Legal Defense Fund Donor Roster

With contributions from members, the NASW Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is able to provide a wealth of legal resources and assistance to NASW members and as support for the social work profession in the courts. The LDF also provides financial assistance to members who incur legal fees in cases involving important social work issues or adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics. LDF expresses its gratitude to all NASW members and supporters for their contributions on the dues renewal form.

Here’s what members are saying about LDF:

From Illinois: “I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your decision to grant my request for financial assistance when I obtained legal counsel. I am so appreciative of the help. Hopefully a decision will be made soon regarding the outcome of the [case].”
From Iowa: “Thank you for the generous funds to assist with my appeal against the Iowa Board of Social Work regarding licensure. This issue is affecting many social workers in our state….”
From Maryland: “Despite that you were clearly busy, you spent over thirty minutes of your time offering suggestions and advice to me at no cost. I cannot fully express how much I appreciated your help….I have been a member of NASW since 1974…I just want you to know that your services were very much appreciated, and it is this kind of willingness to help that makes me glad to be a member of NASW. Thanks again!”

Special thanks goes to those individuals, listed below, who have honored the LDF on its 40th anniversary with an extra contribution. We also appreciate contributions made on behalf of LDF to the Social Work Ethics and Law Institute (SWELI), a center within the NASW Foundation. These donors are recognized on the Foundation site.

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Previous Contributions
April 2018
Jamie Abelson
Veronica Abney
Lauren Abraham
Lois Abramchik
Andrew Abrams
Susan Ackelson
Aaron Ackley
Willieann Adams
Lauren Adams
Clara Adams
Rebecca Adler
Tia Adler
Adrian Jonathon Cotta
Agata Van Haren, ACSW
Nita Aines
John Akers-Bell
Nancy Albert
Hillary Albert
Jacquelyn Albert
Marlene Albright
Debbie Alig
F. Towne Allen
Lori Alley
Erica Allison
Judith Allston
Amy Alvarez
Alix Amar
Amberly Dyer
Katherine Amsden
Amy L. Steinhauer, LCSW, ACSW, CST
Amy T. Grose
Colleen Anagick
Judith Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Mary Anderson
Peggy Anderson
Mark Anderson
Marlene Anderson
Andrea Maureen Barts
Andrew C. Teitelman, LCSW
Chase Andrieu
Sherie Angstadt
Ann Marie Dobbertin
fran antell
Lisa Antonick
Lucia Aparicio
April Keener, BSW Student
Linda Apsel
Nancy Arann
Martha Arboleda Ortiz
Christine Archer
Cindy Archibald
Benito Arellano
Aretha Allison, LCSW
Ariela L. Alpert, LCSW
Marsha Arion
James Armsworth
Peter Arney
Stephanie Artis
Claire Asarnow
Victoria Asayama
Ashlee Hall
Ashley J Bennerson
Ashley Sleaper
William Atchison
Audra Lucy Kyrk, LMSW
Marianne Ault-Riche
Karen Bachtelle
Julian Badawy
Yeonoak Baik
Maria Bailey
Mary Bailey-Henry
Paula Bain-Hudson
Gwendolyn Bair-Loehr
Linda Baker (Gardner)
Michele Baldwin
David Banas
Pamela Banning
Janice Banta
Barbara I. Miller, LCSW
Barbara J. Andrew, ACSW
Barbara Lewis Armstrong, ACSW
Deborah Barnes
Melody Barnes
Shira Barnett
Susan Barradale
David Barran
Beth Barry
John Bartley
John Bass
Jan Bass
Michele Bauer
Margaret Bauman
Katharine Baur
Pauline Baylis
Kandace Beal
James Beattie
D. Andrew Beck
Mary Beck
Robert Beckett
Jacquelyn Beevers
Lorita Beiler
Michele Bell
Cecilia Bell
Clement Bell
Yolanda Belmont
Anamaria Belmonte
Wendy Beneke
Samantha Benko
Mary Frances Beno
Mary Bentley
Nicole Berardi
Kristi Berg
Sheila Berger Chazin
Ivelisse Bermudez
Aida Bernal
Iris Bernau
Dorothy Berndt
Lawrence Betcher
Beth D. Levine
Beth Trotta
Betty K. Skinner, LSCSW, ACSW
Bernadette Bimonte-Hackett
Gordon Bingham
Ann Bitetti
Michael Bizzarro
Lee Bjerke
Michelle Black
Deguerre Blackburn
Hope Blacker
Deborah Bland
Ellen Bloom-Rau
Ellen Bobruff-Reese
Bethany Bock
Lisa Bode
Susan Boggia
Jennifer Boland
Michael Bonar
Bonnie J. Engelhardt, ACSW
Mary Boone
Michelle Booth
Debra Borden
Patricia Boris
Shari Botwin
Carole Boughter
Janet Bowers
Joanna Boyd
Elizabeth (Liz) Bramson
Leslie Brandon
Karla Braski
Brenda Teresa Olivares
Helene Brenner
Lin Bresnahan
Katharine Briar-Lawson
Dianne Brinker
Janis Brodie
Barbara Broesamle
Morna Brothers
Jeremy Brown
Cynthia Brown
Claudia Brown
Lauren Brown
Peggy Brown
Allison Brownlow
Sadie Bryan-Johnson
Gloria Bryant
Scott Bryce
Anita (Aidel) Buchwald
Lila Bucklin
Margaret Bullers
Sharon Bullock
Jennifer Bulow
Patricia Burke
Jean Burnie Murphy
Theresa Bussert
Victoria Butler
Elizabeth Butler
Eileen Butler
April Butler
Cynthia Butler
Alexis Butler
Mary Butler Fingerhut
Thomas Butts
Jason Buyse
Adrienne C. Hoover
Juli Cacciapaglia
Corrine Callaghan
Lynn Campbell
Paula Caplan
Carali E. Mclean
Myriam Cardona
Carla E Fadriquela
Christopher Carlozzo
Carly Elizabeth Brown, ASW, PPSC
Carol L. Spencer
Carolyn Castello Snyder
Miki Carpenter
Linda Carpio
Maudette Carr
Patricia Carrick
Carrie Catherine Callaway, LCSW
Kathleen Carroll
Anna Caruolo
Margo Case
Casey M. Tomlinson, MSW
Catherine Cassel
Francoise Castellanos-Ross
Catheleen Jordan, PhD, LCSW
Catherine A. Vallejo
Patricia Cato-Christie
Cecilia A. Linzie, LCSW
Susan Chadick
Holly Chambers
Chantal Collette
Charles E. Goldstein, LCSW,ACSW
Charles Loeffler
Tracey Chartier
Carola Chase
Chava Rousch-Carlisle
Andrea Chavez
Barbara Chenault
Wai-Por Cheng
Robin Chervitz
Michael Cheung
Antonietta Chiaviello-Foster
Jaesoon Choi
Melva Christensen
Christiane M. Graham
Christine Mohle, BA
Christopher Michael Collins
Chrysa Lawan
Diane Ciafullo
Salvatore Cilluffo
Ruth Cislowski
Clairette Balancy Clinger, MSW
Jean Clark
Margot Clark
Carlton Clark
Shardaun Clark
Mark Clayton
Joyce Clemetson
Thomas Cloherty
Christopher Cofone
Lois Colwell
Simon Connor
Constance E. Knaggs, ACSW
Mary-Ann Conte
Lottie Cook
Ann Cook
Marianne Cook
Garry Cook
Sunnye Cope
Sarah Cormell
Catherine Cornell
R. Correa
Anne Cortese
Lewis Cosmano
Stephen Cotton
Harold Craft
Skylar Crawford
Susan Cromwell
Edwin Crouse
Marjorie Crowe
LaVerne Crumpler
Maria Cruz
Rebecca Crystal
Joseph Cullers
Candice Cummings
Curielle Bryant Duffy, MA,MSW,LCSW
Lois Currie
Susanna Curry
M. Fiona Cushing
Cynthia Cusick
Cynthia J. Gardella
Paul D'Agostino
Verna Dalin
Michael Daly
Laurie Danch
William Daniels
Carole Daponte
Kate Dare-Winters
Darlene G. Cabael
Darryl W. Bruno, ACSW, C-SSWS, LCSW
Elizabeth Davenport
Glenda Davenport
David B. Moore, ACSW
David Scott Drajkowski, MSW
Wendy Davis
Gary Davis
Timothy Davis
Kitty Dawson
Dean C. Watchorn Newbrey
Deb Jones
Deborah L. Doublin, LCSW-BACS,LMFT, DCSW
Deborah L. Reeths, ACSW
Debra Dawn Carlsen, BA
James Dedic
Deirdre M. Comey, LCSW
Deise Ponce Capristo
Tobia Del Giudice
Kristy Delaney
Loretta DelMastro
Patricia DeMatteo
Denise Bennett, MSW
Denise L. Rogers
Sheila Denner
Verdell Dent
Doreen Der-McLeod
Rebecca DeRaud
Kit DeVries
J Dexter
Helen Di Prima
Anne Dickens
Brandi DiDino
Cathie Diggs
Jody Dixon
Jennifer Dockter
Karen Doe
Michael Doerflein
Gail Doherty
Maureen Dombourian
Mary Henrietta Domingo
Dona J. Airey
Donna Donatelli
Donna M. Pearce-Wong, LCSW
Gabriella Donnell
Goldye Donner
Dorcas A. Arbach
Rose Dore
Dori S. Fromer
Ann Dotson
Mary Doyle
Felisa Drayer
Sherree Drezner
Susan Dudek
Ann Duff
Malcolm Dugas
Anyana Dunmore
Teresa Dunn
Katherine Dunn
Karen Dwyer
Earlene M. Evans, Evans
Vicki Eaton
Elizabeth Eaton
Susan Ecker
Edith Gibbs, ACSW
Jeanne Ekenberg
Sharon Elghanayan
Elisabeth Curshen
Elizabeth Ann Bauer, MSW, LSW
ellaina Rudolph
Audrey Ellis
Emily K. Allaire
Emily M. Kobashigawa-Kilauano, DCSW, LCSW
Georgette Emmerling Rich
Christine England
Dawn English
Tracie Engstrom
Zoe Entin
Erik B. Johannessen, ACSW
Erin E. McCormack, LCSW
Erin F. McKowen, ACSW
Erin Swetits, BSW, CSW
Lil Espinoza
Grace Ethridge
Eugene Spencer Clark, II, ACSW
Mary Ezequelle
Anne Fahy
Nicole Falgoust
Sheila Fallik
Fanny Elizabeth Gutierrez-Meyers, LMSW
Lirone farber
Thomas Farina
Michael Farley
Tracy Farmer
Tamara Faulkner
Carol Fazzio
Thomas Federn
Nina Fedirko-Gonzalez
Alexandra Feely
Robert Feldman
Matthew Feldman
Felecia Marie Howell
Elena Felipe
Judith Felton
Holly Ferguson
Gisele Ferretto
Claire Ferry
Nadine Finger-Thomas
Devona Finley
Joseph Fitzgerald
Doreen Flanigan
Kathleen Flanigan
Kathy Flores-Valle
Annmarie Florest
Ray Flynn
Mary Foland
Judith Foley
Nancy Fontenot
Beth Forhman
Marcy Forster
Rosalind Forti
Nicole Foster Holdwick
Alice Foulkes-Garcia
Debra Fox
Judith Fox
Tanja Frade
Deborah Frame
Frances D. Booth, ACSW
Francisco Garcia
Randy Frank
Stephanie Fraser
Ann Frerotte
Judith Friedman
Dagmar Friedman
Jolene Friedman
Jeffrey Friedman
Priscilla Friesen
Joan Frost
Torson Fullard
Abby Gagerman
Helene Gagliano
Carla Gagliano
Janet Galaske
Jenney Gallerane
Manuela Garcia
Susan Gardner
Rachael Gardner Purdy
Gale Gardner-Sparkman
Debra Garner
Gretchen Garrett
Gary Schneider, ACSW
Patricia Gates
Michelle Gee
Dana Gehring
Joanne George
George L. Chieffet
Prue Gershman
Rose Ghilardi
Nancy Gibbons
Ruth Gibbs
Francisco Gil
Larry Gile
Frances Givelber
Phyllis Glass
Arline Glassel
Gail Glick
Peter Goddard
Susan Goetz-Laccetti
Golam Muhammad Rabbani
Bernice Gold
Patricia Gold
Jason Goldberg
Lisa Goldberg
Laura Goldblum
Abby Goldman
Barbara Goldsmith
Diana Goldstein
Ellyn Goldstein
Leslie Goldstein
Debra Goldstein
Marjorie Goldstein
Amanda Gonzalez-Bunster
Elizabeth Goodchild
Herbert Goodfriend
Kaitlin Goodman
Eve Goodman
Hallie Goosenberg
Justin Gordon
Sally Goren
Gortrell Cox
Abigail Gottsche
Patricia Grabow
Ada Graciano
Valerie Granoff
Danielle Graves
Mary Gray
Kathleen Green
Anne Gregory
Piper Griffin
Elizabeth Grimes
Rachel Grisi
Marcia Grobman
Eleanor Gross
Leah Gusman
Reynaldo Gutierrez
Alicia Gutierrez
Gwynedd Roberts Murray
Tyler Haaren
Alison Haber
Renee Haber
Richard Hadley
Steven Halady
Jessica Hale
Diane Haller
Hallie M. Howard, MSW
Gabrielle Hamilton
Sarah Hammack
Lawrence Hammerman
Ann Hampton
Anthony Hampton
Kimberly Hampton-Saul
Anne Handley
Maryann Hanlon
Joyce Hanna
Breeze Hannaford-Dyer
Mary Hanrahan
Kimberly Hansen Anderson
Julie Hanson
Jean Hanson
John Harden
Mary Jo Hardick
Melinda Hardin
Esther Harding
Sheila Harley
Nancy Harrel
Martha Harris
Carolyn Harris
Dorothy Harris
Mark Harris
John Harrison
Eve Harrison
Melanie Harsch
Margot Hasha
Susan Haskell
Julie Hassett
Karen Hauser
Jean Hay
Gene Hayes
Marilyn Hayes
Jeana Hayes-Carrier
Hayley Lansing Schleifstein
Mary Hazzard
James Healey
Elizabeth Healey
Angie Heath
Heather A. Baynard
Heather Ann Spencer, LMSW, LAC
Heather Gorball
Jennifer Heckendorn
Charles Heffner
Diane Heim
Helen Hobart Thomas, LCSW
Robert Helpinstill
Russell Henderson
Carolyn Henderson
Kathleen Hendriksen
Kayla Henley
James Henry
Herbert Jay Rosenfield, ACSW
Robert Herel
Victor Hernandez
Nancy Herron
Meg Hertz
Nathalie Hervy
Daniel Hiatt
Diane Hibbs
Reginald Hill
Heidi Hill
Pamela Hochster Fine
Lucy Hoffman
Malcolm Hohmann
Heather Holcomb
Tara Hollander
Alanna Hollingsworth
Cynthia Holmes
Kathryn Honeyman
Ericka Honore
Madisyn Horn
Joni Houck
Theodore Howard
Susan Howard
Ann Howe
Janet Howes
Charles Hughes
Michelle Hughes
Tammy Hunt
Susan Hyde
Philip Hymowitz
Laura Impert
Laura Inglis
Gina Innocente
Jack Brown, MSW Candidate 2017
Jack Lew Gorham
Carolyn Jackson
Katrice Jackson
Mary Jackson
Jacqueline A. Marshall
Jacquelyn Kaelin Franklin
Jacquelyn Kay Schultz, LISW
Linda Jaffe
Elizabeth Jagielo
James M. Ivie
James R. Buchholz, LCSW, ACSW
Jason James Scribner
Janet C. Sandoval, ACSW
Janet P. Akman, ACSW
Jani Champlin
Janice C. Angelo
Mary Jankowski
Constance Janssen
Jason Stern, LMSW
Lisa Jasper
Eileen Jay
Richard Jazwinski
Jean Murphy Baker
Jed Wilson
Marie Jefferson
Heather Jenkinson
Jennifer A. La Jeunesse
Jennifer Croke
Jeremy L. White, LCSW
Jessica A. Reed
Jessica Hutton
Jessica Margaret Gregg, LCSW
Jessica Parker Carlson
Jessica Ryn Yongue
Valerie Jeter
Jill C. Hull Dziko
JoAnn Watson
Joanne L. Griffel, ACSW
MIA Joelsson
Johanna Rayman, LCSW
John E. Went, ACSW
John L. Ebling, ACSW
John Levitt, ACSW
Julia Johnson
Catriona Elspeth Johnson
Jonathan Karanja
Julie Jones
Catharine Jones
Kasandra Jones
Ruby Jordan
Darrell Jordan
Susan Joseph
Lauri Joseph
Josephine Lenning, LLMSW
Joy A. Livingston
Joyce E. Masse
Joyce S. Murphy, ACSW
Judith H. Hanson
Judith S. Madison
Judy P. Eron, LCSW
Julia Crain
Julie Hoffman, CSW
Justin Terez McPherson
Justine Liptock
Monica Jutkowitz
Kaaren D. Hensrud, LICSW
Anupama Kalyanam
Margaret Kane
Susan Kane
Desiree Kane
Mary Jean Kane
Pamela Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan
George Kappaz
Angela Kappner
Jill Kapson
Karen L. Dodson, CSW-G
Patricia Karp
Sharon Kasanoff
Carolyn Kasper
Kate K Leggiero-Avron
Katherine Salinas, LCSW
Kathleen A. Ligon
Kathleen Costello Bar-Tur, LCSW, FIPA
Kathleen J. Wagner
Kathleen Sams Hertert, MSW, LISW, LICDC
Kathrina Schelker
Kathryn Beele Lannan, MSW, LSW
Kathryn Cowan, MSW
Kathryn G. Sprague, LMSW, CCM
Kathy Jo Sukenis, LMSW
Katie Kissel
Katie Marie Mallinger
Katie Moraitakis Beebe, BSHS
Karleen Keaney
Paulette Kee
Deborah Keefe
Joan Keller
Kelly James Fox, MSW
Kelsey Wendland, MSW
Elaine Kemler
Kathleen Keough
Kiana Pollacek
Ashlea Kight
M Kimball
Kimber Ambrose, BSW
Kimberly Kay Sawatzki, LMSW, CADC
Sandy Kimpel
Venee Kimpson
Olivia King
Barbara King
Kirk William Narmore
Miriam Kirscht
Kathy Kligler
Kristy Klueh
Mary Knapp
Sharon Knight
Denise Koelsch
Brian Kohatsu
Meredith Kolk
Debra Kollar
Michael Konkoly
Phyllis Kosky
Kelly Kovach-Collicott
Marcella Kraybill-Greggo
Renee Krieger
Laura Krieger
Kathryn Kriener-Klink
Kristen Burgoyne Marshall
Kristen Guskovict, M.S.
Kristen Kay Williams, MSW
Jennifer Kristiansen
Kristina Kay Elsbury
Susan Kroll-Smith
Rachel Kroontje
Jeanette Kruger
Jane Krumm
Krupa Vora, BASW
Michele Kuhl
Rachel Kuhr
Michael Kurjan
Marilyn Kurzyna
Joseph La Liberte
Susan Lalone
Rita Lambert
Claudette LaMelle
Cliff LaMotta
Lois Lane
Gloria Lane
Linda Lane
Barbara Lang
Phillip Larkins
Lawrence Larson
Edie Larson
Leslie Laskin
Roberta Lasser
Latashia C. Warren
Jean Laterz
Latisha S. Christensen, LGSW
Laura S. Washburn, LICSW
Laurie Sirotkin, MSW, LICSW
Andrea Lauritzen
Kerry Lavallee
Vanessa LaVerne
Juanetta Lawrence
Lindan Lawson
Mary Lawson
Leah M. Niehaus, LCSW,MSW
Leanne M. Joeckel, MSW, LICSW
Linda Lembo--Alonso
Lennon N. Jackson, MEd.
