Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
May 2022
Gina M. Todd, LCSW
Linda Aadland-Lassandro
Akram Abiskaroon
Rebecca Abramson
Karen Adams
S. Adaramola
Wilma Adkins
Karen Adler
Barry Adler
Joanna Ahlering
Josefina Ahumada
Meng Ai
Jessica Aiello
Aimee Amodio
Julie Albert
Joan Alexander
Alexandra J. Dellutri, LCSW, ACSW,BCD
Alexis Keely Conroy, B.A., M.A.
Alfreda P. Gee
Alison Feudo
Alissa Gren
Alix Amar, LCSW, QCSW
Ashley Allen
Amy Almas
Alyssa Lynn Gibbons, LCSW
Alyssa Y. Rader
Amanda Jean Matthews
Amanda L Constant
Susan Amato
Lacey Amos
Robert Amos
William Amt
Amy Di Mauro, LCSW
Amy E. Bryan
Amy L. Rosenthal
Ana Nunez
Ana Tucker, LMSW, MPH
Kristopher Anderson
Neil Anderton
Christina Andino
Andrea B. Shaw, MBA,LCSW
Andrea Celeste Stone
Andrea M. Treimel, LCSW, LCAS-A
Andy O'Connor
Anemone Schlotterbeck, LMSW
Angela Leigh Koenig
Angela Rita-Farias
Angelica Vergara Fuentes, MSW
Angie Hilken, LCSW
Ann Marie Dobbertin
Anna La Rocca Palid, LCSW
Anna-dora Scanlan Maloney
Anne Elizabeth Velasco, MSW, LCSW, LCAS
Anne Marie Kennedy, LCSW,ACSW
Anne-Marie Cummings
Annette Mirabal, LCSW, LADAC
Anthony Dimitrion, LMSW
Anthony J. Cotraccia
April Jennalee Beardslee, BSW
April L. Thompson
Carina Araujo-Lane
Sharron Arbuthnot
Ariela L. Alpert, LCSW
Arleathia S. West, ACSW
Anda Arms
Artemisa Oliva, LCSW
Dorothy Ashton
William Atchison
Audrey Dunn
Ayana Caitlin Blackey
Ellen Bachmeyer
Jeanette Bailey
Elyse Baker
Carly Baker
Rachel Baker-Blackwell
Edward Ballen
Barbara Kroening, LMSW
Barbara Marotto
Barbara Suarez Chenoweth
Ethel Barber
Shelly Barnard
Deborah Barnes
Beth Barol
Edward Baron
Mary Barrett
Bart Thomas Ozretich, MSW, LICSW
Marjorie Bates
Bridgett Beal
James Beattie
Suzanne Beatty
Michele Beaulieu
Abbie Beaulieu
Victoria Becker
Benita DeLeon-Hernandez, LCSW
Casey Berberich
Nina Berenfeld
Katharine Bergacs
Jamie Bergan
Margaret Berger
L. Steven Berns
Ellice Berson
Beryl E. Cohen
Beth A. Hoffman, LCSW, ACSW
Beth L. Emmons
Bethany Flores, RCSWI
Bethany Jo Hicks, MSW, LSW
Betty Jean Curran, LMSW
Lisa Bialkin
G. Bieber
Robbie Blair
Lou Blankenburg
Joel Bobby
Bonita H. Jacques, ACSW
Bonnie Silverman
Kerry Boone-Savinsky
Sara Booth
Debra Borden
Stacey Bornholdt
Tyler Botelho
Faye Bottone
Lynn Bouchard-Edwards
Scott Bradley
Bradley A. Chamberlain, LISW, LCSW
Alyssa Brandon
Angela Brandt
Sarah Brandt
Brandy M. Kidd
Allison Braswell
Marguerite Braun
Brenda Lee Gauthier, LCSW
Brenda Louise Davis, LCSW
Bebe Brezanin-Brusky
Bronwyn L. Cross-Denny, PhD, LCSW
Christopher Brown
Robin brown
Scott Bryce
Brynn Wallace, LCSW
Jennifer Bulow
Lindsey Burke
Deborah Burkhalter
Jay Burkholder
Ellen Burkowsky
Jaynee Burks
Kristine Burkwood
Andrea Burr
Shelly Burr
Leticia Bustamante
Cynthia Butler
Vincent Butler
Capri Cafaro
Caitlin Parrott
Caitlin Riley, LMSW
Tessa Campbell
Ana Campos
Melinda Canno-Velez
Kristin Carder
Naomi Carey
Cristin Carkhuff
Carla D. Russell Jones
Dion Carlock
Leila Carlson
Carly Claire McMaster
Carol C. Keeler, ACSW LCSW DCSW
Carol Campbell Edwards, LCSW
Carol J. Kramer, LCSW
Carole King
Carole L. Bender, ACSW
Carolyn Gray, MPH
Carolyn R. Altman, LCSW
Carrie Ann Winkler, MSW, LCSW
Carrie Elizabeth Corby
Stephen Carroll
Matthew Carron
Letitia Carter
Casey Eric Johnson
Casey Taylor-Brewer, CSW
Heather Casperson
Laura Castracane
Celeste Marie Rausch, MSW Student
Jaimee Chapman
Charita Kincy McCollers, MSW, LCSW
Charles B. Mann
Charline Sanchez
Ingrid Charlson
Chelsea Jennings, LGSW
Chelsey Helmke, LICSW
Cheryl A. Boyer, LCSW
Cheryl Bochenek
Christina Borgman
Christina Prorokovic, MSW Candidate May 19
Christina St Clair, LCSW
Christine Ann Boender
Kerry Christopher
Chrysa Lawan
Cindy B. Quart
Cindy L. Capretz
Cindy Lee Smit, LISW
Krista Clain
Claire D. Siverson, LCSW
Claudia Yelin
Clay M. Cutts
Emily Cobb
Pamela Colbert
Elizabeth Cole
David Compere
Samantha Condra
Lisa Condrey
Gail Conley
Christopher Connolly
Sharon Connor
Anne Conser
Eilish Conway
Jane Conway
Jolanda Cook
Lauretta Cooper
Diane Coughlin
Courtney A. Hulbert
Freda Cox
Christina Crawford Duggan
W. Michael Crouch
Laura Curry
Cynthia A. Holmquest, MSW Student
Cynthia Deanne Lowe
Cynthia Fulton-Solomon, LMSW
Cynthia Maria Marzette, MSW, LCSW
Deborah Cyr
D Janelle Young-Ogata, ACSW
D'Ana Smith, LMSW
Carol D'Andrea
Verna Dalin
Dana Christine Reyes
Dana Sheridan Smallwood, PIP,LCSW
Danielle Pearl Smith, LCSW
Margery Daniels
Darryl W. Bruno, ACSW, C-SSWS, LCSW
David A. Rosen, C-ASWCM
David Alan Berns, LMSW, MSW
David Andrew Carpenter
David L. Mayfield
David Lynn Myford
David M. Fawcett
Charlotte Davidson
Tonya Davis
Judy Dawley
Dawn M. DiCicco
Dawn Rae Bailey
Dawn S. Manila, MSW, LSW
Gloria De la garza-Rios
Dean A. Miller, LMSW
Deanna Sanchez, LCSW
Deborah A. Okrina
Deborah Berman, LCSW
Deborah Lee Johnson, Ph.D.
Deena H. Robertson, MSW
Michelle DeGennaro
Kathleen Delli Pizzi
Sylvia DelValle-Jorlett
Denise Buckingham
Denise C. Beaufait, ACSW,LICSW
Denise R. Cooney-Zajkowski, LCSW
Denise rossi
Lori Dennis
Dennis W. Mott, LCSW
Janet DePaolo
Rebecca DeRaud
Casey Dexter
Diana J. Fisher
Diane Calogero-Cleary, LCSW
Diane J. Hess, ACSW
Alexandra Dimant
Marcie DiOrio
Heidi Donald
Patricia Donaldson
Donna E. Grant, LICSW
Dori S. Fromer
Lorynn Dotson
Regina Doyle
Simone Dreher
Susanne drisko
Mimi Drummond
Arthur Dubois
Susan Dudek
Megan Duffy Knight
Jessica Dumas
Elonzo Duncan
Roxanna Duntley-Matos
Judy Duquette
Katarina Dutra
Jerome Dyson
E Cydne B. Collins
Eartha Dumond
Susan Ebenau-Thomas
Ed Fowler
William Eddy
Barbara Edelhauser
Edward Wilson, Chaplain
Deborah Ehle
Eileen Odette Long, MSW LCSW
Elaine E. Reid
Angelica Eliazar
Elisabeth Curshen
Elizabeth Carroll Miller, LCSW
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Hahn, LCSW
Elizabeth Marie Hornbaker
Elizabeth Murphy Cooke
Elizabeth Nabors
Elizabeth Scheeler
Ellen C. Castleman
Ellen S. Ayres
Randi Ellingboe
Michael Ellis
Tammy Ellis
Jennifer Ellison
Seth Ellner
Elvia Maribel Asencio-Maguire, MSW
Emily Sasser, LMSW
Emily Catherine Black
Emily Elena Ridenour, J.D., MSW
Emily Louise Wynn
Erica Stone, LCSW
Maren Erickson
Darlene Erickson
Erik Barnhill, Mr.
Erin Egan, LCSW
Erin Patricia Sumser
Sara Erlich Penchuk
Suzanne Etre
Eva Fyer
Eva M. Heyman
Daniel Farrell
Fatima Sayah Amelkin
Tammy Faux
Gwen Feldman
Robert Feldman
Deborah Feldman
Harmony Feldman McCullough
Joel Feliciano
Geraldine Feretic
Terri Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson
Francine Fern
Eric Fernelius
Jennifer Ferrilli
Estrella Fichter
Elizabeth Figueroa
Nikita Fiore
Jane Fish
Catherine Fisher
Pattie Fisher
Joan Flum
Mary Foley
Annika Foster
Crystal Fox
Fran S. Danis, ACSW PhD
Frances Maria Leonard, MSW
Frances N. Morrow
James Francois
Debra Frankel
Frederick Nathan Cabras
David Freilicher
Valeria Frescino
Paul Fressola
Sandra Fried
Joanie Funk
Dorene Gabelli
Gabriella Olivince
Joanne Gaffney
Gail A. Wright, C-ASWCM
Gail Greenhut, ACSW
Gail Haidet McCarthy, LICSW
Angela Gainan-Price
Julia Gann-Smith
Polly Gardiner
Susan Gardner
Fennisha Gardner
Rachael Gardner Purdy
Gareth Nerisa Fenley, LMSW
Joan Garrabrant
Charles Garvin
Gary A. Winter
Gary L. Hirshberg, ACSW
Jo-Anne Gaughan-Cabral
Gayle W Clachko, LCSW
Suzanne Geller
Elise Gembarski
Anne Geoghegan
George C. Kappaz
Charles Gerace
Gerald W. Caughey, ACSW,DCSW
Rose Ghilardi
Veronica Gilbert-Tyson
Andrew Gill
Dara Gill-Fletcher
Dawn Gillespie
Dorothy Gillyard
Gina Malloy, LICSW
Gina R. Schuchman, ACSW
Gitonya Y. Bolden-Clay
Dawn glaspie
Arline Glassel
Gloria Fine
Jamie Goings
Shari Goldsmith
Dale Goldstein
Lisa Gordon
Grace H. Brace
Joel Gratch
Steve Gratwick
Donna Gray
Michael Greene
Megan Gregory
Gregory C. Krueger, ACSW
Gregory M. Uhland, ACSW
Loretta Grieve
Sandra (Sandi) Grottola
Elizabeth Gurka
Guy D. Burstein
Gwen E. Williams, DCSW
Caryn Hacker-Buechel
Heidi Haddad
Richard Hadley
Barbara Hale
Mary Hall
Christine Hall-Reed
Joan Halpert
Jenny Hamlin
Marjorie Hammock
Traci Hanger-Hoffman
Hank A. Cecil, ACSW, LCSW
Nancy Hanley-Moyer
Joyce Hanna
Hannah A. Reed
Hannah Figueroa, LLMSW
Carolyn Hansen
Tyrone Harris
Sandra Hart
Melissa Harvey
Jacqueline Hasselbring
Hazel Barrow
Jason Healy
Angie Heath
Heather Lee Schulien, Schulien, LCSW
Heather M. Martin
Laurie Heller
Edward Helm
Kelly Hendrickson
Henri Flikier, ACSW
Elise Hensley
Jessica Hermanson
Lydia Hernandez
Theodore Hernitche
Stephanie Hibbard
Blair Hickman
Margaret Higgins
Amanda Hills
Christina Hobson
Virginia Hoffman
Holly Beck Riordan
John Holtkamp
Ashley Hood
June Hopps
Debra Horvath
Lori Houston
Christine Hubbard
Kimberley Humphries
Maribel Hurtado
Allison Hurwitz
I. Leona Abrams, LCSW-R, ACHP-SW
Tamara Iacampo
Sarah Iannone
Oluwakemi Idowu
Ilana B. Mazur, LCSW, ACSW
Jennifer Illig
Rebecca Imming
Alison Inglis
Ingrid Noemi Hernandez, MSW
Monique Ivanov
Ivy Tumlinson, LICSW
Debbi Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs
Mary Jamia Jacobsen
Jacqueline A. Foster
Jonathan Jaffe
Tanisha James
James L. Scherrer, ACSW
James Paul Zimmer
James T. Meadows
Marybeth James-O'Connor
Jamie Lynn Cojocari
Jane A. Pavich, ACSW
Jane F. Knuppel, ACSW
Janelle S. O'Connor
Janet E. Noonan, ACSW
Janet Watson
Janine Fabrizio, MSW LSW CPS
Jarom Danner Hawker
Jason Tonon, LMSW
Jean Greenberg, ACSW
Jean L. Donnan
Jeanette Janvier, LSW
Jeanie L. Hebert-Brown, DCSW
Jeanie S. Low
Jeanie T. Barnard, MSW, LCSW, ACSW
Jeanne M. Liechty, PhD
Alison Jedrick
Jeffrey David Morrill, LCSW
Jeffrey J. Whittlesey, LISW
Thomasina Jenkins
Jennifer A. Broomfield
Jennifer Ann Burns, LCSW
Jennifer B. Schreiber, LICSW
Jennifer Jane Schmanski, EMT-P, MSW
Jennifer L. Beyer, LCSW
Jennifer L. Simon, JD, LCSW
Jennifer Lynn Randall
Jennifer Maria Padron, ACPS, CPS, CHW, QMHP
Jeremy Fulwiler, LMSW,ACSW
Jessica A. Reed
Jessica Breen
Jessica Jaramillo
Jessica L. Willemsen
Jessica Manny-Flynn, LSCSW
Jessica Pelaez, MSW
Jessica Tingle, BSW
Jessie Marie Kozmoski, MSW, LSW
Jesus M. Santana
Jill C. Hull Dziko
Jill McCormick, JD, MSW, LSW
Jillian Grace Orzechowski, MSW, LCSW
Joan DeGregorio, ACSW
Joclyn Reilly, LCSW
Joel B. Fink
John C. Ennen
John S. Schuster
John Scott Turton, MSW, LICSW
Amy Johnson
David Johnson
Yvonne Johnson-Gilbert
Jolene A. Duggan
Jonathan B. Singer, PhD
Jonathan D. May
Sandra Jones
Brittany Jones
Lazora Jordan
Brenda Jorden
Dieula Joseph
Joy M. Zimmerman
Juanita Serena Elliott
Judith S. Madison
Judy A. Carpentier, ACSW
Judy L. Ness
Julia Catherine Tsakalis
Julia T. Stahl
Julie Anne Samitt
Julie L. Wojcik
Juliet D. Wolff
Julio A. Grova, LCSW
Justin Evans
Justin I. Hersom
Justin S. Rudolph, LCSW
Justyn Haskell Manley
Kaitlin Dull
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Long, BSW
Desiree Kane
Ellen Kaplan
Kara N. Smith
Karen Henry Smith, LSW
Karen Kranbuehl
Karen L. Carney
Karen L. Gorske
Karen L. Mohammed-Perry, QCSW
Kari H. Kleven
Karleen M. Keaney, LCSW,ACSW
Karly Morgan Toto, MSW, LSW
Kathryn Kastan
Kate K Leggiero-Avron
Katharine P. Smith
Katherine E. Shapiro
Katherine M. Stiles, ACSW
Katherine Moss
Kathleen A. Mathews
Kathy Jo Sukenis, LMSW
Katie A. Shaw
Katie R. Kelly, LCSW
Pamela Katz
Rose Kavo
Janet Kazenel
Rebecca Keegan
Keisha S. taylor
Keith T. Fadelici
Kelly S. Baxter, LSW
Carol Kemp
Savannaugh Kennedy
Kenneth Griffin
Kenya Ayanna Miles
Bella Kerdman Isaacs
Tamara Kesselman
Kevin Michael Lenny, MSW, LSW
Maureen Kiely
Kimberley Angel Carhart (Carhart-Eiken), CSW,MSW
Kimberly B. White, LCSW,C-SSWS
Miriam Kirscht
Phyllis Klaus
Madeline Knapp
Brenda Knox
Debra Kollar
Kathleen Kostock
Kraig Smiegowski, LCSW
Jeffrey Kranz
Lindsay Kravit
Krista H. Sand, LICSW
Kristen Gautier-Downes, LSW
Kristin Pipes
Kristina Arscott, LCSW
Kristina D. Puttler-Miller
Krystal Rashae Mehrhof
Marcus Kuboy
Michelle Kuecker
Lacey Faughender, MSW
Gayle Lafferty
Drew Langston
Preston Lanier
Lara Michelle Edelstein
Larissa E. Golloub
Anna LaRocco-Cockburn
Jamie Lasden
Lataya Hawkins
Erin Latulippe
Laura Disney
Laura E. Dermer
Laura E. Macias, CSW-G
Laura J. Winton
Laura L. McMurry
Laura L. Truesdale, LISW-CP
Laura Manning Jenkins
Laurel E. Thompson
Lauren Dunn, LISW
Lauren Hargraves, MSSW Candidate
Layne E. Pavey
Patricia Lazuka
Nancy Leary
James LeCluyse
Frances Lee
Sarai Leeb Herman
Amy Leiferman
Linda Leonard
Christopher Lerro
Rebecca Lesesne
Lynda Leslie
Leslie C. Hurst, B.S.
Leslie H. Row, LICSW
Sharon Lesnick
Joel Levine
Beth Levy-Merlin
Faith Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
Lia Marie Bias
Libby MacPhee, MSW
Libby Still Riverstone-Howe, MSW
Christine Lill
Lily Freier
Linda K. Scudlo, LMSW
Linda Kathleen Craig, BSW
Linda M. Kroll, LCSW, ACSW
Linda Raye Hereford, LCSW-C
Lindsey M. Tomcics, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Theresa Lingl
Lisa A. Allison
Lisa Ann Ragnoli, LMSW - Clinical
Lisa G. Donnellan, MSW, LICSW
Lisa Inoue
Lisa LaFaye Anderson, CMSW, MTS
Lisa M. Congdon, MVF-CSW
Lisa Stilwell
Lisa Yordy, LCSW
Lisha Mejan
Kathryn List
Liz Dideon Hess, LCSW
Antoinette Lloyd
Lois Kemmet, LICSW
Lorraine K. Forbes
Samuel Luba
Carol Lubetsky
Susan Luckman
Mark Ludwig
Luis A. Pereira, LCSW
Linda Luking
Lynette Williams
Lynn D. Dean, ACSW
Lynn Maria Carter, MSW, LSW
Lynn Saylor-Salmon, MSW
Allyssa Machnik
Carol Maddox
Wendy Maddox
Maggie Ivancic, Student
Francis Maguire
Karen Main
Jennifer Mainini
Makayla Teresa Cunningham, LCSW
Dayle Malen
Mallory Bachman
Mallory Kendall Stiff, MSW
Joseph Manuszak
Andrea Marana
Katherine Marble
Jeannine Marchione
Marci E. Morris
Steven Mardis
Maria Teresa Driver, MSW LCSW
Maria Trejo
Marilyn B. Kerr, ACSW
Marilyn Finch Williams
Marion R. Ritchey, AA of Sociology
Marisa Floro, LCSW,MSW Student
Marjorie Hatch, MSW
Mark J. Chuoke
Dale Markowitz
Eugenia Marks
Marlo Temin Pedroso, LICSW
Sandra Marquez
Frandi Mars
Paul Marshall
Martha E. Rand
Martha Loflin Gary Wilson, LMSW
Sydney Martin
Bradley Martin
Martin F. Hammar, LISW
Teresa Martin-Tivenan
Martine C. Barbier, LCSW
Marvin M. Bryant, Sr., ACSW, LISW-CP/S, CPM
Mary Crowder King
Mary Lopusnak
Mary Randall Ingate, LCSW-C
Mary Wightman, MSW, LCSW
Beckie Masaki
Erin Mason
Matthew B. Weisner, LCSW
Matthew Cleaver
Marguerite Matusak
Maureen R. Kelly, Kelly
Elizabeth Mc Garvey
Anna-Melissa McCarthy-Chavez
Susan McDonald
Kathleen McGah
Michelle McGowan
Virginia Mcintosh
McKenzie Lynn Rodarte, CASUDC
Abigail McKeon
Laura Mckibbin
Alicia McLaughlin
Cimberleigh McLean
Ann Marie McMenamin
Colleen McNamara
Patrick Mcweeny
David Mcwhirter
Meg C. Hertz
Megan McNett, BSW
Meggie Counts, Meggie Counts
Melissa Jane Schoettle
Melissa Moggio Flanagan
Melissa Tuttle
Patricia Mendell
Chyanne Mennell
Leslie Meskin-Bass
H. Meyer
Sharon Meyers
Mica Gillian Henderson
Micaela S. VanSkiver Williams
Micaela Scully
Michael A. Ruberton
Michael Anthony Aubry, LMSW
Michael Knight
Michael Marsico
Michael Medlin
Michele Frances Purvin, LCSW
Larry Micheletti
Michelle Abad Batacan Alexander
Michelle Allgood-Welker, LMSW
Michelle Booth, MSW
Sara Micieli
Mary Miller
Mary Miller
Pamela Mills
Merleen Mills
Marguerite Milstead
Mindy V. Zych
Christopher Minnick
Sherry Minniti D'Elia
Mladenka Kovacevic Totonchi, Totonchi
Jennifer Moix
Renee Moldovan
Aimee Moles
Janina Molina
Molly Fagan
Julienne Montalvo-Mojica
Laura Montenegro
Arnecia Moody
Casie Moody
Morgan Vance, LCSW
Carol Morken
Phyllis-Ann Morrissey
Mary Catherine Murphy
John Murray
Kristen Murray
Francesca Nadalini
Nancy Ehlers
Nancy R. Tashiro, LCSW
Nanette Gibson Holland
Naomi Davidson, LCSW
Karen Nassauer
Nastassja Alena Cuellar-Wilson, LMSW
Natalee A. Clendinen, MSW
Sylvia Neal
Neisha G. Wiley
Brenda Newell
Nicole Sheri Barksdale
Nicolina R. Ku
Nikki Leanne Wynn, LBSW
Nina Barresi Powell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Darrell Noble
Erin Nolan
Katherine Noordsij
Kristen Norton
Adrienne Novick
Constance Numbers
Kathleen O'Brien
Kelcee O'Daniel
Justin OBrien
Lucia Ochoa
Robert Oliva
Olivia Outlund
Yvonne Olson
Jennifer ONeill
Myrna Orenstein
Ossenia Sonae Jeff
Alisha Otter
Hannah Overstake
Debra Owens
Amanda Owens
Rachel Pacey
Penny Page
Paige Vermaat
Aspasia Palios
Pamela C. Dean
Pamela D. Leslie, MSW, LSW
Pamela Marie Gibson
Ashlea Pardee
Emily Parsons
Kellia Pasteur
Patricia A. Magnotta, MSW, LSW
Patricia Lynn Spirk Beaumont, LCSW,
Patricia M. Hart
Patricia M. Mosbacher, ACSW
Patti-Ann Bossert, LCSW
Elizabeth Patton
Paul A. Finch, LCSW, DCSW
Paul Aune
Paula L. Mattis, LICSW, ACSW
Paulomi J. Dave-Potter, LICSW
Peggy L. Reed-Lohmeyer, LCSW
Carol Peloquin
Analizeth Pesqueira
Rebecca Peterson
Ryan Petros
Elizabeth Petz
Philip Reed Larsen, Jr.
