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All Children Matter - Love. Justice. Family. Equality

All Children Matter

Aug 04, 2017

We connect, support, and represent the one million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender in this country and the two million children they are raising.

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Ending Conversion Therapy: Supporting And Affirming LGBTQ Youth

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Oct 01, 2015

This report presents therapeutic practices related to youth, and sexual orientation and gender identity. These practices are based on research, clinical expertise, and expert consensus. The report makes the case for eliminating the use of conversion therapy among youth.  Free report.

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A Guide For Understanding, Supporting, And Affirming LGBTQI2-S Children, Youth, And Families

J.M. Poirier, S.K. Fisher, R.A. Hunt, And M. Bearse

Dec 01, 2014

Young people may question their sexual orientation and gender identity during their early development, and the terms they use to describe their identity may change over time. This section defines some key concepts and terms related to sex, sexual orientation, and gender. Although no one term fully describes a person or community, this information provides a reference point for this guide.

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Una Guía Para Entender, Apoyar Y Alentar A Los Niños, Jóvenes Y Familias LGBTQI2-S

J.M. Poirier, S.K. Fisher, R.A. Hunt, And M. Bearse

Dec 01, 2014

Los jóvenes pueden cuestionar su orientación sexual e identidad de género durante su desarrollo temprano, y los términos que utilizan para describir su identidad pueden cambiar a través del tiempo. Esta sección define algunos conceptos y términos claves relacionados con el sexo, la orientación sexual y el género. Aunque no hay un solo término que describa completamente a una persona o comunidad, esta información provee un punto de referencia para esta guía.

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Paying An Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty For Being LGBT In America

Center For American Progress (CAP) And Movement Advancement Project (MAP)

Nov 24, 2014

Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for Being LGBT in America paints a stark picture of the added financial burdens faced by LGBT Americans because of anti-LGBT laws at the national, state and local levels. These laws contribute to devastating cycles of poverty and create unfair financial penalties in the form of higher taxes, reduced wages and Social Security income, increased healthcare costs, and more.

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Legal Developments in LGBT Family Rights

NASW Legal Defense Fund

Sep 01, 2011

There remain many barriers to full legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples’ relationships, although this is an area of family law that is developing at a rapid pace. In recent years many cases have been litigated across the country addressing foster care and adoption, child custody rights, and same-sex marriage. This Legal Issue of the Month article provides an update on the status of state laws addressing these matters.

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