Nilde Leo
Eileen Leonard
Catherine Leonardi
Luis Lerma
Paul Lerman
Leslie M. White, LCSW, ACSW
Sharon Lesnick
LoriAnn Levanto
Jill Levenson
Lance Levitt
Kristen Levitt
Lisa Levy
Catherine Lewis
Charleen Lewis
Sarah Ligon
Margaret Lihani
Lina Crystal Smythe
Linda Gort, ACSW
Linnar Ortalan
Colette Linnihan
Lisa Anne Kendall, CSW-G
Lisa Frances Ciminelli, LCSW
Lisa Hartman, LISW
Lisa Inoue
Lisa L. Colegrove, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Lisa M. Congdon, MVF-CSW
Aviva List
Norma Litman
Josephine Little
Elizabeth Little
Lai Yin Lo
Michelle Lodato
Adrienne Londeree
Ingrid Longo
Margaret Lonsdale
Julia Lopez
Jacqueline Louison
Kathleen Lovell
Carol Lovett
Megan Lowe
Steven Lowenstein
Carol Lubetsky
Maya Ludman
Lyda E. Mack-Pridgen
Angela Lyford
Beverly Lynch
Tammy Lynn
Lynne M. Watkins
Jamie Lyons
Lyssa Michelle Danehy deHart, MSW, LICSW
M T. Shackelford
M.E. Hager-Harrison-Prado, MVF-ASW
Jeanne Maag
Patrick MacDonald
Barry Macintosh
Anne Madden
Karen Main
Martha Mairena
Lisa Makstein
Tracey Malesa-Wheaton
Anne Malin
Kathleen Malone
Carol Mamber
Linda Manchester
Connie Mancini-Haack
Charles Mann
Margaret A. Beehan, LCSW, ACSW
Margaret Lamar Martin, LCSW
Maria Cocio Molina
Gina Marianetti
Marianne R. Yoshioka, PhD
Marilyn Nichols Wolfe
Marilyn P. Nickol
Jeanie Marino
Mark David Sandberg
Mark Groblewski, LCSW
Mark S. Golden
Barbara Markell
Robert Markovic
marlon jay buckley, Sr, student
Janice Martin
Kathleen Martin
Charles Martin
Stacia Martin
Nancy Martinez
Sonia Martinez
Mary K. Helpenstill
Karine Masone
Amy Mass
Judy Matthews
Sharon Mattsson
Diane Matz
Max David Young
Lorise Mayer
Kimberly McAlister
Rosalie McCabe
Isalean McClary
Linda McCreless
Dolores McCullough
Tonya McDaniel
Pamela McDonald
Elizabeth McDonnell
Gene Mcevoy
John McFadden
Kathryn McKinley
Rosemary Mckinnon
Janet McLane-Li
Ralph Mcmenemy
Kathryn McMullin
Susan McNamara
John Mcweeney
Meagan Witt Geurts
Loel Meckel
Margaret Meinecke
Sofia Meistrell
Susan Melsky
Charlotte Menze
Joan Merdinger
Beverly Merkinger
Bonnie Mervis
Ruth Messinger
Janet Meyer
H. Joseph Meyer
Michael C. Spieldenner
Michele Lavigne, LICSW
Michele Marie Mixon, LCSW
Michelle Elizabeth Hughes, LCSW
Charlotte Michener Krasnoff
Nicole Miele Knarr
Deanna Miles-Brown
Madelyn Miller
Faye Miller
Emily Miller
Tera Miller
Laurie Mills
Karen Mills Bevers
Hannah Miner
Elizabeth Minifie
Miqueas Nieves
Grace Mishler
Mitchel Wayne Eisenstein, DC
Connie Mitchell
Prianca Moghe
Marsha Molinari
Molly Angharad Jones, MSW
Monte E. Morton, ACSW
Seth Montgomery
Cheri Moore
Tanya Moradians
Rosanna moran
Linda Morgan
Douglas Morin
Marci Morris
Charles Morrison
Maria Moscaritolo
Mary Mullally
Gwen Mundorf
Latifu Munirah
Kristi Muro-Dougherty
Patricia Murphy
Monica Murphy
Dalal Musa
Cher Myers
Rose Naegeli
Nancy L. Poorvu, ACSW
Roberta Nash
Karen Nassauer
Mary Nate
Nedra Cannon, Cannon, LMSW,ACSW
Cathleen Netter
Cong Tam Nguyen
Stephanie Nguyen
Ronni Nichol
Linda Nicholson
Barbara Nickel
Nicole Johnson Roberson, MSW, LCSW
Nicole Vallance
Lance Niimi
Charles Niven
Barry Noel
Melissa Nolan
Darla Norton
Stephen Noyes
Christine Nucci
Barbara O'Brien
Christine O'Donnell
Lawrence O'Toole
Raymond Oakes
Lucia Ochoa
Melissa Oeffner
June Ogden
Lawrencia Okai
Deborah Okrina
Mary Sue Olcott
Mary Oliveri
Tracy Olson
Omega Idolion Angell, CAMF,FVIP
Stephen Oreski
Maxwell Osei Anokye
John Ouellette
Debora Ouimette
Natalie pacini
Tiffany Painter
Jalee Palompo
Pam J. Evans
Leona Pannabecker
Peter Pastras
Dean Pastras
Patricia Aileen Cortazar
Michael Patton
Ellen Paul
Cynthia Pavlock
Kristin Peacock
Ilka Peck
Peggy A. Smith, DCSW
Collette Pella
Saralie Pennington
Sarah Pepper
Leigh Peregoy
Paige Peterson
George Petronio
Joanne Peyser
Richard Phelps
Georgette Phillips
Amelia Phillips
Phyllis W. Miller, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Priscilla Picardi-Haswell
Martha Pieper
Janice Pierson
Constance Pike
Gabriel Pinnette
Michelle Piotrowski
Sandra Plumer
Jane Poisson
Barbara Poitras
Gail Polsky
Carol Poorman
Karen Porter
Mary Porter
Jane Post
Sheri Potter
Virginia Powell
Holly Prater
Kristen Pratt
Tamara Prenosil
Vera Pressman
Erin Pretzer
Gwendolyn Price
Judith Prichason
Jane Probst
Cathy Proffitt-Allison
Phyllis Prout
Andre Pruitt
Wendy Puzarne
Cindy Quart
Lewis Quinby
Quincy L. Dinnerson, MSW
Judith Quirk-Pleskus
John Rabun
Rafael N. Alcantara, LCSW
Laura Rains
Tiffany Raley
Elvira Ramirez
Randi M. Waxman
Crystal Ransom
Clifford Rappoport
Robin Rawls
Kateri Ray
Marc Raybin
Maryann Reardon
Rebecca B. Hayhurst
Michele Reed
James Reed
Norma Reed
Dana Regett
Audrey Reich
Sheena Reid
Stephen Reinhard
David Reitzell
Rene Paul Perales, II, MSW, CAPSW
Christina Repay
Katherine Rettke
Betsy Revard
Rhoda S. Grill, ACSW
Alexandra Rhodes
Rhonda McNair
Richard Newell
Pat Richards
Rafaela richardson
Jennifer Richter
Sheila Rietano
Rita Alfonso LaBarbera
Rita Virt
Tamra Rivers
Peter Robben
Claire Roberts
Robin Axel, ACSW
Robin R. Irwin
Christopher Robinson
Rochelle Danette Holt
Stefanie Rockey
Rod J. Herrera, LCSW
Pamela Rodman Paro
Lauren Rodriguez
Pereta Rodriguez
David Rogers
Frank Roma
Stacey Rose
Margaret Rose
Rose A. Banker
Abigail Rose-Craver
Rosemary Kolanowski
Laurence Rosen
Cynthia Rosenberg
Nicholas Rosenberg
Kim Ross
Marie Rothschild
Christine Rowe
Susan Ruben
Elaine Rubenstein
Jill Rubin
Suzanne Rubinetti
Barbara Rudolph
Doris Ruiz
Sharon Rukin
Richard Russell
Charissa Ruud
Paul Ryals
Kelly Ryan
Ryland Bouldin Powell, Jr, MSW, LCSW
Christine Sabatino
John Sabino
Deborah Sacco-Invencio
Leila Sachtschale
Barbara Sacks
David Sacks
Martha Sager
Gustavo Sagredo
Josephine Saia
Michael Salazar
Adam Salazar
Sally A. Monn, student
Samantha J. Nicholas
Samantha Jean Faron
Samantha Lynn VanDerWiele
Samone Danielle Hill
Geraldine Sams
Samuel Steele Faulkner, CSW
Karen Sanchez
Toni Sanchez-Romero
Caitlin Sanders
Lauren Sanders
Sandra Marie Alletto, MSW/ACSW
Joan Santoriello
Vittorio Santoro
Sarah J. Person, LCSW
Sarah Jane Kidd
Sarah Swords
Ellen Sarokin
Toshiaki Saruwatari
Irene Saunders
Lillian Schaechner
Marsha Schechtman
Diane Scheininger
Judith Schiffman
Rosa Schirripa
Patrice Schmitz
Alissa Schneider Berg
Sylvia Schoenfeld
Oana Scholl
Julia Schott
Eileen Schrader
Judith Schreiber
Carol Schulman
Jennifer Schultz
Valerie Schwetschenau
Mary Scott
Alice Scott
Patricia Scott
Patricia Searles
Sharyn Sebastian
Paula Seefeldt
Alex Seidler
Samuel Selekman
Maia Semerzier
Sylvia Sesay
Carolyn Settle
Nancy Sgarzi-Norris
Susan Shanfield
Andrea Shapiro
Jen Sharkansky
Sharon Elizabeth Kerrick, MSW, LSW
Gina Sharpe
Sheila Bilak, ACSW, C-ACYFSW
Mary Shelley
Ann Sheppard
Sherryl L. Silberman, LCSW
Carol Sherwood
Cathy Shiel-Reardon
Jill Shoffner
Michelle Shubin
Jackie Siegal
Seymour Siegel
Anna Maria Signorelli
Gregory Sikora
Lori Silas
Bonnie Silberman
Elionora Silbersack
Ian Silbert
Elizabeth Sillick
Gerson Silver
June Simmons
Michael Simmons
Beverley Simmons-Willis
Melanie Sims
Lisa Sink
Claire Siverson
Ashley Skidmore
Linda Sklar
Robert Skrocki
Judith Sleeper
Lorraine Smail
Amy Small
Eric Smemo
Cindy Smit
Marcia Smith
Jacquelyn Smith
Mickey Smith
Linda Smith
Miriam Smith
Ronald Smith
Shirley Smith
Kristi Smith-Cuarenta
Saundra Snyder
Romney Snyder-Croft
Karin Soltau
Deborah Somerville
Sonja B. Lindgren, LCSW
Peggy Sorensen
John Sorensen
Polly Sosnowski
Joan Sparapani
B. Gail Spencer
Marnie Spiegel
Marian Spivey
Kurt Springer
Allyn St. Lifer
Mary Stacy
Janice Stadtlander
Karen Stafford
Michael Staicer
Daniel Stalilonis
Kellie Stallings
Ronald Stauffer
Cynthia Steffey
Eileen Stein
Lisa Steiner
Lillian Steinmann
Stephanie L. Churchill, LCSW, C-SSWS
Stephen A. Valente, LMSW
Kathleen Stephens
Karin Sternal
Susan Sterngold
Barbara Stevens
Mary Steves
Linda Stewart
Elizabeth Stoltenberg
Julie Stonberg
Harvey Stone
Donald Strasser
Naomi Stuart
Paul Sturgis
Susan Sukenik
Patrick Sullivan
Karen Sumpter
Suresh Unni, PhD, LCSW
Suzanne S. Benites, MSSW student
Julia Swartz Fagnant
Risa Swell
Laurie Swift
Sydney Farrier, ACSW
Rosalyn Syp
Patricia Szafir
Ruth Tabenkin
Zandra Tadeo
Elizabeth Taeubert
Rick Taira
Marcia Takaki
Tammi Hogan
Jennifer Tan
Jessica Tappana
Nancy Tashiro
Deborah Tate
Steven Taub
Lisa Taubenblat
Kerriann Tavzel
Edward Taylor
Lisa Taylor
Carol Taylor
Teresa Ann Morgan, BSW, MSHR
Terry A. Kaniaupio, LCSW, QCSW
Barbara Teske-Young
Nebiat Tessema
Barbara Thatcher
Jason Thayer
Shelly theder
Charles Thomas
MaryJean Thomas
David Thomas
Thomas E. Daly
Jilliary Thomason
Carrie Thompson
Kerri Thompson
Pamela Thorp
Barb Thropp
David Thurn
Timothy M. Day
Tina Tinsley
Daniel Tisman
Lily Tisu
Karen Todd
Malinda Tollefson
Lisa Topchik
Rosa Torres
Catherine Totten
James Toy
Eileen Traslavina
Trenia LaTrell Cooper, LMSW
Jerry Troyer
Wendy Trudeau
Edgar Tsamasiros
Janet Tsiguloff
Cary Tucker
Maria Tuohy
Leontine Turner
Carly Turner
Leuga Turner
Stewart Urist
Valerie B. Grasso
Valerie D. Douglas
Marlise Van Zytveld
Eldon Vance
Rebecca Vande Hey
Jo Vanderkloot
Corrie VanDyke
Malissa vanegas
Melinda Vanzant
Judy Vasquez-Becker
Tatyana Vaynshteyn
Cristen Vecchiola
Richard Vega
Lucia Venditti
Egidia Vergano
Doris Vidal De Jackson
Becky Villarreal
Debra Viola
Henning Von Bauer
Valerie Votaw
Melissa Waind
Charlotte Walker
Dawn Wallace
Sharolyn Wallace
Juliana Wallace
Brynn Wallace
Marcia Walmer
Roberta Walmsley
Norah Walsh
Barbara Walsh
Walter Simmons
Donald Walters
Patricia Wampler
Danene Wanner
Dahlia Wareham
Jeanie Warren
Cheryl Washington
Suzanne Wasser
Taylene Watson
Emily Watson
Nancy Watson
Mary Weaver
Cynthia Wedel
Linda Weinberg
Bette Weisman
Janet Weismark
James Weiss
Philip Wells
Diane Wells
Wendy Newman
Linda Werbel
Nancy Wesson-Dodd
Kelley West
Beverly West-Ruggiero
Donald Whipker
Keitha Whitaker
Muriel Wiener
Jennifer Wiessner
Rondi Wightman
Amy Wilder
Stephanie Will
William F. Vanek
William J. Turner
William Mills, LCSW
Julie Williams
Angela Williams
Denise Williams
Barbara Williamson
Heather Wilson
Jackie Wilson
Cassondra Wimmer
Hinda Winawer
Lora Windsor
Mary Wisniewski
Audrey Wolf
Deborah Wood
David Woodman
Richard Woodrow
Beth Woogen
Mary Worlds
Gail Wright
Barbara Wright
Kathy Wurpts
Gary Wylin
Kathy Wynn
Marcia Wyrtzen
Toney Xidis
Susan Yacobellis
Tami Yamashita
Susan Yeager
Peter Yelton
Mary Yeoman
Therese Zabarsky
Judith Zachs
James Zagres
Lela Zaphiropoulos
Betty Zara
Roni Zarbiv
Deborah Zelizer
Ellen Zemel
Lynn Zender
Lisa Zerden
Joseph Zimakas
Maxene Zion
Kristin Zoll
Barbara Zucker
Charlotte Zuckerman
March 2018
Geraldine Abelson
Naomi Abraham
Mere Abrams
Lewis Abrams
Burdett Adams
Jasmine Adams
Patricia Adams
Karen Adams
Cathy Adams-Bomar
Adele Marckwald Bent, MSW, LICSW
Barry Adler
Dannielle Adler
Kathy Aftergood
Rosemary Ahearn-Hasara
Lynne Aime
Neelam Al-Angurli
Debra Alcusky
Steffanie Alexander
Yvonne Alexander
Alexandra J. Dellutri, LCSW, ACSW,BCD
Alice M. Merrifield
Alicia Marie Fogg
Paul Alie
Alissa A. Catiis
Richard Alix
Randall Alle-Corlis
Lupe Alle-Corliss
Frances Allen
Ralph Allen
Emily Allen
Elizabeth Allison
Allison Arnold Jackson, LCSW
Candice Alvarez
Alyssa Smith
S Amato
Rhona Mae Amorado
Robert Amos
Amy C. Sterling-Bratt
Amy Di Mauro, LCSW
Amy L. Silver, LCSW
Amy M. Dinovo-Danford
Rita Ander
Lily Anderson
Clara Anderson Cooper
Mary Andolsek
Andrea Wilson
Rochelle Andrews
Regina Andrews Duarte
Angela Goss, LCSW
Jennifer Angus
Elizabeth Angwin
Anita B. Goldenberg
Anita L. Barnes
Ann F. Munson
Anne G. Fortier
Anne Lyster
Seth Antin
Michael Antreassian
Diana Anzaldua
Beth Aponte
Frances Aragon
Madeline Arenson
Blanca Arias
Elizabeth Armes
Arnez B. Crockett, ACSW, LCSW
Jane Arthur
Maria Arvelo
Michelle Ascher Dunn
Charmaine Ashcraft
Nicole Ashley
Ashley Alexis Hager
Ron Astor
Hanacho Atako
Julie Atcheson
Catherine Atchison
Charles Atkinson
Audrey Dunn
Sandra Auerback
Leslie Auld
Susan Auman
Maria Avila
Joanne Avis
Richard Azzaro
Constance Baab
Diane Bachman
Rebecca Backert
Nancy Baker
Mary Baker
Lesley Balamut
Eleanor Baldwin
Mariel Balzotti
Christine Bandoni
Judith Bank
Barbara Cooper
Barbara L. Farrell
Barbara Lynn Roberts, MSW
Blair Barbour
Diane Barnett
Diane Barounis
Donna Barr
Joy Barry
F. Diane Barth
Buell Barton
Anagha Barve
Michael Bass
Chris Bates
Katherine Batten
Delia Battin
Myra Baxter
Nelson Bayron
Bea Stachiw, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Claudette Beahrs
Roger Beaudoin
Michele Beaulieu
Amy Beaulieu
Sylvie Beauvais
T. P. Beaverson
Patricia Beck
Marc Becker
Jonathan Beebe
Mary Belk
Joanne Bell
Joy Bell
Lisa Bello
Leslie Belt
Marva Benjamin
Elena Bennett
Sarah Benson
Edward Bentsianov
Lisa Berg
Margaret Berger
Lorraine Berger-Gaston
Sandra Bergfeld
Pamela Berkwitz
Margaret Berliant
Charles Berman
William Bermingham
Yesenia Bernal
Robin Bernhard
Sherrie Berrebi
Amy Berry
Jennifer Berton
Julie Berwick
Nancy Bethem
Beverly A. Benton
Mark Bezanson
Brenda Bible
Andrea Bice
Debra Bieber
Alison Biggs
Karen Binder
Mary Birdsell
CHRISTY Birdwhistell
Ingrid Bisbee
Miriam Bjurman
Dave Blackburn
Sarah Blake
Susan Blansett Mcallister
Howard Blas
Meryl Bleznak
Simone Bloch
Heather Blodgett
Sue Bloland
Christine Blondheim
Nancy Bloom
Maggie Bloomfield
Judy Blue
Rikki Bobchin
Denice Bochantin
Bernadette Bodogh
Debra Bodtke
Patricia Body
Sandra Boland
Arlene Bolanos
Judy Bolanos
Jonathan Bolduc
Susan Bolles
Marc Bonaguide
Helen Bonapart
William Bond
Patricia Boone
Constance Booth
Kenneth Borelli
Michael Boretz
Ilyssa Boseski
Mindy Boslow
Lourdes Botana
Faye Bottone
Constantina Boudouvas
Doris Bourgeois Mallory
Rhonda Bourne
Susan Bove
Nona Bowers
Margaret Bowlus Aldridge
Sheila Boylan
Sharon Bradley
Beckie Bradshaw
Kathy Bradshaw Elliott
Michelle Branigan
Stephanie Bratton
Marguerite Braun
Patricia Brehl
Brenda Lee Myrick
Jennifer Breneisen
Chevonne Brennan
Luis Brenner
Jeffrey Brentley
Lorrie Breshears
Gabrielle Breslow
Joy Bressler
Frederick Brewster
Bebe Brezanin-Brusky
Denise Briales
Brianne Lyn Nagamine
Karyn Bristol
Rena Britland
Laura Bronstein
Richard Brouillette
Nanci Brown
Phyllis Brown
Janet Brown
Tammy Brown
Winsome Brown-Cooke
Bruce W. Mossburg
Colleen Brunell
Julie Bruno
Mary Buchta
Adriana Bugarin
Dwight Bull
Kimberly Sue Bullock
Kathryn Bunge
Tara Buonagura
Darlene Burke
Bruce Burnett
Robert Burnett
Anne Burrows
Svetlana Buryakov
Cheryl Busby
Willam Buse
Mary Bushong
Kasey Butler
Hillary Butler
Daniel Byarlay
Lisa Byrd-Watkins
Erica Byrne
Anna Byrne
Dustin Bystrom
Catalina Caban-Owen
Barbara Caddell
Elise Cadigan
Capri Cafaro
Caitlin Briana Schrage, MSW, APSW
Caitlin L. Wright
Tina Calabrese
Jennifer Caldwell
Daniel Campbell
Carla Canfield
Caroline Cangelosi
Melinda Cantu
Judith Caprez
Patricia Capron
Cara Myhre
John Carey
Carissa Fralin, LCSW
Gerald Carmichael
Heather Carmichael
Carol F. Gilbert, LCSW, ACSW
Carol L. Cushman, DCSW
karen carpenter
Julie Carrigan
Stephen Carroll
Carroll A. Cole
Donna Carson
Page Carter
Michael Cascio
Patricia Cassell
Sally Cassidy
Michael Castaldi
Janet Castellini
Katherine Castelo
Rob Castillo
Catherine C. Scott, LCSW, LAC, ICADC
Mikaela Celli
Rosalie Cespedes
Pamela Chabak-Clagett
Esther Chachkes
Kellie Chalice
Joseph Chamberlain
Florence Chambers
Gary Chan
Sandra Chaplain
Rene Chapman
Pamela Chapman
Charlotte B. Cooper, ACSW
Charlotte M. Mallon, ACSW
Mauricio Chavez
Helen Cheatham
Chelsea Jennings, LGSW
Mei Chen
Richard Chenevey
Drusilla Cherry
Amy Chesebro
Elise Chisholm
Michael Chittenden
Chrisiane M. Petrin Lambert
Marlienne Christian
Christine L. Frazita
Christine Winsberg, LISW, MSSA
Sharon Chun Wetterau
Walda Ciafone
Colleen Cicero
Rebecca Cilley
Francis Cincotti
Timothy Clark
Randolph Clark
Kadiane Clarke
Donna Class
Helen Clay-Spotser
Tamara Clemmons
Ellen Cliburn Slack
Julie Clifton
Rebecca Cline
Lloyd Cloud
Sarah Cobb
Jean Cochrane
Theresa Coe
Kevin Coffey
Elizabeth Cohen
Jacquelyn Cohen
Lois Cohen
Hilary Cohen
Susan Colburn
Alison Colby
Colette A. Braunstein
John Collins
Mary Collins
Myra Colon
Ronald Colucci
Barbara Coman
Michelle Comeaux
Isalyn Concepcion
Polly Condit
Beth Connell
Christine Connolly
Vicki Conrad
Anne Conser
Loretta Constantinidis
Janet Cook
Jeanne Cook
Melissa Cooper
Pierre Cooper
Mechelle Copeland
Nina Corbett
Jesse Corbin
Jennifer Corbit
Leslie Corin
Cornelia Spelman, ACSW
Elaine Cornelius
Maria Cortese
Cortney A. Miller, LCSW,LAC
Linda Coulter
Lloyd Coursey
Catherine Courson
Courtney Farrell Aksdal
Susan Covell
Wesley Cowan
Erica Cox
Bonnie Craemer
Clarence Craig
Harriet Crary
Vanessa Crawford
Kelly Creech
Lani Crescenzi
Crestina Marie DiNucci
Bonnie Cripe
Penny Critzer
Jeanette Crooks
William Crowder
Donna Cude-Islas
Dorothy Cummings
Amanda Cummings
Dorothy Cummings
Gabrielle Curcillo
Cynthia L. Wilson
Cynthia M. Pittman, LSW
D Janelle Young-Ogata, ACSW
Lee-Andra D'Attilio
Dabney A. Salmon-Worth
Paralee Daggy
Dianne Dahlbom
Betty Dahlquist
Thomas Dallamora
Dallas Randall Wilson, LSW,QMHP
Charles Damron
Joan Dane-Kellogg
Danielle Kelmar, LCSW
Danielle Thomas
Margaret Daniels
Paul Dannenfelser
Andrea Danzig
Darrell Ivey
David Hammersmith
Adina Davidson
Gretchen Davidson
Susan Davis
Terri Davis
Jill Davis-Kuzmanich
Beverley De Lugo-Collins
Paula De Mauro
Sue De Santo
Mark De Villier
Lynn Dean
Michelle DeBarba
Debbie Viegut, MSW
Deborah Jean Woolf, M.S.
