1,000 Experts

NASW has gathered some of the best leaders and brightest minds in the social work profession. 

These experts represent a variety of social work fields, including child and youth development, aging transition and older adults, the social work workforce, social justice and community, mental health and relationships and health care and wellness. Members of the media can use our searchable database to find social worker experts to address topics ranging from adoption and foster care to public health policy.

NASW’s 1,000 experts will also advise the association on issues that need to be promoted in the media and write articles and blogs for NASW websites, including HelpStartsHere.org, which offers consumers advice on mental health, relationships and other issues from a social work perspective. 

Our listings helps journalists, policymakers, and others quickly find the names of social work researchers, authors, educators and practice leaders with expertise on critical social issues.

If you want to make suggestions for who or what is included in the 1,000 Experts initiative, please send comments to media@socialworkers.org