Policy Updates

Social Worker Interstate Licensure Compact - Public Comment Period Now Open

The interstate compact for social work licensure draft legislation is now available for stakeholder review and public comment. Please refer to our June 10 update for background on the compact development process thus far. Also visit the Council on State Governments (CSG) website to download a copy of the draft legislation, review the fact sheet, read FAQs, and access the survey link to provide your comments.

An interstate compact is a legal contract between two or more states/territories that would enable social workers to practice in each other’s jurisdiction, once practitioners demonstrate they meet the compact requirements.

The public comment period is expected to be open approximately two months. During this time, CSG will host weekly stakeholder review sessions to walk attendees through the legislation and answer questions. Use the link above to register for these CSG sessions.

NASW will host two stakeholder review sessions - July 26 and August 31 from 5:30-7 pm ET on NASW's Facebook page to review the draft legislation with CSG representatives and hear analysis and reflections from NASW leaders. NASW Chapters and other stakeholder groups may also host review sessions. For all NASW activities and information about the licensure compact, please visit NASW's Interstate Licensure Compact page.

The voice of social workers and social work organizations at this stage of compact development is vital. We encourage you to submit comments and attend review sessions. Also share the information with your colleagues and stakeholder organizations in your community.