Gina Phillips
M. Kathryn Phillips
Phyllis W. King, LICSW, DCSW
Eleanor Picente
Elizabeth Pineros
Helen Pitts
Pamela Platten
Maurice Plough
Jamall Pollock
Susan Ponder-Stansel
Merry Porter
Jessica Potter
Elizabeth Powers
Michael Pratt
Iona Price-Feinstein
Stephanie Prince
Andre Pruitt
Starlee Qualter
Farrah Quarles
Tara Quick
Corbin Quinn
Rachael Leann Foley, Indian Child Welfare
Richard Radocchia
Laura Rains
Ndanga Ramazani
Michelle Ramirez
Randall G. Jacobs, LCSW
Randall R. Myers, PhD,LCSW-C
Randy Frankel, ACSW
Margo Rappaport
Linda Rasmussen
Raven A. Register
Tyler Ray
Ray Fisher, MSW-S
John Reardon
Rebecca Halperin
Rebecca Hannah, Hannah
Arthur Redding
Kristie Redfield
Norma Reed
Cheryl Reeley
Elizabeth Reep
Janette Reget
Regina R. Medina, LCSW, ACM
Sheena Reid
Matthew Reiland
Renee Arlene Perry, LCSW-C
Renee Marie Langevin
Rhoda S. Grill, ACSW
Rhonda E. Mason
Lillian Rhudy
Betty Rice
Lesa Rice
Sara Rich
Richard Abott Durocher, MSW Student
Francesca Richardson
Rick Mark Hernandez, LMSW
Jara Rijs
Andrea Rioux
Michaele Rizzuto
Robert J. Herel, LCSW, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Robert L. Loftus
Robert P. McLaughlin
Robert S. Berger, PhD,LCSW-R,ACSW
Roberta J. Clark, ACSW
Warnie Robertson
Tanisha Robinson
Marianne Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Rocco M. Guglielmo, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Patricia Rogers
Tavenner Rogers
Beth Rontal
Rosa Cormier Grgurich, LCSW CSOTP
Margaret Rose
Rosemary Corzine, MSW
Jed Rosen
Robin Rosenberg
LaToya Ross
Kim Ross
Michael Rossilli
Chelsea Roth
Michael Rothberg
Mary Rowe-Schmitz
Russell Rowenhorst
Jane Rubin
Roseanna Ruiz
Nicole Rupp
Sandra Russalesi
Ruth Delores Smith, C-CATODSW
Kathleen Rutherford
Sacha J. Trulove, student
Sage Sullivan Windemaker
F. Samora
Marian Sanborn
Sandra J. Levy
Sandra Nicole Ford, LCSW
Maggie Santinanavat
Sara Baldwin Flynn, MSW, LCSW
Sarah Nixon, PLCSW
Sarah Shaney, LCSW
Kelly Sawyer
Lisa Schachter
Deborah Schachter
Natalie Schafer
Joanne Schaffer
Marsha Schechtman
Sarah Scheerger
Richard Scheinberg
Rosa Schirripa
Judy Schlotzhauer
Kara Schmitt
Stacey Schmitt
Sylvia Schoenfeld
Alan Schrader
Joshua Schurman
Jean Schwab-Ferguson
Claudia Schweitzer
Kelli Schweitzer
Sandra Scott
Pamela Scott
Scott L. Schwartz
Alyssa Scrignoli
Ellen Seader
Benjamin Seaman
Sean McBride
Ramune Segreti
Carol Seixas
Alicia Sellitti
Andy Seplow
Sera Jennil Godfrey-Kaplan, LICSW
Seth Rumbley
Theodore Seward
Robin Seymour
Shannon Duncan, Student
Sharilyn Twidwell
Sharla N. Burrell
Sharon D. Sickles
Sharon L. Spivey
Sharon M. McCaffrey, ACSW
Syd Sharples
Sharyl K. Cates, ACSW
Helen Shasa-Rotile
Elizabeth Shashoua
Deborah Shatzkamer
Shaune Martin
Mary Shay
Mary Sheehan
Harriet Sheeley
Shelly A. Wiechelt, ACSW,QCSW
Sherilynn Allen, LSW
Jonathan Sherman
Monique Sherman
Roger Sherwood
Sheyla Leiva, MSW
Shimon Davidson Cohen
Lionel Shockness
Andrew Sichling
Roberta Siegel
Denise Silverstein
June Simmons
Jessica Simmons
Steven Simonson
Meredith Sinel
Vivian Sklar
Amanda Slinkman
Karen Smaltz
Linda Smith
Alana Smith
Callie Smith
Ina Smith
Jennifer Smith
Janet Smith
Lizzie Smith
Savannah Smith
Sarah Smith-Trawick
Bonnie Sobel
Judith Solomon
Sonja B. Lindgren, LCSW
Sonyia Richardson, LCSW
John Sorensen
Mary Sparke
Aaron Spiegel-Emms
Stacey Spina
Allyne Spinner
Stacey Hardy
Stacy Kuhn
Cameron Staley
Neeka Stanley
Stefanie Hynds, LCSW
Christina Stein
Marjorie Steinberg
Randy Steinhaus
Stephanie C. Doran
Stephanie Casto
Stephanie Marie Wachs
Stephanie Rose Sternberg
Stephanie Sleeper, MSW Candidate 2019
Gracy Stephen
Claudia Stevens
Paige Stewart
Linda Stewart
Bruce Storms
Karen Street
Robin Strickman
Kimberly Stuart
Lynn Stubbs
Laurie Sugarman-Whittier
Susan Sukenik
Tahir Suleyman
Nancy Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Susan C. Abbott
Susan Leshen, LCSW
Susan Levine Friedman, ACSW LCSW
Susan M. Valentine
Susanna Lorraine Aich
Rachel Suskewicz
Edward Svasta
Wendi Svoboda
Julia Swartz Fagnant
Timothy Sweatman
Cecelia Sweeney
Nancy Sweet-Holp
Jody Swisher
Katherine Sykes
Talia Marie Thelen, LMSW
Talia Starr Filippelli
tamara m nowak, jd lsw cadc
Tamara Saint Gilles, MSW Candidate
Jacqueline Tangires
Courtney Tanner
Tara Anne Belits
Nancy Tartakoff
Thomas Taylor
Megan Tazzi
Joseph Tena
Sarah Tenney
Teralyn Green Hobbs, LMSW
Teresa G. Ormand, LISW-CP
Teresa P. Russell
Terri McCormack Caicedo, MSW
Terry Davis, MSW, LCSW
Charles Thomas
Thomas Gordon
Thomas Rea, II, LCSW-C
Kristin Thompson
Marjorie Thrope
Denise Thurmond
David Thurn
Gary Tiemann
Evangeline Tierney
Tiffany Rayel Flores
Tim A. Schroeder, MSW
Tina Xiong
Karen Todd
Todd Junkins
Tomas Cruz, ACSW
Toni M. Coleman, LCSW
Torrey Harrison, LCSW
James Trainor
Hannah Tran
Victoria Travis
Maria Trevino Jungers
Megan Triola
Trisha S. Cohen Lewis
Amy Trommer
Deborah Tucker
Tucker Ranson, LCSW
Thomas Tueller
Kathi Turner
Christine Tvedt
Julie Tyson
Sabrina Tyuse
Chinenye Ugorji
Kimberly Umlauf
Susan Vail
Valerie B. Grasso
Valerie D. Wise, LCSW, LCAC, CADC
Deborah Valletta
Sydney Vandeveer
Delores Varner
Monica Vaughan
Karyn Velez
Christa Veltri
Marisa Vescio
Vicki Turnage, LCSW, ACSW
Victoria T. Guenther
Vincent M. Murphy
Vivian G. Stith-Williams
Cynthia Vogel
Le Ann Vogt
Randi Volk
Jeremiah Volk
Marie Waite
Wilma Wake
Jessica Walls
Mary Jo Walsh
Margaret Wannemacher
Jeanie Warren
Mary Washburn
Carol Way
Nancy Weaver
Bret Weber
Kathleen Webster
Cynthia Wedel
Lois Wedin
E-forh Weh
Francene Weingast
David Weinreich
Miriam Weisberg
Bette Weisman
Robert Weiss
Susan Weissbach
Jacqueline Welker
Karen Welling
Jenee Wells
Jessica Wells
Wendy L. Becker, LCSW
Melinda (Mendi) West
Ann Wexler
Shelby Whalen
Marolyn Whaley-Buckel
Niah White
Whitney Lauren Luce, LMSW
Lawrence Wieczorek
Maria Wiener
Jamie Wilkinson-Franks
William J. Turner
Belinda Williams
Lorna Williams
Christina Williams
Daria Willis
Penelope Wilson
Pamela Wilson
Mary Ann Wilson
Julie Wilson Ribaudo
Janet Winocour
Tara Winsor
Patricia Wippich
Morissa Wiser
David Wizansky
Jennifer Wofford
Jessica Wolfe
Carol Wolkiewicz
Julie Wood
Jonathan Woods
Justine Woolner-Wise
Nicole Wooters
Marcia Wragge
Brenda Yarcag
Lisa Yeager
Megan Young
Judith Zachs
Anita Zielinski-Bean
Joseph Zimakas
Emily Zimmerman
Michele Zinoman Baldwin
Tara Zipp
Sharon Zisserman
Elizabeth Zmuda-Swanson
Zoe B. Wood
Tara Zorabedian
April 2022
Aaron M. Polsky
Mary Abbott
Michele Abu
Sarah Accorsi
Adam Weitz
Remia Adams
Willieann Adams
Tamara Adams
Ingrid Adkins
Martine Adler
Adria Lin Young, LSW
Adrienne Abecassis
Aimee L. Lemon
N. Norma Akamatsu
Akshita Vaidyanathan
Alanna Barnes
Nadia Albino
Marlene Albright
Shelly Aledo
Alexa J. Lee
Alexandra L. Kagan
Alexandria Banta, LISW
Alexis Jaeger, LCSW
Lorrie Alfonsi
Alice Vienneau, LCSW
Paul Alie
Alison K Pullman
Amy Allen
Lori Alley
Allison Mackay Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA
Chava Alpert
Meryl Alster
Javon Alyasiri
Alyssa Beck Cardona
Amanda L. Alexander, LCSW, ACSW
Amanda Lenore Barber, Barber
Amanda M. Young, BSW
Amanda Nace, BSW
Amber McGuigan
Amberly Dyer
Amit Patel, MS, MSW, CPL
Stephen Ammann
Amor Hollingsworth
Richelle Amundson
Amy L. Steinhauer, LCSW, ACSW, CST
Amy Leanne Smith, MSW
Paraskevi Anastasiadou
Doris Anderson
Mark Anderson
Andrea Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Mary Anderson
Marlene Anderson
Clara Anderson Cooper
Andrea Bakkum Wolpert
Andrea Fillingane, MSW Student
Andrea L. Tippit, MSW
Andreau Edward Charles
Tracey Andrews
Regina Andrews-Collette
Angela Leon-Guerrero, LMSW
Anita Doyle, ACSW
Ann F. Munson
Ann M. Frerotte, MSW Student
Anna Fiora
Anna L. Riley, LICSW
Anna Miller
Annie K. Von Gillern
Anthony G. DeCorte, LISW
Seth Antin
Antoinette Cardenas, MSW
Antoinette L. Alexander, MSW
Antonio Ferrantino
April Ann Qualls
Aracoma Sapanski Smith
Ariadne Calvo-Platero
Ariane Heather Katz
Seth Arkush
Angela Arney
Pamela Arnold
Robin Aronow
Johanne Arseneault
Claire Asarnow
K Kay Ashley
Bonnie Atkin-Hellman
Judith Atkinson
Elizabeth Atlee Hall
Attalia Camille Jefferies, MSW Candidate
Audra Lucy Kyrk, LMSW
Carol Axelrod
Joan Ayala
Martica Bacallao
Linda Bacino
Theresa Baena
Gwendolyn Bair-Loehr
Robin Baker
Eleanor Baldwin
Katherine Bale
Norma Balter
Susan Bandler Wagner
Christine Bandoni
Erica Bankston
Barbara E. Kaplan
Barbara J. Gilbert, LCSW
Barbara Lord
Jill Bardsley
Tanya Barkley-Graham
Melody Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Vivian Barnett
David Barran
Sherry Barrett
Julia Barrie
John Barron
Anita Barron
Linda Barth
Sheila Barton
Ruth Bashan
Jan Bass
John Bass
Paula Bauer
Cathie Bautista
Myra Baxter
Ronda Bean
Mary Beaudin
D. Andrew Beck
Patricia Beck
Rachel Beck
Sandra Below
Holly Bender
Benjamin C. Marlow
Sherry Benson
Renee Bentley
Edward Bentsianov
Amanda Bercovici
Sheila Berger Chazin
Jacqueline Berger-Yudelowitz
Luz Angela Bermudez
Susan Berry
Amanda Berry
Bethany G. Jeffrey
Bethany Jo Bishop
Betsy F. Amey
Cheryl Ann Bianchi-Bigelow
Jody Bilstrom
Jeanne Bissonnette
Leslie Black Currie
Priscilla Blevins
Toni Bloom
Bernadette Bogertey
Victoria Bolton
Louise Bonacci
Dawn Bonham
Bonita Hogue, C-SWHC
Bonita K. Ullman, ACSW
Bonnie A. Mervis, PhD ACSW
Bonnie Joanne David-Such
Jana Boocock
Allison Bost
Travis Bowen
Bridget Boyda-Dean
Patricia Boyer
H. Brail
Stacy Brand-Lesley
Brandon Roberts, MSW
Wilma Braun
Douglas Braun
Breana Martinez
Jacqueline Brecher
Brenda J. Bloomfield
Brenda J. McAllister
Brenda Maureen Romanchik, ACSW
Brenda Smart Williams
Brent M. Reynolds
Joy Bressler
Brian L. Kress
Brian M. Sperry, MSW student
Bridget McWilliams Sims
Marilyn Brier
Betty Briggs
Douglas Brink
Karyn Bristol
Brittany Nicole Hitt, BSW
Michelle Brockington
Sanja Broer
Mary Brogdon
Brooke G. Powers
Morna Brothers
Brittany Browning
Ellen Broxmeyer
Marian Budzynski-Moldan
Adriana Bugarin
Ken Bumke
Jeffrey Burdick
Tomie Burdine
Catherine Burke
Morgan Burns
Alicia Busic
Theresa Bussert
Donna Butera Ramirez
Elizabeth Butler
Thomas Butts
Richard Byrne
C. Baxter Chandler
Helen Cahalane
Zosime Calame
Glen Calvert
Marsha Campbell
Lynn Campbell
Candace Ann Stewart, ACSW
Candice J. Carter, A.A.S
Cara Myhre
Constance Carlisle
Cynthia Carlson
Kate Carlson
Carly Harris Levy
Carol F. Odell
Carol H. Fisher
Carol L. Gross
Carol S. Bittenson
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Caroline Wood Stott, MSW, LCSW
Penny Carpenter
Barbara Carren-Le Sauter
Carrie J. Nelson, ACSW
Page Carter
Caryn S. Mushlin
Terry Cassidy
Michael Castaldi
Janet Castellini
Esther Castillo
Louise Cate
Catherine C. Scott, LCSW, LAC, ICADC
Catherine H. McCool
Catherine M. Van Bomel
Cathleen May Kalinowski
Cathy S. Malmon, LMFT,LICSW
Ceara Calloway, LISW-S
Cecil Ellis Hedrich, CSW
Tara Celletti
Louise Center
Michael Chambers
Charlene McAleavey, LMSW, CASAC
Charles R. Hinshaw
Charles Strauss
Charlotte M. Mallon, ACSW
Carola Chase
Sandra Chatelain
Alice Chen
Wai-Por Cheng
Cheri fox
Cherilyn Danielle Christie, MSW, LMHP-S
Cheryl L. Cohen-Berek, LCSW
Cheryl Lewis-Gilpatrick, LICSW,ACSW
Laihin Cheung
Karen Chinca
chloe foreht, Farrell
Christie Lee Halijan
Christina Yu, MSW
Christine G. Archer, LSCSW,ACSW
Christine L. Riley
Christine Murray
Margaret Christman
Christopher A. Sagar
Christopher Jay Genther, MSW
Monica Chuchon
Sharon Chun Wetterau
Richard Chvotkin
Carol Ciacci
Clarice Rising, MSW, LCSW
Clarissa B. Thomas, LSCW-C
Sarah Clark
Claudia Dunne, Dunne, LICSW
Carolyn Clauson-Andrews
Michael Close
Randie Cloutier Chaine
Jennifer Coard
Rachel Coder Matthews
Deborah Cohen
David Colby
Veronica Coleman
Colette A. Braunstein
Colleen Grace Gilligan
Julieanne Collins
Jamille Collins
Barbara Coman
Elaine Conners
Connie J. Phillips
Conrad N. De Master, ACSW
Loretta Constantinidis
Ruth Conviser
Rebecca Cooke
Victor Coppin
Roger Corbin
Jennifer Corbit
Rosann Corcoran
Corie Stewart McKibben
Corinne Pang
Catherine Cornell
Adriana Corral
Corrina Brooke Rinella, LCSW
Corrine Marie Callaghan, LISW-S
Stephen Cotton
Shirley Cox
Brian Cox
Debbie Coy
Holly Crane
Creelyn Joy Eisenberg, Student
Cris Jacobson
Lisa Crist
Shannon Crotts
Meghan Crow
Curielle Bryant Duffy, MA,MSW,LCSW
Lois Currie
Elizabeth Curriston
Kevin Cusce
Joshua Cutler
Cyndy G. Meyer
Cynthia E. Baker, LCSW, CSW-G
Cynthia Marie Siadat
Rachel Czajka
Paralee Daggy
Dagmar Mayer
Dianne Dahlbom
Janet Dampeer
Dana Sue Pohlman, LMSW
Daniel Adan Rivera, BA, RBT
Daniel Jacob Martinez, BSW
Danielle Weidler
Darcell Carter Florence
Daria M. Hoey, LCSW
Roberta Darling
Elizabeth Davenport
David A. Fortuna
David B. Moore, ACSW
David Delos Reyes, Pre-MSW
David M. Fritz
David O. Wade-Monarco
Amy Davidson
Ernestine Davis
DeeAnn Davis
Wendy Davis
Michala Davis
Brigid Davis
Kitty Dawson
Erin Day
Christina De Benedetti - Porter
Deborah F. Mendleson
Deborah Jean Woolf, M.S.
Deborah Karner, LCSW, CP
Deborah Kendall
Deborah L. Bland
Deborah L. Doublin, LCSW-BACS,LMFT, DCSW
Deborah L. Sloss
Deborah Roberts
Debra C. Smith, BSW,CSW
Debra L. Davis, LCSW
Debra L. Thompson, QCSW
Debra Schmitt, MSW Student
Dale Decker
Dee Gee Carpenter, MSW
Deirdre M. Comey, LCSW
Charlene Delia
John Delizio
Gwendolyn DeLoach
Virginia DeLong
Delores Agatha Junious, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C,
Sandra DelVillano-Marchi
Dawn Demerly
Denise A. Angelo
Verdell Dent
Mary Denton
Peter Depasquale
Riane Dermody
Dernay T. Coley
Donna Dholakia
Diana R. Lubitz, LCSW
Diane L. DesPlantes
Diane Racz, LMSW
John Digman
Peter Dimanno
Gillian Dixon
Carol Dixon
Karen Doe
Doha J. Khoury, MSW
Gerald Doherty
Dona L. Moon
Joanne Donato-Popko
Dorothy Moore-Osei, ACSW
Reva Dossett
Kevin Dougherty
Kathleen Douglas
Drusilla Kemp
Kerry Duarte
Edmond Dubreuil
Ann Duff
Malcolm Dugas
Janet Dulaney
Pierre Duleyrie
Amy Dulligan
Jodi Dumler
Elizabeth Dungee-Anderson
Jody Dunlap
Gisele Duplessis
Velia Duran
John Durrenberger
Dwight A. Thompson, LICSW,CCM,ACSW
Kathleen Dylan
Rebecca Eagan
Janice Eaton-Bennette
Edward H. Taylor
Edward Koch
Janet Edwards
Zohreh Eftekhari
Jamie Eisenberg
Jackie Ekstrom
Elayne C. Hunter
Eldon B. Vance
Eleanor Curtis
Elizabeth C. LaRaia
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth Duncan Sandman, MSW
Elizabeth Meek Caccamo, MSW
Elizabeth Natalie-Louise Villemaire, BA
Elizabeth Prince
Elizabeth Voegtlin
Ellen E. Terrie
Leonard Ellentuck
Melissa Elliott
Ellyn L. Goldstein
Elvedina Owen
Susan Emerson
Emily Leah Goldstein
Emily Pitt, LICSW
Emily Rae Tenenbaum Miller
Patricia Engler-Parish
Blair English
Robin Ennis
Zoe Entin
Marge Epstein
Eric Stanley, LICSW
Erica Engles-Senak, MSW, LSW
Erica M. Jordan-Clark
Ericka Lea Garcia, MSW
Erin Bland Dugas
Erin M. Miller
Erin McCarrick, LMSW
Erin Reimann, MSSW Candidate
Alexis Estwick
Molly Esworthy
Kenneth Evanoski
Candace Fair
Mary Fairchild
Angela Farrell
Joanne Fazzano
Gwen Feddema
Elyssa Feldberg
Matthew Feldman
Mary Fenske
Meredith Ferguson
Rita Fernandes
Deanna Ferraino
Sharon Ferry
Wendy Fershee
Judy Figura
Ellen Finch
Jill Findlay
Iris Cohen Fineberg
Sarah Finn
H. Geraldine Fiveland
Nonnie Flavell
Jamie Fletcher
Francine Floersheimer
Benjamin Foodman
Marjorie Forman
Regan Forrester
Elizabeth Fortunato
Lois Foster
Catherine Fournier
Susan Fox
Frances A. Skrzypek, ACSW
Frances L. Howe, ACSW
John Franchitto
Frank G. Pratt, III, LCSW
Deborah Franke Ogg
Lori Franklin
Lisa Franz
Meghan Frawley
Fredda G. McDonnell, ACSW, DCSW
Frederick R. Sautter, Jr.
Paul Freedman
Lisa Freidenrich
Nina Frick
Jeffrey Friedman
Celeste Froehlich
Joan Frost
Wadiah Fuller
Claire Fuller
Glenda Fulmer
G Craig Spalding
Mark Gabel
Abby Gabet
Gabrielle Lisnoff
Sandra Galgano
Pamela Gallagher
Ashten Gallagher
Mary Gallaudet
Margarita Gallina
Susan Gambler
Amanda Gane
Michele Garcia
Garda Spaulding, LCSW
Shannon Garman
Darrell Garner
Bonnie Garnette
William Garrison
Gary J. DePice, ACSW
Gary Rosenberg, ACSW
April Garza
Stephanie Gasca
Laura Gates
Melissa Gates
Laurie Gavilo-Lane
Diana Gavoni
Cathy Gaytan
Timothy Gearhart
Beth Gendler
Teresa Gentile
Sabrina Gentlewarrior
Amy George
Geraldine Marie Viggiani, Viggiani
Adele Gerke
Nancy Gibbons
Mary Gibbons
Stacy Gibbs
Carolyn Gildersleeve
Jenna Gilginas
Christopher Gill
Lisa Giusti
Mary Glaser
Tammie Glenn
Janice Glick
James Glogowski
Gloria Graff
Grant Goehler
Miranda Goldammer
Jason Goldberg
Gayle Goldblatt
Mary Golden
Janice Goldfein
Sheila Goldman
John Goncalves
Elizabeth Goodchild
Barbara Goodman
Karen Gore
Cathrin Gould
Patricia Grabow
Grace B. Doctorow, LCSW, DCSW
Shelby Grandolfo
Wendy Gray
Marcia Gray
Ariel Greenidge
Deborah Grey
Linda Griffing
Marcia Grobman
Nicole Groschen
Ethan Grumbach
Linda Gurney
Guy Windingland
Agnes Hajek
LaDonna Hall
Hallie Silverman, MSW
Holly Hallman
Jeanne Halpern-Lewis
Nusie Halpine
Kristin Hambridge
Kate Hammon
Meade Hanna
Hannah M. Starobin
Meagan Hansen
Colleen Hanson
Emily Hardcastle
Gail Hardenbergh
James Hare
Bart Harmon
Dan Harold
Russell Harrington
Alexa Harris
Mark Harris
Judith Hart
Marisue Hartung
Janice Harvey
Victoria Harwood
Jane Hassinger
Katherine Hatem
Debra Haverson
Jeana Hayes-Carrier
Russell Healy
Jennifer Heckendorn
Heidi Louise Sura
Heidi Outtrim, LCSW
Heidi Peterson, BS
Heidi Spiegel
Heli Nashef
Mary Heller
Paula Henderson
Margaret Henderson
Jessica Heneghan
Gracie Hennen
Carla Henson-Bowden
Joseph Hermann
Jane Herzog
Janet Hesslein
Jose Hevia
Diane Hibbs
Susan Hicks
Rheuben Hicks
Sheila Hill
Robert Hill
Paul Hoffman
Malcolm Hohmann
Freddie Holeyfield
Magen Holgate
Tara Hollander
Holly M. Fischer-Engel
Mollie Holman
Kristi Holmberg
Dena Holzemer
Hope Villella-Fearn, MSW
Elizabeth Horn
Betsy Houser
Chester Howard
Ashley Howard
Michael Howard
Michelle Hughes
Lysetta Hurge-Putnam
J Douglas Huston
Donna Hyde
Dorothy Idleburg
Lydia Ignacio
Ilana Adler, LICSW
Lois Ingber
Inger Eiesland Schultz
Irene Ledee-Farley
Iris Knell
Barbara Irving
Isabel Saez, LCSW
Sheldon Isenberg
John Iudice
Joanne Iurato
Rajeshwari Iyer
Jaclyn Skalnik, MSW, CAPSW
Teresa Jacobs-Castano
Jacqueline A. Marshall
Jacqueline B. Muller
Jacqueline H. Smith
Jade Autumn Flora-Holmquist, LMSW
George Jahnes
James Daniel Schneider-Valenti, student
James E. Judkins, ACSW,DCSW,QCSW
James F. Robinson, LICSW
Jamie N. Thompson, LMSW
Regina Jamieson
Jana R. Rosenbaum, LCSW
Jane C. Probst, LCSW
Janet B.W. Williams, PhD, ACSW
Janet P. Akman, ACSW
Janice D. George, LISW
Janice Faye Jones, MSW, LGSW
Monica Jay
Jean M. Miller, LISW,ACSW
Jeanine Simmons, ACHP-SW
Jeffrey C. Munson
Jenna R. Hepner, LCSW
Jennifer A. Bayne
Jennifer E Dimond
Jennifer K. Davis
Jennifer M. Cork, LCSW
Jennifer MacArthur, CSW-i
Jennifer Mello, MSW
Jennifer Michelle Deringer, LCSW
Jennifer Rocklitz
Jennifer Scott Smith, LCSW,LCAS
Jennifer Zoldan-Verschleiser, LMSW
Jeremy L. White, LCSW
Jerry Croan
Jesica Uriostegui Pavon, MSW, PPSC candidate
Jessica Hope Bauerkemper, MSW Student
Jessica J. Beil, LMSW
Jessica Jo DeVries, MSW Candidate
Jessica L. Bradley
Jessica Lahens
Jessica Lynn Shuff
Jessica Margaret Gregg, LCSW
Jessica Romine, LMSW
Jill S. Levenson
Jilliary Thomason, ACSW
Joan Denise Sievert, MSW
Joanne Snyder Caye, MSW, PhD
Johanna Pule, LCSW
Johanna Rayman, LCSW
John Aneskewich, III
John B. Rabun, Jr., ACSW
John L. Ebling, ACSW
John P. Greenbaum, MSW
Diane Johnson
Willie Johnson
Gretchen Johnson
Belma Johnson
Margaret Johnson Curran
Lydia Johnson Reynolds
Jennifer Jones
Lynn Jones-Sandler
Jonna Stoltzfus Buller
Jose Guillermo Rios, Jr., MSW
Joselyn CarolRae Lupardus
Juanita Kay Meyerink
Jude T. Currier
Judi I. Wollack-Letson
Judith A. Allston
Judith L. Kottick
Judith M. Schagrin, ACSW, LCSW-C
Judy P. Eron, LCSW
Juli Wallin-Fisgus, MSW, LCSW
Julia Cluett
Julia Powers
Juliana Lau
Julianne Marie Foster
Helen Jurgensen
Justine Liptock
Kaerensa A. Craft
Susan Kalinowski
Susan Kane
Mary Jean Kane
Robin Kaplan
Karen E. Russell, LICSW
Karen Gillette
Karen Leader Scott, ACSW
Karen Ott Zittleman, ACSW,CSW-G
Karen Wocher, LICS-S LCDC-3
Kari Ulland, LGSW, MSW
Karly King, DRCC
Cristina Kartheiser
Jonathan Kastner
Kate S. Lehn
Katherine A. Kandravy, LCSW
Katherine Boyd, LCSW
Katherine Erin Bocanegra-Murphy
Katherine Martin, MSW
Kathleen A. Myers, LCSW,ACSW
Kathleen Ann Burnett
Kathleen S. Mintzer, LCSW
Kathleen Sue Knieriem
Kathryn Erin Barnes, MSW
Kathryn L Eckert, LLBSW. QIDP
Kathryn Necole Rush
Kathy Capehart, Capehart
Kathy Gere, LICSW
Kayla Mockridge Logan, MSW
Kaylee Danielson, MSW Student
Paulette Kee
Mary Keegan
Jane Keiffer
Jennifer Keilin
Amber Keinan
Keith A. Elias, MSW
Keitha Whitaker, LISW,CP/AP,IBCLC/RLC
Kristen Keller
Catherine Keller
Kelli Dollins
Kelli Willis
Megan Kelly
Casandra Kelly
Kelly Craig Jones, MSW, LCSW
Madrene Kemp
Ozlem Kence
Kaitlin Kennedy
Gay Kern
Jeannie Kerr
Kerriann Tavzel
Kevin Montgomery, Kevin
Kevin R. Wehmhoefer
Martine Kieffer
Kim L. Lagro
Hannah Kimball
Kimber J. Nicoletti-Martinez, MSW
