Letters to the Editor (March 2010)

Abortion vs. Health Care

I disagree that abortion is health care. We should use our efforts to speak up for the unborn, who have no choice when it comes to determining their future. Barbara Solt’s own ambiguity is clear when she maintains (“Health Care Reform Efforts in Question,” February News) that abortion should not be the first choice for a woman, but then also states it is a humane choice. Right to life is the most pressing civil liberties issue of our time. For those of us who are Judeo-Christian practitioners, one of the basic tenets of our faith is, “Thou shall not kill.” I would ask you also to consider the deleterious effects upon the mother in regard to her physical and mental health — such as increased risk of depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and breast cancer.

Julie Fitzgerald
Braintree, Mass.


Title Protection Needed

I would like to address the title of social work and licensing. Currently, many states, including Florida, do not require all individuals who provide therapy or social work to hold a license in social work.

Florida, for example, does require everyone who practices social work or therapy be licensed. In Florida, if the individual is employed or contracted by the state or Department of Children and Families (DCF), they are not required to be licensed.

For example; I work with many agencies that categorize their profession as “master-level clinician” or simply “therapist.”

While the operative words “licensed clinical social worker” or “licensed master social worker” and so on may be title protected, the term “social worker” alone is not necessarily title-protected in every state.

I believe as social workers we should move forward on more consistent title protection, and require each and every social worker, regardless of work setting to be registered or licensed.

Michelle Lind, DHSc, LCSW, M-RAS
Palm Bay, Fla.