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2024 Media Kit

National Association of Social Workers

Reach the nation’s largest network of social work and human service professionals.
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is a membership organization that works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance social justice.


NASW Advertising

NASW Media

NASW Conferences

Member Audience

NASW is the largest and most recognized association of professional social workers in the United States. Our membership includes not only social workers who interact directly with clients, but also supervisors and managers, administrators and planners, policy advocates and community organizers, educators, researchers, and students.

12,000 Student Members
10,000 New Professionals
77,000 Practitioners/Advisors
8,000 Retired Members

Top Practice Areas

46% Mental/Behavioral Health
15% Healthcare/Public Health
11% Child Welfare/Family
7% School Social Work

100,000+ digital circulation

Magazine & Editorial Content

Get wide exposure to professionals who are making a difference in their communities. Social Work Advocates magazine is emailed to all regular members four times a year as part of membership.An interactive digital archive is accessible to all NASW members on

  • Leadership columns
  • Governance updates
  • Chapter achievements
  • University innovation
  • Member feedback
  • Guest editorials
  • Advocacy initiatives
  • Clinical tools
  • Association milestones
  • Member profiles
  • Upcoming events
  • Book reviews

Digital Media

The NASW national website,, is a mobile-responsive portal to all things social work. This high traffic site has more than 600,000 visitors per month. Its most popular resources include the NASW Code of Ethics, the Social Work Online CE Institute and the annual Social Work Month toolkit. provides tools for practicing social workers and their employers, students, human service advocates, allied professionals and the general public. It also links visitors to all 55 NASW chapter websites.

NASW Blogs

NASW blogs publish complementary content to NASW’s national and chapter websites and social media pages. They cover social work media issues, public policy updates and consumer interest topics. Advertising space on NASW blogs is powered by a Google Ads program.

NASW Journals

NASW publishes four online journals in partnership with the Oxford University Press.Please contact for additional details.

NASW Podcasts

$450 for a 15-second spot to be aired in the middle of an episode
$550 for a 30-second spot to be aired in the middle of an episode
Episodes are also shared on NASW and NASW Chapter social media chapters, which have a reach of more than 400,000 people.


$895 to sponsor an entire episode. A sponsorship will include an opening mention of the sponsorship at the start of the episode and a 30-second advertisement in the middle of an episode. The advertiser’s logo and a link to their company or organization will also be included in the show notes of the episode. The sponsorship will also be mentioned on social media posts about the podcast episode from NASW National and NASW Chapters. NASW has a social media audience of about 400,000 people.


Advertisers are also welcome to look at existing podcast episodes that may be in subject areas they like and insert ads. This is because episodes, even those that are months old, continue to be downloaded and listened to each month. Episodes with updated advertisements may also be-reshared on social media. The rates for advertising on existing episodes:
$300 for a 15-second spot
$400 for a 30-second spot


NASW works to ensure that advertising on our platforms is not in conflict with the Association’s mission or social work values. We will approve and edit scripts and record advertising spots. We will not accept pre-recorded advertising spots.

Contact to discuss your advertising needs.

NASW Emails

Our Memberlink email provides weeklycommunication with all NASW members about benefits, programs and professional resources. Advertising is coordinated through a partnership with Multiview.

NASW Lists

Reach targeted groups of NASW members for marketing campaigns and research studies by contacting our list rental partner Infocus Marketing.

NASW Conferences

Every two years, NASW hosts a national conference in Washington, D.C., bringing members together to learn, network and celebrate with social work colleagues. With live attendance of more than 2,000 and virtual attendance of 1,000, the national conference is a must attend event for many social work leaders. Increase your organization’s exposure among this highly engaged audience through event sponsorship, exhibits and advertising.

Most NASW Chapters host annual state conferences. Contact the chapter of your choice for advertising and sponsorship options at local social work events.

Ad Rates & Specs

Social Work Advocates magazine provides an integrated platform of online, mobile, social and print distribution to reach its well educated audience. Thousands of NASW members, customers and supporters will be interested to learn more about your educational, career and practice development opportunities.

Print Ad Rates

Full Page – Inside Cover $8,200
Full Page – Interior $7,000
Half Page – $4,200
Classified Card – $550

Contact to discuss your advertising needs.

Web Ad Rates*

Homepage – $5,000
Top Landing Page – $2,600
Leaderboard/Banner – $1,900
Skyscraper Sidebar – $1,700
Box Sidebar – $1,200
*Rates per month