Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
December 2023
Abdul Salaam Jalil, BSW
Adam Thomas Colson, LCSW (inactive)
Adina Milligan, MSW
Alexis F. Selwood, ACSW
Alice M. Bass
Alice Rose Moore, M.S.W
Arlene Alpert
Amy N. French
Angela M. Roiko Bogust
Angelee M. Russ-Carbin
Anna George
Antiquea Brinkley, ADC,CDP
April Hope Mandeville-Palm
Efrat Arar Sheba
Ariane Mahmud-Ghazi
Dianne Arman
Donna Baudendistel
Beth Miriam Lee, LCSW
John Biggs
Sandra Block
Heather Bonds-Harmon
Michael Boniello
Lynn Borenstein
Ashlyn Brigham
Mary Brown
Natalie Bryan
Judy Bufano
Katherine Cardoso
Linda Carelli
Stacey Carley
Daniel Carlson-Thompson
Carole Milan Danis
Douglas Carrel
Catherine S. Williams, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Mary Chandler
Charlene J. Hogue, LISW
Charles S. Lederman, ACSW
Lorraine Chase
Loretta Clark
Jane Clarke
Alicia Cole
Alexander Combs
Joe Connors
Corri J. Ferdman, LCSW,CADC,C-ACYFSW
Elvira Craig de Silva
Michelle Crandell
Linda Crawford
Katherine Crouch
Dani Novo
Daniel Murph, MSW
Deborah Bluestone
Mary Beth Del Balzo
Nancy Delap
Judith DeWit
Nicole Dinwiddie
Bonny Dodson
Lani Donlon
Lauren Donovan
Edith G. Gonzalez, BSW
Ruth Eichler
Phillip Elbaum
Elise Pearl Oliver, LCSW,ACSW,DCSW
Elizabeth A. Forbes
Jennifer Fischer
Susan Fleming
Julie Fogliano
Claire Forte-McRobbie
Alexandra Fortune
Francine E. Cochis, LCSW
Nicole Freiberg
Donna Gatewood
Artice Geary
Angelina Gianfermo
Beverley Gilligan
Carol Gingerich
Gisella Catterine Chace
Lois Goldsmith
Ellen Goldsmith
Lauren Gordon
Elizabeth Griffin
Susanne Hand
Yolanda Harvey
Heather M. Kaloupek
Heather S. Holop
Danielle Heitmann
Holly Hughes, LCSW
Duncan Howe
Bohdan Hrynewych
Patricia Huntley
Fran Hurwitz
Irene R. Siegel, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
J. Richard Romaniuk, ACSW,MVF-CSW
James Harold Rhoden, III, LMSW
James W. Kreider
Janice S. Maurizio
Janis G. Pressley, LCSW-C
Jason A. Tolkaz
Jayne M. Thibeault
Jeanine D. Nix, PhD, LCSW
Jennifer J. Williams, LCSW
Jennifer L B Van Dyk
Joanne Koravos, MSW, LICSW
Nancy Kadian
Robert Kafes
Karen M. Hansel
Karlisue Lafferty
Karyn A. Mac Kenzie Fajardo, LICSW
Kathleen M. Borer
Ellen Kaufman Dosick
Regina Keddell
Kelley Donovan, MSW
Dalanee kennon
David Kooperman
Christine Koster
Kristi Anne Limes, graduate student
Debbie Kunkel
Mary Ellen Lagasse
Laura B. Kaehler, LCSW
Laura M. Myers-Meske, MSW CSW
Victoria Laurenzi-Jump
Ellen Lauter
Patricia Law
Ruth Levy
Linda A. Horrell
Linda Levinson, LCSW,ACSW,DCSW
Joya Lonsdale
Lori L. Campbell
Louise E. Kindley
Susan Love
Ernestine Lovell
Cienna Lueth
Jennifer Lutz
M.C. Terry Hokenstad, PhD,ACSW
Laurie Magulac
Marcy S. Puklin, LCSW,
Margaret S. Buzan, LCSW,DCSW
Joseph Martin
Jerome Marton
Mary E. Thorp
Mary Elizabeth Gamas
Mary Elizabeth Judd-Pechie, LICSW
Mary K. Riegel
Mary Magnoli, ACSW
Marylyn Beeson Bowman, LCSW
Phyllis Mattek
Maureen D. Aquilina
Julie Mayfield
Kathleen McCabe
Maureen McCarren
Silvana McDevitt
Megan Lee Cocco, LGSW
Ellen Mellis
Michelle Dawn Ray, LCSW
Sarah Miles
Pamela Miller
Deborah Miller-Lunsford
Dori Moore
Cecilia Muniz
Carroll Muszkiewicz
Caroline Myers
Elliott Naishtat
Naomi Posner-Stein
Donald Neal
Dana Neiding
Ingrid Nishimoto
Daniel Novotny
Christopher Nussman
Ronald Ober
Susan Ochwat
Orion Block
Anthony Pabon
Patricia A. Prior
Paula J. Bettano Everts, ACSW
Paula J. Kindos-Carberry, ACSW
Monique Pearlman
Abigail Penhorwood
Lorraine Pippins
Bill Powell
Rachel Ebert, LCSW
Katherin Ranzoni
Margaret Reiser
Wendy Richmond
Ritamarie Stapleton
Robert and Mavis Connolly
Robert L. Feder
Alphonso Robinson
Gerald Rodriguez
Gay-Ann Rogge
Barbara Ronca
Rosaria Marie Kozar, MAT
Paul Royer
Gretchen Rusnak Miller
Samantha Jurgens
Florence Saul
Susan Scheffel
Donna Schroeder
Susanne Scipione
Melanie Shear
Sheila W. Ferrell, LBSW
Shirley Anderson-Titus, ACSW
Kate Siddiqi
Gary Silverstein
Donald Sloane
Madalyn Smith
Hillary Snare
Marc Spetalnik
Poonam Sripada
Cheryl Stampley
Deborah Stewart
Susan Stiritz
Kylee Stuart
Cynthia Stuen
Susan Hansen-Porter
Susan Hirsch, ACSW
Suzanne Kay Sawyer
Amy Svoboda
Tracey Taylor
Laura Thorpe
Tiffany Glisson
Tina M. Kenyon, LICSW, ACSW
Beth Tipperman
George Tippin
Rhonda Tracey
Tricia Skyee Wells
Jonathan Tubman
Herman Tucker
Vera Vento
Eva Voth
Michael Wallace
Joyce Wertheimer
Laurie Wilmot
Rachel Wilson
Nicole Wolff Conley
Mara Wolfsen
Zachary Moses
November 2023
Abhilasha S E Natarajan
Trudy Abrams
Madeleine Abrams
Constance Ackerman
Miriam Adams
Cora Adams
Lindsey Adams
Adele Marcus, LICSW
Lynn Adler
Adriana Kierecki, BSW
Adrien Survol Rivin
Alan F. Cooper, ACSW
Michele Alexander
Alexandra LaPlante
Alexandra Rae Ellis
Alexandra Roth
Alicia B. Pajares
Alison R. Parsons, LCSW
Reva Allen
Ann Allen
Allen Taylor
Allison R. Ross, PhD, LCSW
Alyssa K. Campbell
Amanda Burrows, LICSW
Amanda G. Somdal
Amy J. Handzel-Kobelia
Amy L. Hill
Amy L. Sirois
Ana Beatriz Aguilar
Ana Tucker, LMSW, MPH
Colette Anderson
Marc Anderson
Andrea Andersen
Andrea Race Douglass, LICSW
Angel J. Schultz, BSW, LCDP
Angelica Camargo, LCSW
Angelica R. Perricone, MSW
Tamarin Anglin
Anita Rozas, ACSW, LCSW-C
Anna Gerrity, MSW
Anna Hardy Finger
Anna M. Scheyett, PhD, MSW
Anne E. Hollister, LCSW
Anne L. Kracmer
Anne Marie Kates, LMSW
Annemarie DuBois, LCSW
Annie Downing, LMSW
Anthony A. Bibus, III, PhD, LISW
Anthony Whyde, MSW
Kristine Arbo
Nicole Arel
L. Samantha Armer
Aryn S Geiger, LSW
Ashley Wallace Borders
Ashton M. Carrigan
Lurline Aslanian
Charlene Atkins
Kari Baars
Amy Bailey
Bonnie Bain
Lucinda Ballantyne
Barbara B. Anthony
Barbara B. Kaplan, LICSW
Barbara B. Mizer, ACSW
Barbara J. Clivio, PhD, LICSW
Bari J. Goltzman, LMSW
Tracy Barnes
Kayla Barnes Patrick
Elaine Barrington
Daniel Bass
Lauren Bauer
Amy Beckman
Diane Bedell
Marcia Belfer
Cynthia Bell
Susan Bellamy
Denise Benoit
Susanna Bensinger
Heidi Berke
Mary Berman
Lisa Berry-Ellis
Janet Bertelli
Mary Berthelot
Karl Bertrand
Gary Bertuccelli
Connie Bessette
Alexandria Bet
Beth Ann Cooke, MSW
Beth Anne Tripi, LMSW
Beth Greiff Wittenberg
Paula Betts-Redmond
Beverly Bomhoff
Jane Bidwell
Megan Biggs
Barrie Birge
David Bishop
Sharon Black
Colin Blanchard
Antonio Blanco
Gianna Blaquiere
Linda Block-Coalter
Bobbi Lee Battleson Hardy
Gail Bohr
Michelle Bolen
Jose Bonangelino
Jamel Bonello
Bonnie H. Jessee, LCSW
Catherine Bonny
Erich Bonny
Gail Borgman
Jon Boschen
Leora Botnick
Susan Bourque
Julianna Bowers
Octavia Bradley
Karen Brasile
Brian Henry Naisby
Bridget Kathleen O'Rourke
Bonnie Brody
Barbara Bronson
Leigh Brooks
Ellen Brown
Kathleen Brown
Susan Brown
Charlotte Brown Fri
Susan Browne
Laura Brownstone
Susan Broxmeyer
Bruce Graham, MSW
Peg Brundage
Brynne A. Hicks
Barbara Buloff
Bonnie Burg
Richard Burnett
Valerie Burns
Lynn Burrough
Carolyn Burton
Paula Busch
Mary Alice Butler
Jena Byorum
C. Keith Henderson
Anna Cable
Carmen Cabrero
Caitlin Carroll Sanders
Caitlin Chapman Van Slooten
Mary Caldwell
Calie May Adams, MSWI
Mary Candelario
Jeremy Caplan
Peter Capper
Christian Caputo
John Careri
Carmel G. Sweeney, LCSW
Carmen Renee Jacobson, BSW
Carnella Gordon-Brown, MSW, LCSW
Carol A. Maker
Carol A. McCoin
Carol Curtin, PhD
Carol Dolber McMurray, ACSW
Carol J. Clarke, LCSW
Carol Kassay
Carol M. Rainey
Carol R. Rogers
Carole G. Goldstein, ACSW
Carolyn A. Kamp, LCSW, ACSW
Carolyn M. Campbell, ACSW
Carolyn S. Endicott-Plog
Carrie H. Russell
J.T. Carrillo
Lori Cartaino
Caroline Carter
Cary L. Walker
Cassandra Saimond
Wendolyn Castillo-Cook
Catherine A. Erickson
Catherine M. Van Bomel
Catherine Margaret Valdes
Catherine Peterson, LCSW
Cathy Roberts
James Cato
Nancy Cavaluzzi
Lynn Cearley
Virginia Cerbo
Lisa Cerullo
Chadel C. Andresen
Mardi Chambers
Chandra L. Simonds
Charlene Grace Longstaff
Charles L. Deville, Jr.