Mary Debose
Frances Decker
Susan Degner
Erika Delco
Gina DeLeonardis
Donna Deletetsky
Ann Delia
Lynne Dell'Acqua
Mary Dell'Olio
Virginia DeLong
Sylvia DelValle-Jorlett
Virginia Dempsey
Denise A. Angelo
Denise Buckingham
Denise Faigao
Lori Dennis
Marjorie DePauli
Cheryl Desjardin
Kerry Desjardins
Hannah Desoto
Lauren Dever
William Devery
Ellen DeWeerdt
Diana C. Chaitovitz, ACSW
Diana R. Irving, LCSW
Diane F. Lambert
Colleen Dibella
Nancy Dickerson
Carol Dickerson
Sita Diehl
Judy Dierkhising
Patricia Differding
Margery Dimond
Marguerite Dingman
Sarah Dinklage
Regina Dinsmore
Disa Patrice Espiritu Whitlock
Kendra Dischinger
Tish Diskin
Rosemary Dobney
Judith Dobrof
Grace Doctorow
Kimberly Doering
Doha J. Khoury, MSW
Gerald Doherty
Natalie Dolci
Dolores Larkin, LCSW, CAADC, MBA
Susan Dolphin
Frank Dombrowski
Angela Dominguez
Karen Donahoe
Robin Donath
Theresa Donatiello-Neidich
Donna A. Mancini
Donna L. Kennedy, LCSW
Donna Marie McElroy
Dana Dorfman
Doris A. Kyle, ACSW
Verna Dority
Phylis dorn
Lenette Dornon
Godwin Dorvlo
Marilyn Dougall
Douglas M. Anderson
Sarah Doyle
Suzanne Drabant-Franklin
Elaine Drakos
Martin Dressman
Jennifer Dritt
JeanAnne Dropp
Sean Duane
Yolonda DuBose
Edmond Dubreuil
Alison Dudley
Joseph Dueweke
Amy Duffy
Brooke Dumais
Jodi Dumler
Janice Dumond
Elonzo Duncan
Sandra Dunn
Beth Dunn
Marian Dunn
Kathleen Dunn-McKamie
Margaret Dwyer-Anderson
Anne Early
Nancy Ebb
Hayley Eby
Ralph Eckardt
Ed Fowler
E. Diane Eddy
Faith Edgren
Juanita Edmisten
Aytach Edwards
James edwards
Annelle Edwards
Deborah Ehle
Karen Elbert
Elena M. Guagenti-Tax, ACSW
Eleni Murphy, CSW-Intern
R Eliasof
Elizabeth Ann Biehn, MSW, C-SWCM
Elizabeth D. Weingart, LCSW, LSCSW
Elizabeth J. Blackburn-Gruver
Elizabeth L. Ramsey, LCSWA
Elisa Elkin-Cleary
Ellen K Mishel
Ellen P. Mitchell
Phyllis Elliott
Raelyn Elliott-Remes
Sandy Ellis
Nancy Ellis
Kelley Ellis
Michele Ellison
Elmer Wiscovitch, BSW
Elvie U. Schooley
Sarah Elwell
Emily Jane Pray, LCSW
Emily Leah Goldstein
Dian Epp
Kenneth Epstein
Ruth Epting
Paula Erdelyi
Erica Raff, MSW
Erica Sigal
Robert Ericson
Erin Ann Clouthier
Erin Kathleen Madden
Erin McGovern, BSW
Eleanore Ernst
Yolanda Eros
Debra Estes
Mary Esty
Mallory Evans
Evelyn D. Kirkman, ACSW
Caren Ex
Jon Fader
Joanne Fadool
Clifford Fagan
Scott Fairweather
Dawn Falborn
Judith Falk
Sandra Falsey
Raquel Farber-Vazquez
Kathleen Farkas
Rebecca Farnsworth
Angela Farrell
Patricia Fassih
Daryl Feinfeld
Elyssa Feldberg
Kate Feldman
Lori Feldman
Deborah Feldman
Rachel Feldman
Jacqueline Femino-Nicoll
Fern M. Kopakin, MSW, LCSW, BCD
Rita Fernandes
James Ferraro
Lisa Ferretti
Janice Ferris
Deni Fholer
Jamie Fialkoff
Amanda Fickes
Kathleen Fiks
Elana Fine
Lisa Finkelstein
Donna Firer
Don Firmani
Caroline Fish
Tessa Fisher
Brenda Fishleder
Carleton Fitzpatrick
Ann Flagg
Ann Flax
Priscilla Fleischer
Allison Fleming
William Fletcher
Lynda Flood
Ann Flosdorf
Douglas Flowers
Laura Floyd
Warrick Floyd
Joanna Foley
LeeAnna Fomkin
Julia Forbes
Wendy Forbush
Marjorie Forman
Jeanette Foster
Susan Foster
Donna Fowler
Karene Fowler
Michael Frafjord
Caitlin Francis
Lynn Frank
Frank A. Dejesus
Shae Franke
Ada Frasca
Fredda G. McDonnell, ACSW, DCSW
Frederick J. McOsker
Cheryle Freedman
Jane Freeman
Edith Fresh
Ronald Freshley
Paul Fressola
Yvette Friday
Neil Fried
Steven Friedfeld
Julia Friesen
Elisa Frischling
Royce Froehlich
Ruth Fruehauf
Doreen Frymire-Bonaldi
Christy Fuller
Roni Funk
Judith Gable
Angela Gainan-Price
Joann Gainard
Lynn Gallagher
James Galloway
Robert Gambee
Rosemary Gamin
Jennifer Gamper Meenan
Donna Ganote
Donna Gapas
Christiane Garcia
Felicia Gardner
Michelle Garner
Joan Garrabrant
Janie Garrett
Adriana Garza
Tonya Gaston
Yvonne Gathers
Diane Gatto
Diana Gavoni
Shannon Gaw
Megan Gay
Cathy Gaytan
Susan Geltman
Geneva L. Osawe
Lyne Genser
Teresa Gentile
Jackie Genzlinger
Teresa George
Adam Gerdes
Brian Gerety
Laurence Gevirtz
Jehanne Gheith
Antonina Giamporcaro
Sara Gibbs
Gerald Gibson
Elaine Gifford
Marilyn Gilchrist
Gina Andrade
Karen Givens
Frances Gizzi
Mary Glaus
Teri Glenn
Glenn La Rock
Sherry Glore
Kristie Godina
Steven Goings
Golda Rebecca Miller
Rita Golub
Lorie Gombin
Yuri Gomez
Regina Gonek
Reinaldo Gonzalez
Margaret Goode
Michael Goodling
Linda Gordon
Carol Gordon
Katherine Gordon
Maria Gorman
Oliver Goss
Gail Gottfried
Sue Gouaux
Gary Gould
Brett Grabiel
Caroline Grady
Christine Graham
Raymond Graham
Patricia Graham-Miller
MIchael Granoff
Grant R. Hasty
Barbara Granville
Benita Grauman
Kenneth Graves
Sandra Gray
Robert Greco
Percy Green
Jolene Green
Judith Green
Geri Greenberg
Michelle Greene
Ariel Greenidge
Laura Greeson
Judith Greif
Joyce Griffin
Mary Beth Grim
Karin Grimes
Steven Gross
Tamara Grossens
Linda Grove
Arlene Grubbs
Ethan Grumbach
John Grund
Justin Gudenkauf
Rocco Guglielmo
Jane Gulino
Margaret Gummoe
Marian Gunderson
Bruce Gunther
Stanley Guzan
H. Dianne Feltham, LCSW, LCSW
Pearl Hacker
Linda Hadlock
Andrea Hafner
Abdul Hakim
Asma Halim
Julia Hall
David Hall
Rebecca Hall
Barbara Hall-Griesmann
Linda Halperin
Carol Halpin
Mark Hamilton
Robert Hamlin
Sarah Hanchett
Donna Haney
Lenora Hanna
Lindsay Hannan
Emily Hardcastle
Kathleen Hardie
Ola Hardiman
Alexander Hardy
Kevin Harper
Claudia Harris
Howard Harris
Wendell Harris
Honor Harris
Prunella Harris
Sherri Harris
Shelia Harris
Laura Harrison
Veronica Hartman
Brenda Hartman
Jeanne Harvath
Arnold Haskins
Marilyn Hatcher
Anna Hauser
Kim Haveson
Christopher Hawk
Wendy Hawkins
Renee Hawkins
Wilburn Hayden
Marjorie Hayes
Gabriela Haynes
Karen Haynes
Michael Hayter
Heather Bales, MSW
Garrett Hebel
Jeanie Hebert-Brown
Brenda Heflin
Patricia Heiden
Daisy Heidenreich
Jeri Heller
Keith Helmken
Margaret Henderson
Paula Henderson
Toni Henke-Wheeler
Mary Hennessy
Christine Henrickson
Henry M. Davis, MBA,LCSW
Yolanda Herrmann Brod
Ingrid Herskovics
Lisa Herz
Annette Hess
Karen Hess
Pamela Heydt
Stephanie Hibbard
Patricia Hickey
John Hickey
Susan Hicks
Rheuben Hicks
Margaret Higgins
Blanche Hill
Jay Hill
Debra Hilliard
Patricia Hincken
Barbara Hinsz
Hiroko Kobira
Nanette Hoback
Valorie Hochberg
Cynthia Hodge
Roberta Hodson
Daria Hoey
Michelina Hofrichter-Therrien
Toni Holder
Natasha Holley
Holly Bishop
Elizabeth Holman
Art Hom
Susan Honig
Robert Hooley
Ann Hooper
Jolinda Hopkins
Sandra Horne
Gretchen Horst
Judith Horton
Shereen Horton
Patty Hosner
Timothy Howard
Leni Howard
Mary Ann Howard
Chester Howard
Linda Howard-Curtis
Polly Howells
David Hoye
Uma (Tina) Hubbard
Rhonda Hubbard
Daniel Hudgins
Stacey Huffman
Jennifer Hughes
Mary Hume
Lilas Humen
Christie Hunnicutt
Sally Hunter
Helen Hunter
Gail Hunter
Patricia Hyland
Mandi Hyson
Inez K. Ray-Annis, LICSW
Linda Ingram
Mary Ann Ingriselli
Jim Inthanongsak
Danielle Ireland Dellen
Ethan Israelsohn
Bonnie Ito
Carol Jackofsky
Kelly Jackson
Karen Jackson
Jaclyn Skalnik, MSW, CAPSW
Katie Jacobi
Laura Jacobs
Florence Jacobson
Teresa Jacobson
Jacqueline B. Caballero, LCSW
Jacqueline Durham
Jacqueline M. Deniz
Jacquelyn S. Watson
Merrie Jaffe
Yvonne Jahn
Carol Jakus
James Campbell
Jamie Muskett
Gregg Jamnetski
Jana R. Brown
Jane G. Warden
Janet B. Kaul, ACSW
Janet E. Julian
Janice L. Hemmer
Nicole Janich
Deborah Jansky
Josephine Jarolmen
Jason T. Cassese, MA
Ina Javellas
Monica Jay
Jeanne Arnold, ACSW
Jeanne L. Bunker
Beverly Jefferson
Jeffrey R. Fraser, ACSW
Jeffrey Shames, LCSW-R
Jenifer G. Evers
Leola Jenkins
Tammie Jenkins-Knight
Jennifer Chaffer
Jennifer Mary Behoteguy, MSW
Anne Marie Jennings
Emily Jennis
Jenny Rosenberg Bouknight, LISW, ACSW
Timothy Jensen
Jeremy Fulwiler, LMSW,ACSW
Jerry L. Sharp
Jessica Carol Suitor
Jessica Homan, LSW, MSW
Jessica L. Walker
Jill J. Gravois
Jill M. Brown
Joan Denise Sievert, MSW
JoAnn Ruiz-Vazquez
Jody Lynn DeBoer
John Aneskewich, III
John Davis, LCSW
John J. Haverlick, ACSW
Barbara Johnson
Chris Johnson
Jeanne Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Annette Johnson
Diane Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Mary Johnson
Julie Johnson
Stacey Johnson
Lydia Johnson Reynolds
Jonathan Brooks Hubbard, ACHP-SW
Jonathan D. May
Jennifer Jones
Betty Jones
Karen Jordan
Tulasi Jordan
Malia Jose
Joseph A. Fernandez, LCSW
Joseph Merrell, III, ACSW
Joseph Pereira
Joshua Robert Childs, LCSW
Judith Josiah-Martin
Tamyra Jovel
Joyce A. Odell, ACSW
Kyle Joyner
Jucelia S. Pitt
Judith Hines, LCSW
James Judkins
Geralyn Juettner
Stephanie Julian
Julie K. Euseppi
June C. Cooke, LLMSW
Helen Jurgensen
Charles Justice
Vivian Juvan
Thomas Kalina
Susan Kalinowski
Alice Kaltman
Jane Kamerling
Kandee Kubat Timmerman, MSW,LICSW
Ronald Kaplan
Joan Kaplan
Kara N. Landefeld, LCSW, MA
James Karagon
Lori Karch
Karen A. Jick, MSSW, DCSW
Karen Flanagan
Karen Lynne Robbins
Karen M. Hanley, LCSW
Karen T. Gilbert
Karen Testa
Karen Z. Kreinberg, ACSW
Susan Karpenko
Janet Kasimis
Shara Kaszovitz
Katherine Johnson
Kathleen A. Mathews
Kathleen Blake Thompson
Kathleen Giblin Barrett, MSW, LCSW
Kathryn Necole Rush
Kathy F. Schell, ACSW LCSW
Pamela Katz
Debra Kaufman
Veronica Kaufman
Ira Kaufman
Richard Kaufman
Kay F. Reed, LCSW
Ashley Keating
Elizabeth Kebschull
Bethany Keck
Mary Keegan
Mary Kelley
Kevin Kelly
Kelly Ann Haines, MPH
Kelly R. Smith
Christineann Kemp
Sandra Kemp
Kate Kemp
Malkia Kendricks
Andrea Kennedy
Amanda Kennedy
Valerie Kennedy
Katherine Kent
Andrew Keogh
Lucy Kerewsky
Kathleen Kerins
Emily Kern
Christine Kernan Stewart
Marilyn Kerr
Thomas Kessler
Kevin Christopher Lee
Zhaniizha Khanii Kevii
Luann Kida
Janice Kiley
Linda Killian
Kimberly Coalter, LCSW
Kimberly S. Mueller, LICSW
Rachael Kimble
Margaret Kimbrell
Maxine Kimbrell
Kimlee D. Butterfield, ACSW
Helen Kinard Scott
David King
Lula King
Phyllis King
Brenda King
Maria Kinghorn
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Kirsten M. Hockemeier
Madeline Klein
Debra Klein
David Klein
Sharon Kleinberg
Julia Kleinschmit
Arlene Klingman
Tyra Kluemper
Walter Knauff
Mary Knepper
Alisa Knight
Susan Knipe
Dianne Knipp
Holly Knipp
Karen Knoebel
Joy Knopfmeier
Janis Knox
Michael Koch
Susan Kocik
Sol Koenigsberg
Linda Koflanovich
Phyllis Komroy
Krista Kopchick
Cecile Kotkin
Isabel Kottak
Lorena Kourousias
Linda Kozminski
Carol Kramer
Eileen Kraus
John Kraybill-Greggo
Mitchell Krigest
Kristen Dumas Callais
Kristi L Henagan
Kristin M. Froehlich, LCSW
Sandra Kroeker
David Kucharski
Kylea Dell Sutherland
Carla La Pointe
Linda Ladd
Kendrick LaFleur
Michael Lag
Christina Lagreca
Gwendolyn Lakin
Jerome Lamagna
Martha Lamb
Nicolette Lamb
Katherine Lambert
Patricia Lamoureux
Amoree Lanaha
Maryanna Lange
Lara Hanson
Rosalind Larsen
Andrew Laue
Laura Fieser
Laura Lynn Green
Lauren Annice Fisher
Laurie R. Langer
Gretel LaVieri
Barbara Lawrence
Pamela Lawrence
Kelly Lazar
Leal Abbott, ACSW
Dona Leanard
Leann Kathryn Down
Faith Lebb
Becky Ledva
Kimberly Lee
Eleanor Lee
Juhee Lee
Trudy Lefebvre
Deniserose Lefebvre-Torres
Jennifer Lehman
Cheryl Lehman
Amy Lemke
Lenette Azzi-Lessing, ACSW
Joseph Lenti
Daniel Leon
Jeannie Leonard
Linda Leonard
Leslie Alicia Carson, LCSW
Leslie Kate Faulhaber, LCSW
Stanley Levin
Bari Levy
Jaedene Levy
Beth Levy-Merlin
Joyce Lewis
Catherine Lewis
Marcella Lewis
Sheila Lewis
Julia Lewis
Betty Lewis
Mark Lewis
Susan Liden
Arlene Liebman
Linda Kay Shigley
Esther Linden
Sauda Lindner
Brenda Lindsey
Viola Lindsey
Darleen Lindstrom
Joan Linhardt
Renee Lion
Rhonda Liss
Diane Lissfelt
Lynne List
Shari Littman
Diane Litwin
Julie Livingston
Julia Livingston
Lloyd T. Kelley
Nicole Locklear
Henrietta Lodge
Evelyn Loeb
Matthew Loehr
Peter Loft
Lois Longwell
Amelia Loomis
Katherine Lopez
Emily Loranger
Lori Brax, LMSW
Lorrie E. Fox, ACSW, LCSW
Carl Losacco
Linda Lotzoff-Penchansky
Brenda Louise
Nadine Lovell
Leonora Lovell
Tony Lowe
Leslie Lower
Loretta Lowery
Nancy Lubowitz
Seniel Lucien
Lucinda Barnum-Steggerda, MSW Student
Alisha Lundberg
L. John Lutgring
Lydia C. Cerpa, LCSW
Sharon Lyles
Lynne Paulette White-Dixon, ACSW LCSW
Elspeth Macdonald
Thomas Mack
Rebecca MacKenzie
Thomas MacNamara
Edward Madaus
Carol Maddox
Alberta Madsen
Margaret Maher
Alyssa Maiseloff
Edith Makenta
Eva Maldonado
Rebecca Mallett
David Mallory
Mallory Brown
Gina Malloy
Ellen Malone
Judith Malone
Jacintha Malone-Smith
Max Maloney
Barbara Manalis
Susan Mandel
Edward Mandelbaum
Anne Mann
Mona Manning
Deirdre Manning
Catherine Marchant
Marcia J Weedman, ACSW,LCSW,LAC
Margaret White
Gladys Mari
Maria M Gil, SEP
Maria Magda Williams, LCSW
Marian J. Geller
Marilyn Garland
Marilyn R. Warlick, ACSW,C-CATODSW
Marion Saroyan Wise, LCSW
Randy Markey
Gus Marks-Hamilton
Carolyn Markus
Marla Samuel, MSW, CSWA
Benjamin Marlow
Jane Marmion
Adolfo Marrero
Flo Marshak
Bradley Martin
Gail Martin
Connie Martin
Greta Martin
Carol Martin
Patricia Martin-O'Meally
John Martinez
Vincent Marturano
Mary Anne Nulty, LCSW
Mary Carla Davis
Mary Colmey-Peters, ACSW
Mary Crowder King
Nathalie Mason
George Mataele
Amy Matias
Stephen Matson
Cynthia Matthes-Loy
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Abraham Torres
Matthew Jay Wilkie, Jr., LMSW
Matthew R. Williams, LCSW
Carole Mattia Klugman
Kari Matuseski
Joyce Mauer
Joseph Maurino
Amy Maus
Susan Maxwell
Maybelle F. O. Filler, ACSW
Janet Mayer
Paul Mayglothling
E. Elisabeth McAlister
Jo Ann McCachern Swart
Joanne McCamey
Candace McCann
Alice McCarter
Lois Mccartney
Jennifer McCarty
Nancy McCool
James McCreath
Jennifer McCulloch
Kathleen McCurdy
Susan McDonald
Tara McDonnell
Sabrina-Lynn McDow
Theodora McDowell
Angela McDowell
Shaunagh McGoldrick
Marsha McGuire
Dennis McGuire
Bruce McKee
Lockhart McKelvy
Jenifer Mckenna
Rosa McKinney
Karen Mckown
Martha McLeod
Catherine McMahon
Deborah McMakin
Marcia McMurtrey
Marysue McNair
Thomas McNally
Gabriella McTate
Ivy Medeiros
Dae Medman
Megan L. Giles, LCSW-C
Meghan Alette Mowery, CSW
Leigh Mehldau
Maria Christina mejia
Melanie J. McGhee
Melissa M. Schott, ACSW
Melissa S. Kostial-Janos, ACSW
Melissa Sempowski, MSW, LCSWA
Melissa Victoria Martin
Perie Meltzer
Dave Mendel
Angela Mendivil
Jaime Mendoza
Jimara Mendoza
Anita Mentzer
Patricia Merkley
Merrianne M. Leff, LCSW
Karolyn Mersmann
Stephen Messina
Rosemarie Messina
Karen Mesuk Lazar
John Metcalf
Joann Metoyer
Stanley Metzger
Jacqui Metzger
Marsha Meyer
Miriam Meyer
Edward Meyer
Joseph Meyer
Amy Miano
Michael Cantrell
Michael D. Flowers, ACSW
Michael N. Wilson
Michael T. Wurtz, ACSW
Larry Micheletti
Michelle Northrop
David Mikkola
Rachel Milbourn
Revan Miles
Hani Miletski
Maurine Miller
Linda Miller
Peter Miller
Kathryn Miller
Patricia Mills
Norma Mills
Debra Milner
Akiko Mimura-Lazare
Mindy V. Zych
Regina Minsky
Jesse Mir
Arthur Miron
Edward Mischel
Misty A. Shores
Misty C. Creel
Loretta Misurac-Hayes
Jan Mittleman
Benjamin Moe
Olga Molina
Maximiliano Molina