Kimberly A. Scott
Kimberly Belle Lavender, Lavender, LMSW
Kimberly C. Gardner
Kimberly J. Birrell, ACSW
Kimberly McAlister
Charles Kimble
David King
Alice King
Kay Kinkel
Andreas Kinzie
Kirsten L. Colbert
Allison Kitson
Helen Klein
Donna Klein
Mariela Kleiner
Jamie Klintberg
Mary Knapp
Denise Koelsch
Phyllis Komroy
Jay Korman
Maribel Korman
Ann Kosinski
Norma Kraus Eule
Michelle Kreidler
Suzanne Kreie
Debra Kress
Krista A. Kilbane, LCSW
Kristin M. Froehlich, LCSW
Kristin Marie Zoll
John Kroneman
David Kruzich
Krystal Cota, MSW
Nancy Kubic
Christine Kubis
Edy Kupietzky
Michael Kurjan
Susan Kushner-Scott
Kyra A. Becker, LCSW
Ladonna Somers
Carol Lambert
Leonard Lambert
Nancy Langley
Robert Lanser
Monica Lanton
Lara Tobin
Barbara Larew-Adams
LaShaunn Lynn Bold, LMSW
LaShonda Faye Buckner, LSW
Roberta Lasser
Lata Menon, LGSW
Matthew Launer
Laura Boltz, LGSW, MPH
Laura L. Kietell
Laura M. Rodgers
Laura Michelle Hunt, LMSW
Laura Weissberger, LMSW, MA
Laure Rohrs-Gargano, LCSW CAC CCDP CETII
Laurel Neufeld Weaver
Lauren Pardo
Laurence Luther Smith
Lauri A. Murphy, MSW
Carol Lauria
Laurie A. Picus
Laurie Bagshaw Trosuk
Laurie Epstein Kach, LMSW, ACSW
Kerry Lavallee
Anne Lawrence
Romie Lawrence
Lawrence E. Schallert, ACSW
Lawrence Edward O'Brien
Leah M. Smith
Rita Ledesma
Robert Lee
Janice Lee
Maihlee Lee
Patricia Lee
LeeAnna Eileen Fomkin
Jennifer Leighton
Rowdy LeMasters
Leslie Kate Faulhaber, LCSW
Leslie P. Schellbach
LoriAnn Levanto
Thomas Leversee
Mana Levine
Marcella Lewis
G'Von Lewis
Betty Lewis
Sharron Lewis
Tammy Lewis
Arlene Liebman
Liesa K. Conversino
Kathleen Lietz
Sarah Ligon
Margaret Lihani
Lilian Rosenbaum, LCSW-C, ACSW
Lillian Serrano, LCSW
Lily Peter
Bethanie Lindal
Lindsay Stewart, Graduate Student
Linnar Ortalan
Linnea M. Brege, LMSW
Lewis Lipsitz
Lisa Anne Kendall, CSW-G
Lisa Fabio Ligammari
Lisa Hilaire
Lisa Kelly
Lisa Marie Garza, Lisa M. Garza
Lisa Myers
Lisa R. Bello
Lisa S. Musarra, LSW, LCADC
Aviva List
Josephine Little
Kathryn Litwak
Harry Livesay
Judith Livingston
Lloyd T. Kelley
Janice Lodge
Peter Loft
Rebecca Lombardi
Cecilia London
Barbara Long
Sharon Longbucco
John Looney
Cindy Lopez
Mary Lorefice
Lori Meli Silas
Lorise W. Mayer, LCSW, PsyA
Lorraine E. Mason, MSW
Lorraine S. Ellithorp
Lorrie E. Fox, ACSW, LCSW
Gina Louise
Jacqueline Louison
Clarice Lowe
Loretta Lowery
Lucia Caltabiano
Lucinda M. Tyo, LISW
Lucy R. Mercier
Luisa B. Lowe
Lydia E. Munoz
Angela Lyford
Lynn Bonham, LCSW
Lynn Lynn Stanton, MSW, LCSW
Lynn M. Swiatkowski, LICSW
Lynn S. Denton
Lynne M. Siracusa, LCSW
Lynne Michele Klaus, LCSW, CACIII
M. Susan Rosenberg, LMSW, ACSW
Elspeth Macdonald
Darlene Maddox-Evans
Madeleine Pluhar
Madison Brooke Diederich
Mae-Ann S. Wilner, MSW student
Maegan C. Vance
Magdalene L.L Jackson-Cooper, LICSW
Patricia Mahaney
Mahsa Ghassab, LSW, CDCA
Lynne Maidman
Lisa Makstein
Maleia Michelle Matt, LSW
Malia Jessica Minnie Beermann
Malinda Dobyne, QCSW
David Mallory
Mallory Reichert, LCSW
Linda Manchester
Edward Mandelbaum
Mandy Engelker, LSWAIC
MaNia R. Johnson
Manira Wilson-Bassett, LCSW
Rebecca Manns
Marc R. McDowell, ACSW
Andrea Marecaux
Chris Margard
Margaret A. Daniels, LCSW
Margaret A. Mcgurrin, ACSW
Margaret E. Lonsdale
Margaret H. Reiff, LCSW
Margaret Rose Gilmore-Resnick, LCSW
Margo Lynn Crane, LSW
Marguerite E. Dingman
Maria Lathrop-Skalos, ACSW
Marianne E. Huff
Marijo J. Upshaw, BSW
Mark W. Jay
Debra Markovitz
Barbara Markowitz
Marlena Rose Maglieri
Christopher Marobella
Lori Marshall
David Marsten
Martha K. Barker, LCSW-C
Janice Martin
R. Lee Martin
Brenda Martin
Jennifer Martin
Mary Ann Gordon, CSW
Mary Beth Davis-Steyer, MSW
Mary Elizabeth Stein
Mary J. Brill
Mary Jenkins, MSW LSW
Mary Sue Clapp, MSW/LSW
Mary Sue Olcott
Mary Suzanne Brown
Marynne Aaronson, LCSW
Martha Mashburn
Amy Mass
William Massey
Sara Mathews Dixon
Barbie Matthews
Carole Mattia Klugman
Karel Mattison
Jamie Mattos
Maureen Gingerich Bergey
Maxine mccarthy
Susan Maxwell
Kathryn May
Janet Mayer
Ann Mcbreen
Jo Ann McCachern Swart
Matthew McClintock
Alisha McCorvey
Wendy McDaniel
John McFadden
Andrew McKinney
Jenifer McLaughlin
Dawn McMahan
Ralph Mcmenemy
Marcia McMurtrey
Heather McNutt
John Mcweeney
Christopher Meador
Cynthia Medeiros
Patricia Medina
Megan Smith
Meghan Elizabeth Dean, LCSW
Andrea Meier
Katherine Melcher
Lori Melhart
Melinda M. Oliver
Melinda Merrill-Maguire, LCSW
Melissa Ann Longley
MELISSA K. H Bergman
Melissa Kramer
Melissa Lana Featherstone
Melissa Nicole Fisher Goldman
Maria Mellano
Mellisa Wright
Melonie A. Truslow
Charlotte Menze
Ronald Mercante
Meredith Anne Kolodze, MSW, LICSW
Margaret Meyer
Jane Meyers
Gina Micarelli
Michael A. Maurer, DCSW
Michael A. O'Connell, ACSW
Michael E. McEvoy
Michael Naquin
Michael Salazar, LCSW
Michael Shea
Michelle D. Garner, LICSW, ACSW
Michelle N. Anthony, BSW
Nicole Miele Knarr
Tracy Miksell
Page Miliotis
Irene Miller
Lynn Miller
John Miller
Barbara Miller
Helen Miller-Maxwell
Debra Milner
Minakshi Goyal
Miranda Prough
Miriam L. Ortiz-Gouveia, QCSW
Mirna M. Molina, BS
Mitchel Wayne Eisenstein, DC
Dana Mitchell
Mitchell Kupferberg
Maria Mocellin
Ethel Mogilevsky
Jannet Molina-Manteiga
Marsha Molinari
Mollie Y. Norcross, LICSW
Molly J. Walters
Molly M. Selby, LCSW
Joy Montgomery
Kyle Moore
Kimberly Moore-Jones
Leslie Morales Oliver
James Moran
Laura Morra
Helen Morris
Katie Mortimer
Jill Morton
Patricia Mourant
Casey Mulligan
Beverly Mundahl
Mary Furru Murdock
Myranda Strickland
Michelle Nachmani
Nancy Nagle
Evacel Najera
Nan Binder-Smith
Patricia Nance
Nancy A. Heilner, Heilner
Nancy J Long
Nancy M. Hutchinson
Nancy Peterson Walz, ACSW
Nancy Segelstein, LCSW
Nanette L. Waller, MSSW, LCSW
Naomi M. Flowers, ACSW, MVF-CSW
Peggy Nash
Navre Dionne Barbee-Bogues, MSW Student
Harold Neal
James Neeck
Sakina Nejumi
Ingrid Nelson
Debora Nichols
Mark Nickerson
Christine Nicklay
Nicole Lynn Ekiss, MSW
Michael Niemi
Janet Nimer Wilson
Nina Perales, LCSW
Danielle Nisivoccia
Wendy Nobles-Meehan
Debra Noell
Melissa Nolan
John Nolan
Patti Nolan
Julia Norlin
Norma Onate, LCSW-R
Krista Norred
John Norris
Sandra Nowosiolski
Donna O'Connor
Corinne O'Connor
Richard O'Connor
William O'Connor
Lore O'Connor-Buzzell
Dana O'Dell
Gwenelle O'Neal
Maureen O'Regan
Nellie O'Reilly
Tara O'Shaughnessy
Bridget OConnor
Ellen Oler
Donna Olson-Salas
Katy Ong
Patricia Orapallo
Allison ostrowsky
Mary Overberg
Amy Padgett
Kenneth Page
Kelly Pallwitz
Jalee Palompo
Jolie Palos-Brown
Pamela E. Smith
Pamela Huysman Koretsky, LCSW
Pamela M. Halverson
Pamela Marsh McDonald
Pamela Michelle Kaplan, LCSW
Andrew Pansky
DeVaune Pardon
Paris Murray, BSW, MSW Candidate
Amanda Parkinson
Nora Parsons
Laurie Pasch
Mario Passaro
Pat N. Appleton, ACSW
Patricia A. Ciccarelli
Patricia A. Gaffney, ACSW
Patricia C. Boldt, ACSW, C-ASWCM ,LCSW
Patricia Davis
Patricia McGaughey Wittenborn, LCSW, NCC, TX LPC
Cleo Patrick
Patrick James Manzanares, MPH, MSW
Patrick Miller
Mary Ann Patti
Michael Patton
Valerie Patton
Paula Jean Dudley
Paula R. Barber
Carolyn Peabody
Richard Pehle
Lily Peifer
Ashley Penman
Charles Pennington
Leslie Pereira
Lilly Perez-Freerks
Perri M. Nunziato
Derrelynn Perryman
Peter F. Luongo
Aimee Peters
Sherry Philips
Phillip Emerson
Catherine Phillips
Phyllis W. Miller, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Donna Pillai
Caryn Pinard
Tamara Pincus
Michelle Piotrowski
Sharon Pluck
Sandra Plumer
Jerri Poff
Abra Poindexter
Gwynn Polidoro
Merrill Poliner
Gail Polsky
Carolyn Pometta
William Pompos
Ernesto Ponce
Timothy Porter
Debbie Portnay
Virginia Powell
Kaitlyn Power
Sandra Prendergast
Tamara Prenosil
Susan Price Saylor
Charice Putnam
Wendy Puzarne
Judith Quirk-Pleskus
Judith Quittman
Kristin Raber
Rachael Dinkin Rosen, LCSW,BCD,CST
Rachel A. Green, LGSW
Rachel Costin, BA
Rachel L. Segall, MSW, LICSW
Rachel Marie Bono, MSSW Candidate (UT)
Wendy Raifsnider
William Rain-Shadid
Noreen Raja-Halpern
Eda Rak
Brandi Ramsey
Ranasha Chapman, CPht.
Charonne Randall
Randi M. Waxman
Clifford Rappoport
Edith Raskin
Melissa Ratliff
Billie Ratliff
Kelly Ravenscroft
Ravita Maharaj
Raymie Wayne, PhD, JD, MSW
Susan Razavi
Rebecca Lasater, LCSW, OSW-C
Rebecca T. Davis, ACSW
Lynette Reed
Jamee Reese
Norma Reggev
Rici Reid
Sherry Reiter
Susan Rendel
Renee A Arcement, MSW
Renee Bobbie Jaeger-Agee, LCSW
Renee Christine Karth-Pearson, LGSW
Renee Schwartz
Katherine Rettke
Sheri Rezak-Irons
Lisa Rhodes
Laurie Riccio
Nicole Rice
Richard B DeLeon, LCSW
Richard E. Morgan, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Richard Miller-Haraway, ACSW
Richard Ramirez
Richard T. Lange
Christine Richards
Nicole Richman
Timothy Ridley
Brendan Riordan
Renae Ritter
Maria Rivera Najaka
Mark Rizzacasa
Anthony Roark
Robert F. Hoffman
Robert J. Markovic
Robert J. Scardino
Robert O. Salus, ACSW
Thomas Roberts
Claire Roberts
Robin A. Smith, LICSW, MSW
Monica Robinson
Mary Robinson
Margaret Robinson
Rod J. Herrera, LCSW
Dianna Rodriguez
Nelda Rodriguez
Danielle Rodriguez
Teresa Rohret-Erickson
Trisha Romano
Rosario Romero
David Romo
Alissa Rooks
Gloria Rooks
Rosemary Kolanowski
David Rosenthal
Deborah Rosentrater
Laura Roth
Christine Rowe
Helen Rozanski Savin
Beth Ruben
Suzanne Rubinetti
Terri Rubio
Heidi Rueda
Paul Ruffer
Keli Rugenstein
James Ruhe
Leslie Russell
Ann Russoli
Ruth Ann Reeve, LISW-S/ LCSW
Ruth Sudilovsky-Pecha, LISW-S
Colin Ryan
Kathleen Ryan Fuhs
Jennifer Rydeen
Emilie Saccone
Barbara Sacks
Sally A. Monn, student
Lynn Salsbury
Mary Salustri
Samantha L. Plewes
Syma Sambar-Lande
Daniel Sambat
Sabrina Sampson
Carol Sams
Stephen Sanders
Salvador Sandoval
Sandra G. Centeno
Sandra L. Taylor
Sara Baker
Sara Gail Joglar, joglar
Sara Ryan
Sara RyAnne Lee
Sara S. Bachman
Sarah Alison Matthay Evans
Sarah Ambler
Sarah Blair Jenkins
Sarah Elaine McDonald
Sarah Elizabeth Palmer
Sarah Kyungwha Ahn, MSW
Sarah L. Jack
Nancy Sasso
Saterras Huland El, BSW/CSW
Ashok Satkalmi
Stacey Saunders-Heath
Kimberly Sautner
Kristina Saxena
Lillian Schaechner
Marie Schaffner
Kerry Schantz-Held
Debra Schartz-Robinson
Kay Schechter
Tina Scheer
Linda Schmidt
H. M. Schmoker
Jessica Schneider
Laura Schnizler
Linda Schoonover
Julia Schott
Matthew Schroer
Thomas Schuettge
Karen Schulman
Cheyenne Schultz
Alexis Schwach
Donna Schwartz
Rachel Schweitzer
Maxine Sclar
Mary Scott
Patricia Searles
Season Harris, M.S.W
Diane Seessel
Jack Segal
Laura Seigel
Jamie Selby
Gregory Serrao
Kathleen Service
Seth Robert Millner, ACHP-SW
Dolores Shaffer
Ann Marie Shalhoub
Shane Joseph Siciliano
Shane Whisler
Shannel C. Curtiss
Shannon L. Huggins
Andrea Shapiro
Michele Sharma
Sharoda Eliya Worby-Selim, B.S.
Sharon Arkoff, MSW
Sharon Elizabeth Drabeck, CSW
Sharon W. Brooks, MHA LICSW, C-ASWCM
Shawanda E. Jackson, LLBSW, DP
Donna Sheather
Shelly Johnson Gottsegen
Randi Shelowitz
Vicki Shemin
Anne Shenberger
Jennifer Sheppard
Ann Sheppard
Sheryl Ann Cotton
Sheryl Thompson, HBSW, MSW
Risa Shibata
Genevieve Shineman
Crysta Shiner
Shirley M. Petersen
Larry Shushansky
Rachel Siegel
Lois Sigman-Young
Gerson Silver
Shonda Simpson
Cynthia Simpson
Patricia Slaye
Veon Smith
William Smith
Shirley Smith
Virginia Smith
Evelyn Smith
Jana Smith
Sharon Smith
Marcia Smith
Ryan Smith
Kathy Snowden
Sophia Soloway
Sondia Felisha Fontenot
Sonja Garland Harrison, MSW
Chanel Sowell
Emily Spillios
Spring Jones, ACSW
Staci Sturges, MSW
Stacie Scott
Stacy Ann Olds, LMSW
Janice Stadtlander
Karen Stafford
Amy Staley
Eileen Stanzione
Kendra Stautz
Stephanie A. Ehrlich, CMSW
Stephanie Ann Adams
Stephanie T Liebling
Stephen M. Forkins
Patricia Stern
Michael Sterzer
Steven D. Zell, Zell
Kelly Stevenson
Mary Steves
Dara Stimson
Therese Stone
Elspeth Strang
Linda Strom
Elizabeth Stuntz
Nicole Suarez-Bronfman
Sue-Rita Goldstein
Devon Suozzi
Susan Elaine Tonymon, Tonymon, LMSW
Susan Elizabeth Dean
Susan Hillis
Susan Hoover, MSW, LISW
Susan Janul Whedbee, LCSW-R
Susan R. Vance
Susan W. Ruskin
Suzanna P. McCarthy
Suzanne B. Guerrucci
Colby Swettberg
Sylvia J. Rogers
Henry Talbot
Tamara M. Vigliotti-O'Brien
Brooke Tamburello
Philip Tamburino
Tammy Stafford
Jennifer Tan
Carolyn Tannenbaum Miller
Tara Riley
Nicole Tarangelo
Theresa Tarrant
Patricia Tatarzycki
Steven Taub
Tracy Taub
Judith Taylor
Cambrea Taylor
Taylor Ausbrooks
Taylor James Capellaro, MSW
Taylor Michelle Farris, MSW, LMSW
Peter Teall
Teddi L. Greene, MSW, ESA, Private
Mehari Tedla
Teresa Dunn
Teresa Fiorica, MSW
Teresa W. Lipscomb
Teresinha Soares
Terri Spahr Nelson, ACSW
Barbara Thatcher
Nancy Thayer
Theresa L. Rhodes
Theresa Marie Walker, LCSW
Tracie Thevenote
Keeley Thomas
Thomas D. Edwards
Thomas W. Harrigan
Paula Thompson
Martin Thompson
Dona Thompson
Jan Thornton
Nancy Thorson
Tibor R. Elder
Tiffany Nicole Brown, MSW
Paul Timin
Timothy M. Day
Tina Tinsley
Stephanie Tkach
Rebecca Toddes-Miller
Paula Toliver-Sydnor
Regine Tollefsen
Bonnie Tomek
Agatha Tong
Toni Nelson Huff
Tracie Lynn Preli-Derwin, LCSW
Tracy Lee Miller, ACHP-SW
Tracy Waters
Winston Trefry
Sherry Tripepi
Donald Troise
Phyllis Tropp
Trudy R. Tobias, MSW, LCSW
Renee Tucker-Eisape
Leuga Turner
Chelsea Turner
Laura Ucci
Comfort Uguru
Todd Valentine
Valerie D. Douglas
Valery Ulrike Krieg, M.A., LSW
Robin Van Bommel
Laurie Van Loon
Van Nhan Hua, Jr, LMSW
Erin VanLuven
Richard Vega
Venitta Renea Johnson, LCSW
Veronica Ashantaye Curry, Future LCSW
Veronica D. Abney, LCSW
Veronica G. Bohanna, LMSW
Jean Verthein
Vicki L. Eaton
Victor A. Manalo, PhD
Victor Hugo Llerena, LSW
Vincent S. Stigliano, ACSW
Carrie Vine
Viola Quintero, MSW
Virginia O'Connell Ryan, CACP,C-ASWCM
Vivian Juvan, ACSW
Viviana Martinez
Annette Volk
Que Vuong
Melissa Waind
Ruth Walden
Ayesha Wallace
Kathy Wallace
Jennifer Wallace Canobbio
Mindy Walsh
Christina Walters
Holly Warren
Warren K. Aoki, LCSW, ACSW
Carolyn Washington
Roberta Wasserman
Robin Watkins
Fred Watson
Donna Watson
David Watson
Marie Webb
Janelle Wehrman
Julie Wei
Sandra Weinberg
Rob Weinstein
Katherine Weinstock
Janet Weismark
Hannah Welch
Sarah Wellborn
Wendy L. Crayosky
Jennifer Whaley Gundersen
Brian Wheeler
Virginia White
Catherine White Tsarouhas
Amy Wilder
Teresa Wilke
William A. Rodriquez, Jr, ADCII, MSW Candidate
William Benjamin Packard, MSW
Carol Williams
Allison Williams
Roxane Williams
Laura Williams
Una Joyce Williams
Claire Willis
Megan Wills
Michelle Wilson
James Wilson
Lora Windsor
Deborah Wingate
Kathleen Winkworth
Karen Winston
Elizabeth Winter
Mary Wisniewski
Hannah Wolfe
Elizabeth Wollmann
David Woodman
Rachel Woods
Aileen Worrell
John Wu
Edward Wunsch
Gary Wylin
Xerius Lewis, BA
Toney Xidis
Susan Yacobellis
Laura Yates
Tsukasa Yonamine
Joanne Young
Melanie Younger
Yvette Lanausse
James Zagres
Deborah Zagwodzki
Michael Zamrin
Zarasun Pond
Julie Zaslav
Deborah Zelizer
Ellen Zemel
Deborah Zemel
Amanda Zerrlaut
Mary-Margaret Zimmerman
Patricia Zimmerman
Maxene Zion
Ellen Ziskind
March 2022
Kristin Aasen-Gowan
Martina Abba-Richard
Abbey Marie Nemec, BSW
Ann Abbott
Andrew Abrams
Jeanne Ackerman
Inger Acking
Viola Acosta
Emina Acosta
Therese Adair
Kay Adams
Joann Adams
Adelaide L. Taitt-Magubane, EdD ACSW
Ellen Adelson
Adena Miller
Terrell Adepoju
Bosede Adetunji-Idowu
Constance Adkins
Adrienne Newman, MSSW
Kathy Aftergood
Aimee Victoria McClellan, LCSW
Michael Aitcheson
Barbara Albers
Edwin Alcorn
Debra Alcusky
Aleana Marie Krupinsky, LCSW, MSW, CPP, LMT
Alexandra Jean Pierlott
Alice M. Merrifield
Alice O. McCarter
Debbie Alig
Alisha Lynn Simpson-Watt
Alison Hope Miransky
Alissa NK Schneider Berg
Richard Alix
Vivian Allen
Edward Allen
Roberta Allen
Charese Allen
Dawn Allison
Elizabeth Allison
Allison Cecilia Denny, Denny
Allison Hind
Allyson Breish, MSW
Carmen Almonte
Stuart Alpert
Helaine Altbaum
Robert Altschuler
Nelly Alvarez
Yasser Aly
Alyssa Joy Posavec, MSW
Lynn Amabile
Amanda Kate Harris
Amanda Ross, Amanda Ross MSW
Amanda Ryerson Simons, C-SSWS
Amber Denise Perry
Amee Paparella
Linda Lou Ames
Amoree Lanaha, ACSW, LCSW
Tonya Amour-Patton
Amrita Singh , LCSW
Amy Bernstein, LCSW
Amy E James
Amy M. Dinovo-Danford
Amy Miano, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Amy Nolan McDonald
Amy Tabakin
Vincent Ancona
Marielisa Andaloro
Joan Anderson
Krissa Anderson
Yvonne Anderson
Mozelle Anderson
James Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
Andrea Lynn Mize
Mary Andrews
Angela D. Bartlett, LCSW
Angela M. Warren, LMSW, CFTP,
Elizabeth Angwin
Anita B. Goffman, LCSW
Anita B. Goldenberg
Anna Lynn Gibb, BSW
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Goldych Dailey, ACSW
Anne H. Tuttle, ACSW
Anne Marie Jennings, LCSW
Annette D. Scanlon, LICSW
Anthony C. Hill, CASAC-T, CRPA
Anthy Phillips
Barbara Antmann
Lucia Aparicio
Beth Aponte
Kelly Ardieta
Vincent Arduin
Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan
Arlene L. Whitney
Armena Walsh, LCSW
Elizabeth Armes
Brenda Armour
Jocelyn Armus
Arnez B. Crockett, ACSW, LCSW
Ronit Arnsdorf-Atlan
Jane Arthur
Melissa Arthur
Arthur M. Krasilovsky, ACSW
Michelle Ascher Dunn
Winsome Ashley
Ashley Elizabeth Bowman, MPH,LMSW
Ashley Marie Kienow, MSW, CSW, QMHP
Gary Atkins
Audra McCune Malcomb, MSW/CSW-PIP
Sandra Auerback
Leslie Auld
Jennifer Austin
Lisa Avery
Rebecca axelrod-cooper
Gail Aycock
Johanne Bach
James Bachman
Diane Back
Charlotte Bailey
Faith Bailey
Nancy Baker
Norene Baker
Alyssa Balasco
Ruth Baldwin
Barbara Ball
Kathryn Ballinger
Lisa Ballint
Thomas Ballis
Moses Balls
Janet Ballute
Amy Bamforth
Judith Bank
Barbara A. Baker
Barbara A. Dunn, ACSW
Barbara E. Blankenbaker, LCSW
Barbara Gelfand
Barbara Korenblit, LCSW
Barbara M. Rockowitz
Barbara Z. Rissman
Tanya Barbaro
Anastasia Barber
Jeanette Barich
Nancy Barich
Narviar Barker
Susan Baron
Sandra Barrett
Barry Noel
F. Diane Barth
Barton S. Sloan
Nerissa Basant
Ruby Baskerville
Barbara Batchelor
Maili Batista
Katherine Batten
Janet Bauer
Beth Baxter
Nora Beasanski
Theresa Beaudreau
Jacqueline Beavers
Patricia Becker
Marc Becker
Trevor Bell
Curley Bell
Cecilia Bell
Emily Benedetto
Karen Benenson
Marva Benjamin
Lynda Bennett
Mary Bennett
David Benson
David Benson
Kristi Berg
Shira Berk
Janet Bernard
Jennifer Berning
Ann Berntsen
Amy Berry
Janice Berry Edwards
Julie Berwick
Pamella Bess
Sally Best
Beth O'Malley
Robin Bezark
Bianca Marie Nieto, LMSW
Alison Biggs
Marygrace Billek
Julie Bilsky
Mary Birdsong
Janelle Bitikofer
Miriam Bjurman
Paul Black
Lisa Blackford
Mikki Blackman
Agnes Blackmon
Che Blaine
Blanca Arriola Nazareth, LCSW
Susan Blansett Mcallister
Roslyn Blau
Heather Bliss
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Shari Bloomberg
Caroline Blower
Elaine Bluestein
Bobby Ray Caruthers, MSW LCSW
Willie Boddie
Lisa Bode
Debra Bodtke
Laurie Boehm
Karina Bogdanis
Larry Bolado
Kristi Bolin
Marlene Bollhoffer
Helen Bolte
Bonnie Ann Richards
Bonnie C. Rumilly, LCSW
Bonnie Jackman, LICSW
Kenneth Borelli
Margaret Bost
Doris Bourgeois Turner
A. Bowling
Kevin Bowman
Robert Boylston
Kevin Bradley
Kathy Bradshaw Elliott
Jennifer Brandt
Brandy Slusher
Karla Braski
Allison Breed
Robin Breeden
Brenda A. Bahnson, LICSW
Brenda A. Hartman
Kimberly Brenner
Elizabeth Brenner
Brett Grabiel
Brian E. Hill, LSCSW
Brian P. Jennings
Brianna Chrzan, CNA
Brianna Doughty
Katharine Briar-Lawson
Bridgette Ann Coppola
Sean Brinda
Lanex Brink
Lori Brinkley
Nancy Bristol
Gail Britt
Brittany Petty, MSW cand.
Brittany Proscia
Shirley Brody
Bonnie Broe
Caytlin Bronaugh
Brooklin Jones
Myra Brown
Phillip Brown
Fran Brown
Theresa Brown
Robert Brown
Laura Brown
Allison Brown
Gregory Brown
Letitia Brown
Robert Brown
Rachel Browne
Sue Ellen Bullock
Tara Buonagura
Yeine Burak
Robert Burnett
Wayne Burns
Anne Burrows
Judith Burrows
Barbara Burton
Cheryl Busby
Sacha Bush
Mary Bushong
April Butler
Peter Butler
Anna Butler
Susan Butler
Jeanna Butterfield
Erica Byrne
Barbara Caddell
Caitlin Deborah Cantor
Caitlyn Hough
Yvette Caldwell
Daniel Callistein
Connie Cambron-Adams
Cami L. Blackburn
Joyce Campbell
Lauren Campbell
Candace Johnson, MSW, LSW
Alaina Cantor
Frances Caple
Cara N Snyder
Carl David Losacco, MSW, LCSW
Carla Bea Feldman
Carla Brown, LMSW
Carmen L. Moore
Carol A. Bozena
Carol A. Ganzer, PhD
Carol F. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Carol J. Sherwood
Carol Jarvis, PhD, LCSW
Carol L. Cushman, DCSW
Carol Nathaniel, LMSW
Carol Pauli Bloch, LCSW
Carol Sanders
Carol Z. Schulman
Carolina Ledford, BSW student
Carolyn J. Price
Carolyn Sass, MSW
Julie Carrigan
Alden Carroll
Kenndria Carter
Wendy Carter
Carter T. Wiggins
Thayer Case
Patricia Cassell
Catherine A. Courson, ACSW
Catherine Eggart, B.A.
Catherine Jacobsen
Catherine L. Atchison, ACSW
Catherine Marincel-Robb, ACSW,LICSW
Catherine Pitchford
Cathy M. Linde, LCSW, LSCSW
Patricia Cato-Christie
Jan Caughlan
Esther Chachkes
Florence Chambers
Pamela Chapman
Charles Dalton Wilson, Jr.
