Social Work SmartBrief launch exceeds expectations

NASW encouraged its members in May to sign up for the Social Work SmartBrief, a daily e-newsletter that contains social work-related information from a variety of news sources, career tips and NASW announcements.

Since the launch of the newsletter, more than 15,000 people have subscribed to get SmartBrief sent to their inboxes, said Richard Loomis, manager of NASW’s conference and event planning.

“Over 15,000 members and nonmembers are receiving NASW’s Social Work SmartBrief e-newsletter on a daily basis,” Loomis said. “This number has certainly exceeded our expectations for the launch and we’re looking forward to continue to grow the list of subscribers.”

The SmartBrief e-newsletter is a one-stop spot to receive information free of charge on the social work profession, said Andrea Cuba, director of product development and marketing for NASW.

“This is a resource for professionals to learn more about what’s going on in the social work field — and also about NASW — all in one place,” Cuba said. “We hope our current subscribers will share this tool with their colleagues and friends and encourage them to sign up as well.”

The information found in the e-newsletter applies to a wide variety of social work areas, such as academia, practice, policy and agencies. Loomis said it’s a unique breaking-news source that is of importance to NASW members, packaged in a format that’s easy and quick to read, yet substantive.

“The nature of it is it has an appeal to all sectors of the social work profession,” Loomis said. “Article topics in the e-newsletter can include legislative news, general news of importance to social work — like marriage equality — government policies, and career insights. Reading this information daily can help social workers be better informed.”

NASW’s SmartBrief e-newsletter subscription is ongoing, free, and open to members and nonmembers. Signup information can be found here.

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