HIV/AIDS Course Now in Spanish

NASW’s HIV/AIDS Spectrum Project unveiled a Spanish-language version of its free WebED course “Understanding HIV/AIDS: The Social Worker’s Role” just in time for last year’s World AIDS Day, Dec. 1.

The course is divided into four 30-minute lessons. The first lesson provides an overview of AIDS and HIV, including how the virus is transmitted, strategies for preventing HIV/AIDS, treatment options, related health and mental health conditions and its national and global effects.

The second lesson details the biological, psychological and social aspects of living with HIV/AIDS for people infected with and affected by the disease.

The third lesson addresses the knowledge, values, skills, assessment information and interventions that social workers use when working with individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

Lesson four discusses the various national resources that social workers can use to assist clients and social workers alike.

In collaboration with NASW chapters, federal and state agencies, national and state associations, universities and community-based organizations, the Spectrum Project offers education and training to mental health care providers on the mental health aspects of living with HIV/AIDS.