Social Workers in Elected Office

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AK Andi Story D State Legislature 34 MSW
AZ Katie Hobbs D Governor Arizona BSW, MSW
AZ Kyrsten Sinema I Congress Arizona BSW, MSW
CA Sofya Bagdasaryan School Board Simi Valley MSW, PhD
CA Karen Bass D City/Municipal Los Angeles, Mayor MSW
CA Maria E. Cruz School Board Covina Valley LCSW
CA Susan Talamantes Eggman D State Legislature 13 MSW, PhD
CA Martha Guererro D City/Municipal Mayor MSW
CA Corey Jackson D State Legislature 60 MSW
CA Barbara Lee D Congress 12 MSW
CA Vanessa Marrero City/Municipal 13 MSW
CA Caroline Menjivar D State Legislature 20 MSW
CA Walter Muneton School Board 47 LCSW
CA Rose Munoz   School Board Santa Barbara MSW
CA Graciela Ortiz   City/Municipal   MSW
CA Tony Thurmond D Statewide Superintendent of Public Instruction MSW, MLSP
CA Veronia Vasquez D City/Municipal Delano MSW
CA Kimberly Warmsley   City/Municipal 6-Stockton MSW
CA Jackie Wong   School Board West Sacramento MSW
CO Tracy Kraft-Tharp D State Legislature 29 MSW
CO Lisa Smith D City/Municipal Arvada MSW
CO Emily Sirota D State Legislature 9 MSW
CT Catina Caban-Owen D School Board Windhan MSW
CT Steve Cassano D State Legislature 4 MSW
CT Pamela Cranford D City/Municipal Manchester MSW
CT Toni Edmunds-Walker D State Legislature 93 BSW, MSW
CT Jillian Gilchrest D State Legislature 18 MSW
CT Anne Hughes D State Legislature 135 MSW
CT Rick Lopes D State Legislature 6 MSW
CT Mary Jane Lundgren D City/Municipal New Milford MSW
CT Cristin McCarthy-Vahey D State Legislature 133 MSW
CT Kim Shepardson Watson D School Board Chair MSW
DE Nnamdi Chukwuocha D State Legislature 1 MSW
DE Marie Pinkney D State Legislature   MSW
DE Marlene Saunders City/Municipal Bridgeville DSW, LMSW, MSW
FL Steve Kornell D City/Municipal 5 MSW
FL John Legg Reform State Legislature 46 BSW
FL Mitch Rosenwald D City/Municipal Oakland Park, Mayor PhD, LCSW
FL Diane Scott   School Board 1 MSW, DSW
GA Shelly Hutchinson D State Legislature 107 MSW
GA Evelyn Winn Dixon D City/Municipal Riverdale, Mayor MSW
HI  Haunani Apoliona I County/Borough   MSW
HI Ryan Yamane D State Legislature 37 MSW
IA James Anderson D Human Rights Commission Chair   MSW
IA Martha Anderson D State Legislature 36 MSW
IA Bradley Cavanagh   City/Municipal Dubuque, Mayor MSW, BSW
IA Joni Dittmer R School Board North Scott MSW
IA Nancy Z. Fett   School Board 4 MSW
IA Joel Fry R State Legislature 95 MSW
IA Kelli Soyer   School Board   MSW
IA Susan Kosche Vallem   City/Municipal Waverly MSW
IA Ross Wilburn D State Legislature 46 MSW, BASW
ID Cherie Buckner-Webb D State Legislature 19 MSW
ID Angenie McCleary D County/Borough Blaine County MSW
IL Pamella Bess-Tabb School Board Galesburg #205 MSW, LSW
IL Lorraine Guerrero D School Board Joliet #204 LCSW
IL Jackie Haas R State Legislature 79 MSW
IL Lindsey LaPointe D State Legislature 19 MSW
IL Karina Villa D State Legislature 25 MSW
IN Oliver Davis D City/Municipal At Large BSW, MSW, DSW, LCSW, LICSW
KS Carole Cadue Blackwood   School Board Lawrence LMSW
KS Kelly Jones   School Board Lawrence LMSW
KS Heather Meyer D State Legislature 29  
KS Susan Ruiz D State Legislature 23 LICSW
KY Lindsey Burke D State Legislature 75 MSW
KY Lamin Swann D State Legislature 93 BSW
LA Joseph Bouie, Jr. D State Legislature 97 MSW
LA Ranord J Darensburg D Court Statewide MSW
LA Carolyn Hill D School Board   MSW
LA LaVonya Malveaux D City/Municipal Village of Palmetto BSW
