New Chapter Executive Directors

— Heidi Sfiligoj, News Staff


Tom TupaKimberly HarperNASW has welcomed four new chapter executive directors since July of last year.

The executive directors of the North Dakota and Puerto Rico chapters have both retired.

Tom Tupa (left) retired following 20 years as executive director of the North Dakota chapter and Antonio Rodriquez retired after serving as the executive director of the Puerto Rico chapter for 13 years.

Kimberly HarperTupa has been replaced by Paul Ronningen and Rodriguez has been replaced by Lidice Matos.

Stephen Levi became the new executive director of the Alaska Chapter after Margaret Lumpkin relocated to England when her spouse was transferred.

Kimberly Harper (upper right) is the new executive director of the Wyoming chapter, which had previously been managed under contract with an association management company.

The Utah chapter recently hired its interim director, Emily Bleyl (lower right), as its new chapter executive director.