2009 Salary Survey Will Examine Compensation Trends

NASW's regular members soon should begin to receive e-mail invitations to participate in the 2009 NASW Salary Survey.

Tracy Whitaker, director of the NASW Center for Workforce Studies and Social Work Practice, said the effort will mark the first time a survey has focused exclusively on social work compensation.

"This survey will help us build upon previous social work workforce research," she noted.

The salary survey will examine a variety of factors regarding compensation data, including region, areas of practice and years of experience.

Results of the study will help guide workforce efforts in the future, Whitaker said.

"The results will direct us to what needs the most attention pertaining to salaries," she said. "The data will serve as good indicators about what is typically a primary concern for social workers. And the results will assist us with our advocacy efforts and the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative."

To broaden representation of the profession, NASW is partnering with other social work organizations, including the Association for Oncology Social Work, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the National Network for Social Work Managers, the Rural Social Work Caucus, and the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care to create the most extensive survey of the profession's compensation.

Readex Research will conduct the data collection and reporting, Whitaker said.

A sample of NASW regular members without active e-mail accounts registered with the association will receive a survey invitation letter through the mail.

Participants can complete the survey online or by mailing back a completed questionnaire. A preliminary report of the survey results is expected in spring 2010.