Social Work Advocates

Spring Issue 2024

Spring Issue 2024

Social Work Advocates National Association of Social Workers Spring 2024

Cover Story

school drowning in pills

The Fentanyl Crisis in Schools: Awareness, Education Part of Prevention Efforts

Overdose death rates involving opioids like fentanyl are increasing, but fighting the crisis is not impossible. Learn what social workers, students and others have to say about awareness and prevention efforts.

Feature Article

cautionary tape yield sign over symbols

Prioritizing Safety: Legislation, Training Can Help Keep Social Workers Safe on the Job

Increasingly, yet most commonly, after a fatality, social workers and the organizations that employ and support them are recognizing that personal safety, while important, is an often-overlooked issue.

Feature Article

two cats playinghorse with hand cut out

Human-Animal Connections: Veterinary Social Work Roles Grow as the Specialty Area Evolves

Since its inception 21 years ago with a focus on helping people cope with the loss of their companion animals, veterinary social work has expanded to include helping veterinary professionals manage workplace stress and build better relationships with their human clients; watching for signs of animal and domestic abuse; and detecting and investigating cases of animal hoarding.

From the President

Yvonne Chase

Needed: Change Agents

Calling all change agents. NASW President Yvonne Chase encourages all new BSWs and MSWs to rise up to meet the challenges of the profession—and to help make a difference.

Workforce News

Barbara Bedney

Empowering Others Means Empowering Ourselves, Too

As a vital national resource, our calling is to empower others—to strengthen those who have been disempowered by trauma, racism, discrimination, poverty, violence, fear, and other social and economic injustices—and to work together to eliminate the disparities that keep people from achieving their full potential. To do those things well, we also need to empower ourselves, says NASW Chief of Programs Barbara Bedney.


Clouds made of Data raining binary

If AI Has You Feeling Clueless and Concerned, You're in Good Company

It is not surprising that most people do not understand Artificial Intelligence, say three experts in this area, as there is no simple definition. However, there are some key questions social workers and others should ask to help guide their engagement with AI.

NASW News 

AI over tech circuit board

Social Work and AI: Learn the Risks, Potential Benefits and Ethical Challenges

Artificial Intelligence can help social workers do their jobs, but there are risks to its use, says social work ethics expert Frederic Reamer.

NASW News 

two people voting

Social Workers Can Make a Difference in Upcoming General Election

The voting rights community must remain vigilant, organized, mobilized and active in fighting for voter protection.

Schools of Social Work

elder patient receiving help with paperwork from younger social worker

Focus on Gerontology: Managing the Aging baby Boomers

By 2030, all baby boomers will have hit age 65, and their share of the U.S population will be about 20%. This creates a need—and lots of job opportunities—for social workers in this area. The challenge, however, has been getting more students interested in working with the older population. Learn how several schools of social work are addressing this issue.

Public Eye

Collage of portraits of Allan Barsky, Sheliah Gauch, Julia Rose, Jennifer Calder, Andrea Marano, Staci M. Knox

In the Public Eye

When Should Mental Health Professionals Consider an Extreme Risk Protection Order? Members also discuss the topics of caregivers' mental health, student loans, bullying, social media, and a bicycle tour highlighting Iowa's abolitionist history. 

Backstory 1

Lesli Suggs

Lesli Suggs, LICSW

Lesli Suggs, president and CEO of The Home for Little Wanderers Inc. in Boston, talks about her current leadership role and the steps she took to get there. She says one step was to pursue a clinical track so she would have "more insight into diagnoses and the way trauma impacts the brain" in her future roles.

Backstory 2

Mitch Rosenwald

Mitch Rosenwald, PhD, LCSW

Mitch Rosenwald, mayor of Oakland Park, Fla., says he originally wanted to be a sociology professor. But he soon realized his need to be in a profession "whose primacy was direct interaction with client systems of all sizes." Next up: He's eyeing a run for state representative.

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