LCSW
Lizette Telemaco
Andrea Lloyd
Deborah Lochrie
John Looney
Loreley Joy Taylor, LCSW, CSAC
Lori Ann Kanke, LCSW
Lori Kundrot Faber, LCSW
Lori R. Ippolito, ACSW
Lorraine Baum, LMSW
Heather Lortie
Tonya Louis
Clarice Lowe
Bettina Lowe
Jeanette Luciano
Lucinda Rose Manzi
Tamara Luckett-Cavanaugh
Luis A. Gimenez, ACSW
Luis Virella, LCSW, LCADC
Lisha Lungelow
James Luttrell
Lydia E. Munoz
Colleen Lynch
Lynette Williams
Patrice Lyons
M Kay Duncan, ACSW
M. Susan Rosenberg, LMSW, ACSW
Linda Macapagal
Nicole Macrander
Lilliana Maestas
Magdalena Gadomski VanWingen, LMSW
Debora Magill
Barbara Magrisso
Lisa Makstein
Nina Malkevitch
Malkia DJ Kendricks
Anne Malone
Jami Maloney
Ruth Maltz
Rita Maniscalco
Steve Manos
Donna Manzi-Heller
Catherine Marchant
Marilyn Marcus
Paula Marcus-Platz
Marcy A. Jacobs, LCSW
Margaret Marek
Joyce Marenghi
Margaret Jane Moudry
Margaret Robinson
Margo Joy Siegel
Maria Del Carmen Cardona, LMSW
Maria Elizabeth Poulsen
Maria Lebron
Marianne halderman
Marieca Linelle Harris, LSW
Marijo J. Upshaw, BSW
Marilyn Garland
Marisela L. Van Sickle, MSW, CADC I
Marissa Manzi, LCSW
Marisss Ryan, LCSW, HT
Maritsa Loaiza Duenas
Marjorie S. Bernstein
Chana Mark
John Markoff
Louise Marks
Barbara Marks
Marla Killough
April Marlier
Mark Marquez
Laurence Marr
Elizabeth Marston
Donna Martel
Martha E. McLeod, ACSW
Martha J. Painter
Janice Martin
Kathleen Martin
Christianna Martin
Juan Martinez
Sandra Martinez
Albert Martinson
Rodney Maruyama
Brian Marvin
Courtney Marvin
Mary B. Rich, ACSW, DCSW
Mary Clouter, LCSW
Mary Crowder King
Mary E. Sterchi, ACSW
Mary E. Tennant
Mary Elizabeth Belk, LMSW
Mary Elizabeth Middleton
Mary Hyde
Mary J. Brill
Mary Lou Elizabeth Schenk, BSW
Mary M. Kelley, LICSW
Mary P. Byrne, PhD,DCSW
Mary Parsons
Mary Silverman-Ormond, ACSW
Mary T. Sheehan, LCSW
Marybeth Whittaker
Melanie Masdea- Dignum
Bruce Mason
Sara Massey
Karen Mathews
Sara Mathews Dixon
Mike Mathis
Maria Matos
Matthew Jay Wilkie, Jr., LMSW
Maudette T. Carr
Maria Maya
Maybelle F. O. Filler, ACSW
Elizabeth Mc Garvey
Ruby McArthur
Alan McBroom
Phyllis McCafferty
Kathy McCallister
Rya McCann
Maureen McCarren
Elizabeth McClendon-Johnson
Eve McClennen
Cara McCloud
Janice McCrimmon
Lisa McDaniel
Tonya McDaniel
Angela McDowell
Elizabeth McGovern
Susan McGrath
Dennis McGuire
Maryann McInerney
Ann McKnight
Brooke McLeod
Deborah McMakin
Thomas McNally
Leigh Mehldau
Melanie Gail Hathaway
Melinda Davis Himstedt
Melinda Shantel Maefield, MSW
Melissa Jeanne VanderZyden, LMSW
Melissa Sempowski, MSW, LCSWA
Melissa Tuttle
Christopher Mencke
John Merges
Lynn Merkel
Stephen Messina
Bernadette Methven
David Metting
Phil Meyer
D. Elizabeth Meyers
Helen Michael
Michael A. Kowalczyk, LCSW
Michael G. Bass, ACSW, C-CATODSW
