Letter to the Editor (June 2014)

Other fields do not have to establish hiring preferences

I am responding to the article Agency agrees to give hiring preference, as written on the first page of the May 2014 NASW News.

I am glad on the one hand that several Department of Family and Children’s Services are giving hiring preference to SOCIAL WORKERS for SOCIAL WORKERS’ positions.

What is wrong with that statement?

No other profession has allowed individuals to assume the professional title and actual job of someone that is degreed and licensed in their field. It saddens me to think that so many states have not stopped the civil service exemption when it comes to an individual in the line of duty — no matter if duly licensed or not — to call themselves a social worker.

No wonder we have problems with the general population understanding who is really a social worker. And, of course, this has affected pay scales as well.

Imagine if this were a group of physicians or nurses or psychologists, it would have never gotten off the ground to allow those who aren’t properly credentialed to assume the rank and privilege.

Catherine Morrison, ACSW, LISW-S
Cleveland, Ohio