Letters to the Editor (February 2011)

Reaching Young Members

Thank you for Elizabeth Clark's terrific piece about the urgency in us reaching out to the next generation in our profession (January News).

I made just that point at a recent talk to the New York Chapter of the Society of Social Work Leaders in Health Care, concerned about whether we are passing on the torch. Just recently I was asked to join a clinical practice policy group and joked that at 68, I am the youngest member.

Actually, while I do consider myself youthful, I see a serious issue here. We also need to be cognizant that younger members may try to balance family demands with career; thus availability in early evenings may also shrink the pool of talent.

I attend many meetings where retirees, valuable as they are, are the individuals with fewer time constraints.

Sue Matorin, MS, ACSW
New York, N.Y.