Michael G. Keith
Michael Garrett Barney, Barney
Michael L. Miles, LCSW-R,
Michael McMorris
Michel A. Coconis
Michelle A. Francis
Michelle F. Daigle, C-SSWS
Michelle Lynn Walter, LMSW
Nicholas Miller
Faye Miller
Rebecca Miller
Susan Miller
Judith Miller
Judith Miller
Alexis Miller
Mark Miller
Janel Miller-Evans
Miriam F. Mcfadden, ACSW
Miriam M. Love, ACSW
Grace Mishler
Georgeann Mitchell
Robert Mohr
Molly D. Rodriguez, CSW BCD
Molly G. Prince
Batya Monder
Roxane Mongelluzzo
Shelby Mooney
Jeannette Moore
Jamesena Moore
Eugenia Moore
Ryan Moore
Susan Morang
Lizette Morehead
Angela Morelli
Sandra Morford
Donna Morgan
Morgan M. Kupsinel
Joann Morse-Clough
Sarah Moulding
Alecia Moyer-Basso
Kelly Moylan
Nancy Mudrick
James Mueller
Nicole Muller
Sarita Mullin
Mary Mumford
Janae Munday
John Murdock
Sharon Murray-Cohen
Kimberlee Muse
Selena Musumeci
Margaret Myers
Madeline Nack
Diana Naftal
Claudia Nagan
Nancy L. Fuhr Bonn
Nancy Lee Culbertson, MSW
Natalie Lauren Ramos Dennison, MSW Student
Susan Neal
Neelam Al-Angurli
Neil J. Klatsky, ACSW
Christina Neiman
Tena Nelson
Toby Newman
Frank Nichols
Nicole Ann Babcock, LMSW
Nicole R. Laubach
Mary Nielsen
Thomas Nixon
Julia Norlin
Antoinette Noto
Deborah Nunnally
Lory Nurenberg
Lynn O'Connor
Mary O'shea
O. J. Nelson, LMSW
Debbie Oberman
Connie Oden
Leslie Oelsner
Christopher Ogle
Omobola Ojediran
Marcie Oken
Sally Oken
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Carmen Olivieri- Olenick
Marcia Ortegon
Folusho Otuyelu
Verda Owens
Pablo Saldana, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Elaine Paez
Sandra Painter
Janet Paisley
Pamela Harrison
Pamela S. Potischman
Pamela Weissman
Dara Papo
Manoj Pardasani
Lupe Parraz
Annett Pastor-Castro
Patricia Barrios Showalter
Patricia Duffett, LMSW
Patricia E. Janssen
Patricia Evans, LCSW
Patricia L. Morgan
Patricia Lynn Spirk Beaumont, LCSW,
Patricia S Goodrich
Patrick James Horn
Patrick James Manzanares, MPH, MSW
Nancy Patterson
Paul J. Stretch
Paula Olive, LCSW
Pauline A. Klein, ACSW
Charlene Peachey
Pearl Wong, ACSW, LCSW
Kara Peeples
Peggy L. Harriott, ACSW
Peggy S. Anderson
Eileen Pekarski
Jacynth Pelland
Evelyn Pena
Pamela Pennington-Wilson
Emily Pensky
Amy Pepper-Mandell
Sherry Persky
Peter J. Delany, PhD ACSW
Sherry Peters
Andrew Peters
Kathleen Petgrave
Janet Petrella
Lorraine Petrucci
Clair Peyton
Margaret Phelps
Alexandra Phillips
Martyna Phoulom
Phylis Byrne
Phyllis C. England, ACSW
Phyllis Pleuss, LCSW
Susana Picado
Sharon Pinsker
Kenneth Pinter
Pascal Pion
Susan Piowaty
Brannan Piper
Eleonora Pire-Schmidt
Keith Pishna
Fiora Pizzo
Wendy Pliner
Elsa Pool
Joyce Poore Berkenes
Diane Popp
Abigail Porter
Sarah Post
Dennis Potter
Beth Potter
William Powers
Cassie Pralle
