NASW Plans to Add 2 Sections

NASW plans to add two new sections to its Specialty Practice Sections.

Based on the results of a 2009 survey among members, the top two topics selected were "Social Work and the Court" and "Administration and Supervision."

Yvette Mulkey, manager of SPS, explained that NASW routinely polls members in an effort to gauge what topics interest them the most.

"All of our Specialty Practice Sections are member-driven," Mulkey said. SPS offers members an opportunity for professional development through practice-specific teleconferences, continuing education credits — and newsletters.

Currently, there are Sections for aging; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; child welfare; children, adolescents and young adults; health; mental health; private practice; school of social work; and social and economic justice and peace.

The latest poll found that social work and the court system was the most popular topic, Mulkey said.

"Apparently, there are many social workers who work with civil or criminal matters that involve the courts," Mulkey said. "There were some members who asked that we expand beyond criminal justice to areas of forensics and juvenile justice."

She added, "We look forward to drafting this specialty section along with another section on ways social workers can be effective managers and supervisors."

She said the new sections will debut sometime this year.

For more information, visit Specialty Practice Sections.