Molly Elizabeth Satalino, MSW
Jerry Molumby
Patricia Monaco
Martha Monaghan
Jessica Moncrief
Sandra Moncrief-Stuart
Monica L. Staples
Eugenia Monroy-Advis
Laurie Montanaro
Kathleen Montgomery
Eliette Montiel
Mary Montminy-Danna
Sandra Moore
Sarah Moore
Donna Morgan
Gretchen Morgan
Francis Morgan
Christine Morgan
Morgan M. Kupsinel
Chioma Moronu
Lisa Morris
Helen Morris
Raymond Morris
Virginia Morrow
Joann Morse-Clough
Jessica Moskowitz
Rita Moss
Patricia Mourant
Michelle Mualem
Joyce Mulford
Christine Mulhern
Maura Mulligan McCrann
Gordon Munn
Jeffrey Munson
Patricia Murphy
Rosanna Murray
Merle Myers
Carole Myers
Myrna I. Briganty
Jeffrey Nagafuji
Sharon Nagai-Phelps
Ming Nagasawa
Nancy E. Prowell, ACSW
Nancy Iannone, BSW, C-SWCM
Nancy J Long
Nancy S. Gordon, LCSW
Naomi Namiko Nakano-Matsumoto, Nakano-Matsumoto
Edy Nathan
Antranique Neblett
Dana Neil
Kristin Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson
Tena Nelson
Kelsey Nelson
Judy Nemmers
Audrey Neuhaus
Kay Newman
Nate Newman
Margaret Ngunang
Debora Nichols
Frank Nichols
Nicole L. A. Moody, LMSW,ACSW
Nicole Shea
Nicki Nielsen
Thomas Nielsen
Linda Nielson
Jane Niermann
Nikole E. Matzouranis
J Nimmo
Nina Mary Claire Dreyer, Dreyer, LCSW
Nancy Nollen
Nora Miller, MSW
Emily Norris
Tanisha Northington
Kenneth Norton
Susan Norton
Jonathan Nussbaum
Juliana O'Brien
William O'Connell
Donna O'Connor
William O'Connor
Julie O'Donnell
Beth O'Malley
Doris O'Neal
Jamie O'Neil
Maureen O'Regan
Cornelia Obeng
David Ockert
Ezekiel Oduola
Morgan Oechsle
Omobola Ojediran
Patty Oldham
Joan Oliner Schwartz
Erin Oliva
Leland Olsen
Donna Olson-Salas
David Optekar
Donna Orcutt Rattigan
Jan Orr
Kathleen Osberger
Eileen Osgood
Osmara Reyes-Osorio
Lavera Otoyo
Stacey Otto
Mary Owens
Kenneth Page
Janet Paisley
Catherine Paitz
Marilyn Palasky
Nicholas Palumbo
Pamela Clipper, MPA, CASACT
Pamela Harrison
Pamela S. Gilley
Lolita Paranada
Susan Parmelee
Lupe Parraz
Barbara Parrish
Elaine Parry Liggeri
Margaret Passeri
Patricia Ann Levy
Patricia R. Smith
Valerie Patton
Jeanne Paul
Jodie Paul
Pauline Massed, LICSW
Carol Paull
Frank Pavone
Doris Paxton
Ingrid Paymar
Steven Paymer
Karen Payne
Sharon Payne
Carolyn Peabody
Donna Peang-Meth
Pearlie Ann Trent
Marcy Pearsall
Kenisha Peden
Peggy H. Kemp
Peggy Wilkins Walker, LMSW
Jacynth Pelland
Jane Pendergast
Ashley Penman
Alice Penner
Rebecca Perechodski - Lazar
Gisell Perez Ortiz
Carla Perkins
Sherry Persky
Perrin Peterson
Kaylin Petracca
Richard Petruce
Florence Philbrick
Angela Phillips
April Phillips
Anthy Phillips
Gwendolyn Phillips
Patricia Pickford
Donna Pickup
Laurie Picus
Duane Piel
Lou Pilato
Cindy Pile
Donna Pillai
Patricia Pillow
Emily Pilowa
Pascal Pion
Robert Piper
Eleonora Pire-Schmidt
Diane Pisano
Mildred Pisciotta
Susan Pittman
Lynda Pizer
Fiora Pizzo
Marie Placide
Robert Pledl
Wendy Pliner
Amanda Plume
Susan Plutzer
Clyde Poag
Jerri Poff
Barbara Pohn
Abra Poindexter
William Pollard
Daniel Potter
Kathryn Potter
Maggie Potts
Diane Powell
Reannan Powley
Nanci Pradas
Kim Praitano
Elo Pranno
Pamela Pratt
Robyn Prentice
Jessica pressler
Karen Preyer
Donna Prezzano
Susan Price Saylor
Margaret Pricejones
Peter Prizel
Scott Provost
F. Carole Pruett
Sandra Pumphrey
Susan Puninske
John Purnell
Lisa Quinn
Vinita Quinones
Rachael Marie Snyder, LCSW-C
Marcia Rachlin
Kristen Radlinski
Richard Radocchia
Lynn Radov
Catherine Rafferty
Taylor Raiford-Gaul
Wendy Raifsnider
Toni Raiten-D'Antonio
Linda Rakoff
Stephanie Rakofsky
Todd Raley
Shelagh Ramage
Victor Ramos
Rachel Randolph
Sondra Rappaport
Billie Ratliff
Susan Ratner
Lynne Ravenel
Allan Rawland
Amy Ray
John Reardon
Rebecca Lasater, LCSW, OSW-C
Marta Rebelo
Lynne Reckman
Dorothy Reed
Salee Reese
Michael Reeves
Nancy Reffsin
Shereen Reid
Jane Reid
Pamela Reid
Kathleen Reilly
Karen Reinhard
Laura Renaud
Renee Herman
Kelly Reno
Andres Reyes
Rosemary Reynolds
Susan Reynolds
Newburn Reynolds
Cynthia Rice
Nina Rice
Susan Rich
Gail Richards
Britney Richardson
John Richardson-Lauve
Sherry Richman
E Rieger
Lawrence Riemersma
Georgiana Rivera
Judith Robbins
Robert Glen Allnock
Robert Scott Miller, LICSW ACSW
Robert Stephen Saville, LMSW
Roberta A. Dowden, ACSW
Stephen Roberts
Deborah Roberts
Kelli Robertson
Robin A. Deluca
Robin Gardener Barton, MSW
Robin L. Berenstain
Robin Lynn Strominger
Robin Sara Pollock
Cheryl Robinette
Brenda Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Luis Robinson
Cynthia Robtoy
Rodney L. Mayfield, MSW
Kimberly Rodriguez
Geraldine Roglieri
Juanita Roller
Carey Romer
Kimberly Romig
Angelina Rosasco
Candace Rosen
Julie Rosen
Elaine Rosen
Barbara Rosen
Jana Rosenbaum
Lisa Rosenberg
Lenore Rosenberg
Gerald Rosenberg
John Rosenberger
Francine Rosenthal
Deborah Rosentrater
Rosie Newell, Newell
Sharon Ross-Donaldson
Laura Roth
Lisa Roth
Theresa Roth
Michael Rothberg
Eleanor Rothschild
David Rougeau
Leslie Row
Thelma Rowden
James Rowe
Mary Rowe-Schmitz
Henry Rowlette
Hilde Rowton
Joanne Roy
Orin Rubin
Molly-Jane Rubinger
Paul Ruffer
Rudolph Ruffer
Lorraine Ruggieri
Marie Russo
Raina Rutledge
Paula Rutten
Regina Ryan-MacRae
Dawn Rydzynski
Sabrina Elddine
Kathleen Saintcross
Ava Salimnejad
Joann Sallmann
Angelina Salmeron
David Saltman
Robert Salus
Samantha A. Carducci, MSW
Samantha Mechling
Samantha Ryan Mestan
Terese Samara
Kathleen Samp
Muhria Sanati Morgan
Louis Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Melinda Sanchez
Carol Sanders
Heather Sandler
Abby Sandling
Sandra J. Carmichael, LCSW
Sandra Lynn Randall
Sandra M. Mendelsohn
Sandy A. Sproat
Joan Sanning
Jenna Santoyo
Sarah Dickerson Bowers
Sarah Hart Wills, ACSW, LICSW
Sarah J. Singer, LICSW, ACSW
Sarah Kyungwha Ahn, MSW
Sarah R. Nagle
Sarah S. Dailey
Sonia Sarmiento
Ashok Satkalmi
Susanne Savett
Amanda Scacco
Diane Schaefer
Vicki Schaffer
Marie Schaffner
Judith Schagrin
Lawrence Schallert
Holly Schardan
Sarah Scheerger
Lois Scheib
Scott Schlachter
Wanda Schmidt
Kara Schmitt
H Schmoker
Fredda Schneidt
Simone Schnidman
Elizabeth Schoenrock
Joseph Scholl
Andrew Schoolnik
Christa Schorn
Heather Schorr Kourpas
Chelsea Schreibman
Christian Schrimpf
Karen Schulman
Marlene Schulz
Elizabeth Schunn
Wendy Schwartz
Susan Schwartz-Mercer
Brenda Schwarz-Jaquin
Rudene Scipio
Mary Scollan
Douglas Scott
Georgina Scurfield
Ellen Seader
Margaret Seagroves
Keith Seegers
Karen Seeley
Diane Seessel
Nancy Segall
Ramune Segreti
Judith Seligman
Richard Sells
Phyllis Senesi
Susan Seney
Millicent Shadden
Erin Shadle
Helaine Shahar
Phyllis Shanley
Shannon Elise Ommaha, MSW
Shannon Thomas, LCSW-S
Naomi Shapiro
Michele Sharma
Sharon A. gerbracht, LCSW
Sharon Ruth Williamson
Helen Shasa-Rotile
ShaTonda Mant'a Green, BSW
Nan Shaw
Shawna Ann Pisciotti
Kristen Shea-Bettencourt
Maureen Sheehan
Robert Sheehan
Cynthia Sheldon
Shelia DeVaughn Duncan, LCSW-C
Mary Shelton
Anne Shenberger
Megan Shepherd
Doris Sherburne
Alisa Sherman
Lynn Sherman
Amber Shier
Judd Shiffler
Crysta Shiner
Sonia Shirley
Wilma Shochat
Christine Shore-Fitzgerald
Susan Shorr
Kemesha Shorter-Albright
Jan Shubert
Dorothy Shuff-Vilas
Elizabeth Sidener
Amanda Siegers
Bridget Simmerman
Naomi Sims-Satterwhite
Judith Sipes
Jane Siver
Zoia Sizgoric
Julie Skelton
Susan Skelton-Ingles
Carolyn Skipper
Martha Slagerman
Barton Sloan
John Slotwinski
William Smith
Caroline Smith
Laurence Smith
Joycelyn Smith
Marsha Smith
Sarah Smith
Debra Smith
Laura Smith
Laurie Smith
Fran Smith
Peter Smith
Radha Smith
Elaine Smith
Jane Smyre
Judy Snider
Marjorie Sokoll
Kitty Soldano
Renee Solomon
Myrna Solomon
Gwyn Sondike
Yolanda Soney
Sonia C. Guzman
Sonya Roundtree-McClain
Alane Sosa
Edith Sowe
Lori Sparzo
James Specht
Cynthia Spells
Doris Spencer
Ruth Spencer
Spring Jones, ACSW
Susan Springman
Elena Squarrell
Stacey Tesseyman, LCSW
Stacie N. Jordan, LCSW,C-SSWS
Stacy Ann Olds, LMSW
Stacy Joye
Brenda Staerker Lewis
Arlene Stang
Kelly Stanley
Donna Stapleton
James Stark
Barbara Starling
Faith Starnes
Kimberly Stauss
Alan Stein
Marie Stein
Marjorie Steinberg
Lynn Steiner
Janice Steinmetz
Stephanie Albanese
Stephanie Nicole Brown
Stephanie R. Teahn
Stephen Beck, MSW
Jennifer Sterling
Arleen Stern
Michael Sterzer
Steve Richard Holbert, LCSW Intern
Steven M. Steinke
Sharon Stevens
Joni Stewart
Barbara Stewart
Barbara Stewart
Julie Stiber
Rebecca Stilling
Jacqueline Stinnett
Nancy Stockwell
Jamelah Stone
Barbara Stone
Michelle Stone
Danielle Stoner
Susan Strain
Sandra Strandquist
Lilyan Strassman
Joan Streepy
Sonya Strickland
Lisa Strickler
Rondalyn Strother Graham
Imelda Stroud
Kathleen Struble
Richard Stuver
Amelia Sucich
Mary Sullivan
Pamela Sullivan-Fishman
Amy Sumner
Sarna Sunshine
Susan Jean Murphy, LCSW
Susan Levine Friedman, ACSW LCSW
Susanne Platt, MSW, LCSW
Suzanne K. Bowns, LCSW
Thelma Suzuki
Stephanie Swartzendruber
Teresa Sweeney
Cristen Sweet
Kent Swenson
Patti Swenson-Abraham
Katie Swint
Theresa Swirenko
Gailerd Swisegood
Mindy Swisher
Sylvester G. Bowie
Yvonne Tafuto
Jeanie Takaki
Tamara Livingston
Vincent Tamburelli
Tamra L. Japenga
Tanya Simmons Robertson, LCSW
Tara Michelle Quinn, LMSW
Paulette Tarnasky
Audrey Tarplin
Debra Tart-Winston
Julie Tatkon
Judith Taylor
June Taylor
Zebedee Taylor
Luis Tellez
Peggy Templeman
Daryn Tenenbaum
Sarah Tenney
Terri A. Hailey, MSW
Terri L. Lewis, LCSW
Stacie Thaw
Nancy Thayer
Ellen Theodores
Theresa Jane Johnson, LCSW
Joanne Thomas
Anthony Thomas
Thomas Lee Thompson, Jr., MSW Student
Juanita Thompson
Brenda Thompson
Melissa Thompson
Charles Thompson
Debra Thompson
Laura Thompson
Dana Thompson
James Tickal
Evangeline Tierney
Sherry Tierney
Joseph Timmins
Timothy W. Latimer, LCSW
Mary Tobin
Tonia Mechelle Dalton, MSW
Marie Torrens
Lee Torres
Robbie Tourse
Ricky Tovim
Claire Towle
Tracy Lee Miller, ACHP-SW
Manya Treece
Trevor Dion Blue
Nancy M. Trew
Pamela Troutwine
Kimberly Trueheart
Kate Trujillo
Barbara Trumble
Melonie Truslow
Robin Turner (Mccann)
Jan Ulrich
Laura Urabe
Emily Vaill Pfaff
VaJezatha Zaccai Payne, LCSW
Sherri Valencia
Valorie James, LCSW
Anna Valverde
Catherine Van Bomel
Robin Van Bommel
Nivia Van Damme
Vanessa Lynne Mitchell, LMSW, ACSW, MAC, SAP
Ashley Vasquez
Courtney Vaughan
Robert Vaughn
Alfred Vautour
Doug Veit
Ann Velasco
Heidi Verdi
Robert Vernon
Veronica Fuentes, LBSW
Vicki Friedland Coss, ACSW
Vicki Gardine Williams, LAPSW
Gregory Villalba
Michael Vimont
Vincent DeNully, LCSW, ACSW
Sara Viola
Michele Virva
Susan Vitek
Viviana Rotwein
Francesca Vlacich
Le Ann Vogt
Linden Von Eichel
Claire Von Karls
Sheryl Wacker
Marcus Wade
James Wagley
Elizabeth Wagner
Nancy Wahlig
Christy Wahrer
Shirley Waites-Howard
Regenia Walburgh
Tenise Wall
Kathy Wallace
Jonathan Wallace
Juli Wallin-Fisgus
Dolores Walls
Naveena Waran
Henriette Warren
Leslie Warren-Barton
Susan Warshaw
Sallye Washington-Jiles
Christine Wasser
Karen Wassink-Bylsma
Tina Waters
Kenneth Watkins
Nola Watson
Fiona Watson
Martha Watson
Marie Webb
Judith Weber
Janet Weber
Erika Weber
Peggy Weber
Lois Wedin
Danielle Weidler
Gretchen Weigel
Gail Weil
Eve Weinberg
Margaret Weinberg
Francene Weingast
Mandy Weirich
Janet Weisberg
Gail Weisblatt
Joan Weiss
Paula Weiss
Myra Weiss
Pamela Weissman
Patricia Weitz
Donna Welch
George Welch
Sandra Weldon
Leslie Wellington
Carol Welsch
Amber Welsh
Phyllis Wenig
Michelle Wexler
Marolyn Whaley-Buckel
Deanna Wheat
Alicia White
Kay White
Shelly White
Stephen White
Linda Whitlock
Arlene Whitney
TracyLynn Wickham
Thomas Wilda
Elaine Wilhelm
Teresa Wilke
William H. Park, ACSW,LCSW
William Marcus, MSW, LSW
William R. DeFoy
William T. Shahan, LCSW, ACSW
Kathe Williams
Alisa Williams
Frank Williams
Christy Williams
Bonita Williams
Valerie Williams
Leonard Williams
Gwen Williams
David Williams
Francette Williams
Christy Williams
Lisa Williams
Angela Williams-Hunte
Pamela Williamson
Rosalin Willingham-Johnson
Lawrence Willoughby
Michael Wilson
Kenneth Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Kelly Wilson
Leila Wilson Bate
Janine Wimmer
Rebecca Winborn
Gerald Windham
Mary Windt
Winifred R. Mason
Annabelle Winne
Andrea Winslow
Karen Winston
Beverly Winston
Louisa Winthrop
Patricia Wippich
Katherine Wirth
Kathryn Wiss
Daniela Wittmann
Lisa Wojtowicz
Nancy Wolf
Mara Wolfsen
Leigh Wolfsthal
Jill Wolski
Charles Wood
Gracemarie Wood
Jonathan Woods
Tammie Woods
Linda Woodward
LaJoyce Woolery
Robin Worker
Amy Wrobel
Loretta Wrobel
Lester Wyman
Marjorie Yaker
Diane Yanke Webster
Saundra Yashpan
Lisa Yater
Ricky Yaverbaum
Barbara Yearing
Claudia Yelin
Deborah Yellin
Natalie Yeschin
Barbara Young
Mitch Young
Denise Young
Sharon Younkin
Zenobia Harding, LMSW
Vanice zenon
Debra Zimmerman
Joy Zimmerman
Laura Zimmermann
Mary Zoeller
Debbie Zoller
Amy Zuckerman
G. P. Zurenda
Uma Zykofsky
February 2018
Benedetto Abate
Martina Abba-Richard
Laura Abbatemarco
Denise Abbey
Lynn Abelson
Sarah Aberg
Gloria Aboagye
Leslie Abrons
Elizabeth Acampora
Atashi Acharya
Inger Acking
Susan Adams
Pamela Adams
Alison Adams Hartman
Jennifer Adams-Anderson
Adelaide L. Taitt-Magubane, EdD ACSW
Frona Adelson
Helen Adrienne
Adrienne Grudzien
Rosemary Affeldt
Anne-Therese Ageson
Nance Agresta
Ann Ahearn
Lynda Albert
Elizabeth Alberto
Amie Albright
Carley Alcaraz
Darcie Alexis
Alfred Randolph Lewis, LCSW
Alice Rae Martinelli
Alice S. Charlton, LCSW
Alice Straker
Carlyn Allen
Amy Allen
Roberta Allen
Allison Farrell
Allison L. Vasseur
Allison Maloney, PhD,LCSW-R
Danielle Almquist
Walter Alvarez
Amanda Cleveland
Amanda Dvorak
Amanda Lynn Uliasz, BSW
Maria Amato
Karen Amber
Amber Szuch
Linda Lou Ames
Amy Dunn, LMSW
Amy K Dansby, LCSW, D.BH
Amy L. Gugig
Donna Anderson
Katharine Anderson
Hill Anderson
Wilhelmina Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
David Andes
Mary Andrews
Angela E. Cardella
Angelina Caroline Bell
M. Angell
Pamela Anisman
Ann Marie Mixon
Anna Michelle Beecham, BSW Student
Diana Anson
Diane Anstadt
Irma Anthony
Sharon Anthony
Pamella Appia
Zarita Araujo-Lane
Cynthia Arch
Lisa Archambault
Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan
Ariane Sackheim
Seth Arkush
Brenda Armour
Amy Armstrong
George Armstrong
Victor Armstrong
Angela Arney
Ronit Arnsdorf-Atlan
Paul Arredondo
Raquel Arroyo
Arthur Thomas McGuff, MA, LPC, CAADC, SAP
Michelle Atkins
E. Taylor Aultman
Mary Aun
Kimberly Austin Puleio
Shari Azinger
Abigail Babb
Maria Babineau
Patricia Bachman
Linda Bacino
Leslie Bagon
Farah Baig
Alison Baker
Cynthia Baker
Ruth Baldwin
Laura Baldwin O'Keefe
Norma Balter
Robert Bamman
Phil Banks
Teresa Baptiste
Michele Baranaskas
Joyce Barasch
Barbara J. Huhn, LICSW, RSW
Barbara L. Larsen
Barbara L. Nama, LCSW, BCD
Barbara Lynn Dewey
Barbara Tolle Cavanaugh, LCSW, ACSW, DCSW
Mary Louise Barber
Philip Barbetta
Martine Barbier
Christina Bardle
Martha Barker
James Barker
Vivian Barnett
