Medicare Part B Pay Rate Changes

NASW has published a new practice update that provides details about changes in the Medicare Part B 2008 reimbursement rates for clinical social workers.

The practice update offers information on several developments that have affected Medicare reimbursement rates. In January, a temporary 0.5 percent increase for Medicare providers went into effectand is effective through June 30. New practice-expense methodology, however, is also having an effect on Medicare reimbursement rates for clinical social workers, and social workers may increase their reimbursement through participation in the 2008 Physician Quality Reporting Initiative. The update provides details about these changes.

NASW is working to improve reimbursement rates for social workers by lobbying Congress as well as through participation in the national Multi-Specialty Health Care Professional Practice Survey, which will determine practice-expense data for clinical social workers.

"We continue to work to improve reimbursement rates," said NASW Senior Policy Associate Mirean Coleman.