Charlotte B. Cooper, ACSW
Charnell E. Smith
Andrea Chavez
Michael Checknoff
Kathryn Chefetz
Cheri Brown, LMSW
Cherise M. Dixie, MSW, LSW
Whitney Cherner
Erica Cherry
Cheryl C. Dunican-Hein
Cheryl McArdle Culhane, LCSW
Antonietta Chiaviello-Foster
Lisa Chico
Cynthia Chilcote
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Andrew Chiodo
Elise Chisholm
Jennifer Chisholm
Christen leigh morrison
Kim Christi
Marlienne Christian
Gianine Christiano
Christie Hirata
Christina Aiello, MSW, LMSW
Christina Lee, MSW
Christine L. Frazita
Christine R. Drouillard
Christopher Greene
Christopher James Ogle, LMSW, IADC
John Christopherson
Carol Church
Francis Cincotti
Cindy Garrett, Student MSW
Cindy L. Grant
Scott Cipolla
Claire Elisabeth McNamara
Claire Marie Nassutti, MSW
Clarissa Renee Jones, Social Work Trainee
James Clark
Alison Clarke
Claudia J. Olave-Guillermo, LCSW-R
Claudia M. Dewane
Helen Clay-Spotser
Vilai Coates
Susan Coatney
Telly Cobbs
Jean Cochrane
Maureen Code
Robert Coe
Verena Coes
Liz Cohen
Margery Cohen-Jacoby
Susan Colburn
Lenora Coleman
Colette A. Reid
Colin Michael Miller
Joan Collar
Sandra Collins
Myra Colon
Theresa Coman
Natalie Conboy
Kathleen Connolly-Piumbroeck
Constance L. Meyer
Constance O'Connor, LSW
Jeanne Cook
Barbara Cook
Chad Cooper
Jonathan Cooper
Sunnye Cope
Robert Cope
Coral June Clark
Jesse Corbin
Priscilla Cornell
Corrie F. Agnew
Joseph Cortese
Maria Cortese
Cortney A. Miller, LCSW,LAC
Susan Cote
Linda Coulter
Courtney Ann Herriges
Kathleen Coutu
Dolores Covarrubias
Clarence Craig
Jeannette Craig-Gagliardi
Geneen Crawford
Kelly Creech
Dawn Crews-Seams
Penny Critzer
Susan Cromwell
Luvernice Croskey
Marjorie Crowe
Roger Crowe
Nayeli Cruz
Crystal Louise Harris-Brown, BS
Ann Cuebas
Mercedes Cuervo
Karen Cuevas
Candice Cummings
Dorothy Cummings
Phyllis Curcio
Cynthia J. Halpin Brown, LCSW
Cynthia Jane Cusick, LIMHP
Lisa Cyr
Paul D'Agostino
Nicholas Dach
Stephen Dacovich
Jeffrey Daily
Dalissy J. Washington, MSW, LCSW
Thomas Dallamora
Allison Dalrymple
Peadar Dalton
Dana E. Regett, ACSW
Elizabeth Danforth
Daniel Esteban Alvarez
Daniel Geer, LCSW
Daniel Jerome Stankiewicz
Danielle Causley Nicholson, LCSW
Danielle Cavalieri
Danielle Nowlan
Justin Danish
Carole Daponte
Julie Darling
Darrell Ivey
Rebecca Davenport
David DHan Smith
David Joseph Miranda, LMSW
David McCain Rogers
Adina Davidson
Susan Davis
Jill Davis-Kuzmanich
Dawn M. Rucker, ACSW
Marilyn Dawson-Mccarthy
Caren De Jonge-Lee
Beverley De Lugo-Collins
Paula De Mauro
Gabrielle Dean
Dean C. Watchorn Newbrey
James Dearlove
Stephanie Deatherage
Debbie Royalty, MSW
Deborah D. Somerville
Deborah R. Kaplan, ACSW
Deborah S. Rutz
Debra A. Tart-Winston, LCSW
Debra J. Hilliard
Debra S. Sosin, Sosin, ACSW
Michelle DeCorte
Doris DeFeo
Donato Del Bene
John Delfeld
Delilah Ray
Lauren Delle
Donna Delone
Patricia Demont
Lillian Dempsey
Danielle Denequolo
Denise Huey, SWLC, RN
Antonia DePalma-Brandt
Denise DePerro
Mary Derbish
Kimberly Derr
Derrick D. Ampey, LCSW, ACSW, SSW, LCSW, SSW
Cynthia Desadier
Cheryl Desjardin
Lloyd Devoe
Ellen DeWeerdt
Dian Marie Reid-Jancic
Diana C. Chaitovitz, ACSW
Diana November
Diana Parrish, LMSW
Diana Winslow, LCSW
Diane F. Lambert
Diane F. Market
Diane Rudzinski
Colleen Dibella
Gary Dick
Lara Dicus
Katharine Dill
Eva Dillon
Alexandra Dillon
Margery Dimond
Patricia DiPasquale
Matthew Ditty
Rebecca Dixon
Judith Dobrof
Lynne Dolce-Brouwer
Carol Dolman
Dolores Larkin, LCSW, CAADC, MBA
Frank Dombrowski
Don L. Firmani
Sheila Donelson
Donna G. Steffey
Donna M. Tobin, MSSA
Gabriella Donnell
Rose Dore
Reginald Dorsey
Samuel Douglas
Douglas B. Scott
Douglas M. Anderson
Douglas Wayne Billingsley, LMSW, LMSW
Dovie A. Desirey
Eleanor Downey
Mary Doyle
Suzanne Drabant-Franklin
Erika Drezner
Lori Driver
Joseph Drucker
Laurie Druse
Joseph Dueweke
Nell Duff
Melanie Dufresne
Jodi Dumont
Sandra Dunn
Frana Dupree
Deanna Duvall
James Eastmond
Stephanie Eaton
Helene Eberts
Gary Edelstein
Myisha Edmonds
Lauren Edson-Fisher
Edward Meyer
Sarah Edwards
Edwin S. Rivera
Eglys Santos
Eileen Duffy Traslavina, ACSW
Eileen K. Dwyer, ACSW
Eileen O'Meara Jay
Eileen Rachel Stein, ACSW
Kathie Einstein
Janie Eisenberg
Elaine Barber
Elaine S. Rinfrette, ACSW
Elana L. Rosenbaum, LICSW, ACSW
Karen Elbert
Elena Faugno
Elena M. Guagenti-Tax, ACSW
R. H. Eliasof
Elise Chapline
Elise J. Lev
Elizabeth R Peart , LSW
Elizabeth A. Colson
Elizabeth A. Novak
Elizabeth Ann Lacasse
Elizabeth C. Ledezma
Elizabeth C. Ossip, LCSW
Elizabeth Golliher
Elizabeth Hanson Will, LCSW
Elizabeth L. Walling
Elizabeth Salva Garcia
Elizabeth Tankel
Ellen Gamza, -1, LCSW
Elliot M. Ruggles, LCSW, PhD
Elliott Lugo, LCSW CADC
Emily Brunemann Klueh
Emily C. Carter
Emily Marie Cadman
Emily Norris, MSW
Emmanuela Jean-Francois
Stephanie Engel
Tracie Engstrom
Eric Hall
Erica Lima
Erica N Allison, MSW, LSWAIC
Robert Ericson
Erin E. McCormack, LCSW
Erin Gurnett
Erin R. Stearns
Susan Erlich
Ernest Demis, LCSW
Grenda Ernst
Eleanore Ernst
Jillian Esposito
Aimee Esquivel
Elizabeth Essner
Eugenia Criscuolo, LCSW,ACSW
Manuel Evangelista
Deborah Evans
Eve N. Bogdanove
Caren Ex
Mary Ezequelle
Miriam Ezray
Emily Falber
Audrey Falk
Rebecca Fallert
Sandra Falsey
Alexandra Feely
Patricia Feeney
Cari Feingold
Barry Feldman
Rachel Feldman
Scott Feldman
Jacqueline Femino-Nicoll
Donna Fernandez
Judith Ferris
Janice Ferris
James Ferry
Traci Fertel
Gayle Fielding
Chelsi Figley
Mary Fimbres
Rhoda Finkelstein
Lisa Finkelstein
Cheryl Finley
Donna Firer
Cheryl Fischer
Lawrence Fishel
Jeannette Flanagan
Desiree’ Fleming
William Fletcher
Flora E. Lazar, Ph.D.
Ann Flosdorf
Karen Flowers
Warrick Floyd
Marilyn Flynn
Stephen Folven
Lindsey Forman
Rosalind Forti
Carmeann Foster
Karene Fowler
Karen Fox
Tanja Frade
Deborah Frame
Heather France
Frances R. Markowski, ACSW
Francisco Gil, ACSW
Lynn Frank
Frank J. Capatch
Sue Franke
Linda Franz
Barbara Freedgood
Frances Freedman
Cheryle Freedman
Jane Freeman
Kimberly Freeman
Naomi Freireich
Gay French-Ottaviani
Dorothy Fried
Steven Friedfeld
Ann Friedrichsen
Elisa Frischling
Fritzi Winter, LCSW
Judith Gable
Gabriela Perez
Gabriella Evangeline Gruen, MSW, LSWAIC
Jennifer Gaeta
Jacqueline Gaffney
Gail L. Hall, ACSW
Gail M. Martin, ACSW
Gail Ziegler
Daniel Gaiser
Alexandra Galipeau
James Galloway
Anna Gamez
Amanda Gannon
Donna Ganote
Donna Gapas
Teresa Garcia
Tyrone Garner
Genevieve Garrett
Briar Gartner
Gary N. Talbott, MSW, LCSW
Athena Gavaris
Megan Gay
Anne Geeding
Marlana Geha
Lyne Genser
Cathy Gentile-Doyle
Geoffrey Warlock Barron
Teresa George
George F. Lopez
Georgia Eleni Tsamasiros
Georgina Mendoza, MSW
Rosalind Geraigiry
Gerald Joseph
Brian Gerety
Greg Geroy
Prue Gershman
Jehanne Gheith
Gloria Ghoneim
Larissa Gibson
Gerald Gibson
Gigi Gigi Charalambous
Teresa Gilbert
Kate Gilbert
Susan Gilbert
Margie Gilbert
Kathryn Gilmond Shaffer
Grover Gilmore
Gina Pincosy, LCSW DSW MSW
Sharon Gire
Karen Giuliano
Flor Giusti
Frances Gizzi
Phyllis Glass
Kate Gleeson
Glenda E. Cruz Juarez, LCSW
Gloria Harmon, LICSW,ACSW
Gloria P. Robertshaw, MSW,LISW
Thomas Goddard
Kristie Godina
Susan Goetz-Laccetti
Anne Goldberg
Lisa Goldberg
Marjorie Goldstein
Lorie Gombin
Regina Gonek
Gladys Gonzalez
Reinaldo Gonzalez
Max Goode
Margaret Goodman
Stacey Goodman-Eaton
Andres Goris
Mary Gorman
Mary Goss
Oliver Goss
Gail Gottfried
Sue Gouaux
James Goulding
Diane Goundry Scalfaro
Maxine Gower
Julie Graber
MIchael Granoff
Valerie Granoff
Grant R. Hasty
Tamara Greeley
Marilyn Greeley
Judith Green
Percy Green
Mary Jane Green
Jan Greenberg
Geri Greenberg
Sasha Greene
Joshua Greene L I C S W
Debra Gregg
Gregory Taylor
Gretchen Seefried, MSW, CIMI
Gretel J. LaVieri
Diane Griffiths
Ilene Grosam
Elaina Gross
Martha Grubman
Alan Guire
Stanley Guzan
Heidi Haas
Mindy Haber
Heather Haefli
Carol Halpin
Adrienne Hament
Kimberly Hamilton
Mark Hamilton
Laura Hamilton
Robert Hamlin
Sarah Hammack
Tracy Hamolko
Nancy Hamrick
Hani Miletski
Breeze Hannaford-Dyer
Hannah Zaleski Hill, BA
Cynthia Hannon
Roberta Hanus
Gus Haracopos
Paula Haraldson
Catherine Haralson
Mary Jo Hardick
Ola Hardiman
Tiffany Hardy
Harriet S. Crary
Harriet Scott, ACSW
Cheryl Harrington
Claudia Harris
Marshelia Harris
Lori Harris-Brown
Victoria Hart
Veronica Hartman
Dianne Hartman
Kathleen Hartman-McCarthy
Catherine Hartshorn
April Harvin
Susan Haskell
Susan Haushild-Clements
Denise Hawk
Wendy Hawkins
Marilyn Hayes
Kathy Hayes
Lisa Hayes
Lynn Haynes
Heather A. Ellison
Heather Bales, MSW
Heather Elisabeth Hydrick Thiel, LMSW
Heather Gorball
Heather J. Schorr Kourpas, LCSW, ACSW
Heather Kathleen Kunnemann-Lee, LCSW
Heidi M. Limburg
Helen F. Sheehan
Helene Harris, LMSW
Helene Lovell Dow, MSW
Anne Heller
Keith Helmken
Mitzi Hendrick
Sharon Hendricks
Janice Hendrix
Toni Henke-Wheeler
Mary Hennessy
Amyra Henry
Erin Henry
Kathy Henry
Henry W. Beck, ACSW
Brent Henshaw
Paula Hern
Lucille Hesse
Hasty Hickok
Hilary Edgerly, LCSW
Linda Hill
Blanche Hill
Heather Hill
Brigette Hill
Lisa Hilton
Patricia Hincken
Christopher Hinds
Tammy Hinman
Barbara Hinsz
Ann Hirschy
Julia Hochstadt
Raven Hodges
Roberta Hodson
Rico Hogan
Leslie Holl
Derry Holland
Kathy Holloway
Holly Carter, LISW, C-SWHC
Holly Moskow
James Hollywood
Kelly Holroyd
Paul Holt
Paul Honess
Robert Hooley
Hope C. Axelrod, MSW
Hope Hundley, LCSW
Sandra Horne
Amy Horowitz
Gretchen Horst
Jennifer Horton
Christine Horton
Carole Hosey
Joni Houck
Cynthia Hovis
Howard I. Blas, ACSW
Joanne Howe-Israel
Polly Howells
Kathleen Hoye
Uma (Tina) Hubbard
Denise Hubert
Daniel Hudgins
Charles Hughes
Carolyn Hughes
Adam Hunt
Karen Husband
Kelsey Husby
Patricia Hyland
Nakyung Im
Ineke F. Way, ACSW
Mary Ann Ingriselli
Ira L. Bilofsky, LCSW
Irwin M. Krieger, ACSW,DCSW
Karen Jackson
Tricia Jackson
Keith Jacobs
Teresa Jacobson
Jacqueline B. Caballero, LCSW
Jacqueline C. Oshiver, ACSW
Jacquelyn Cimaph Akua Meshelemiah
Jacquelyn Lee White, LCSW-R,ACSW
Adam Jaeger
Jaime S. Mendoza, LCSW, CSAC, ACSW
Jamelah Stone
Alissa James
Allison James
James Denton Weiss
James E. Myricks
James J. Karagon, ACSW
James M. Yoder, ACSW
James Noah Greear
James R. Flowers
James R. Harder
James W. Backlund
James W. Guerrant
Jamie Cody, MSW
Jamie Margaret Penticoff
Jana R. Brown
Janay Maria Johnson
Jane E. Estes
Janet Paisley, LCSW
Janice L. Hemmer
Josephine Jarolmen
Jason E. Knight
Jason Orion Snell
Jason Stern, LMSW
Lisa Jasper
Jay H. Winig
Jeanne L. Bunker
Jeannetta M. Bushey
Jeffrey S. Cummins
Jeffry Gutierrez
Jenifer G. Evers
Carroll Jenkins
Jenna Deanne Berry
Jennifer A. La Jeunesse
Jennifer Booker
Jennifer DeLory Byrne, CADC
Jennifer Lynn Salowitz
Jennifer Michel
Jennifer Olechna
Jennifer Pifer, Student
Jesse Davis, Jr., MSW, LGSW
Jesseca Guerreiro, MSW, LSW
Jessica Anne Neely, LCSW
Jessica Cypress Immitt, LCSW
Jessica J. Cleeves
Jessica L. Walker
Jessica Parker Carlson
Jessica S. Seidel, LCSW
Kelly Jewell
Jill A. Wishart
Jill Charney, LMSW
Jill Lynn Fellner, MSW
Jill S. Duffy
Jill W. Fife, LCSW
Jillian McGuinness, MSW
Donanciana Jiruska
JoAnn Bross, LCSW
JoAnn Griffin
Joann Sallmann
JoAnn Watson
Joanne Koster, LCSW
Joanne Samuel Goldblum
Joel R. Hamovit
Joelle Marie Johnson, LCSW, LAC
John C. Van Bladel, ACSW
John Drescher-Lehman, QCSW LCSW
John J. Haverlick, ACSW
John Mark Young, Student
Julia Johnson
Jeanne Johnson
J. Stephen Johnson
Ann Johnson
Albert Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Shuvonne Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Cindy Johnson
Annette Johnson
Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC, ACSW
Jonathan R. Wilson
Kaci Jones
Natalie Jones
Betty Jones
Jimmie Jones
Roger Jones
Tulasi Jordan
Magalie Joseph
Joseph A. Lenti
Joseph C. Panepinto
Joseph John Hoffman
Joseph Katz
Joseph Pereira
Joseph T. Monahan, JD, ACSW
Josephine Elizabeth Oldham
Josephine M. Koroma, BSHS Gerontology
Joshua C. Bratton, MSW, LCSW
Joyce Lomax, MSW
Kyle Joyner
Jucelia S. Pitt
Judith A. Sachs, LCSW, ACSW
Judith B. Parr, ACSW
Judith Cohen Oshinsky, DCSW
Judith D. Crocker-Billingsley
Judith G. Prichason, LCSW
Judy E. Kline, ACSW
Julia B. Johnston, ACSW
Julia K. Haggarty
Julia Kimball, LICSW
Juliana C. Ramos
Juliaty Hermanto
Julie A. McClurg
Julie Anne Ferry, LICSW,BCD,CSW-G
Julie Beth Glickman
Julie Hoffman, CSW
Julie Paradeis
Caryn Julien
June C. Ogden, ACSW
Justin Kretzschmar
Kaitlin Ellen Castle, MSW Student
Chris Kalamon
Thomas Kalina
Anna Kalliagas
Marcia Kaplin
Karen B. Gerson, ACSW
Karen L. Klinefelter, ACSW
Karen L. Knoebel, C-SSWS
Karen Pekarcik, MSW
Karen R. Hess
Karen Seif
Karen T. Gilbert
Karen Zalner, LCSW
Karin J. Gardner
Karin M. Grimes, ACSW
Karrie Armstrong
Kate Drackett, LCSW
Kate H. Feldman
Kate S Kolb, BSA
Kate Willow Robinson, M.A.
Katharina Jarmas
Katherine Angel Fuller
Katherine L. Dunn, MSW
Katherine Salinas, LCSW
Kathleen E. Lang, ACSW
Kathleen Hurley
Kathleen M. Burne
Kathleen Randle, Registered Clinical
Kathryn Honeyman, LCSW
Kathryn J. Potter
Kathryn Kennedy, LMSWcc
Kathy Arlene Whiteside, BSW
Kathy Jo Dorner
Katie Amanda Aliberti, ACHP-SW
Beth Katz
Ronnie Kaufman
Angela Kaushik
Lisa Kay
Caroline Keaney
Ann Kearney
Keith D. Colton, LSW
Ellen Kelley
Kevin Kelly
Kelly A. Braun
Kelly Betsworth
Kelly R. Smith
Chana Kelman
Sandra Kemp
Michael Kenney
Kent Hess, BSW student
Azeen Keramati
Lucy Kerewsky
Kerri S. Thompson
Kerrie A. Thompson
Kerry A. Graves
Marla Kessler
Kevin Christopher Lee
Kevin M. Keefe, Jr.
Kim Cousens
M Kimball
Kimberly Goodwin, LMSW
Kimberly R. Williams-Gross
Kimberly Ruth Nicolson, LCSW
Kimberly S. Mueller, LICSW
Helen Kinard Scott
Brenda King
Lula King
Nowell King
Annette Kirk Burleigh
Kirsten M. Hockemeier
Debra Kittay
Peter Klein
Libby Klein
Jonathan Kleinman
Mary Louise Klimm
Christine Klostermann
Sharon Knight
Julie Knobel
Joy Knopfmeier
Janis Knox
Khali Koetting
Caarin Kogut
Brian Kohatsu
Meredith Kolk
Judith Korn
Kelly Kovach-Collicott
Kelly Kowalchuk
Alexandra Krassin
Eileen Kraus
Phyllis Krauser
Debra Krefsky
Kristen Mary Danis, MSW
Kristi Muro
Kristin Lee Accetta
Kristina Kay Elsbury
Kristina L. Edler
Kristina Thornhill
Margaret Kroen
Cinderella Kroh
Susan Kroll-Smith
Susan Kropa
Kristine Krueger
David Kucharski
Candace Kuebel
Alexis Kuerbis
Michele Kuhl
Andrea Kumura
Stephanie Kupor
Alissa Kuznick
Josephina La Rosa
La'Tonya M. Jones
Linda Ladd
Mary Ladd
Gwendolyn Lakin
Robert Lamarche
Martha Lamb
Katherine Lambert
Connie Lambert
Carole Lamhut
Judith Lancey
Joan Landguth
Jamison Landsman
Patricia Lane
Peggy Lane
Margaret Lane
Cathalin Langevin
John Langrod
Doris Langston
Lara J. Buchanan
Sandra Lasky
Bernadette Laszewski
Latricia Lynn Freeman
Andrew Laue
Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, LCSW
Laura L. Vail, ACHP-SW
Laura Lubline, MSW, LCSW
Laura Lynn Green
Laura M. Bowling-Nguyen
Laura M. Silverstein
Lauren Beth Szpilzinger, MSW Candidate
Lauren C. Ricciardi, LMSW
Lauren McBride
Lauren Patricia Abraham
Lauri Johnson, BSW
Laurie R. Langer
Lavon T. Boyd
Layne E. Hood
Leah Ann Ciano
Dona Leanard
Leanne M. Joeckel, MSW, LICSW
Francisco Leca
Ethan Lechner
Sarah LeCount
Marjorie Lederer
Peggy Ledner
Becky Ledva
Hannah Lee
Mary Lee
Julie Lee
Summer LeFebvre
Janice Leibowitz
Mary Leidy
Leona Pannabecker
Lana Leonard
Jeannie Leonard
Lesley Balamut
Leslie A. Corin, ACSW
Leslie A. Westcott
Leslie L. Lima, BSW
Jeanne Lessner
Jeffrey Levin
Denise Levine
Leah Levine
Nancy Levy
Ruth Levy
Joyce Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Kenna Liatsos
Roger Liedeke
Liliana lopez estrada
Linda C. McDaniel
Linda J. Weinberg
Linda M. Raiden-Wright
Lindsay Pepin
Lindsay Wilson, LCSW
Lisa A. J. Sink, LSW
Lisa Abroms Herz, LCSW
Lisa Clarke Hill, BSW, MSW
Lisa Frances Ciminelli, LCSW
Lisa L. Rakusin
Lisa M. Parker-Lent
Lisa Michelle Jackson, Jackson
Rhonda Liss
Diane Lissfelt
Lynne List
Gail Litman
Elizabeth Little
Geannette Loftin Walls
Ronnie Loomis
Sandra Lopez
Loretta Wrobel
Lori Campanella Durand, LCSW
Lori Ellen Gordon-Michaeli, LLMSW, BA Psych
Lori Looney S. Mussack
Lori Selwyn Smith, MSW, LCSW
Loriellen M. Davis, LCSW
Lorinda Spivey
Sheena Love
Carol Lovett
Leslie Lower
Doretta Lowney
Nancy Lubowitz
Mary Lucia
Lucinda M. Aguilar, LISW, BA, PsyD
Freda Ludivier
Alexandra Ludovina
Luis A. Gimenez, ACSW
Virginia Luiz
Alisha Lundberg
Lupita Encinias, LCSW
Luvenia V. Johnson, MSW
Lyn Alexander Williams, MSW
Cecelia Lynch
Elizabeth Lynch
Lyndsay Zastawny, MSW
Kathryn Lynn
Lynn Marie Roy
Lynne Paulette White-Dixon, ACSW LCSW
Charlotte Lyssy
Karen MacCausland
J. Macfarlane
Jennifer Mack
Rebecca MacKenzie
Macleod Carre, LSW
Thomas MacNamara
Karen MacQuivey
Edward Madaus
Maria Magalhaes
Barbara Magrisso
Gitanjali Mahanti
Barbara Mainguy
Maja Ledgerwood, LMSW
Jennifer Makowski
Malinda Tiffany, LCSW
Debra Mallin
Ellen Malone
Carol Maloney
Paula Maloof
Ann Malooly
Pamela Maltz
Barbara Manalis
Oscar Mandes
Ellion Mangel
Rita Maniscalco
Karie Mann
Michael Manza
Haley March
Marcia G. Rachlin, ACSW,C-SSWS - LCSW
Paula Marcus-Platz
Margaret Marek
Margaret E. Martin, ACSW
Margaret M. Kane, ACSW
Margo L. Lee
Marguerite Rose Heaton-Colella
Maria De Jesus Aragon-McDonald, MSW
Maria Ruth Guidetti
Maria S. Moscaritolo
Maria Trinidad Herrera-Jordan
Mariadenise Loretta Carter, BSW
Mariama Boney, -1
Marian J. Geller
Marie G. Goodine
Marilyn Garland
Marilyn Keikilani Choy-Gibson, LCSW
Marilyn P. Nickol
Maritza K. Johnson
Marjorie Gidwitz-Ferguson, MSW
Mark Anthony Buehler
Mark H. Magerman
Mark S. Golden
Mark S. Smith
Marla Samuel, MSW, CSWA
Marleen Wong, LCSW, Ph.D.
