Media Awards Open Until Feb. 15

As Social Work Month approaches in March, NASW has extended the deadline for its annual Media Awards nominations to Feb. 15, and is also preparing to air NPR sponsorship ads about the value of social workers in all media markets.

The third annual NASW Media Awards recognizes professionals and projects across 11 categories that have raised awareness about social work-related topics through a variety of platforms, including blogs, documentaries, news articles and television programs.

“The media awards are an excellent way to reward media projects that have done a good job on recognizing social work during the previous year,” said Greg Wright, NASW senior communications and public relations associate.

Online voting will start Feb. 15 and will close March 15. Winners will be announced at the end of March, at the conclusion of Social Work Month.

The categories are: documentary; feature film; TV program/news; TV program/reality; TV program/fictional; magazine and/or magazine article; newspaper article; column; best radio segment or program; single topic blog; and website.