NASW Assurance Services, Inc.

Tony Benedetto

CEO, NASW Assurance Services Inc.

Jule Gutin

Books & Journals Managing Editor

Aneatha Robinson

Social Work Abstracts Manager


Angelo McClain

Chief Executive Officer

Doreta Richards

Governance Associate, Office of the President

Anne Camper

General Counsel

Elizabeth Felton

Associate Counsel, Legal Defense Fund

Dawn Hobdy

Director, Ethics & Professional Review


Kathleen Waugh

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Evans

Director, Budget and Operational Analysis

Uloma Nwauche


Nikita Lewis

Accounting Manager

Martha Lequeux

Director, Human Resources & Facilities

Susan Drubin

Benefits & Compensation Manager

Jennifer Wallace

IT Manager

Sue Jashinsky

Deputy Director, Chapter Operations

Mark Nichols

Chapter Operations Manager


Heidi McIntosh

Deputy Director, Programs

Raffaele Vitelli

Director, Professional and Workforce Development

Yvette Mulkey

Specialty Practice Sections Manager

Richard Loomis

Conference & Event Planning Manager

Dina Kastner

Sr. Field Organizer

Mel Wilson

Social Justice & Human Rights Manager

Mirean Coleman

Clinical Manager


Gail Woods Waller

Deputy Director, Membership, Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Watt

Director, Membership

Martha Rothblum

Creative Arts Manager

Greg Wright

Public Relations Manager

Laetitia Clayton

NASW News Managing Editor

NASW Foundation

Robert Carter Arnold

Director, NASW Foundation

Susan Rubin

Assistant Director, NASW Foundation

Kerri Criswell

Fund Development Manager

NASW Press

Cheryl Bradley

Publisher, NASW Press

Julie Gutin

Books & Journals Managing Editor

Aneatha Robinson

Social Work Abstracts Manager


NASW employs approximately 220 people in its 55 chapters and national office. These professionals help advance and elevate the social work profession in society while providing a wide range of resources and programs for social workers.  National department leads are listed here.