NASW Joins ‘Script Your Future’ Effort

Script Your Future logoNASW has broadened its support of improving medication adherence by announcing it is a committed partner in the National Consumers League’s Script Your Future campaign.

The effort seeks to raise awareness among consumers and their family caregivers about the importance of taking medication as prescribed, as a vital first step toward better health outcomes.

Campaign organizers explained that nearly 45 percent of the adult population has one or more chronic condition that requires medication. However, one out of three people never fill their prescriptions and nearly three out of four Americans do not take their medications as directed.

The three-year campaign will focus on patients affected by three serious chronic conditions-diabetes, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. It will also provide tools that help patients and health care professionals better communicate about ways to improve medication adherence.

Rebecca Burkholder, vice president of Health Policy for the National Consumers League, said she is pleased NASW has signed onto the effort. She said social workers are ideally trained to help clients overcome barriers while treating their chronic conditions.

“Social workers can help clients work with their health provider to make sure they are getting the most of out of their care,” Burkholder told the NASW News. “Right now, we’re focusing on launching the campaign in six target markets and we’re building local coalitions to help support the effort.”

The cities targeted at press time are: Baltimore; Birmingham, Ala., Cincinnati; Providence, R.I.; Raleigh, N.C.; and Sacramento, Calif.

Collins said NASW is formulating strategies to spotlight the campaign to social workers. “We hope that chapters and members will use the public education materials in their states and communities to raise much-needed awareness about medication adherence,” she added.

Tools, news and more information for consumer and health care professionals are available at Script Your Future.