Charlotte Louise Forrest, LCSW
Cathy Chavez
Chelsie Rae Ogaard, SWA
Cheryl Blankenship Kupras, LCSW
Cheryl Elaine Locastro
Ellen Chiang
Deborah Chick
Christa J Thompson, LCSW
Christi Fields
Christie D. Larsen
Christina Daron, LISW-S
Christina Louise Senn
Christina Marie Martinez, MSW
Christina Rice Thome, LCSW
Christine J. Davis, LMSW, ACSW
Christine Schad, MSW
Christopher H. Wolf, ACSW
Christopher K. Budnick
Christopher S. McLaughlin
Grant Chustz
Pier Cicerelle
Cindy Shealy
Carolyn Cirnitski
Clarice B. Gordon, ACSW
Donald Claussen
Limmy Claxton
Carol Cobb-Nettleton
Sam Cohen
Rodney Colbert
Toni Colbert
Jill Cole
Cole Campos
Carolyn Coll
Colleen K. Diveny, MSW, LCSW
Colleen M. Harrington
Catherine Como
Stephen Compton
Concepcion Leona Sousa, ASW, PPSC
Jessica Conery-Poulin
Connie Faye Suderman, LSCSW
Connie G. Rohde
Connie Wasserman
Jon Conte
Linnea Conway
Jessica Cook
Betty Cooperstein
Cornelia M. Gordon-Hempe, PhD,ACSW,CISW
Nell Cote
Courtney McFadden
Michael Cowan
Susan Cox
Geoffrey Cox
Debra Crabtree
Elizabeth Cramer
Suzanne Creel
Gary Creott
Christy Crespin
Cristina Henson
Margaret Crockett
Kelly Crowell
Francis Crowley
Melissa Crownover
Susanne Crummey
Crystal M. Howard-Arlia, LCSW
Kathleen Cullen-Conway
Morgan Cummings
Karen Cummings
Leah Cunningham
Catherine Cwiakala
Cynthia H. Watson
Cynthia L. Harris-Chadwick
Cynthia M. Torres
Cynthia Tyson
Judith D'Agostino
Isabel D'Ambrosia
Daniel Altamirano, BSW Student
Daniel Eli Michaud-Novak, ACSW
Daniela Weiss, LMSW
Cassidy Daniels
Dannielle Kennedy, ABESW
Daria M. Todor, ACSW
David Donlon
David L. Snowden, DCSW
Bonnie Davidson
Peter Davies
Giana Davis
Eden Davisson
Dawn Adeyemi
Dawn K. Staniszewski, ACSW
Deborah A. Burnell
Deborah Beall Boynton, MSW Student
Deborah J. Brinkley
Deborah L. Richardson, LCSW, MSSW
Deborah M. Nordstrom, LCSW
Deborah Rouslin, LICSW
Deborah Z. Weatherby, ACSW
Debra Carter-Barth, LICSW
Debra Marie Rhoades, LCSW, CASAC
Debra Pomroy Starr
Gail Decina
Morgan Decker
Peter DeDominici
Carey Deeters
Deidre A. Jones
Ann Deiters
Dauna Delashmit
Angela DeLoach
Delores Johnson-Davis, ACSW
Delton A. Abrams
Debra DeMartino
Dena R. McClure
Denetria Brooks-James, DSW, LMSW
Kae Denino
Denise J. Farmer
Denise M Rodriguez
Denise R. Dickinson
Dennis E. Martin, ACSW
Desiree C Sayre
Diana Devegh
Mary Devens
Carolyn DeVilbiss
Rita Devine
Diana Duron, LCSW
Diane L. Moore, LCSW, ACSW
Regina Dickens
Julianna Dickey
Christine Dicks
Deborah Dieppa-Yoder
Lisa Dittmer
Ronald Dobbs
Susan Dobuler
Sara Dodd
Dolly S. Still, LISW
Donald A. Casella, ACSW, DCSW
Donald D. Doornbos
Donna J. Hewitt, QCSW
Donna L. Ray, ACSW
Donna M. Scott, LCSW,LICSW
Donna M. Wyse
Diane Donovan
Dorann C. Mitchell, ACSW
Dorothy B. Ziemer, LCSW, ACSW
Dorothy Van Soest, PhD, MSW
Douglas L. Miller, ACSW, LMSW
Douglas R. McQueen
Kathryn Douglass
Linda Douthart
Leslie Dubin
Hannah DuBose-Harting
Claudette Duff
Colleen Duffy-Lomler
Dulce Carolina Lopez
James Dunbar
Kiyomi Duncan
Elizabeth Dunn
Lisa Durso
Dara Duryea
Emilee Dykeman
William Edelen
Lynne Edgecomb-Nickeson
Stella Edmondson
Edward P. Hanna, DSW, ACSW
Danielle Eggleston
Samantha Ehresman
Jane Einhorn
Debra Eisenberg
Ekaterina Shkurkin, ACSW LCSW
Elaine L. Martin, ACSW
Eleanor Vaughan Gilmore
Elizabeth A. Manley
Elizabeth A. Schumacher, Co-Director Reading
Elizabeth Belton
Elizabeth C. Clapham
Elizabeth C. Jenkins, ACSW
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth S. Kelly, BA
Elizabeth V. Coffman, ACSW
Ellen P. Bozyan
Molly Ellson
Faith Emerson
Emily L. Siegel, LCSW
Minji Enemark
Maryellen Eng-Wong
Mary Engels
Erin Adams Griffin, LCSW, LAC
Erin Ekeberg
Erin Lee Plante
Eugenia O'Shea Cottrell, LCSW
Deanne Evans
Craig Evans
Danita Evans-Behnke
Dan Evenhouse
Jennifer Everett
Tammy Everson
Milton Faith
Faith Kiermaier Feder
Jessica Falconer
Dorothy Faller
Angela Fanjul
Barbara Faron
Kelly Fein
Beth Feldkamp
Judith Feldman
Felecia Marie Noguera, MSW
Felicia A. Lightfoot, ACSW
Derrick Felton
Gail Ferguson
Barbara Fernan-Monaco
Tara Ferraioli
Catharine Fincke
Adam Finley
Nancy Finton
Margaret Fisher
Faline Fisher-Griffin
Greer Fites
Ellen Flaum
Janette Fletcher
Vivian Floch
Fonda Latham, ACSW
Beth Forhman
Wendy Foss
Erin Fourier
Francine MLG Harrison
Margy Fraulo
Amy Freeman
Luz Freestone
Leanne Furman
Gabriela M. Vega
Gabrielle E. Faggella, ACSW
Laurie Gaffney
Gail A. Phillips, Phillips
Gail Z. Eaton
Brooks Gale
Emily Gallagher
Erik Gans
Kimberly Garber
Diane Garcia
Alicia Garcia-Jones
George Gardner
Jess Garman
Dottie Garrison
Craig Gaspard
Joseph Gaunt
Svandis Geirsdottir
Michael Gelfand
Bibiana Geller
Geoffrey T. Abbott, ACSW
George W. Appenzeller, ACSW
Geralyn L. Mazzone
Gesomina V. Maglio, PhD
Jody Giacopuzzi
Gianna Bruno
Robert Gibson
Kathrin Gilbert
Theodore Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert
Denise Gill
Elizabeth Gillaspie
Gillian Francis, MSW
Esther Gillies
Ethel Gilloon
Jean Gilman
Robert Gilmor
Gina Lynn Mackin, LCSW
Mary Ann Ginette
Kathryn Ginsburg
Juanita Giraud
Bobbie Glidden
Glorimar Anderson, MSW
Nora Gluck
Golda Rebecca Miller
Bruce Goldberg
Dara Goldberg
Dawn Goldenberg
Pamela Goldsteen
Rosan Gomperts
Janet Goodman
Lynnette Goodman
Donna Goodwill
Carol Anne Gordon
Lorraine Gorlick
Grace Marie Nuzzi-Chabot, LCSW
Hannah Grant
Laurie Grant
Debra Michele Grant
Michelle Gray Heinhold
Patricia Green
Rachel Green
Judith Greenberg
Holly Greenberg
Kristen Gregory
Shelia Griffin
Robin Griffith
Brandie Grinstead
Elisabeth Groskin
Peter Grube
Amy Guen
Jean Gueniot
Daniel Guilfoyle
Donald Gulick
Stacey Guss
Rebecca Gusse
Lisa Haberbusch
Amy Hadley
Craig Hadley
Jacqueline Hall-Williams
Jeffrey Hamm
Patricia Hannah
Michael Hannigan
Karlene Harbour
Jaye Harkow
Stephanie Harmelin
Jonathan Harmon
Beverly Harper
Deborah Harrell
Jennifer Harris
Rufus Harris
Rose Harris-Cross
Ellen Hartnett
Wendy Haskell
Diane Hawkins-Clark
Eva Heakin
Heather Cooper
Heather M. DeAngelo-Pudish
Mark Hedgepeth
Aaron Heffernan
Heidi Peterson, BS
Francis Heitmann
Helen A. Frost
Helen Frazier
Susan Helkenn
Monica Hemmett
Patricia Hemphill
Kenneth Hennefer
Haylee Herman
Helen Hernandez
Herberth Hernandez
Arlyss Hetzler
Hezekiah Dean Jackson, MSW, CASAC
Marguerita High
Jake Higman
Jeffrey Himmel
Eleanor Hockaday
Andrea Hoffman
Donna Hoggard
Margaret Hoisington
Elizabeth Holley
Langdon Holloway
Holly Anne Grimm, LCSW
Elizabeth Holzhauer
Donna Hornsby
Barry Horowitz
Perry Horowitz
David Horwitz
Kimberly Houlihan
Monica Houttuin
Paulette Hurwitz
Karen Hurwitz
Diane Hyatt
Dorothy Hyde
Yuko Inzana
Constance Ives-Fenton
Jack A. Register, II
Janet Jackowski
Jaclyn Jones
Jacqueline Lambert
Jacquelyn D. Farrell
James A. Jackson
James Griner
James K. Geary
James L. Saylor
James Pobanz
James Tooley, ACSW
Janiece Brianne Peterson
Janis E. Lotfalian, ACSW
Stanislawa Jarosz
Holly Jasmin
Jasmin Ayana Canfield
Jason E Dodd, LSWAIC
Rebecca Jasper
Katherine Jawor
Jaylynn D. Olsen
Jean K. Shirkoff, ACSW
Jean Nicole Johnson
Jeanne Saxton Merritt, LCSW
Jeffrey Alfonso Guance, LMSW
Jeffrey Sinnott, LCSW
John Jendusa
Jennifer A. Zarou-Abraham, Abraham
Jennifer Anne Hedland
Jennifer Bates Wheeler, LCSW
Jennifer L. Bennett
Jennifer L. Crawley, LMSW
Jennifer M. Essex
Jennifer M. McCarthy
Jennifer N. Blosser, ACSW, LCSW,C-SWHC
Jennifer P. Sheridan
Jennifer Thayer
Angie Jennings
Jessica Ann Greenbaum, BA
Jessica Cowick, MSW
Jessica M. Peregrina Ramirez
Jessica Marie Requejo
Jill E. Maling
Jill H. Freedman, LCSW, ACSW
Joan Levy Zlotnik, PhD, ACSW
Joan Sterrett
Joanne L. Fritz
Jodi Michelle Jacobson, PhD
Joel Brian Albertson
Johanis Saez-Colon
Beverly John
John Christopher Doroba, MSW
John E. Thomas
John J. Danner
John R. Armando, ACSW
Sylvia Johnson
Susan Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Tammy Johnson
Ronald Jolin
Jon B. Kayne, ACSW
Jonathan Kilty Reidy
Darci Jones
Jasmine Jones
Albert Jones
Larnie Jones
Jordyn McCormick, LLMSW
Cynthia Joseph
Joseph D. Jones
Joseph F. Csincsak, ACSW
Joshua Cohen, ASW
Joshua Owens, LCSW, LICSW, ACM
Joyce M. Shatney
Betty Joyner
Judith A. Ashway, ACSW
Judith A. Krause, LMSW
Judith F. Schiffman
Judith I. McGraw, MSW,LISW
Judith L. Schechtman, ACSW
Judith P. Hicks, ACSW
Judy C. Mayfield, LCSW
Juliana Wilson
Julie A. Douglas Goble, CSW
James Jump
Robin Kahler
Rachel Kalvert
Kambra Dawn Deitz
Susan Kane
Karen A. Borruso
Karen Elizabeth Carabello
Karen L. Eckstrom, LICSW
Karin A. Kennedy, ACSW
Karina M. HUtchison
Karissa Lee Fleming
Karla Rae Gateley
Cheryl Karpinski
Barry Kasdan
Kate E. Holaday, ACSW, LLP, LPC
Katherine Allen
Kathleen A. Kosche, ACSW
Kathleen Brown McNally, LCSW
Kathleen Kerley Hillman, ACSW
Kathleen Shelley
Kathryn A. Cox, LICSW
