Grant to Member Aids Court Case

NASW's Legal Defense Fund Board of Trustees voted in November to approve a grant request for legal fees to a social worker involved in a case in which he declined to release client records without a custodial parent's consent.

The board approved a grant of $2,391 to NASW Illinois Chapter member Brian Klaung. Klaung requested the funds to aid with legal fees after legal action was filed against him by the noncustodial mother of two minors who received Klaung's services.

Klaung had filed a child abuse report, identifying the mother as the abuser. The mother's attorney subpoenaed Klaung's records, but Klaung did not provide the documents because there was no court order and no custodial parent consent.

A complaint for contempt of court was dismissed in September 2007, because under Illinois law the social worker was not required to provide the information until a court order was issued. Legal action in the case was resolved in favor of Klaung.