Stacey Barnhill
Susan Baron
Anita Baron
Marla Barrett
Wendy Barth
Brianna Bartholomew
Karen Bartlett
Kathryn Barton
Rose Bartone
Deborah Baskins
Alan Bass
Janet Bauer
Lorraine Baum
Kathleen Baumet
Theresa Baxter
Jeanne Bazelak
Ronda Bean
Theresa Beaudreau
John Bechill
Robert Beck
Jonathan Beckenstein
Patricia Becker
Maxine Becker
Nancy Beckerman
Sarah Beckett
Samira Beckwith
Carl Beffa
Glen Begrow
Erin Beischer
Sheryl Bellman
Ben Kremer, LSW
John Bender
Jan Benedict
Marian Benedicto
Linda Benjamin
Elizabeth Bennett
Catharine Bento Foxlee
Patricia Benzien
Gregory Berezne
Breanne Berg
Kay Berger
Erin Bergin
Sharon Berkobien
Roz Beroza
Sally Best
Bethany Morgan Waite, LMSW
Cynthia Better
Grace Betts
Martha Beuerle
Beverly H. Hanna, ACSW
Karen Bianco
Jennifer Biank
Brenda Bierbower
Mary Birdsong
Mara Bischoff
Joseph Bishell
Elizabeth Bishop
William Bishop
Janelle Bitikofer
Margaret Black
Janice Black
Shamille Black
Tammy Blackard Cook
Terry Blair
Frances Bledsoe
Rudolph Blier
Karen Bludorn
Elaine Bluestein
Heidi Bluming
Ava Blustein
Tyrette Bodine
Laurie Boehm
Marlene Bollhoffer
Gabriel Bolling
Darla Bolon
Martha Bolton
Bonitta E. Rinks, ACSW
William Bonsal
Myrna Bookbinder
Natalie Boorman
Stephanie Bootsma
Claire Boskin
Clyde Boucher
Karen Bower
Catherine Bowne
Phil Boyd
Tate Boyer
David Boyle
Robert Boylston
Carol Brackoneski
Charles Bradford
Tara Bradley
Suzanne Brainard
donna branca
Jacquelyn Brandli
Marianne Branham
Linda Bravo
Terence Brazil
Andrea Brensilber
Brian E. Hill, LSCSW
Briana McNeal
Elaine Bridge
Deborah Briggs
Lori Brinkley
Amy Brinn
Gail Britt
Carleen Britton
Nancy Broering
Mary Brooks
Alice Brooks
Denise Broussard
Myra Brown
Linda Brown
Joseph Brown
Jennifer Brown
Allison Brown
Rachael Brown
Sherrel Brown
John Brown
Karen Brownlee
Donna Brubaker
Ann Bruhn
Shirley Bruner
Mary Bryant
Nancy Buckles
Marian Budzynski-Moldan
Sarah Bulley
Barbara Bulow
Melissa Bunce
Emily Burden
Susan Burden
Melody Burfeind
Shirley Burgess
Linda Burkett
Alan Burrall
Judith Burrows
Roderic Burton
Jeannetta Bushey
Amy Butcher
Patricia Butler
Heather Butler
Peter Butler
Jed Butler
Alice Byrne
C. Paige Smith
Emily Cadman
Margaret Calista
Kathryn Calkins
Cynthia Callaghan
Carolyn Callahan
Brenda Callahan-Mccormick
Callie L. W. McBroom, LSSW
Daniel Callistein
MaryAnn Calta
Katherine Calvert
Connie Cambron-Talbott
Marsha Campbell
Alexander Campbell
Catherine Campbell
Candace Johnson, MSW, LSW
Melinda Canno-Velez
Richard Caplan
Karen Carabello
Lauren Carabetta
Anne Cardinal
Caren Anne Witt
Lois Carey
Carissa Gayle Cutler, LCSW
Carla J. Wynn, LCSW DCSW
Octavia Carlos
Ron Carlow
Jennifer Carlson
Kate Carlson
Carol E. Hall, ACSW
Carol J. Bridges, ACSW
Carol L. Gross
Carol Lynn Nelson
Carole L. Lutness, ACSW
Caroline Tremblay, LMSW
Carolyn G. Brown
Carolyn Minor
Marianna Carpio
Elizabeth Carroll
Lisa Carroll
Anne Carter
Susan Carter
Constance Carter
Erin Carter
Kathleen Carty
Caryn S. Mushlin
Wendolyn Castillo-Cook
Jordan Castro
Mary Catalanotto
Catalina De La Garza, LCSW
Cathleen O'Brien
Alan Cauldwell
Margaret Cavanagh
Isaure Caviness
Courtney Chalfin
Kendra Chamberlin
Terry Champiney
DeAnna Chance
Brittany Chandler
Valerie Chang
Janice Chaparro
Stephanie Charles
Charles T. Adam
Angie Charter Smith
Yvonne Chase
LaToya Cheatham
Chelsey Breanna Thompson
Cheryl M Harrison, LCSW, LPC
Cheryl McArdle Culhane, LCSW
Cheryl R. Rhode
Cheryl T. Harrell, ACSW LCSW
David Chesham
Lisa Chico
Aneise Childress-Harvell
Sherryl Chin
Willing Chin-Ma
Lillian Chinnici
Corine Christian
Charlene Christian
Christiane A. Kropp, MSW ACSW LCSW
Jean Christianson
Christina D. Dhir, C-ASWCM
Anthony Christophe
Jean Chun
Janet Chunn
Lynn Churchwell
Mary Chutjian
Carol Ciacci
Elizabeth Cianchetti
Claire Randles Osorio
Thomas Clark
Ann Cleaveland
David Clem
Gretchen Clemens
Ron Climer
David Clitheroe
Julia Cluett
Vilai Coates
Jacquelyn Cockriel
Anthony Coello
Kristen Coffeen-Smith
Louise Coggins
Rebecca Cohan
Ellen Cohen
Shimon Cohen
Carolyn Cohn
Sulie Cohn Grayson
Lenora Coleman
Joan Collar
Colleen Ann Mielke, LCSW
Colleen M. Mulkerin
Virginia Collins
J Collison
Alicia Collova
Deb Colton
Dennis Conheady
William Connelly
Sheryl Conner
Margaret Conrad
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cooper-Gordon
Hilary Copp
Patricia Corbey
Carrie Corby
Susan Corley
Priscilla Cornell
Cece Cornell
Donna Corrado
Ana Costa
Margarita Cotto-Quinones
Andre Couget
Paula Coughlin
Virginia Coulter
Jo Cox
Elizabeth Craft
Elizabeth Crane
Geneen Crawford
Pat Cripe
Cristy Marie Benton
Dawn Crossman
W. Crouch
Katherine Crouch
Melissa Crownover
Jennifer Crumpley
Donna Crunkilton-Stiegel
Stephanie Cruwys
Crystal S. Franklin
Aidaliz Cuevas
Gary Cunha
Lady Portis Cunningham
Cecile Currier
Callie Curtin
Andrew Curtin
Eleanor Curtis
Curtis J. Birky, ACSW PhD
Ann Cutillo
Carl Cutsinger
Cynthia L. Reynolds, LCSW
Cynthia Shinaberry, Shinaberry
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia V. Rijos
Anne Czajkowski
Raquel Da Costa
Karen Daiter
Janice Daley
Allison Dalrymple
Peadar Dalton
Elizabeth Danforth
Alisa Daniel
David G. Schlaegel , LCSW-R
David Joseph Miranda, LMSW
Susan David-Samala
Beverly Davidson
Earl Davis
Susan Davis
Rayshun Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Davis L. Richmond
Eden Davisson
Michael Davitt
Lekeisha Dawkins
Dawn Delight Macready-Santos
Patricia Dawson
Judith Day
Dayrell Gibson
Caren De Jonge-Lee
Lisa De Santis Tarashuk
Kimberly De Serpa
Kate De Soto
Mark De St. Aubin
Joan Dean
Dia DeAngelis
Sara Deaterla
Deborah F. Mendleson
Deborah H. Haliczer
Deborah Karner, LCSW, CP
Deborah Lamb, LSW
Deborah S. Rutz
Debra Carter-Barth, LICSW
Debra L. Trakel, ACSW
Michelle DeCorte
David Deere
Paula DeFrisco
Renee Delacroix
Peter Delany
John Delizio
Lauren Delle
Denise rossi
Dennis W. Muri, LCSW, LAC
Denise DePerro
Candace DePuy
Dennis Derbaum
Deric J. Boston
Cynthia DeSantis
Dolores Despres
Gweneth DeSuza
Robert Detor
Amber Dew
Claudia Dewane
Marty Dewees
Mitchell Diamond
Diana R. Lubitz, LCSW
Diane Erica Basner, LMSW
Nancy Dier
Darlene DiGorio-Hevner
Dawn DiMartino
Jeanne Dionne
Dionne L. Spooner, MSW
Denise Diorio
Lauren Dispinseri
Lueva Dixon
John Dobricky
Dora Dobrin
Marcy Dodson
Karen Dolan
Stephanie Dominic
Stacey Donahue
Donna David
Laurie Donovan
Emily Donovan
Judith Donovan
Robert Doran
Dorothea Jesser
Dorothy C. Butler-Crayton, ACSW
Dorothy Moore-Osei, ACSW
Daniel Dougherty
James Douglas
Kathleen Douglas
Douglas L. Miller, ACSW, LMSW
Madeline Dowdy
Marie Downey
Nancy Drennan
Ashley Drew
Drew T. Pledger, LCSW, ACSW
Donald Driehaus
Elizabeth Du Mez
Anne Dudley
Thomas Duggan
Kathryn Dumont
Kelly Dumont
M Kay Duncan
Monica Dunn
John dunn
Lynn Dusold
Pauline Dwyer
Valerie Dykstra
Elizabeth Eakins
Susan Ebenau-Thomas
Helene Eberts
Joan Edelsberg
Eve Eden
Larry Edger
Lynn Edinoff
Katie Lynne Edson
Edward John Shelley
Eileen H. Apruzzese
Trent Eisenbeisz
Elaine Hansen Cavazos, LCSW
Noelle Elia
Sue Elias
Elisabeth A. Stenger
Elizabeth Ashley Fasal
Elizabeth C. Ossip, LCSW
Elizabeth Plummer Repoli
Elizabeth Vu, LICSW
Joey Eller
Elaine Ellers
Laura Ellington
Juanita Elliott
Benjamin Ellis
Lynne Ellis
Franklin Ellis
Patricia Elmenhurst
Phyllis Elzea
Emily Brunemann Klueh
Emily Elena Ridenour, J.D., MSW
Emily P. Zylber, C-ASWCM
Emma J. Williams
Enedina Segura
Dennis England
Millie Enos
Ereck B. Wheeler, Adult Mental Health
Erik Jervis
Erin Maria Orjuela-Radziewicz
Susan Erlich
Ernest Demis, LCSW
Rachel Erpelding
Michael Erwin
George Eshelman
Vivian Eskin
Simone Esquibel
Manuel Evangelista
Hollis Evans
William Fain
Carmen Fair
Candace Fair
Patricia Faldani
Audrey Falk
Roxanne Fall
Kathleen Faller
Rebecca Fallert
Misti Farrow
Sandra Faulkner
Carla Feldman
Jacquelyn Feldstein
Brenda Ferguson
Patricia Fernandez
Roberta Fernandez
Rebecca Fetterman
Meghan Fields
Michael Fields
Joy Figarsky
Melisa Figueroa
Ellen Finch
Suzanne Findlay
Irving Finkelstein
Erin Finley
Louise Firebaugh
Amy Fish
H. Geraldine Fiveland
Carmen Fix
Jeannette Flanagan
Donald Fleck
Fern Fleckman
Mary Fletcher
Catherine Fletcher
Eloy Flores
Kathleen Fluegel
Faith Fogelman
Sarah Fogl
Kathleen Foley
Brigitte Folz
Natalie Foote
Ronald Foreman
Nancy Forsyth
Aldo Fossella
Lois Foster
Lisa Fowler
Jane Fox
Elizabeth Foxall
Adena Frager
Francesca Mengarelli, LGSW
Francine A. Carter
E. Aracelis Francis
James Francois
Frank G. Pratt, III, LCSW
Roberta Frankel
Barbara Franzen
Gloria Freimann
Jean Friedman
Michael Friedman
Joanie Funk
Sue Furtado
Johnnie Gachassin
Elise Gadson
Alane Gahagan
Gail E. Rine-Leyh
Gail L. Hall, ACSW
Gail T. Truitt, ACSW
Donna Galante
Dianne Galasso
Peggy Gale
Catherine Galenius
Lorraine Gallagher
Nancy Gallant
Abbey Gamache
Sharon Gancarz Davies
Cynthia Gandy-Heiny
Barbra Gant
Hillary Garber
Valarie Gardner
Judith Gardner
Risa Garon
Steven Garte-Wolf
Linda Gartenberg
Carolyn Garvey-Gordon
Gary Rosenberg, ACSW
Larry Gasco
Vera Gaspar
Kathy Gates-Moore
Edith Gault
Adrienne Geiger
Gene A. Obersinner, LCSW
Laura Generou
Allison Gentille
George J. Wawrzonek, MSW
Rosalind Geraigiry
Pamela Gerdes
Michael Gerst
Larissa Gibson
Dennis Gibson
Laura Giddings
Julie Giers
Sheree Gilbert
Jerry Jo Gilham
Sue Gilles
Sarah Gillis
Audra Gillis
Gina Marie Pine, LICSW
Margaret Gintoft
Debbie Gitner
Gitonya Y. Bolden-Clay
Tara Glick
Paula Glickman
Gloria P. Robertshaw, MSW,LISW
Richard Goldberg
Anne Goldberg
Pamela Goldfinger
Maxine Goldin
Nancy Golding
Eliane Goldman
Rachele Goldman
Marian Goldstine
Elizabeth Golliher
Carol Golly
Bari Goltzman
Laura Gomez-Horton
Lisa Gomien
Josehns Goncalves
Paul Gonsier
Catherine Gordon
Carol Gordon-Shirley
Joseph Gorman
Maryhope Goshea
Richard Gotti
Pearlann Gould
Ruby Gourdine
Julie Gowen
Gloria Grace
Jennifer Graf
Gloria Graff
Michele Graffam
Elizabeth Graham
Valerie Grant
Janet Grant
Stacie Granville
Henry Graves
Kimberly Gray
Wendy Gray
Dorcas Gray
Carole Graybill
Kerry Greaney
Kimberly Grebert
Katherine Green
Laura Green
Bonnie Greenberg
Abbe Greenberg
Art Greenberg
Sandra Greenberg
Sasha Greene
Michael Greene
Grace Gregg
Willie Gregory
Anne Grella
Michelle Grizzle
Jennifer Grossman
Kathryn Groth
Vincent Guarrera
Maryann Guernsey
Jordan Gulley
Trudi Gunsberg
Nancy Guss Matles
Howard Gustafson
Ninnette Gutierrez
Heidi Haas
Sarah Haberbosch
Julia Haggarty
Carmen Hahn
David Haight
Haley Heckman Beech
Shirley Hall
Bruce Hall
Mary Hall
Sue Hallowell
Eva Hallstrom-Conkright
Jeanne Halpern-Lewis
Lynn Halsey
Martha Ham
Jean Hamburg
Danielle Hamilton
Maria Hamilton
Michael Hamm
Gloria Hammel
Maridean Hammers
Becca Hammond
Zena Handlon
Ronald Hanson
Cecily Hardin
Sherrie Harlow
Beth Harms
Peggy Harriott
Jeanette Harris
Halley Harris
Judy Harris Vaccaro
Donna Harris-Richards
Joyce Hart
Judith Hart
Carol Harvey
Shadeed Hasan
Jane Hassinger
Diane Hastings
Kelly Hatton
Guy Hawkins
Michelle Hawkins
Kassidy Hawley
Lisa Hay
Doris Hay
Lisa Hayes
Lynn Haynes
Vauna Haza
Laurel Healy
Heather W. O'Donnell, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Ainsley Hebert
Beatrice Heck
Heidi Abbey
Monika Heimbold
John Heimerdinger
Linda Held
Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Corie Helms
Ronda Hemingway
Kathy Henry
Muriel Henry
Stella Herbert
Paula Hern
Lucille Hesse
Margo Heydt
Dietrah Hiatt
Martha Hibma
Susan Hickey
Elizabeth Hill
Barbara Hill
Linda Hill
Nyra Hill
Vincent Hillyer
Betti Hinton
Hisashi Hirayama
Kasumi Hirayama
Ann Hirschy
Connie Hobson
Sarah Hochbaum
Charity Hochberg
Bonnie Hodes
Helen Hoffman
Maxine Hoffman
Susan Hoffpauir
Christine Hogan
Amor Hollingsworth
Kathy Holloway
Briton Holmberg
Kimberly Holwerda
Diane Holzworth
Kenneth Homa
Paul Honess
Katherine Hookway
Jacqueline Hooper-Hage
Susan Hopkins
James Hottinger
Amie Houser
Lori Houston
Judith Howard
Susan Howell
Brennan Howick
Mary Huber
Debra Huff
Mary Hughes
Cynthia Hughes
Stuart Hunt
Carolyn Hunt Anderson
Pauline Hunte
Diann Hunter
Kristi Hunziker
Charles Hutchcraft
Sara Hwang
Ilene A. Gruber
Ineke F. Way, ACSW
Alison Inglis
Gregory Ingram
Patrick Inniss
Kathe Irvine
Allan Iuspa
Laurie Ivler
Masayo Iwate
Rajeshwari Iyer
Ann Jackler
Violette Jackson
Denise Jackson
Jacob Klein
Catherine Jacobsen
Joseph Jacobson
Diana Jahries
Halvor James
James A. McManus, LCSW, ACSW DCSW
James J. Kelly
James L. Gardner
James R. Schmidt, LCSW
Jamie L. Vohs
Jamie Teresa Cook, LCSW
Joseph Janas
Jane Myer
Janet M. Brown, LCSW
Joan Jankee
Sonya Janssen-Luper
Marie Jaros
Cynthia Jayne
Jean E. Hager, ACSW
Jeanine E. Abernathy
Donald Jefferson
Jeffery L. Dickert, PhD
Adriene Jenkins
Rayna Jenks
Jennifer Spitz
Jenny Claire Moreau
Colin Jensen
Jesse Cramer
Jessica Grace Thalhamer
Jessica Lynn Payne, Payne
Jessica Russo, MSW
Jessica S. Seidel, LCSW
Sanderson Jeter
Marcia Jindal
Donanciana Jiruska
JoAnn Ellenberger, ACSW,C-ASWCM
Linda Joannidis
Rebecca Joas
Cecile Joblin
Joe T. Johnson
Richard Joens
Johan Pimentel
Johanna J. Anselmo
Christine Johansson
Elene Johas Teener
John A. Cortez
John A. Tomoso, ACSW, LSW
John Deaderick
John E. Szatkowski
John G. Geist, ACSW
John G. Quesnell, ACSW
John Marshall Stubblefield
Lacey Johnson
Janice Johnson
Brandy Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Kathleen Johnson Dunn
Amanda Johnson Whitcomb
Janet Johnston
Ray Johnston
Lorie Jolly
Jenny Jones
Barry Jones
Charlotte Jones
Allyson Joseph
Norma Joseph
Joseph A. DeAngelis
Joseph J. Frankovich
Joseph John Hoffman
Joseph T. Monahan, JD, ACSW
Joshua Aaron Neitlich
Judith A. Wiener, LCSW
Judith Gallant, ACSW
Judith Louise Pasternack, LCSW
Julia Snyder
Juliane K. Klinke
Julie A. Pettinato
Julie A. Phillips
Lisa Jurecic
Lori Kagan
Alison Kahler
Leslie Kahn
Meg Kallman
Tammy Kaminski
Catherine Kania
Marcia Kanoff
Jason Kanter
Judy Ann Kaplan
Renee Kaplan
Marcia Kaplin
Karen B. Gerson, ACSW
Karen Hall, LCSW
Judith Karpinski
Amy Kates
Katharine B. Mann, PhD LCSW
Katharine Lambert
Katharine V. Byers
Kathleen A. Blaszkiewicz
Kathleen Fitzwilliam Lakey, LCSW
Kathleen Galdo, LCSW
Kathleen M. Lingren
Kathleen MacKenna, ACHP-SW
Kathryn Joann Huber, LSW
Kathryn L. Powers
Harvey Kaufman
Linda Kawer
Julia Kay
Sevil Kaymakcalan
Stella Keddie
Elizabeth Keenan
Keisha Danielle Harper
Michael Keith
Shannon Kelaita
Roxanne Kelber
Mackenzie Keller
Maria Kelley
Meghan Kelley
Judith Kellner
Kathleen Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
Casandra Kelly
Anne Marie Kelly
Joan Kelly
Kelly Kelly McQuade
Kathleen Kelsey
Jody Kemmerer
Kendall Brown
Marcia Kennedy Cordes
Sandra Kerns
Kerri Ann Shaw, LISW-S
Kerry warren breen
Lisa Kessler
Fran Kessler
Kevin R. Carter, LCSW
Kevin Wilcox Sample, LCSW
Anne Khudari
Deborah Kidwell
Martine Kieffer
Brittany Kieslor
Jean Kilbane
Matthew Kilgore
Lisa Killingsworth
Florio Kim
John Kim
Kimberly Bundy-Fazioli, LCSW, Ph.D.