Kathryn Ann Ciraolo, LCSW
Kathryn C. Wehrmann, PhD, LSW, LCSW
Kathryn M. Hanewicz, ACSW
Kathryn Marie Ladd, LCSW, LMHP
Kathryn Mary Lyle
Kathy Jo Marie Avery, MSW
Katie Peifer Bartley
Susan Katz
Barbara-Jean Keane
Mary Kearney
Edward Keenan
Charlotte Keeney
Katinka Keith
Kay Kelbley
Kelley Hunt, LCSW
Kelli J. Thompson, LICSW
Linda Kelly
Kelly Campbell, LISW-S
Kelly Jean Dearing, MSW, LCSW
Kelsey Bisson
Kelvin Hazangwi, LMSW
Madrene Kemp
Kenneth L. Sipe, ACSW
Carolyn Ketchel
Kevin G. Smith
David Kezur
Susan Khalsa-Wyborski
Marilyn Kidd
Kim Simpson
Kimberly A. Jeanson, LICSW
Kimberly I. Mercer
Kathryn Kinson
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Robert Kittle
Michelle Klein
Bonnie Knapp-Wild
Robin Knorr
Paul Koprowski
Shoshanna Korn-Meyer
Martin Koser
Claudia Kottwitz
Tadashi Kowta
Angie Koziara
Judith Kramer
Kathleen Kreinik
Barbara Krementz
Kristen A. Hostmeyer
Kristen Jacobs, MSW, LSW, CADC
Kristiann N. SantaMaria
Kristin Dianne Parrish
Kristina Hedy Baker
Kristine C. Ho, ACSW
Katlyn Kronschnabl
Taylor Krumroy
Dianne Kuchlak
Mary Kulas-Smith
Jane Kuniholm
Thomas Kurowski
Kush Desai
Linda Kyle
Kyle Allen Votroubek
Kyle H. Bryan, LCSW
John La Valle
Amy Labinger-Gothers
Lacey Taylor
Lisa Ladendorff
Charles Lambertz
Lance E. Stern
Laura Landau
Kristen Landau
Janice Lane-Schroeder
Kate Langeloh
Lanya Snyder, MSW
Teresa Larkin
Larry P. Mudd
Larry T. Legg, II
Carrie Larson
Sherri Lau
Laura Altman, MSW
Laura Farha, MSW, MDiv
Lauren Aline Graham, LCSW
Lauren J. Holst, LMSW
Laurie berson, MSSW student
Laurie Chesser
Laurie M. Conaty
Laurel Lawson
Leah Mack Ore, LCSW
Timothy Leary
Kimberly Lee
Renee Lee
LeeAnn Renee Gauthier, SWT, CDCA
Julie LeGoullon
John Lemmon
Len Lloyd Lulow, LCSW
Lenore Pierce Bailey
Rachel Lerner
Martha Leroi
LeRoy Harvey Hankins, LCSW
Leslie Erin Duntemann
Leslie R. Keene
Lester Chad Robinette
Diana Lett
Holly Levenkron
Rivienne Levin
Olga Levine
Demetrius Lewis
Abigail Lewis
Li Mei Li, MSW
Karen Libman
Bettyann Lichtenstein
Mark Lien
Rondi Lillehaug
Linda Berlin
Linda E. Williams
Linda F. West, LCSW
Linda Maria Fodera, LCSW
Linda Steinborn Bender, LMSW
Lindsey Lapointe
Sharon Lipford
Jill Lipton
Lisa J. Schore
Lisa Jolene Blake, LCSW
Lisa K. Smith
Lisa Robin Whitmore
Lisa Stewart, MSW
Lisa W. Larriviere
Judith Lischetti
Veronica Listerud
Liz Garrett, MSW
Emily Locker
Lois Dene Johnston, LMSW
Stella Lopez
Loretta N. Paulson
Lori K. Edelson, ACSW
Lori Messinger, PhD, MA, MSW
Jodi Lowry
Janet Lucas
Ellen Luepker
Tara Lunde
Kristine Lupi
Martha Lurz
Kate Lynch
Lynda K. Topp, ACSW, LISW
Lynea Seiberlich
Lynn E. Kallmann, ACSW
Lynn Smith, CSW
William Lyons
Wendy Mac Leish
Mary Macavoy
Dolores MacDonald
Mackenzie Hitch, BA, MHRT/C
Madlyn K. Cassata, LCSW-R
Janet Madri-Flores
Anna Madrigal-Garcia
Mahendran Radhakrishnan
Carol (Candy) Malina
Jessica Mallard
Rebecca Mallen
Delores Malloy
Mandi Melton, LCSW
Sharilyn Manning
Kathryn Manning
Tanya Manslank
Mara Elizabeth Ward-Goldberg, LICSW
Mara L. Bentman, DCSW, C-SSWS, BCD
Kathleen Marble
Marcella F. Jost, LCSW
Marci Friedman
Marcy G. Pritzen, LCSW
Marcy L. Abramsky, LCSW
Margaret J. Kramer
Margaret Ruth Goger-Cranston, LSCSW
Marguerite A. Cross, MSW, LSWAIC
Maria L. Hood, LCSW,ACSW
Maria Regina Brubaker
Mariadonna M. Litwak, MSW LCSW
Marian E. Jones
Marian R. Harris Schultz, ACSW
Marian R. Weisenfeld
Maribeth Lichty, ACSW
Marie schritter
Marisa Taddonio, LSW, HSV
Marjorie B. Sugarman, LCSW-R,DCSW
Marjorie Lewitt
Robert Marks
Eileen Marnien
Marsha M. Frye-Moquin, LICSW
Marguerite Marshall
Martha A. Guerrero, LCSW
Martha L. Kenney, ACSW
Martin A. Rosolinsky, ACSW
Megan Martino
Mary E. Yandura
Mary Jane Fox, MSW, LCSW
Mary Kay Irving
Mary Kay Wood, ACSW
Mary Maverick Lloyd
Mary Minott, LICSW
MaryEllen Walpole, ACSW
Sara Matlack
Shirley Mattfeld
Matthew B. Weisner, LCSW
Matthew J. Nutt
James Mattimore
Maureen Gupton, Maureen D. Gupton
Sharon McCaffrey
Pam McCollum
Judith McCoyd
Marybeth McDonald
Brittany McDonnell
Anna McGee
Kristy McGuinnes
Gladys McIntosh-Thomas
Michelle McIver
Samantha McMahon
Angela McWhite
Paul Meeker
Meenakshi Rao
Megan Jeffers
Dawn Meggerson
Meghan Seradsky, MSW Candidate
Melissa A. Smeltzer-Wolfe
Melissa Wye Geraci, Ph.D., M.S.
Kimberly Mercer
Mercy Burton Russell
Joyce Mermini
Lawrence Mernaugh
Meryl A. Fingrutd, LICSW
Noelle Mestres
Carmen Mezarina
Chris Miaoulis
Michael Padilla
Michela Farnsworth
Michele Buono, LMSW
Michele Delafranconi, LCSW
Michele L. Edwards
Michelle Callahan, LSCSW, LCSW
Michelle Lynn Merlonghi
Michelle Marx Gardiner
Michelle S. Hayes
Susan Middleton
Margaret Miles
Miles S. Morrissey
Deborah Miller
Jay Miller
Kathleen Minotti
Molly Miskiewicz
Modestine N. Blanton
Morra Molotsky
Nancy Monbrod
Monica mora
Susan Montella-Jelley
Natalie Montero
Vanessa Montez
Arlene Montgomery
Jeffrey Montgomery
John Montgomery
Patrick Mooney
Janice Moore
Moreen L. Fried
Robert Morgan
Allison Morgan
Molly Morgan
Beverly Morgan
Susan Morrow
David Morse
Jenna Mosenson
Ruth Moss-Katsnelson
Mozell Brown, BSW Degree
William Muhr
Marilyn Mull
Gerard Mullaney
Manuel Munoz
Amity Munson
Michael Murphy
Britany Myers
N. Page Kohlhepp
Nadia Corinne Antoszyk, -1, LCSW
Janet Naish
Kristi Nance-Hmurovich
Nancy B Baldwin
Nancy J. Coffey, ACSW
Nancy Jo Johnson, LCSW
Nancy S. Cohen
Lois Nardone
Natasha M. Bobb-Semple
Nathaniel A. Hope
Jack Neggerman
Garnet Nelson
Maria Nemec-Black
Brenda Nemeth
David Nemiroff
Elizabeth Neweton
Cindy Newman
Melissa Newton
Nhat-Ha Nguyen
Nicholas Tofilon
Wendy nickerson
Nicole Elise Blanchett
Nicole Saad, MSW
Nikki A. Cavalier
Nina Glasner, LCSW-C
Elizabeth Nixon
Angela Nobles
Sharon Nolting
Judy Noone
Caitlin Noone
Virginia Norling
Norma H. Hunt, DCSW,ACSW
Devon Norton
Christopher Novak
Sonia Nowak
Maria Nuno
Eric Nykamp
Mary O'Brien-Harte
Sharon O'Halloran
Karen Oates
Debra Oehmke
Julie Ogletree
Bradley Ohs
Shelly Oliver
Lynn Ollswang
Justine Ondricek
Sean Oneil
Carolyn Otto
Luz Oviedo
Ashlee Owens
Daniel Pabustan
John Pack
Rebecca Padek
Paula Pagan-Rosas
Katherine Palazzolo-Miller
John Palmer
Pamela B. Schott, LCSW
Pamela G. Henderson, DCSW
Pamela J. Latos, LCSW, ACSW
Joanne Pantanella-Crumling
Keren Paquette
Louise Parente
Patricia Parker
Alyssa Parker
Darryl Parraway
Dean Pastras
Patrice M. Hegel
Patricia J. Dell-Ross
Patricia J. Tucker
Calvin Patrick
Emily Patrick
Paul Burke
Paul J. Shaker
Paula M. Jasminski
Paulette A. Marino
Lindsay Paulette-Chapman
Jessica Payne
Peggy Wallace, BSW, LSW
Robert Pepper
Laura Perez
Lewis Perna
Nicole Perry
Barbara Petersen-Fox
Philip H. West, LICSW
Mary Phillips
Kay Phillips
Gretchen Phillips
Michael Phillips
Virginia Pierce
Keith Platt
Martha Pleasure
Ronnie Polk
Shellee Pollard
Lenore Pollen
Gail Poverman-Kave
Carolyn Powell
Sean Power
Amelia Powers
Lee Pozzi Rush
Isabel Prado
Catherine Putkowski-O'Brien
Anne Quinn
Rebecca Rabinowitz
Rachael Karen Goins, MSW
Rachel Amity
Rachel Dubrow Smith, LCSW
Donna Rachuba
Randi L. Anderson, ACSW,C-ASWCM,CSW-G
Barbara Rauch
Rayelin Jessica Garcia, BSW
William Raymond
Rebecca Gould
Rebecca J. Bickel
Rebecca Thomson Blake
Thomas Reffner
Katie Regan
Carolyn Regan
Merryl Reichbach
Andrea Reid
Toby Reifman
Annie Reiner
Ellen Reiner
Renee W. Michelsen, MSW
Michelle Reynolds
Patricia Rice
Richard A. Montantes
Richard Michael Simmons
Judith Rickard
Karen Riedl
Elizabeth Rieger
Tamara Rimer
Karen Rispoli
Rita P. Horvath
Omar Rivera
Karen Robbins-Mariaschin
Robert B. Snellgrove, SNELLGROVE, CSW
Robert C. Ross, C-CATODSW
Robert Lyons, LISW-S, C-ASWCM
Robert Michael Bennett, MSW, LSW
Kristin Roberts
David Robertson
Patricia Roche
Augustus Rodgers
Jammie Rodighiero
Roger Roffman
Roger Leonard Clinton, LCSW
Ann Rogers
Charlotte Rohrbacker
Ron Longo, MSW, LCSW
Ronni F. Emden, LCSW-C
Kelly Rosario
Debra Rose
Esta Rose
Roseann Pawlyszyn
Heather Roselaren
Rosella A. Zarkin, ACSW
Rosemary Baughman, BSW
Rosemary Johnston-Lawton, LCSW
Barbara Rosen
Anita Rosen
Rona Rosen
Francine Rosenheck
Amy Rosenthal
Stewart Rosoff
Thomas Ross
David Ross
Georgia Ross
Katie Rothfeld
Mary Royer
Helen Rozanski Savin
William Russell
Russell A. Dick, ACSW
Russell Talbot
Marjorie Ryan
Beth Ryker
Diane Rzegocki
Sadie Long, LMSW
Brittany Sailer
Rose Salim
Sally Haseman Dullum
Sandy Salmers
Barbara Salmon
Marjorie Saltzberg
Jennifer Sampson
Melvin Sandler
Sandra Andersen
Sandra F. Johnson, ACSW
Sandra K. Potter
Sandra L. Kistner, C-ASWCM
Catherine Sang
Diane Santoro
Sara Beth Bandstra
Sarah Alison Matthay Evans
Sarah Dean Burlar
Patricia Saul
Saundra Young Boujai, ACSW
Della Savage
Mary Sayers
Michael Schaeffer
Harry Schiffman
John Schmidt
Meg Schneider
Rita Schraff
Sybil Schreiber
