Letters to the Editor (October 2013)

Successful veterans policy rests on whole community

After reading the September newsletter, I would like to share the following thoughts.

As a social worker who does work with the DoD and VA, I am encouraged to see the NASW supporting military social work, and was very interested in the article regarding national veteran policy by Paul Pace.

I am committed to the services rendered to our service members, veterans, their family members and the service providers and social workers who reach out to them, and I would support a unified covenant.

However, I was disturbed that no one mentioned in the article was a representative of DoD or VA social work programs, who would have been able to provide accurate information about programs, services, commitment or processes.

I think for this initiative to move forward, the two major entities that exist to serve our military and veterans should be an instrumental part of the discussion. But its success will require the commitment of the whole community.

In addition, I would like to applaud the letter to the editor written by Judith Dekle, who very eloquently illustrates that working with the military is going to eventually touch us all throughout agencies and communities.

And, one last comment. I was surprised that I didn’t see any information about the new NASW Credential for Military Social Workers. I think it is wonderful to establish a professional credential for social workers who have expertise in meeting the needs of this unique population.

LeAnn E. Bruce, Ph.D. (abd) LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Hardinsburg, Ky.