NASW Board Takes Action at October 2014 Meeting

October 2014

Board's Action



Received the pre-audited financial report for FY 2013-14 and the year-to-date financials for the period ending Aug. 31, 2014.

As of June 30, 2014, total assets were $15.5 million; total liabilities and deferred income were $12.4 million; and total net assets were $3.2 million, an increase of $0.7 million from the previous year. For the period July-August 2014, total assets were $15.4 million; total liabilities and deferred income were $12.5 million; and total net assets were $2.9 million.


Received the 2015 legislative agenda priority goals.

The board received the 2015 preliminary legislative agenda, which was developed and shaped by assessments conducted through interviews, focus groups and surveys of various member groups and stakeholders. Priorities identified were: Reimbursement rates, Affordable Care Act integration, student loan forgiveness, strengthening the role of social work in health and human services, and social and economic justice, especially issues that impact our clients.


Accepted the recommendation for continued funding of the Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

In June 2014, the board voted to adopt a provisional resolution authorizing commencement of the process to terminate the NASW Defined Benefit Pension Plan beginning on or about Oct. 15, 2014, if specific conditions outlined in the resolution were met. Subsequently, one of the two conditions was met. After various analyses, it was determined that the best option was to stay the course and continue funding the plan. The board accepted this recommendation.


Approved the minutes.

The board voted to approve the minutes of the June 2014 board meeting and the Annual Meeting of Members.

Approved the revised charges for the journals’ editorial boards.

The charge for each journal’s editorial board was revised to comport with the current governance structure and its reporting mechanism.

Appeal of the Illinois Chapter’s Shared Interest Group (SIG).

The board referred the appeal made by the Illinois Chapter’s SIG to the executive committee, authorizing the committee to review the matter and act on its behalf. The appeal was made after the chapter board voted to discontinue its support of the SIG.

Received the Chapter/National Modernization Task Force Report.

The task force recommended a model that will position the association to increase and enhance local service delivery to members. After discussion of the task force recommendations, the board voted to receive the report indicating its interest to have the contents of the report be reviewed and discussed by chapter leaders. A summary of chapter responses will be provided and considered by the board at its January meeting.

Member Engagement Modernization Task Force

The board voted to change the task force name to Member Engagement Task Force. Its purpose will be to advise the board and NASW senior staff on perceptions of strategic initiatives under the NASW 2014-2017 strategic plan, emphasizing messaging, benefits, services and products for enhancing members’ NASW experience.

Notes: This list summarizes the main actions taken by the board at its October 2014 meeting. An action by the board to “accept” a report does not imply approval of the report in its entirety. Recommendations included in a report presented to the board for action are adopted only when the board takes specific action to do so.