Video project showcases membership in NASW

Mary-Elizabeth TuggleSocial worker Mary-Elizabeth Tuggle (photo right) gets ready to film her video segment for an NASW project to showcase the benefits of NASW membership and to celebrate Social Work Month. The video project, which includes members from various career stages, is one of several ways NASW is recognizing the profession and the association’s 60th anniversary.

For Mary-Elizabeth Tuggle, a social worker with the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., being a member of NASW has provided opportunities to participate in leadership roles.

“It makes me become more involved with the field of social work,” Tuggle said during her interview for NASW’s special video project that is debuting this month for National Professional Social Work Month and to signify NASW’s 60th anniversary this year.

“It’s important to support the professional organization,” Tuggle explained. “I have more opportunities than I would have had I not been a member.”

Chad Dion Lassiter, president and co-founder of Black Men at Penn at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and a nationally recognized expert on racial issues, also appears in the video project.

“NASW is an amazing brand,” Lassiter said during his interview. “I made a decision to join because of its network and its opportunities.”

Tuggle and Lassiter were among several NASW members who took part in the project, which showcases some of NASW’s long-term, midcareer and student members. The project will be used to educate social workers and the general public about NASW and the benefits of joining the association.

Others interviewees include John “Jack” Hansan, a charter member of NASW who participated in the March on Washington in 1963; and Bernice Harper, a longtime member who serves on the NASW Foundation Board. The videos and a list of Social Work Month activities and resources can be found at This year’s theme is “Social Work Paves the Way for Change.”

NASW members and social workers will also have the opportunity to post videos about their views of why they chose social work, said Greg Wright, manager of NASW Public Relations.

“We will be encouraging members and social workers to post brief Vine-style videos, explaining why they are social workers and what they want to see happen in the next 60 years,” Wright said. “We plan to promote some of these short videos through our social media outlets.”

Wright said he also plans to host weekly Twitter chats with NASW members this month.

Social Work Day on Capitol Hill will take place March 17 and members of the Social Work Caucus plan to participate in a reception. Other Social Work Month activities include:

Online Series

LOGO: Social work paves the way for changeSocial workers and their supporters can use stories, available at, as real-life examples of the power of social work. The series, called “Lifelines: Stories from the Human Safety Net,” was produced by the University of Maryland Journalism Center on Children and Families with support from NASW. Showcased in news articles, cartoons, and video and audio formats, the series shows the many ways social workers help clients overcome challenges at different stages of life.

History Poster

For its 50th anniversary in 2005, NASW created a series of historical posters showing highlights of the organization’s advocacy and achievements. This month, a new panel/poster will be added to the series for the most recent decade. The full set of posters can be reviewed online and purchased for educational or marketing purposes.

Media Awards

The 4th annual NASW Media Awards recognizes TV news segments, news articles, films and other media that positively portray social workers or issues important to social work. Check for the list of nominees and voting instructions. Winners will be announced at the end of this month.

Interactive Timeline

An interactive online timeline featuring important events in NASW’s history will be launched this month on The timeline will help educate the public and social workers about the impact of our 60-year-old association and its committed members.

Campaign Advertising

Two versions of the 2015 Social Work Month logo are available — one for Social Work Month and one to commemorate NASW’s 60th anniversary. Download the logos to use on promotional materials.

Official Proclamations

Request a proclamation from your mayor or state officials to get recognition for the profession. Send a news release to local media people about your organization.

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