Linda Preato
Karen Preyer
Janice Price
Lora Price
Elizabeth Price-Ramos
Colleen Pritchard
Margaret Pugh
Sandra Pumphrey
Nancy Purcell
Margaret Putnam-Pite
Melissa Putterman Hoffmann
Barbara Queen Johnson
Quincy L. Dinnerson, MSW
Judith Quittman
Melinda Race
Rachel Machacek, MSW
Rachel Michelle Holcomb, LMSW
Rachel Rose Curtis
Kristin Radcliffe
Radonna M. Thies-Jernigan
Catherine Rafferty
Taylor Raiford-Gaul
Shelagh Ramage
Joseph Ramos
Randy L. Markey
Carmelie Rank
Saranna Rankin
Sondra Rappaport
Larry Ray
Joyce Ray
Leah Raymond
David Raymond
C. Rinderia Reader
Rebecca A. Chaisson
Rebecca Wolfe Keller
Terri Recchia-Bledsoe
Alice Redmond
Kristin Reed
Linda Reeser
Kathleen Reilly
Margaret Reiser
Renea Rae Nilsson, LCSW
Renee M. Senn, LCSW
James Renner
Kelly Reno
Robin Renwick Piper
Rita Reseska
Eva Rex-Vogel
Laurie Rhoades
Michelle Rhodes
Rhonda E. Hudson, PhD, LCSW
Richard M. Laws, LISW
Richard Maiorella, LCSW-R, ACSW, DCSW
Debbie Richards
Rita Richards
Sharon Richards
Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh
Janet Richmond
Timothy Ridley
Cathy Rigg
Kathleen Riske
Rita J. Younger, ACSW
Rita Simeone
Mark Ritchie
Georgiana Rivera
Ada-Luz Rivera Flemming
Carol Robbins
Robert E. Jones
Robert H. Bamman, Jr.
Robert L. Lolik, DCSW
Robert Osobase
Robert P. Skrocki, ACSW LCSW
Robert Simonson, CSW
Roberta A. Dowden, ACSW
Roberta Rinaldi
Hiedi Roberts
Robin L. Berenstain
Eular Robinson
Luis Robinson
Clifford Robinson
Monica Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Mary Rocchio
Lillian Rodriguez-Mayor
Tavenner Rogers
Geraldine Roglieri
Camille Roman
Monica Romani
Ronald Allen Young, II, LMSW
Grace Rondeau
Rose Renee Jeter, LCSW
Elaine Rosen
Debra Rosen
Linda Rosenberg
Louis Rosenthal
Stephanie Ross
Sharon Ross-Donaldson
Heather Ross-Lowenstein
Barbara Rossate
Sallyann Roth
Molly-Jane Rubinger
Emily Rudofsky
Barbara Rudolph
Andrea Rudolph
Daniel Ruggiero
Milagros Ruiz
Ruth Ruskin
Dahlia Russ
Barbara Russo
Christina Russo
Richard Ruzicka
Gail Ryan
Deborah Ryan
Kim Rychener
Barbara S Ellis
S. Bernard Bagley
Omal Saberi
Leila Sachtschale
David Sacks
Sai-Ling Chan-Sew
Josephine Saia
Joann Sallmann
Samantha Kay Nelums, BSW
Kathleen Samp
Sandra M. Moore
Sandra S. Faulkner, ACSW
Edith Sands
Jessica Sankey
Alfredo Santiago
Josephine Santillo
Sara Litt, LCSW
Sarah Anne Baier, LMSW
Sarah Mae Neary-Robert
Nancy Sasso
Gabrielle Satterly
Kathleen Sauer
Susanne Savett
Kristina Saxena
Rhonda Scarlata
Joanne Schaffer
David Schaffer
Scott Schlachter
Robin Schlenger
Sonya schmid
Leora Schmidt
Steven Schmit
M Susan Schneberger
Karen Schneider
Katura Schoene
Alan Schrader
Patricia Schuh-Butler
Elizabeth Schulte
Amy Schussheim
Janet Schutzman
Jennifer Schuyler
Larry Schwartz
Marc Schweitzer