Cindy Maroni
Marie Marotta
Mark Marquez
Adolfo Marrero
Marsha B. McDonald
Marsha M. Frye-Moquin, LICSW
Pam Marsing
Martha Jane Faulkner, PhD, CNP, LISW
Joseph Martin
Gail Martin
Kathleen Martin
Nancy Martin
Arlene Martin-Bandy
Patricia Martin-O'Meally
Mary Angela Carini, LICSW
Mary Ann Howard, LMSW, C-SSWS
Mary B. Pillarella
Mary B. Rich, ACSW, DCSW
Mary B. Sheridan, LSCSW
Mary Beth Kohler
Mary Bringas
Mary C. Ray, ACSW
Mary Carla Davis
Mary Culley
Mary Diane Shaffer
Mary E. Sterchi, ACSW
Mary Henrietta Domingo, EHJ PhD
Mary Jarman, MSW
Mary Katherine Hussey-Sloniker, MBA
Mary P. Byrne, PhD,DCSW
Mary T. Hume
Roselyn Maryboy
Diana Maslauskas
Karine Masone
Carol Massat
Beverly Massey
Phyllis Massing
Jeanne Matich-Maroney
Katherine Mattleman
Sharon Mattsson
Maura Gunter, LGSW
Mauricio Cuervo-Bautista
Hedy Maus
Maybelle F. O. Filler, ACSW
Paul Mayglothling
Lloyd Maynard
Cathy Mayton-Collins
Marcia McCabe
Nancy McCool
Michelle McCoy
Kimberly McCrea
Dolores McCullough
Kathleen McCurdy
P. McEwen
Kelly McGlynn
Barbara McGowan
Mari Pat McGuire
Carolyn McIntyre
Lockhart McKelvy
Rosa McKinney
Ann McKnight
Kelley McMahon
Deborah McMakin
Paige McMullen
Marysue McNair
April McNichols
Adam Meacham
Megan Christine Goettemoeller, LSW
Megan Elizabeth Burton
Megan J. Bott
Dawn Meggerson
Margaret Mehan
Leigh Mehldau
Daniel Meisner
Melanie J. McGhee
Melissa Ann Johnson, MA, MSW
Melissa Jeanne VanderZyden, LMSW
Melissa Rae Skrzypchak
Melissa S. Lewis, LICSW,ACSW,DCSW
Melissa Sempowski, MSW, LCSWA
Melissa Victoria Martin
Stephanie Melmed
Shari Menachem
Manuel Mendez
Dorrett Menon
Joan Merdinger
Meredith Anne Matteo, LCSW
Meredith Flanagan, LICSW
Lynn Merkel
Merrianne M. Leff, LCSW
Hillary Merryfield
Mescal Wasilewski, MSW-I
Bernadette Methven
Janet Meyer
Helen Michael
Michael G. Bass, ACSW, C-CATODSW
Michael N. Lag
Michael R. McElwee, ACSW
Michael T. Wright, PhD LCSW MS
Michel M. Van Devender
Michele Ann Minter Berringer, MSW,LCSW, LICSW,CCM
C. Micheli
Michelle Elizabeth Stchur
Michelle A. Block, LCSW
Michelle A. Branigan, ACSW LCSW
Michelle Black
Michelle Charlene Turner, LCSW, CADC III
Michelle Christine Monastero
Michelle Elizabeth Hughes, LCSW
Michelle L. Toland
Michelle Lee Rocco
Michelle lynn rydman, ASW
Michelle Lynne Goebel, MSW
Michelle Northrop
Charlotte Michener Krasnoff
Michial E. Nolan
Mickie Jo Heiter, LCSW
Lewis Mikesell
Jennifer Millard
Joshua Miller
Susan Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Alexis Miller
Millicent Maria Handy, LCSWC
Mimi DeGennaro
Regina Minsky
Juan Miranda
Carolina Miranda
Miranda Z. McGuire-Schwartz
Miryam A. Serlin, ACSW, C-ASWCM
Loretta Misurac-Hayes
Satina Mitchell
Elaine Molchanov
Maximiliano Molina
Mollie Abigail Mesaros
Jerry Molumby
Rosalind Monahan
Jessica Moncrief
Sandra Moncrief-Stuart
Monica C. Orraca Garcia
Monica Denise Kiehl, LICSW, ACSW
Monica Echevarria, MSW
Nicole Monsowitz
Christopher Montemore
Virginia (Ginger) Montenegro Hadley
Maya Moore
Ryan Moore
Paula Moore
Evonne Moore
Marilea Moore
Linda Moran
Angela Morelli
Morgan M. Kupsinel
Andrea Morris
Katharine Morton Paal
Linda Moss
Pauline Moss
Ghaidaa Mousabacha
Elizabeth Mrozinski
Laura Mueller
Angela Muhs
Sonjit Mukherjee
Catherine Mulhall
Mary Mullally
Nicole Muller
Claudia Mullin
Gordon Munn
Thomas Murphy
Melissa Murphy
Rosanna Murray
James Murray
Monique Murray
Aimee Muth
Carole Myers
Judith Myers
Myia L. Powers
Elizabeth Nachreiner
Nadine Renee Willits
Katherine Naftzger
Jeffrey Nagafuji
Ming Nagasawa
Nalani Griffin Dunn
Nancy B. Shertok
Nancy E. Prowell, ACSW
Nancy Key
Napoleon Shaw, CHP-SW, BSW
Sona Nast
Nathan S. Wood
Susan Neal
Kathy Neily
Jared Nelson
Jeaneen Nelson
Aman Nemitz
Kay Newman
John Newman
David Newman
Tiffany Nicely-Williams
Nicholas Collins, LMSW
Nicholas David Rosenberg, PhD, LCSW
Nicole Baker
Nicole L. A. Moody, LMSW,ACSW
Nicole Logue
Nicole R. Laubach
Gabrielle Nicolini
Linda Nielson
Nikole E. Matzouranis
J Nimmo
Thomas Nixon
James Noel
Nancy Norman
Leigh Northrup
Christine Northrup
Susan Norton
Mercedes Nunez-Steele
Thomas O'Brien
Patricia O'Brien
Julie O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell
Francine O'Hagan
Peter O'Herron
Bronwyn O'Neil
Margaret O'Neill
Christen O'Shea
O. J. Nelson, LMSW
Melissa Oakley
Theresa Obrero
Imelda Ochoa
David Ockert
Caroline Oconnell
Octavia M. Carlos, ACSW DCSW
Bette Odell
Ethel Oderberg
Elida Oettel
Omobola Ojediran
Janet Okagbue-Reaves
Joan Oliner Schwartz
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Carmen Olivieri- Olenick
Elizabeth Olson
Frances Onderwyzer
Tamar Oppenheimer
Lisa Oren
Leslie Orenstein
Stephen Oreski
Marlene Orr
Bruce Ottenbreit
Stacey Otto
Paivi Outinen
Twila Owens
Lori Pagano
Catherine Paitz
Pamela C. Robertson, LCSW, PsyD
Pamela D. Sherwin, LCSW
Pamela L. Thomas, LCSW
Pamela S. Pennington-Wilson
Heather Pantalone
Paola Lorena Veras
Dana Papania
Meredith Parker
Sarah Parrish
Rebecca Parsons
Deena Patel
Patricia A. Shelly
Patricia L. Merkley, LCSW
Patricia Lynn Mallory-Miah, Mallory-Miah
Patricia M. McCarthy
Patricia R. Smith
Patricia S Goodrich
David Patrick
Lisa Patterson
Jodie Paul
Paul David Harrison
Paula Marie Garrant, LICSW
Pauline A. Klein, ACSW
Pauline Massed, LICSW
Patrice Payne-Fatty
Daniel Pearce
Pearlie Ann Trent
Joann Pechota
Kara Peeples
Peggy L. Harriott, ACSW
Peggy S. Anderson
Jacynth Pelland
Janice Pennington
Jewel Peot
Rebecca Perechodski - Lazar
Brenda Pereira
Gloria Perez
William Perfetto
Perla Parra
Jeffrey Perlman
Gail Perry
Peter Anderson, II
Sherry Peters
Carol Petersen
Gordon Petersen
Ricki Peterson
Vicky Peterson
Ann Marie Peterson
Kathleen Petgrave
George Petronio
Phalecian D. Rawlins
Philip M. Gamber
Georgette Phillips
Phyllis C. England, ACSW
Piccola Deann Robinson
Nicolas Piechotte
Patricia Pillow
Barbara Pilson
Barbara Jean Pinnock
Diane Pisano
Kristen Pittman
Fiora Pizzo
Stephanne Pleshette
Wendy Pliner
Edward Poliandro
Rachelle Pollock
Judith Pomerantz
Elaine Pool
Maryann Porter
Genie Portillo
Kay Posillico
Rachel Potter
Dawn Powell
Dolan Power
Nanci Pradas
Kim Praitano
Elo Pranno
Anita Prasad-Aguilera
Virginia Pratt
Janice Price
Caryl Pripusich
Prisca Hefti
Betty Pristera
Jacqueline Provenzano
Scott Provost
Prudence McCabe Tokpa
F. Carole Pruett
Robin Pruitt
Margaret Pugh
Sandra Pumphrey
John Purnell
Quianna Detrishe` Jordan-Stewart, BA
David Quinn
Maria Quinones
Aura Quinones-Moody
Cathy Raab
Rachel Orton
Rachel Venuto, BSW CSW
Lynn Radov
Muhammad Rahman
Toni Raiten-D'Antonio
Stephen Raleigh
Ralph Eckardt, ACSW
Shelagh Ramage
Frederick Ramirez
Michael Ramirez
Molly Rampe
W Lynne Randall
Randi Gelfand
Randy Del Cid
Randy V. Frank, LCSW
Esther Ransom
Colleen Ranz
Sharon Ranzman
Andrea Rapanos
Susan Ratner
Ray J. Flynn
C. Rinderia Reader
Rebecca B. Gavin
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Maria Lloyd
Rebecca Mayfield Wedel, LCSW
Terri Recchia-Bledsoe
Chad Reddick
Dorothy Reed
Salee Reese
E. Michael Regan
Regina B. Gray, LCSW, ACSW, LCSW,
Reginald Lamont Eggleston, LCSW-C
Merline Reid-Yancy
Kathleen Reilly
Joyce Reimherr
Badonna Reingold
Elisabeth Reiss
Renae L. Vitale
Renetta Y. Aikens
Rita Reseska
Celina Reyes-Levine
Wendie Reynolds
Peter Reznik
Rhonda Denise Hubbard, MSW
Julie Riccio
Richard Holm
Kristina Richendollar
Jennifer Richter
Kathy Rider
Ami Riegel
Cathy Rigg
Ann Riley
Jessica Rimer
Rita Alfonso LaBarbera
Rita Simeone
Rita Vollmer, MSW
Marcelino Rivera
Tammie Rizzio
Judith Robbins
Robert M. Seidel, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Robert P. Gould, LICSW
Roberta A. Dowden, ACSW
Donald Roberts
Tina Robertson
Robin A. Rudic
Robin Absher Barstow, PhD, LMSW
Cheryl Robinette
Clifford Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Luis Robinson
Dina Robke
Mary Rocchio
Debra Rock
Pamela Rodman Paro
Maria Rodriguez-Fischer
Julie Roebuck
Richard Rogich
Geraldine Roglieri
Mark Rohrer
Carmen Rojas
William Rolfe
Alma Rolfs
Ronald Allen Young, II, LMSW
Rondalyn T. Strother Graham
Tom Rooker
Michelle Roover
Lori Roper
Rosemary Raye Gamin
Judith Rosen
Lisa Rosenberg
Johanna Rosenfield
Suzanne Rosenthal
Beatriz Roskopf
Dennis Ross
Sara Rotenberry
Jerrold Rousseau
Arabelle Rowe
Donna Rowles
Hilde Rowton
Roxanne DePeralta
Joanne Roy
Elaine Rubenstein
Bonnie Anne Rudd
Heather Ruemenapp
Sharon Rukin
Claudia Russell
Russell L. Henderson, LCSW
Ruth M. Forero, PhD
Elizabeth Rutzick
Rayme Ryan
Kelly Ryan
Ryan Griffin-Silveri, BSW Student
Dawn Rydzynski
Ryland Bouldin Powell, Jr, MSW, LCSW
Sabrina Yolanda Byirt, MS In Psychology
Kim Sainten
Sally Hunter, LCSW
Samantha Salver
Marie Salwen
Sam B. Cooper, III
Muhria Sanati Morgan
Juan Sanchez
Cheryl Sanders
Abby Sandling
Sandra J. Carmichael, LCSW
Sandra J. Gray, LCSW
Sandra M. Mendelsohn
Sandra M. Moore
Michael Sands
Sandy Ellis, LCSW
Guadalupe Santana
Josefa Santos
John Sanzen
Sydney Sapir
Lisa Sapolis
Sara A. Levitsky
Sara Litt, LCSW
William Saracco
Sarah Anne Cebulak, LCSW, MSW
Sarah C. Aberg
Sarah Elizabeth Tubbs
Sarah J. Blake, LCSW
Sarah J. Singer, LICSW, ACSW
Sasha A. Brown, LMSW
Gayle Saturday
Kimberly Saunders
Susanne Savett
Sandra Sawyer
Holly Schardan
Andrea Scharfman-Schulman
Michelle Schell
Leora Schmidt
Wanda Schmidt
Patrice Schmitz
Amy Schmutzler
Lori Schneider
Althea Schoen
ellie schoenfeld
Virginia Scholten
Laura Schoolcraft
Judith Schreiber
Helen Schulman
Kimberly Schuster
Carol Schwartz
Jacqueline Scott
Christine Seedhouse
Mark Segal
Nancy Segall
Casey Seibert
Senaida S. Rangel, MSW Student
Lauren Senoff
Ivora Sensibaugh
Darcella Sessomes
Carolyn Settle
Rikki Shanberg
Phyllis Shanley
Shannon Johnson, MSW, APSW
Shannon Speaks, LISW
Shari C. Littman, LCSW
Sharon R. Younkin
Sharon Ruth Frank, LCSW
Nancy Sharpe
Gina Sharpe
Sheila Sharrow
Tatyana Shats
Jennifer Shaw
Shawna Lisa Reiter, BS, SAC-IT
Shawnda Renal Dewberry
Robert Sheehan
Maureen Sheehan
Catherine Sheehan Mangan
Sheila Albers, ACSW
Mary Shelton
Sarah Shelton
Walter Sherburne
Lynn Sherman
Sherri Lynn Edgar, MSW, LCSW
Katherine Shimada
Robin Shimel
Steve Shrifter
Michelle Shubin
Lauren Shull
Carmen Siddiqi
Sandra Siegel
Kathryn Siegenthaler
Janice Sierak
Virginia Sigel
Mallory Silberman
Elionora Silbersack
Jerilyn Silver
Elliott Silverman
Matthew Silvey
Bridget Simmerman
Hugh Simmons
Melinda Simon
Angela Simon
Simone Esquibel, LISW, LCSW
Simone S. Schnidman, ACSW
Wilma Simpson
Sharlene Simpson Foox
Tyler Sims
Deborah Singer
James Skinner
Diana Sklar
Jennifer Sklar
Lanita Slabaugh
Suzanne Slater
Shawn Slater
Roberta Sloan
Briton Sloan
John Slotwinski
Colleen Slowey-Morelli
Kathryn Smerling
Fran Smith
Tracy Smith
Chenille Smith
Ryan Smith
Moya Smith
Laura Smith
Laura Smith
Cudore Snell
Moshit Snir
Marjorie Sokoll
Solange Denise Cole, MSW
Maria Solano
Kitty Soldano
Craig Solomon
Myrna Solomon
Seth Solondz
Yolanda Soney
Sonia Morhange
Nancy Sonntag
Sophie P. Ordway, MSW Candidate
Dena Sorbo
Dorienne Sorter
Adriana Sotolongo
Durval South
Lisa Sovinsky
Leann Spahn
Dylan Spake
Stacie Speed
Ruth Spencer
Werner Spitzfaden
Susan Springman
Heidi Sproull
Ashley Srivastava
Stacey A. Trader, LMSW
Stacie T. Hering, LSWA
Catherine Stafford
Garett Staley
Tanya Stanley
Robert Stanley
Richard Stanzione
Donna Stapleton
Faith Starnes
Jerold Starr
Kimberly Stauss
Mary Steiger
Timothy Steinmetz
Stephanie Darlene Kendrick, MSW Student
Stephanie Esendir
Stephanie SaintCyr, LCSW
Kathleen Stephens
Susan Stephens
Susan Sterngold
Steven C. Carrel
Steven M. Steinke
Tina Stevens
Jeanette Steward
Rosalie Stluka
James stolz
Thea Stone
Dana Stone
Alexis Stone
Barbara Stone
Brenda Story
Ingrid Strand
Sheryl Strothers
Imelda Stroud
Daniel Struble
Naomi Stuart
Maria Suazo
Gail Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Shandra Sullivan
Ann Sullivan
Pamela Sullivan-Fishman
Ruth Sunde
Susan Drexler
Susan E. Norman, LICSW,DCSW,ACSW
Susan E. Porter, PHD,LICSW
Susan F. Bove, ACSW
Susan Huntley Von Hemert, MSW
Susan Lipman Henry, Homecare and Hospice
Susan M. Frechette
Susanna J. Steggles, LCSW,ACSW,MVF-CSW
Susanne Platt, MSW, LCSW
Karin Suskin
Suzanne K. Bowns, LCSW
Sharlene Swainamer
Charlotte Sweeney
Dodie Swick
Ryana Swift
Sylvester G. Bowie
Sylvia Hairston, MSW
Sylvia V. Thompson, LMSW,CAADC,ACSW
Lelanya Taber
Stephanie Taddeo
Tamara J. Grossens, ACSW
Tamara Livingston
Tamara S. Petrelli
Vincent Tamburelli
Tammy F. Brown, LCSW
Tammy J. Griffith
Tamra L. Japenga
Tanis M. Hernandez
Tanya Atkinson, MSW SUDt
Tanya Materazzi, LSW
Tara Renee Sorenson, LCPC, LAC
Marcia Tatem
Julie Tatkon
Megan Taylor
Zebedee Taylor
Ileana Taylor
Teebe Dair Negasi
Pamela Tefft
David Temkin
Dora Temple-Irwin
Daryn Tenenbaum
Tenise M. Wall, PhD,LMSW,ACSW
Teresa D'Aversa
Teresita Hernandez Maxey
Terri A. Hailey, MSW
Terry C. McCall Ellis, LCSW
Terry Espinoza Baumgart
Kylene Tessier
Theresa Krueger De Carli, MSW, LSW
Phyllis Thomas
Thomas A. Crangle, QCSW
Lisa Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Carol Tichler
Alishia Timmons
Sara Tinnesz
Lacey Todd
Toni fatato, MSW - (LCSW in progr
Toni M. Sanchez-Romero, LCSW
Tonya Elaine Thurlow
Tonya M. Glantz
Marie Torrens
Robbie Tourse
Tracey Barry Carroll, LCSW
Tracy Beresh, LISW-S
Tracy Spencer
Margaret Trapasso
Trina Yamada, LSW, MSW, JD
Elizabeth Trojanowski
Cynthia Tubbs
Michael Tucker
Tullos L. Franks, LCSW
Leontine Turner
Tracy Turner
Twilah Winters, LCSW-BACS
Emily Tyburski
Tyler Christopher Bing-Lawson
Tyson L. Christensen, LCSW
Valerie Ugartechea
Jan Ulrich
Sabrina Ulrich
Renna Ulvang
Ursula D Goines-Audrey
Emily Vaill Pfaff
Sherri Valencia
Nancy Valentino
Kandice van Beerschoten
Nivia Van Damme
Kimberly Van Dorn-Robinson
Betsy Vander Velde
Jo Vanderkloot
Renee VanDoren
Tracy Vedder
Carol Veits
Ann Velasco
Lucia Venditti
Lorraine Vestris
Victor M. Ramos, ACSW, LCSW
Monique Vidal
Natalie Villalobos
Ana Villaverde
Violette Jackson, DCSW
Susan Vitek
Viviana Rodriguez, MSW, CAC
Francesca Vlacich
Esther Vogelzang
Eugene Walden
Rebekah Walker
Cheryl Walker-Lloyd
Sharolyn Wallace
Susanne Walsh Felizzi
Debra Ward
Madison Ward
Mary Ward
Lori Wardlow
Mary Warner-Hubschmitt
Deanna Warren
Henriette Warren
Nancy Warren
Martha Watson
Wayne M. Kessler, LICSW
William Webb
Peggy Weber
Julie Weckstein
Gretchen Weigel
Gail Weil
Donna Weintraub
Joan Caren Weiss
Royanne Weiss
Amy Weiss
Stephanie Weisz
Richard Welch
Mary Weller
Beth Wells
Wendy M. Mcsparren, ACSW
Wendy Noelle Crescenzo Gomez
Erica Werfel
Kristen West
Gatewood West
Mary Kathleen West
Cody West
Cynthia Westcott
Brenda Wetzel
Shelly White
Jamie Whiteman
Muriel Wiener
Thomas Wilda
Caroline Willemin
William C. Devery, ACSW LCSW
William C. Klatte, ACSW
William C. Stoner, III
William Edward Powers, III
William F. McCale
William H. Park, ACSW,LCSW
William Marcus, MSW, LSW
William Tananbaum
Calvin Williams
Angela Williams
Tyrone Williams
Francette Williams
Jean Williams
Edward Williams
Sarah Williams
Leonard Williams
Dawn Williamson
Allison Williamson
Kim Willis
Danielle Willis
Bradley Willison
Beth Wilson
Leila Wilson Bate
Rebecca Winborn
Louisa Winthrop
Carl Witkowski
Tanya Witman
Sandra Wohali
Nancy Wolf
Judith Wolfe
Susan Wolfe
Meryl Wolper
Susanna Wood
NaTasha Woodard
Nelson Woodfork
Susan Woolner
Tenne Wordsworth
Kaye Workman
Kathy Wynn
Mariko Yamada
Rhonda Yancey
Hawraa Yassin
Ricky Yaverbaum
Barbara Yearing
Peter Yelton
Amy Young
Richard Young
Mitch Young
Laura Yurgeles
Yvonne B. Bregman
Paul Zakrzewski
Joanne Zannoni
Roni Zarbiv
Zareena Kheshgi, ACSW PhD
Sara Zaslow
Debra Zatkin
Gwen Zeichner
Jill Zellmer
Rose Zeltser
Laura Zimmermann
G. P. Zurenda
Susan Zweig
February 2022
Abigail DuPree, LMSW
Abigail Katherine Johnston
Abraham Swiller, MSW
Lois Abramchik
April Abrams
Adele Marckwald Bent, MSW, LICSW
Adina R. Morguelan
Helen Adrienne
Agathe David-Weill
Linda Ahue
Aimee S. Senott
Aimee Stockenstroom, LCSW
Maria Al-Shamma
Alberto Cifuentes, Jr
Janet Alexander
Alexander Boughner, BS
Alexis S. Gallegos, N/A
Alicia C. Shamblin, Shamblin
Alicia P. Sloan, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Alison Ballbach, MSW
Alison C. Baker
F. Towne Allen
Jennifer Allen
Allison Leigh Schulte, BSW
Allison Maloney, PhD,LCSW-R
Allison R. Rella
Allyson Muso
Alma Jackson Carten, ACSW
Amanda D. Myatt
Amanda Newhouse, LICSW, LCSW
Amanda Rhoades, LCSW
Amanda Yvonne Perry Osgood
Karen Amber
Amelia Brenner, MSW, LCSWA
Amy Abroms
Amy C. Sterling-Bratt
Amy Hickey, BSW
Amy Hohman, LISW
Amy Kimball
Amy L. West, ACSW
Robertina Analo
Hill Anderson
Lily Anderson
Andrea J. Freedman, LICSW
Andrea L. Charles, LMSW
Andrea Sue Fouch, LCSW
Andrea Watkins
Andrea Wilson
Matthew Andrews
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Angela Doris Weixel
Angelee M. Russ-Carbin
M. Angell
Anita J. Cleary
Anita L. Barnes
Ann B. Stocknoff, LCSW
Ann Callahan, LCSW
Ann L. Ahearn
Ann Marie Miles
Anna R. Cervantes-Paredes, LCSW
Anna T. Razes, ACSW
Anne Carter, LSW
Anne Raulerson
Annika Faith Ross, LISW
Mark Ansel
Ansley Plymale, SSCM
Diana Anson
Margaret Anthony
Anthony P. Goliday, ACSW
Monica Applewhite
Connie Applewhite
April DiGiannantonio
April Massey DeVore, LSW
Eileen Arama
Amit Arava
Fari Arbab-Thompson
Lisa Archambault
Payal Arora
Raquel Arroyo
Cathy Artinian
Charmaine Ashcraft
Ashley Alexis Cooke
Ashton M. Carrigan
Nancy Ashworth
Charlene Atkins
Fay Aucella
Audrey Ryman
E. Taylor Aultman
Susan Auman
Kimberly Austin Puleio
Vincent Austin-Cole
Leandra Avato Galasso
Joanne Avis
Edwin Bacalso
Diane Bachman
Hassanatu Bah
Mary Bailey-Henry
Gwyneth Baird
Gregory Baker
Karen Baldwin
June Baldyga
Dayna Bandy
Peggy Bankenbush
Bonnie Banks
Barbara Griffin Scobey
Barbara J. Sime
Barbara June Andersen, ACHP-SW
Barbara L. Rosen, PhD
Barbara M. Pitocco
Tameka Barber
Philip Barbetta
Brittany Bares
Whitney Barfknecht
Carenlee Barkdull
Kenneth Barker
Sandra Baron
Stephen Baron
Freya Barr
Donna Barrios
Katherine Barron
Cynthia Barte
Angela Baucom
Theresa Baxter
Claire Baxter
Cosette Bayles
Jeanne Bazelak
Bea Stachiw, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Doris Beard
Veronica Bearison
Roger Beaudoin
Sylvie Beauvais
John Bechill
Mimi Becigneul-Sullivan
Billie Becker-Bem
Edna Beeman
Myra Belasco
Melissa Belkin
Benedetto Abate, ACSW
Marian Benedicto
Bennett C. Nott, ACSW
Susanna Bensinger
Kathryn Benson
Jerome Bercik
Sandra Bergfeld
Joan Berlin
Bernadette Sanchez, BSW
Bernetta A. Andrewin, MA, MSW, LCSW
Jane Bernstein
Julie Bernstein
Roz Beroza
Lynne Berrett
Ellen Berry
Philip Berry
Berton K. Frank, ACSW
Beth A. Henson
Beth Evans
Betty Garcia, PhD, LCSW
Beverly Ann Smith, MA,MSW,LCSW
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Mark Bezanson
Steven Bielarski
Tim Bigalke
Joseph Bishell
William Bishop
Suzanne Black
Janet Black
Irwin Black
Blair W. Barbour
Bennie Blake
Carol Bley
Christine Blondheim
Maggie Bloomfield
William Blout
Ruth Bluethenthal-Appel
Denis Blumberg
Barbara Bodnar
Laura Boehmer
Nancy Bolden
Laurie Bomba
Betsy Bombeck
Bonnie E. Malajian
Myrna Bookbinder
Rubea Boone
Natalie Boorman
Michael Boretz
Leslie Bornstein
Susan Botello
Clyde Boucher
Paula Bowen
Ruth Bracht
Carol Brackoneski
Cecelia Bradley
Linda Bradley
Julie Bradshaw
Elizabeth Brady
Elizabeth Brady
Sandra Bragg
Brandi Marie Kohr, C-CATODSW
Barbara Brandon
Leslie Brandon
Debra Brannan
Elizabeth Brashear
Elizabeth Breck
DeEtta Breitwieser
Brenda Patterson
Chevonne Brennan
Luis Brenner
Jeffrey Brentley
Gabrielle Breslow
Frederick Brewster
Denise Briales
Brian P. Ashin, ACSW
Brian Talmadge Cottrill
Ethan Brill
Heather Brindisi
Dianne Brinker
Brittany Howard
Elizabeth Brodhead
Barry Brown
Shirley Brown
MajTuri Brown
Jana Brown
John Brown
Janet Brown
Leslie Brown
Karen Brownlee
Bruce W. Mossburg
Kaitlin Bryant
Natalia Buchanan
Michael Bullock
Susan Burden
Melody Burfeind
Michael Burg
Renee Burgard
Vicky Burgh-Harris
Darlene Burke
Demetrius Burke
Mary Effie Burnham
Diana Burns
Alan Burrall
James Burton
Terri Busch
Barbara Cain
Kate Caldwell
MaryAnn Calta
Linda Camberg
Cami Ann Hrisak, MSSA, LCSW
Camille L. Hunter
Catherine Campbell
Daniel Campbell
Bettina Campbell
Candace L. Steingisser, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Candice J. Burnett, ACSW
Carisa Eli Sanchez, MSW
Carla Canfield
Carla L. Butts
Carleton J. Fitzpatrick, Jr.
Jennifer Carley
Ron Carlow
Lynn Carlsen
Amy Carman
Priscilla Carmona
Carol A. Murray, LICSW, ACSW
Carol Ann Gordon-Shirley
Carol Boylan, MSS, LCSW
Carol F. Schank
Carol Lynn Nelson
Carole Boughter
Caroline Evans
Caroline Tremblay, LMSW
Caroline W. Resari
Carolyn A. Romano
Carolyn G. Kim
Carolyn J. Henderson
Erin Carter
Kathleen Carty
Cassidy Lynn Jewell, BSW
Cassie R. Smith, BSW, QMHP
Awilda Castro
Dolores Catalfumo
Kirsten Cathell
Catherine Altonji, LICSW
Catherine Lily Burcham, LCSW
Catherine Lorena Arevalo, LCSW
Cathleen O'Brien
Margaret Cavanagh
Julie Cederbaum
Jan Cehn
Jennifer Celaya
Lynne Cerar
Ceu S. Alves
Chana Mark
Rosetta Chao
Janice Chaparro
Charla M. Yingling
Charlee Redick, ACSW
Charles Loeffler
Charlotte Cally, LLMSW-Clinical
Michael Chavez
Germica Chenault
Drusilla Cherry
Cheryl Hochberger, LCSW
Dennis Chevalier
Keicha Christiansen
Christin Ann Collier, LMSQ
Christin Michelle Aletky
Christina A. Austin-Valere, LCSW, PhD
Christina Liston, LCSW
Christina Lynn Holmes-McLemore, LICSW, PIP, CCS
Christina Lynn Roberts
Christina Spivey, PhD, LMSW
Christine Ann Featherstone
Christine Ann Nucci, MS LMSW
Christine Darcel Holmes, LISW
Christine G. Henrickson, ACSW, BCD
Christine Maria Whipple, LCSW
Christine Roppo Soares, LCSW
Christine S. Driscoll, DCSW, QCSW
Christine Schut, BSW
Andrea Chrzaszcz
Jean Chun
Janet Chunn
Cifi Sajan
Cindreka D. Marshall
Cindy Simmons
Sharon Ciocca
Claire G. Von Karls
Anna Lisa Clark
Timothy Clark
Nya Clarke
Donna Class
Rosenie Clervil
Ellen Cliburn Slack
Rebecca Cline
David Clitheroe
Jennifer Cobb
Louise Coggins
Harriet Cohen
Jacquelyn Cohen
Ellen Cohen
Deborah Cohen
Michele Cohen
Ariana Cohen
Coleen D. Meade
Colleen Ann Mielke, LCSW
Colleen M. Mulkerin
Colleen Mary Prividera, MSW, APSW
Catherine Como
William Connelly
Meredith Connor
Beverley Connor
James Contois
Janet Cook
Melissa Cooper
Barbara Cooper-Gordon
Cornelius Sheehan, Jr.
