The Board Takes Action (May 2008)

Feb. 2008

Board's Action



Accepted the audit report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007

NASW received an unqualified or "clean" opinion on the consolidated audit including all related entities, including the Foundation, PACE, LDF and Assurance Services, Inc.

Accepted the treasurer's financial report as of Dec. 31, 2007

For the first six months of the fiscal year, net assets improved from $0.6 million in 2006 to $1.6 million in 2007.


Approved proposed rules of order and microphone rules for the 2008 Delegate Assembly

The 2008 Delegate Assembly will meet Aug. 7-10 in Washington, D.C. Revisions to the rules include: having the nondelegate members of the Delegate Assembly Planning Task Force serve as the Credentialing Subcommittee; providing opportunity for members to comment online on proposed revisions to the Code of Ethics and the Bylaws; voting revised policy statements up or down online; allotting time for statements of acknowledgement; and providing an Emerging Issues Forum in which delegates can have dialogue on areas identified as being critical to the profession.

Approved officers for the board of NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (ASI)

NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (formerly the NASW Insurance Trust), is a wholly owned subsidiary of NASW responsible for designing, securing and overseeing high-quality, competitive insurance, financial and other programs and services offered to social workers. The officers are Richard L Jones, president; Yvonne M Chase; Elizabeth J Clark; Elvira Craig de Silva; Paul D'Agostino; Patricia Fennell; Jean Parr; Deborah A Reyes; and Linda W Shearer.

Approved a letter written at the request of the board in response to CWA Local 2382 after review and consideration

The letter responded to a letter from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) local that represents part of the NASW national staff regarding negotiations on a new contract between NASW and CWA.


Notes: An action by the board to "receive" a report does not imply approval of the report in its entirety. Specifically, recommendations for board action included in a report are not adopted unless the board takes specific action to approve them. This list may not necessarily contain all actions the board took and actions that are reported elsewhere in the News.