Terry Schrock
Ashley Schwieger
Dorene Scolnic
Scott S. Altabet, ACSW
Celia Sevilla
Mary Shaia
Shalada Cristal Creecy, BSW
Shanna Kraai, LMSW
Shannon Deirdre Bradley
Shannon Petrovich
Alfreda Shapere
Sharon F. Gordon
Sharon H. Thomas
Sharon J. Leiderman, ACSW
Sharon Polk-Sadownik
Sharon Schroeder, LCSW-R
Shavone Hamilton, ACSW
Shawn L. Abbott
Shawn L. Forsman, ACSW
Meghan Shea
Sherri K. Goodman-Ritchie
Sherry A. Cupac
Sherry Denise Christensen, PhD,LCSW,CSW-G
Donna Shimoda
Angela Shine
Karen Shockness
Richard Shrobe
Amy Shuman
Daniel Siegel
Linda Siemer
Andrea Silver
Shela Silverman
Susan Simon-Fleischer
Phyllis Sivin
Rick Skidmore
Martin Sklar
Bari Smelson
Gwendolyn Smith
Ellen Smith Knisley
Deborah Smith-Blackmer
Maxine Smith-Sullivan
SaraKay Smullens
Sobeira A. Guillen, LCSW, BCD
Theodore Solomon
Andrew Solovey
Lorraine Soltis
Gwyn Sondike
Rick Spano
Diane Sperber
Carol Spero
Srividhya Subramanian, LMSW
Jonah Stabinski
Starla R. Sholl
Barbara Starr
Lori Stearns
April Steele
Diane Stein
Stella Anne Farrell
Stacey Stetson
Alice Stevens
Kevin Stevenson
Jennifer StPierre
Alicia Straus
Debra Street
Linda Stroud
Suanne Wells-Scott
Sue-Marie Casagrande, LICSW, C-ASWCM
R Sullivan
Robert Sullivan
Susan A. Anderson, ACSW
Susan Beverly Kreulen, LCSW
Susan Debbie Bishop
Susan F. Light
Susan L. Black, ACSW
Susan M. Cyphers
Susan P. Owen-Langley, ACSW
Susie Thompson-Doering
Meryl Sussman
Lucille Swalve
Gerald Swanson
Esther Sweeney
Whitney Sweet
Susan Sweetwater
Cynthia Sweier
Eileen Swoboda
Sylvester Minor
Sylvia E. Freed, ACSW
Sylvia G. Gold, LCSW-R
Sylvie Eyral
Tamar L. Shapiro
Bulmaro Tamayo
Deborah Tamez
Tara L. Watts, MSS, LCSW
Ruth Taylor
Teri V. Krull, ACSW DCSW
Terra Mikalson
Terri C. Liticker, LCSW
Nancy Terry
Tess Elizabeth Cooper, MSW Student
W Jea Theis
Theresa A. Altilio, LCSW,ACSW, LCSW
Theresa M. Callard-Moore, ACSW
Thomas Healy, LMSW, CASAC, SAP
Thomas R. Reason, ACSW
Susan Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Morgan Thompson-Smeraglia
Barbara Thorogood
Tiffany Dais
Tiffany Rae Thomas, BSW
Candace Tinagero
Doris Tomer
Toniett Summerville
Shani Topolosky
Ashley Townend
Townley D. White, MSW
Tracey Musarra Marchese
Tracey Singer
Traci C. Herbruck, LISW-S, C-ASWCM
Lois Traub
Tricia M. Rose
Holly Triestram
Tsedenia T. Aboste, BSW
Hope Turner
Sandra Turney
Jacquelyn Turpin
Sara Tyler
Marion Usher
Gloria Valdivieso
Valerie L. Patton, LCSW
Jacqueline van Arnold
Monrovia Van Hoose
Evalyn Van Valkenburgh
Karabeth Vanick
Jaclyn Vasaturo
Camille Vasquez
Ann Vasquez
Rose Vazquez-Santiago
Yojana Veeramasuneni
Carmen Vega
Ruth Ventrice
Bianca Ventura-Goldman
Veronica De Alba, LCSW
Viola V. Vaughan-Eden, PhD, MJ, LCSW
Virginia Blakeman, Blakeman
Virginia D. Manuel, LMSW-AP
Virginia F. Stern
Virginia S. Cole
Suzanne Wachtel
Lesley Waite
Marcella Walder
Adrienne Walk
Tiffanie Walker
Anna Walker
Peggy Wallace
Sarah Walls
Bart Walsh
Walter W. Weidenhamer, ACSW,QCSW
Jo Ward
Jeanie Warren
Kelsey Watson
Alison Webster
Tracey Weeden
Duane Weiland
David Wein
Roberta Weiner
Harvey Weiner
Joel Weisenberg
Joan Weiss
Wendy Weiss
Kelly Welsh
Wendy McDonald
Wendy S. Affron Keller
Wendy Weltman Palmer
Dawn Werntz
Mary Whalen
Laura White
Tiffany White
Whitney Martinez, MSW
William M. Paris, LCSW
William R. Toole
William Rodriguez, Jr.
William S. Piekarz
Giselle Williams
Argerine Williams
Catherine Williams
Mildred Williams
Dawn Willis
Cheryl Wilson
Helen Wilson
Anne-Marie Wilson
Reginald Wilson
Laura Winters
Nancy Wiseman
Stuart Witter
Charlene Wojnowski-Sparacio
John Wolfe
Lisa Wolfe
Reynold Wolter
Patricia Wood
Kara Wright
Preston Wright
Alena Yankie
Janet Yassen
Ybel Lemoine-Farias
Katherine Yeo
Bradley Yoder
Wendy Yoshioka
Madison Youlden
Bettye Zablotny Brake
Toni Zachos-Kaplan
Michael Zakour
Emily Zimmerman
Priscila Zuniga
Karen Zwinakis
October 2023
Abby L. Watel, ACSW
Susan Abrams
Vanessa Acevedo
Susan Adams
Jennie Aden
Brenda Adrian
Adrianna Mortese Fields
Christina Alamo
Alan B. Nicholson
Jeanette Alderman Gilles
Kylie Alexander
Alexander Taylor
Alfonso Perillo, LICSW, CPA
Alice M. Miele
Alicia Western, LCSW
Wise Allen
Stephanie Allen
Allison C. Troy
Allison E. Montick
Eric Alva
Ernesto Alvarez
Amado Pinero
Amalia Jones
Amanda Banks Galer, LCSW
Amanda Farrar
Amanda Jo White
Amelia G. Clausen, ACSW, C-SWHC
Elise Amminger
Renee' Amos
Amy A. Breslow
Amy Jan Normann
Amy L. Doolittle
Amy M. Salisbury, ACSW
Amy Marie Lister
Amy Neumann, LCSW, RPT
Joan Anderson-Patterson
Andrea Goetz Glover, lcsw
Andrea Jo Henry
Angela Amias
Angela Asprino, LCSW
Angela Marie Bach, MSW canidate
Angela Miller
Angelina Rae Trimm McBride
Anita A. Ryan, LICSW
Ann B. Williams, LCSW-R
Ann Fleck-Henderson, MSW,PHD,ACSW, MSW,PHD
Ann James Harvey, msw
Ann K. O'Klock
Ann M. Mcallister, PhD,ACSW
Ann S. Behringer, LCSW
Ann-Marie Loose
Anna Guzda, LMSW
Anna Lee Hoodem
Anne F. Foster, LCSW
Annette Iskra, LCSW
Annise B. Prewitt
Anthony L. Scott, LCSW
Anthony P. Cianchetti
Antonia G. Grimolizzi-Jensen, ACSW
Christian Anyene
April Scott
Joan Arbor
Luisa Arch
Arlene R. Langley
Yolanda Arrey
Mary Artery
Robin Ashman
Joanne Atara
Atreece M. Bailey, ACSW
Audrey F. Shroyer
Audrey R. Stone, ACSW
Larry Auerbach
Ellen Austin
Jean Austin-Danner
John Avallone
Melissa Avildsen
Gloria Avrech
B. Jill Balagur-Conn, ACSW
Joyce Babb
Jean Bacon
Lawrence Badaczewski
Barbara Badolato
Katherine Bagwell
Janie Bailey
Karen Bailey
Barbara Bainum
Laura Bank-Forest
Steven Bantz
Carole Barabander
Barbara B. Howe, AM
Barbara D. Gilbert
Barbara J. Collinson, LCSW
Barbara Kenneady
Barbara L. Cristy, ACSW
Barbara L. Marsh
Barbara T. Compton, ACSW
Nancy Barker
Nicole Barnes-Hinkson
Sean Barnett
Helene Barnett
Katherine Barron
Karen Bartholomew
David Battit
Ezell Battle
Shelby Bauer
Kamala Bauers
Ronald Becker
Theresa Beeton
Wendy Behary
Charles Bellavia
Leslie Belt
Jane Benner
Jocelyn Bennett
Janet Bennett-Jacobs
Harold Benus
Krista Berg
Catherine Bergman
Caryn Berman
Carol Berman
Sandra Bernabei
Mara Bernard
Judith Bernardi
Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry
Bethann A. Albert
Creigs Beverly
Beverly G. Bonnheim, ACSW
Priscilla Bird
Jenny Bishop
Randall Bizer
Eileen Blair
Cathy Blanchard
Nancy Blanton
Dee Blinka
Barbara Block
Diana Blood
Lisa Blumberg
Lori Blumenstein-Bott
Karen Blumenthal
Mary Bobis
Kathleen Bogado
Barbara Bolibok
Laurie Bomba
Stephen Bon
Bonnie K. Williams, PhD, DCSW
Brooke Booth
Sally Booth-Schwadron
Vincetta Borges
Lynn Bos
Joseph Botelho
Nancy Boughey
Bridget Boursiquot
David Bove
Barbara Bowe
Kelly Bradham
Martha Bragin
Brandy Marie Kenworthy, LCSW
Brandylyn Sue Bristow
Brenda J. Kraus
Brenda K. Beard
Brenda L. Griffin, ACSW
Nicholas Bridgett
Madeline Brigell
Roger Brinkerhoff
Rebecca Brittain
Brittany Chadwick
Kayla Brock
Bronwen Bradley Ballou
Francesca Brooks
Agnes Brophy
Tina Brown
Marion Brown
Caroline Browne
Cindy Browning
Beth Brubacher
Kimberly Brumley
Andrew Buccaro
Marieanne Buchanan
Helen Buckley
Mary Buckley
Heidi Burke
Ronald Burton
Cherell Butler
Jessica Cabness
Claudia Cahan Rosen
Ariel Cahn-Flores
Daneta Calderon-Vital
Callie Elizabeth Wright
Howard Camp
William Camp
James Campanella
Diane Campbell
Katherine Campion
Candace A. Champagne, ACSW, LCSW, LCAS
Edilaine Candida
Beth Canouse Midura
Capi A. Landreneau, LCSW
Phyllis Capone
Art Cara
Debra Carlson
Marcie Carlson
Kara Carmona-Russell
Kyle Carney
Carol Ann Verdi, LCSW, ACSW
Carol Marie Bandini
Carol Michelle Duke, LCSW
Carol S. Huffman, LCSW
Caroline Thomas, LICSW, LMSW
Carolyn Krol, LCSW
Carolyn M. Carpenter
Kea Carpenter
Kelly Carpenter
Robert Carr
Linda Carr
Gayle Carter
Cassie Cecile Oxendine
Cassie Manger
Michael Castenell
Catherine A. Welsh
Catherine L. Van Eycke
Cathy S. Berberian-Strandes, LCSW
Bobbie Caviness
Cecelia Illing, LCSW
Cecilia Tatem Small
Cecilie D. McGhehey
Janet Centola
Victoria Cerami Haefner
Todd Cesar
Kristine Champagne
Kon Chan
Chana B. Getter
Chanel Channing
Cynthia Chapple
Elia Charles
Charlotte Gibbons
Jennifer Charney
Dara Charpentier
Jessy Chatha
Chelsea Laliberte
Chelsea M. Haverly, LCSW-C
Cheryl M. Mawo
Cheryl R. Wantland
Sonia Chessin
Jason Chester
Chezni Lynn Rang
Julie Christensen
Robin Christiansen
Rebecca Christianson
Christina F. O'Neil
Christina Wong
Christine A. Schultz, ACSW,QCSW,C-SWHC
Christine G. Carpenter, LMSW, ACSW
Christine M. Rothberg, LCSW
Christopher Abed
Christopher Campernel, Campernel, LCSW
Christopher J. Leonard
Christopher L. Zubiate, MSW
Christy Ann Claiborne
Chrystal Yau
Emmanuel Chue
Taylor Church
Laura Ciccantell
Cindie Lee Woods, LCSW
Cindy J. Lemieux, LCSW
Cindy Penka-Shack, MSW
Cindy Pond
Lorraine Cirello
Claire L. Dente, Ph.D.