MA Joanne M. Comerford D State Legislature Northampton, Greenfield Town MSW
MA Brandy Fluker-Oakley D State Legislature 12th BSW
MA Katrina Huff-Lamond D City/Municipal Randolph MSW
MA Rebecca Coletta City/Municipal Pembroke MSW
MA Denise Hurst D School Board Springfield MSW
MA Khrystian King D City/Municipal Worcester MSW
MA Sheila Lyons D County/Borough Barnstable MSW
MA Marc McGovern D City/Municipal Cambridge MSW
MA Irwin Nesoff School Board Hull DSW
MA Brenda Noel D City/Municipal 6 MSW
MA Sarah Phillips D School Board 3rd MSW
MA Sarai Rivera D City/Municipal 4 MSW
MA Sara Rodrigeus School Board Fall River LICSW
MA Barry Sanders D City/Municipal Taunton LICSW
MA Karen Spilka D State Legislature 2 BSW
MA Ayesha Wilson D School Board Cambridge BSW, MSW
MD Melony Griffith D State Legislature 25 MSW
MD Joanne Waszczak City/Municipal Hyattsville, Council Member MSW
ME Michael Brennan D City/Municipal 36 MSW, BSW
ME Lydia Crafts D State Legislature 130 MSW
ME Lori Gramlich D State Legislature 131 MSW
ME Colleen Madigan D State Legislature 64 MSW
ME Christopher McLaughlin School Board Hermon MSW, LCSW
MI Rosalynn Bliss D City/Municipal Grand Rapids MSW
MI Felicia Brabec D County/Borough 4 MSW
MI Laura Cardamone D City/Municipal Chippewa County MSW
MI Raquel Castaneda Lopez D City/Municipal 6 MSW
MI Charlie Cavell D County/Borough Pontiac MSW
MI Stephanie Chang D State Legislature 1 MSW
MI Betsey Coffia D State Legislature 14 BSW
MI Ayesha Ghazi Edwin D City/Municipal Ann Arbor MSW
MI Justin Hodge D County/Borough 5 LMSW, MSW
MI Ruth Johnson R State Legislature 14 MSW
MI Carrie Rheingans D State Legislature 47 MSW
MI Hillary Scholten D Congress 3 BSW
MI Debbie Stabenow D Congress Michigan MSW
MI Misha Stallworth D School Board Detroit MSW
MI Rochelle Vrsek D City/Municipal Webster Township LMSW
MN Jennifer Arneson   School Board 1 MSW
MN Angela Conley   County/Borough 4 BSW
MN Heather Edelson D State Legislature 49A MSW
MN Mary Granlund   School Board Columbia Heights MSW
MN Jess Hanson D State Legislature 56A BSW
MN Hodan Hassan D State Legislature 62A MSW, BSW
MN Emily Larson D City/Municipal Duluth MSW
MN Rafael Ortega D County/Borough 5 MSW, BSW
MN Rhonda Pownell   City/Municipal Northfield BSW
MN Emelie Rivera   City/Municipal Bemidji MSW
MN Paul Schnell   Corrections Commissioner   BSW
MO Aaron Crossley D State Legislature 29 LMSW
MO Keri Ingle D State Legislature 35 LMSW
MO Crystal Quade D State Legislature 132 BSW
MS Jacquelyn C. Thigpen   City/Municipal Superintendent of Education BSW
NC Sydney Batch D State Legislature 17 MSW
NC Alan Beck   School Board Davidson County BSW
NC Monique Holsey-Hyman   City/Municipal Durham At-Large
NC Graig Meyer D State Legislature 23 MSW
NC Paige Sayles   School Board Franklin County MSW
NC Summer Woodside   School Board Scotland County MSW
ND Gretchen Dobervich D State Legislature 11 LBSW
ND Tim Mathern D State Legislature 11 MSW
NH Jim McKay D State Legislature Merrimack - 18 MSW
NH Charles McMahon R State Legislature Rockingham - 17 BSW
NH Joe Shapiro D State Legislature Chesire - 16 MSW
NJ Eileen Cusack D City/Municipal Atlantic Highlands MSW
NJ Emily Jabbour D City/Municipal Hoboken MSW
NJ Teresa Kelly D Buena Vista Township Hoboken MSW
NJ Maria Rondinaro D City/Municipal Belmar MSW
NM Doreen Gallegos D State Legislature 52 MSW
NM Gerald Ortiz y Pino D State Legislature 12 MSW
NV Teresa Benitez-Thompson D State Legislature 27 MSW
