The Board Takes Action (June 2011)

April 2011

Board's Action



Received financial statements as of March 31, 2011.

As of March 31, NASW’s total asset position was $15.6 million. Since March 2010, overall assets have increased by $334,000; total value of investments increased by $406,000; and liabilities and deferred revenue decreased by $436,000. Year-to-date revenue was $13.8 million, with $7.4 million in dues revenue (a decrease of $122,000 for the same time last year). Year-to-date expenses were $11.9 million, a decrease of $1.3 million from prior years. Savings are due to outsourcing of the member call center and continuing cost containment. Operating revenue exceeded operating expenses by $1.8 million.

Accepted the FY 2011-12 budget plan.

The approved budget has a revenue and expense ceiling of $17,168,875.


Accepted the FY 2011-12 program plan.

NASW operates with a yearly program plan that is linked to the budget. Using Delegate Assembly goals and imperatives approved by the Social Work Congress, program goals are developed and translated into program activities.


Accepted the final agenda for the 2011 Delegate Assembly.

Proposed Rules of Order for the 2011 Web-based Delegate Assembly and the assembly’s final agenda were approved.

Deferred bylaws change proposal to task force.

The California Chapter proposed an amendment to Article IV that would restructure the Delegate Assembly. The board agreed that a change of this magnitude needs to be vetted by chapters and there is not enough time to slate it for the 2011 assembly. The proposal was deferred to a task force that will consider proposals to restructure the Delegate Assembly.

Approved a staff proposal to amend the associate membership classification.

The amendment to Article III.2 redefines the criteria for associate membership as “any person who has a professional interest in, or is supportive of the issues addressed by, or the client populations served by, the social work profession.” The amendment clarifies that associate members cannot hold elective office in national or chapter elections.


Notes: An action by the board to "receive" a report does not imply approval of the report in its entirety. Specifically, recommendations for board action included in a report are not adopted unless the board takes specific action to approve them. This list may not necessarily contain all actions the board took and actions that are reported elsewhere in the News.