Claire R. Charney, ACSW
Liza Clancy
Erin Clark
Cynthia Clark
Claudia G. Sturtz
Clea Vanessa Wilson, LCSW
Anne Clifton
Caitlin Climes
Anne Cogger
Susan Cohen
Elsie Colbert
Coleen D. Meade
Ann Coleman
Luis Collazo
Kathy Collins
Sheldon Conrad
Constance M. Seligman
Nancy Cook
Kelly Cook
Orby cooksey
Carmen Cooper
Kay Coppage
Vincenza Corcoran
Audrey Cordova
Mireya Coronado
Sara Corralejo
Samuel Cortes
Maribeth Costa-Kulesa
Stephanie Cotcher
Christopher Countryman
Courtney Laine Reed, CFLE-P
Courtnie Rene Eddington
Sandra Covelman
Craig Alan Benoit, BSW
Rita Crana
Richard Cresta
Theresa Croce Benedict
Jennifer Crook
Tuere Cross
David Crowley
Joanah Grizel Cruz
Arlene Crystal
Crystal I. Bosserman
Carmen Cuccia
Arlene Cuerdo
Francesca Curran
Cynthia A. hunt
Diana Czech
Michael Daly
Beth Damsky
Dana Christensen Thompson
Daniel J. Stone
Danielle Lapin
Danielle M. Dubuque
Danielle Patricia Tong, MPH, LSW
Emily Daniels
Daphne J. Schuster
Daphne King, MSW, Ed.D
Darci Newton, LSW
Jill Darnell
Daryl Handlin, MLSW
Susan Daubenbis
Robin Daughenbaugh
David Russ
Cora Davidson
Susan Davis
David Davis
Laura Davis-Perry
Dawn E. Ducote, LCSW
Dawn M. Costa, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Gerald De Angelis
Eleanor De Cruz
Dea E. Epley Birtwistle, ACSW,C-SSWS
Maren Deaver
Debbie L. Rosenfeld
Thomas debello
Susan Deboer
Deborah A. Fuss
Deborah A. Mandelbaum, LCSW
Deborah E. Riley
Deborah Harris Moore
Deborah I. Haggett, E.D.D, LCSW
Deborah K. ODonnell
Deborah Manheim
Debra Stern, LCSW, LMFT
Mary DeChristofano
Kelly Degarmo
John Dempsey
Denise C. Gajewsky, ACSW LISW
Denise J. Rathman
Louise Dery-Wells
Michael DeSena
Ashley Devereaux
Dgyna B. Lorquet
Diane F. Roosth
Diane L. Baumgartner
Diane Mason, LBSW
Dianne Green-Smith, PhD,LMSW,ACSW
Phyllis Dicker
Leslie Dicosola
Shamica Dieudonne
Andrea Difilippo
Amy Dillingham
Laura Dillon
Thomas Dimartini
Robert Dimeo
Susan Distor-Hee
Carla Doan
EricaNoelle Dodde
Roxanne Dodds
Susan Doig
Francis Doling
Cheryl Dolinger Brown
Jacqueline Dombrowski
Elaine Donaghue
Rachel Donaldson
Donna C. Johnson
Donna R. Marks
Donnell Gonzales
Kevin Donohue
Dora Kong
Chantry Dorrell
Dottie S. Blades
Diane Dougherty
Douglas A. Cooksy
Melissa Doyle
Fern Drescher
Melanie Drewencki
Lisa Dubin
David Dumais
Minette Duran
Margarita Duran
China Dusk
George Duwors
Dwight S. Myers
E Jane Middleton, MSW, DSW
E. Theirl Jarman, Executive Director
Amy Eden
Rita Edmonds
Edward Andrew Williams
Edward De La Loza, LCSW
Edward L. Cohen
Tia Edwards
Chris Egan
Jamie Egolf
Dana Ehrhart
Eileen A. Epstein, PhD,LCSW-C,ACSW
Cindy Eisenberg
Karen Eklind
Edward Eklund
Susan Eldredge
Eleida M. Gomez, ACSW LCSW
Elinor E. Kotchen
Elizabeth A. Packer
Elizabeth Anne Haight
Elizabeth Kathryn Dawes
Elizabeth M. Shiels
Elizabeth McCoy
Elizabeth W. Tomlinson
Ellen L. Rottersmann, LICSW
Ellen M. Craine, ACSW
Ellen McCullough
Ellen R. Dolce, LCSW, ACSW
Deborah Ellis
Amy Ellowitz
Emilia Leigh Earsom, B.S.
Emily C. Boone, ACSW, DCSW
Kaitlyn Endries
Paul Engel
Ephrat L. Lipton, ACSW
Evelyn Epstein
Eric M. Alvin, BSW,MSW,CSW
Erin Michelle Whitcomb-Crafton, MSW, LICSW
Jacob Erlich
Erwin Reyna, LCSW
Alexandra Eshenbaugh
Anna Esko
Celaura Estrada
Eugene M. Sumner, ACSW
Eunice Malave De Leon, ACSW
Eva Gadd, CSW-G
Mona Evans
Mark Evans
Elaine Everding
Phoebe Farber
Erin Farmer
Kleina Fellemende
Patricia Fennell
Michelle Fidell
Belinda Finney-Bond
Cynthia Fiore
Elizabeth First
Carol Fishelman-Rosen
Florrie Fisher
Sandra Fletcher
Christine Flood
Jeanette Flowers
Judith Forman-Bello
K. Christina Forster
Victoria Forster
Jennifer Fortune
Deborah Fox
Franca S. Posner, MSW, LCSW-C, CT
Francena P. Floyd
Frances Burgess-Johnson
Frances L. Goldie-Marcus
William Francis
Andrea Franco-Cook
Elaine Frank
Nancy Franklin-Hicks
Mande Franzel
Carly Frascino
John Frazier
Anna Freedman
Sharman French
Richard Friedman
Betty Friedman
Gail Fries
Denyse Fritz-Joefield
Christina Fruth
Jasmin Fuentes
Jean Fujiu
Johanna Gabaldon
Gabrielle Francis Conrad-Amlicke, MSW Graduate Student
Gale Ann Bellucci, ACSW, QCSW
Gale M. Sugiyama, LSW
Susan Gallego
Ben Galloso
Barbara Gani
Nina Garcia
Toribio Garcia
Rebekah Garcia
Laurel Garcia
Maria Garcia Martinez
Donna Garrett
Jennifer Garross
Christine Garwood
Gary P. Cournoyer
Michael Gately
Karen Gates
Spring Gawkowski
Gayle Gonzalez-Johnson, LCSW,ACSW
Gayle M. Fallon
Patricia Gazza
Geetha Gopalan, LCSW, PhD
Angela Gehret
Jennifer Gentile
Alicia George
Gerald T. Spatz
Gerard A. Polito
Kenneth Gerber
Paula Gessiness
Marilyn Ghezzi
Connie Gibson
Dana Gilbert
Curtis Gillespie
Gina Eileen Nelson, LCSW
Gina L. Signorelli, LCSW-BACS
Gina Torres, LMSW
Giovanna S. Hunt, MSW, LGSW
Giulia Herman, MSW
Haley Glazer
Gloria J. Mog
Glynne T. Gervais, LCSW
Kristen Golat
Paul Goldberg
Susan Goldman
Amy Goldstein
Valerie Gordon-Garofalo
Dennis Gourley
Mary Graham
Nancy Grant
Julie Grant
Grant Cameron Marean, LICSW CADC
Grant Pike
Cynthia Grass Black
Sarah Gray
Robert Green
Rima Greenberg
Mary Greene
Darcus Greene
Adele Greenhaas
Gregory L. Potts, LCSW
Ruth Grenoble
Geddy Grove
Tara Guest Arnold
Julia Gustafson
Eileen Gutstein
Robert Haas
Eric Haas
Martha Habert
Daniel Hall
Elizabeth Hall Moitoza
Norma Hamilton
Sharon Hammat
Chrisanne Hammill
Hania Schwartz, LCSW
Hank Flacks, LCSW
Helen Hanley
Jeanice Hansen
Daria Hanssen
Karen Harber
Cheryl Harper
Lynda Harrington
Barbara Harris
Elizabeth Hartley
Harvie Gayle Westberg
Liz Haskel
Trudy Hatmaker
Dennis Hawley
Mary Margaret Healy
Tammy Heard
Heather A. Johnson, LCSW
Heather Riley, LICSW, MSW, MA
Heidi Marine
Robin Heiges
Linda Heimerdinger
Holly Hein
Christine Heing
Helene Kluger
Linda Heller
Robin Hennessey
Elaine Hennion
Thomas Heppe
Magaly Heriveaux
Herman Curiel, PhD
Randell Hess
Joseph Hess
Barbara Heuser
LaNita Hicks
Denise Hildreth
Heidi Hill
Paula Hinton
Stacie Hiramoto
Helen Hoch
Kathleen Hocking
Michele Hodelin
Robert Hodges
Elizabeth Hoffmier
Trecia Holdren
Clay Holland
Angela Hollander
Holly R. Friedman
Jane Holmes
Kathleen Holzaepfel
Patricia Honea-Boles
Kimberly Honeycutt
Sandra Houde
Howard L. Brockman, LCSW
Toby Howell
Randy Hultberg
Nan Hunt
Merla Huntley
Maureen Hutcheon
Michelle Ingram-Smith
Irene Colucci-Lebbad, LCSW
Iris H. Rudnick
Nora Ishibashi
Robin Ivey
Joseph Izzo
J Mcknight
J. Alex Sanger
Carol Jabs
Jackie A. Williams, ACSW
Dorothy Jackson
Marian Jackson
DaVina Jackson
Victoria Jackson
Evelyn Jacobs
Phyllis Jacobson-Kram
Jacqueline A. Adams-Hove, ACHP-SW
Jacqueline Bruening Wendorf
Jacqueline Pomeroy Kramig, MSW Candidate
Jacquelyn Akin
Jaime Eileen Conrad
Mary Melissa James
James C. Bentley
James D. Huysman, LCSW
James Daniels, JD
James F. Ritchie
James H. Zeckhauser, ACSW
Lise Jameson
Jamie D. Pellar
Jamie Orozco Nagel
Jamilyn Dawn Trillo, LCSW
Jan Marie Michael
Jane A. Michener
Jane C. Patterson, ACSW
Jane D. Adolph, ACSW
Jane Martin, ACSW
Janet Ellen Anderson-Murch, BSW
Janice B. Carbon, Carbon
Janice E. Marr
Janice Litvene, ACSW
Judith Janicki
Janie P. Taylor
Maliha Janjua
Janna Broxson
Jannan W. Holmes
Jason Best, LCSW
Jason ODonnell
Jason P. Zelus, LCSW MSW
Jason T. Cassese, MA
Jay Carter, Jr., LCSW, MBA
Jay K. Campbell, MSW
