NASW Represented at DNC

Cynthia Moniz, Stephen Gorin and Mary Ann GaschnigCynthia Moniz, New Hampshire Chapter Executive Director Stephen Gorin and Mary Ann Gaschnig attended the Democratic National Convention as guests of the New Hampshire delegation. (Photo: New Hampshire Chapter)

NASW Executive Director Elizabeth J. Clark along with NASW staff and members attended the historic Democratic National Convention hosted in Denver, Colo., in August.

NASW cosponsored the Women's Equali-tea, a feminist gathering and celebration of Women's Equality Day at the convention and an opportunity to honor women serving in public office. Clark attended two meetings with the Democratic National Convention Women's Caucus. NASW also co-sponsored the Allied Health Partners health care reform event.

"Our major focus was to spread the message about the importance for policy makers to reinvest in the social work profession," said attendee Becky Myers, special assistant to the executive director at NASW.

Social workers who were also delegates to the convention took the opportunity to meet each other and exchange ideas at the event, Myers said.

Wendy Volz Daniels, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, and NASW Executive Director Elizabeth J. Clark Wendy Volz Daniels, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton, and NASW Executive Director Elizabeth J. Clark celebrated Women's Equality Day at the Equali-tea, which NASW co-sponsored.

Among those in attendance were Terry Werner, Nebraska chapter executive director and delegate; Becky Fast, NASW board member and staff member for U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore (D-Kan.); Renee Rivera, Colorado Chapter executive director; Christi Granstaff, NASW Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) trustee, as well as Steve Gorin, New Hampshire chapter executive director; Cynthia Moniz, former NASW Board secretary; and Mary Ann Gaschnig who all accompanied the New Hampshire delegation.

Other NASW staffers who attended included Brian Dautch, senior political action associate; and Asua Ofosu, senior government relations associate.

Ofosu said being part of the convention was an important step in NASW continuing its tradition of advocacy and public service. She said she was impressed by the wide demographic range of those who came to support the Barack Obama/Joe Biden ticket. She represented the association at the Congressional Black Caucus Institute Town Hall meeting and at other gatherings.

"The atmosphere in Denver was electric and I am so glad that I was able to witness history and be a part of the movement that is changing America," Ofosu said.