Ronald Dellums addresses 2014 graduates

Ronald Dellums, Charles Howard, and Bernice Catherine Harper

Photo by Robert Arnold, NASW

From left, Charles Howard, a research associate at the E. Franklin Frazier Center at Howard University; Ronald Dellums, former U.S. representative and NASW Social Work Pioneer®; and Bernice Catherine Harper, NASW Social Work Pioneer®, attended the May 2014 Awards and Recognition Ceremony at Howard University School of Social Work in Washington, D.C., in May.

Dellums, who is the visiting fellow at the Howard University Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center, received honorary membership in the Class of 2014 and gave the address to the graduating class of 2014.

The program was led by Cudore Snell, immediate past dean at the school, professor and NASW Social Work Pioneer®; and Sandra Edmonds Crewe, interim dean at the school.