Richard Cornell
Marguerite Corvini
Lois Corwin
Caroline Corzine
Andre Couget
Martha Coulter
Lloyd Coursey
Courtney A. MacKay
Courtney Gabrus
Courtney White Procel
Robert Covey
Connie Cox
Dale Cox
Amy Coyle
Bonnie Craemer
John Cramer
Shirley Crenshaw
Kay Crockett
Crystal Marie Arias
Gary Cunha
Cecile Currier
Callie Curtin
Curtis J. Birky, ACSW PhD
Carl Cutsinger
Cydne Miner Stephenson
Cynthia A. Girard
Cynthia A. Rollo-Carlson, ACSW
Cynthia C. Chalker, MSS
Cynthia Conner, LCSW
Cynthia D. Gammon
Cynthia Larkby, ACSW
Cynthia Lynne Meeske, MSW
Cynthia M. Pittman, LSW
Cynthia Saenz-Ward, MSSA
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Thomas, LMSW
Anne Czajkowski
Lisa D'Antonio
Dabney A. Salmon-Worth
Karen Dague
Daizzee D. Bouey
Dale Simmerman, LMSW
Lee Daly
Dana Pepp, LCSW
Sharra Dancel
Joan Dane-Kellogg
Danialle Nicolls
Margery Daniel
Melinda Daniel
Daniel Finn, LISW
Daniel Stephen Larson, LSW
Danielle Kelmar, LCSW
Mary Patricia Daniels
Sharon Danoff
Darby J. Morhardt
Darleen DeMoura, ,MSW,LGSW
Darlene Chakin Basch, LCSW
Darshann Marie Wienick
Rachel Dash
Frederica Daugherty
Dave Blackburn, DCSW
Mary Davey
David Eugene Dehn, MSW
David Hammersmith
David Massey, LCSW
David schneider
Susan David-Samala
Virginia Davidov
Daphne Davidson
Regina Davis
Patricia Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Davis L. Richmond
Davis Rodriguez Melendez
Carolyn Davis-Cottle
Michael Davitt
Dawn A. Tanner
Katie Dawson
Susan Day
Deanna Doran
Deanna R. Vaughan-Vitale
Debora Y. Ouimette
Deborah Defreize, EDD, LMSW
Deborah Donnelley
Deborah H. Briggs
Debra A. Santi, LMSW
Debra J. Bosco
Debra L. Trakel, ACSW
Frances Decker
Deirdre J.F. Marzano, MSW
Renee Delacroix
Arlene DeLand
Gina DeLeonardis
Ann Delia
Delores Gibney
Olivia Delrosario
Debra DeMartino
Catherine DeMassi
Denise Elaine Ryals, LCSW,ACSW,C-SWHC
Denise Howley, PhD, LCSW
Denise M. Nickerson
Denise Niner, LICSW
Denise P. Selvey, LSW
Glen Denlinger
Dennis W. Muri, LCSW, LAC
Diana Deodat
Laurie Depagnier
Candace DePuy
Dennis Derbaum
Tiffany Desilva
Gweneth DeSuza
Ann Determan
Monica Devol
Marty Dewees
Helen Di Prima
Mitchell Diamond
Diane N. Eckstein, ACSW
Diane T. Riopelle
Eleanor Dienes
Nancy Dier
Frances DiGregorio
Fred Dillon
Lauren Dispinseri
Linda Ditullio
Rosemary Dobney
Dora Dobrin
Susan Dobuler
Marcy Dodson
Arless Dodson
Diane Dolan-Soto
Donna B. Crunkilton-Stiegel
Donna Campbell
Donna Rae Aebisher, LMSW
Donna Van Laarhoven
James Donnelly
Laura Donnelly
Doris E. Ullendorff
Dorothy C. Butler-Crayton, ACSW
William Dorsey
Sharon Dougan
Douglas R. Dickenson, MSW
Douglas T. Gray, ACSW, CSW-G, LICSW
Nancy Drennan
John Drew
Drew T. Pledger, LCSW, ACSW
Catherine Driggers
Brynn DuBose
Teresa Duchesneau
Joe Duley
Susan Dummitt
Kay Dundorf
Kathleen Dunn-McKamie
Christine Dupres
Laurie Duraney
J. Michael Dzuba
Nancy Ebb
Donna Ebsary
Elizabeth Eckhardt
Eve Eden
Julie Edgerton
Lynn Edinoff
Edith A. Block, M.S
Amy Edminster
Mary Jane Egerton
Carolyn Ehrlich
Eileen Holman, LCSW
Eileen Kates Dancis, MSW, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Eileen Mary Cummings
Gary Eisendorf
Elaine L. Blinn
Jeanne Elberfeld
Sue Elias
Elissa Marie Tubergen, MSW Student
Eliza Wetherby
Elizabeth A. Kelly, LISW -CP
Elizabeth A. Taylor, LCSW, CSAC, CETP
Elizabeth Ann Smith, LCSW
Elizabeth Anne Stern
Elizabeth Bramson
Elizabeth Fouracre
Elizabeth Frizsell, MSW
Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW
Elizabeth Patchen Youse, msw,lsw
Elizabeth Wagner
Ellen M. Sparrow, C-ASWCM,ACHP-SW
Ellen Rose Sagendorph, MSW
Vonzolla Elliott
Jennie Ellis
Audrey Ellis
Kelley Ellis
Sherry Ellis
Stefanie elman
Emelyn Galvez
Sara Emerson
Jason Emge
Emil William Sandstrom, student
Emilia K. Petrillo, LCSW-C
Emilie Marierim Burke, Outpatient
Emily Elaine Joyner
Emily Kern, ACSW
Emily Rose Angelo
Emily Song Gelber Frumkin
Emma J. Williams
Emma Jane Simmons
Emmanuella Abena Amoafi Agyei
Laura English
Elizabeth Enoksen
Kenneth Epstein
Shawanda Erby
Ereck B. Wheeler, Adult Mental Health
Eric Eid-Reiner
Erica Janelle Tatum-Sheade
Beth Erickson
Marilyn Ericson
Erik Jervis
Mary Esty
Ethan S. Israelsohn
Margaret Evans
Spencer Evans
Evelyn A. Adams, LCSW
Evelyn Goldstein, LCSW-C
Elisabeth Everett
Elizabeth Evert
Elizabeth Ezra
Scott Fairweather
Phyllis Falcone
Patricia Faldani
Diana Faraci
Lirone Farber
Raquel Farber-Vazquez
Paul Farhi
Fatima Salman
Karen Faulk
Louise Fay
Pamela Feher
Patti Fehlig
Daryl Feinfeld
Marcella Ference
Albert Fernandez
Heidi Fernandez
Rita Ferrara
Jennifer Ferrara
Sarah Grace Ferretti
Joy Figarsky
Kathleen Fiks
Elaine Fillion-Crouse
Elizabeth Finger
Elaine Finnegan
Amy Fish
Tessa Fisher
Byron Fisher
Frances Fitzgerald
Michele Flatau
Valerie Flynn
Dominique Focazio-Marra
Romaine Foege
Faith Fogelman
Joanna Foley
Tracy Follett
Martha Fontana
Robert Fontana
Ashley Foss
Lisa Fowler
Donna Fowler
Nancy Fox
Elizabeth Foxall
Adena Frager
Frances A. Swan, ACSW
Frances M. Bledsoe
Patricia Franco
Frederick J. McOsker
Michelle Freedberg
Arayle Freels
Joe Freeman
Jackie Frey
Susan Freydberg
Judith Friedman
Jean Friedman
Lorien Friedman
Maury Frieman
Janet Frigo
Fabiola Friot
Leona Furnari
Theodore Furukawa
Elise Gadson
Lynnette Gaertner
Denise Gagnier
Robin Gaines
Gale A. Shay, MVF-CSW
Allyson Galishoff
Bob Gallagher
Emily Gallagher
Lorraine Gallagher
Mary Gambill
Barbra Gant
Marie Ganthier
Patricia Garrison
Steven Garte-Wolf
Carolyn Gartner
Ireta Gasner
Edith Gault
Diane Gaynor
Jeanette Gearhart
Meagan Gemborys
Ginny Gemmell
Gene A. Obersinner, LCSW
Allison Gentille
Ruth Genyk
Maria Georgiou
Gerald S. Weiss, LICSW, ACSW
Gerry K. Fisher
Jeanne Gibbs
Gigi N. Veasey
Gil Nicholson-Nelson, MSW, LCSW
Joel Gilbert
Heather Gilbertson
Jerry Jo Gilham
Audra Gillis
Robert Gilmor
Giovanna L. Gomez, ILCSW-CP
Toni Giovatto
Urania Glassman
Kathleen Glassmann
Kristin Glasure
Gail Glick
Gloria Gonzales Grace, LCSW, MPH
Jessica Goff
Paul Goggi
Golda Rebecca Miller
Melissa Goldbach
Helen Goldberg
Bruce Goldberg
Nancy Golding
Eliane Goldman
Lisa Goldman
Ellen Goldsmith
Paul Gonsier
Sierra Gonzales
Herbert Goodfriend
Michael Goodling
Barbara Goodman
Mandi Goretska
Teri Gotti Szubinski
Julie Gowen
Grace O. Choi, ACSW BCD LCSW
Jennifer Graf
Barbara Graham
Dianne Graham
Janet Grant
Valerie Grant
Mortel Grant
Cheryl Gray
Dorcas Gray
Kimberly Gray
Irma Grebel
Bobbie Green
Elizabeth Greenberg
Suzanne Greenwald
Gregory Homan Reynolds, BA, MA, MSW
Gretchen Ann Fry
Gretchen Annette Edwards
Angela Grilliot
McKenzie Grim
Joy Griswold
Loretta Grose
Gabrielle Gross
Tanja Grover
Celeste Grudzien
Guadalupe Ayala
Sarah Guck
Kathleen Gumienny
Jodi Guthikonda
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Lynda Guzman
Jackson Haberman
Alison Hahn
Judith Hahn
Thomas Hall
Blanca Hall
Maria Hamilton
Zena Handlon
Donna Hansbury
Kathleen Hardie
Bettina Harding
Andrea Harewood
Marianne Harlow
Honor Harris
Helen Harris
Anita Harrison
Lela Harrison
Patti Hart
Betty Hart
Marjorie Hart
Elizabeth Hartman
Shadeed Hasan
Marilyn Hatcher
Victoria Hathaway
Kim Haveson
Guy Hawkins
Linda Haydock
Vauna Haza
Margaret Hazelton
Laurel Healy
Heather Allen
Heather Jo Blackmore, LCSW
Heather L. Bencivenga
Heather Oosterhoff, LCSW
Heather Paulus
Heather R. Smith, LMSW
Heather W. O'Donnell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Beatrice Heck
Deborah Hedges
Tamazin Heher
Heidi L. Harmon
Monika Heimbold
Helen Clairese Marsack
Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Veronica Hemmings
Juli Hencoski
Bonnie Henderson
Kimberly Hendrickson
Christopher Henrici
Henry A. Rowlette, Jr.
Julie Hensel
Daniel Herd
Nadine Heusner
Lynette Hickey
Nyra Hill
Hinda Winawer
Laura Hinds
Betti Hinton
Bonnie Hodes
Lauren Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
Christine Hoke
Cathy Holdt
Leighanne Hollans
Hollis Allen Evans, MSW / LCSW
Holly A. Shiffman
Sheila Holt
Art Hom
Elizabeth Hope
Hope W. Shamberg
Jolinda Hopkins
Katherine Horvath
Cossy Hough
Sarah Huelskoetter
Debra Huff
Cathy Hugghins
Rosemary Hughes
Ronald Hughley
Kenneth Huisjen
Emily Hunt-Nelson
Helen Hunter
Gail Hunter
Theresa huntley
Kelsey Hurlburt
Kathleen Hurley
Angela Husband
Kristi Huss
Charles Hutchcraft
Rebecca Hutchison
Charles Iker
Inez K. Ray-Annis, LICSW
Linda Ingram
Jim Inthanongsak
Irene R. Siegel, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Martha Irwin
Barbara Iwler
Elise Jaacobi
Carol Jackofsky
Debra Jackson
Eliza Jacob-Dolan
Renee Jacobs
Ellen Jacobs
Jacqueline Collette Leader
Jacqueline Darlene Weller, BSW Student
Jaime Lynn Flores, LCSW-A
Jake H. Jacobsen, ATR, LCSW
Alexandra Jamali
James R. Schmidt, LCSW
James W. Green
Jamie Lyn Campanella
Jamie Silver
Jana K. Edwards, LCSW
Jane F. Dickel
Jane Kupersmidt
Jane Marie Carsten
Janelle H. Kamba
Janet A. Cheek
Janet L. Holland
Janet M. Brown, LCSW
Janet Tuohy
Janine Gillott, MSW
Janna Marie Schrandt
Marie Jaros
Jasmine Shantell Evans, College Student
Jason Aron Vandewater, LCSW-R
Javier Corporan, LMSW
Jay Sandys, PhD, LCSW
Jean E. Hager, ACSW
Jean S. Caine, ACSW, LMFT
Marcelin Jean-Pierre
Jeanine E. Abernathy
Donald Jefferson
Jeffrey D. Riekhof
Jeffrey S. Frank
Heather Jenkinson
Rayna Jenks
Mary Jenni
Jennifer Barrios, MSW
Jennifer Beazley Slaughter
Jennifer C. Hughes
Jennifer Chaffer
Jennifer J. Crumpley, LCSW-R
Jennifer L. Greenup, MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Ladner, LICSW
Jennifer Mary Behoteguy, MSW
Wendy Jensen
Jessica Chilcott, LMSW
Jessica L. Buttner
Jessica Mary Pinkham, LICSW
Jessica Monique Lucero
Jettana T. Thomas
Jill Jeffries
Tami Jimenez
Marcia Jindal
Joan B. Goodman, ACSW
Joan P. Kaplan, CSW,LCSWR
Joan Ruez Benner, LICSW
Linda Joannidis
Jocelyn Marie Farrar
Joel Siebentritt
Johanna Bush Jensen
Catherine Johanneck
Elene Johas Teener
John A. Cortez
John Alan Black, LCSW
John E. Szatkowski
John G. Geist, ACSW
John M. Jacobs
John William Sabin, LISW
Karen Johnson
Carolyn Johnson
Schantate Johnson
Brandy Johnson
Lois Johnson
Robert Johnston
Jonas B. Goldenberg
Jonathan J. Bolduc
Jonathan Karanja
Jonathon J. Novello, ACSW
Justine Jones
Rebecca Jones
Amanda Jones
Joan Jones
Benjamin Jones
Denise Jones-Kazan
Kathy Jordan
Karen Jordan
Rhonda Jordan
Joseph F. Anastasio, LCSW-C
Joseph M. Check, ACSW
Joseph M. Timmins
Joseph Markowicz, ACSW
Joseph Merrell, III, ACSW
Renee Joyce
Joyce E. Masse
Joyce Lynn Davis, LCSW-R, CASAC
Judith A. Howard
Judith Gallant, ACSW
Judith Hines, LCSW
Judith K. Lee, MSW, LCSW
Judith Kellner, LCSW
Judith Malone
Judy O. Fore
Juliane K. Klinke
Julie Allen, LMSW
JULIE Salmon, BSW student
Candyce Kaaiai
Mitchell Kahn
Winnie Kaley
Meg Kallman
Tammy Kaminski
Elma Kanefield
Randy Kanter
Judy Ann Kaplan
Karen Bartlett
Karen Bernardes
Karen Drane, LICSW
Karen N. Vertti
Karla Jean Dieters
Hannah Karlie
Karlie Harper
Amy Karr
Kate Nelson-Dooley, LCSW
Susan Kates
Katharine V. Byers
Katherine A. Szurley
Katherine Calvert
Katherine Dean Turek
Katherine Elizabeth Day, LMSW
Katherine Johnson
Kathleen A. Ligon
Kathleen Blythe Thomas
Kathleen C. Faller, ACSW
Kathleen Jill
Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen L. Persson, LCSW
Kathleen M. Lingren
Kathleen MacKenna, ACHP-SW
Kathleen Mary Nealon
Kathleen Robinson
Kathryn Cullinan, ACSW
Kathryn L. Powers
Kathryn Moffett, MSW, LCSW
Kathy Redfearn
Kathy Siekmann Hartenberger, MSSW, CAPSW
Katie Witmer
Katrisha Bratton, LSW
Bianca Kattan
Lauren Katz
Judith Katz
Joan Katz
Julia Kay
Kay B White, ACSW
Kayla Publiski
Kayli Patrice Helvie
Susanne Kee
Bethanne kee
Keian mohammad nawash, social work student
Keith D. Waterland, LICSW
Shannon Kelaita
Erin Keller
Murray Kelley
Kelly Ann Haines, MPH
Kelly J. Shambarger
Kelly M Craig
Kelly Tow, BSW
Kelsey Hope Anderson, MSW Student
Kendra Dale Chamberlin, LCSW
Keniko Andrews
Kenneth F. Callahan
Andrew Keogh
Kerry A. Cannon, ACSW
Kerry-Ann C. Frank, LCSW
Fran Kessler
Miriam Khan
Kimberly A. Mann, LCSW, PhD
Kimberly Ann Vander Griend, LCSW
Kimberly Jeane Dwinnell-Dillon, MSW, LGSW
Maxine Kimbrell
Leslie King
Sheila KingMIller
Christian Klein
David Klein
Madeline Klein
Joseph Klinkov
Tyra Kluemper
Lynette Klug
Thomas Kmetko
Christine Knapp
Tami Knell
Beth Knight
Roderic Knights
Heather Knox
Susan Kocik
John Konny
Krista Kopchick
Shana Kotelchuck
Mikel Krasts
Mimi Kravitz
Nancy Krell
Kristee Nicole Laiva
Kristen Dumas Callais
Kristen M. Shea-Bettencourt
Kristen Mulheren Levitt, LCSW
Kristin M. Hosmer
Kristina Scaglione, LMSW
Kristine K. Nelson
Brittany Kruse
Krystalia ReNee Carrillo
Gwenn Kudler Gelfand
Jodi Kudler Korkus
Vicki Kugler
Kurt Arsenault, MSW
Paul Kurzman
Carla La Pointe
Melissa Lader
Lucy Lafleur
Kayla Lajoie
Jerome Lamagna
B. Frankie Lamborne
Samantha LaRosa
Lisa Larriviere
Larry Heller, Student Intern
Noel Larson
Michael LaSala
Leslie Laskin
Katia Lathrop
Latresa L. Williams, ACSW
Linda Lattanzio
Laura Bonatsos
Laura DiVeglia
Laura Elizabeth Van Riper, van Riper, LCSW
Laura J. Thompson, AM, LCSW
Laura Kaimann, B.S.Ed.
Laura L. Shore
Laurel Miller, MSW, LCSWA, SSW
Lauren Annice Fisher
Lauren E. Conklin, ACSW
Laurie J Peter, LCSW
Sharon Lavon
Patricia Law
Eileen Lawlor
Barbara Lawrence
Clarice Lazary
Leah A. Snell, LCSW, ACSW
Leah W. Travers-Pucci, LCSW
Jessica Lee
Laurie Lehman
Leon Farrar, LCSW
Catherine Leonardi
Anthony Lerro
Leslie A. Abrons
Spenser Leverett
Rina Levi Shroyer
Karen Levin
Jason Levin
Sonny Levinbook
Marcia Levine
Mindi Levins-Pfeifer
Marlene Levy
Lezlie Nicolle Gross Namaste, LCSW
Anna Lieblich
Ursula Liebowitz-Johnson
Lillian Rosenblatt
Lillian Taylor, LMSW
Lina T. Antiporta, LCSW
Linda A. Baker (Gardner)
Linda A. Howard-Curtis, LCSW,C-SSWS
Linda D. Whiting Hopkins, Lcsw-R, LCSW-R
Linda G. Goodman, ACSW,BCD,MSW
Linda J. Ferguson, LCSW
Linda Levy Harley, LCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Linda Suzette Danks
Laura Lindsay
Viola Lindsey
Allison Ling
Joan Linhardt
Amy Lipeles
Laurie Lipman
Lisa Deniese Twiggs, BSSW
Lisa Elswit
Lisa K. Filary
Lisa L. Frady, LCSW
Lisa M. Berg
Lisa Malantonio-Allison, Malantonio-Allison
Lisa N. Jamieson, LCSW
Lisa Rattner, LCSW
LiSandra Rodriguez, MSW Candidate
Debbi Little
Andrea Lloyd
Rebecca Loadholt
Deborah Lochrie
Logan Lanette Comegys, LMSW
Loida Ruane, LCSW
Lois Cartica, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Isabella Lombardo
Jody Long
Bernie Longano
Carol Look
Lori Ann Kanke, LCSW
Lori Kundrot Faber, LCSW
Lorraine Baum, LMSW
Lou K. Pilato
Doris Love
Nadine Lovell
Susan Lowell
Rebekah Lowenstein
Susanna Lozano
Zoie Lucas
Lucinda Barnum-Steggerda, MSW Student
Tamara Luckett-Cavanaugh
Marilyn Lundberg
Betsy Lundell
Ellen Luria
Lydia Trojanowski, LSW
Gypsy Lyle
Lynda Marie Nunez
Lynette Marie DePeter-Schulz
Lynn C. Finley, LCSW
Lynne Patton, ACHP-SW
Lynsey Michelle Sloan
M Kay Duncan, ACSW
M.E. Hager-Harrison-Prado, MVF-ASW
Machelle D. Madsen Thompson, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Mary Mackintosh
Madeleine Davis-Shelton
Lilliana Maestas
Maggie L. Potts, MSW
Debora Magill
Beth Maguire
James Mahoney
Maire A. Taylor, LCSW
Rachel Malagari
Colette Malan
Nina Malkevitch
Brenda Mallery
Mallori Elizabeth Williams
Mallory Ruth Gamer, LCSW
Leslie Malnak
Mandy Lancaster, MSW student
Mandy Osborne
Debra Manning
Amy Manning-Thompson
Manny Rich, PhD
Donna Manzi-Heller
Sandra Manzueta
Marcus L. Foxx
Marcy A. Jacobs, LCSW
Margaret A. Watson, PhD, LCSW
Margaret Jane Moudry
Margaret M. Gintoft
Margaret Robinson
Margo Joy Siegel
Maria Del Carmen Cardona, LMSW
Maria Stone
Marie C. Hogan, ACSW
Marie Louise Walters, LSW
Marilyn Stephens Nur, LCSW
Marina D. Davies, BA
Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez
Marissa Bodell
Marissa Levenson
Mark D. Clayton
Mark Kaufman
Jacqueline Markey
Robert Marmo
Laurence Marr
Diane Marschall
Donna Martel
Linda Martin
Christianna Martin
Angela Martin
Carolyn Martin
Lauren Martin
Mary Martin
Helen Martin
Claudia Martinez
Mary Blackford
Mary Christine Johnson
Mary Ellen Everett, C-CATODSW
Mary H. Hogue, MPH/MSW
Mary Hyde
Mary M. Kelley, LICSW
Mary Magie Reade, LCSW,ACSW
Mary Patricia Allen, LMSW
Mary Silverman-Ormond, ACSW
Mary T. Sheehan, LCSW
Mary Theresa Sise
Maryann Kannappan, Lcsw
Marybeth Whittaker
Melanie Masdea- Dignum
Lisa Master
Eleanor Mathews
Mike Mathis
Linda Matlack
Matthew Gregory Brown
Matthew Jay Wilkie, Jr., LMSW
Stacie Matthews
Joshua Maudlin
Michelle Maupin
Maureen A. Pelton, ACSW
Maureen L. McKane, ACSW
Joseph Maurer
Michael Maurer
Lara Maurino Donahue
Bernard Mayer
Dennis McAllister
Phyllis McCafferty
Joanne McCamey
Candace McCann
Laura McCarthy
Tara Mccartney
ilean mccarty
Elizabeth McClendon-Johnson
Katherine McCloskey
Cara McCloud
Sharon McClure
Veronica McCormack
Janice McCrimmon
Lisa McDaniel
Debbie Mcdermitt
Maureen McDonnell-Weschler
Angela McDowell
Jade McGleughlin
Monica McGoldrick
Ellen McGovern
Elizabeth McGovern
Dennis McGuire
Maryann McInerney
Marie McKenna
Sheena McKie
Henrietta McKoy
Maureen McNamara
Roger McNellie
Susan McNerney
Carol Mcsheffrey
Carolie Meccico
Daniel Meckel
Susan Medoff
Noel Meehan
Megan Elizabeth Chase
Megan Louise Leone-Perkins, PhD, MEd
Megan S. Pallanti-Flynn
Alice Meilman
Linda Meisel
Melanie Webb Baskurt
Melinda Davis Himstedt
Melinda J. Cantu, C-SSWS
Melinda L. Chamberlain
Melinda M. Richter, ACSW
Melissa H. Daugherty, LCSW
Melissa Marie Best
Melissa Sepe Chepuru, LMSW
Melissa Therese Scolaro, LCSW, MSW, MA
Melody Lynn Hayward, BSW
Reita Melvin
Miriam Menendez
Sigrid Mergenthaler
John Merges
Joyce Mermini
Karen Merrick
Stephen Messina
Helene Messina-timpone
David Metting
Andrew Metz
D. Elizabeth Meyers
Michael Colberg
Michael E. Gutierrez
Michael E. McGuire
Michael G. Keith
Michael Scott Brown, LMSW
Michaela M. Rinkel
Michele A. Zimmer-Forster, LICSW,LCSW,CSW-G
Michele Baranaskas
Angela Michelini
Michelle A. Brusic, LCSW-R
Michelle Christine Adams, LMSW
Michelle Lynn Walter, LMSW
Michelle R. Smith-Packard, LICSW
Michelle W. Zimmerman
Michelle Wexelblat
Christine Mieloch
Robert Milan
Revan Miles
Peter Miller
Judith Miller
Mandy Miller
Nicholas Miller
Faye Miller
Darrell Miller
Nancy Miller
Mary Miller
Ian Miller
Janel Miller-Evans
Patricia Miller-Katz
Kamesha Milline-Cardenas
Jill Millis
Barbara Milone
Regina Miranda
Miranda Elise Mathis
Mordecai Mitnick
Ray Moffitt
Robert Mohr
Moira M. Mccarthy
Molly F. Eldridge
Morra Molotsky
Patricia Monaco
Olivia Monahan
Roxane Mongelluzzo
Monica Amato
Monica S. Jordan
Timothy Monroe
Justin Montefusco
Michael Montgomery
Janice Montgomery
Michael Montie
Elisabeth Montouri
Denise Morales
Sharnee Morales-Kelly
Diane Moreno Zerby
William Morgan
Betty Morningstar
Christine Morris
Debra Moser
Rita Moss
Wendy Mour
Joan Moyer
Kelly Moylan
Dannette Moynier
Jennifer Mudarrie
James Mueller
Katherine Muellner
Katharine Muir
Margaret Mulcahy
Patricia Mulholland
Catherine Muller
Janae Munday
Gwen Murakami
Jesse Murphy
Chris Murphy
Jerome Musco
Patricia Mustipher
Merle Myers
Nancy Myerson
Myra J. Powell, ACSW
Nadine M. Bean, PhD, LCSW
Nan Shaw, LCSW
Nanci S. Brown
Nancy C. Lowrie, LISW-S, SAP,Mediator
Nancy Guss Matles
Nancy Ivry
Nancy Lee Culbertson, MSW
Nancy N. Lee
Nandita Hegde, LCSW
Naomi Rockafellow
Anne Nayer
Neelam Al-Angurli
Colby Nelsen
Michele Nelson
Karen Nelson-Brown
Dawn Nemeth
Sara Neumann
Nevada Rae Walton, MSW Student
Iris Newman
Toby Newman
Nicholas Benoit, MSW
Nichole M. Butler, LCSW-R
Alice Nichols
Wayne Nichols
Casie Nickey
Nicole Bolognini, MSW, LCSW
Donna Nicolino
Nina Britt Dalley, BSW, ASUDC
Nina J. Horkowski, LCSW
Bebe Nixon
Roger Nooe
Ann Norris
Suzanne Norris
Melissa Novak
Alyse November
Deborah November
Leah Nuetzel
Lupe Nunez
Deborah Nunnally
Jaime Nunnenkamp
Lory Nurenberg
Idara Nwa
Kelly O'Berry
Mary O'Came
Leila O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Lynn O'Connor
Kate O'Hara
Alexandra O'Hara
Helen O'Jack
Raymond Oakes
Amanda Odendahl
Sally Oken
Mary Oliveri
Justine Ondricek
Orion Block
Marcia Ortegon
Claudia Ortiz
Catherine Ortiz
Ashley Oser
Susan Osofsky
Bernard Ott
Lisa Ottenhoff
Jamie Otter
Carolyn Otto
Herbert Ozer
Joe Pacetti
Kathryn Padron
Paige K. Cook
Christine Paletta
Pamela A. Brigham
Pamela Harrison
Dara Papo
Kimberly Parker
Taylor Parkins
Guy Pasculli
Janet Passapae-Sauer
Patricia Marie Murphy, MSW Intern
Patricia Mary Becker, LCSW, LICSW
Patricia Nancy Edwards, MSW
Patricia U. Giulino
Janice Patrick
Patrick James Horn
Patrick Ross Scott, PhD,LCSW,DCSW,FAPA
Sandra Patrick-Hendricks
Patrina Calmese
Judith Patterson
Paul J. Stretch
Paul S. Jones, LCSW
Paula M Hollis
Paula Olive, LCSW
Karen Payne
Susan Payne
Charlene Peachey
Pearl Wong, ACSW, LCSW
Colleen Pellegrino
Tara Pembroke
Petra Pena
Rebecca Perbix Mallos
Jessica Peregrina Ramirez
Jennifer Perera
Silvia Perez
Perrin Peterson, ACSW, LCSW
Evelyn Perro
Sherry Persky
Nadine Person
Peter J. Delany, PhD ACSW
Andrew Peters
Lorraine Petrucci
Cary Pew
Martha Phillips
Phyllis Senesi, LMSW,LMFT
Joan Pic
Susana Picado
Jorge Piccole
Diego Piña Lopez
Sharyn Pinney
Sharon Pinsker
Kenneth Pinter
Eleonora Pire-Schmidt
Francis Pizzarelli
Mary Plonka
Jennifer Poklar
Christie Polen-Bonitz
Pamela Poley
Joseph Polich
Mary Pollard
Jacqueline Ponzio
James Pope
Diane Popp
Spencer Porter
Jessica Post
Elizabeth Post
Carl Potter
Beth Potter
Debra Powell
Patricia Powers
Victoria Powers
Nicole Prentice
Tiffany Presnell
Karen Preyer
Sara Price
Elizabeth Price-Ramos
Colleen Pritchard
Nancy Purcell
Jesse Quam
Quincy L. Dinnerson, MSW
Eileen Quinn
R. William Lusenhop
Rachel Ashley Catron-Felts, MSW
Rachel Leia O'Reilly, LCSW
Rachel M Gering
Kristin Radcliffe
Rebecca Ramos
Michel Rashad
Robert Rasp
James Rau
Ray Sizemore
Mark Raybould
Karen Ream
Rebecca A. Stilling, ACSW,QCSW
Rebecca Anne Weiser, LMSW
Rebecca D. Weidemiller, MA - Social Service
Rebecca Lynn Sember, LCSW
Steven Reda
Sondra Redmont
Deanna Reed
Kristin Reed
Arlene Reeves
Elissa Refsdal
Gabriela Regalado
Regenia D. Walburgh, LCSW
Regina Marie Miller, MSS
Katie Reich
Jane Reid
Debra Reid
Marlene Reiff
Reina S. Remy, LCSW
Laura Reis
Margaret Reiser
Joan Reiskin
David Reitzell
Caroline Renau
Renee Melin
Robin Renwick Piper
Aleece Reynolds
George Rhodes
Richard Maiorella, LCSW-R, ACSW, DCSW
Renee Richardson
Samanthea Richardson
Paula Richey
Sherry Richman
Janet Richmond
Jill Richmond-Covey
Anna Rickell
Matthew Ringenberg
Risa Malecki Khalili
Steven Riungu
Georgiana Rivera
Ada-Luz Rivera Flemming
Brynne Rivlin
Janet Robbins
Vicki Robbins
Robert A. Wisse, LSW
Robert Galvin
Robert Gunsten, MSW Student
Robert H. Bamman, Jr.