Daniel Kimes
Rebecca King
LaVerne King
Judith Kitzes
Esther Klein
Pauline Klein
Eileen Klein
Karen Klein-Lankeaux
Mary Louise Klimm
Kathryn Klingenstein
Christine Klostermann
John Klotsche
Beth Knight
Jane Knuppel
Edward Koch
Constance Kolber
John Konny
Barbara Korenblit
Maribel Korman
Judith Korn
Rebecca Kotkin
Lisa Krause-Reinert
Phyllis Krauser
Mary Krieger
Kristin Chae
Kristin Lee Accetta
Kristin M. Hosmer
Valerie Kristopher
Laura Krug
Susan Kruk
Kathleen Kubota
Katherine Kuhlman
Andrea Kumura
Debbie Kunkel
Stephanie Kvasager
Roquel Labatad
Lucy Lafleur
Silvia Lagunas
Connie Lambert
Beatrice Lambert
Valerie Lambert
Marcia Landers
Richard Lange
Lloyd Langham
Toby Laping
Lara Michelle Edelstein
Dorothy Latchana
Katia Lathrop
Latrice Nicole Jenkins, MSW
Laura Ann Baker
Laura L. Gilbert
Laura Lubline, MSW, LCSW
Laura May Luzi, LCSW-R
Laura McKee Welp
Laurene A. Warhol
Samuel Lawrence
Russell Lawson
Laurie Lawson
Layla Lyons McCann, LCSW,ACHP-SW
Marilyn Leaf
Leah A. Snell, LCSW, ACSW
Diane Leamy
Gloria Lebeaux
Sarah LeBoon
Kimberly Leclere
James LeCluyse
Irene Ledee-Farley
Mary Lee
Jean Leedham
Paul Lehmann
Joan Leibovich
Kathleen Leihgaber
Anthony Lerro
Carolyn Lesch
Leslie A. Westcott
Leslie H. McRae, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
Linda Lesyk
Elise Lev
Rona Levi
Keith Levick
Andrea Levin
Jeffrey Levin
Sonny Levinbook
Judi Levine
Leslie Levy
Lisa Lewis
Terry Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Jan Lewis
Mary Ann Lieberman
Anna Lieblich
Elizabeth Liekar
Barton Lilenfield
Melanie Lima
Linda A. Horrell
Linda D. Whiting Hopkins, Lcsw-R, LCSW-R
Linda M. Helmer
Linda M. Keegan, MSW, CAPSW, CSAC
Linda R. Overholt
Lindasue Marshall
Susan Linder
Rita Linder-Lavery
Allison Ling
Theresa Lingl
Amy Lipeles
Nancy Lipphardt
Amy Lipsey
Lisa Faye Buchko, BSW Student
Lisa L. Rakusin
Zachary Litherland
Gail Litman
Cheryl Litt
Elaine Litton
Carol Litzler
Tracy Livecchi
Rebecca Loadholt
Katie Loane
Susan LoCastro
Mindy Logan
Kathleen Logan-Prince
Marriah Lombardo
Jody Long
John Looney
Nilza Lopez
Lori Ann Kanke, LCSW
Lori Looney S. Mussack
Lori R. Ippolito, ACSW
Lorraine Travaglione
Miriam Love
Leonna Love
Clarice Lowe
Susan Lowell
Anne Lown
Doretta Lowney
Kimberly Lucas
Tamara Luckett-Cavanaugh
Patricia Lueders
Sandra Lugo
Lana Luke
Howard Lunche
Marilyn Lundberg
Carol Lundin
James Luttrell
Colleen Lynch
Lynsey Michelle Sloan
Rebecca Lyons
Jennie Lyons
Linda Macapagal
Carmen Machado
Jim Mack
Mackenzie Engler
Elizabeth MacWilliams
Madeleine cleo burdette
Ary Madera-Reber
Lilliana Maestas
Mary Linda Maggard
Beth Maguire
Priscilla Mahoney
Nina Malkevitch
Alan Mallas
Mallory Worrel
Cathy Malmon
Ruth Maltz
Judith Manger
Anastasia Mantia
Marcel Lynn Currier
Susan Marchi Puhl
Marcia Mahan-Smith, CSAC
Lianna Marciniec
Alice Marcus
Paula Marcus-Platz
Rebecca Marengo
Margaret A. Watson, PhD, LCSW
Margaret Jane Moudry
Margaret Monica Campos
Margo Joy Siegel
Wendy Margolies
Maria M. Lorditch
Maria Stone
Marian R. Weisenfeld
Marianne halderman
Marilyn Keikilani Choy-Gibson, LCSW
Marilyn Stephens Nur, LCSW
Mary Marino
Jan Marion
Chana Mark
John Markoff
Joseph Markowicz
Marla Killough
Irene Marocco
Noemi Marquez
Diane Marschall
Holley Martens
Marti K. Bradley
Linda Martin
Christianna Martin
Mary Martin
Katherine Martin
Mary E. Moore-Farrell
Mary E. Sterchi, ACSW
Mary F. Foerg, ACSW, ACHP-SW
Mary J. Swecker
Mary L. Brett
Mary P. Byrne, PhD,DCSW
Mary T. Sheehan, LCSW
Marybeth Whittaker
Melanie Masdea- Dignum
Carol Massat
William Massey
Wesley Matheson
Mike Mathis
Mary Matich
Kelli Matsoukas
Jun Matsuyoshi
Joseph Maurer
Dalynn May
Maya Annette DelCanto-Ellington, LCSW
Ruth Mayden
Nicole Mayfield
Donna Mazi-Heller
Henry Mazur
Elizabeth Mc Garvey
Robert McBride
Alan McBroom
Kaylynn McCartney
Natasha McCartney
Linda McCarty Blumenthal
Barbara McCaslin
Nicholas McClary
Elizabeth McClendon-Johnson
Sarah McConkey
Riley McCormick
Galen McCown
Ernest Mccoy
Selena McCurdy
Emily McCutcheon
Marsha McDonald
Nancy McDowell
Anne McGoey
Linda McGowan
Susan McGrath
Maryann McInerney
Michael Mckenna
McKenzie Broekstra
Margaret McKeon
Nancy McKeon
Sheena McKie
James Mckinley-Oakes
Ann McKnight
Mary Mclaughlin
Rachel McLaughlin
Mary McMahon
Angela McMenamin
Molly McNamara
Susan McNerney
Felicia McParland
Stephanie McShan
Katlyne Meade
Christopher Meador
Pamela Medders
Cynthia Medeiros
Catherine Medina
Dawn Meggerson
Andrea Meier
Berta Mejia-Geltman
Melanie J. Voegeli-Morris, LCSW
Joalan Melendez
Melissa Ann House
Melissa Mandell
Mary Melling
Melody Pannell, MSW
Judith Mendels-Peterson
Julie Mendenhall
Migdalia Mendoza-Gonzalez
Erik Mercer
Holly Merchant
Laureen Mercurio
Meredith Gettleman
John Merges
Merry Joyce Nobles
Lisa Mersky
Bernadette Methven
Jennifer Metsch
David Metting
Lowell Meyer
Charlotte Meyer
Kristy Meyers
Helen Michael
Michael Colberg
Michael Czerwonka
Michael Patrick McCann
Seth Michaelson
Angela Michelini
Michelle A. Francis
Michelle Dyball Ferrant, LCSW
Michelle Wexelblat
Sonia Michelson
Trina Middleton
Mary Milbank-Bodenstein
Kellie Mildenberger
Meredith Miles
Susan Miller
Caris Miller
Shannon Miller
Deborah Miller
Judith Miller
Janel Miller-Evans
Patricia Miller-Katz
Kamesha Milline-Cardenas
Sheila Mills
Shirley Milstead
Kathleen Minotti
Miriam Bromirski
Shana Mislak
Misty Lee Cameron, LSWA
Jeanne Mitchler-Fiks
Akiko Miyake
Adrienne Moberg
Denice Mock
Mohammed B. Abulkhair, MSW, LSW
Robert Mohr
Mona Snowden Wilson
John Monahan
Batya Monder
Roxane Mongelluzzo
Monica S. Jordan
Alexia Montague
Mickey Mood
Jamesena Moore
Joseph Moore
Sarah Moore
Gloria Morales
Denise Morales
Linda Moran
Susan Morang
Angela Morelli
Andrea Morenoff
Sandra Morford
Phyllis Morgan
Tommi Morgan
Melinda Morgan
Mary Morgan
Adina Morguelan
Erich Morris
Linda Moss
Melinda Motta
Peter Mouttapa
Sonya Mowry
Eugene Moynihan
James Mueller
Bertha Muenks
Sonjit Mukherjee
Patricia Mullally
Edward Mullaney
Catherine Muller
Mary Mumford
Janae Munday
David Munson
Judith Murad
John Murdock
John Myer
Alice Myer
Judith Myers
Lindley Myers
John Naas
Diana Naftal
Becky Nagel
Charles Nakoa
Nancy Beth Rotkowitz, Lmsw-cc
Nancy Katherine Strickler
Nancy L. Fuhr Bonn
Nancy M. Smith, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Nancy M. Southwell
Natalya Passe, BSW
Susan Neal
Marion Nelkens
Kathleen Nelson
Karen Nelson-Brown
Asuncion Neri-Candelaria
Melissa Nettles
Aharon Neuberger
Julie Neufeld
Nevada Rae Walton, MSW Student
Douglas Newcomb
Toby Newman
Iris Newman
John Newman
Valerie Newman-Freeman
Mark Nickerson
Nicole M. Reynolds
Nicole R. Laubach
Mary Nielsen
Nilsa Pietri, LMSW
Sara Nilsson
James Noel
Norah Joyce McHenry, ASW
Neal Norcliffe
Krista Norred
Virginia Novak
Melissa Novak
tamara nowak
Lupe Nunez
Deborah Nunnally
Lory Nurenberg
Alison Nydick Haller
Elwood Nyther
LaRee O Reilly
Maureen O'Brien
Margaret O'Connell
Leila O'Connell
Lynn O'Connor
Peter O'Herron
Teresa O'Mara
Gloria O'Neill
Lisa O'Shea
Sean Oakley
Bette Odell
Kathleen Odvody
Bunthorn Oeur
Jane Ogbara
Diane Ogno
A. Ohringer
Duane Olberding
Virginia Olds
Jennifer Olechna
Olivia M. Myers, ACSW
Olivia Rodgers-Hannan, LCSW
David Olsen
Mary Olsen
Frances Onderwyzer
Justine Ondricek
Catherine Ormerod
Marcia Ortegon
Gilda Orwasher
Rodney Oster
Eva Ostrowsky
Karen Ostrowsky
Jacqueline Otero
Jamie Otter
Stephan Ouellette
Dolores Ouimette
Verda Owens
John Oxley
Nathan Padilla
Caitlin Palar
Lisa Paliotta
Kelly Pallwitz
Wendy Palmer Patterson
Pamela J. Olson, LCSW,QCSW
Melanie Pang
Anjali Papaiacovou
John Pappas
Harriet Pappenheim
Deborah Paris
Meredith Parker
Nicole Parker-Sutton
Judith Parr
Rebecca Parsons
Ruth Passamaneck
Patricia Barrios Showalter
Janice Patrick
Christine Patterson
Paul J. Stretch
Paul McArthur Pedersen
Candace Payne-Butler
Stephanie Peluso-Abbott
Pamela Pelz
Pamela Pennington-Wilson
Jewel Peot
Dana Pepp
Janice Perates
Jennifer Perera
Gloria Perez
Taleen Perian
Jeffrey Perlman
Kathleen Persson
Aimee Peters
Claire Peters
Sherry Peters
Carol Petersen
Daniel Petersen-Snyder
Jill Petrie
Cathleen Petty-Marceau
Phalecian D. Rawlins
Robbin Phelps
Sherry Philips
Kay Phillips
Martha Phillips
Phyllis C. England, ACSW
Phyllis J. Cox, LCSW, ACSW
Phyllis Pleuss, LCSW
Catherine Piazza
Susana Picado
Sharon Picard
Virginia Pierce
Christine Pietzsch
Sabitha Pillai
Tamara Pincus
Jessica Pinkham
Kenneth Pinter
Francis Pizzarelli
Stephanne Pleshette
Paige Polisner
Gertrude Pollitt
William Pompos
Elaine Pool
Joyce Poore Berkenes
Cheryl Posillico
Kari Potrament
Dennis Potter
Myra Powell
Mary Powers
Janice Price
Lora Price
Elizabeth Price-Ramos
Karen Prince
Susan Pritchard
Joyce Proudlock
Bob Prue
Margaret Pugh
Lauren Pulinka
Linda Pulvermacher
Nancy Purcell
Phyllis Putnam
Constance Quednau
Kelly Quirk
Judith Quittman
Rachel Liewer
Rachel Marie Hawkins, LMSW
Rachel Rose Curtis
Jessica Raddin
Susan Rahall
Muhammad Rahman
Michael Ramirez
Francisco Ramirez
Lewis Randall
Sharon Ranzman
Katherin Ranzoni
Judith Ratliff
Lisa Rattner
Larry Ray
Joyce Ray
Mark Raybould
Raymie Wayne, PhD, JD, MSW
C. Rinderia Reader
Gail Reagan
Karen Ream
Elizabeth Rearick
Rebecca Eissinger
Rebecca T. Davis, ACSW
Terri Recchia-Bledsoe
Rebecca Redel
Loraine Reed
LaVon Reilly
Jacqueline Reiter
Kristen Renshaw
Robin Renwick Piper
Valerie Reuman
Kathleen Rexrode
Judith Reyes
Peter Reznik
Judith Ribnick
Julie Riccio
Amy Richardson
Sandra Richardson
Norman Richey
Melinda Richter
Ricki Jean Harris, MSW
Debbie Riddle
Cathy Rigg
William Riley
Matthew Ringenberg
Fred Risard
Mark Ritchie
Kimberly Rixon
Naomi Robarge
Janet Robbins
Charles Robbins
Elaine Robbins
Robert P. Gould, LICSW
Hiedi Roberts
George Roberts
Jane Robertson
Jenne Robertson
Margaret Robinson
Andrea Robinson
Monica Robinson
Janet Robinson
Mary Rocchio
Jean Rocco
Julie Roebuck
Diane Roelandt
Alma Rolfs
Camille Roman
Butch Romanoski
Ellen Rome
M Romero
Anna Romero
Ronald J. Calery, ACSW
Anita Ronis
Katharine Rosas
Roschel Holland Stearns, LMSW
Melina Rose
Rosemarie A. Abbruzzese
Rosemary J. Mcknight, PHD,LCSW
Wendy Rosen
Barbara Rosen
Elana Rosenbaum
Aimee Rosenbaum
M. Susan Rosenberg
Pam Rosenberg
Linda Rosenberg
Michael Rosenthal
Louis Rosenthal
Heather Ross-Lowenstein
Barbara Rossate
Sallyann Roth
Lindsay Roth
Barbara Rothberg
Jerrold Rousseau
Susan Rovello
Arabelle Rowe
June Roy
Debbie Royalty
Libby Royer
Rebecca Rozema
Joel Rubin
Sandra Rubovits
Amber Rucker
Ann Rudolph
Andrea Rudolph
Andrea Rudolph
Elizabeth Ruff
Daniel Ruggiero
Ruth Ruskin
William Russell
Barbara Russo
Jeffrey Rustige
Ruth A. Vosmek
Barbara Ryan
Gail Ryan
Sarah Sabatowski
Wendy Sabin
Sabra J. House, ACSW,BCD
Judith Sachs
Jennifer Sackett
Leslie Sackett
Stephanie Sakalian
Amy Saloner
Sharon Salyers
Anissa Sanborn-Malague
Geraldine Sanders Joyner
Susan Sandler
Michael Sands
Albert Sangregory
Joy Sanjek
Debra Santi
Josephine Santillo
Beth Sapiro
Sarah L. King, LCSW
Michelle Sarofin
Nancy Sasso
Lisa Saunders
Caitlin Saunders
Kimberly Sautner
Haley Savage
Joanne Schaffer
Andrea Scharfman-Schulman
Vicki Schenkel
Ashley Schiraldi
Susan Schlichter
Sonya schmid
Kevin Schmidt
Elizabeth Schneewind
Karen Schneider
Jay Schneider
Jessie Schnieder
Amy Scholl
David Schonberg
Alan Schrader
Debra Schrafft
Donna Schroeder
Melinda Schroeder
Matthew Schroer
Deborah Schueren
Patricia Schuh-Butler
Kathryn Schuller
Leslie Schulte
Erica Schwartz
Bradley Schwartz
Judy Scott
Mary Scott
Scott D. Cox
Mary Ann Scribner
Iona Sebastian
John Seccafico
Jack Segal
Laurence Segall
Wendy Seidenberg
Kristen Seidl-Denick
Lisa Selsby
Lauren Senoff
Barbara Senzel
Darcella Sessomes
Ingrid Shaffer
Laurah Shames
Rikki Shanberg
Rhoda Shapiro
Joanne Shapiro
Constance Shapiro
Shari Bauman Grande, MSW, ASW
Sharon Price
Jennifer Shatzkin
Erin Shawgo
Sara Sheets
Jody Shelby
Sarah Shelton
Sheri Mila Gerson, ACSW,ACHP-SW
rachel sherrow
Pamela Sherwin
Sheryl I. Goldberg, ACSW
Laura Shore
Robert Shorin
Denise Shows
Lynne Shulman
Larry Shushansky
Nayda Sierra
Rebecca Sievewright
Virginia Sigel
Lois Sigman-Young
Susan Silva
Mary Silverman-Ormond
Lois Silverstein
Paris Silvestri
Rita Simeone
Dale Simmerman
Trish Simmons
Virgil Simms
Melisa Sims
Judy Sininsky
Maribeth Siskind
Susan Sklan
Jennifer Sklar
Frances Skrzypek
Paula Slonecker
Regina Slutzky
Ann Smith
Ryan Smith
Arlene Smith
Jessica Smith
Janna Smith
Courtney Smith
Anne Smith
Margaret Smith
Wendy Smolins
Kristyn Snedden
Patricia Snowdon
Karen Sobieraj
Maria Solano
Seth Solondz
Julie Somers
Melanie Sommers-Dain
Nancy Sonntag
Dena Sorbo
Michael Sotak
Nancy Sowell
Barbara Spada
Leann Spahn
Lucia Spargo
Richard Spargo
Tracy Sparrow Hines
Jacqueline Spaulding
Alice Spear
Dianne Spector
Susan Sprung
Susanne Spurlock
Stacey A. Spata
Stacy Kuhn
Catherine Stafford
Rose Stager
Julia Stahl
Kathleen Stamboni
Lisa Stamm
Constance Stamper
Virginia Stanley
Diane Stanley
Carrie Stanley
Tamara Starkey
Hannah Starobin
Jerold Starr
Sharon Starr
Michelle Stchur
Stefanie Greenfield
Ellen Stein
Paula Stein
Constance Steinberg
Lynn Steinhauer
Carol Steinman
Susan Stelk
Stephan I. Mambazo
Stephanie Lynn Schmidt, ASW
Gracy Stephen
Gwen Stephens
Susan Sterling
Katherine Sternberg
Steve Dahl
Steve Patrick, ACSW
Steven C. Carrel
Paul Stevens
Mareen Stevens
Curtis Still
Lila Stillman
Rosalie Stluka
Judith Stock
Dana Stone
Jeri Stonestreet
Jill Strahan
Patricia Strauss
Deborah Strauss
Nancy Streit
Petina Strickley
Kimberly Sugerman
Gary Sullivan
Meg Sullivan
Kate Summers
Jill Summers
Carole Sundell Rajan
Hillary Sunderland
Devon Suozzi
Susan J. Hitchcock, LMSW,C-ASWCM
Susan L. Thorne-Devin, LCSW
Susan M. Gustofson
Emily Sussman
Suzanne L. Owens, LICSW
Edward Svasta
Courtney Swan
Doreen Swedik
Cheryl Swensen
Abraham Swiller
Elven Swisher
Celestine Syles
Lillie Tabor
Sharon Tamanaha
Saad Tamimi
Tammie S. Rosenbloom, LICSW
Jenny Tang
Ann Tate
Danielle Tate
Michael Taylor
Katrin Tchana
Neil Teicher
Yehudit Teitelbaum
John Templeton
Teresa Diane Richman
Terese M. Tanski Gregg, LICSW
Terrance J. Rooney
Patricia Terry
V. Thamert
Timothy Thein
Carl Thistel
Jesscia Thomas
Douglas Thomas
Earl Thomas
Sandra Thomas
Thomas J. McCoy
Gail Thomas-Creighton
Eileen Thompson
Dona Thompson
Susan Thomson
Juanita Thornton
Tiana T. Ochoa
Carol Tichler
Patricia Tidwell
Amy Tiernan
Tiffany Marie Chaney
Tiffany Rayel Flores
Maureen Tillman
Abigail Tischler
Karen Titrud
Regine Tollefsen
Virginia Tong
Elizabeth Torre Reck
Vilma Torres
Torrie Lynn Benson-Pryor
Warren Townsend
Michelle Townsend
Richard Trachtman
Sandra Traudt
Winston Trefry
Debra Tremblay
Mari Trine
Trivan Martines Lovings
Donald Troise
Priscilla Trubin
Susan Truland
Ronnette Trulson
Marilou Tshudy
Martha Tucker
April Tully
Maria Tupper
Tracy Turner
Brendan Turner
Lisa Twerski
Esther Urdang
Judith Uzzi
Raul Valdez
Carol Valenti
Velma Valentine
Valerie D. Barber, ACSW
Valerie S. Loeschen
Norman Van Klompenburg
Marisela Van Sickle
Dipti Vasavada
Carol Vaughan
Tashunda Vaughn
Carol Veits
Leah Vensil
Lorraine Vestris
Jill Vetstein
Margo Vick
Vicki Turnage, LCSW, ACSW
Vickie L Thompson
Nancy Victora
Virginia Elizabeth Taylor, MSW, CSW
Charlene Vitale
Carol Voorhees
Nancy Wachtenheim
Judy Wagman
Frederick Wahlig
Karen Wahlund
Amy Wakefield-McDonald
Karen Walant
Melissa Waldrip
Sandra Waldron
Rebecca Walker
Emily Walker
Jacqueline Wallace
Claudia Wallace
Priscilla Wallace
Jennifer Wallace Canobbio
Suzanne Wallace-Appleton
Lisa Wallin
Michelle Walsh
Tabitha Walton
Wanda K. Ellingson, LCSW, ACSW
Chayla Ward
Lori Wardlow
Mary Warner-Hubschmitt
Candice Warren
Muriel Warren
Karen Wasserman
Keith Waterland
Gayle Watts
Linda Waxman
Wayne R. Wilson
William Webb
Michael Webb
Mark Weber
Jean Weber
Linda Weber
Jennifer Webster
Jude Webster
Anita Weicht
Carey Weiller
Jeanne Weiner
Rob Weinstein
Beverly Weiss
William Weiss
Aylee Welch
Michelle Welch
Wanda Welch-Bresnick
Beth Wells
Patricia Wendle