Jeanne Marie Levy, LISW
Jeanne Smetana
Jeannie V. Dobrovolc
Jeffrey Scott Widner, MSW-LGSW
Jeffrey T. Wylie, ACSW
Gina Jenkins
Jennifer Anne Tedder
Jennifer Harr
Jennifer Hemminger
Jennifer Jo Boub
Jennifer Long, MSW Student
Jennifer Michelle Ortega
Jennifer Nicole Burroos
Jennifer Nyander
Jennifer P. Ballinger
Jennifer S. Larson, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Geraldine Jennings
Jenny R. Miller
Jesana C. Denter-Eckelberg
Jessica Curry
Jessica Estreicher
Jessica Jarrard, LCSW
Jessica L. Roseborough, LCSW
Jessica Lynn Verdicchio
Jill J. Scott-Trainer
Jill M. Araki, ACSW
Joan Kamps, LCSW
Joanne Louise Morrissey, SWT
Joanne M. Atkinson-Kloser
Joanne N. Corbin, ACSW
Jody L. Poultney
Elise Joffe
Johanna Claire Westin, LCSW
Christine John
John C. Dabrowski
John D. Collins, C-ASWCM,DCSW
John L. Beauchamp, LCSW
John L. Thompson
John M. Gagnon, ACSW
Linda Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Cheryl Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Iris Johnson
Alice Johnson
Sandra Johnston
Gianna Johnston
Jane Jones
Wendy Jones
Rebecca Jones
Kyndra Jones
Taijaha Joseph
Josephine Ampaw
Josephine M. Feijoo, ACSW
Karen Josephs
Joshua Darryl Martin
Joshua Randall Grade, Licensed Social Work
Jossara Rodrigues, MSW
Joyce L. Richardson, ACSW
Judith A. Korenkiewicz, LCSW, ACSW
Judith A. Petroski
Judith M. Berger, LICSW,ACSW,C-SWHC
Tara Jugler
Julia Ellen Stenzel
Julia Paxton, BSW
Julie Hoffman
Julie Rosen, LICSW, MPH
Juliet Jane Rees
Juliette T. jennings, LMSW
Marshall Jung
K. Genevieve Davidge
Timothy Kahn
Alisa Kamis-Brinda
Steven Karas
Karen A. Talcott
Karen B. Talbot
Karen Borkowski
Karen D. Corrigan, ACSW
Karen Greavess Calonge, LSCSW
Karen Kraft Pennebaker, ACSW
Karen Register, LCSW
Andrea Kareus
Kari L. Snelson, LCSW
Daphne Karidas
Paula Karl
Marsha Karrass
Lacey Karsjens
Katherine A. Best, PhD,LCSW
Katherine A. Heeg
Katherine Christman, LMSW
Katherine Mechner
Katherine Walter, LICSW, CSW-G
Kathleen Kinsella Shea, LCSW
Kathleen M. Leslie
Kathleen Rodgers
Kathleen V. O'Keefe
Kathryn Joy Fox, MSW
Kathryn Leigh Revtyak
Kathy Heustess, LISW-CP
Kathy Mercer
Katianna Chang, B.S.
Janice Katz
Geraldine Katz-Atkin
Lori Katzburg
Kay R. McCoy, MSW, LICSW
Phyllis Kaye
Patricia Kaye
Kayla Zebrowski, MSW, LMSW
Keith Michael Lederhaus, ASW
Hillary Keller
Kellie M. Ragland
Earl Kelly
Kelly L. Facciola
Kelly McCracken
Kelly McDonough, LCSW
Kelly Sue Contreras
Kendra Edwards
Kelly Kendziorski
Kenita J. Perry-Bell
Kaitland Kennedy
Keri Joe Hanson, MSW, LSW
Kerri Sherer, LSW, ASW-G
Kerrie Buis
Kerry A. Cannon, ACSW
Kerstin Margit O'Connor
Kathryn Keulmann
Patricia Key
Dylan Khanal
Marcy Kielczynski
Pamela Killen
Kerry Killian
Young Kim
Kathryn Kim
Kimberly Thomas
Beth Kincaid
Michelle Kindt
Gail Kinn
William Kirschner
Margaret Kirsis
Lisa Klein
Tara Kleinschmidt
Paula Klepper
Bruce Kleski
Joy Kliber
Bryan Knowles
Louis Koch
Wendy Koebel
Jeanette Koesterich
Barbara Kollmar
Susan Komure
Konstantina Lampione
Diana Krafcik
Judy Krause
Duncan Krieger
Kristen Leanne Dingwall
Kristin O'Malley, A.A.
Anne Kristufek-Berglund
Dawn Krueger
Krupa Vora, BASW
Jamie Kruse
Judy Krysik
Jessica Kubas
Jennifer Kuckuk
Kathy Kuhn
Deborah Kuznick
Charles LaBarre
Lisa LaBrunda
Jennifer Labruzzo
Patricia Lagerwey
Louisa Laird
Dina Lally
Julie Landry
Elizabeth (Liz) Landsberg
Bonnie Landwehr
Kenyona Lane
William Lang
Christine Langworthy
Claire Lansing
Susan LaPlaca-Levine
Oksana Larsen
Melody Latsha
Leonard Lauer
Laura Haisten
Laura Marie Lyddon, CFLE-P
Laura McGuire
Laura Phillips
Laura W. Morton
Laura Werner-Larsen, PhD
Lauren Baildon, LCSW
Lauren Shaffer
Laurie Connors
Laurie L. Swain
Martina Laurito
Leah Lauterberg
Amanda Lauzau
Susan Lavigna
Lawrence D. Obrist, ACSW
Lawrence Haydu
Lawrence None Shulman
Paulo Lazaro
Marceline Lazzari
Lea Leonard, LCSW
Leah Rentz-Hemphill
Leah Schechter, LMSW
Anne Lebowitz
Ellen Ledley
Julie Lee
Tiara Lee-Gustilo
Sun Young Lee-Park
Candace Leverenz
Roberta Levin
Lesley Levin
Amy Levine
Beth Levine
Marilyn Levitt
Jay Levy
Jacharri Lewis
Desiree Lewis
Mel Lichtenstein
Lilli Ann Perez, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S
Erin Lilly
Joyce Lilya
Patricia Lind
Linda J. Goldstein
Linda Marie Trujillo, MSWS
Linda Sloan Locke, CNM,MPH, LSW
Lindsay E. Hall
Lindsay Margaret Bryant, BSW
Lindsey Marie Warne
Beverly Lipson
Lisa C. Stopfel, ACSW
Lisa Levine, C-SSWS
Lisa M. McDonnell, DCSW
Lisa M. Parker
Lisette Pineda
Danielle Lisowski
Elaine Litton
Judith Livingston
Lizett Valdez
Elisheva Lock
Sadye Logan
Elizabeth Lombardi
Jill Loomis
Loraine Young, LCSW-R
Mari Loria
Lorita L. Beiler, ACSW
Lauren Lormel
Lorna M. Secondi, LCSW
Lorrett Williams Waiters, C-ASWCM
Louise Chase
Donnyette Love
Cynthia Loveland
Douglas Lovell
Luanne M. Reiter-Leslie, LCSW
Lucas Byron Swenink, Swenink, LCSW, CADC
Dorene Lucchesi
Lue B. Jarrett, LBSW,MPH
Abigail Lufkin
Luke Andrew Taylor
Lyn Dee Hook Kealey, LISW
Lynette Connor
Christine Lynn
Lynn C. Stanley
Lynn Charles, LMSW-AP, LCSW
Lynn D. Waldman, LCSW
Lynn W. Spector, ACSW
Yvonne Lyon
Lysetta B. Hurge-Putnam
M. Fiona Fiona Cushing
M. Kelli Bermensolo
Katherine Mace
Madison Kalyn Duskey, LSW
Libbe Madsen
Ellen Magarelli
Catherine Maguire
Mahria Anne Morris, MSS, LSW, HSV
Malcolm Roy Adair, Jr.
Brittany Male
Mallory Downing Hepp, LCSW
Sean Manchester
Mandy L. McGlumphy, LISW-S
Deidre Manis
Bobbie Mantanoña
Leonardo Marano
Sheila Mardenfeld
Margaret Seiler
Margaret Sicari, ACSW
Margean M. Kastner, LCSW,ACSW
Margo M. Brewster-Harris
Maria A. Hylton
Maria M. Duggan, LICSW
Marie Wilcox Wambua
Marilyn J. Ladin, LCSW, DCSW, CART
Marilyn J. Rafkin
Marina G. Johnson
Marisa A. Brown
Mark A. Morrison
Mark J. Brenner, ACSW
Marla P. Meyer
Marta K. Rynearson
Carmen Marte
Martha S. Waite
Martha T. Early
Marina Martin
Nicole Martin
Claire Martin
Susan Martinez
Stephanie martinez
Sara Martinez Bueno
Mary A. Connolly
Mary Ann Canning Canning McComiskey, ACSW
Mary B. Burke
Mary Diane Emerton, LCSW
Mary Frances Gonnella, MSW, LCSW
Mary J. Keim, ACSW
Mary L. Brett
Mary Ray
Mary T. Moynihan
Maryrose Galluzzo, LCSW
Stanley Masinter
Melissa Mastrostefano
Rachel Mathew
Karen Mattern
Matthew Mitchell, LMSW
Gerri Matusewitch
Sheila Matz
Frances Mauer
Mavis Braxton, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW
Maxine C. Gaylord, LCSW
Robin May
Lauren May-Jones
Mayara Mercado
Kathryn Maynard
Olivia Maynard
Mary McCaffrey
John McCall
Cindy McCarthy
Heather McCarthy
Cristin McCarthy Vahey
Maria McCoy
Donna McCoy-Algere
Chris McDaniel
Elizabeth McDonnell
Laura McDowell-Salcedo
Mary McDuffie
Guy McGee
Janet McLane-Li
Jean Mclendon
Victoria McMillan
Myrna McNitt
Jean McSorley
Tina Meadow
Lori Medina
Megan Hawthorne
Megan Marie Black
Melanie Ann Murphey, LCSW
Melanie Sorensen Koschnitzke
Melinda Longtin
Melissa Amison, LCSW
Melissa Anne Kapp
Melissa Miles
Melissa R. Weintraub, ACSW
Melissa Thompson, MSW, C-ASWCM
Melody Boling, ACSW
Gina Mendez
Stacey Merel
Floyd Meshad
Jolene Metcalf
Mia Rusev
Mia S. Elwood
Michael Allen Balsley
Michael C. Garvey, LCSW
Michael C. Toothman
Michael D. Greenstein
Michael J. Winocour
Michael Joseph Mattle, Jr.