Robert J. Fowler, MSW
Robert L. Lolik, DCSW
Robert Simonson, CSW
George Roberts
Robin A. Deluca
Robin Engels, LCSW
Robin L. Berenstain
Robin M. Hershkowitz, LCSW
Robin Sara Pollock
Danetta Robinson
Anne Robinson
James Robinson
Rodrigo Fernando Villegas, MSW
Carmen Rodriguez
William Rogers
Robin Rogers
Ruth Rohde
Juanita Roller
W Rollins
April Rolls
Camille Roman
John Romprey
Rona F. Levi, ACSW
Ronald Whalen, PhD
Rose Marie Huizenga, MSW
Lauren Roseman
Rosemary J. Mcknight, PHD,LCSW
Linda Rosenberg
Louis Rosenthal
Nina ross
Stephanie Ross
Gillian Rossman
Barbara Rothberg
Marielle Rubeor
Molly-Jane Rubinger
Sandra Rubovits
Ruby Guillen, MSW, CIS
Ellen Ruderman
Andrea Rudolph
Wilfredo Ruiz
Ruth Ruskin
Brittany Russ
Christopher Russell
Marla Rutenberg
Ruth E. Freeman
Ruth K. Macy, LISW
Nancy Rutkowski
Gail Ryan
Ryan Matthew Schulz, MSW
Ryle Egge
Sheena Rymer
Evalyn Sabinay
Leila Sachtschale
David Sacks
Josephine Saia
Valerie Saiz
Stephanie Sakalian
Sallie Campbell, LISW-CP/AP, ACSW,
Sallie E. Gratch
Sally S. Hooper, LICSW
Samantha C. Pacheco, C-CATODSW
Samantha Michelle Notaro
Samantha Paige Weiss
Samuel M. Adelman, ACHP-SW
Anissa Sanborn-Malague
Albert Sangregory
Josephine Santillo
Sara (Sally) W. Cheek
Sara Katherine Sebastian
Sarah Dickerson Bowers
Sarah Hart Wills, ACSW, LICSW
Sarah L. Voorhis Fraley
Sarah Nielsen, LCSW
Sarah Niemczycki
Sarah Segal McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW
Sarah Stringer, LCSW
Sarah Trickle
Jessica Sasko
James Scanlon
Rhonda Scarlata
Michael Schaal
Lynne Schachter
Kathy Schank
Peter Schessler
Susan Schiff
Rachel Schiller
Scott Schlachter
Elfriede Schlesinger
Sonya schmid
Kevin Schmidt
Ada Schmidt-Tieszen
Ann Schneider-Meisel
Debra Schrafft
Melinda Schroeder
Patricia Schuh-Butler
Kathryn Schuller
John Schumann
Amy Schussheim
Wendy Schwartz
Marc Schweitzer
Cheri Sciacca
John Sciretta
Judy Scott
Adrienne Scott
Jennifer Scott
Mary Seal
Patricia Selby
Richard Sells
Lisa Selsby
Semanthie Smith-Brooks, LISW-S,ACSW
Susan Seney
Jacquelyn Senia
Sergio I. Gutierrez, LCSW
Joy Serie-Amunrud
Robert Severt
Susan Seymour
Cynthia Seymour
Millicent Shadden
Matthew Shaffer
J. Shaft
Deborah Shain
Shalia K. Kamakele
Shannan Shannon
Shannon Campbell, LMSW
Shannon Elizabeth McGraw
Shannon Mokoro
Robin Sharabani
Sharon Alonso, LCSW
Sharon Lynn Van Derwood, LCSW
Irma Sharp
Jeanine Sharpe
Shawnieka Pope, MSW, LSW
Sue Shealy
John Sheehan
Linda Sheehan
Sheila King, BSw
Eileen Shekosky
Jody Shelby
Shelby L. Somers, BS
Shelia Marie Strouse
Pam Shepard
Susan Sherer Vincent
Sheri Mila Gerson, ACSW,ACHP-SW
Tiffani Sherman
Juanita Shoopman
Jennifer Short
Theresa Shultz
Patricia Shure
Carol Sidell
Katie Silver
Sheila Silver
Trish Simmons
Susan Simon
Kristina Simons
Golnar Simpson
Naomi Sims-Satterwhite
Margaret Sinatra
Leigh Sindelar
Judith Sipes
Maribeth Siskind
Denise Skakel
Nickie Slater
Renea Slaughter
Michael Slevin
Regina Slutzky
Margaret Smith
Peter Smith
Anne Smith
Ann Smith
Kelly Smith
Kaitlyn Smith
Dolores Smith-Ezyk
Kitson Smyth
Kristyn Snedden
Brenda Sobel
Julie Solinski
Nancy Sommers
Sonam Ben Willow
Sonia Elefante
Adelina Sorkin
Darshan Soske
Michael Sotak
Maria Sowell
Lori Sparzo
Elizabeth Spencer
Regina Spencer
Michelle Sperlich
Allison Spinneweber
Leslie Springer
Ashley St. Cyr
Stacey Lynn Lynch
Stacey Tesseyman, LCSW
Cheryl Stampley
LeRoy Stanford
Nathan Stanley
James Stark
Tamara Starkey
Christian Starpoli
Ellen Stein
Paula Stein
Ethel Steinberger
Lynn Steinhauer
Carol Steinman
Julie Steinmetz
Susan Stelk
Stephanie A. Peluso-Abbott, LISW-CP
Stephanie Ann Doran
Stephanie Cruwys
Stephanie R. Teahn
Gwen Stephens
Roberta Stern
David Stetson
Steve Patrick, ACSW
Steven Lee Pokorski
Kymra Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
Shaun Stone
Esther Stone
Shawna Stone
Augusta Stratz
Eliza Strawbridge
Kimberly Strom
Stuart Moss Cohen
Teresa Montano Sucher
Sue A. Elliot, ACSW
Sue G. Hallowell
Monet Sulkowski
Michael Sumbur
George Summers
Mary Summerville
Amy Sumner
Vicki Sunshine
Susan A. Conklin, LICSW,ACSW,DCSW
Susan Alonso
Susan C. Siedentop, MSW, LCSW
Susan D. Howard, LCSW- R
Susan E. Elswick, LCSW
Susan Fineran, Fineran, ACSW PhD
Susan Hansen-Porter
Susan I. Berlin, LCSW, ACSW
Susan I. Sterling, MSW, LCSW
Susan J. Bollinger-Brown, LICSW
Susan L. Fowler, LCSW
Susan L. Melsky, ACSW
Susan L. Thorne-Devin, LCSW
Susan M. Davis-Swanson
Susan M. McGrath
Susan Schulherr, ACSW
Susan Sherrad Barton, LCSW
Nancy Sushinsky
Richard Sussman
Meryl Sussman
Suzanne U. Wall
Barbara Swaiman
Courtney Swan
Angela Swartz
Alice Sweat
Doreen Swedik
Patti Swenson-Abraham
Sybil Austin-McDowell, BSW student
Sydney Wagoner, BSW
Javeed Syed
Celestine Syles
Margaret Taber
Ross Tabisel
Teresa Taft
Tamara Little, MSW, LCSW
Tami B. Stieber, LCSW
Tammy Williams-Petry, LISW-S, ACSW
Tamyra Noelle Cornwall
Tanya Rachelle Dunlap
Tara V. DeJohn, LCSW
Tarama M. Fuatagavi
Bette Tarrant
Tracey Taylor
Doris Taylor
Oneta Templeton
Pat Tenanty
Teresa M. Connor, LICSW
Teresa R. Foster, LCSW
Therasa Terrazzano
Terry A. Kaniaupio, LCSW, QCSW
Terry A. Lane, C-SSWS
Frankie Tester
Zanetta Thomas
Douglas Thomas
Thomas J. Cleary, ACSW
Thomas Joseph Waltz
Thomas Konopka
Gail Thomas-Creighton
Brenda Thompson
Susan Thompson
Susan Thomson
Marilyn Thornton
Juanita Thornton
Tiffany Turner, ACHP-SW
Tim M. Payne
Timothy W. Roldan, Mental Health, Law
Tina Marie Graber, LSW
Tina Thompson
Tobin Rodriguez
Sharon Tolliver
Rebecca Tolman
Suzanne Tomb
Toniann Zahlmann
Vilma Torres
Torrie Lynn Benson-Pryor
Lindsay Tortorelli
Diana Tortosa
Heather Tousignant-Stanton
Troy Townsend
John Tracey
Tracy Carpenter-Aeby
Jude Treder-Wolff
Mari Trine
Trisha Badishian, MSW LCSW
Susan Truland
Tracey Truscott
Tucker Landry, MSW
Maria Tupper
Lauren Turner
Tyisha T. Teel
Tyler Tidwell, MSW
Apollo Ubani
Alina Ulyanitska
Uma K. Zykofsky
Joseph Ume
Emily Uribe
Frances Vadas
Penelope Vaine
Valerie S. Loeschen
Teresa VanCauwenberg
Vanessa Lynn Watts
Stalburn VanSluytman
Jaclyn Vasaturo
Laura Vaughn
Marie Velasquez
Susan Venzke
Joanna Vergoth
Melissa Verner
Vicki A. Wasserman, LCSW-C
Victoria Mitchell
Doris Vidal De Jackson
Gregory Villalba
Norma Villanueva
Katelynn Villari
Rea Vinall
Vincent DeNully, LCSW, ACSW
Sara Viola
Virginia Spotted Thunder, BSW-S
Julia Wade
Shebna Wagnac
Irene Wagner
Eve Wagreich
Anne Wakefield
Melissa Waldrip
Beverly Walker
Suzanne Wallace-Appleton
Linda Waller
Lisa Wallin
Norah Walsh
Janet Walton
Bethany Walton
Wanda K. Ellingson, LCSW, ACSW
Katharine Warner
Sharman Warrick
Karen Wassink-Bylsma
Katrina Watland
Gerry Watson
Grayson Wayne
John Weagley
Joyce Weber
Judith Weber
Jude Webster
Joseph Webster
Harvey Weiner
Elizabeth Weiner
Gary Weisman
Jennifer Welch
Leslie Wellington
Wendla D. Windt
Patricia Wendle
Donald Wendrick
Wendy Leer Campbell, LCSW
Wendy Liebling, LSW, C-ASWCM
Wendy Pitts Reeves, LCSW
Marianne Werth
Kathleen Westlake
Sharron Whitaker
Patsey White
Alicia White
Robert White
Cheryl Whittington-Fogel
Susan Wick
Christine Widener
Thaddeus Widmer
Jacqueline Wiener
Rose Wigodner
Katherine Wilberding Cross
Wilhelmina Anderson
Amy Wilkerson
Kiva Wilkinson
Angela Will
Scott Will
William E. Dougherty, LCSW
William J. Massinger, IV, QCSW
William J. Sackett
William L. DeSiena
William T. Shahan, LCSW, ACSW
Argerine Williams
Evelyn Williams
Fallon Williams
David Williams
Roberta Williams
Janet Williams
Alisa Williams
Jessica Williford
Don Wilson
Elise Wilson
Judy Wimpfheimer
John Winer
Winifred R. Mason
Perry Winn
Virginia Winn-Cooper
Sarah Winnick
Susan Winsor
Kelsey Wisotsky
Danielle Witchel
Audrey Wolf
Stacy Wolff
Annette Woodruff
Dianne Woods
Wendy Wright
Andrew Wynn
Roberta Wysong
Angela Yalledy
Lisa Yater
Yazlyn Maria Jacobs, BSW
Paula Yevincy
Yi-Chien Hung
Roxane Yonan
Lori Yosick
Hyacinth Young
Marianne Young
Fern Zagor
Dana Zais
Suzanne Faye Zakheim
Gary Zalkin
Barbara Zellan
Ashley Zellner
Doris Ziboh
Timothy Zielinski
Joshua Zilberberg
Zipporah Neuman
Debbie Zoller
Amy Zuckerman
Barbara Zwick
January 2022
Aaron Alexander Yamada
Aaron Kinstler
Abby Middleton
Lewis Abrams
Dollmeshia Adams
Deborah Adiego Cagnon
Diane Adler
Lynn Adler
Adonica Hennessy
Rosemary Affeldt
Ingrid Agnew
Nance Agresta
Aida Lucia Rivas-Gold
Faye Aiello
Michael Alexander
Alexis F. Selwood, ACSW
Alfred G. Vautour, MSW, LICSW
Alice C. Segars, LCSW
Alicia M. Wuesthoff, ACSW
Alijah Kinsler Jonah, MSW
Odeather Allen Hill
Allison Loftis Lane
Allyson J. Tomchin
Lesley Alter
Candice Alvarez
Alvin L. Sallee
Alyssa (Alex) Hileman, BSW
Alyssa K. Norton, MSW
Amanda Johnson
Amanda R. Martinez, MBA
Amber M. Thomas, LICSW
Mimine Ambrois
Amelia P. Eades Koplow
Aminda Heckman Chomanczuk, LCSW
Amy Ebersole
Amy F. Williamson
Amy J. Handzel-Kobelia
Amy Mazur, MSW
Ana Lehrhaupt
Ana M. Costa, LICSW
Anastasia B. Igartua, MSW, LSW
Gary Anderson
Andrea McDaniel
Andrea Reyes
Andrew James Graves
Amber Andriolo
Angela L. Flynn
Angelina Linden
Anita B. Ulloa
Anna L. Morrison
Anne M. Tarpey-Flanders
Annetta Davis
Annette Archer Chastain, LCSW
Annette Louise Fortino, -1, LMSW
Alina Anorga
Anthony R. Thomas, ACSW
Antoinette Cheryl Wyatt
Anya R. Hunter, LICSW
April Bernadette Napier
LUZ Arango
Arden ODonnell, MPH, MSW, LICSW
Rosalia Armas
Armeen Irani, LCSW
Arun V. Hejmadi
Ashley Nicole Barys, L.C.S.W.
Elizabeth Aspinwall
Mario Atkinson
Louise Axelberg
Jacob Bachelier
Dianne Bachman
Armin Baier
Catherine Banigan-White
Barbara A. Levine, LICSW,ACSW
Barbara A. St. Pierre
Barbara B. Cullinane, LCSW
Barbara D. Silverman
Barbara Hall-Olaniyan, ACSW
Barbara Lynn Dewey
Kathleen Barletta
Maureen Barnes
Tracy Barnes
William Barnes
Sharon Barnette
Anthony Barreiro
Haylee Barrentine
Mary Barrett
Maggie Barris
Elissa Barry
Richard Barth
Buell Barton
Barton Charles Robbins
Kathryn Basham
Michael Batshaw
David Battit
Diane Becker
Belinda K. Lauer
Ralph Belk
Regina Benner
James Benson
Allison Benton Jones
Maggie Benz
Patricia Benzien
Peter Berger
Lauren Berly
Maureen Bernard
Robin Bernstein
Ashley Bess
Cleola Bess
Stephen Betchen
Beth Anne Tripi, LMSW
Beth Dostal
Beth L. Vardaro, LCSW
Beth Scott Roberts, ACSW
Bethany Keck, MSW
Dawn Betters
Karen Bianco
Barbara Bienstock
Denise bilder
Lisa Binder
Lynn Blakemore
Joan Bloomberg
Theresa Bloyd
Megan Blue
Anita Bluestone
Madeleine Blum
Miriam Bois
Patricia Bolea
Darla Bolon
Claire Bonfilio
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Stephanie Bootsma
Steven Bordelon
Henry Bothfeld
Merla Bouchillon
Barbara Bradford
Catherine Bradley
Tara Bradley
Michael Branch
Brandy Bernos Aday-Springer
Jade Bray
BreeAna Sobieski, LLMSW
Brenda S. McInlay
Lorrie Breshears
Brian King, LSCSW
Bridget McGiffin, LGSW
Bridget Simone Richard, MSW, LISW-S
Judith Bristol
Patricia Britt
Brittany Korth
Janet Brodsky
Gail Brodt
Cindy Brody
Brooke M. Warley
Debra Brown
Allyson Brown
Velvet Brown
Sylvia Brown Jones
Andra Bruce
Bryan J. Randolph, MSW student
Lori Buelna
Keith Burger
Diane Burns
Alice Burton
Priscilla Burton
Amanda Butler
Thomas Butler
Lisa Butler
Glenda Byhouwer
C. Paige Smith
Kristen Calapa
Denise Caldwell
Calia Heroth, LMSW
Cameron Prisjatschew
Robert Campbell
Nancy Campbell
Donna Campbell
Richard Caplan
Gayle Caplan
Jeremy Caplan
Cara Ann Stillwell
Barbara Carmichael
Joseph Carmichael
Carol J. Bridges, ACSW
Carol Zarinelli Brescia, ACSW
Carole Rumble, CASAC
Carolyn Giambusso-Yi
James Carpenter
J.T. Carrillo
Nancy Carroll
Caryn Navis, LMSW
Christine Case
Roger Casey
Kia Cashman
Maritza Casillas
Sally Cassidy
Michael Castellana
Mary Catalanotto
Catherine M. Duzenski, LCSW, DCSW
Andrea Centerrino
Maxine Chalker
Katelyn Chappell
Charise Gale
Charlene M. Portnoy, ACSW
Charles R. Dillon
Charles T. Adam
Charlotte D. Chilcutt, LCSW
Delma Chavez
Doris Chediak
Chelsey N. Flohe, LCSW
Cheryl T. Harrell, ACSW LCSW
Paige Cholewinski
Chris L. Frey, ACSW MSCSW
Patti Christensen
Christie McIntosh Svirsky
Christina Maria Mariani
Christina Moore
Christina Rose Layden
Christine A. Washo, Washo
Christine Marie DiGangi, LCSW
Christine Sorensen, MSW
Christopher Eric Bergene, LMSW
Christopher W. Young, ACSW
Christy Thomas Slocum, LISW-CP
Christy Williams, LISWS, LICSW
Kathleen Church
Shayna Church
Dianna Cianfrocco
Marsha Ciccone
Jenness Clairmont
Lynn Clapp Dominick
Roger Clark
Gladys Clay-Butts
Gretchen Clemens
Michelle Clements
Piper Clyborne
Rhonda Cochran
Linda Coffey Leal
Vicki Cohen
Lynn Cohen
Maxine Colchamiro
Anne Cole
Ronald Coleman
Kathleen Coletti
Colleen Marie Cunningham Rozelle, LCSW
Virginia Collins
Marie Colwell
Stephanie Combey
John Compher
Polly Condit
Ronda Connaway
Ann Conway
Kathlyn Conway
Hilary Copp
Susan Corley
Martha Corona-Goldstein
Patricia Correa-Illidge
John Courtney
Courtney Blair, MSW, CMC
Jo Cox
Diane Cox-Lindenbaum
Heather Craige
Virginia Crawford
Kathryn Cray
Nancy Creelman
Gary Creott
Jean Cross
Dawn Crosswhite
William Crowder
Nina Cruchon
Michael Cruse
Mary Curlee
Karen Custer
Cyndi Lieske
Cynthia A. Heinrich
Cynthia D. Browne, LCSW-C
Cynthia Dawn Sweet
Cynthia S. DeSantis
Jennie D'Alessandro
Susan D'Aloia
Justin DaConceicao
Dalenette Voigt-Catlin, LMSW, LCSW
Brittany Dalpe
Juanita Dalton-Robinson
Daniel A. Graham, LICSW
Daniel Aponte-Ramos MSW-JD, Sr, 886528304
Daniel C. Rydholm, LCSW,QCSW
Paul Dannenfelser
Danni Daniel-Mestaz, MSW Student
Dannielle E. Adler
Dara M. Grimes, MSW
Darci Polla
Darlene Lyn Chambers, Undergraduate, SW
Darlene V. Albury, LCSW
Colleen Daugherty
David Boyle, ACSW
David C. Caton
David C. Pan, ACSW LCSW
Sandra Davidheiser
Elizabeth Davis
Diane Davis
Lekeisha Dawkins
Dawn Alcott-Miller
Dawn D. Novotny
Marlene De Bellis
Dea Candice Applegate
Alice Deal
Deana M. Hunt, LMSW
Deborah C. Lewis
Deborah Dunkle Jones, MSW student
Deborah Gottlieb-Porlick, ACSW
Deborah Hereld
Deborah L. Christiansen
Deborah Sue Jones
Debra Carter-Barth, LICSW
Debra J. Moore
Debra S. Gluck, ACSW
Deby L. Williamson, LCSW
Nicole DeFonzo
Dauna Delashmit
Teresa DeMichele
Zelda Demmel
John Demuro
Dennis McNamara
Sheila DeRensisL
Mary Determan
Pindy Dhesi
Diana F. Hott, ACSW
Diane E. Freedman
Diane Harvey
Diane L. Channas
Diane L. Moore, LCSW, ACSW
Dianna Stark
Carol Dickerson
Darlene DiGorio-Hevner
Ziad Dilaimi
Robert Dilbeck
Jeanne Dionne
Brandon Dixon
Carey Doetschman
Karen Dolan
Dominick J. Lacovara, Jr., ACSW DCSW
Stacey Donahue
Jennifer Donato
Donna David
Donna L. Wadycki, ACSW
Donna M. Harris-Richards, LICSW
Jacob Donnelly
Alexa Donnelly
Nora Donoghue
Robert Doran
Doreen M. Hernandez Greco, LCSW,CADC
Doretha Smith, LSW
Dorian Mintzer, PHD
Doris J. Muniz, ACSW
Douglas John Detrick, LISW, CADC, ChFC
Robert Dove
Courtney Dressler
Elaine Dufford
Marian Dunn
Kayla Dupin
Christine Durbin
Dwight Norwood, MSW
Lisa Dylewski
Beverly Eager
Sandra Eagle
Linda Earnest
Patricia Easley
Edward J. George, ACSW
Kristen Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards
Corrie Ehrbright
Eileen I. Klein, PhD ACSW
Nancy Eisner
Elaine Paez
Elisabeth A. Stenger
Elizabeth A. Blanchard
Elizabeth A. Fredrickson, LCSW
Elizabeth A. Langbauer, LMSW
Elizabeth Ann Ball
Elizabeth Brown, MSW, LCSW, RPYT
Elizabeth Denise Johnson
Elizabeth M. Gumbis, LMSW
Elizabeth Marie Dunlea, MSW, LCSW
Elizabeth N. McCarty, MSW
Ellen Rabinowitz
Meira Ellias
Lynne Ellis
Irene Ellis
James Ellor
Emily Beth Miller, MSW
Eric Hartley, MSW, LISW
Eric Latzman
Erica L. Yaker
Erin Elizabeth Hickey
Erin L. Lavidor
Erin Maureen Yuen, MSW Candidate
Erin McVicar
Ernest N. Snipes
Debra Estes
Esther Rochelle Grear
Lindsey Etheridge
Eunika Simons, MSW, MPH
Sara Evans
Eve Denner-Taylor
Eve Yudelson
Norma Everett
Alana Everett
Faith Kiermaier Feder
Diane Falk
Martha Fallis
Gayle Fallon
Holly Fancher
Pamela Farrell
Candice Farrell
Gabrielle Fassman
Fe Ana Balsick
Deborah Feinsod
David Feldstein
Felicia Morrison, LLMSW, SSW
Lyn Felix
Abigail Fellows
Michael fenning
Maryellen Fenton
Francine Ferrara
James Ferraro
Sandra Festian
Melisa Figueroa
Jennifer Fine Root
Irving Finkelstein
Elaine Finley
Yenilshia Firpo
Susan Fish
Greer Fites
Michelle Fitzgerald
Julia Fitzpatrick
Amy Fix
Jose Flecha
Claire Fleisher Behar
Susan Fleming
Janette Fletcher
Mary Fletcher
Amy Flint
Lynn Focht-Birkerts
Terry Fontenot
Elizabeth Formaggioni
Karen Forman
Tabitha Foster
Erin Fourier
Lori Fowler
Ellen Fox
Chelsea Fox
Francine A. Carter
Franklyn Morris, II, BASW
Ronda Franks
John Frazier
Erma Freeman
Mary French
Emily Frenzel
Robert Friedman
Michael Friedman
Jennifer Frields
Colleen Friend
Marcia Frieze
Julie Fugenschuh
Gabriela Marquez Canale, LCSW
Carla Gagliano
Jessica Gagnon
Donna Galante
Peggy Gale
Catherine Galenius
Gary M. Bess, PhD, CSWM
Gary S. Sullivan
Tamara Gasior
Bethany Gauvreau
Paulette Geanacopoulos
Ronald Gee
Linda Gengelbach
Amanda Genus
George J. Moore, LMSW
George Rouman, ACSW
Anastasia Geramanis
Sharon Gerber
Deborah Gerofsky
Michael Gerst
Adam Geyer
William Gieseke
Danette Gillespie-Otto
Cathi Gilmore
Anita Gilodo
Robyn Giordano
Gladys M. Gutierrez-Teske
Tara Glaeser
Mary Glennon
Jane Glick
Nancy Glimm
Jonathan Glover
Sandra Godfrey
Arlene Goldman
Claudia Goldsmith
Arlene Goldsmith
Joan Golston
Bari Goltzman
Martha Gomez
Veronica Gonzalez
Sharon Goodman
Ashley Goodson
Carol Anne Gordon
Luna Gorlick
Lorraine Gorlick
Joseph Gorman
Jody Gottlieb
Renee Gottlieb
Deana Gozder
Grace Liudong Hooper Brown, LCSW
Mary Graham
Laurie Grant
Peter Green
Ronnie Greenberg
Rima Greenberg
Art Greenberg
Bonnie Greenberg
Carolann Gregoire
James Gregory
Anne Grella
Maura Grillo
Grisel Rodriguez-Morales
Sandra Grooms
Ellen Gross
Margo Grossberg
Melissa Gunderson
Florine Gundy
Steve Gursky
Catherine Gutierrez
Alfonso Guzman
Marcia Haarer
Hadidja Nyiransekuye, PhD, MSW
Jasmin Hagen
Elizabeth Hall
Jenna Halloran
Margaret Hammes
Randy Hammons
Karen Hamp
Mariet Hamrah
Christine Hamstra
Jolynn Haney
Hannah Gordon, student
Susan Hanway
Tal Harari
Karlene Harbour
Jody Hardesty
Cecily Hardin
Juliana Harms
Victoria Harrington
Jane Harris
Laura Harrison
Joyce Hart
Aaron Hart
Ann Hartman
Ann harvey
Christine Hatch
Holly Hauser
Janet Hayden
Patricia Haynes
Heather Ross-Lowenstein, LISW,ACSW
Gregory Hebert
Aaron Heffernan
Brenda Heflin
Heidi L. Sonntag, LCSW, MSW
Heidi Shanklin-Spock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
James Heisel
Francis Heitmann
Helen L. Schepartz, ACSW
Rita Heller
Jill Hellman
Anne Helsabeck
Ronda Hemingway
Deborah Heminway
Lorrie Henderson
Henry A. Mazur
Stella Herbert
Wiliam Herman
Elizabeth Herman
Nelsy Hernandez
Lorrie Herzberg
Kelly Hessel
Corey Hessinger
Daniel Heuer
Daisy Heumann
Carolyn Heusmann
Margo Heydt
Dalma Heyn
Patti Jo Hicks
Beth Higgins
Hilary E. Kohs, LCSW
Hilary R. Hellerbach
Paula Hinton
Jody Hirst
Julie Hochman
Leslie Hoffman
Donna Hoggard
Shannon Holland
Hollie Swire, LICSW
Holly Baker
Diane Hooper
Winifred Hope
Ann Hopper
Anissa Horne
Rebecca Horner
Gary Hornfeld
Hannah Horowitz
Annmarie Hotchkiss
Trent House
Marsha Houston
Howard A. Lewis, MSW
Anthony Howell
Nancy Hubbard
Robin Hubbell
Stacey Huffman
Julie Hufnagel
M. Katrine Hughes
Deborah Humphreys
Myron Hustad
Ann Hutchings
Glenn Hutchins
Elizabeth Hutchison
Janet Hyman
Ida Roldan
Terri Iman Miles
David Immerman
Yuko Inzana
Ramkumar Iyer
Regina Jackson
Gail Jackson-Wolfe
Jaclyn M. Butera
Jaclyn Miller
Bertha Jacobs
Steven Jacobson
Jacqueline E. Gonsalvez
Jacqueline I. Wert, ACSW
James Clayton Vertrees
James D. Plourd
James M. Benedick, EdD, ACSW
Jamie Lyn Brelsford
Jan Stewart
Janae W. House, LCSW
Joseph Janas
Jane Howard Niermann, LCSW,CADC
Jane P. Lachman, LMSW
Jane Parker, LCSW
Jane S. Owen, MSW
Janice A. Friesen, LCSW,ACSW
Jasmin Ayana Canfield
Jeffery L. Dickert, PhD
Jeffrey W. Mintzer
Judith Jenkins
Leola Jenkins
Jenna Helene Bekier, MSW
Jenni Delaney Strobel, M.A., LSW
Jennifer A. Adams-Anderson, LCSW
Jennifer Buckley Dalen
Jennifer E. Moore, ASW
Jennifer Kalkan
Jennifer L. Brown
Jennifer L. T. Halter, ACSW, DCSW
Jennifer Lancaster
Jennifer Niles
Jennifer Spitz
Jessica Danielle Wheeler, LMSW
Jessica Guerrero
Jessica McClure, LCSW
Jill E. Fontanella
Jill E. Jordan
Jill Kathleen Summers
Jillian Lauren Holguin, LCSW
Anne Jimenez
Jo Ellen Bowman
Joan Levy Zlotnik, PhD, ACSW
Joane Rosal, MSW
JoAnn Ellenberger, ACSW,C-ASWCM
JoAnne Elizabeth Coles, BA
Joanne G. Weiss, ACSW, QCSW
Joe E. James, ACSW
Joel L. Rubin, ACSW
Joey Richard Shanley
John C. Osborne, MSW DCSW
John Michael Tourangeau, MSW, LCSW
John Picciano, LCSW
Victoria Johnson
Makeesa Johnson
Chanell Johnson
Renita Johnson
Jonathan Brooks Hubbard, ACHP-SW
Loring Jones
Jennifer Jones
Kimberly Jones
Carol Jones
Jennifer Jones
Joni J. Elrod, LCSW
Joseph R. Boatwright, ACSW
Joseph R. Rogers
Josh S. Deena
Jowanda Tyler
Judith Ann Asermely, LCSW
Judith Schulman-Miller
Judy G. Redington, ACSW
Judy K. Hennessy, LCSW
Julia-Alejandra Heredia, LCSW
Julie A. McClatchey, LISW
Julie E. Shroyer, MSW
Lisa Jurecic
Justin Robert Delgado, Sr
Jill Kagle
Kaitlin Colleen Kernan, MSW
Kaitlyn Antonia Eberly, BSW
Ernest Kalina
Sarah Kaltenbacher
Audrey Kamin Teich
Sylvia Kaneko
Sheryl Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan Jacobsberg
Kara N. Landefeld, LCSW, MA
Kara Stith
Karen J. Conlon
Karen J. Thompson, MSW, LCSW, LISW
Karen M. Caputo, LICSW
Karen Phillips
Karen R. Joyce
Karen R. St. Clair, LCSW
Karen Wilding
Judith Karpinski
Kasey Arrowood
Kasey Brady, LCSW
Victoria Kass
Kate E. Holaday, ACSW, LLP, LPC
Kate Wheeler
Katelyn E. Farrell
Katharine B. Mann, PhD LCSW
Katherine Michelle Bowling
Kathleen Erin Donoghue, B.A.