Wendy R. Henderson, ACSW DCSW
Audrey Wentworth
Erica Werfel
Ingrid Werge
Gatewood West
Amy West
Alan Wexler
Sharron Whitaker
Lorita Whitaker
Devin White
Katherine White
Barbara Whitman
Kate Whitney
Diane Wiegand
Maureen Wiese-Waibel
Lisa Wiggins
Katherine Wilberding Cross
Leslie Wilcox-Nolan
Janet Williams
James Williams
Marcia Williams
Stephanie Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Brit Williams-Van Klooster
Dawn Williamson
Don Wilson
Jeri Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Elise Wilson
Judy Wimpfheimer
Guy Windingland
Fritzi Winter
Colleen Winters
Jody Wiseman
Danielle Witchel
Peggy Woehrlen
Silkaly Wolchok
Robert Wolff
Bernice Wolfson
Elizabeth Wollmann
Pearl Wong
Joy Wood
Nathan Wood
Jami Wood
Annette Woodruff
George Woyames
Marcia Wragge
Thomas Wright
Margaret Wright
Mary Wykowski
Abigail Wynne-Wilson
Roberta Wysong
Mariko Yamada
Anthony Yancey
Ruth Yarger
Wilfred Yazzie
Brett yeager
Paula Yevincy
Tsukasa Yonamine
Yvette Young
Ann Young
Richard Young
Joanne Young
Herman Young
Kenneth Young
Yvette Rees
Yvonne B. Bregman
Barbara Zaas-Partington
Suzanne Faye Zakheim
Joanne Zangrillo
Debra Zatkin
Jenny Zeis
Amy Zeitz
Susan Zweig
January 2018
Aaron Alexander Yamada
Elizabeth Abercrombie
Allyson Aborn
April Abrams
Marc Acito
Adam Bryan Baumwoll, LCSW
Dollmeshia Adams
Tracy Adams
Adele Gatens
Deborah Adiego Cagnon
Seymour Adler
Kimberly Agresta
Stephanie Ahlers-Nechamkin
Faye Aiello
Christine Albert
Alberto Cifuentes, Jr
Dawn Alcott-Miller
Alexandra Jean Pierlott
Alexandria J. Wunderlich, LISW-CP, LCSW
Alicia Munier Ziegler, MSW, LCSW
Michael Allen
Odeather Allen Hill
Nelly Alvarez
Amanda E. Coughlin
Amanda Yvonne Perry Osgood
Janice Amato
Sarah Ambler
Suzanne Ames
Aminata Sy
Maryann Amodeo
Amy C. Lemen, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Amy Kay Baird, CSW-A
Elizabeth Anderson
Jodie Anderson
Laura Andrade
Andrea D. Welsh
Andrew Bowling
Andrew S. Hill
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Kimberly Andron
Angela Eileen Gray, LCSW
Angie Mcleod Williams, MSW, LCSW
Anita B. Goffman, LCSW
Anita M. Clos, LMSW
Ann Callahan, LCSW
Anna Detlefsen
Anne B. Jacobe, ACSW
Annetta Davis
Annette M. Craner, LISW S
Mark Ansel
Karen Apostola
Paul Appel
April Christine Hopkins, LGSW
Amit Arava
Carol Ardington
Ariela Laibson
Sharon Arkoff
Mary Armentrout
Heather Artman
Ashley F. Shindler, MSW Graduate Student
Nancy Ashworth
Joanne Atara
Charlene Atkins
B. Darlene Avery, MDiv, LCSW
Mary Jo Baca
Marian Bach
Diane Back
Katherine Baetz
Armin Baier
Sandra Bakalar
Pamela Baker
Richard Baldi
Thomas Bale
Jesse Baleto
Erica Barbaccia
Barbara L. Chamberlin, LCSW
Barbara Lord
Anita Barbee
Anastasia Barber
Mika Barker-Hart
Hollie Barkoff
Sandra Barlow
Faith Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes
Stephen Baron
Joan Barouch
Freya Barr
Anthony Barreiro
Deborah Barrett
Geoffrey Barron
Elissa Barry
Mary Bartkowiak
Brenda Barton
Paula Basch
Barbara Batchelor
David Battit
Jane Bausch
Kimberly Bay
Christopher Bazemore
Thomas Beach
Richard Beanes
Marian Beaumier
Henry Beck
Barbara Beck
Charles Beckelhimer
Margaret Becker
Janet Becker
Billie Becker-Bem
Stephanie Beebe
Leslie Bellard
Karen Bellows
Christy Belmear
Brenda Bender
Desiree Benet
James Benson
Jill Benson
Allison Benton Jones
Jerome Bercik
Peter Berger
Jacqueline Berger-Yudelowitz
Lauren Berly
Maureen Bernard
Nelly Bertolina
Gary Bess
Bess N. Steiger, LCSW
Robert Besst
Beth A. Thompson, LICSW, ACSW, QCSW
Beth L. Vardaro, LCSW
Dawn Betters
Beverly Bomhoff
Barbara Biancone
Arthur Biddle
Denise bilder
Jacqueline Bingham
Suzanne Black
Blair F. Barton-Percival
Terri Blake
Coral Blankinship
Julianna Blanning
Elaine Blinn
Sandra Block
Tiffany Bloomer
William Blout
Ruth Blumenthal
Kathleen Blythe Thomas
Catherine Bodkin
Ann Bolling
Susan Bollinger-Brown
Bonita Scye
Bonnie Ellen Mazer
Bonnie M. Abramowitz, LCSW,ACSW
Cynthia Booker-Bingler
Steven Bordelon
Marylyn Bowman
Robin Bowman
Michael Boylan
Ruth Bracht
Barbara Bradford
Catherine Bradley
Joan Brandenburg
Kathleen Brandt-Kessler
Brandy Lee Dotson, MSW,LSW
Tria Braun
Allyson Breish
Brenda J. Hafner
Brian Hagerty Hagerty, MSW
Brian P. Ashin, ACSW
Heywood Brill
Linda Brink-Eaton
Matilda Briones
Barbara Brodsky
Janet Brodsky
Gail Brodt
Caree Brown
Nicole Brown
Robert Brown
Bonnie Brown
Roberta Brown
Kathleen Brown
Linda Bryant
Andrew Buccaro
Robert Buchicchio
Adrienne Buhacoff
Theodore Bunin
Vivian Burak
Lisa Burch
Marlene Burke
Candice Burnett
Peter Burnham
Warren Burnham
Mary Burns
Megan Burns
Wayne Burns
Brenda Burrell
J Burroughs
James Burton
Emma Burton
Ivan Bustamante
Thomas Butler
Janet Butler
William Buxton
Donyel Byrd
Joan Cahill
Caitlin Haden
Caitlyn M. Aubel
Kitty Callahan
Laura Campana
Ruth Campbell
Thomas Campbell
Maria Campo
Candice A. Preston
Heidi Candler
Kathleen Cantwell
Rose Caracostas
Katherine Cardoso
Linda Carelli
Cynthia Carey
Elizabeth Carey
Bonnie Carlson
Dorothy Carlson
Nicole Carlson
Joseph Carmichael
Carol A. McCoin
Caroline Valentine Sampsell, LCSW
Carolyn Giambusso-Yi
Ruth Ann Carpenter
Tracy Carpenter-Aeby
Alma Carten
Gail Carter
Carol Case
Roger Casey
Kia Cashman
Shantel Casiano
Cassandra Jo Gabel
Awilda Castro
Rebecca Castro
Bruce Catalano
Vivol Catchot
Catherine E. Harrelson
Catheryn B. McShane
Cathleen May Kalinowski
Wayne Cato
Susan Cesaro
Barnaby Chancellor
James Chansky
Rita Chapdelaine
Noreen Chapman
John Charles
Charles Gibbs
Charles S. Lederman, ACSW
Charles Warren Moorehead
Michelle Cheeseman
Kathryn Chefetz
Chemia Hughes
Katherine Chen
Emily Chernick
Laura Chesbro
Amanda Chesney
Andrew Chiodo
Susan Chizeck
Chloe Bacon
Sinae Choi
Jennifer Chokas
Christine L. Reed
Christopher Settimio Perri, LCSW
Linda Chupkowski
Dianna Cianfrocco
Cindy L. Greer, LCSW
Nick Cione
Teresa Claeys
Kathleen Clark
Evelyn Clark
Loretta Clark
Charlotte Clarke
Thomas Cleary
Lisa Clemons
Debbie Cloud
Caryn Cochran-Branson
Robert Coe
Amy Coha
Vicki Cohen
Stuart Cohen
Sandra Cohen
Harriet Cohen
Julie Colantonio
Leanne Cole
Ronald Coleman
Marina Coleman
Erin Colgan-Snyder
Stephanie Combey
Nanette Concotelli-Fisk
Ronda Connaway
Elaine Conners
Connie M. Harvey
Elizabeth Connolly
Jon Conte
Denise Contreras
Kathlyn Conway
Ann Conway
Ruth Cook
Gloria Cooke
Elizabeth Coonse
Chad Cooper
David Cooperson
Richard Cornell
Melissa Cornett
Mark Cortez
Kathleen Cosgrove
Patricia Cotter
Stacie Cottrell
John Courtney
Courtney LeMar Wilks, LPN, BSW
Courtni Battle
Carol Cover
Katie Cox
Diane Cox-Lindenbaum
Kaerensa Craft
Thomas Crangle
Elizabeth Cribb
Patricia Criswell
Kathleen Cromwell
Jennifer Crouch Clark
Geneele Crump
Julia Crump
Jennifer Csongradi
Mercedes Cuervo
Alexis Culbertson
Jeffrey Cummins
Jessica Cupp
Cynthia J. Kok, MSW, Ph.D., ACSW
Cynthia Mae McCollum
Susan D'Aloia
Mary D'Aquila
Linda Dadario
Jennifer Daigle
Jeffrey Daily
Melinda Daniel
Daniel C. Rydholm, LCSW,QCSW
Louisa Daratsos
Darlene Knapp Racz, ACSW, ASW-G
Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez
Carol Darwin
Colleen Daugherty
Melissa Daugherty
Bridget Davey
Mary Davey
Elizabeth David
Abbey David
David Raymond LaCharite
Virginia Davidov
Lorie Davidson
Jane Davidson
Jesse Davis
Regina Davis
Robin Davis-Reed
Susan Davis-Swanson
Marla Davishoff
Daynen Jean Lalicker
Gina De Graw
Marie-Paule de Valdivia
Marilyn Dean
Deana L Carson, LCSW
Deborah Hereld
Debra A. Weigl
Debra S. Sosin, Sosin, ACSW
Korie DeBruin
LeAnn Deering
Ana DeFrates
Mimi DeGennaro
William DeJoy
Jose Delacruz
Alisa DeLage
Arlene DeLand
Olivia Delrosario
Katherine Demmler
Denise M. Guida
Sharon Dennett
Barbara DeRamona
Erik Derouin
Marcel Descheneaux
Mary Determan
Claire Devine
Francesca Di Mauro
Diane Harvey
Diane Macaluso, LMSW
Diane N. Eckstein, ACSW
Diane T. Riopelle
Dianna Stark
Deborah Dietz
Robert Dilbeck
Laurie Dobrow
Susan Dobuler
Arless Dodson
Diane Dolan-Soto
Bethany Dollar
Dona L. Moon
Donald A. Casella, ACSW, DCSW
David Donlon
Donna Faye Wilson, LBSW
James Donnelly
Annie Dornbush
Dorothy Davis-Nohilly
Dorothy Koerner, ACSW
Joyce Dortch
Douglas John Detrick, LISW, CADC, ChFC
Douglas T. Gray, ACSW, CSW-G, LICSW
Kate Drackett
Jill Drake
Memella Drake
Karla Drake
John Drew
Julie Drew
Jessica Dugan
Andrea Dugas
Joe Duley
Thomas Dumas
Alexis Duncan
Cheryl Dunican-Hein
Kristen Dunlap-Berg
Sharon Dupree
Beverly Eager
Sandra Eagle
Linda Earnest
Eartha Dumond
Patricia Easley
Dorothy Eberhart
John Edwards
Paula Eggert
Alison Ehara-Brown
Ruth Eichler
Gary Eisendorf
Nancy Eisner
Elaina V. Good
Elaine G. Distasi
Elaine S. Rinfrette, ACSW
Margaret Elbow
Elizabeth A. Blanchard
Elizabeth A. Harry, LCSW
Elizabeth Patchen Youse, msw,lsw
James Elliott
Emily Noel Marin
Emily Perez
Lauren Emmons
Linda Engel
Mary English
Audrey Entin
Eric Hartley, MSW, LISW
Eric J. Fieldstad, II
Eric Kenning
Erica Amundsen, Masters Degee
Erika E. Walker
Erika F. Bischoff
Erin Irene Schweikart
Erin M. Sullivan, ACSW
Ernest S. Fried, PhD LCSW
Joan Erskine
Anna Escamilla
Roberta Espie-Barry
Janine Estupinan
Kenneth Evanoski
Eve Denner-Taylor
Eveleen Irene Dimaggio-Dietzler, LCSW
Evelyn M. Wenzel
Norma Everett
Gabrielle Falco
Linda Falkenhain
Kay Fandetti
Yvonne Farley
Claire Farnsworth
Theresa Fautz
Louise Fay
Deborah Feinsod
Sharon Feldman
Janet Feller
Marcella Ference
Phyllis Fernandez
Jeidy Fernandez
Francine Ferrara
Amanda Ferrari
Gail Fields
E. Files
Dale Fink
Elaine Finnegan
Ann Fischetti
Sylvia Fischman
Michele Fishel
Byron Fisher
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Jose Flecha
Karen Fletcher
Jeanette Flowers
James Flowers
Wayne Floyd
Elodia Flynn
Lynn Focht-Birkerts
Romaine Foege
Nina Foley
Janine Fonfara
Terry Fontenot
Lynne Ford
Judeth Forlenza Wesley
Elizabeth Formaggioni
Annette Fortino
Christopher Forward
Paul Foster
Margaret Foster
Thomas Foster
Tabitha Foster
Lori Fowler
Alma Fowlkes
Sarah Fox
Frederick Fraijo
Amber Francis
Frederick Schwarzenbach, Schwarzenbach
Ruth French
Mary French
Chris Frey
Efrat Fridman
Tammy Fried
Robert Friedman
Friend Burton, PhD
Bradi Fritts
Marilyn Frye
Ivette Fuentes
Michelle Fuentes
Julie Fugenschuh
Kaye Fulcher
Martha Fusaro
Paula Futrell
Gabrielle E. Faggella, ACSW
Denise Gagnier
Steven Galvan
Rebecca Garcia
Marcia Garcia
Tyrone Garner
Dara Garner-Edwards
Anthony Garreis
Liz Garrett
Gary A. Steele, Jr., LGSW
Chris Gazdik
Kathleen Gebhardt
Anne Geeding
Marlana Geha
Ginny Gemmell
Alexandra George
Edward George
George Rouman, ACSW
Maria Georgiou
Sharon Gerber
Mary Anne Gerber
Jill Gernert
Stanley Gerston
Gloria Ghoneim
Darian Gier
Mark Giesler
Brian Gilbane
Kathleen Gilbert
Jillian Gilchrest
Mary Anne Gill
Cathi Gilmore
Karen Gilmore
Celia Gilmore
Giovanna L. Gomez, ILCSW-CP
Giovanni Enrique Vega
Toni Giovatto
Mary Giovinazzo
Tara Glaeser
Elizabeth Glass
David Glick
Jane Glick
Gloria Solorzano, LCSW
Paul Goggi
James Gold
Debra Goldberg
Linda Golden
Sharon Goldfarb
Ellen Goldsmith
Anthony Goliday
Joan Golston
Martha Gomez
Joslainez Gonzalo
Max Goode
Beth Goodman
Barbara Gordon
Marsha Gordon
Sheila Gordon
Allison Gosch
Mary Graham
Barbara Graham
Pamela Graham
Debbie Granick
Randy Grant
Cynthia Grant
Kristin Grant
Karen Grant
Deborah Grant
Irma Grebel
Stuart Green
Judy Green
Robert Green
Cynthia Green
Katherine Green
Jan Greenberg
Joanne Greene
Suzanne Greenwald
James Gregory
Gregory R. Zyvert, ACSW
Ida Greiner
Michele Grethel
Maura Grillo
Anne Grizzle
Elaina Gross
Theresa Grosse
Pamela Grove
Nancy Grover
Shirley Grube
Bryn Gruber
Michele Gualano
John Gualdoni
Leslie Guerra
Sandra Guidry
Florine Gundy
Gail Gunod-Green
Steve Gursky
Candice Gutierrez
Marcia Haarer
Jackson Haberman
Bernadette Hackett
Judith Hahn
Hal S. Nichols, Therapist
Christie Halijan
Artenze Hall
Kristina Halliday
Sarah Halperin
Marilyn Halpern
Tim Hamilton
Phillip Hamilton
Dianne Hammer
Gail Hammer
Mariet Hamrah
Christine Hamstra
Hannah Hancock
Christine Hansen
Colleen Hanson
Gus Haracopos
Jill Harada-Jones
Tal Harari
Harriet Scott, ACSW
Michelle Harring
Victoria Harrington
Deborah Harris
Patricia Harris
Debra Harris
Helen Harris
Cynthia Harris
Athena Hart
Patti Hart
Catherine Hartshorn
Sherri Harvey
Christine Hatch
Amy Hatcher
Janet Hayden
Linda Haydock
Judy Hayes
Jackie Hayes
Sally Hayman
Gail Hays
Melissa Hays-Smith
Heather Elizabeth Brown
Marguerite Heaton-Colella
Gregory Hebert
Morgan Hecht
Mark Hedgepeth
Heidi L. Sonntag, LCSW, MSW
Brianna Heilman
James Heisel
Linda Heller
Anne Heller
Lorrie Henderson
Sharon Hendricks
Ross Henke
Carolyn Henry
Peter Herbst
Joan Herdrich
Pini Herman
Doreen Hernandez Greco
Allegra Hess
Daniel Heuer
Carolyn Heusmann
Mary Hewes
Lynette Hickey
Wendy Hickman
Adrienne Highhouse
Michael Hill
Melissa Hill
Rhonda Hillegonds
Caryn Hirsch
Jody Hirst
Claire Hoagland
June Hobbs
Eleanor Hockaday
Susan Hodos-Levy
Joan Hoeberichts
Lisa Hoffman
Mike Hoglund
Debra Holder
Robert Holdford
Cathy Holdt
Derry Holland
Shannon Holland
Leighanne Hollans
Holly A. Shiffman
Holly G. Fechtmeyer
Adele Holman
Diane Holmes
Shelia Holt
Kenneth Holt
Toni Holt
Janet Holton
Anastasia Homatas
David Hoover
Winifred Hope
James Hopkins
Mary Horton
Katherine Horvath
Charles Hosea
Penny Hougland
Martha Howden
Yung Feng Huang
Courtney Hubbard
Ronald Hughley
Leslie Hull-Kimball
Rueben Hunter
Alice Hurley
Ann Hutchings
Patricia Hutchinson
Kristina Hybicki
Delene Iacono
Charles Iker
Terri Iman Miles
Rosa Inclan
Yuko Inzana
Irene R. Siegel, PhD,LCSW,ACSW
Elizabeth Irwin
Elaine Irwin Nelles
Carole Ivanoff
Gail Jackson-Wolfe
Bertha Jacobs
Joe James
Tremesha James
James W. Backlund
Laura Jamison
Jan A. Schaad, LCSW
Jan J. Brinkerhoff
Jan Roberts-Rudzinski, LCSW
Jane C. Walvoord, LCSW
Jane E. Estes
Janet A. Cheek
Margaret Janikian
Jay Lewis Hedgpeth
Jaymee Oxborrow
Jeanette K. Shea
Jeffrey W. Mintzer
Manhattan Jehlicka
Josephine Jendrisak
Judith Jenkins
Jennifer Haller
Jennifer L. T. Halter, ACSW, DCSW
Jennifer Lynn Hambright, MSW
Jennifer Seminara, Seminara
Jessica A. Clark
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Keolani Booker
Jessica L. Sanders
Jessica M. Schwartz
Anne Jimenez
Joan B. Goodman, ACSW
JoAnn T. Rounsaville, BSW
JoAnne McFarland O'Rourke
Jon Joebgen
John C. Osborne, MSW DCSW
John James Riley, MSW
Reginald Johnson
Lyn Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Aaron Johnson
Hattie Johnson
Ronald Jolin
K. Michael Jones
Alan Jones
Gail Jones
Breana Jones
Cathryn JOnes
Carolyn Jones
Debra Jones
Loring Jones
Laurel Jones
Deidre Jones
Heather Jones
Boney Jones-Dasent
Joni J. Elrod, LCSW
Anat Joseph
Joseph C. Hughes, LGSW
Joseph F. Anastasio, LCSW-C
Josephine Elizabeth Oldham
Joshua Berman, BSSW
Suzanne Jost
Juanita G. Holmes
Judith Cohen Oshinsky, DCSW
Judy Claborn, MSW
Jules K. Beck
Julianne Mary Kiesel
Julie Anne Faber
Julie Cox
Julie Paradeis
Christine Jurado
Gay Jurgens
John Juster
Justin Evans
Justin M. Crabb-Laffoon, LCSW
Justtin Michael Orman
Carole Kainlor
Kaitlin A. Caldwell, BSW
Kaitlin Binnington
Jennifer Kalkan
Shalia Kamakele
Rose Kamsler
Taylor Kandris
Rosalie Kane
Robin Kaplan
Deborah Kaplan
Liana Kaplan
Karen Ferguson Bagwell, LMSW
Karen L. Klinefelter, ACSW
Kari Hegge
Francine Karim
Ilana Karpel
Zsuzsa Kasselmann
Sarah Katherman
Kathleen Ann Burnett
Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen V. O'Keefe
Lauren Katkowsky
Adele Katz
Judith Katz
Ronnie Kaufman
Amy Kavadlo
Karen Kavanagh
Vickie Kave
Saliwe Kawewe
Marcia Kaye
M. Kayser
Concetta Kazarian
J Kelch
Gayle Keller
Colleen Keller
Elizabeth Kelley
Kelley Shannon
Leslie Kelly-Majors
Emily Kelman-Bravo
Debra Kelsey-Whittle
Elizabeth Kemp
Deborah Kendall
Charles Kennedy
Susan Kennedy
Kenneth F. Callahan
Elizabeth Kent
Tina Kenyon
Deborah Kern
Lauren Kerstein
Kestrel Leah Feiner-Homer, LGSW
David Key
Lama khouri
Kathy Kidd
Lisa Kiesel
Marie Kifun-Jones
Vernishia Kilpatrick
Carolyn Kim
Kim Darcell Gudimetla, LMSW
Kimberly Lauriston, B.S.S.W.