Mary Scollan
Alice Scott
McKay Scott
Lisa Scott
Judy Scott
Theresa Scully
Georgina Scurfield
Gloria Seagraves
Jack Segal
Michael Seider
Lauren Senoff
Jodi Senter
Jane Seskin
Darcella Sessomes
Susan Seymour
Erin Shaffer
Shalia K. Kamakele
Alicia Shamblin
Rikki Shanberg
Shane Joseph Siciliano
Shannon L. Huggins
Shanti J. Majefski
Sharin G. Deloach, LCSW
Sharon Alonso, LCSW
Sharon Ruth Williamson
Sharon S. Rogers
Sharon T. Peterson
Jeanine Sharpe
Jennifer Shatzkin
Nan Shaw
Sue Shealy
Sheila Douglas Lewis, LMSW
Jody Shelby
Sarah Shelton
Vicki Shepard
Diane Sheppard
Sheri Kae Potter, MSW
Sheri Mila Gerson, ACSW,ACHP-SW
Sherrill Lynn Welcome, MSW Candidate
Sheryl I. Goldberg, ACSW
Sonia Shirley
Laura Shore
Robert Shorin
Jennifer Short
Lynne Shulman
Carmen Siddiqi
Steve Siebelts
Nayda Sierra
Sierra Katherine McEniry
Virginia Sigel
Eric Sigler
Lois Sigman-Young
Gerson Silver
Sheila Silver
Barbara Sime
Eleanore Simi
Sandra Simien Turner
Naomi Sims-Satterwhite
Judy Sininsky
Ray Sizemore
Jennifer Sklar
Frances Skrzypek
Robert Slavis
Margaret Smith
Kelly Smith
Janie Smith
J. Bryan Smith
Anne Smith
Tara Smith
Rosa Smith
Alice Smith Coleman
Dolores Smith-Ezyk
Michelle Smith-Packard
Valerie Smyder
Joseph Snapp
Cara Sockol
Marjorie Sokoll
Seth Solondz
Julie Somers
Nancy Sommers
John Sorensen
Tara Sorenson
Adelina Sorkin
Darshan Soske
Michael Sotak
Lori Sparzo
Alice Spear
Mavis Spencer
B. Gail Spencer
Sherry Spencer
Susan Sprung
Michael Squindo
Patricia Stacey
Stacey Tesseyman, LCSW
Richard Stanzione
Faith Starnes
Hannah Starobin
Kim Steen
Paula Stein
Ellen Stein
Eric Stein
Lynn Steinhauer
Carol Steinman
Susan Stelk
Stephanie A. Peluso-Abbott, LISW-CP
Stephanie Ann Schmidt, LCSW
Stephanie S. Tucker, LCSW
Stephen W. Nelson, QCSW
Gwen Stephens
Susan Sterling
Steve Patrick, ACSW
Steven C. Carrel
Steven D. Zell, Zell
Steven L. Parks
Tiffany Stevenson
Linda Stewart
Tami Stieber
Tanya Stiers
Dana Stone
Deborah Strauss
Sheryl Strothers
Carolyn Stubbs
Thomas Stumpf
Allan Sturm
Sue M. Bloland
George Summers
Devon Suozzi
Susan Carter, ACSW
Susan H. Hodos-Levy, MSW,LCSW
Susan Howe
Susan L. Fowler, LCSW
Tracey Sutton
Suzanne L. Ricklin, ACSW
Suzanne M. Schunk, ACSW, LCSW
Courtney Swan
Doreen Swedik
Kent Swenson
Sybil Austin-McDowell, BSW student
Sydney Owens Jennings, BSW
Celestine Syles
David Tabler
Stephen Talaroski
Tamaira Lynne Ramsey
Tamara J. Grossens, ACSW
tamara m nowak, jd lsw cadc
Tamara Stewart Barlow, LCSW
Philip Tamburino
Tammy Marie Redmond, MSW
Tanis M. Hernandez
Tanisia Crowder, LCSW
Tara Chowaniec, MSW, LSW
Tara Nierenberg, LCSW
Ann Tate
Julie Tatkon
Doris Taylor
Hayley Taylor
Philip Tedeschi
Pamela Tefft
John Templeton
Teresa M. Connor, LICSW
Terri Lynn Wilkerson
Terri Wilson, MSW student at ETSU