Michael Thomas Ruppert
Michaela Schwartz
Marge Michaelson
Patricia Michals
Michele R. Kabas
Michelle Dubin Schwartz
Michelle Emery Blake, PhD
Michelle Susan Leigh, ACSW
Michelle Tortora
Mickie Stimpson
Deborah Miller
Suzanne Miller
Richard Miller
Carrie-Ann Miller
Carol Mills
Laura Minier
Miriam L. Ratner, ACSW
Diane Miskit
Lesli Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
Jay Mogerman
Molly Kleven Berry, LICSW
Margaret Molpus
Cheryl Molter
Kyra Montagu
Joseph Montano
Penelope Moore
Donna Moore
Nancy Moore
Rosaline Morales
Ann Moreno
Treese Morford DeBoer
Yvonne Morgon
Celeste Morin
Nancy Morris
Deborah Morrow
Michael Moss
Elizabeth Most
Kathleen Mounce
Tracy Moyn
Patricia Mueller
Jaime Muleiro
Joseph Mullen
Elizabeth Mullins
Carmen Munson
Marianne Murphy
Shane Murphy
Julia Murphy
Kate Murphy
Annette Murphy
Kachina Myers
Felicity Myers
Stasia Myers
Wendy Myers
Nadir C. Carlson
Elaine Nahai
Suzi Naiburg
Nancy A. Hill, Hill
Nancy Beatrice Vargas
Nancy Copelan-Aldridge, PhD
Nancy J. Sherman
Nancy M. Buckheister
Nancy M. McKelvey
Nancy P. Campo
Nancy R. Goldblatt
Nancy Y. Andino, LCSW
Natalie K. Holzman, ACSW
Bruce Neff
Elena Nehring
Neil J. Bonavita, QCSW
Kate Nelligan
Ann Nelson
Netanya Lebach
Jacqueline Newton
Nancy Neyt
Elizabeth Nicholaides
Nicholas E. Wolff
Nicole Canedo
Nicole Lippert
Nicole Wells
Erin Nielsen Ogdahl
Nigel Austen Thomas Cook, MSW, LMSW
Nina Davis
Nina Gayle Baluran
Laura Nitzberg
Jeffrey Noll
Marleen Norman
Elizabeth Nowicki
Aideen Nunan
James Nuss
Karen O'Brien
Francine O'Brien
Wendy O'Hara
Deanna O'Keefe
Cornelia O'Marra
Megan O'Neal
Jane O'Scannlain
Dana Oatis
Caroline Obrecht
Maddie Oden
Jean Oliver
David Olsen
Dan Oppenheim
Kathryn Osborne
Osinachi Terngu Ibilah
Mary Outland
Frances Pagnotta
Paige D. Hector
Linda Palladino
Pamela C. Robertson, LCSW, PsyD
Nancy Pando
Nina Panzer
J. Alane Park
Ellen Parker
Stephanie Pasciak
Ginger Paskowitz
Patricia A. Florence
Patricia Joanne Cornell, LMSW, EMDR, CAAC,
Patricia M. Strong, MSW, LICSW
Patricia R. Lambo, ACSW
Bruce Patterson
Paul J. Scoglio, LICSW, DCSW
Paul P. Schmidt, LICSW
Paulette Renee Johnson-Hedgepeth, LCSWA
Anita Payne
Deanne Payne-Rokowski
Pearl Blair-Aiken
Peggy Lynn Swails
Erin Pelletier
Sharon Pelletier
Heather Peltier
Marian Pena
Penni L. Patterson
Martin Pentz
Beth Peritz
Anna Perry
Margaret Perryman
Peter Bernick
Phylis Peterman
Suzanne Petrucci
Virginia Phakos
Jenica Phelps
Thomas Phelps
Philip B. Tange
Philip D. Good-Elliott
Philip M. Harford, LICSW
Sheba Phillips
Phyllis Spiegel
Margaret Pike-Thomson
Charlotte Pinto
Martha Pitts
Mayda Podell
Nancy Polevoy
Jay Poole
Charles Popp
Laurie Porreca
Robert Porta
Wanda Portis
Marcia Post-Melchiskey
Suzanne Pred-Bass
Kate Prendiville
Margaret Pricejones
Gwenn Prinbeck
Karen Prince
Janet Prince
Marsha Prosper Charles
Nelida Pugliese
Daisy Pujals
Colleen Pyle
Neal Quartier
Julie Qureshi
Rachael Sarto, MSW, LGSW
Rachel C. Schwartz
Rachel Colstad
Marybeth Racioppi
Nan Radulovic
Elizabeth Rago
Jaak Rakfeldt
Ramona Gross
Christine Ranck
Randy L. Guinard, LCSW
Kathy Raphael
Victoria Rashbaum
Fernando Rausch
Gary Raymond
Raymond Perlman, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Rebecca Mallett
Rebecca W. Roberts
Rebekah Elizabeth Smith, B.A. Sociology
Veldon Reedy
Reese M. Lessig
Regina Tricamo
Kristin Reifenrath
Geri Reinhardt
Sharon Reitman
Sheila Renaud-Finnegan
Renée Bradford Garcia
Renee Facchini, MSW Student
Renee G. Felder
Adolfo Reyes
Judith Reyes
Melina Rice
Richard A. Olson, LCSW-R
Richard T. Strickland, DCSW
Richard W. Foy, MSW
Suzanne Richards
Donna Richardson
Terry Richter
Rachael Richter
Ginger Ridings
David Rigo
Christina Riva
Ann Rivello
Roberta Seidman, ACSW
Roberta Simpson, RSST
Robin D. Queen, MSW, LCSW
Robin denise murdock
Robin G. Shapiro, LICSW
Robin L. Dunlea Vezina, ACHP-SW
Robin N. Peritz
Robin Roberts
Ursula Robinson
Susan Robinson
Terry Robinson
Sandra Robinson
Suzanne Robinson
Najda Robinson-Mayer
Rochelle L. hooper
Richard Rohrlick
Yvette Rolon
Romina Ursu, LCSW
Ron K. Feinberg, ACSW
Ronald Philip Langer, MSW, LCSW, BCD
Kathleen Rooney
Pamela Root
Rosalind Mellen
Steven Rosen
Stephanie Rosen
Cassidy Rosenblatt
Ruth Rothbart-Mayer
Thomas Rourke
Peter Routsis-Arroyo
Deborah Rubin
Taffy Ruggeri
Nancy Russell
Ruth Aimee Sotelo, LICSW
Ruth Gruenthal, ACSW
Ruth S. Gibian
Nancy Rutkowski
Charissa Ruud
Ryan Kenneth Albrecht, MSW
Claudell Sablatura
Sable Elizabeth Gonyea
William Sacks
Lynn Sageser
Sallyann Ricciardi
Catherine Salmons
Erica Saltz
Samarah Greeves, LSW
Sandra Samons
Samuel H. Schwimmer, PhD, MBA,LCSWR
Jennifer Sanders
Evelyn Sanders
Sandra D. Rabidou
Sandra L. Deutsch, ACSW
Stephanie Saperstein
Sara Olivia Rodrigues, LICSW
Sarah L. Moore
Sarah Olenik
Sarah Presley
Sarah Rebecca Williams, LMSW
Sarah Roundy
Megan Sarasek
Rosemarie Sauerzopf
Pamela Saulsberry
Jennifer Savage
Schenell I. Hawkins, LBSW
Mara Schieber
Jerome Schiele
Anthony Schirtzinger
Lisa Schlesinger
Heidi Schmitz
Katherine Schneider
Casey Schnetzer
Marjorie Schulte
Edward Schwartz
Aaron Schwartz
Marci Anne Schwartz
Scott Rockwell
Scott V. Gerson
Beverly Sealey
Malia Segal
Jean Seidler
Sandra Seidlitz
Mark Senkus
Aida Serrano
Aleksandra Sevruk
J. Seymore
Shanondora Marie Billiot
Linda Shapiro
Sharen Pyne-Weissman, LCSW, LMFT, APN-C
Sharon Elise Gingola, MA, LCSW
Sharon J. Kopyc, LCSW
Sharon Lee Bonn, MSW,QMHP
Sharon Lee Young, LMSW
Sharon R. Steckler, LCSW
Sharon W. Hoover, LCSW
Shirley Sharp
Shawntee DesaRay Goff
Kay Shearin
Marylou Shearing
Sheila V. Pannell, ACSW
Tammy Sheldon
Karen Shell
Sheri D. Sheese, ACSW
Kemoh Sheriff
Sherry M. Henderson, DCSW
Sherry M. Zitter
Diane Sherwood
Margaret Shoemaker
Megan Shull
Kristin Shulman
Deborah Siegel
Anna Maria Signorelli
Mallory Silberman
Pauline Silvia
Earline Simmons
Jan Simon
Gail Simpson
Jennifer Sipes
Debra Sirota
Margaret Sisk
Leesa Sitter
Skye Dina Ross
Amber Slabaugh
Jenny Slattery
Vanesha Smith
Sarah Smith
Jan Smith
Kristi Smith
Erika Smith
William Smith
Cole Smith
Amos Smith
Jean Smith
Leslie Solomon
Ada Somadelis
Sonia Juana Herzenberg-Kleinman
Sophia Rose Morgenstern
Marie Spaccarotella
Barbara Spargo
Lisa Spivack
Helge Staby Deaton
Karen Stacey
Stacey Barker
Stacey Kiran, LCSW
Valerie Stec
Christine Steele
Holly Stefani
Albert Steib
Sandra Steiker
Marcia Stein
Judith Steinberg
Whitney Steinberg
Joanne Steinwachs
Megan Steinwagner
Stephanie A. White
Stephanie Ann Smith, LCSW
Stephanie E. Hirchert -Walton, ACSW
Stephanie Rothenberg, ACSW
Stephanie Yoho, LMSW
Stephen Budde
Stephen Tournas-Hardt
Ann Sterling Goff
Steven K. O'Dell
Steven R. Howard, ACSW
Wendy Stewart
Penelope Stiffler
Ezra Stone
Laurie Storm
Andrea Straus
Belinda Stubblefield
Sue Ellen Mawhinney, ASW-G
Elizabeth Sulin
Ella Sulinski
Mary Sullivan
Summer Sunderland
Pamela Sunseri
Susan B. Parkman, LCSW
Susan C. Appel, ACSW
Susan Estomin, MSW, LCSW
Susan F. Broner, ACSW
Susan M. Bradford, LMSW
Susan Meinert Ellis
Suzanne B. Mcleese, M.A., LCSW
Tracy Swartzlander
Joan Swerdlow-Brandt
Breda Swetz
Javeed Syed
Cynthia Sykes
Sylvia Orchid Light
Tabatha Scales-Lanier, Graduate Student
Maureen Talvi
Tamara Little, MSW, LCSW
Tamara S. Evanson
Tandy L. Levine, ACSW
Tara D. Wallace, LMSW
Tara J. Moloney, LCSW
Tayloe Bond Compton
Deborah Taylor
Dana Taylor
Cambrea Taylor
Teena Jones, LICSW
Harold Templeman
Teresa C. Shinedling
Terrel L. Fenn, LICSW
Terri D. Power
Tesla Sage Green-Plafcan, Student
Paul Testa
Letty Thall
