Letters to the Editor (November 2011)

Learn From the Past

NASW President Jeane Anastas calls on us to understand the impact of the economy on the people whom we serve (“It’s the Economy ... Once Again” September News).

I would like to recommend to fellow NASW members an upcoming issue of The Journal of Progressive Human Services (V. 23 No. 1). It grapples with the meaning of the Great Recession for social work, featuring articles on careers in consumer financial protection, our relationship with America’s debilitated middle class, and the 1933 statement of June Purcell Guild, a social worker who speaks to us from the depths of the Great Depression.

Sam Coleman, PhD, MSW
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, Calif.


A Silver Tsunami

Dr. Anastas has made an excellent point in her article (September News). Economics play a significant factor in the lives and daily functioning of many of our clients in these difficult economic times.

There is another segment of the population that needs to be identified among those deserving of advocacy: those 50 years and older that have been systematically terminated from their jobs over the last few years. These individuals continue to have difficulty obtaining new employment.

A “silver tsunami” exists for this aging population. In many cases this population is too young to retire, do not qualify for social security benefits or the benefits are not enough to sustain an adequate standard of living.

This working population is being ousted by the cost-effective measures of many non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Hopefully, the NASW will also raise their voices in advocacy for this special population.

Charlotte Zeller Ph.D. LICSW
Longmeadow, MA.