Caitlin Terzulli
Nancy Thayer
Timothy Thein
Joanne Theobald
Joanne Thomas
Gary Thompson
Dona Thompson
Susan Thomson
Marilyn Thornton
Michael Throneberry
Carol Tichler
Patricia Tidwell
Tiffany Rayel Flores
Maureen Tillman
Tina Lynn Taylor, MSW, LCSW
Clifford Tincher
Karen Titrud
Tobin Rodriguez
Sharon Tolliver
Nancy Tomb
Sean Toomer
Vilma Torres
Torri-Marie Pappas
Diana Tortosa
Tracey Barry Carroll, LCSW
Tracy Carpenter-Aeby
Tracy L. Byington
Donna Trainor
Christine Tranchina
Ashley Trautsch
Tressa P. Diaz
Maria Trevino Jungers
Nancy M. Trew
Mari Trine
Donald Troise
Terry Trucano
Marilou Tshudy
April Tully
Maria Tupper
Kielty Turner
Christie Turner
Tyra Rose Cochran, BSW
Donald Uhlhorn
Uma K. Zykofsky
Cynthia Vail
Sherrill Valdes
Sherri Valencia
Carol Valenti
Valerie Anne Williams, LCSW
Valery Ulrike Krieg, M.A., LSW
Catherine Van Bomel
Nivia Van Damme
Norman Van Klompenburg
Laurie Van Loon
Linda VanPutte
Linda Vasconcellos
Phyllis Vaughan
Alfred Vautour
Cherilynn Veland
Crystal Velemirovich
Karyn Velez
Marla Velky-Reger
Jeffrey Versaw
Lorraine Vestris
Vicki Turnage, LCSW, ACSW
Doris Vidal De Jackson
Kathleen Villagomez
Heather Villarreal
Sara Viola
Virginia L. Aiu, ACSW
Nancy Wahlig
Karen Walant
C. William Walker
Ellen Walker
Priscilla Wallace
Jennifer Wallace Canobbio
Susan Walton
Carolyn Wander Daniel
Christine Ward
Patricia Warman
Mary Warner-Hubschmitt
Nancy Warren
Elizabeth Wasch
Carolyn Washington
Karen Wassink-Bylsma
Hazel Watson
Gerry Watson
Holly watson-otto
Wayne Joseph Luebbert, LICSW
Wayne Renard Cato
Lara Weaver
Cynthia Webb
Olga Weber Dahl
Patrick Weeg
Hsi-Sheng Wei
Sally Weiler
Ned Weisman
Suzanne Weiss
Amy Weiss
Dorothy Weitzman
Jennifer Welch
Jessica Wells
Robyn Wendell
Patricia Wendle
Donald Wendrick
Wendy Liebling, LSW, C-ASWCM
Wendy Monika Vaughter, CVS, MPA, LLMSW
Wendy Wedell-Walker
Erica Werfel
Amy West
Dawna Westbrook
Leslie Weston
Bonnie Wetzel
Vanessa Whalen
Jane Wheatley-Crosbie
Joan Whipple
Sharron Whitaker
Stephenie Whitaker
Arlene Whitney
Katherine Wilberding Cross
Leslie Willaby
William H. Park, ACSW,LCSW
Sarah Williams
Elise Wilson
Janine Wimmer
Guy Windingland
Winifred D. Kearns
Allison Winoker
Elizabeth Winterer
Laura Winters
Katherine Wirth
Peggy Woehrlen
Silkaly Wolchok
Audrey Wolf
Stacey Wolfe
Barbara Wolfrum
Leigh Wolfsthal
James Womack
Charles Wood
Joy Wood
Susanna Wood
Sara Woodward
Mattie Woolfolk
Marcia Wragge
Margaret Wright
Wendy Wright
Roberta Wysong
Mariko Yamada
Xue Yang
Khadija Yassin
Lisa Yater
Ora Yemini-Morrison
Lisa Yocum
Ryan Youtz
Regina Zabel
Suzanne Faye Zakheim
Margaret Zangrilli
Betty Zara
Mireille Zarin
Debra Zatkin
Barbara Zellan
Tammy Zender
Timothy Zielinski
Ann Zierler
Michelle Zimmerman
Sarah Zimmerman
