The dramatic growth in the number of adults aged 65 and older, combined with overall population aging, affects not only families and workplaces, but also health care and social service delivery systems. Meeting the needs and leveraging the contributions of an increasingly diverse older population presents both challenges and opportunities to social workers and other service providers.

Find tools, information, and resources to enhance social workers’ capacity to support both older adults and family caregivers.

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NASW Practice Standards & Guidelines

Our standards provide benchmarks for the services that social workers should provide, that employers should support, and that consumers should expect.

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Aging Specialty Practice Section

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Social workers can help curb the spread of the disease and reduce people's anxiety.

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NASW Research Library

NASW Research Library

Find resources that support your social work practice, with unlimited access to online databases from research institutions, think tanks and advocacy organizations.

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