Membership Survey Forthcoming

NASW will send a membership survey to a sample of prospective, current and lapsed members this year in an effort to improve membership services, programs and benefits.

Tracy Whitaker, director of NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies and social work practice, said the survey results will be a guidepost for the professional association, which represents around 140,000 social workers.

“This will help us form our programming for the future,” she said. “This is our chance to help improve our services.”

The survey will be sent out to a sample group in October. Members who do not receive a mailed survey will be sent invitations to participate in a separate online survey, Whitaker said.

Social workers are encouraged to fill out the survey because NASW is the nation’s largest social work organization and it is instrumental in influencing advocacy, policy and regulation for the profession, said Susan Rubin, NASW’s director of professional development and marketing.

“Whether or not people are members, we want to hear what they have to say,” Rubin said. “It is helpful to hear what they consider significant right now. This information also helps us promote the profession. We want to know what members and potential members are satisfied with and ways to improve it.

“We want to know what they value in programs, services and products and how it is delivered,” Rubin added. “We want to obtain feedback in order to better meet members’ needs.”

The mailed survey will have about 30 questions and some open-ended items, said Whitaker.

The last sample membership survey was conducted in 1997.