NV Carolyn Edwards I School Board Clark County MSW
NV David Humke R County/Borough Washoe MSW
NV Annie Wilson I School Board 2 MSW
NY Barrington R. Atkins D County/Borough 10 LMSW
NY Bonnie Berman Library Board At Large MSW
NY Julia Burgos   School Board 5 MSW
NY Steven Cymbrowitz D State Legislature 45 MSW
NY Carol Eason School Board At Large LMSW
NY James J. Foley R County/Borough 17 LCSW-R
NY Mathylde Frontus D State Legislature 46 PhD, LMSW, BSW
NY Jody Geist Library Board At Large MSW
NY Sharon M. J. Gianelli D Court 10 MSW
NY Hilary Gingold D Court At Large BSW
NY Helene Gugerty D County/Borough At Large BSW
NY Kara Hahn D County/Borough 5 MSW
NY Nicole Henderson School Board At Large MSW
NY Simone Holder-Daniel D School Board 2 MSW
NY Chantel Jackson D State Legislature 79 MSW
NY Hope Jay   School Board North Seat MSW
NY Mary Kuhn D County/Borough 7 MSW
NY Debra Mule D State Legislature 5 MSW
NY Lori-Ann Novello Library Board At Large MSW
NY Susan Parker D County/Borough 4 MSW
NY Yversha M. Roman D County/Borough 26 BSW
NY Arlene Soete School Board At Large MSW, BSW
NY Lourdes M. Ventura D Court At Large MSW
NY Betty J. Williams D Court 2 MSW
NY Jaime R. Williams D State Legislature 59 MSW, BSW
NY Diane Y. Wray D Court At Large MSW
OH Jacqueline Bird   City/Municipal Marblehead BSW
OH Patricia Britt D City/Municipal 6 BSW
OH Thomas West D City/Municipal Canton MSW
OH Tina Wozniak D County/Borough Toledo MSW
OR Diego Hernandez D State Legislature 47 MSW
OR Tawna Sanchez D State Legislature 43 MSW
OR Anna Williams D State Legislature 52 MSW
PA Eileen Albillar   City/Municipal Board of Supervisors MSW
PA William Amesbury D County/Borough Judge MSW
PA John Blake D State Legislature 22 MSW
PA Kevin Caridad R County/Borough Council Member DSW
PA Charles Marcinko   School Board Region 1 MSW
PA Diane Ellis-Marsegila D County/Borough Commissioner MSW
PA Sarah Graden D County/Borough Council Member MSW
RI Michael Burk D School Board Tiverton MSW
RI Roger Picard D State Legislature 20 MSW
RI Justin Rolas D City/Municipal Providence MSW
SC Gilda Cobb-Hunter D State Legislature 66 MSW
TN Aftyn Behn D State Legislature 51 LMSW
TN Dr. Carol B. Berz   City/Municipal 6 MSW
TN Stefanie Dalton City/Municipal Red Bank LMSW
TN Joe Pitts D City/Municipal Mayor BSW
TX Sylvia Garcia D Congress 29 BSW
TX Elliott Naishtat D State Legislature 49 MSW
TX Jessica Ortega-Ochoa   City/Municipal 1 MSSW
UT Francis D. Gibson R State Legislature 65 MSW
UT Sandra Hollins D State Legislature 23 MSW
VA Elizabeth Guzman D State Legislature 31 MSW
VA Kathy Tran D State Legislature 42 MSW
VT Brian Cina D State Legislature Chittenden 6-4 MSW
VT Barbara Rachelson D State Legislature Chittenden 6-6 MSW
VT Tanya Vyhovsky D State Legislature Chittenden Central MSW, LICSW
WA Tam Dinh   School Board Mercer Island MSW, BSW
WA Katie Favela City/Municipal Ridgefield LICSW
WA Tina Orwall D State Legislature 33 MSW
WA Alicia Rule D State Legislature 42 MSW
WI Kate Beaton   City/Municipal At Large BSW
WI Don Mowry   County/Borough Eau Claire DSW
WI Jeanne Nutter   County/Borough Trempealeau MSW
WI Mark Schmitt   County/Borough Rusk County MSW
WI Nick Smiar D County/Borough Eau Claire PhD
WI John Tate II City/Municipal Racine 3 MSW
WI Mykeerah Zarazua   City/Municipal 4th MSW
WY Georgia Broyles   City/Municipal III MSW
WY Floyd Esquibel D State Legislature 44 MSW, BSW
WY Jerry Iekel R State Legislature 29 MSW, BSW