Edward Kimmel
Kristin Kimmell
Kathryn Kinson
Mary Kinzie
Mary Kinzie
Patricia Kitlasz
Neil Klatsky
Jayna Klatzker
Sonya Klein
Jessica Klein
Sara Kleinlein
Gabrielle Kleinmann
John Kline
Sherrill Klosterman
Miriam Klotz
Sheryl Knopf
Lora Knott
Niki Knowlton
Caarin Kogut
Ivy Kolb
Emily Kolker
Emily Koplik
Lesley Koplow
Tadashi Kowta
Nicole Krantz
Rhoda Kraus
Anna Krayn
Beryl Kreisel
Krista A. Kuhn-Grabenbauer, LISW-CP
Kristen H. Fisher, LCSW
Kristin Ertter Kimball, LMSW
Kristina M. Mark
Kristine A. Faasse, LMSW ACSW
Stephanie Krotick
Vicki Kugler
Ervilene Kuhlmann
Archana Kulkarni
Jane Kupersmidt
Liza Kuritsky
Beth Kurren-Cox
Branka Kurta
Amy Kwiatkowski
Claudia Kypuros
Jane Lachman
Donna Lafleur
Myra Lajoie
LaKeysha Settles
Sidney Lam
Robert Lamarche
William Lamb
Joyce Lampert
Lynda Land
Lanette Ambers
Kathleen Lang
Gordon Lange
Lanny R. Endicott, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Eric Lanzl
Jay Lappin
Bernadette Larimer
Samantha LaRosa
Alyssa Larsen
Joyce Lashua
Jennifer Lasker
Sandra Lasky
Darcy Lassegard
J. Victoria Laszlo
Eric Latzman
Laura DeDomenico
Laura Elizabeth Van Riper, van Riper, LCSW
Laura M. Rodgers
Laura Reiter, LCSW
Laurie A. Ure
Laurie C. Ray, CMSW,C-ASWCM
Laurie J. Cox
Laurie McIntosh
Lorette Lavine
Linda Lawrence
Will Laytham
Amy Layton
Kimmy Le
Emily Leadholm
Leah Ghods
Craig Lecroy
Beth Lee
Jessica Lee
Leigh Anne Hedrick
Alison Leipsiger
Leland D. Kiang
Laurie Lemott
Christopher Lerro
Harriet Leventhal
Karen Levin
Nancy Levin
Joyce Levin
Barbara Levine
Daniella Levine
Don Levy
Miriam Levy
Andrea Levy-Waldstein
Leslie Lewis
Barbara Lewis
Yanlin Li
Helen Libey
Melinda Lightsey-Ford
Rosamond Lincoln-Day
Linda G. Goodman, ACSW,BCD,MSW
Linda Jo Martin, ACSW
Linda Levy Harley, LCSW,ACSW,QCSW
Bryan Link
Deborah Lipman
Carol Lippman
Benjamin Lipton
Lisa Rachel Simon
Lisa Reid, LCSW, LCSW-C
Lital Sela
Naomi Litrownik
Jean Livermore
Ellen Livingston
Sarah Lockhart-Palladino
Susan Loeb
Geannette Loftin Walls
Kay Loftus
Lois A. Pulvermacher
Robert Lolik
Tiffany Lombardo
Sylvia Lopez
Lorelei Thomas
Jennifer Lorey
Lori Selwyn Smith, MSW, LCSW
Mary Lotspeich
Sirka Louca
Gloria Lovett
Carolyn Lowery-Hyser
Susanna Lozano
Lucas O'Laughlin, LISW
Lucia Minerva Ramos
Jeanette Luciano
Lois Luckett
Luis Contreras
Marilyn Lutter
Shelden Luz
Diana Lynch
Lynda L. Dubroff
Sheila Lyons
Dorothy Lystad
Debra Machado
Gwendolyn MacNeill
Karen MacQuivey
Madeleine Davis-Shelton
Madeline Baker
Madeline C. Douglas, MSW
Melanie Madigan
Debra Mahon
Lynne Maidman
Jerry Maiello
Zareena Malone
Pamela Maltz
Madeleine Mandelbaum
Pamela Manela
Victor Manocchio
Steve Manos
Manuel Ramos
Marjorie Mapes
Marc N. Pechter
Marcella F. Hamilton
Marcelyn Downer, MSW
Susan Marchlen
Marcia Levin, MSW, LCSW
Marcia Michele Seebachan, LMSW
Lisa Marcus
Kiersten Marek
Margaret L. Lovelace, ACSW
Maria R. Gonzales Jackson, ACSW, ASW-G
Marie A. Fontaine
Marie C. Hogan, ACSW
Marijo J. Upshaw, BSW
Barbara Marks
Cindy Maroni
Maryann Marquardt
Andrea Marquez
Donna Marshall
Elizabeth Marston
Martha K Schultz
Rosemary Martin
Lauren Martin
Heather Martin
Andrew Martin
Antonia Martin
Brian Marvin
Mary Ann A. Maniacek
Mary Blackford
Mary L. Kabat, ACSW
Mary Magie Reade, LCSW,ACSW
Mary Stevenson
Mary Vanderman, LSCSW
Blaine Masinter
Patricia Mathes-Kerr
Megan Matteson
Michael Mattle
Joshua Maudlin
Maureen A. Pelton, ACSW
Hedy Maus
Maxzella S. Fourqurean
Kimberly May
Michelle Mayne
Cheryl Mayo
M. Ceceilia McAdams
Dennis McAllister
Phyllis McCafferty
Mary McCaffrey
Maureen McCarren
Raymond McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Marion McCarthy
Clara Mcclure
Amanda Mcconnell
Harrison McCormick
Joy McCormick
Judith McCoyd
Janice McCrimmon
Debbie Mcdermitt
Marybeth McDonald
Maureen McDonnell-Weschler
P. McEwen
Stacie McGee
Megan Mclaughlin
Claire McMahon Thomas
Patrick McNeil
Angela McWhite
Joanne Medak
Susan Medoff
Harriet Meek
Megan Elizabeth Burton
Megan Strom
Meghan E. Willis
Melanie J. Barton, ACSW
Francine Melanson
Melinda Marasch
Melissa White, Ph.D.
Beatrice Menna
Lois Mergentime
Lynn Merkel
Merle T. Edwards-Orr
Cody Merrell
Jose Mestre
Patrick Meyer
John Meyer
Phil Meyer
Esther Meza
Micah Braden Schnurstein, BSW
Michael A. Goldman, ACSW
Michael A. Leon
Michael Hurewitz, LCSW
Michael Nolan Grimes
Michael Scott Brown, LMSW
Michele A. Zimmer-Forster, LICSW,LCSW,CSW-G
Michele Ann Bryant, MSW, LICSW
Michele herrington, Bachelor student
C. Micheli
Michelle Christine Adams, LMSW
Janelle Miedema
Christine Mieloch
Tracy Miksell
Carolyn Miller
David Miller
Rietta Miller
Shelley Miller
D. Richard Miller
Susan Miller
Jill Millis
Toby Mills-Sandoval
Barbara Milone
Mindell Milstein-Adler
Margaret Mindell
Mindy Nicol Lane, BA
Beryl Minkle
Christine Mirot
Linda Misa
Sam Mistrano
Mark Mitan
Colleen Mitchell
Mitchell Forrest
Mordecai Mitnick
Lea Mlawer
Moira A. Schuhart
Moira M. Mccarthy
Elaine Molchanov
Catherine Moloney
Kimberly Montero
Elisabeth Montouri
W. Belle Montree
Jeannette Moore
Irva Moore
Dori Moore
Laurie Morales
Kelsey Morell
Esther Morgan
Ellen Moriarty
Elizabeth Morley
Betty Morningstar
Laura Morrall
Jeanne Morrel-Franklin
Courtney Morrison
Matthew Morse
Ruth Moscow-Cohen
Debra Moser
Patricia Moskos
Lisa Moss
Kimberly Mossman
Deborah Motland Dekker
Pearl Moulton
Rubee Moxley
Catherine Mulhall
Darcy Mulholland
Karen Mullaly-Sweeney
Susan Mullaney
Linda Mullens
Malcolm Murphy
Kimberlee Muse
Misti Musgrave
Jessica Musselman
Michelle Nachmani
Claudia Nagan
Joan Najbar
Nancy B. Geller, ACSW
Nancy Herbert
Nancy N. Lee
Belleruth Naparstek
Natalie A. Conover, LCSW
Natasha Naim, Naim
James Nee
Ann Nelson
Sherry Nelson
Risa Neuwirth
Kathleen Newdeck
Teresa Newman
Bennie Newroth
Paul Ney
Joyce Nicholas
Karen Nicholson-Palmer
Nicolette S. Sachs
Nikole J. Heilmann, ACSW, C-SSWS, QCSW
Danielle Nisivoccia
Bebe Nixon
Patti Nolan
Nora Alyssa Salas
Antoinette Noto
Matthew Notz
Sharon Novie-Greenberg
Leonie Nowitz
Sharon Nunez
Christy Nyakana
Douglas Nygren
Susan O'Brien
Jacqueline O'Connell-Bagnati
Francine O'Hagan
Barbara O'Hanlon
Nancy O'Kane
Shari O'Reilly
Joni O. Fisher
O. J. Nelson, LMSW
Linda Oakes
Janita Oakes
Shirley Oakes
Ethel Oderberg
Leslie Oelsner
Christopher Ogle
Sasha OGuinn
Vivian Olsen
Christine Olsen
Tieryn Olson
Jaymie Oppenheim
Kenneth Orlich
Jo Orr
Ashley Oser
Bernard Ott
Steven Pace
Timothy Page
Theodore Page
Page Cannon, ACSW
Sarah Pailet
Martha Painter
Roxanne Palmer
Pamela F. Harmata
Elvira Pan
Suzanne Parker
Ann Parks
Sandra Parra
Brittany Parrinello
Jennifer Parson
Barbara Pasquarelli
Annett Pastor-Castro
Naisha Pastrana-Maisonet
Patricia A. Mennor
Patricia Ann Wilcox
Patricia S Goodrich
David Patrick
Judith Patterson
Paulette Hubbert
Elaine Paulson
Susan Payne
Elise Pearl Oliver
Charles Pearlstein
Sherree Pecci
Mark Pelech
Eduardo Pereira
L. Julie Perez
Sarah Perez
Oscar Perez
Joyce Perkins
Peter Perlman
Jonna Pestka
Peter C Treitler
Andrew Peters
Janet Petrella
Marjorie Pettingell
Annemarie Peurasaari
Joel Pfeifer
Janet Phillips
Lisa Picciuti
Marie Pierre-Victor
Lillian Pike Cain
Brannan Piper
Agnes Piszczek
Melody Podraza
Brian Pollack
Mary Pollard
Adriana Pomales
James Pope
E. Carol Posey
Marcia Poston
Starr Potts
Keri Powell
Rosalie Power
Bonnie Press
Danni Priester
Priscilla Kyu
Amy Prudhomme
John Pugh
Marcy Puklin
Deborah Putnam
Elizabeth Pyle
Doreen Quaranto
Roberta Quirk
Melinda Race
Rachael DelSignore
Rachel Erin Cohen
Rachel Kessler Rowe
Rachelle M. Ballmer
Joanna Raffety
Joseph Rainey
Maritza Ramirez
Molly Rampe
Ryan Randall
Jesse Rappaport
Frances Rasmussen
Barbara Rauch
Karina Raupp
Robert Raymond
virginia reagan
Rebecca Stahle
Anne Redlich
Edward Redmond
Stephanie Reed-Adams
Patricia Regan
Timothy Rehberg
Marlene Reiff
Badonna Reingold
Miriam Reitz
Kari Rennekamp
Carol Renner
Tracey Reyes
Michelle Reynolds
Lynn Rhodes
Michelle Rhodes
Carole Ricci
Linda Rich
Joyce Richardson
Virginia Richardson
Ami Riegel
Shirley Rigsby
Barbara Ripani
Carol Robbins
Barton Robbins
Robert E. Guyton, LSW
Kristin Roberts
Sallyann Roberts
Daniel Robescu
Robin L. Zarel, ACSW,LCSW
Robin Newman
Miriam Robinson
Gwendolyn Robinson
Susan Robinson
Elizabeth Robles
John Rodriguez
Grisel Rodriguez-Morales
Marcia Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Shanna Rogers
W Rollins
Vanessa Romero
Jestine Roper
Patricia Rosario
Roseann A. Martinez
Lauren Roseman
Beth Rosen
Lillian Rosenblatt
Anita Rosenshine
Kim Roser-Kedward
Rosita A. Mahony, C-SWHC
Roslyn M. Heise, Heise
Jimalee Ross
Victoria Ross
Bia Roth
Terry Rothchild
Sheilah Rourke
Monica Rozier
Michelle Rubin-DiGirolamo
Ellen Ruderman
Diane Rudzinski
Marc Ruggiero
Elliot Ruggles
Susan Ruskin
Deborah Russ
Dahlia Russ
Ruth E. Goldberg, ACSW
Elizabeth Rutzick
Pamela Ruzi
Ryle Egge
Diane Rzegocki
Joanne Saccio
Adele Sacks
Ma Saenz
Janine Saia
Sofia Saieh-Kuczynski
Robert Salcedo
Maria Salerno
Catherine Saliga
Sallie Campbell, LISW-CP/AP, ACSW,
Emily Saltz
Doreen Salz
Samantha Rose McNamara
Rae Sampson-Mcmillan
Beverly Sanborn
Sharon Sandow
Sara M. Fitzgerald
Sara Slaughter, MSW, LSW
Sarah A. Wright, MSW,LICSW
Sarah Elizabeth Chambers, MSW
Sarah Woodruff-Diaz, LCSW
Rosann Sarka
Julia Sauder
Anita Saunders
Pamela Saxena
Desiree Sayre
Denise Scearce
Michael Schaal
Frederick Schade
Grant Schafer
Carol Schank
Debra Schartz-Robinson
Mark Scheffers
Kathleen Schelb
Debra Schemansky
Lester Scheuermann
Susan Schiff
Roberta Schiffer
Florence Schneble
Sari Schneider
Katura Schoene
Elaine Schomaker
Sybil Schreiber
Donna Schreiber
Lois Schreur
Brandon Schroeder
Thomas Schumacher
Larry Schwartz
Beatrix Schwartz
Steven Schwartzman
Gerard Schwind
Melissa Scolaro
Malcolm Scott
Patrick Scott
Alissa Scott
Isabelle Scott
Kathleen Scott
Scott Griffin Kixmiller
Robert Scuka
Sean David Coopersmith
Rozanne Sedler
Christine Seedhouse
Austin Seeley
William Seelig
Bonnie Seider
Karen Seif
Linda Selway
Alexis Selwood
Jacquelyn Senia
Aimee Senott
Itza Seoane
Sergio I. Gutierrez, LCSW
Inez Serventi
Celia Sevilla
Basheer Shabazz
Rebecca Shaffer
J. Shaft
Leslie Shakespeare
Jill Shanker
Heidi Shanklin-Spock
Marlene Shapiro
Sharon Ruth Frank, LCSW
John Shasteen
Kimberly Shaw
Kenneth Shaw
Catherine Sheehan Mangan
Ronit Shemi
Kerri Sherer
Kate Sherman
Michael Sherraden
Sheryce Marie Allendorf
Sheryl A. Myrick-Pettersen, ACSW
Jill Shiner
Vicki Shinoda
Shirley D. Furtick
Donald Shockley
Maurice Shoen
Monty Shultz
Barbara Sicherman
Daniel Siegel
Janice Sierak
kimberly silva
Elliott Silverman
Barbara Silverman
Lynda Simon
Ruth Simon
Simone Leo, LCSW
Kaitlyn Simpson
David Simpson
Alicia Simpson
Nan Simpson
Valerie Sims-Richard
Margaret Sinatra
Darrell Sing
Casandra Singleton
Sarah Skrocki
Catherine Slavics
Julie Slavin
Robert Slavis
Christopher Slicks
Hanna Smith
Mark Smith
Wendy Smith
Jodi Smith
Kim Smith
Dolores Smith-Ezyk
Woon-Yee So
Rochelle Sokoll
Susan Solomon
Zojaim Solorzano
Barbara Solt
Nancy Sommers
Sonia Rodarte Llamas, LCSW
Adelina Sorkin
Darshan Soske
Joyce Souk
Pamela Sowers
Judith Spangenberg
Cathy Spear
Diane Sperber
Vicki Spiess
Rebecca Spilak Salamon
Susan Spitz
Alan Spivack
Katherine Spradlin
Karen St. Clair
Barbara St. Pierre
Stacie Scott
Stacy Triumph, MSS,MLSP,LSW
Constance Stafford
Molly Staley
Garett Staley
Anthony Stanisci
Dawn Staniszewski
Anne Stanton
Eileen Stanzione
Richard Stanzione
Shaye Starkey
Karen Starks
Tiffany Starr
Garold Steagall
Martha Stearns
Sara-Ann Steber
Kim Steen
Eric Stein
Ethel Steinberger
Theresa Steiner
Stephanie M. Sterling, Sterling
Stephany R. Brackett, LCSW
Thomas Stephens
Marian Stephenson
Jennifer Stephenson
Richard Sternagel
Felipe Stetson
Steven Smith
Nicole Stevens
Elma Stewart
Trisha Stewart
Gail Stimson
Stacey Stocks
Michael Stowe
H. Griffin Street
Lida Strong
Sheryl Strothers
Nicole Struensee
Gladys Stuart
Stuart P. Horowitz, LCSW, ACSW QCSW
Sarah Stuber
Claudia Suan
Hong Suh
Dian Sullivan
Ivan Sumner
Debra Sundblad
Susan Buseck, MSW
Susan C. Roberts
Susan D. Klein-Perel
Susan M. Frechette
Meryl Sussman
Jeston Sussman
Tracey Sutton
Suzannah Rosenberg
Suzanne M. Leitner
Suzanne M. Schunk, ACSW, LCSW
Carmel Sweeney
Stephan Sweeton
Sylvia L. Wagoner, ACSW
David Tabler
Marcel Tabone
Nadine Tafoya
Cindy Takiguchi
Catherine Talan
Stephen Talaroski
Tamara Dill Stewart, LCSWA
Nancy Tamburo-Trevino
Tamura Lynn Arthun, BSW, MSW
Nina Tanenbaum
Liz Tang
Samantha Tanico
Joy Tanimura Winquist
Vera Tann
Roy Tannis
Bette Tarrant
Tassie Deppert
Tawnia Danielle Anthony, MSW
Alma Taylor
Loreley Taylor
Pamela Tefft
Meghan Tegtmeier
Ellen Tepper
Tetana Adkins, MHA
Natalie thao
Joanne Theobald
Jayne Thibeault
Lisa Thomas
Sharron Thomas
Delliah Thomas
Gloria Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Thomas Konopka
Thomas L Duvall
Stephanie Thomopoulos
Michele Thompson
Wimberly Thompson
Sara Thompson
Carolyn Thorne
Marilyn Thornton
Mary Thorp
Heather Thorp
Janet Thurber
Thurmon Myers, ACSW
Beth Tilden
Lee Tillapaugh
Emily Tillman
Tim M. Payne
Tina R. Flaherty
Cynthia Torres
Nelva Torres
Barbara Torrest
Diana Tortosa
Leslie Trawin
Patricia Trennel
Trina C. Salm Ward
Maria Aurora Trinder
Rachel Troup-Roderick
Anna Trupp
Joyce Tsao
Paula Tsarides
Paul Tucker
Amy Tummino
Gladys Turner
Stephen Tuttle
Alan Tuttle
Ashley Twitty
Sherry Tyger
Victoria Tylenda-Wong
Donald Uhlhorn
Doris Ullendorff
Judith Ullman
Justin Umel
Gina Underwood
Maureen Underwood
Jada Urquhart
Sue Utzinger Buchan
Debora Valatkavage
Sherrill Valdes
Nancy Valentino
Jane Van Coney
Helen (Beth) Van Gorden
Jamie Vanbeber
Gordon Vance
Culle Vande Garde
Janemarie Vander Dussen
Vanessa Charlotte Davis, MSW
Susan Varady
Queenie Vartoukian
Kathleen Varty
Linda Vasconcellos
Dina Vecchione
Christina Vendetti
Mary Grace Ventura
Susan Venzke
Mara Veronesi
Jeffrey Versaw
Hillary Vervalin
Vickery J. Barnett
Robert Vincenti
Beryl Vincequerra
Fredvelia Virella
Virginia M. McKinley, LICSW, ACSW
Genesis Vivas
Jean Vogel
Susan Voigt-Dockery
Victor Voth
Catherine Vourkas
Sharon Voyda
Susan Wade-Infanzon
Lesley Waite
Carrie Waites
Deborah Waldrop
Tiffanie Walker
Cary Walker
Cynthia Wall
Linda Wallace
Ruby Wallace
Michelle Walsh
Susanne Walsh Felizzi
Carolyn Wander Daniel
Douglas Warn
Geraldine Warner
Sharman Warrick
Diane Waters
Hazel Watson
Arvis Watts
John Weagley
Susan Weaver
Cynthia Webb
Michele Weber
Wendy Wedell-Walker
Gina wehling
Jennifer Weigle
Lynne Weilert
Julie Weinberg
Ned Weisman
Gary Weisman
Joan Weiss
Joanne Weiss
Royanne Weiss
Darlene Weiss Johnson
Stephanie Weisz
Barbra Weitz
Robyn Wendell
Wendy L. Bigelson, LCSW, ACSW
Wendy Marie Johnson
Kristen Werff
Susan Wertheim
Holly Wessels
Benjamin West
Sandra Westin
Jane Wheatley-Crosbie
Robert White
Angela Whitlock
Aimee Whitmer
Donna Whitmire
Toy Widmer
Ita Wiener
Michael Wightman
Alice Wilkins
Charlotte Wilkins
Kathy Williams
Argerine Williams
James Williams
Cassandra Williams
Sarah Williams
Jan Williamson
Deby Williamson
Alexander Wilson
Martha Wilson
Dana Wilson-Hill
Wendla Windt
Winifred D. Kearns
Margaret Winslow
Elizabeth Winterer
Mary Wisniewski
Alan Wittenberg
Samuel Wojnilower
Janet Wolf
Barbara Wolfrum
Liza Wolsky
James Womack
Norine C Wong
Raquel Woodard
Elizabeth Woolf
Jean Wortman
Molly Wright
Wilhelmina Wright
Sandal Wright
Tammy Wright
Alicia Wuesthoff
Wendy Yallowitz
Xue Yang
Rebecca Yarosh
Tina Yates
Ann Yeager
Nancy Yeates
Lisa Yocum
Catherine Yokum
Kim Young
Janet Young
Laura Young
Marianne Young
Ryan Youtz
Yovela Sisika Allen
Ashley Zair
Maryelien Zampell
Gloria Zane
Julie Zaslav
Linda Zeltner
Joel Zeman
Alan Zenz
Donna Zephrine
Sarah Zimmerman
Mark Zimmermann
Karen Zokas
Kelly Zucco
Legal Defense Fund: Defensing social workers, 40 years