Theresa McCay Boutross
Thomas J. Healey
Michele Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
Bruce Thompson
Sara Thompson
Patricia Thrall
Virginia Tietz
Linda Tillmon
Tim M. Shea
Laurie Timarac
Timothy Lawrence Hook, II
Julie Tinsley
Tobi B. Goldfus, ACSW LCSW BCD
Joan Toborowsky
Janice Toney
Kerrie Toole
Ivi Torres
Mariann Tosi
Jasmine Trangucci
Denise Trease
Marjorie Trogdon Shock
Denise Turner
Judith Uman
Ursula Steck, LCSW
Valarie L. McCants, ACSW
Natalie Valentini
Valerie Shines Warmly Pacini, LISW/LCSW
John Valvano
Valerie Van Dam
Nivia Van Damme
Fred Van Patten
Vandna Mittal, MA
Vanessa Marie Heit
Vanessa Peters, LCSW
Marilyn Vanpraag
Rebecca Varner
Samantha Vasquez
Eliezer Vazquez
Jeanne Vecchio
Karyn Velez
Vera Cerny
Kay Vernier
Julia Vero
Veronica R Hinojosa, MSW
Vet Rudean Woolf, Jr
SUE Vetere
Vicki L. Lamson
Vicki M. Wotring
Vickie Bishop
Vicky S. Blum
Victoria Castaneda, MSWc
Victoria Ellen Myers, LMSW
Victoria Madden, LCSW
Natalie Villalobos
Vincent Anthony Spizzo, LCSW-R
Virginia Sharma, LICSW
Lisel Virkler
Nanette Vitale
Katherine Vivanco
Vivian Ann Davis
Karen Vogel
W. Toby Hur
Kimberly Waggoner
Lina Walker
Meredith Walker
Faith Walker
Laura Wallis
Marianne Walsh
En Wang
Kyra Ward
Naomi Ward
Tracie Warner
Janet Warren
Heather Watson
Dorothy Watts
Melissa Weathers
Kristin Webster
Richard Wein
Daniel Weinbaum
Abigail Weirather
Christopher Weisbender
Renee Weissler
Sherri Welch
Wendy Wasserman Perello, MSW
Sabrina West
Charisse Weston-Keldo
Marcia Westra
Karen Wetmore
Terri Whalen
Alice White
Catherine White
Steven Whitehorn
Mary Whitman
Sharon Whittemore
Cheryl Whittington-Fogel
Stephanie Wichmann
Wilton Wielenga
Susan Wilder
Geri Wilimek
William A. Radford, DCSW
Bernadine Williams
Elliot Williams
Deborah Williams
Deborah Wilson
Wilson C. Hurley
Kristen Wiltshire
Perry Winn
Winnie Tse
Shelly Woertink
Julie Wood
Debora Worth
Emily Wright
Nicole Wright
Brian Wright
June Wynn
Susan Yanni-Bosco
Debbie Yasaki
Kathleen Yoakum
Yolanda Johnson-Martin, MSW
Yolanda T. Gabrielle
Kristi Yoshikawa
Christine Young
Hanna Young
Celeste Zbikowski
Christine Zinke
Prudence Zollinger
Michael Zuccaro
Jamie ZumMallen
September 2023
Jennifer (Lloyd) Errington
A. Gordon Gooding, LCSW,ACSW
Aaryn J. Frick, LCSW-C
Abbey S. Cohen
Leah Abel
Rosemary Abernethy
Abigail Simon, LICSW
Aby Charles Waters
Adela Acosta Velez
Sylvie Acoulon
Adalberto Rivera-Vega
Pamela Adamaitis
Sylvia Adler
Adrianne Miller
Agnes Wohl, ACSW
Benjamin Aguilar
Delores Aguiniga
Erin Ahearn
Sheila Ahmadi
AJ Deloney, IV
Alan Strong, LMSW,ACSW
Timothy Albro
Alex Brodrick, ACSW
Alice G. Morris
Alice H. Washington
Aline M. Fiedorowicz
Alisha Hall
Alisha Thomas
Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW
Allison Barton, LCSW
Allison V. Bennett
Altagracia Santana, LCSW
Amanda Foster
Amanda Hardwick, MSW
Amanda Mulhern
Amanda Rose Hensley, LCSW
Amelia Morgan Walker, MSW, LLMSW
Ami Ladd, LICSW
Amy E. Cafaro
Amy E. Horgan
Amy E. Weber, LCSW
Amy Foster
Amy Kathryn Bucciere, LCSW
Amy L. Waldman
Amy Quam
Amy Wilder, LCSW
Penelope Andersen
Christian Anderson
Dorothy Anderson
Susan Anderson
Samuel Anderson
Andrea Joy Goupalsingh, LMSW
Andrew Stephen Bailey, APSW
Diane Andujar
Angela Ann Brown
Angela Gonzalez, MSW
Angela Lacy McClintock, LICSW
Angela Lucas Hoppe
Angela Marie Bryant, LCSW
Angela Marie Stevens, MSW
Angela Zzie
Angelo D'Esposito, BA
Shona Angle-Gerol
Anita Convertino
Ann Chase Ballantine
Ann E. Kogen, LCSW
Ann H. Dart, ACSW, LCSW, QSW
Ann Nielsen
Anna Collette Jacobs
Anna M. Byrne, LCSW
Anne Bowerman Foster
Anne Dannis Lowe
Anne Katherine Ventullo, LISW
Anne L. Colderwood
Anne M. Pidek, LBSW, QMRP
Anne M. Ryan, ACSW
Anne-Marie Cox
Annie Nuite
Laura Aoki
April V. Moran
Julia Archer
Douglas Arey
Arleene Siegel, LMSW, ACSW
Arlene Messner-Peters
Marina Arnaud Rathjens
Shanan Arslanian
Ashley Ann Belden, LSW, MSW, LCDC III
Ashraf Khater
Judith Atchley
Paula Atwood
Autumn Francisco, SWT
Avarina Haulene London, MSW
Olga Babikova
Darcy Baggett
Mary Bahney
Eboni Bain
Olivia Baird
Thomas Baker
Erma Ballenger
Barbara J. Luby
Barbara L. Cox
Barbara M. Noeth
Barbara R. Burka, ACSW
Jennifer Barile
Nora Barquin
Bart A. Ewing, LCSW
Audra Bartz
Emma Basso
Carrie Bates
Suzanne Bates
Phil Baughman
Kaitlin Bayliff
Myra Bazell
Erica Beattie
Victoria Beckerman
Barbara Bedney
David Bedrin
Margaret Bedrosian
Adele Beischer
Madeline Belkin
John Bell
T. Diane Bell
Garet Benavides
Jill Bennett
Ruth Benson
Kimberly Benson
Sandra Berenbaum
Susan Berger
Benina Berger Gould
William Berkan
Bernard H. Robinson, ACSW,DCSW
Dina Bernat-Kunin
Merial Berry
Carolyn Bersak
Joan Berzoff
Eugenie Bestwick
Beth A. Struckhoff
Beth Ann Isen, ACSW
Beth Schroeder
Bethanie Sherwood
Beverly D. Kyer
Nancee Biank
Caitlin Billings
Kyle Birdwell
Susan Birne-Stone
Ray Bisco
Tammy Blackard Cook
Blaine C. McFadden
Blake Hamilton , LCSW
Rita Bleier
Shannan Blizzard
Nancy Blumberg
Julie Blythe
Candace Boden
Lisa Boldin
Meredith Bollinger
Sherry Bonder
Michelle Borenstein
Jane Boumgarden
Patricia Bousquet
Joseph Bowman
Patience Bowora-Mukurazhizha
Kacey Bradt
Carol Brady
Diane Brady-Leighton
Brandi Michelle Lautigar
Kaitlyn Brando
Brenda C. Kriegel, LICSW, LCSW, ACSW
Brenda J. Sypolt, LCSW, ACSW
Sandra Brennan
Brian D. Cummings, MSW
Brian Duane Burden
Brian G. Kaufman
Richard Brice
Wendy Briggs
Michelle Broadwater
Miriam Brodersen
Brooke Corinne Vargas
Dennis Brooks
Ronald Brown
Pamela Brown
Christine Brown
Kendal Brown
Courtney Brown
Julie Brown
Cobren Brown
Sarah Brown
Mary Brown Lewis
Sarah Brownlee
Ellen Bruce
Mary Bruce-Kulcsar
Ronald Bruno
Bryan J. Talbott-Clark
Doris Bryant-Ayettey
Patricia Bryant-Reid
Bryn Poulton
John Buchbinder
Terri Buresh
Kristine Burns
Janelle Burrill O'Donnell
Chera Busch
Marchanel Byus
C. Colleen Roney, LCSW
John Cadalso
Capri Cafaro
Elizabeth Caldwell
Suzannah Callaghan
Mary Caminiti
David Campbell
Yvette Canals-Willette
Donna Capozzi
Careyleah MacLeod, MSW--LCSW
Carissa Swanstrom Ortman
Carl W. Christensen, ACSW
Carla B. Monteiro
Michelle Carlamere
Phyllis Carlson
Carmen Rivera, LICSW
Carol B. Sisco, ACSW,PHD
Carol Wolfe, ACSW
Carole Landis, MSS LCSW QCSW
Carole S. Geithner
Carolina M. Nudo
Carolyn Donley, LCSWR
Carolyn Jane Jackson, LCSW
Carolyn Jean Trujillo, LSW
Carrie Lynn Means, LISW
Olivia Carroll
Sarah Carter
Casey N. Roberts
Cassandra L. Bynum, ACSW
Cindy Cassiere
Lupe Castaneda
Kristina Castillo
Catherine Hales, ACSW
Catherine Lieb
Catherine M. Mirra, ACSW
Catherine R. Grund, ACSW
Cathy L. Mendelson, LCSW, ACSW
Joseph Cattano
Ceaton Charen Falgiano, LCSW-R
Cerin Michi Takeuchi Venegas
Chana F Yaroslawitz, Bachelor of Science
Amy Chandler
Cindy Chandler-Guy
Chandra N. Weising
Robin Chapman
Elizabeth Chapman
Charity H. Hochberg
Charleen N. Enns, LCSW
Charles Christian Diamond, LCSW
Alexander Chatfield
Chelsea Paige Bruno, MSW Student
Cheri A. Jessup
Cheri Brown, LMSW
Cherish Bee McCallum, LMSW
Cheryl A. Gardopee
Cheryl Hoover
Cheryl Weiss
Susan Cheshire
Emily Chesley
Terry Chianello
June Chin
Leslie Chiotasso
Laura Chisholm
Elizabeth Chodelka
Christina Clarke, LMSW
Christina Jean Bailey, BSW
Christina Leonor Rodriguez
Christina N. Burden
Christine A. Cronin
Christine A. Duffy-Gill
Christine A. Schultz, ACSW,QCSW,C-SWHC
Christine Brooks
Christopher Baranovic, LSW
Christopher P. Holly
Christy M. Wooton, MSW, LCSW-C
Kimberly Chu
John Chupka
Ruslana Church
Marilyn Ciaramitaro
Cindy Ahmad
Cindy C. Hayes, LCSW
Clarence Cisneros-Jones