Patricia Zimmerman
Posha Zubair
Miriam Zucker
January 2020
Aaron Alexander Yamada
Abby Middleton
Abigail P. Grant, LISW-S, ACSW
Phyllis Adelson
Adena Miller
Deborah Adiego Cagnon
Diane Adler
Jennifer Agostino
Alan M. Wexler, MSW, LCSW
Alberto Cifuentes, Jr
Alexandra Kay Harris, B.A., FES
Alexandra Nancy Badone, MSW
Alexandria J. Wunderlich, LISW-CP, LCSW
Alexis P Davis
Alicia Munier Ziegler, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Alldridge
Samara Allen
Odeather Allen Hill
Allison A. Bale
Amy Almas
Shauna Alonge
Arlene Alpert
Julia Alter
Lesley Alter
Nelly Alvarez
Amanda E. Coughlin
Amanda G. Somdal
Amanda R. Smith, LMSW
Janice Amato
Amy B. Kallenberg
Amy R. Saloner, LCSW
Ana M. Costa, LICSW
Marielisa Andaloro
Gary Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Joann Anderson
Andrea D. Welsh
Andrea McDaniel
Angela Fazio-Landrum
Krystal Angevine
Angie Mcleod Williams, MSW, LCSW
Anita Catherine Weicht, MSW LCSW
Anita Dickinson Blanchett, LCSW
Anita L. Barnes
Ann Briggs, LCSW, LAC
Ann L. Ahearn
Anne M. Tarpey-Flanders
Anthony Michael Calafaty
Katrina Appiah
Dea Applegate
Zarita Araujo-Lane
Carol Ardington
Ariela Laibson
Mary Armentrout
Elizabeth Armes
Melissa Arthur
Felicia Asch
Ashley Gacayan Nelik
Ashley Nicole Barys, L.C.S.W.
Athena Viscusi
Cheri Atkinson
Audrey Rayshell Blasdel
Audrey Ryman
E. Taylor Aultman
Vincent Austin-Cole
Avani Shah
Leah Avni
Gloria Avrech
Gail Awaya-Fujii
Louise Axelberg
Aylee S. Welch
Margaret Aylward
Nancy Ayotte
Russell Bader
Trisha Badishian
Kelly Baek
Marey Bailey
Mary Baker
Linda Baker (Gardner)
Richard Baldi
Jesse Baleto
Sarah Ball
Rita Banfield
Barbara A. St. Pierre
Barbara D. Gilbert
Barbara D. Silverman
Barbara G. Reese
Barbara Hall-Olaniyan, ACSW
Barbara L. Chamberlin, LCSW
Kelsey Barber
Melissa Barillaro
Mary Baron
Stephen Baron
scott baron
Freya Barr
Anthony Barreiro
Donna Barrios
Amanda Barry
Joy Barry
Elissa Barry
Fran Barst
Barton Charles Robbins
David Battit
Amy Bauer
Nadine Bean
Doris Beard
Robert Beck
Maxine Becker
Billie Becker-Bem
Patricia Begnaud
Jenna Bekier
Myra Belasco
Joanne Bell
Julie Bellamy
Benjamin Leon Gerrard, LSCSW
Samiyrah Bennett
Carol Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Susanna Bensinger
James Benson
Renee Bentley
Jerome Bercik
Phyllis Beren
Gregory Berezne
Peter Berger
Jacqueline Berger-Yudelowitz
Janet Bernard
Maureen Bernard
Carole Bernier
Wendy Berns
Ellen Berry
Paula Berry
Tamar Berry
Nelly Bertolina
Stephen Betchen
Beth L. Vardaro, LCSW
Bethany Jo Hicks, MSW, LSW
Kelly Betsworth
Beverly Betz
Sage Bevan
Karen Bianco
Katherine Bice
Tim Bigalke
Sandra Billings
Laurie Billingsley
Janet Black
Jason Black
Donte' Blackmon
Terry Blair
Terri Blake
Lynn Blakemore
Jennifer Blanchard
Stacey Blaylock