The Board Takes Action (June 2015)

Board's Action



Received the preaudited year-to-date financials for the period ending April 30, 2015.

As of April 30, 2015, total assets were $14.3 million and total liabilities and deferred income were $13.1 million. For the same reporting period, total revenue from operations was $12.4 million and total expenses were $14.7 million. There was an unrealized gain on investments of $0.4 million.

Approved a broader interpretation of bylaws language related to the Chapter Development Fund (CDF) administrative fee.

The action permitted language in Article XVI.B. (Dues and Other Income) of the NASW Bylaws, which states, Ten percent of the amount so allocated shall be designated as a National Office charge for administration of the Chapter Development Fund, to be interpreted to allow for an amount less than 10 percent of the member dues designated to the CDF to be allocated as a charge for administration of the fund by the national office. Also, the action calls for a proposed bylaw amendment that will allow for a fee of up to 10 percent to be charged to be submitted during the normal bylaws amendment process.


Accepted the program priority goals for 2015-18.

The priority goals will chart the course for the association’s programmatic activities for the next three years. The goals were crosswalked with the current Delegate Assembly goals and include five major areas that should be addressed across the association: association viability; membership experience; leadership for the profession; public policy; and social welfare.


Approved the “key features” of the Modernization and Revitalization Workgroup proposal.

The board approved in its entirety, the “key features” that form the Modernization and Revitalization Workgroup proposal. Second, the board authorized the CEO to begin the implementation process in accordance with an implementation plan that should be presented to the board for review in September 2015. Third, the board affirmed that the process of finalizing the implementation plan should include additional required due diligence and stakeholder representation from across the association, including chapter and national staff and leadership.

Notes: This list summarizes the main actions taken by the board at its June 2015 meeting. An action by the board to “accept” a report does not imply approval of the report in its entirety. Recommendations included in a report presented to the board for action are adopted only when the board takes specific action to do so.