Social Workers Promote Healthy Minds and Bodies

Clinical social workers are one of the nation’s largest groups of providers of mental health services, helping people overcome depression, anxiety and other disorders. Social workers also work within the health care profession, helping people deal with personal and social factors that affect health and wellness.

NASW worked with "Informed: Hosted by Rob Lowe" on a mini-documentary that looks at how social workers help people improve their mental health and team with doctors to promote health and wellness.

Watch the film and use these resources to learn ways social workers can help you attain a healthy mind and body.


Help Starts Here

This Help Starts Here is an NASW website that informs consumers how social workers can help them overcome a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and substance use disorders. 

Find a Social Worker

There are many places to find professional social workers who provide individual psychotherapy and other forms of mental health assistance, including group therapy and support groups.  Use this search tool to find social workers near you.


NASW is urging Congress and government agencies enact legislation and regulations that would improve the delivery of mental health services in the United States.

Social Justice

NASW supports social justice reforms that touch upon mental health issues, including solitary confinement and the nation’s opioid addiction crisis. To learn more, read our social justice briefs.

NASW Press

NASW Press offers several titles that focus on mental health issues, including post-partum depression and domestic violence. To learn more, visit NASW Press.

Change Direction Campaign

NASW is a founding member of the Change Direction Campaign to raise public awareness about the signs a person may be living with a mental illness and how you can help. For more information, visit their website

Give an Hour

NASW is part of the Give an Hour campaign to provide volunteer mental health services to our nation’s active duty military personnel, veterans and their families. To learn more, visit

Healthy Minds and Bodies

How can social workers use the Informed video?

  • Show the video at back-to-school events to show what social workers do.
  • Use it as a tool to educate policymakers when you visit legislators or agencies.
  • Show the video at conferences and meetings to launch discussions on the role of social workers in health care.
  • Share the video on social media or on your professional website.

This mini-documentary was funded through the Public Education Campaign and money was raised through individual donations to the NASW Foundation. If you wish to see more videos like these, consider donating to the foundation.