Kathleen Susan Graves, MSW, PhD
Kathleen V. O'Keefe
Kathleen Walsh Samp
Kathryn Baudreau, LICSW
Kathryn M. Starratt
Kathryn R. Conway
Kathy Harvey
Katrin Tchana
Katrina Mae Tripp, LBSW
Florence Katz
Nancy Kaufman
Amy Kavadlo
Saliwe Kawewe
Kaye P. Fulcher
Concetta Kazarian
Eileen Keane
Maureen Keegan
Keely Canty Mendenhall, MSW, LCSW
Kelli Anne Sullivan, BSW
Robert Kelly
Kathleen Kelly
Kelly A. Ellis, LCSW
Kelly A. Quinn
Kelly A. Williams, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Emily Kelman-Bravo
Kelsey P. Caprio
Debra Kelsey-Whittle
Dannielle Kennedy
Elizabeth Kent
Sharon Kerrisk
Dr Pearl Ketover-Prilik
Kevin R. Carter, LCSW
Kashif Khan
Khiana Gray Wyatt
Margareth Kieschnick
Lisa Kiesel
Marie Kifun-Jones
Matthew Kilgore
Mary Ellen Killeen
Kimberly C. Agresta
Kimberly Henry, BSW, MSW Candidate
Kimberly Montero
Kimberly Valdez
Laurie Kimmel
Anona King
Julie Kintzing
Mary Kinzie
Estella Kiser
Jerome Kleckley
Janice Klein
Jessica Klein
Gabrielle Kleinmann
Julia Kling
Bonnie Knapp-Wild
Craig Knippenberg
Sheryl Knopf
Daniel Kolber
Carolyn Kopel
Phyllis Kosminsky
Marilyn Kotcher
Peter Kowalczyk
Kristen H. Fisher, LCSW
Kristen Kelner Nash, LMSW
Kristi L. Richter
Kristina Dawn Grovhoug
Valerie Kristopher
Kristy Dennis
Susan Kruk
Debbie Kunkel
Remy Kunstler
Branka Kurta
Barbara Kuryluk
Merle Kushner
Judith Kuskin
Claudia Kypuros
Janice Labovites
Donna Lafleur
Mary Ellen Lagasse
J. Lagen
Gerard Lagos
Allen Lambert
Marcia Landers
Lanette Ambers
Rita Langlois
Lani Rook
Lann E. Thompson, ACSW
Lanny R. Endicott, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Jay Lappin
LaRae Sue Stibitz
Larry Edwards
Lauren Lascher
Kimberly Lauer
Laura Curry-Mathews
Laura E. Aponte, LCSW,BCD
Laura Fairbanks
Laura Havey, MSW
Laura Jacobs
Laura L. Generou
Laura L. Grimes, LCSW
Laura M. Myers-Meske, MSW CSW
Laura Reiter, LCSW
Lauree Turman
Laurel Romney
Lauren Aloia, BSW
Lauren Carabetta
Lauren Cook
Lauren Michelsen Goetz, LSW
Laurence Fabre-Welmond
Laurie A. Ure
Laurie Donovan, Donovan
Laurie P. Suttenberg, LCSW,DCSW
Laurie R. Waxler
Lawrence J. O'Toole
Emily Leadholm
Teresa Learned
Faith Lebb
Kurt Lebeck
Alice Lee
Eleanor Lee
Dulce Leguizamo
Nan Lehmann
Lekeesha Charles, LCSW
Leni M. Howard, ACSW
Jessica Lenneman
Anne Leo
Leonard S. Adler, ACSW
Saul Leopold
Martha Leroi
Leslie Anderson Freck, LCSW
Leslie M. Kahn, ACSW
Lewis Lester
Minna Levenkron
Miriam Levy
Andrea Levy-Waldstein
Andrew Lewandowski
Gregory Lewis
Dale Liebman
Liliana Miramontes
David Lim
Linda Ann Stiff, MSW
Linda C. Gibbins-Croft
Linda E. Plastrik
Linda E. Williams
Linda F. West, LCSW
Linda K. Herzberg, LCSW
Linda M. Helmer
Linda Mixon, LCSW
Lindsay Nicole Cannon, SWI
Lisa D. Maynard, ACSW
Lisa Gammoh, MSW, LSW
Lisa P. Burch, ACSW
Lisa R. LaDue, LCSW
Delores Liston
Naomi Litrownik
Cheryl Litt
Tracy Livecchi
Liza A. Restifo
Lizeth Moreno
Matthew Loehr
Kathleen Loftus
Gail Long
Mark Longsjo
Loreley Joy Taylor, LCSW, CSAC
Lorene Noack
Lori A. Bush, LLMSW
Lorraine Laura, LCSW
Lorraine Wozniak, LCSW
Gloria Lovett
Naomi Lown
Luanne M. Harms
Jennifer Lubchenko
Jeanette Luciano
Luis Contreras
Luis Virella, LCSW, LCADC
Daniel Luke
Richard Lutey
Alexandra Luther
Robert Lydon
Gwendolyn Lydy
Lynda Flood
Lynn Smith, CSW
Lynne M. Hunter, MSW
Lisa Lysne
Heather MacGibbon
Debra Machado
Carmen Machado
Madalynne Martone, MSW Student
Jessica Maddox
Madeline J. Rosensweet, LCSW
Anna Madrigal-Garcia
Maggie Wazana Sepkowitz
Carole Maguire
Jerry Maiello
Virginia Maier
Kristin Makara
Malka A. Young, LICSW,ACSW,CCM
Anne Malone
Jami Maloney
Mara M. Veronesi
Marc N. Pechter
Marcel M. Tabone
Marcelyn Downer, MSW
Paula March
Marcia N. Davis, ACSW LCSW
Kiersten Marek
Margaret A. Hansen
Margaret Crowley, LSW, MS
Margaret J. McKeon, LICSW
Margaret L. Lovelace, ACSW
Margaret S. Wool, PhD, BCD
Maria L. Aguiar
Maribel A. Umpierrez, MSW Student
Marie A. Fontaine
Marie Kennedy, N/A
Marilyn D. Sanders, ACSW
John Markoff
Kaitlyn Marschel
Martha A. Guerrero, LCSW
Martha L. Kenney, ACSW
Martha P. Stein, Stein
Rosemary Martin
Martin T. Woodard, ACSW
Juan Martinez
Rodney Maruyama
Mary E. McKelvie
Mary Ellen Fata
Mary Ellen Ladd, LCSW, CSW-G
Mary Kate Waggoner, LSW
Mary Kay Healy, CSW-PIP
Mary L. Kabat, ACSW
Mary Slabinski-Schmidt
Mary Vanderman, LSCSW
Maryann Guernsey, LMSW-cc
MaryAnne Ashby, CSW,CDP
Bruce Mason
Patricia Mathes-Kerr
Mary Matich
Matthew Chappell, LCSW
Matthew Taylor, Matthew Taylor
Katheryn Matthews
Maureen Mollahan-Lewis, LMSW
Cynthia Maxwell
Dalynn May
Maya Ludman
Dyonette Mayer
Ruby McArthur
Raymond McCarthy
Donna McCoy-Algere
Niemha McDonald Lowe
Marianne McEnrue
Helen McGhee
Shauntee McGleese
Mary McGrath Anastasi
Linda McKinnon
Brenda McLean
Claire McMahon Thomas
Kristi McNeal
Sonya McNeil
Angela McWhite
Miriam McWilliams
Samantha Medved
Megan Eileen Alberti, LCSW
Judith Meissner
Paula Mekkelsen
Melanie J. Barton, ACSW
Melanie Sorensen Koschnitzke
Francine Melanson
Melinda Marasch
Melissa Angela Gosselin, L.S.W
Melissa Christine Meisenbacher, LSW
Melissa Louise Ealba, MSW
Melissa M. Marroquin, LCSW
Meredyth Rose Fifield
Lois Mergentime
Meta Bodewes
Gladys Metcalf
Lowell Meyer
Phil Meyer
Michael Barschi, LMSW
Michael Grant Rocco
Michael I. Fischman
Michael Joseph Mattle, Jr.
Kaylee Michalski
Nicole Michel
Michele Missel
Michele O'Brien, MSW
Stephanie Micheli
Michelle E. Rodriguez-Ziemer
Michelle Mayer, ACSW
Michelle McLane Pandolfo, LCSW
Michelle Ott
Miguel Torres
Rietta Miller
Ione Milner
Mindi L. Robinson
Kathleen Miner
Miranda Lee Simon
Miranda Lizarraga
Shana Mislak
Mark Mitan
Georgeann Mitchell
Anita Mitchell
Lea Mlawer
Allan Mohl
Molly G. Prince
Molly Hinke
Molly Kazemi, LMSW
Monda S. Prior, ACSW
Monique Garcia
Mary Montminy-Danna
Jessica Montrella
L. R. Moore
Kelly Moore
Bonnie Moore
Marie Moore
Denise Morales
Caitlyn Moran
Barbara Moran
Kathryn Morbit
Sandra Morford
Ellen Moriarty
Mark Morris
Kathleen Morris
Deborah Morrison
Anne Moskal
Rosemary Moynihan
Sarita Mullin
Deborah Munoz
Jacob Munz
Jordana Muroff
Megan Murphy
Malcolm Murphy
Susan Murphy
Nadine Larose
Nancy A. North
Nancy B. Lasater
Nancy L. Fuhr Bonn
Nancy L. Hale, Hale
Nancy R. Mudrick, PhD
Naomi Posner-Stein
Shoshana Narva
Nasir Ahmed
Susan Naughton
Neil D. Brown
Neil J. Klatsky, ACSW
Ann Nelson
Nephtalie Lesperance, BA
Julie Neufeld
Linda Newman
Amberly Nichols
Karen Nicholson-Palmer
Nicole Ann Babcock, LMSW
Nikki Plummer, LCSW-C
Nikole J. Heilmann, ACSW, C-SSWS, QCSW
Maria Nin
Nina A. Stark, LCSW
Nina Caricato, UNCC MSW Student
Nina Crocker, MSW, LSW, LCSW
Nisha Shandal
Philip Noe
Albert Noelle
Neal Norcliffe
Michael Nordé
Rosalyn Norensberg
Norma Alicia Moreno, LCSW
Norman Chaleff
Judy Normandy
Cindi Noshay
Shawn Nowotnik
Douglas Nygren
Margaret O'Connell
Kristin O'Gara
Jamie O'Neil
Marilyn O'Neil
Leslie Oelsner
Jeanne Oesch
Joan Offner
Nkemdilim Okeke
Betty Okenfuss
Marlene Opara
Maryellen Orichowsky
Verda Owens
Sue Pabst
Bethany Pace-Danley
Elisa Pacht
Natividad Padierna
Pamela D. Thorp
Pamela K. Manela, ACSW DCSW
Diana Parker
Stephanie Pasciak
Barbara Pasquarelli
Pat Cremins
Patricia A. Moskos, ACSW
Patricia Barrios Showalter
Patricia Thatcher
Patrick Bartholomew Callahan, BSW Student
Patrick J. Shaul, ACSW
Patrick Michael McNeil, LICSW,PIP,QMHP,ACSW
Paul David Rogers, LCSW
Paula D. Weatherby
Pauliina Pope
Elise Pearl Oliver
Peggy Osna Heller, ACSW
Pemba B. Bayo
Erin Penniston
Amy Pepper-Mandell
L. Julie Perez
Diane Peterson
Cathleen Petty-Marceau
James Phillips
Donnell Phillips
Phyllis Beren, PHD
Phyllis J. Cox, LCSW, ACSW
Phyllis Pleuss, LCSW
Scott Piper
Agnes Piszczek
Mary Plucer
Gisele Polanco
Elizabeth Pollack
Abigail Porter
Nancy Postow
Cathy Prellwitz
Bonnie Press
Margaret Preston
Debora Preudhomme
Cheryl Procaccini
Marsha Pruett
John Pugh
Linda Pulvermacher
Carol Quatman
Mary Quinlan
Anne Quinn
Rachael DelSignore
Rachel Albertha Robertson, Bsw
Rachel Jenkins-Stevens
Rachelle Pavao Goldenberg, MSW
Radonna M. Thies-Jernigan
Roberta Raelson
Martie Rafferty
Ruth Ragan
Simone Ragland
Susan Rahall
Ralph Bianca, Ph.D., L.S.W.
Anthony Ramos
Pamela Ramsey
Randi L. Anderson, ACSW,C-ASWCM,CSW-G
Saranna Rankin
Barbara Rauch
Robert Raymond
Shane Raymond
Elizabeth Read
Lisa Reardon
Rebecca Kotkin, MSW
Rebecca L. Alford, BSW, LSW
Rebecca M. Cilley, LCSW
Kathleen Reid
Sandra Reinert
Miriam Reitz
Alexis Remillard
Renee Facchini, MSW Student
Cheri Reulet
Lupita Reyes
Rheanisha Cartwright, LMSW
Michelle Rhodes
Rhonda J. Thompson
Rhonda Rice
Richard L. Zaslow, LCSW,ACSW
Richard W. Burns, DCSW
Richard W. Martin
Karrie Richards
Debbie Richards
Karen Richards
Norman Richey
Jennifer Richey
Rick T. Parrott, PhD
Frances Ricks
Mary Elizabeth Rider
Karen Riss
Bailey Roach
Karen Robbins-Mariaschin
Robert E. Jones
Robert Osobase
Robert S. Glaser, ACSW
Nanette Roberto
Susan Robinson
Robin Robinson
Robyn E. Gothelf-Fishman
Jamie Rodin
Deborah Rodriguez
Jennifer Rojas
Jessica Roldan
Victoria Roman
Ronda Denning, LCSW
Linda Rosa
Yesica Rosas
Anne Rosberger
Roschel Holland Stearns, LMSW
Rosemary Keane, MSW
Jamie Rosen
Beth Rosen
Wendy Rosen
Debby Rosenberg Chubinsky
Francine Rosenheck
Ruth Rosenstein
Thomasine Rosenthal
Janis Rosenzweig
Karen Rubin
Anita Rubin-Meiller
Meta Rudy
Marilyn Rusnak
Deborah Russ
Dahlia Russ
Anna Russell
Ruth A Baratta
Ruth E. Goldberg, ACSW
Ruth Elizabeth Viera
Ruth L. Goldsmith, LCSW
Pamela Ruzi
Pamela Sabalos
Wendy Sabin
Jennifer Sackett
Sai-Ling Chan-Sew
Janine Saia
Jodie Sakaris
Robert Salcedo
Lorena Salcedo
Sallie Schwartzkopf
Doreen Salz
Sami J. Qreini
Rae Sampson-Mcmillan
Ada Sanchez
Victoria Sandora
Sandra M. Hebley
Sandra R. Gundersen
Sara J. Demetry
Sara M. Fitzgerald
Sara Somers Ferguson
Sarah B. Barrett, QCSW
Sarah Christine Womack, BSW
Sarah Corrie Shapiro
Sarah D Compton, LCSW
Sarah finch
Sarah Katherine Russ, LCSW
Sarah Sabatowski
Veda Saunders-Walters
Terri Sawyer
David Schaffer
Constance Scharf
Terri Schempf
Susanna Schindler
Karen Schneider
Jay Schneider
Donna Schreiber
Donna Schroeder
Susan Schutrum
Judith Schwartz
Abigail Schwartz
Larry Schwartz
Isabelle Scott
Kathleen Scott
Robert Scuka
Theresa Scully
Georgina Scurfield
Bonnie Seider
Jodi Senter
Jane Seskin
Shalada Cristal Creecy, BSW
John Shannon
Shannon Elizabeth Quinn
Shannon Katie Daisie Roghaar
Shannon O'Brien
Shantreirra Monroe, MSW, LCSW
Jane Shapiro
Sharon A. Drew-Henson
Sharon A. Kost
Sharon L. White, DMin, MSW, LCSW,LMFT
Sharon Lynn Simmons, LCSW
Sharon W. Dennett
Michael Shea
Sheila M. Dessau, MSSA/LISW-S
Rita Sheinin
Diane Sheppard
Michelle Sherman
Sherry F. Nelson, LCSW
Sherry Morgan
Sarah Shoffner
Erica Siegal
Daniel Siegel
Lauren Sigeti
Silvia J. Lagunas
Silvia P. Ruiz
Simkha Y. Weintraub
Ruth Simon
Judy Simons
Carly Siuta
Phyllis Sivin
Laurie Sivonen
Carol Slade
Alyson Slutzky
Annette Smith
Condalisa Smith
Shalonda Smith
Valerie Smyder
Molly Snyder
Woon-Yee So
Julie Soderberg
Kathleen Sofronas
Marianella Solano
Sheila Solow
Sonia Gligan, LCSW
Sophia Burton, MA, ACA, LCSW
Barbara Spada
Brita Spencer
Mavis Spencer
John Spiesman
Jessica Spillers
Casey Springer
Woodriff Sprinkel
Susanne Spurlock
Stacie L. Granville
Constance Stafford
Anne Stanton
Martha Stany
Lisa Stapleton
Tiffany Starr
Sara-Ann Steber
Kathleen Steele
Jaimee Steerman
Stefanie M. Talmadge
Steffanie Alexander Alexander
Phillip Steffey
Theresa Steiner
Elizabeth Stem
Dannielle Stennett
Allison Stensland
Stephanie A. Johnson
Stephanie Afflitto
Stephanie M. Gwaltney
Stephanie Thomopoulos, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Stephen C. Mellott
Stephen R. Fishack
Steven Thomas Davidson, PhD, MBA, LCSW, CST
Mareen Stevens
Kevin Stevenson
TJ Stiers
Vera Stinson
Stacey Stocks
Thomas Strahler
Debra Street
Linda Stroud
Eleanor Stucker Percival
Sue M. Bloland
Susan C. Roberts
Susan Carter, ACSW
Susan E. Warner Nance, DCSW
Susan Gibson Peterson, LCSW
Susan J. McFeaters, PhD
Susan L. Bauman, LCSW
Susanne M. Diemert, ACSW
Marcia Sutton
Suzanne M. Schunk, ACSW, LCSW
Lucille Swalve
Carlee Swindle
Sylvester Minor
Sylvia B. Beren, ACSW
David Tabler
Alexandra Talks
Tamaira Lynne Ramsey
Tamara De Angellis
Tamara L. Kaiser, PhD
Tamara Stewart Barlow, LCSW
Billie Tamas
Nancy Tamburo-Trevino
Tammy L. Fish, PhD, ACSW
Joy Tanimura Winquist
Tara H Gould, LCSW
Tara Kathleen Adams, BSW Student
Audrey Tarplin
Tasha-Mae Nicholas
Alma Taylor
Nancy Taylor
Caitlin Teeter
Tamara Telberg
Teresa N. Maidak
Terri Lynn Wilkerson
Terry L. Jensen
Thelma Elaine Sherrod, ACSW
Theresa Montoya
Matthew Thomas
Sandra Thomas
Joanne Thomas
Thomas Bisenius
Cerris Thomassie
Debbie Thompson
Mary Thorp
Thurmon Myers, ACSW
Tieryn Marie Olson
Lynn Timineri
Timothy C. Taylor
Tina R. Flaherty
Tisha Gail Miller, LCSW
Barbara Torrest
Larry Torrisi
Hannah Tracy
Tracy W. Bodine, ACSW
Nancy M. Trew
Trina M. Middleton, ACSW
Dominique Trott
Diane Troy
Paula Tsarides
Marilou Tshudy
Patricia Tucker
Margo Tucker
Gladys Turner
Samantha Twidle
Sherry Tyger
Victoria Tylenda-Wong
Maureen Underwood
Sue Utzinger Buchan
Adrian Valadez
Sherrill Valdes
Valerie Anne Williams, LCSW
Brian Van Anne
Helen (Beth) Van Gorden
Norman Van Klompenburg
Hannah Van Krevelen
Culle Vande Garde
Norine Vander Hooven
Sara Vander Straeten
Melissa Vanderhoof
Scott Vanderzee
Vanessa G. Whalen, LSCSW
Carol Vaughan
Marla Velky-Reger
Patricia Vena
Veronica Rodriguez-Marin, BSW
Minnie Vickers
Viola V. Vaughan-Eden, PhD, MJ, LCSW
Fredvelia Virella
Virginia Blakeman, Blakeman
Virginia M. Gregoire, ACSW
Vivien Brite
Mary VonTersch-Hanno
Lucas Vrbsky
Steve Wachtel
Nancy Wachtenheim
Bob Waggener
Natasha Wagner
Carrie Waites
C. William Walker
Tiffanie Walker
Karina Walters
Louis Walthall
Carolyn Wander Daniel
Krissy Wappler
Karlyn Ward
Karen Washington
Norma Wassel
Brandon Waugh
Christine Weber
Amy Wehr
Lynne Weilert
Ned Weisman
Anne Weiss
Susan Weissman
Ann Welker Nelson
Brenda Welles
Steve Wellington
Jeannette Wells
Kachina Wells
Wendy Cluff
Wendy L. Bigelson, LCSW, ACSW
Wendy L. Bond
Wendy Wedell-Walker
Gwen Werner
Amy West
Lindy Wetzel
Susan Wexler
Melissa White
Barbara Whitman
Donna Whitmire
Anita Wigfall
Elizabeth Wilkins-McKee
William Edward Webster, MSW, ASW
Christy Williams
Prudence Williams
Rosalin Willingham-Johnson
David Wilson
Winifred D. Kearns
Colleen Winters
Laina Winters
Katherine Wirth
Nancy Wiseman
Susan Wismer
Mary Wisniewski
Samuel Wojnilower
Silkaly Wolchok
Jenna Wolfson
Bethany Womack
James Womack
Norine Wong
Gail Woods-Waller
Elizabeth Woolf
Allison Workman
Iris Yankelevich
Natalie Yeschin
Edith Yoder
Yolanda Cross, ACSW
Yolanda Y. Gunzel, LCSW
Andi Young
Laura Young
Denise Young
Yvonne Marie Chase, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Regina Zabel
Audrey Zabin
Judith Zabin
Christopher Zaglifa
Michael Zakour
Margaret Zangrilli
Joanne Zangrillo
Daria Zetlen
Josephine Zolynsky
Stella Zweben Samuel
Legal Defense Fund: Defensing social workers, 40 years